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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  August 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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first. >> i'm almost levitating. the words i want to say i can't even get out of my mouth. >> swish, nothing but net. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> unbelievable. thank you for joining us. can you watch "outfront" any time on cnn go. a "ac360" starts now. donald trump is getting heat for new remarks about sexual harassment. she's taking fire for claims she's been making that doesn't fit the facts. while today's headlines might not be reflected in tonight's cnn polling, plenty of headlines like that are. john king is here to break it down by the numbers. does secretary, like donald trump, end up getting a post-convention bounce?
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>> yes, exclamation point. when you have a head-to-head matchup, that's a 7-point jump. most americans will have more choices on their ballot come november. 35% for -- 45% for hillary clinton and 37% for donald trump. in the four-way race, 37% for clinton, 33% for donald trump. president obama lost to mitt romney among independents by 5 points and still won reelection. this is a good number for hillary clinton. one more point. most of the party pros tell you out of a political convention, which party is more unified? that's a key dynamic heading into the fall, advantage clinton. 90% of democrats today say they
5:02 pm
plan to vote for their nominee. on 70% of republicans say they plan to vote for donald trump. so donald trump has more con -- consolidation work within the family. we're in a change environment. some voters don't want experience. if secretary clinton can talk about doing the job, 67% to 31% think she has the right experience to be president. more americans say they would be more proud of hillary clinton as their president than donald trump as their president. more americans say hillary clinton would do a better job uniting the country than donald trump. the only red light in this poll is 30% of president clinton say she's honest and trustworthy. her only benefit, donald trump's numbers are in the same boat. overall, these numbers are very good for hillary clinton. >> what about the electoral
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polling? any clues? >> donald trump has to win pennsylvania, and ohio. if he can't win florida, he'll have to pick up michigan and wisconsin. we did break it down by region. in the midwest, hillary clinton has that big lead nationally. in the midwest, it's still tight. you see the third party candidates here. advantage but not as big advantage in the midwest. a lot of white voters across here. these states are whiter, they're older. your level of education says a lot about how you'll vote. white college graduates, hillary clinton but white noncollege grad, look at the stop for donald trump. if you look at these numbers here, anderson, still suggestsy have a competitive race across the rust belt. >> and hillary clinton was introduced tonight by
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billionaire warren buffett, who challenged donald trump to release his tax returns. donald trump took to twitter today responding to mr. khan. did he mention that controversy in his town hall earlier today? >> reporter: no, anderson, he did not. we're waiting to see what donald trump has to say at this rally, it's running about an hour late. he did talk about it briefly with a local news station earlier in the day saying he considers captain khan a hero but that he was, quote, viciously attacked by kzhir khan and he will always respond when that happens so no apology from donald trump. >> some republican leaders have been weighing in as well on this. what have they been saying? >> reporter: in just the last couple of hours, donald trump's running mate, mike pence, was confronted by a woman at an
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event earlier today and he was asked how she could tolerate trump's behavior and the comments about the khan family and he reiterated that he considered captain khan a hero. john mccain and house speaker paul ryan weighed in supporting the khan family. paul r trump said he appreciates what paul ryan's opponent has said in pull ryan's bid for reelection. >> we're very happy to have our panel on our program.
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john dick inson, host of "face the nation." john dickinson, you've interviewed donald trump an awful lot of times. is there something he could have done earlier on to just -- i mean, other than his first initial interview to not make this what's become a multi-day problem? >> he could have done what a lot of republicans i've talked to know as the standard things in these instances, which is you honor the service, you honor the family and you move on, no matter what attack they made on you. what was brought up to me is it was in his second sentence when he first asked about this, he went right to asking questions about mrs. khan. so he put this on the table in his response. this is something the clinton campaign is enjoying watching him have difficulty with this. it was his decision to respond in this way.
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>> when you look at the polls of john king, what jumps out at you? >> this is the best possible time for hillary clinton, just after positive p.r. so we have to wait about a week. republicans haven't lost college educated since 1952. hillary clinton is reaching into the coalition. donald trump is doing that by getting some democrats in that blue collar vote these got but if he loses those college educated voters, that's a big problem for him. he's got his base. the question is can he grow his base. right now hillary clinton is taking out of his base and he's not doing things -- this controversy and other things he said is not helping with college educated voters. >> did donald trump ever apologize for anything? did he ever admit making a mistakes? if he had just said i misspeak and tried to wrap this up immediately, he's continuing to go on about this. >> he's apologized on many
5:08 pm
occasions. donald trump is a person who when he takes a position, holds to that position. >> you never heard him apologize and say i made a mistake. >> when he takes a position, he stands by that position because he thinks about what he says and he mean what is he says. >> you really think he thinks about what he says? >> i do. i think what the difference is politicians have gotten in this world of political correctness, where they want to say what people want them to say as opposed to what they want to say. he's got them to rethink our participation in nato or a number of things. >> or talking about why the mother of a fallen hero doesn't speak? do you think that's -- >> i think in that -- >> a thought-out position? >> i think in that particular instance what you find and what i have experienced with donald trump is that he is a counterpuncher. always has been through this campaign. when jeb bush attacked him in the primaries or someone else attacked him --
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>> he attacked a silent woman. >> he didn't participate in the democratic convention. this family went and made statements that he made personally. he has said that their son is a hero and remains a hero for his service to the country. >> he didn't say that initially, though. >> but he has said that. and no one will deny that. what i think they thought is they questioned his patriotism and they questioned his commitment to the country and he took that as a personal attack on him. that was his response. >> christine? >> can i just say a couple of things here? mrs. khan did not speak so mr. khan spoke. and then what donald trump did was, in my opinion, insinuate that her religion prevented her from speaking or her husband's kind of control of her prevented her from speaking. and, in my opinion, kind of
5:10 pm
insinuated that there was something maternally lacking. now none of those things are true. when we saw her speak in tears, which she did not want to do. when there is a picture of her son in the room, she cannot even enter some rooms with there is a picture of her son. she did not want to share those things with america. but she, her religion and her family and i can't in god's name understand why, it seems cruel to me, attacked by donald trump. >> if this were a thought-out statement by donald trump and he did have several days to think this out, he would have initially said of course their son is a hero, has sacrificed and everything i have done -- >> but that's not what he did. and it's the initial reaction by donald trump that is so troubling. his initial reaction was to lash out in a very petulant,
5:11 pm
vindictive way. he didn't just say oh, their son is a hero and move forward. he actually had the audacity to compare their sacrifice and their son's sacrifice to what he's done as a business man. that is beyond the pale. donald trump a silver spooned draft dodger who went about bedding women as men and women went to vietnam. and they he talked about being he was a brave soldier when he talked about his sexual exploits. this kind of behavior and reaction by donald trump is the temperamentally unfit aspect of his character. >> do you have any trouble with what donald trump said? >> he was attacked and his patriotism was questioned. >> get over it! he needs to get over it. he's running for the president of the united states.
5:12 pm
>> yes, his son is a hero. there's no question about that. >> do you have any trouble with donald trump's initial reaction? >> no, let's go to the core of the issue. it's the nation-building policy that put her son there. >> that's a talking point that you guys have not developed. >> her child is dead. >> you have no problem with his initial reaction, not saying that this man was a hero, you have no problem with him going after the mother, that's no problem with you? >> he didn't say that. >> my question to you is simple -- >> anderson, can i -- >> do you have a problem at all -- >> no, i don't have a problem when someone's patriotism is attacked that they stand up for themselves. >> let's call a spade a spade. he is a divisive, thin-skinned,
5:13 pm
megalomaniac who makes everything crisis about him. after orlando, he went on tv and said, see, i was right, it was about muslim extremism. which, by the way, it was not. he did the same thing here, he took it personally, he lashed out. >> we're going to take a quick break. we have more with our panel coming up. a lot of different sides for his clash with the khan family. can donald trump still say anything and not drive away voters? hillary clinton gives an answer on the e-mail scandal and she gets a thumbs down, four pinocchi pinocchi pinocchios. well she loves to say, "well, fantastic!" a lot.
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>> i would bring back waterboarding and i'd bring back a hell of a lot worst than waterboarding. >> the polls did not budge. in may he went after the father
5:19 pm
of ted cruz in a bizarre claim. >> his father was with lee harvey oswald prior to oswald being shot. >> reporter: and trump's polls still stood firm. >> sure trump's support has gone up and down, but his supporters have shown fierce loyalty and the polls suggest what others see as outrageous, they see as courageous, plain spoken truth. so he paints a picture of hillary clinton with a star of david and his critics go wild. >> i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? >> and that statement did not hurt him in the polls either. tom foreman, cnn, washington. >> i guess the question is is that immunity from consequences in any way changing. mike pence was confronted over
5:20 pm
trump's back and forth by the khan family by a woman who says her son serves in the air force. >> time and time against trump has disrespected our nation and armed forces and his derespect for mr. khan and his family is an example of that. you have a son in the military. how do you tolerate his disrespect? >> well, i thank you for the question. it's all right. it's all right. folks, that what freedom looks like and that's what freedom sounds like, okay? it is. let me say, first, i want to honor your son's service to the country and your family's service to the country. having spent time with our nom -- nominee, i have never been
5:21 pm
around someone more devoted to the veterans in this country. donald trump supports our soldiers and supports our veterans like no other leader in our lifetime. >> you've interviewed trump a number of times. is there any reason to believe this time is different, this battle he's been having for days and getting a lot of attention for is going to make any difference is it. >> a lot of the previous examples took place in a different context. the question here is impulsiveness. if he can occupy the office and people won't think that's too big of a risk. if impulsiveness looks like something he can't restrain, even in a situation where you have a gold star family, yes, he's a counterpuncher, but the
5:22 pm
situation here calls for restraint. so does being president. if people believe he cannot restrain his impulses, they're not going to give him the office. hillary clinton said anyone you can bait in a tweet is not someone you want to give nuclear codes to. republicans, who are even on board, there are 98 days till the election, their electoral hopes and dreams are tied to trump. there can be irrevocable damage to the party and to they will. when he picked mike pence, republican activists kept telling me it helps stabilize the campaign. this fight with the kahns is more volatility and a predictor of even more. >> he's got the voters and they're incredibly loyal,
5:23 pm
perhaps more loyal than we've seen for anyone else in the primary season but is he doing enough to reach out to those independence? >> i thi -- independents? >> 14 million votes, highest of any republican candidate who has ever run for office in any time. he's bringing new people into the matter. the democrats are losing people. if you look at hillary clinton's votes eight years ago against barack obama, her numbers are down from where they were eight years ago. people are reenergized. the american working class who has not had a raise in 20 years, who is making less monday today than 20 years ago in real dollars are fed up with democrats in washington and they want someone who is going to fundamentally change washington and that's why they're reengaged in the electoral process. >> i want to take a step back for a second.
5:24 pm
the segment before talked about what he could get away with and could he continue to get away with it. that's a different question from what's right and what is the appropriate american way to tell the truth and most importantly to treat a gold star family. for donald trump, this is about who hit first, who hit second, who hit third and fourth. it's no way to sit in a room if you're negotiating international affairs. but let's start here. one, donald trump supported the iraq war before he switched his position and he came against it. so to say if he had been president captain khan would be alive, which would be a blessing, the facts don't bear that out and his vice presidential choice also supported the war. two, mr. khan went up there and spoke. mrs. khan said nothing. why did they speak? because donald trump put out a proposal to ban muslims. and all you say to them, if
5:25 pm
you're a person with half a soul is thank you. why can't he say that and then shut his mouth? >> this is days after hillary clinton said something which is just factually not true in an interview. donald trump could have spent the last several days focusing on that, and instead he's in these tangential battles. doesn't it attradistract attento what hillary clinton said? >> of course it does. this was a premeditated speech. we do appreciate the sacrifices of her son. he is an american hero. but this is a premeditated speech done for political purposes. he put himself in front of america, questioned donald trump's patriotism. for what reason? >> he didn't do that. that is not true. >> no, he asked him -- i watched it. >> watch it again.
5:26 pm
>> i watched it and actually, it brought me to tears because i thought to myself here is a perfect example of what this country stands for. this is an immigrant family that has a hero son assimilated to this country who is actually speaking their minds, which they're allowed to do in america still and saying, mr. trump, have you actually read this constitution because some of the things that donald trump says are awfully suspect of the constitution. i've never heard donald trump talk about liberty and freedom and the constitution. senate, he thinks there's 12 articles in the constitution. it wasperfectly valid for the kahn family after donald trump proposed a ban on all muslims for them to say look at us, what are you doing and we represent what america should be. there is nothing wrong with that. if donald trump can't handle that, then mr. big, bad bully from new york, he needs to audition for another job other
5:27 pm
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we've been talking in part about donald trump, whether you support him or not, knows or doesn't know about the world. here what he told george stephanopoulos when asked about vladimir putin. >> he's not going to go into ukraine. >> well, he's already there, isn't he? >> well, he's partly there but i'm not there yet. obama is there. >> trump spent today trying to explain, tweeting when i said in an interview that put season, quote, not going into ukraine, you can mark it down, i'm saying if i am president, already in crimea and then this. so with all of the obama tough talk on russia and the ukraine, they have already taken crimea and continue to push.
5:32 pm
that's what i said. here he is campaigning in ohio. >> so when i said, believe me, russia's not going into ukraine, all right, they're not going into ukraine. the person said but they're already in ukraine. i said, yeah, well, that was two years ago, i mean, do you want to go back? do you want to have world war iii to get it back in that was during obama's watch. >> as you saw, not exactly what he said. both nominees will soon start receiving intelligence briefings. back with the panel. i mean, john, it is an open question of how much briefing donald trump is getting on world events, whether in relation to to the upcoming debate or i'm not talking about intelligence briefings, just from his own people. >> and how much a level of curiosity he has. when you talk to both republicans and democrats who have been in administrations, they say that a president's mind has to be active with the issues
5:33 pm
that they're dealing with because here's what happens. you bring a president option a and option b and a great decision-maker can choose between a and b but they don't even know there's a c. if the decisions are bad that are brought to a president, they'll miss the important outside options. if their brain is say lialive a curious, they can push the people and not fall into group things. when somebody crosses the threshold into the oval office, they say, yes, sir, your tie looks great today, sir, and they say what they want to hear. you want a president with a live enough mind that he's going to push his briefers and -- this is not the first time with mr. trump. so the worry with the people i've talked to engaged with these issues is that he's interested in other stuff. >> but doesn't he read the
5:34 pm
newspaper? >> why would donald trump as a candidate say in that speech and i said you want to go back two years? that's not what he said. why would he in a speech say here's what i said, when it's not what he said. he said he's there in a way. i don't know what that means. >> donald trump has repeatedly said we are being pushed around under barack obama and it's true. he's pointed out example after example about how our reputation has been -- agai >> again, in fairness, you can i have give me talking points. >> do you believe he knew that vladimir putin had moved into crimea? >> anderson, how much does donald trump love vladimir putin? let me count the ways. he has lavished extraordinary praise on one of the most brutal dictators we have today.
5:35 pm
he subjugates his own people, completely quashed his own people -- >> we know all that. >> john, i think you are exceedingly kind in your description of briefings and his lack of curiosity. didn't he read the papers? didn't he watch the news? >> we know he watches the news. >> how did he miss this? >> do you think he misspoke? >> he didn't, no. >> i don't think he misspoke. with donald trump you have someone who is extremely curious about world affairs, who asks questions all the time, who has an international business professional has done business across the world. >> the times -- it seemed to me like his campaign group when you were there is pretty small. it didn't seem like there's a lot of people handing him briefing bookings. maybe i'm wrong. >> you've seen general flynn and admiral kubik who have been on your shows -- >> but is he reading every day
5:36 pm
briefing booklets? >> they have substantial people from the hair it aeritage found. >> for a guy who supposedly reads a lot, he tweets about watching tv. >> the way mr. trump learns is he's a person who has conversations. >> so he's not a briefing booklet kind of guy. >> to read a 200-page document when he can get on the phone with the -- >> michelle obama was saying about president obama that he spends every night, whether you like obama or not, he spend every night until 2 a.m. reading huge briefing books. >> one of the criticisms about donald trump is he's willfully ignorant. he play as game. it like a parlor game here. during this interview where he acted like he didn't know what was going on in crimea.
5:37 pm
cnn ran a package not too long ago where he gave a speech a couple years ago where he talked about putin going into crimea and praised him for doing it and said it was smart for him to go there because that's where all the money is. so, again, here he is praising a dictator who is our enemy. he knows it when it's convenient for him. >> a lot of presidents have different styles. ronald reagan was criticized for not being down in the weeds and jimmy carter criticized for being too much in the weeds. >> and donald trump's short hand is nobody is going to get past me on anything. weak obama, i'm strong, putin's not going anywhere. so he just shoved a bunch of words to the and something was lost in translation. but to your point, the question is when you're being briefed, if you're always -- if strength is always your answers are then --
5:38 pm
strength is not always the answer to every question. so the question is where as a president, as a candidate does hillary clinton, does donald trump show their instinct for something that's the opposite of what their main instinct is? when does he show restraint and when does he show laying back as a strength? >> coming up next, we're going to cover up on hillary clinton. she's also getting slammed tonight, in her case for claiming james comey said she was truthful about her e-mails. see why "the washington post" gave her four pinocchios for that. or demand your own space. don't you dare leave it all behind. don't you dare ask what's next. introducing the first-ever cadillac xt5. ♪
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and there's a range of plans to choose from, depending on you needs and your budget. so if you're turning 65 soon, call now and get started. because the time to think about today. go long. hillary clinton is taking new heat tonight over defending claims of use of her personal e-mail server. we heard her say she never sent or received classified mail on her private server. she was asked to square those comments with the fbi director and what he said. >> after a long investigation, director comey told the american
5:43 pm
public what you said was not true. >> that's not what director comey said. i thank you for giving me an opportunity to clarify. director comey said my answers were consistent. >> director comey said some of the e-mails were in fact classified. our new cnn poll shows trust remains a significant problem for the campaign. the percentage of voters who see her as honest hasn't budged, it's still at 34%. back with the panel is political correspondent patrick healy. this answer at the very least, it's just not true, what she's saying. "washington post" gives her four pinocchi pinocchios. she's selectively -- >> she's at her lawyerly best.
5:44 pm
on the one hand this is very typical of politicians. after the iraq war and the invasion, you had months and months of bush administration officials who weren't willing to talk directly about whether wmd was in iraq. here in this case you have director comey, who gave hours and hours of testimony on capitol hill, a lot of yeses and nos and double negatives as answers and secretary clinton is going in, sort of taking the answers that work for her and trusting that a lot of people aren't going to be able to really make heads or tails of this. they want to stop the conversation. >> doesn't this fall into the hands of those who say hillary clinton wasn't trustworthy? >> for a woman who picks her words very carefully, it seems
5:45 pm
odd she's responding to what comey said. >> she does not believe and does not have any cause to believe that e-mails that she sent were classified. those e-mails were generally classified after the fact and she actually i think believes in her heart that she did not -- she made a mistake but she did not do anything that was illegal or wrong. >> she's been patently dishonest her entire career and she's trying to spin it. she will continue to try to spin and pivot all throughout this election. people do not find her to be honest. she is not honest. she has proven that time and time again. >> this is not about being patently dishonest, it's about keeping the focus entirentirely donald trump. >> she also seemed to kind of in the interview pass the blame on to her staff saying i relied on and had every reason to rely on the professionals with whom i worked. is that a valid explanation? >> i think she's fair to say. i looked at the text people,
5:46 pm
they gave me advice but be clear. in every other interviews, i haven't seen all of this one, but she does take responsibility. she's not a the buck doesn't stop with me kind of person. what's important to note of director comey's testifying before congress were the states that he made clearly, that any of the e-mails that were sent to her that may have been classified were not marked in that way, there was no way she could have known it. so for her to say she never received or sent was true when he was asked when they identifiable, he said no. >> some of the special access program e-mails that she received were clearly classified with the satellite information and all that. the statute says you don't have to have intent, it about negligence. he said she was wrereckless wit this. she said for months she never
5:47 pm
sent and received and that was clearly untrue. it was clearly untrue that she handed over all her e-mails. direct or comey said there were thousands of work-related e-mails recovered. she lied. >> hillary clinton had the opportunity to get in front of this and she chose not to. she a sit-down interview with wallace and she did the bill clinton thing, "what is is?" it was probably wrong, if not illegal. the fbi director said there was not intent here but intent is not part of the statute. he said he would recommend not prosecuting. his job as the fbi director is to present the evidence to professional to decide if they're going to prosecute. >> the point is at what point is hillary clinton going to take on the trustworthy issue? this would have been a chance to
5:48 pm
pass the smell test. >> and it would have been an opportunity for donald trump had he not gone down the rabbit hole to focus attention and, yes, again -- >> this would have been a clean hit for him to have taken. >> a far greater question is what is the biggest threat to national security? clinton's e-mails or the fact that donald trump is inciting foreign military intelligence, russian intelligence, to hack her e-mails to get more information? >> that's a ridiculous statement. >> that's exactly what happened. >> she commits a crime, she washes out 30,000 e-mails and doesn't got charged for it. >> they're close in terms of whether registered voters find them honest and trustworthy. >> that cnn poll says it all.
5:49 pm
who is age to inform the narrative? at this point hillary clinton's campaign is running a pretty smart, on-message campaign. they're not being distracted on what chris wallace is pushing her on and donald trump is having this day after day -- >> we're going to take a break. we're simply out of time. this wednesday night at 9:00 eastern, don't miss or second town hall with new mexico governor gary johnson and his running mate former massachusetts government william we weld. up next, a zika warning in the united states. the cdc are telling people to stay away because mosquitoes have spread the virus to at least 14 people. we'll be right back.
5:50 pm
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5:54 pm
we checked with the folks at the cdc about that, this notion of warning a particular population of people not to go to a specific american town, that's never happened before. in and of itself, that's significant. of course, it's pregnant women in particular because this virus is so associated with these birth defects. they're saying pregnant women, women who are thinking about getting pregnant, they should just not travel to this particular area. it's about a one by one mile sort of square area right now. my guess is that area is going to grow. we have known zika virus was going to arrive in the united states. we have known it would start spreading locally, that is by mosquitos, so it's probably that area is going to grow. i don't think it will grow quickly or widely but it will grow more than what it is right now. >> what is the cdc suggesting women do who worry about being infected? >> well, they have put an area on it, of course, this area around miami, that one mile square area, and also, a date on
5:55 pm
it. they are saying if you have been to this area since june 15th, on june 15th or after june 15th, if you are pregnant, you should go get tested. that is really the advice. you should get tested. there are blood tests now, there are also urine tests to try and figure out if you have been infected, if you have been exposed to the virus. if you are someone, this is frightening, certainly, for women who are pregnant, but if they have been tested positive, they are going to then get a series of ultrasounds probably to help monitor the progress of the baby. it by no means is certain that if you have developed the zika infection while pregnant that these birth defects are going to result but there is the possibility. about a 1% to 10% possibility. so the doctor has to be aware of it and monitor the baby's progress. >> why the focus on the small area of florida? do the mosquitos not travel over a wide area?
5:56 pm
>> yeah, that's exactly right. it's really kind of fascinating. the mosquitos, it's just the female mosquito that's of concern here. they are the ones that bite humans. what we know is they really don't travel more than 150 meters on average. so the cdc in fact could pinpoint this to an even smaller area, about 150 meter radius area, but that's obviously so small that that's why they sort of expanded it to this one mile square area to make sure they are not missing anything. these mosquitos don't travel very far, just like you said. that's part of the reason they can pinpoint this. having said that, south florida, south texas, louisiana, areas that approximate the climate of where i am now here in brazil, those are areas that will be most at risk and we are likely to see local spread of zika in those areas as well. >> the area in florida is an area called wynwood. we will obviously continue to follow this.
5:57 pm
coming up in "360" will donald trump address his remarks about the parents of the fallen american soldier? ♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event, now through august thirty-first. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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good evening. welcome to night four of what some are calling the worst days of trump's campaign. he certainly doesn't see it that way. however, his remarks on friday have drawn bipartisan condemnation. his subsequent statements seem to have only stoked the flames. moments ago he weighed in on bernie sanders' decision to support hillary clinton who he likened perhaps figuratively to