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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  August 1, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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99 days until election day and this race gets more unpredictable. this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon. donald trump blasting the father of an american war hero and
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refusing to back down. in the midst of that battle, the "new york post" that endorsed trump posted racy nude photos of melania trump taken in 1995 for a french men's magazine. donald trump saying, quote, in europe, these are very fashionable and common. this isn't europe. what will the voters think about this? we're going to begin with hillary clinton taking the lead over donald trump in the latest cnn poll. our very own john king does the electoral math for us. john? >> so, don, 52%-43%, a healthy lead for secretary clinton in the head to head matchup against donald trump but most americans will have more choices. does it hold up in a four-way choice? the answer is yes. 45% for secretary clinton. 37% for donald trump. an eight-point lead there. libertarian gary johnson, green party candidate, jill stein getting some support as well. that's a healthy bounce even in a four-way race for secretary clinton. independents after the democratic convention swinging her way. 37% for clinton, 33% for trump
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in the four-way race. remember, president obama lost independents by five points on election day 2012 to mitt romney. if clinton can hold that lead over donald trump among independents, she'll be very hard to beat. so watch that as we move forward. the political pros always ask when both conventions are over who did a better job coalescing the party? unifying the party? well, advantage democrats and clinton. 90% of democrats say as of today they plan to vote for their democratic nominee. only 78% of republicans say they're going to vote for donald trump. so hillary clinton has done a better job unifying the party. that's an advantage as we go forward. another reason she pulled ahead in this poll is more and more voters are looking at her and seeing a president if you want to put it that way. 67% to 31% on the we who has the right experience to be president. a huge edge for secretary clinton. in a change environment, experience isn't always an asset. that's a pretty lopsided lead. more americans, 35% to 40% say they would be proud of hillary clinton as their president. more americans, 48% to 33% over trump think she would do a better job uniting the country.
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if there's a red flag in this poll, don, it is this. only 34% of americans say hillary clinton is honest and trustworthy. her only benefit is about the same number for donald trump. neither one of these candidates is viewed as honest and trustworthy. that honesty number does stand out. it's a national poll. we elect presidents state by state. if you look deep er in our poll donald trump's strategy, pennsylvania, ohio, michigan, may need wisconsin. in the midwest, it's a tighter race. 39% to 37% in the u.s. though there's a wind at hillary clinton's back in the national polls, go to the electoral college, we're going to slug it out a bit in the midwest. why does donald trump want to target these states? they're older and whiter. plays more to his advantage. among white voters, the level of education says a lot about who you're going to pick for president. among college graduates who are white, an 11-point edge for secretary clinton. white non college garage waitra
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lopsided run for donald trump. your level of education says a lot who you're going to vote for. the headline, a big bounce for hillary clinton. if you look deeper, still looks like a little rock em sock em robots across the rust belt. don? >> i want to bring in don rather, host of access tv's, "the big interview" and tonight he is my big interview. thank you for coming in here. donald trump just had a really bad couple of days. here's how our latest wire put to. donald trump blundered through the worst three days of any presidential candidate in living memory. i know he's an unconventional candidate and candidates make mistakes but have you ever seen anything like this? >> never. the operative phrase there is "conventional wisdom." everything about donald trump's rise has been countered to conventional wisdom. each time he makes a major mistake, a tendency to think he's over the line, he's over the line so far with criticism
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of john mccain, the first time he criticized mccain. he was over the line with the criticism of the judge born in this country of mexican heritage. each time you say, surely his support will be peeled back, sometimes it's peeled back a little, he comes bouncing right back. the best one can say is that nobody's ever seen a candidate like donald trump. plus or minus. nobody's ever seen a campaign like this and it remains very volatile. i happen to believe that one of the most dangerous things for the hillary clinton campaign right now is seeing the polls jump up this way. polls in the middle of the summer, this stage, are virtually -- they're indicative of the moment. a long way to go, and there's some tendency, particularly with the candidates like hillary clinton who does not have the number of really urban, passionate followers that say a barack obama eventually had. it's very volatile. i've said for some time. i think donald trump can win. it's not to say he will win. i think he can win.
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a lot of people say, how can you say that in the way he treated the khan family? this is a new low, comments about gold-star families. a brand new low. but there doesn't seem to be any limit. >> you don't think this one will affect him? >> i do. in the polls, one reason the polls have bounced hillary's way, what i'm saying is be careful of concluding that that's going to stand -- >> speaking of hillary clinton, let me play this for you because she said she doesn't know where the bottom is when it comes to trump. listen to this. >> he has, throughout the course of his campaign, consistently insulted and deteen meaned individuals, groups of americans, people around the world. and one don't know where the bottom is. it's hard to imagine anyone who has ever run to be president of
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the united states saying any of what he said, and the accumulation of it all is just beyond my comprehension. >> every other week or so, sometimes there are a couple in the week, that the republican leadership has to come out and repudiate or try to explain or defend something that donald trump says. john mccain says he doesn't represent the party, but is he permanently damaging the gop, you think? >> well, he's a wrecking ball at the -- for the republican party this year. a lot of candidates down the ballot, congressional candidates, senatorial candidates, are extremely worried. the question is going to be at what point do we reach the point that the candidates -- such as john mccain, not only criticize but say i can't support him. we haven't reached that point yet. may not reach that point. it's something to look for down the line if he keeps doing these things that just defy all political, what we thought were political laws of gravity.
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go back to the point that dronad trump has some cards in his hand not the least of which he preaches i'll do something about immigration, i'll do something about the economic consequences of globalization of the economy, and what's happened in the middle class. and he's campaigning on law and order. those are three powerful issues. >> he came out of the convention with that but with this whole thing with the khan family, he stepped on it. that's one of the reasons -- >> he keeps stepping on it. you'd think he scored maybe the high on the dumb test, but each time he comes out of one of these things, he comes back. we'll see whether he can this time. this could be the most damaging yet. >> yeah. especially a gold-star family. usually that's beyond reproach. as i've heard most people say, a family of a war hero, someone who's died in war, they criticize you, you take it and keep moving. you don't respond to them. >> absolutely.
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one of the spokesmen on your program, a pro-trump person, he said, look, donald trump made a mistake, made a blunder then went on to try to say positive things about trump. i think by any reasonable standard, it would be hard to find an american, even a very avid trump supporter, who thought it was acceptable to talk that way about a gold-star family. >> one thing that's not -- that's still pretty conventional, and those are the battleground states, that trump was in ohio, hillary clinton -- and pennsylvania, and hillary clinton, let's see, in pennsylvania this evening. hillary clinton was in those same states. so this is really about battleground states. they still need that -- as john king was showing us, they need to make headway on that electoral map. it's not just about popularity. >> exactly. and one of these two candidates, keep in mind, both of them have the highest negatives combined for any two major party candidates in the history of presidential elections. their negatives are both 50. it's about five states, florida, virginia, north carolina, pennsylvania, and ohio. and if you had to pick one, you
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would say florida. >> let's put those states back up. go ahead. what were you saying? you would say florida. >> florida, virginia, north carolina, pennsylvania, ohio. >> ohio, new hampshire, iowa. yeah. yeah. and you said florida was the midwe most important, you think? >> i do. it's my opinion here in the middle of the summer that the candidate who wins florida will probably win the election. >> let's talk about trump and about russia and ukraine. this is an interview that he did with abc over the weekend, and then we'll talk. >> just so you understand, he's not going to go into ukraine. you can mark it down, put it down, you can take it -- >> he's already there, isn't he? >> well, he's there in a certain way, but i'm not there yet. obama there. and frankly that whole part of the world is a mess under obama. >> so he was on the campaign trail today telling a slightly different story. here it is. >> so when i said, belief me, russia's not going into ukraine,
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all right, they're not going into ukraine. the person said, but they're already in ukraine. i said, yeah, well that was two years ago. that's, i mean, you want to go back, you want to have world war iii to get it back? that was during obama's watch. so during obama's watch, you know, all the tough guy statements, right, so he talks about donald trump is not strong on russia. first of all, i have to say this. wouldn't it be great if we actually got along with russia? am i wrong in saying that? wouldn't it be great? okay? >> that's not exactly what he said originally. i mean -- >> well, he's confounding. >> does he know enough about the issue -- about this issue? >> no. obviously he doesn't. but he has people in his campaign staff, remember his campaign manager now is deeply involved with russia, ukraine. but what happens with donald trump, time and time after time, he comes up with these statements. he either tries to deny them or
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adjust them, but, one, very few presidential elections are won or lost on the issue of foreign policy. number two, we talked before, trump is seemingly, he can make more mistakes than yogi berra quoting shakespeare. he hasn't fully unloaded on hillary clinton. i find this confounding. i think most people do. i will say among those solid trump supporters who say i'm worried about the economy, i'm worried about law and order, i'm worried about immigration, these kinds of things just pass them over. now, in the battle to get independents and swing voters in the key states which you mentioned before, it could be that donald trump is losing really valuable ground and will not be able to get that ground back with that section of voters. >> yeah. >> white males and white females, both of whom voted in
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high percentages over 50% for mitt romney. obviously trump's whole plan here is to increase the percentage of those votes he gets and increase turnout. that's what his campaign is about. when you get down to saying, listen, his campaign manager's, quote, in bed with the russian leadership with putin and so forth, you and i care about it, any number of americans who care about it and knofollow it, theyy he tells it like it is, maybe, quote unquote, doesn't know much about foreign policy, cut i don't give a hoot. when we come right back, will donald trump's feud with the gold-star khan family cost him votes in november? we'll discuss. ters, real fruit, wholesome nuts and crunchy flakes. good things come together to make one great thing. great grains. why be good when you can be great? americans are buying more and more
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donald trump doubling down on his criticism of a gold-star family, the khans. i spoke to khizr khan a little while ago. here's what he says about trump's rhetoric and his views. >> this is -- this is dangerous political rhetoric that when i speak about mr. trump's disqualification as candidate for the presidency, he says, oh, i am being severely attacked, harshly attacked. well, this is political season. you're a candidate for an office. and i have same rights as you do. you can attack mitt romney, you
8:18 pm
can attack john mccain, you can attack ted cruz, you can attack jeb bush, you can attack women, you can attack minoritiminoriti can attack muslims, you can attack judges and nobody can question your caliber? your leg of empathy? and you want to be commander in chief? >> here to discuss all of this is dean, a columnist for the "daily beast" and cnn political km commentator kayleigh mcelnany, a trump supporter. dean, you said you didn't think it's possible for trump to say anything more despicable than he said on the campaign trail until this weekend. do you think this is different this time? >> he'll probably do something next week which surpasses this. the comments about mr. khan and his wife to me were so indefensible, beyond anything. there is a silver lining in all of this. as we get away from the politics of this, donald trump has brought up something most americans didn't know because of attack on the khan family that muslim americans are serving the
8:19 pm
military, that they have sacrificed for our country and brought up efmore of a discussi that muslims have served in the military since the revolutionary war. all the way through to now. the outpouring of support for the khan family, from republicans, democrats, nonpartisan groups. who would have thought muslims today in this country now, who were being demonized, would have all these people stand up for this? donald trump, despicable. the result was beautiful. >> you say indefensible. how to you zdefend the statemens against the khans? >> i don't. donald trump made a clear mistake when he made the comment about khan's wife. you know, captain khan is an absolute hero. i think it's important to know his story that he left his troops behind to go and investigate a car, the car ended up blowing up and he lost his life defending his troops. he is a hero. donald trump has said that, mike pence said that. donald trump made a big mistake, he tried to dovetail his broader criticism of islam, like saudi arabia where we see fundamentalist strict
8:20 pm
interpretations of islam with this incident. this was not the appropriate place to bring in a criticism of, you know, fundamentalist islam. >> let me read this and then say, here, this is two-o tweets since last thursday. "mr. khan viciously attacked me from the stage of the dnc and all over tv doing the same. nice." then another one says, "this story is not about mr. khan who is all over the place doinger be views but rather radical islam and the u.s. get smart." so if you're running for president of the united states, you know it's a gold-star family member, shouldn't you know better? >> i think he should have stepped back and thought about this. i think he just answers questions. he speaks. when he's attacked, he attacks back. this case was not the right time to do that, the right place to do that. this is where newt gingrich what he said is so important. he said, donald trump wants to win this, he has to stick to three or four issues. and not get sidetracked with, you know, this gold-star family incident or the judge. i think this is a moment where a hope he's able to wake up and say i want to win this and in
8:21 pm
order to do that, i need to stick to issues. >> so he should have known better than to make this comment. >> i think, look, yes, i think he should have stepped back and said this is a gold-star family, no room for criticism, only praise of their son. >> radical islam, what does it have to do with donald trump's attacks on john mccain last year, frankly, or the idea that donald trump saying thousands of muslims cheered on the 9/11 in new jersey, not trues. donald trump is trying to pivot to radical islam. he made a horrible mistake. the only thing i can say, i'm happy to see republicans, democrats, independents uniting saying this was wrong. maybe donald trump will learn from this. i doubt it, frank ly, i don't think he can. >> dan rather said this reminds him of the mccarthy hearings, spoke out forcefully against him. listen to this. >> let us not assassinate this land further than the -- you've done enough. have you no stance of decency,
8:22 pm
sir? at long last? have you left no sense of decen decency? >> i know this hurts you, mr. welch. >> i'll say it hurts -- >> point of personal privilege, i'd like to finish this. >> senator, i think it hurts you, too, sir. >> is this similar -- does this rise to that occasion, you think, to that level? >> i believe so. in fact, the first draft of the article i wrote for the "daily beast" had that line in there, i took it out. kelly ayotte, john mccain, duffy call it afall iappalling, a gro veterans he represents says a great deal. donald trump has made a horrible mistake. we'll see if the polls pan out or not. i think he's shocked. i was shocked. i'll be honest, when he did this, i thought he'd get away with it. he's demonized muslims and immigrants before. i thought he figured he could bully hthem, no one would care. i can't believe what happened. i'm so heartened by my fellow
8:23 pm
americans. they stood up against the bullry, donald trump, in this case. >> we've had veteran organizations saying he's donated to my organization for ten years. he's the only candidate to have raised $5.7 million for veterans. veterans by a 2-1 margin support him over hillary clinton. he's done a lot for veterans. i know he respects veterans. this is a mistake. he needs to learn from it. >> i wonder if he, as you said, he's surprised by this, that niese n he's not getting away with it. he's pivoting saying setting up the election is rigged. i'm wondering if this has gotten to him. this is on "hannity" tonight. >> oh, i've been hearing about it for a long time and i know last time you had precincts where there were practically nobody voting for the republican. i think that's wrong. i think that was unfair, frankly, to mitt romney. you had areas where a lot of people were curious how is that possible? and i've been hearing about it for a long time and i just hope that there's really -- i hope
8:24 pm
the republicans get out there and watch very closely. and i'm tell you, november 8th, we better be careful because that's election is going it be rigged. i hope the republicans are watching closely or it's going to be taken away from us. >> why is he doing this? >> i think what you're saying. he's alluding to the fact if he loses, it's not his fault, he got for votes, the system is rigged. i wrote an article for cnn last week, "he'll never be presidentia presidentipresiden presidenti presidential." i think you're going to see more and more donald trump self-destruct from now to november. frankly, the more he gets in the media spotlight. he'll use any excuse for why he lost, except it was me, i shouldn't have zodone this. very unique person. dan rather said in the greenroom, never saw this in his life fooi lifetime. not in my lifetime, either. >> every time he says something, people wonder is he trying to lose the election?
8:25 pm
>> what do you think? >> i don't think he's trying to lose. i think he gives unbridled access to press, answers every question. sometimes he hears one word. i think he heard the word, sacrifice, and immediately went to, oh, i've made sacrifices and didn't think of the broader context of the interview. sometimes he answers too rapidly. sometimes you have to listen to the whole length of the question and give thought to the answer and the thought that was given. hillary clinton hasn't given a press conference in 240 days. we'd see similar mistakes from her if she did. >> he does not give unbridled access. he went on a twitter rant against cnn, he won't be on cnn because we hold his feet to the fire about questionable statements or untruth. that's not unbridled access. >> i think he'll be back. he gave more interviews to cnn, far more than hillary clinton. >> he did. in the past. >> he did some with george stephanopoulos. >> that's another network. all right.
8:26 pm
when we come right back, donald trump's fellow billionaire, former mayor of new york, suggests the candidate is not sane. i'm going to ask our very own dr. drew what he thinks about this. sure! it's free for everyone. oh! well that's nice! and checking your score won't hurt your credit. oh! (to dog)i'm so proud of you. well thank you. get your free credit scorecard at even if you're not a customer. the first paint that kills bacteria. sherwin-williams paint shield continuously kills 99.9% of bacteria. totally breakthrough. surprisingly the same. and it's only avaiblble at sherwin-williams.
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donald trump's numerous feuds have a lot of people wondering what's he thinking? one prominent new yorker is suggesting he might not be sane. here to discuss it is dr. drew penske, internist and host of hln's "dr. drew." thank you so much for joining us. it's been an erratic few days for donald trump. it has a lot of people asking what is going on with him. you know, mayor michael bloomberg said at the dnc last week in support of trump's opponent, hillary clinton, even before the events of the last few days. listen to this. >> let's elect a sane, competent, person with international experience. the bottom line is, trump is a risky, reckless and radical choice and we can't afford to make that choice. >> so he's implying that trump is not sane. do you agree with that? >> well, listen, we have to look at what is insanity.
8:31 pm
he can be reckless and risky and not be insane. there's two definitions of sanity, one is legal definition. and that is somebody who is so out of it they don't know the difference between right and wrong. that is a very high standard for insanity. very few people meet that s standard. you're really not functioning when you're legally insane. clinically, medically, usually when we talk about insanity, we mean psychotic, hearing voices, hallucinations. i'm sorry, don, not insane. >> okay. no apologies necessary. you know, it was bloomberg who made the assertion. we have spoken about this before. i believe you think he has narcissist tendencies. is that always a bad thing in a leader? >> no, it isn't always a bad thing. people want to label him with a narcissistic personality disorder. and that is a pretty tough, tough thing to do at a distance. but let me just talk to you, narcissism generally can be a good thing.
8:32 pm
if you're a fighter pilot, we want you to be narcissistinarcit to have fear in extreme circumstances. most political leaders have some degree of narcissism, what motivates them to go into these areas. we've done research on this. it bears that out. the question, though, is narcissism has a liability, that's malignant narcissism, you lose empathy, feelings don't matter. only your sort of point of view is all that matters at all times. in that situation, usually you see people who can't function interpersonally so you look at their children, their marriages, and you just don't see the evidence of malignant narcissism in his kids certainly. now, i'd love to hear from liz ex-wives. maybe they know something we haven't heard yet. you can't conclude because his relationships are maintained and seem to be quite healthy. >> i want you to listen to what john oliver said. >> honestly the main takeaway from these two weeks is that incredibly we may bon the brink
8:33 pm
of electing such a damaged, sociopathic narcissist that the simple presidential duty of comforting the families of fallen soldiers may actually be beyond his capabilities and i genuinely don't think that was part of the job that someone could be bad at. >> people throwing around a lot of terms about donald trump. is that unfair to call someone who's a nominee of the republican party a sociopath? >> yes, it is unfair because sociopaths are usually tied up with really, serious problems with criminal behavior, but, you know, you can be manipulative, can be narcissistic and still do okay in life. but, again, your relationships usually have extreme pathology. very difficult to raise healthy kids, very difficult to have sustained marriages if you're deep into narcissism. though, you can have narcissistic features and there's no doubt that the majority of politicians have exactly that. the question, though, is are some of the reckless qualities that everyone is getting so disturbed about on the campaign going to be translated into
8:34 pm
office should he get elected? that's a pretty hard thing to predict. i don't know if this is just somebody playing politics, or is this somebody who really can't contain their impulses? and by the way, although people want to call it narcissism, people are, like, hypomanic and bipolar have more difficulty running at the mouth and have to worry more about that than narcissism. >> you said bipolarism and manic? >> hypomanic. i'm not saying he is. everyone wants to label him with these personality qualities. when i hear people that are impulsive with their speech, i worry about hypomania and bipolar types of conditions. as he says, he has boundless energy. again, a little hypomania can be great. there are a lot of hypomanic business mer businessmen that get a ton done. containing your speech, be thoughtful, take a beat before you say something, for those people it can be very, very difficult. good or bad, the point is i think people -- what's more
8:35 pm
fascinating to me, don, is not him but his supporters that seem to not be concerned about any of this. that, to me, is fascinating. as always, what is up with us? >> right, the people who are not concerned who say it doesn't matter if he's telling the truth or not. let's talk about that. you said not control your speech. let's talk about the criticism. khizr khan has been doing interviews. he did an interview with me this ev evening. said he had no right to question his noknowledge of the constitution, what donald trump said. is there a psychological reason that he is seemingly unable to take criticism? >> well, again, as -- let's just assume that most people that would choose to be in a very high-profile races like this would have narcissistic tendencies and there's something called sort of narcissistic injury then narcissistic rage. if you injure -- if you really shame somebody -- they tend to be sort of teflon when it comes to shame. if you shame them, they can
8:36 pm
react with extreme aggression and extreme rage. so this seems to be that kind of a psychological process. >> yeah. the best way, if someone criticizes you, just ignore them. that hurts the most. >> does not seem that's how mr. trump operates or how this political seen is going to go. again, i'm trying to find out what is it about us that finds that so appealing? i have a radio program on kabc. what i keep hearing from listeneliste listeners there is enough enough. if somebody is going to fight back, they're going to say, whatever, and i don't care what he says as long as it's extreme and pushing ban a ining and put country and my job first, i'll get behind him whatever he says. there's disregard for the content. >> we need to examine ourselves. donald trump needs to examine himself. >> listen, why we watch reality television -- >> pespeak for yourself, dr. dr. >> why do we do this? let's examine that. >> thank you, dr. drew. i always watch you. i don't watch reality tv but i do watch dr. drew.
8:37 pm
what time does your show air again? >> 7:00 eastern. >> on hln. you may know that. thank you, sir. coming up, donald trump called wife, melania, one of the most successful models of her time, but the "new york post" has printed, let's put it up over this camera, some pretty racy photos that may shock some voters. this was the least racy. the day before, yesterday's, was even racier than this. we're going to discuss it when we come back. in 1996, tracfone began with one important belief: wireless should be affordable for everyone. twenty years later, we're still making it easy to save money on smartphones! our new smartphone plan is just $15/month. you get talk, text, and data with unlimited carryover®, with no contract and coverage on one of america's largest 4glte networks.
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welcome back. "the new york post" posted several neude photos of melania trump taken in 1995, 10 years before she married donald trump. according to an article in the "post," donald trump said, "in europe pictures like this are very fashionable and common." here to discuss this, kate anderson-brouwer, author of "first women." alice, former communications director for ted cruz, and attorney gloria allred. thanks for coming out. alice, i'd like to start with you. what do you make of these photos run by the "new york post," a
8:42 pm
newspaper that endorses donald trump as their candidate? >> clearly this is an attempt for them to sell magazines. put a picture like that on the cover, certainly folks will pick it up and buy it. it's pure and simple what this is. look, carelearly melania is a beautiful woman, a model. these were pictures taken 26 years ago. what this has to do with the presidential election, i have no earthly yod and don't think it will have any bearing -- >> that's why next question. he's been in the race for over a year. i mean, why now? how do you think they got these photos? >> well, i'm sure there's probably a lot of photographs out there. look, she's a very successful model. she looks beautiful in the pictures. but i think this is not going to have any impact on the race, and look, to be honest, if they did this, as an attempt to try and sway the presidential race, look, it's fair game then to go back 26 years and take some pictures of bill clinton and gennifer flowers down the street
8:43 pm
in little rock whether they were doing at this time. i'm sure those are a lot nr scandalous than those photographs. >> maybe there are some pictures out there, but that's kind of apples and oranges. kate, give us some context here. you've written extensively about first ladies from a historical perspective. have you ever had a first lady who had been photographed nude and published on the front of a magazine? how big a deal is this? >> i'm surprised it's not a bigger story, actually. i think that goes to show there's so much more swirling around right now with other things in the campaign. no, i mean, when jacque kennedy had her nude photos were taken of her in greece in the early '70s and that was a big deal, they were surreptitiously taken. that was a big story. she was upset by it. typically we expect the first ladies to have a certain -- to not have posed nude before. it's certainly a new era to have a first lady who's been a successful supermodel. that's absolutely right. she had a very successful career. but this is the kind of image
8:44 pm
that we don't normally see the first lady, a wife, a mother, the embodiment of american womanhood that she's put up on the pedestal of american politics. >> i would say she's a model, not a supermodel. people had never heard of her until she married donald trump. she was successful but wasn't a supermodel. what is your reaction to these photos, gloria allred? >> don, i think it's a factor that people can consider when they decide if donald trump and his wife, melania, are the people that they want in the white house as the first couple. obviously, melania is not jacque kennedy who, by the way, as has been pointed out, the naked photos of jacque kennedy were taken after she was no longer in the white house. not -- not during the time they were running or before they were running for the presidency. so if people want a jacque kennedy, if they want a nancy reagan, if they want a laura
8:45 pm
bush or barbara bush, or a michelle obama, melania is not the person. these photos have been described as racy. some people might describe them as soft porn. you asked how did they get them? it wouldn't surprise me, although i don't he knowledge of it, if donald trump, himself, gave these photos. he's proud of his wife. >> yeah, i don't -- >> he's using them to market his campaign. >> listen, i think it's -- listen -- she can use her body the way she wants. most people have nothing against nudity, but, again, i think your question is, how do you assess this with other first ladies in the country? she's going to be the first lady. i don't think anyone wants to shame her. she was the successful model. there are nude photographs out there. what you said about the timing, do you think the photographs, gloer gloria, are going to distract from the trump campaign or khan family controversy? >> if they are going to distract, is that exactly what donald trump would like? because he's on the losing end
8:46 pm
of the khan controversy with the gold-star parents. but in addition, i mean, we don't -- i think an even more important issue than these naked photos, what is being called the girl-on-girl photos of melania is the plagiarism and is the fact that when she gave her speech afterwards, she said -- or before, she said she had written it with a little help from a friend, when it turned out that, in fact, there was plagiarism that had taken place in her speech. to me, that's an even more important issue than the naked possibly soft porn photos of her. >> hey, alice, can i get a quick response? i have to get to a break or they're going to kill me in the control room. i think the issue, again, it's not melania taking nude pictures. a woman can do with her body what she wants. that's her business. republicans are usually the party of family value. one can imagine if there was a democratic, you know, woman or someone, you know, think if that
8:47 pm
was -- that was the current first lady on the cover, don't you think all hell would break loose? >> certainly if it was the current first lady, absolutely, it would be. i think -- i believe the republicans are generally in a situation like this held to a little higher standard given the social conservative values that many of them share, but keeping in mind she voluntarily gave these photos and certainly i agree with gloria to a degree, there's a slight chance donald trump may have put them out, himself, because i'm sure he'd rather be talking about this than the khan story because that has not been a good story for him. >> i got to go. we're going to come back with you and talk about donald trump says nobody would be a better president for women than he would. wait until you hear what he has to say about sexual harassment. which consists of renaissance classics and more avant-garde pieces. yes, i am rich. that's why i drink the champagne of beers.
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8:52 pm
sexually harassed, she would find another career or another company if that was the case. what is your take on that? alice? >> okay, i would like to actually ask donald trump has he ever been accused of sexually harassing anyone, and if so, what happened after he was accused of that. did he enter into any kind of a settlement? >> alice, do you want to respond to that? >> well, i think that's -- the whole roger ailes story is certainly an unfortunate situation that's going on over there. but i beg to differ if that was a situation with donald trump's daughter, if that would be his recommendation. it's something that no one likes to think about, but i doubt that would be his recommendation if that happened. >> why would he say it then? >> it's hard to say what goes on in donald trump's mind, but i think he would certainly have a lot more harsh action than that
8:53 pm
response. >> gloria -- >> don, if a woman is sexually harassed, that's a denial of her right to equal employment opportunity. and no, she doesn't need to find another job. she has a right to have that job without having to run the gauntlet of being sexually harassed on the job. that's a violation of her rights. maybe it's the perpetrator of sexual harassment who should find another job. not the victim of sexual harassment. >> before the "usa today" interview, trump said this -- >> and i can tell you that some of the women that are complaining, i know how much he's helped them. and even recently. when they write books that are fairly recently released and say wonderful things about him, and now they're saying these horrible things about him. >> as a lawyer on the panel,
8:54 pm
you've dealt with sexual harassment, gloria. what do you read in both of these statements? >> i deal with sexual harassment every day. what happens is, a lot of women, they have a career, they worked hard to achieve in their career. and they don't want to lose their jobs. so they'll try to finesse the situation, don, where they'll say nice things, thank you for helping me and all of that. but meanwhile, they're having to each day try to say no, but in a way that doesn't alienate the employer, because once they are sexually harassed, they're placed in a no-win situation. if they say yes, ultimately, the boss may get tired of them, then they lose their job. if they say no, then the boss may go into ego shock and then they lose their job. that's what is so unfair about sexual harassment. but women are seeking to assert
8:55 pm
their rights. but having to go somewhere else to lose their job, no, that's what they have to do. >> kate, is often that a candidate's wife or daughter is supposed to give people an insight into their personality and family as was done two weeks ago at the convention, at both conventions. do you think melania and ivanka fulfilled that role for donald trump? >> i think ivanka certainly did and chelsea certainly did for her mother. i think melania, you know, the plagiarism story really overshadowed the better parts of her speech. so i'm not sure that she helped so much. but ivanka can step into that role that a traditional first lady plays and we're seeing that play out. ivanka is really stepping up, more than chelsea even. it's incredible to watch. >> it's interesting, too, that everyone talks about what great kids donald trump has, and ivanka seems to be a great kid, i might add.
8:56 pm
but where are the mothers? why doesn't anyone give credit to the mothers? he was divorced. so some of these mothers were essentially single parts. yes, he was involved in their lives, but let's give credit to their mothers as well if they turned out to be great kids. >> thank you all. i appreciate it. we'll be right back. how do robots work? ♪ you need a team... ...working together... ♪ ...doing all kinds of jobs. and the best place to find the job that's right for you is on the world's number-one job site. indeed. how the world works. gain the freedom to fumble with the new water and shatter-resistant samsung galaxy s7 active. exclusively at at&t.
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that's it for us tonight.
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i'll see you right back here tomorrow night. good evening. thanks for joining us. donald trump and hillary clinton making big campaign appearances. she's still riding convention momentum, he's still embroiled in controversy. she's taking fire for a claim she's been making that doesn't fit the facts. while today's headlines might not be reflected in tonight's polling, plenty of headlines are. john king is here to break it down by the numbers. so did secretary clinton, like donald trump, get a post convention bounce? >> yes, exclamation point. 52% for clinton, 43% for trump. that's a seven-point jump. most americans will have more choices on their ballot come november. so you see the


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