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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  August 3, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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time. >> turn into something of a game of name calling. >> i' think the republican nominee sun fis unfit. >> -- release his transcripts or -- >> corey, in this answer -- >> no. >> boy, bye. hello, i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. i'm going to say something that will shock you. donald trump was on twitter this morning. he wrote, there is great unity in my campaign, perhaps greater than before. because, you know, nothing says unity like the republican nominee. not endorsing the highest ranking republican in the country. nothing says unity like republicans telling cnn that trump campaign staffers are increasingly frustrated with the candidate they're working for. with unity like that, who needs muz wrestling, mud wrestling.
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>> now in the wake of trump refusing to endorse ryan or mccain in their primaries, the chairman of the rnc, reince priebus, is reportedly frustrated with donald trump. chief political correspondent dana bash with more. dana, not so much kumbaya for donald trump and the republican party. >> not at all. the frustration was there before yesterday. but it escalated to a whole new personal level i'm told when donald trump refused to endorse house speaker paul ryan in his primary campaign in the house of course in his home district in wisconsin. and the reason is because paul ryan and reince priebus are close, they grew up together in politics. in fact, reince priebus was the chairman of paul ryan's very first congressional campaign. so that was kind of a bridge too far for reince priebus who felt that he had taken out a lot of political water by trying to help donald trump through this entire process but a lot of people in the establishment and
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beyond were not necessarily happy about reince priebus doing that. so there's that situation. and then there's another situation going on amongst some rnc officials. not, i'm told, at the apparatus of the rnc, but some committee men are looking into the what if scenario. what if donald trump gets so upset and so -- in the words of this source i talked to, is so mercurial, that he just says, enough, i'm out, and drops out before the election in november. so there's a move, again, this is a small number of people, but they are trying to figure out what would happen and what they can do if there is a vacancy. there's a rule, it's called rule nine. if anybody who's kind of political nerds like us wants to look it up that allows for a mechanism to go into place if there is a vacancy. it was actually put in i'm told in case a nominee passes away
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mostly before the election. but there is a rule that people are kind of looking into. again, want to emphasize, we do not have any reporting that donald trump is even considering this. these are just people who are looking at donald trump's actions, especially over the past several days, saying we don't know where he's going to go next and we got to be prepared. >> that's the out there, the way out there scenario. you also spoke of frustration from outside the campaign. overnight, you're also picking up some frustration from inside the campaign as well. >> that's right, look, this is not the campaign that the people closest to donald trump want to be running. my understanding is that the frustration is mounting with the candidate. that he is going off message in a whole number of directions. many of them you played at the top of the hour. never mind not endorsing paul ryan, of course, the most striking and stark was his back and forth with the gold star parents, the khans, who did go after him at the dnc or even, you know, screaming about a
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crying baby at his rally. all of those things are making those inside trump's world, and i'm told including paul manaf t manafort, who's effectively running the campaign, very frustrated, and some saying, are we wasting our time here, trying to figure out if there is a way to change this, to somehow get it back on court or not. >> all right, dana bash, thanks so much. >> thanks, dana. >> let's hear directly from the trump campaign. senior adviser and pollster kelly ann conway. you've been listening. reporting inside the trump campaign, extremely frustrated with the candidate, others, we're told, feel like they're wasting their time. >> i am in the campaign. i walked here from trump tower. where a lot of very dedicated professionals are working really hard every day. so i would just push back on any formal report that the candidate is going to leave the race or this one is unhappy or that one
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is unhappy. i think that often comes from people unfamiliar with the conversations internally, folks who wish they were part of the campaign or whose advice was taken from the outside. i think mr. trump operates best when he's on the attack against hillary clinton and president obama's record. he tried to do a little bit of -- >> is this an enor a flow at this moment? as dana said, folks she's talked to inside the campaign said this is not the campaign they want to be running now. >> we're happy we just put out an $80 million press release. those numbers came out. we think that's impressive. we would like more complete coverage. in other words, mr. trump was talking about the failures of obamacare, and we would hope it's breaking news when the 17th of the 23 co-ops failed. we're up to 16 now. on monday, when he reveals more of his economic plan at the detroit economic club.
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items like that, that are substantive, that are where the voters want the campaign on both sides to go. there are two candidates in the race. so that's part of the frustration internally also, which is, hey, remember her, the dnc are up to a head count of four, senior people, who, you know, people aren't talking -- >> we have plans to talk about that -- >> there's a great deal of frustration in terms of just trying to get the message out in what is sometimes noise or silence. >> so getting the message out, talking about hillary clinton, talking about obamacare in the co-ops, where does sitting down with the "washington post" yesterday for 50 minutes at a golf course and telling them you don't plan to endorse paul ryan in the primary where does that fit in to the campaign that you just said that you think donald trump should be running? >> well, he didn't -- he didn't endorse his opponent. these reports are like he's fund-raising for the opponent,
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he's going to write in for the opponent. no such thing. he did a clever play on words with what speaker ryan had said to your jake tapper back in may. that's classic donald trump. >> is this pay back? >> no, not at all. payback would be endorsing the opponent the way a lot of folks have urged him to and he has not, frankly. not people inside the campaign by the way, back to that. and that most people are not inside the campaign, by the way. and certainly most people who are talking. >> do you think he will endorse -- do you get a sense he's going to endorse paul ryan? >> what i think he'll do is work closely with speaker ryan. they do talk. their staffs do talk regularly. there's been a very good relationship there in -- ever since mr. trump became the actual nominee. in paul ryan objected to trump's candidacy, i assume he would not have had the gavel at the convention. and so i just, you know, this versus bernie sanders winning 22
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states and over 10 million voters who would not endorse hillary clinton and we were in philadelphia together last week. his protesters. i walked out of the hall at 1:00 a.m. with him. they're still not convinced. >> we're talking about the candidate, and i get your point, but, again, i go back to if you want donald trump to be running a campaign about the issues and hillary clinton, i'm not sure how the interview with the "washington post" helps. also, you know, it doesn't seem to be what meg whitman is seeing, you know, what sally bradshaw is seeing. what's your message to these republicans out there who say that whatever the issues are, because i think they agree with you, kelly ann, on the issues, they can't bring themselveses to vote for donald trump? >> i think some people agree with hillary clinton on some of the issues actually and not donald trump and not the republican party as it is now. >> who, meg whitman? >> well, meg whitman is pro choice like hillary clinton. hillary clinton is a favorite of
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big business and wall street, that's obvious. that's fine. that is meg whitman's right. i respect their right. that's why we cast our ballots in private. either through an envelope with a stamp or in the ballot box, so good for them. we're not the rank and file of the republican, of the electorate. and i think if donald trump can continue to convey his message, particularly to those fence sitting independent voters who know hillary clinton completely and somehow have a problem getting to -- getting to her. i mean if all of this is true, if all of the obsessive coverage about donald trump actually were going to matter to the electorate, why isn't this woman at 65% among women -- >> -- good relationship with reince priebus is important to the republican nominee -- >> absolutely. >> then whose job is it to mend that relationship because reince priebus is not happy right now. >> well, they talk often. mr. manafort -- >> not happy right now, i can tell you that. >> well, because he would like -- i guess he would like
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all republicans to endorse all republicans. that is true. but i will repeat. when paul ryan is renominated in his party next week and when he is re-elected in the fall, re-elected as speaker of the house, president trump will work with him. you won't have this gridlock in washington that infuriates americans and has earned congress their 11% approval rating, kate and john. you'll have a president that wants to work with congress, shows up and addresses them and wants to get things done. >> kelly ann conway, great to have you with us, fresh over from trump tower. >> joining us to continue the discussion, cnn's political director david chalian, cnn senior political reporters, malia -- i can't talk today apparently, senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny, guys, thanks for being here. david chalian, my dear friend, in trump and priebus don't patch things up, if this don't blow over, can the rnc do anything
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about it? >> well, i don't know that the rnc can do anything about -- no, right. this is their nominee. >> they can't do anything about that. and i'm not sure that the rnc actually a bad relationship between donald trump and reince priebus momentarily, because they have had an open flow of communication for the last couple months. i don't think this will stop the rnc from its own program where they're working to elect donald trump president but protect the house majority. i think the problem is the distraction problem because you heard kelly ann just say -- she wishes the focus would be on hillary clinton's answer about e-mails or about the troubles at the dnc. there's no way to focus on that if donald trump continues to inject these distractions into the bloodstream of the daily campaign to and fro.
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>> we're talking about kelly ann like she's not here, she's sitting right here. but kelly ann says there's ebbs and flos in campaigns. we're both old enough to remember in june -- >> so old. >> when the issue with the judge came up and there were republicans saying this is it, this is the last straw, we should be looking for off ramps. donald trump recovers from that. he had a convention where he had a bounce. is this, what's happening right now, these last five, six days, are they different? >> i think we don't know. we don't know until november. it does seem like donald trump's candidacy has had a momentum of its own certainly in the primaries. i do think -- it shows up in the polls. some of these issues have cost him. if you look at our latest poll and, again, that's after her convention, there is some troubling signs for him among independent voters, among college educated white women, among women in general. there are some troubling signs. again, i think his focus, sort
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of the strategy he's used so far in the primary campaign, he's sort of continuously fighting the war and thinking those tactics will work in the general election. they've been waiting for him to, his phrase, not mine, grow the hell up, apologize for cursing on television, but that was his phrase, and it feels like that's the constant pattern a lot of republicans have found themselves in over these last two months. they've been waiting on that sort of presidential pivot and haven't seen it yet. >> manu, alex burns in his article in "the new york times" today, he wrote this, republican lawmakers and strategists have begun to entertain abandoning him en masse. what are you hearing on the hill about this latest episode? >> you know, i don't think they're there quite yet. republicans are certainly frustrated. they're willing to distance themselves from donald trump. they're willing to criticize donald trump. but you're not hear ago lot of members revoke their endorsement of donald trump.
8:14 am
the big reason why, kate and john, is because a lot of these members, particularly in tough races, they need donald trump supporters to come out in the fall. they can't afford to alienate a significant pocket of their own voters in key races. so that puts them in a bind. because they need those swing voters. those independent voters. those minority voters. they also need donald trump supporters. that's one reason why mccain, for instance, has not revoked his own backing of trump, a lot of these guys are in very tough positions. >> so jeff zeleny, what's the clinton campaign doing about all of this right now besides just sitting back quietly, you know, and hoping it continues. other than actually i suppose we learned that hillary clinton herself called meg whitman, which we didn't know about, to try to get her on board. >> they are making phone calls. she is making phone calls to people like meg whitman, to
8:15 am
donors, to some other opinion leaders who may consider switching. now this is not a list they publicize because the last thing they want is for this to get out and find out that some people are not either, a, answering her phone call or, b, responding how she wants. the meg whitman thing, look, of course she is more of a liberal republican from california, but she also has a big checkbook. she said she's not only going to vote for hillary clinton, she's going to give money to the campaign and the effort here. that's important. she also has other friends who had the same thing. so just watching this with somewhat astonishment. they still at this late hour in a campaign, 97, some days to go, it is a bid befuddling to them they're still not locked in on their for sure opponent. they want to run against donald trump now. but they would be very mystified if they would suddenly be running against someone else. i think david and others are right, i think that is so much of a long shot. you talked to republicans across
8:16 am
this town and the country, they, you know, realize they're locked in with him. unless something strange would happen and they would drop out, the clinton folks believe they're running against donald trump for the duration here. in battleground states like colorado today, nevada tomorrow, trying to rack up those 270 electorate votes as this side show and it is a side show, continues. >> all right, guys, thank you very much. >> thanks, guys. >> house speaker paul ryan's opponent think about all this, the guy, you know, running against paul ryan who was just not endorsed by donald trump? we will speak to him next. also ahead, d.c. metro police officer sworn to protect the public, arrested and charged with trying to help isis. we have breaking details ahead. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call today at liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. tensions are running high in the republican party now. donald trump not only refusing to endorse paul ryan and john mccain in their primary races but it seems like they're actively not endorsing them now. >> there's a way to not endorse them and then there's actively not endorsing them.
8:21 am
>> trump telling "the washington post" in an interview that he's not there yet. his words or are those paul ryan's words from back in may? >> i'm just not ready to do that at this point. i'm not there right now. >> all right, you know who has a keen interest in all of this? the man who is with us right now, paul ryan's opponent in the wisconsin primary. mr. nealon, thank you so much for joining us now. donald trump, the republican nominee, refusing to endorse speaker of the house paul ryan. that must have been music to your ears. >> it's not surprising. i mean, paul ryan's more aligned with hillary clinton then president obama on their top three initiatives. look at transpacific partnership, amnesty and the jailbreak crime legislation that will release tens of thousands of people out of prison and make life difficult for all of us. so paul ryan's aligned with
8:22 am
them, i'm not surprised donald trump wouldn't endorse him. >> how is paul ryan more in line with hillary clinton than with donald trump? he's endorsed donald trump. he introduced him at the convention. he's called hillary clinton a liar. there is -- no one would say that paul ryan is in line with hillary clinton at all. >> a lot of people say he's aligned with hillary clinton. i mean, look at his donations. paul ryan is for this transpacific partnership. it sells our jobs overseas. paul ryan has got a 20-year career, career politician, who is all for open borders. paul ryan -- we wouldn't even have borders if it was for paul ryan -- >> what? >> that's what tim kaine said -- >> i feel like i've heard paul ryan talk a lot about security at the border. i'm pretty sure he's never said we should abolish borders. if he does say it, i'd be the first to report it. but mr. nealon -- >> i'll tell you what, you ought to start reporting it now
8:23 am
because paul ryan is not for securing the borders. >> you said paul ryan wouldn't have borders at all if it was up to paul ryan. >> yeah, i'll tell you, paul ryan has said america's more than its borders, it's more than this, it's more than that. we have to have a secure border first in order to have a nation. paul ryan hasn't funded that wall, that double-layered, 700-mile law that we got through congress in 2006. he has said that he's not for the wall, he said he's going to sue mr. trump. i mean, he takes every opportunity -- >> paul ryan's going to sue donald trump? >> let me pick up what you just said -- >> yeah, over the muslim immigration issue, he said he would sue donald trump, absolutely he did. >> you have taken quite an issue with how paul ryan treats donald trump. you said it is beneath the dignity of the speaker's office and morally disqualifying how paul ryan treated trump. what specifically do you take issue with?
8:24 am
>> yeah, he takes every opportunity -- i mean, this is identity politics, paul ryan's plan. that's what people hate with government, they hate it about the media. the people are sick and tired of being -- let's select a group and use that group as a cudgel to beat the rest of america with. we're sick of it. look, i'm a businessman from wisconsin. i'm run businesses all over the globe. paul ryan -- paul ryan has ducked me on debating this tr s transpacific partnership which he owns. he's the one who whipped the votes for fast-track authority. he's the one out there saying this is a free trade deal. this isn't a free trade deal. this is a corrupt crony trade deal that gives up u.s. sovereignty -- >> again, the question we asked before, you said what paul ryan has said about donald trump is morally disqualifying. what has paul ryan said about donald trump that's morally disqualifying? >> he came out on the wrong side
8:25 am
of this khan thing. paul ryan did not need to weigh in to that. paul ryan could have debated me instead of taking shots at our party's nomination. paul ryan is the top republican in our party. he should be finding ways to unite this. here's the circle of trust, paul ryan's out here. nobody can trust paul ryan because every opportunity he gets, he shoots at donald trump from the side, from the back. he is no different than hillary clinton. that's the fact. >> how much contact have you had with donald trump's campaign? >> none, other than he tweeted at me the other day. i thanked him for it. i mean -- >> have you -- do you want his endorsement? >> -- i've -- thousands of -- i haven't asked for endorsement at all, no. if he gave me his endorsement, i'd be flattered by it. but the last thing i'd want is for him to screw up the
8:26 am
presidential race. look, i am absolutely in lock step with mr. trump -- >> by endorsing you what do you mean? >> no, i have no idea. why are we even talking about this? why are you asking me about that? why are you asking paul ryan on air why he supports transpacific partnership? >> we're asking you because it's your campaign. >> i'm telling you -- absolutely. my campaign is on good trade deals and securing our border. paul ryan wants to pass a terrible trade deal and he wants open borders. he wants amnesty. paul ryan is not for closing our borders. if he was, he would have talked to those angel moms that called him that wrote him that tried to get a hold of him in d.c. and went to his house because they looked to me as an advocate. they said we can't get a hold of paul ryan. he won't listen to us. they wanted to give him a letter. in that letter, it said, mr. ryan if you cared as much about our family also as you care about your special interest donors, our children might still be alive. you know, paul ryan came out of
8:27 am
his house, hopped into an suv and was whisked away to a fund-raiser. i mean, you ought to be asking paul ryan that. i mean, i'm running a race and knocking on thousands of doors here in wisconsin, on behalf of wisconsin voters, on behalf of wisconsin jobs, on behalf of america's jobs. a vote for paul ryan is a vote for transpacific partnership -- >> we'd love to have paul ryan on the show, we have a whole bunch of questions. if and when he comes on "at this hour." mr. nealon, do you feel like donald trump is using you to get back at donald trump? do you feel like you're a pawn in a battle between donald trump, especially if he won't endorse you? he went out of his way to tweet you. did you think he's using you? >> no, when somebody holds the door open for you and you say thank you, is that using somebody? that's absurd. that's an absurd assertion on
8:28 am
its face. i mean, i wrote something that was we'll research and put it ot there and mr. trump thanked me for that. i thanked him for thanking me. so how does that turn into -- if somebody sneezes and i say god bless you, was somebody used in that transaction? i don't understand how does this wedge driving help. it doesn't help. i mean, donald trump's trying to get elected. i'm trying to get elected. i'm working on behalf of american jobs. he is right now taking on special interests the same people that i might add are funding paul ryan's campaign. paul ryan put zero dollars in his own campaign the last time i looked. he's got $10 million in his campaign coffers. i put $100,000 of my own money. i started out in a factory at 18 years old. took me 12 years to get my engineering degree at night.
8:29 am
i've run factories all over the united states and all over the globe. i just raised $1 million. you know, i put 10% of my own money in. let's see paul ryan put 1 million of his own dollars in. he won't do it. paul ryan's bought and paid for. we don't pay him enough in wisconsin's first district to vote on our behalf. he's voting on behalf of his special interest donors. >> the voters of wisconsin's first district will have their say on tuesday. paul, thank you for coming on. >> appreciate it. >> thanks, have a great day. >> thank you. >> okay. we have some breaking news right now. serious news. a d.c. metro officer sworn to protect the public arrested and charged for helping isis. we have details head. also this, reports of $400 million in cash airlifted to iran. we're going to be hearing from the white house this hour. be right back. abfest is on at rr so come dive into dishes like the new
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some breaking news for you. "washington post" "washington post" transit police officer. a washington, d.c. transit police officer. investigators say they have been looking at this guy for more than a year. >> evan perez following this for us. >> this investigation was going on for about six years. this is actually the first u.s. police officer been arrested and charged with providing material support for isis. now, we've had over 100 of these arrests as you guys know. you know, we've had everything from former members of the military, people who worked in
8:35 am
prisons, but we've never had an active police officer. this guy, nicholas young, was fros working for the metro transit police department here in washington. we're told they were keeping a very close watch on him. they've had undercover police officers working alongside him. they've had undercover informants also talking to him. the fbi did more than 20 meetings with him in 2014 as they were trying to get this case to cross the finish line. it appears all this time all he was doing was talking until recently, he bought a number of gift cards that he sent overseas. he thought he was sending overseas in order to provide money for isis. about $245 worth of gift cards and that was the crime he finally committed that the fbi says they've been able to charge him with. we expect him to appear in court later today. what's interesting about his background, he's been a police
8:36 am
officer since 2003. and it appears the fbi was aware that he was friends with, had associates with a couple of other people who have been arrested. one of them is zachary chesser, you guys may remember him as the guy who was making threats to the creator of "south park," the tv show, and another man who was arrested. turns out there was an fbi operation, sting operation, so this is a man the fbi has been watching. it wasn't until he bought these gift cards they decided they had enough to arrest him. >> sounds like a lot more to come out of this. let's continue the discussion with our guest, the author of "security mom." another arrest but this is the first active u.s. police officer to be connected with this. >> he's armed, he's trained and he has access to critical
8:37 am
infrastructure. the d.c. transit system. the good news on this is he's been clearly undermassive surveillance for several years. not just watching his every move but communications, he was having were actually, as is common in this case, former fbi agents. material support is a federal crime. if you send a $20 check to isis, you will -- you will go to jail. so even a minimal amount of money like $200 of gift cards that is material support of aiding and abetting a terrorist organization. it could be isis, hamas or whoever else. that's what's going on in terms of the prosecution. >> six years, they let it go on because they wanted to see if anyone else was involved? >> and that's the challenge with these cases. so let's just say nicholas young is saying i like isis, right, and i'm following them online. very hard to bring a federal case against him. you have to bring in informants, surveillance, others who can get
8:38 am
him to do something wrong. but, you know, the challenge of getting these kinds of cases so -- you want them to survive in court. remember, it's not just bringing the charge. you want it to survive in court. what we've seen is the action tends to be the violent, you know, going into the orlando -- >> also a perfect example of six years and all the manpower behind it. the challenge that -- for one guy. >> who does not even -- >> law enforcement is up against. >> he was under surveillance before isis existed so we don't know. >> coming up, fed up with the options at hand. more voters are turning their support to, at least looking for another option. could this be the option. the libertarian ticket. now backing candidate gary johnson. and what that means for the race ahead. i wake up and i just feel like sticky. have the windows open, the ac on- i'd close it in the middle of the night. he'd open it in the middle of the night. it was a nightmare.
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oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ] all right, cancel your evening plans. libertarian gary johnson and his running mate will be part of the cnn town hall tonight. this as a new poll shows 67% of independents are dissatisfied with their choices for president. so what will move the needle. >> liz mayor, co-founder of a new group of republicans supporting johnson. the group is called republicans for john son 2016. also with us cnn political commentator matt lewis. senior contributor for the daily caller. and cnn political commentator errol lewis. and kelly ann conway, senior adviser and pollster for the donald trump campaign, she is back with us as well. guys, thank you so much. so liz, tell me, you've worked and supported a lot of
8:44 am
republican, why gary johnson? >> i think like a lot of voters this cycle, i'm extremely dissatisfied with the choices that are being offered by the major parties. at the end of the day, i'm somebody who is in support of limited government, smaller government, fiscal conservativism, somebody who's socially moderate. when i look at hillary clinton and i look at donald trump, i see people for a lot of spending, a lot of taxing, interventionist government. people who i think have pretty authoritarian instincts. if you look at surveys of the american population, you see a large number of voters who consider themselves to be fiscally conservative and socially more moderate. and i think a lot of those people are feeling left behind by the two major parties. i think a lot of people within the two major parties, frankly, are feeling very left behind. i think if you asked reince priebus or asked john mccain, i think privately they would probably concede that too. so candidly, what this group
8:45 am
aims to do is make sure people understand that voting for gary johnson is a viable option. this is somebody who -- he's not a hard libertarian, but he is a small "l" libertarian and is somebody who presents the option of voting for a presidential candidate who is for more limited government, he is more socially moderate. at the end of the day, he also doesn't have the ethical problems that hillary clinton or donald trump do and he has a heck of a lot of experience as a successful businessman. >> all right, matt lewis, you just heard all that, you're a republican not particularly happy with your choices. why, then, am i reading you don't think gary johnson or william weld are the answer? >> right, well, first of all what a missed opportunity. i agree with liz, there are a lot of republicans, a lot of conservatives, who would be more than happy to go for a third party right now. if rand paul were the libertarian nominee, i could support him wholeheartedly.
8:46 am
but there's a lot of problems with gary johnson. first of all, if you're a conservative, he's not pro-life, so if you care about the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, you've got a problem. it's not just social conservatives who should be concerned about him. he's not even a good libertarian. take the issue of religious liberty. it's in the first amendment. gary johnson thinks little sisters of the poor should have to pay for contraception. he thinks a christian baker should be compelled by the force of government to bake a cake that violates their rights of conscience. so i think there's a huge opening for somebody, a third party candidate, who would be acceptable to republicans. amazingly, gary johnson is not that candidate. >> i think just to come back on that -- >> hold on one second, liz. kelly ann, as an adviser to the donald trump campaign if there's this huge pool of people out there with three months out or less than from the election, how does donald trump, how does your campaign reach out, win over, bring in more of these voters? >> showing we are a limited
8:47 am
government candidate. matt referred to gary johnson as not a particularly good libertarian. he certainly is a new libertarian. johnson and weld have one thing in common, they were republican governors and not fiscally restrained ones either. >> that's not true. >> all i would do is urge voters to take a look at what each of these third party candidacies are offering before they say this a neither of the above vote. it is not a neither of the above vote. it is a vote for -- by the way, made the most gains of any after the conventions. instead of just saying it's not for hillary, it's not for donald trump, i think liz makes the case very well for her ticket, probably better than most voters who are looking at that. the thing is rand paul, to mention senator paul again, he's a, you know, he's a fine united states senator. his candidacy didn't go anywhere. he really ran as a libertarian alternative. it turned out there weren't enough consumers buying that
8:48 am
product. we're going to reach out to independents who otherwise would consider a libertarian -- the part they don't like is the rigged corrupt system in washington, d.c. you have to get an outsider, not two former republican governors. >> -- bashed the fiscal record of -- i say that in a nice way, you criticized the record during their candidacies, which indicates maybe the trump campaign wants to keep gary johnson down a little bit. who does he hurt more, hillary clinton or donald trump, because i'm not sure it's totally clear. >> i don't think it's clear at all. the numbers, you know, depending on which poll you're looking at, they are taking substantially from the democratic ticket as well. although that usually gets measured along with stein. it starts to get a little bit cloudy. absolutely right, bill weld, as massachusetts governor or frankly as u.s. attorney before he became governor, this is not a small government guy. i interviewed him just recently
8:49 am
and asked him about, you know, his actions during the drug war and what he's prepared to do with isis sounds very similar to trump. it's really in the "let's bomb the crap out of them" kind of vein so this is not something libertarians naturally flock to. i don't know if we're making a clear distinction, i got to tell you, john, between independents who are actual swing voters, sometimes democratic, sometimes republican, and true independents who don't like the parties and don't like the party structures. that is a much smaller group. i think that's really who's going to be gravitating to this ticket. >> liz. >> just to touch on a couple of things. first to kelly ann's point regarding fiscal record. what she said is absolutely false. if you go and look at the fiscally conservative cato institute's report card on america's governors, he got a "b" rating, which if you look at the way they rate governors, really equates to an "a" or "a"
8:50 am
plus rating. bill weld was in the top four of all governors nationwide the three times they rated him. both of to the fact that they're very fiscally conservative. >> but can i just jump in quickly. we have to run to break. i want to talk about the dnc because there was a purge overnight in the dnc, three top officials toszed to the street for these leaked e-mails that came out. you know, we talk about a republican party in turmoil, but is there a democratic party or at least democratic national committee that's in turmoil right now? >> the thing about a purge is it prevents turmoil. it prevent drip drip drip. my thought is it's e-mails we haven't seen that heads are rolling. the e-mails we've seen so far, maurice miranda, perfectly good guy, the one e-mail we saw, he said, well, we'd love to go
8:51 am
after bernie sanders but the boss said not to so we have to hold off. >> there's i fundamental different in the rnc. they still have their chairman, reince priebus and dobebbie wasserman schultz was let go by president obama. >> and the libertarians still have their entire party apparatus. >> totally intact. >> be sure to watch the cnn lib liber tearian town hall, 9:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. also, breaking news to bring you. more than 30 members of the u.s. military has contracted the zika virus. we have new details coming in on this just now. we'll get it to you right after the break.
8:52 am
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now you can watch nbc's coverage of the rio olympic games live at home or on the go. to breaking news xs of. 33 members of the u.s. military have contracted the zieng ka virus including a service member who is pregnant. six other people who have military personnel in their families have also been infected. >> cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr has the details.
8:55 am
>> let's break this down. the pentagon telling us this morning 33 members of the u.s. military plus six people with family members in the military have had the zika virus. this is something the pentagon's been tracking since the beginning of the year. what they cannot tell us this morning is how many people still may be ill, what kind of treatment they got, but it is now a total of 33 plus 6 and that is part of the overall number of more than a thousand cases now being tracked by the centers for disease control. what the military is telling us is all of these people, these military members, contracted zika while they were overseas in countries where zika has been reported. so this is a very interesting demographic because the military population, of course, is so mobile, it moves around military people can't pick and choose where they go. so they have contracted this overseas in countries where zika already exists. now, pregnant female military
8:56 am
members if they're in a country where there's zika, they can request to be moved. but indeed one pregnant female military member did come down with zika. we don't know the disposition of these cases but this is something the pentagon is tracking very closely and telling its military personnel the same thing that we are all being told, use insect repellent, cover up with clothing, be careful when you go outside. so it's a story we'll continue to track and see how the military is now being affected by zika. >> they have a lot of yupg people in a lot of places. barbara starr, thank you so much. >> you can't pull them back. >> no. political news. donald trump says he has no regrets, no regrets after the back-and-forth feud with the family of a fallen u.s. soldier. trump in his own words coming up.
8:57 am
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hello he on this wednesday. thanks so much for being here. i'm ana cabrera in for ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." we are just 97 days before an election that donald trump is claiming will be rigged. the nominee for president is stirring up outrage, concern and even confusion in his own party.


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