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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  August 3, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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panic in the gop. hoping against hope they contain trump. is it too late to reverse his hostile take over of the party? welcome to the biz world of politician where up is down, black is white and the trump campaign is doing really well. >> the campaign is doing really well. it's never been so well united. we started on june 16th. i would say right now it's the
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best in terms of being united that it's been since we began. we're doing incredibly well. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton simply says this. >> there is no doubt in my mind that donald trump is unqualified to be president and unfit to be commander in chief. >> okay. so i want everyone to watch this. i want to turn now to the trump campaign. it's like nothing we've ever seen and a key part it have is the unprecedented level of anger among some trump supporters, anger, which they are not afraid to express openly. three "new york times" reporters put together an extraordinary video capturing just some of what goes on in the crowd at trump rallies. we is bleeped the very worst profanity but i must warn you
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what remains still disturbing including racial, ethnic and gay slurs. we think you need to hear it for yourself to get an accurate picture of what some trump supporters are saying. >> you know the safest place in the world to be is at a trump rally. >> build a wall. build a wall! [ bleep ]. build a wall! >> [ bleep ] political correctness. >> build that wall! build that wall! >> you're making me leave. >> [ bleep ] this law. [ bleep ]. >> god bless donald trump. >> what's your problem with trump? >> muslim is not a religion, partner, it's an ideology. >> you don't come and talk about
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america when you're muslim! >> vote for donald trump! >> i swear on tuesday i will go to the polls! >> our president has divided this country so bad. >> yeah, yeah! >> there's a group out there, just throw them the hell out. get out. get out. >> get out of here trump! >> hey. >> build that wall! build that wall ask the build that wall! >> i'm sure that paperwork comes in spanish.
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>> if you don't speak english and don't contribute, get out! >> i'm giving a lot of attention to tax cuts. >> hillary clinton needs to get her ass spiked. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ] >> everybody gets offended. grow up. not a whole lot of women will come out and put these t-shirts on and i thought this is how i feel. >> exactly. >> i feel this is the last chance we have to establish law and order and preserve the culture i grew up in. >> so far we're doing well, right?
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have i been a good messenger? this is a movement like people have never seen before. >> so i want to thank -- that was from "new york times" reporters ashley parker, nick corasinidi and erica bairnstein. i thought it was very smart of them to get in the crowd to actually show what happens there beyond a roped off media where the media is allowed to go. here to discuss all this is andre bauer, trump supporter angela rise and bob cusack, editor and chief of "the hill." that is very strong stuff. you've all been watching trump's campaign from the start and discussing it with me and others. want to hear from each of you about what you saw, and there is
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a lot of concern and anger on both sides. the country is very divided. you watch that video and you think the country is so divided. and i do think that trump, there have been a few times, it has been far and few between when the crowd was chanting "locker up" and he kind of said, hey, let's kind of calm down with his hand motion. i think needs to do more of that, like john mccain in 2008 where he said, no, obama is not a muslim. that video i think was very brave because clearly the crowd was fired up and that's fine for political rallies. if you like his policies on immigration, if you like the wall, that's fine. and particularly people, what they're doing, is that you think he meant when he coined the
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slogan make america great again? >> i don't think so. and quite frankly, it not the image of a person who has affiliated with trump or with the but i will always want a civil discussion with we've had that debate. >> we've had cnn reporter, other rorser say this is what happens at trump that's happening at a rally. you cannot deny those things are happening. it may not be as -- as jackson said that he doesn't represent the republican party but this is what is being -- the property i didn't actually see anybody
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getting out of line. it was a very peaceful event. but this is the only one i've been to was the one in myrtle beach. >> john mccain, though, i think would say we don't want that at our rallies. is this why people say he need to be appealing to the lowest common denominator? and what he is doing. donald trump is not only playing to those folks, pandering to these folks' worst fierce, the fact that one of the ben on the
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spchl. >> when you're dealing about whether or not people were allowed to spack span, when you're talk pskt that's his kind of dangerous and hate each. . and he has every responsibility, to check not on the commentary, but he has a responsibility to make (why didn't you call out the folks who were beating up, the black lives matter protester. why would you offer to pay someone's bail who hit a black man in the face and then was and cuffed at one of your valleys. >> he said okay, okay, i zbrrn
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an or the of sof the fine, lane. pfrmt. >> who said that they would consider voting for him? >> because. >> all sorts of things. that's the one thing yclinton certainly said she has her other problems. right away we said i don't want that kind of a person. so i think it interesting when people in the campaign will say what you're saying, that that is indeed racist in itself who bring up people who are raised and indeed sin job you're
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playing the race card when you address these claims. that's not what this is. we are acknowledging that this was a problem for his campaign and for the candidate. at some point you have to acknowledge this type of behavior is not acceptable and does not belong at a presidential rally or anywhere in this country. he ought to be ashamed of himself but if he cannot disavow it, he's got a he'll problem on his hands. >> go ahead, andre. >> some of these people that really want republicans but i can't say if but there was some argument that some of this didn't come from his own supporters.
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>>. if you're provoking him to do that, trump that. fr from. they want to say no matter how offensive it might be. this goes a little further that be not being politically correct, you see? >> yrks i agree. if trump were to come out and disavow some of these have vurts statements, he would disapore the pouter would get him more votes. and the trump supporters would not abandon him.
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we talked about the rapp after the 2012 election is because of. you've got to get clor man 120 of 40. f sfchlt spchlt like that man said, to tack them back to -- that mrk no longer exists.
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we have all different ethnicities, religions and backgrounds, from sfrnl snrnlt is you saw two people, one who didn't speak on the stage but when you heard her speak, she was very articulate. you see this man, who a lawyer, he gave his life and. >> as a trump supporter, i'll give you the last word because do i think back in 2012, the loss that the republican party needs a rice. since thennion i don't know what's happened. as a trump supporter. clarly at water talked about this many years ago, about broadening the tent.
8:15 pm
m mtdfmtd he's got to dual he can to welcome new folks into the fold. >> are you embarrassed to see that? i can't believe that my fellow americans act that way. >> and the president, they were mad about the east room come telecommunication. >> all right, have i to go. we'll be right back.
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>> hillary clinton goes to get another major endorsement. are we cohesive? does that matter? >> i don't think they care about
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turmoil. endorsements do help because certain will vote for hover the person is. they may say, we, i don't know donald trump but i know whoever it is, i know chris christie and i like chris christie so endorsement. >> we saw that! >> that was a good catch. >> mistry. >> clearly you want itwhe itwhen pfrpt. >> and it really made the party what it is. but still, you don't want to see any of it -- >> you mean like the bush family? i'm just wondering.
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>> reporter: i want your hand on this. how can he solve problems when he's not even al lead with a big party -- washington to work again. now, trump is all about the art of the deal and he's made that case that i can would, with both sides. used to be a hillary clinton democrat. i think both have major, major problem and i think this is going to come up in the debates. how can you get the other side -- we're looking at a divided garment one way or the other. no team is going to have the house, senate and the white house. they're going to have to work to get anything done in the first hundred days of a new president
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reports say staff members of frustrated with the gop candidates and other party members are upset with trump for seeming to go off message the
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past two days. >> good evening, gentlemen. good to have you both of you here. is the gop at a breaking point right now? >> no. but there's frustration and it's completely understandable. look, he was my 17th choice of 17 people. i have had the same position from the beginning. i don't want him but if he is nominated is four more years on the left and 40 more years of a left supreme court. i'm afraid of what the left has done to our campuses and what it's done to our economy. these are the things that he should be stressing. he's not stressing it. i don't know why. but if he does, then he could turn it around. >> speaking of, the polls are
8:31 pm
showing maybe he should be stressing it because there's a new fox news poll out showing hillary clinton with a 10-point lead over donald trump. do you think he can turn this around rather than -- >> absolutely. when donald trump focuses on the issues that working class, middle class americans are concerned about, he'll close the southern border of the united states so that we have some kind of meaningful immigration, these are the things that matter to people. right knew this is a lot of political science narrative. >> let me ask you, we probably
8:32 pm
had a similar conversation. why is he doing these things? people are telling him he should be doing this for months now, even his own daughter, his own wife saying you need to be more presidential but he's still no the doing it. you keep saying, oh, yeah, when he focusses on the issue, he'll do it but he's not doing it. >> i think what you saw was a wake-up call for mr. trump. he's not a politician -- >> i said this to governor james earlier. you can't keep saying he's not a politician. he's running for president of the united states. he's been running for a year. you can't use that. but go on. >> don, i'm not saying whether it's an excuse or not, it's reality. he's accustomed to doing things in a certain way, he's got to be
8:33 pm
able to change that. i'm very confident that he is and he will. but you're not going to win this campaign on virtual insults either way. you're not going to beat hillary clinton on e-mails or $400 million pallets of money or anything else. there's a raging battle going on in the gop -- >> you don't think $400 million, he'd should be trying to focus on that? he's not doing it. you don't think that should be his course of action? >> well, sure. i mean, you had a $400 million secret payment to the iranian government paying back something that goes from 1979, that's a very long time, they had 13,000 days to pay that back. that money comes on the same day that the messages are released.
8:34 pm
that's a 13,000-1 coincidence. >> it's the issues that are going to win this for trump. >> okay. but obviously i've been critical of donald trump. here's an example where i think it is fair to say the press really does want a democrat to win. mitt romney was one of the most honorable men in america so they pilloried spokesman says it was a complete coincidence that on the same day 400 million is sent to tehran, four mossages are released. tell me what donald trump has said that is more absurd than that. >> to your point then, dennis, i'm going to allow you some leeway with that. i just said shouldn't donald trump be hammering that point
8:35 pm
home? >> yes. >> the headline to be tonight instead of donald trump keep relitigating history, tonight bath hit ball ball and the democratic party on both a horrendous amount of money. >> i just wanted to be fair, as he is also for which i have tremendous respect, showing the israel flag burned by bernie sanders supporters. >> but not tonight. >> to your great credit. did the north carolina? i don't know. i don't know. if it got the same amount of attention. i just doubt it. >> let's continue to talk about this. john, you said that you were saying that there's great turmoil within the gop and i cut you off. what did you mean by that?
8:36 pm
>> there's a raidsing with inside the gop. it's a battle that should happening, it will continue they don't understand what he continues to accomplish and so he has stood up for middle america by telling them he's going to bring their jobs back, secure the southern border and get us out of these wars and this is the gist of it. look, it's a rejection of the former republican party elites in washington who have done nothing for the working class, nothing for middle america. they have a failed policy of wars, body bags, wounded soldiers, billions of dollars?
8:37 pm
debt. you got paul ryan in there. the only thing he has to show for his speakership so far is a puerto rico bailout for his wall street crony capitalism friends. this battle is going to continue to rage because a movement that transcends two individuals. >> thank you, gentlemen. i'll see you soon. >> just ahead, drft said his business records him as good as he says. water and shatter-resistant samsung galaxy s7 active. exclusively at at&t. great grains cereals are made fromreal fruit,clusters, wholesome nuts and crunchy flakes. good things come together to make one great thing. great grains. why be good when you can be great?
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in the first days of this campaign, donald trump has insisted his record as a baseman gives him the experience he needs to run the country. is that experience as good as he says. thanks for coming on today, kurt. he's having some very tough days. >> donald trump was on the campaign trail talking about he's still winning. you have a cover story for "newsweek" on trump's business failures and again he's out on the failure trial in your estimation, from doing this research for the magazine, is donald trump a billionaire? >> i seeiously doubt it.
8:43 pm
he wasn't to deutsche bank a few years back and submitted his personal financials and said i'm worth $3.5 billion. and deutsche bank look at the same numbers and said you're worth $700 million. and trump has a habit. if you think about it, why he's not going to mieb he says, don, that's just what people in new york city do. they oversell, they embellish, they'll do whatever they can to
8:44 pm
make the deal done. is that fair to say about donald trump? >> it's not. the first statement you have is correct. dhe did oversell. i was dealing with all these real estate guys. and they are big talkers, but trump was very different. trump is someone who is selling himself and selling himself as perfection. he would tell me i would never sleep because i'm always so busy. he would tell me while i'm on the phone, i never talk to reports are because i don't have time and i'm busy. every single thing he started was going to be the best, the greatest, there's never been anything like it. and all it have went bust except for the stuff that was backed up bip his dad. >> let me quote you then there. you said trump is rich because
8:45 pm
he was born rich and he would have likely paled for specifically you talked about his atlantic sympathy, about r our. >> trump plaza coon. >> it's better because you go in, trump was getting some traction in real estate success in new york. he suddenly decides i'm going into casinos. very impulse itch decision. he gets one with harras's.
8:46 pm
so his dad gets him an illegal $3.5 million by passing tracks old way and then he opens the taj mahal. he gets it all in bankrupt and he's bankrupt. the guy is a big talker. he's doing the same thing in politics "i'll fix everything, i don't know what we're going to deliver." trump is not someone who is a manager at it. his three top casino guys died
8:47 pm
in a cable helicopter kraush. so trump had to take over operations. and the result of that was just an exodus of senior executives. people who thought he was impossible to work with. people who thought, you know, back in those days u and it wasn't long after that that the bank started coming in and saying, you know, we are going to manage you, donald trump, because he wasn't able to manage the casinos themselves. >> there was something about a story called the back rat table? >> it was a back love spliz
8:48 pm
police prnt babe $5 million million check and took it in sflfrm and that wasn't a story you were telling her earlier, but he is still afloat. he's flying, around on helicopters and airplanes, he lives in a beautiful building. >> give me $2 million. he has had his successes. >> he did successfully build some buildings with his dad's backing and post kooin being
8:49 pm
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an anti-trump sign has a teen seeing dollar signs. jeanne moos reports on making a buck with a homemade sign. >> reporter: a couple of street savvy guys are cashing in. >> i'm a regular tall black guy getting money off of this guy. >> give me one dollar or i'm voting trump. a 19-year-old from ohio who would only give his first name, josh, got the sign idea off of the internet. >> i just started traveling the u.s. and i've made around 12 grand. >> 12 grand. sax free. >> reporter: a self described tall black guy who does most of the talking met josh shortly
8:55 pm
after the teen arrived in new york. we stumbled upon them in the shadow of a trump international hotel in columbus circle which has become a magnet for protests like this trump hair hut. >> 96 hula skirts were made in the shape of donald trump's head. >> reporter: two ad agency guys dreamed this up to protest wealth and equality, matching dog not included. >> touch it, go inside, hang out and think about what would happen if that man came to power. >> reporter: man hut made out of mexican straw is meant to make a point, not a pr profit. who would pay to pose in front of it? >> thumbs down, everybody. >> maybe someone who felt insulted by the donald. >> they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime. >> reporter: the people posing were tourists from mexico. >> it is no good for mexico. >> reporter: but he is good for these guys. entrepreneurs who didn't even attend trump university.
8:56 pm
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♪xfinity's where it's at. ♪ welcome to it all. comcast nbcuniversal is proud to bring you coverage of the rio olympic games. that it is for us tonight. we'll see you back tomorrow night at 10. if you miss any of cnn libertarian town hall, you can see it starting now. >> and welcome to all of you joining us in new york and in a tough talking campaign. >> testimony mentally unfit. >> he is talking moderation. >> how about a couple guys in the middle. >> gary johnson and bill weld, two governors with