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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  August 3, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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prosecutor are bring this case. and my conclusion was that there was insufficient evidence of cripplean intent. under justice department rules, you're not supposed to indict a case unless you're persuaded that the admissible evidence is sufficient to obtain and sustain on appeal a conviction by an unb bias jury.. and i don't think that test was met in this case. jim comey is a distinguished deputy attorney general before being made director of the fbi. and i think he came to the right conclusion. and this is -- this is not a layman speaking. that was my field for a long time. >> governor johnson, last sunday, abdomen answer was given to chris wallace. that fact checker said what was not true. given that, do you understand why some 64% of registered voters find her untrustworthy? >> yeah, totally. i totally get it. >> and i do leave that to others. i have issues with her on all
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these issues. and it starts with growing government, taxes are going to go up in a significant way. was there anything that she didn't promise to anyone in her acceptance speech at the democratic national convention and i do believe she has been an architect of our foreign policy, libya and syria as an example going and supporting the opposition. when the.opposition, and not intentional, but the opposition is aligned with isis and opposition gets wiped out, arms end up in isis hands. this is what we do when it comes to regime changes. >> from the audience, this is michael bernstein, a registered libertarian from mellville, new york. he's a management consultant. he says he's 100% supporting you. michael, what's your question? >> hi. embracing libertarian policy
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framewo framework. we don't hear a lot about hard line libertarian positions such as the equalization of -- work in the united states. where do you fall on some of those more hard line policies? >> do you support decriminalization of prostitution? >> well, that ends up to be a state's issue. and if you look at that issue, nevada has done it. prostitution is not something that i ever intend to enlist those services. >> me, either. >> but if i were someone to do that, where would you do that? well, i think you would do that in nevada where you would know that you wouldn't catch a sexually transmitted disease, that it would be safe. >> the libertarian platform says individuals own their bodies and have rights over them. we favor the repeal of all laws creating crimes without victims.
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>> i agree with that. yes. the. >> so you favor repeal iing prostitution as a victimless crime? >> currently, the victims are the prostitutes. there are a lot of victims in prostitution currently. >> people used to say when i brought public corruption cases that that was a victimless crime. the public is the loser big the time in those cases. you just can't see the crime being committed when it happens. >> this is abigail sharky. she's leaning towards voting for you, governor johnson. >> i share and is appreciate your personal commitment to living an active and healthy lifestyle. yet there are many americans who are short b bing their lives and the lives of their children through unhealthy eating habits. do you believe that the government has spoonlt to fight the obesity epidemic?
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>> well, that government has a role? i applaud michelle obama when she brings out this issue. and, yes, what we put in our bodies has a direct impact on our lives and the quality of life that we lead. so as president of the united states, i am going to lead by example. i have ciliac disease. i'm allergic to gluten. and my partner/fiancee kate promises to keep up michelle's garden. >> for most people in this audience now, maybe people at home don't know. governor johnson is i guess an extreme athlete, you would say. governor well is shaking his head. you've bicycled 600 miles in 36 hours? >> 485. i had to to retract that. back to admitting a mistake.
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>> still, four -- i don't think i've ever biked 480 miles in my entire life. and you -- >> i've climbed the highest mountain on each of the seven continents. >> how many miles have you run this week? >> by choice, i ride bicycles these days, mountain biking and cycling being a passion. this week, six hours of that to this point. >> governor weld, what do you do to unwind? maybe you are abdomen extreme -- >> i do go to the gym. a couple years ago, i was unsapd satisfied with how i felt and i looked down and found that i weighed 235 pounds. so i went on a portion controlled diet, just a eating a little bit less and i've lost 40 pounds. and that makes exercise easier, as well. >> and take away from athletics. one foot in front of the other, that life every single day we have setbacks and it's how we deal with those setbacks that ultimately determines success.
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you know, you're going to be a victim and give up or, hey, get a smile on your face and deal with tomorrow. that's a better option, i think. >> one foot in front of the other. i want to thank both governors johnson and -- >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i also want to thank our audience here and to you at home. a programming note, two weeks from tonight, jill stein and her running mate will join us on this very stage. that's wednesday, august 17th only on cnn. time now for cnn tonight with don lemon. >> anderson, thank you very much. you just heard from gary johnson and william weld, two former governors who used to be republicans lay out the libertarian party's case. with the gop in turmoil, the libertarians be the spoilers here? this is cnn tonight. thank you so much for joining us. breaking news tonight, a knife attack in central london to tell you about. investigators say that they believe it is a terror attack. you're looking at video now from our affiliate itn in london.
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one person dead, five others injured in london's russell square. that is according to police who say a suspect was arrested within minutes after this attack. officials say one of those injured in the attack appears to be american. we'll follow this situation for you throughout the evening here on this attack in london and get the details to you as we get them. now i want to turn back to today's political news here. and with me is cnn political director mr. david chide. we have been watching this libertarian town hall, david. they made their case tonight. gary johnson, in our latest cnn/orc poll got with 9%. there's a lot of people who aren't thrilled with donald trump and hillary clinton. do you think they moved the needle at all, especially with the republican party? >> obviously, they get the least amount of press coverage, obviously. we're so dominated by hillary clinton and donald trump so i think when voters hear this, we know if you add up the 9% that they get, the 5% that jill stein pull necessary some of these
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polls as well as some of the undecid undecided, you're at near 20% of the electorate that is not going with trump or clinton. if you're significant at home and you're hearing these, xwies, you're hearing folks that don't sound like your typical politician. i felt one of the most interesting answers that gary johnson gave was when he was asked about black lives matter and what he thinks, he said i think i've had had my head buried in the sand for a long time. what? or i have to go ahead and admit mistakes. >> who does that? >> exactly. so i think if you are looking for something different, you can imagine why listening to these guys that you may find something appealing. now, it is tough because they don't cut down a line. so if the you're somebody who believes in sort of the democratic platform and the republican party platform, you're going to find something that you don't agree with.. >> even as these guys are more relatable, i say i can relate to
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these guys, maybe more so than the traditional, so to speak, candidates. >> true. the challenge is, we are dominated as a two-party system and gary johnson says it. their big thing is, they have to get on the debate stage. then there's a whole different conversation that takes place. >> 9%. >> right now, they have quite a bit to do. >> and speaking of the two traditional candidates, let's talk about hillary clinton showing a 10-point lead over donald trump, 49% to 39% in a head to head matchup. that same poll shows 69% of voters thought trump's response to the khan family was out of bounds. what do these numbers tell you, david? >> that last number there we probably didn't need to poll on it by the sheer reaction from every corner of the political universe since that controversy erupted. from his own fellow republicans, from obviously his opponents on the dlic side, everybody was sort of calling him out of
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bounds. that ten points is similar. we've had had her at a 9-point lead. since all the polls seem the to be telling us the same thing right now. as hillary clinton emerged from her convention in philadelphia, she emerged there with a bounce and she's got this wide lead right now. upper trajectory. now the question is, will she be able to sustain it? but controversies like what donald trump came through for the last couple of days clearly helps the clinton cause to maintain that momentum. >> i want you to listen to this. we've been covering this since he's running and he's had a number of controversies, but it seems like the last week or so it's been worse. look. >> so i just want to tell you the campaign is doing really well. we start odd june 16th. i would say right now it's the best in terms of being united that it's been since we began. we're doing incredibly well.
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>> so, david, is he aware of the firestorm around him? >> he is, no doubt. i think he's trying to portray a different reality, one that he hopes to get to. listen, there are some signs tore him that he can point to. he had really big fund-raising numbers. his most successful month of fund-raising since the campaign, really closing that gap with hillary clinton and doing so, don, by get ago ton of low dollar donors. so those are folks you can go back to over and over and over again. that's converting that grassroots energy that we've seen in these rallies to donate to go his campaign. you saw him today at the beginning of one of his events really try to keep on message on hillary clinton and his opposition to the iran nuclear deal. he veered off again and this is the big withest concern inside t t republican universe that he can't maintain on message.
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but you see spark ises of opportunity where he can continue to drive the message. that, what you played there is more wishful thinking. it's interesting. oh, there was a little bit of it. he's a presidential candidate and they keep saying he's not a politician, but if you're running for the president, you should be a politician by thou. newt gingrich could have been the vice presidential pick here. he said this, anybody who is horrified by hillary should hope that trump will take a deep breath and learn some new skills. he cannot win the presidency operating the way he is right now. you can't be bad enough to elect him if he's determined to make this many mistakes. so they are just saying that trump has a matter of weeks to reverse course or he's done 37. >> it's not the fist time we've heard republicans say what. >> newt gingrich was almost in his camp. the judge, that was his -- now
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we're this close to the election. >> i think you've hit on the most important point. we're now at 97 days. when we're at 80 days, when we're at 60 days, things like this, it's going to become that much more problematic because the party is going to get so concerned about what will happen on november 8th, down ballot for the rest of their candidates. they're going to start fleeing if they have no sense of candidate cans, that donald trump will keep it together. >> listen to this. >> i met with six families that were -- just like incredible people and a gentleman handed me a check and he said, you know mr. trump, there is for your campaign. and i said, you don't have to do that. he goes, i do. he said it's more money and i haven't even opened it yet. i don't think i'll tell you how much it is, actually.. but he said it's more money -- wow. he said it's more money -- more
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money than we can afford, but i want you to have it for your campaign. and i think it's incredible. >> does that help him at all? >> to. i think meeting with gold star families makes a lot of sense. it's a very political play. >> ba about i met with these families, i wanted them to know how much i really and admire them and that i didn't mean any harm with the khan feel. instead, he's talking about money and it's himself. >> right. it went back to had check that the family itself said it couldn't afford to give hill. so you worn if he's going to accept that payment or not. but i do think the fact that he did meet with these families and when he went out, he wanted to see to say it, that was clearly him trying to say i get that i didn't handle this had correctly. em sure there are some people that would have preferred he do that a couple of days ago.
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>> he is blaming hillary clinton for monies the u.s. sent 20 iran. >> i think this is a good avenue for him to continue to press the opposition in the iran nuclear deal. it's not a widely popular deal. hillary clinton was there at the very creation and the beginning of that deal. and now that we learn the details of this had payment that was supposed to be, we were told, on this entirely separate track having nothing to do with releasing hostages, but simultaneously that payment happens and whether or not the host aemgs would have been released without it, i think this is a pretty good avenue for him, again, to formulate a foreign policy argument not just on the iran nuclear deal, but the broader critique against the obama administration and whether or not we are indeed safer. >> i've got to go. with her standing in front of a trump sign and talking about things he does not make, products he doesn't make in the u.s., is that resinating, do you think? >> i think it can be can -- you saw her.the she was holding up
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his ties. we're goes to see that in advertising. it works against others in his position like mitt romney or what have you. this goes against the grain of his economic appeal. she's trying to upend the gains that he's made talking about trade, getting in there with white working class voters. she's trying to remind them all he doesn't make his products here. that has the potential to take away some of the gains he's made with his voters. when we come back, a donald trump supporter, .her message for the candidate can. play it again. (selena gomez's "kill 'em with kindness" playing) play it again. (selena gomez's "kill 'em with kindness" playing) play it again. (selena gomez's "kill 'em with kindness" restarts) play it again. (announcer vo) however you use your data, verizon's got good news. no surprise overages. and keep the data you pay for. now america's best network is also the best value, too. and now, but a moto z droid and get up to $300. only on verizon.
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donald trump insisting to supporters that his campaign is united and doing well, but a lot of republicans discan agreeing with him right now. i want you to listen to some of the things the candidate said over the past few days the. >> don't worry about that baby. i love babies. i hear that baby crying. i like it. what a baby. actually, i was only kidding. you can get the baby out of here. that's all right. don't worry.. i can she really believed me that i love having a baby crying while i'm speaking. i'm aparade the election is going to be rigged, i have to be honest. if i didn't win by massive land slides -- >> the whole thing with voter
10:21 pm
i.d. identification i think is really -- i mean, people are going to walk in and vote teb times, maybe. and i said to him -- i said to him, is that like the real one or is that a copy? and he said that's my real purple heart. i have such confidence in you. and i said, man, that's like -- the that's like big stuff. i always wanted to get the purple heart. this was much easier. and i, you know, have never been a big fan of john mccain. and i just hate the way our veterans have been treated by john and other people. and all of a sudden i was viciously attacked on the stage of the democratic national convention by mr. khan and i responded to that vicious attack. his wife, if you look at his wife, she was standing there. she had nothing to say. she probably -- maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. you tell me. i don't regret anything. i said nice things about the
10:22 pm
son. i think i have a great temperlity for winning. listen, even if people don't like me, they have to vote for me. they have no choice. even if you don't -- and you do like me, i hope. in had here to discuss all this is jan brewer, the former republican governor of arizona. thank you, governor, for coming on. you're a supporter of donald trump. what's your reaction to the way he's been conducting his campaign over the last five or six days? >> well, that -- thanks for having me on, don. but that was an interesting lead-in had. a lot of it taken out of cont t context. in my opinion, some of it was done in a kiddingly manner. and, unfortunately, it's been portrayed across the media as being very, very harsh. you know, i think donald says things that sometimes -- >> what was -- >> well, the issue -- you know, with mr. khan and his son that maybe she didn't have anything to say. you know, when i was watching that on the on debate, at the
10:23 pm
convention that night, i thought, well, maybe because she didn't want her to speak that night, that it was the campaign that didn't can want her to speak. and afterwards, it was spun to the fact that they didn't want her to speak because of her religion. i didn't get that sense at all when i was watching it. >> well, she said she was too emotional to speak. and what he insinuated was that she couldn't speak because of islam is, because of her religion and women weren't allowed to speak. she said that wasn't the case, but she was too overcome with grief and emotional to speak that evening. >> and, you know, don, i understand that now. but at the time, it didn't can affect me that way. i'm a mother. i have lost a son. i know how that grief is with you for the rest of your life and it leaves a hole in your heart. and certainly her son, captain khan, should have been and is
10:24 pm
admired and respected. he was fighting for our country, for our fro doll.. and i believe the majority of the people believe that.. and i hope donald feels that way, too. >> would you have reserved as a politician who has had to run for office before, would you have reserved your criticism of that mother? and i don't know if that's your advice to donald trump? even if you think it was taken out of context, do you think he may have sort of withheld his judgment or his criticism of her? >> wbl you kn >> well, you know, when you're speaking on subject matters like that, don, sometimes you say things and they don't come out the way you want them to sound when you say them. we know when you have a grieving mother, it's a sensitive issue and they were talking from their heart. and it was a bad situation. and i hope that we all learn from that incident. >> do you think it would help if
10:25 pm
he just apologized to the family? because now, if you're looking at it in a poll, it shows a number of peel, at least 69%, almost 70% say his comments, criticism of the mother and the familier just out of bounds. do you think it would help if he said, i'm sorry, i read it wrong and i apologize to the family. would that help? >> apologies always help, always help a situation in any circumstance why it's been called out. it's usually an easy thing to do. and i think there's some apologies from some other mothers that they were never lied to or apologized to or told the truth the never, never forget benghazi wab by the way. so it's on both sides. >> there are families that have paid the ultimate price and our hearts go out to them.
10:26 pm
they can say whatever they want and you allow them your grief and you is move on. so let's move on from this. i agree with you on that. since you're a politician and you know, because time on is closing, donald trump is 10 points behind hillary clinton. we've talked about the khan feel. it's a dangerous time in this race, isn't it, to fall that far behind? >> well, it is dangerous. i think after labor day we'll see things come together and we'll have better feel at the moment and where we're head. polls move all the time. but i think after kids get back in school, summer is behind us, labor day is gone, then everybody will move powered ask we'll get a much, much better feel. and i think they'll be transitioning in both campaigns. i'm very hopeful of that.. because i do believe -- >> go ahead, governor. sorry. >> i do believe there are a lot
10:27 pm
of people out there that want a change and is they appreciate donald trump out there speaking about with that. and they are tired of the last eight years of obama and hellry and they want somebody there who will be a truth teller and make a difference. now is our opportunity. >> you told my producers, you believe his opponent is spinning his words, but you also say you wish he would be more careful with his own words. >> well, i do. you know, i do wish that he would be more careful with his words. and i don't know if that's possible or not, but i think it would be well received. you know, i said that i wish he would tone it down. but that comes from not being a politician. you just say things and is when you realize that you say things -- >> you drop -- legitimate canment any more to say he's not a politician when he's running for the highest office if the
10:28 pm
land for over a year now? he the in it admitted to me early last summer or fall, i reluctantly admit that i am a politician. if you open the dictionary, someone who runs for the president is a politician. >> well, a lot of people ran for president, of course, and they didn't have the same difficulties that weren't lifelong politicians. but people are usually a little smoother, a little bit more articulate when they had the opportunity to be up against opposition and the spin world out there, if you will. he will. he will get his legs underneath him. >> i think people think you're part of the establishment somewhat since use a governor. and john mccain has thrown his
10:29 pm
support behind donald trump. so has paul ryan. he has yet to do that. do you think that's a mistake, do is to say that he's the not supporting mccain, paul ryan? is that a mistake? >> well, you know, senator mccain is from arizona and he started his career when i did. so i'm a big supporter of john mccain. i think he's served arizona and our country well. i certainly have endorsed him and supported him and i believe he's great things for our country. and with the times the way they are now, i want him in my foxhole. i think all america should want somebody of that caliber in had our foxhole. it's going to work hard for him just as i'm workinger hard for donald trump. and as time passes, donald trump is going to have to work with both paul ryan and john mccain. >> are you going to incurage them to ebb doors him? >> well, i think he knows that i endorse him and if i had the opportunity, i certainly will been i certainly will. >> governor, thank you.
10:30 pm
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favorite themes today, blaming the media. he claims the media and the clinton campaign misrepresented what he said about megyn kelly and blood coming out of her wherever. he remark a made right here on had show just about a year ago. i want you to listen to what he said to a crowd in florida today. >> those commercials were so false, just like hillary's commercials. they're so false. they're so false. like she's got the one with blood coming out of her eyes. and i meant her nose or her ears or her mouth, but these people are perverted and they think it was another location. unbelievable. and you know the truth? i cut it short because i was talking about either taxes or economic development. so i said or whatever.
10:35 pm
and i wanted to get back on the subject. i should have finished it out. i would have been much better. so they lied. >> i want you to hear what really happened. listen to that moment from the interview exactly as it aired on fox. >> well, let's talk about megyn kelly because you brought her up. she did push you, pushed a lot of peel. but what is it with you and megyn kelly? >> is well, i just don't.respect her as a journalist. i don't think she's very good. i think she's highly overrated. but when i came out there, what am i doing? i'm not getting paid for this. they start saying lift up your arms, then -- and, you know, i didn't know there would be 24 million people. but i knew it would be a big crowd because i get big crowds, i get big ratings. they call me the ratings machine. so i have -- you know, she gets out and she starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions. and, you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of
10:36 pm
her -- wherever. but she was -- in my opinion, she was off base. and by the way, not in my opinion, in the opinion of hundreds of thousands of people on twitter. because it has been a brutal day. in one way, a great day for fox and in another way, it's been very bad the because she's been badly criticized. >> let's take a look at -- >> i couldn't care less about her. >> so donald trump went on for another two minutes on the topic of megyn kelly and fox news reports. so the claim he made tonight is not -- can i will be kind and say just not true.
10:37 pm
i wonder why he would go back here, andre. i'm going to start with you because you're his supporter the does he forget there's videotape out there that will show exactly what he said every single week it seals he's calling the media liarer and saying we're going after him when we're vetting him as the president of the united states. why would he even go back and relitigate all this stuff and tell a lie about it? >> i don't know why, but they're very big missed opportunities. we're sitting here with less than a hundred days now and these are opportunities where he could be hammering hillary clinton or hollering a message of economic xwroeth growth, creating jobs. it's not helping. and i really -- and you question where you go from here. so i would hope he would get back on message quickly. so -- >> i have to be honest with you. i don't mean to put you on the spot. i don't remember how many times you've been on this show and other people. and you said the same thing, i hope he would do that.
10:38 pm
caylee said i hope he would do that. scotty says i hope he will do that. when is he going to do it? >> well web doesn't call me and seek advice. >> are you tired of seeing that, though, as a supporter? >> i hate to say missed opportunities. both candidates have their negatives and he could really be pointing out some big ones that are key to -- key issues to people that are in the middle. swing voters that could easily by exposed to things that would drive her negatives up even furth further, true statements that he ought to be hammering home like what we see right now with this hostage trade deal the that's stuff that people go, wait a minute, wait a minute. >> you're talking about that, talking about the interview that hillary clinton had this weekend that she got four pinocchios for. he did stay on in the message at the beginning of that rally today, but quickly diverted to some of the same old topics that he addresses. including this. i want you to listen.
10:39 pm
>> we had a story where i was talking about people dancing in the streets or dancing on the rooftops. you remember. now in all fairness throughout the world, theyer dancing. but i said in new jersey they were dancing. i said when the world trade center came down. nice. real nice. here is the story. by the way, those people that knocked down the world trade center, most likely under the trump policy wouldn't have been here to knock down the world trade center, just so you find. >> so, liz, this is not showing political discipline, is it? because nobody has been talking about that for months now. >> no. it seems like he's almost on a sort of suicide mission here. and i feel for andre and a lot of other republicans who have chosen to get on board with donald trump. realistically, we are in a situation where this is painful to watch and the only reason it's not extraordinarily painful
10:40 pm
for me to watch is i'm not supporting donald trump. with regard to on message or off message, what what donald trump is saying and doing is donald trump's message. i will put it in slightly more delicate terms that i did this evening. but the reality is this guy is a loud mouthed -- insert whatever phrase you want right here. put something ofbive. and he is somebody who is mostly head up, going over and over and over his ongoing list of grievances against whoever in the media or whatever group of people, so on and so forth. and that is his message. that's not the republican party message. it's not what the republican party wants his message to be. so i think that's what we're going to continue hearing. >> here is the weird thing, though. andre and i like each other. we're friends. and i hate to push you that way the. >> push me. >> but even if you point out to trump support eers, if you show
10:41 pm
them the tape of a falsehood, they're going to say that you're bias, that you're against donald trump when it's like, no, he's running for president of the united states. i just lied to you, the supporters. we're looking out for you, the supporters and the american voter. >> i think we're in a hard place. you have trump supporters who aren't traditional republican voters, per se. and so this vetting process seems like you're coming down on them. i'll never forget there's a woman who was at a rally last year and says, they're so hard on hill. >> the same type of pressure has been applied to hillary clinton and it's just kind of normal. what is the particularly interesting to me -- and i love your take on this, andre, and even you, liz, you have the republican establishment that couldn't figure out how to get
10:42 pm
another voter the he came up with this you a top report when mitt romney lost by nearly 6 million votes. in this, they say they have to reach out to black folks and latinos and gay folks and millennia millennials. and you have donald trump come along and they don't want hill, but he was the only way they would see a potential victory. so they're stuck. they have people who don't like anything about the establishment conflicting with people who are the establishment and couldn't figure out how to get to a win. >> bob, it's interesting because i was speaking to a friends who works in real estate recently. and he said in order to understand donald trump, you have to understand the world of real estate because people -- there's a tendency in real estate to oversell, to embellish, to always close the deal and to do it no matter what you have to do or say to do it the so he's just carrying that over. but i find it interesting because you say even in this bad week for trump, there's still a
10:43 pm
silver lining. i'd like to know what it is. >> i think the only silver line sg is it's not mid-september for donald trump. it's early august the a lot of people are on vacation. donald trump has had a terrible week. he's going to have to show some political discipline. and unless that happens, don, i think you're going to see high profile republicans more than have been out there now possibly retracting their endorsement. so i do think the things that donald trump is saying shows no discipline. he's talking about the criticism that he has taken over the last several months and repeating it to audiences. he's got to be talking about -- hillary clinton has to be talking about this iran payment of $400 million. he has to be talking about barack obama.. but i don't know the there is a trump 2.0. we've been waiting for it and we haven't seen it. >> manifestly, there is not. i think this is why you're seeing a lot of republicans
10:44 pm
starting to say, look, you know, we've known for a long time that this guy wasn't a tebb btenable option, but nobody is coming to the rescue. the only option you have if you want to vote for somebody who is going to be on the ballot in all 50 states and generally a right of center discipline and somebody who is a republican and doesn't come off as completely crazy, bigots, just plain lunatic all the time frankly is if you vote for gary johnson and bill weld. that's the only alternative that a lot of people are seeing right now. i think tonight the town hall we saw with those two, they did a very good job of presenting themselves, seemed a lot more polished, seemed more detailed specific. so i think you may see more people jumping aboard that train. >> stay with me, everyone. when we come back, donald trump challenges barack obama. is it just par for the course here? great grains cereals are made fromreal fruit,clusters,
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donald trump has a novel suggestion for how to settle the race for the white house and it may involve competition outside -- joining me now, andre power, babb cue sack and liz maher. this tonight from donald trump in florida. he's criticizing president obama for playing more golf than they to on the pga tour and sduszing his trip to turnbury in scotland. >> i'm a good golfer with, believe it or not. people are shocked. i should play obama for the presidency. i'll do it.
10:50 pm
then i'd be ashusured of winnin with okay? >> that would be one way to settle this, bob, don't you think? yeah. and the word is trump a few generous gimmes. this is vintage donald trump. he's entertaining. he's funny. i think that's fine. those type of statements are fine. going after the cons. also going after the presidential debate commission, who set up these debates a long time ago, and complaining about it. i think he's going to need a lot of debates. i think donald trump should ask for five debates, because he's behind double-digits. he needs to come back. he needs as many debates as possible. he has to risk it, and going toe-to-toe with hillary clinton. >> do you think he knows about the issues, policies, to go
10:51 pm
toe-to-toe with secretary clinton? >> on foreign policy he is the underdog. he would have to bone up. we haven't seen that. i think both hillary clinton, on the democratic side, did well on the debates against bernie sanders. and trump did well in the republican debates. is he going to have to bone up on policy? absolutely. >> there's a new poll that has trump down ten points. there's a long way to go until election day. do you expect to see this tighten? >> i think it will fluctuate. right now, we look at numbers that come right after the democratic national contention. i think that donald trump has a ton of work to do. on this debate thing, i have to say this -- there were 17 people in the primary. it's different when you're trying to get attention like you do with a tweet or trying to get, you know, a jab in. and you're name-calling. he can't do that in a general election debate. it's one-on-one. it's not happening. he's not going to win the debate. hillary clinton is formidable
10:52 pm
debater. do you remember her against barack obama, or bernie sanders? >> you're being quiet tonight. you're being calm. do you think there should be more debates? if you were donald trump, would you take bob's advice and ask for more debates? >> yes. he can broaden the tint if more are exposed to it. his message is easier to sell. it's a message of job creation. a message of economic growth. he's a business guy. it's easy to draw the two together. it's easy to beat up hillary clinton. when you've been in public office, you have a bigger record to beat up. >> we spent the whole first segment saying he can't stay on message. you think he's going to stay on message in two more debates? >> i'm not sure that broadening his coalition is going to happen to give him more air time to talk abo talk. if he stands on stage and does
10:53 pm
his routine of yelling and blustering, he might force her to have an aneurysm. it might actually be his best shot to be president right now. >> i'm going to play newt gingrich today. listen. >> what's truly frustrating is you have a talented businessman, who might become a historic figure. but he -- every morning, he has to get awake and say, the only two people i'm fighting with are barack obama and hillary clinton. you have to take on barack obama, because hillary is the third term. you have the argument whether this has been good. other than those two people, every time he talks about anyone else, it is an unforced fumble, if you like, or interception, as i would have said. but it's mistake. until he can discipline himself to be direct and controlled, which is what you want in a president. you want -- the presidency has so much power.
10:54 pm
he has enormous potential. he's been remarkably underperforming. we'll see if he can learn the lessons. >> these aren't episodic gaffes. they're daily now. you have newt gingrich talking about it. karl rove talking about something similar by saying he's running out of runway. if he continues the way he's going, he's going to lose. do you think these are -- do you think he's capable of learning these lessons? >> i seriously doubt it. to use newt's analogy to the nfl, what we're seeing here is kind of a very long, protracted butt fumble, in my opinion. i think it will be hard for trump to turn away from them because that's his habitual nature. that's the thing he likes to do. he gets very wound up in a lot of airing of grievances.
10:55 pm
you're going to continue to see a lot of this sort of thing going forward. at the end of the day, the only thing that could potentially help him and could result in this not being as bad as it looks right now, is the fact he's running against hillary clinton, who is really that disastrous of a candidate and that unappealing of a candidate. republicans hate her. so do a loft other people. she has high negatives, just as donald trump does. both major parties have decided to nominate literally the most loathsome people they can find out of 300 million. >> i want to get this in. if you will let me, liz, i want to get this in. >> the trump campaign has denies there's an intervention from supporters. do you think it will work? >> donald trump calls the shots.
10:56 pm
usually, you think who is advising the candidate. donald trump is making the decisions. i don't think an intervention would work. the only possible intervention would work if his kids went to him and said, we need a new direction. you have to do "x," "y," and "z." if it's rudy giuliani or newt gingrich doing an intervention, that isn't going to work. >> okay. when we come back, more panic in the highest levels of the gop over donald trump. you're earning unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. like on that new laptop. quicksilver keeps things simple, gary. and smart, like you! and i like that. i guess i am pretty smart. don't let that go to your head, gary. what's in your wallet? hello welcome to holiday inn. running our own business, we've been traveling a lot.
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