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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  August 4, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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the campaign is doing really well. it's never been so well united. >> donald trump for me is beginning to cross a lot of red lines of the unforgivable. >> there is no doubt in my mind that donald trump is unqualified to be president. >> our country took $400 million and flew it over to iran. >> this is not someone who understands the honor, the duty, of serving america. >> our leaders are incompetent. hello, everyone, i'm john berman. >> hi, everybody, i'm kate bolduan. as pat benatar would say, love is a battlefield. so are the great states of new hampshire, pennsylvania and michigan. it doesn't look like donald trump is getting much in the love department from these states right now. brand-new polls show hillary
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clinton with a commanding lead over trump in all three states. this, after a rough week for trump, including a fight with republican party leaders and with the parents of a fallen american soldier. >> pat benatar might also say hit me with your best shot and trump's best shot might be $82 million he just brought in in july, closing the gap with hillary clinton. we're covering all the angles today. first, cnn political director david chalian, as pat benatar would say, our heartbreaker, who has the latest poll numbers. >> i only wrote the first one. >> david, you're so thrilled to be here now. >> let's go from east to west. we'll tick through them. in new hampshire, hillary clinton with a 15 point edge, 47% to 32%. in pennsylvania, 49% to 38%, an 11 point edge for hillary clinton. these are big leads. in michigan, a nine-point lead,
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41% for hillary clinton, 32% for donald trump. guys, these are results that are outside the margin of error, these are big leads at the moment. it is part of her convention bounce perhaps. we've seen it nationally. she is riding high off of philadelphia and benefiting from controversial days since then for donald trump. the question is, is this a new plateau and from here is where the battleground starts coming this fall or does she return to earth before labor day? with these kinds of margins, donald trump's path to it 70 electoral votes because more narrow. >> blue states the trump campaign had been laser focused on. not the only poll numbers of interest today. president obama, the guy still in the white house, with some interesting approval ratings today. >> he's at 54% approval in our new cnn poll. 45% disapproval. this is his highest approval rating of his second term. he is now in the ballpark with
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ronald reagan, where he was at this point in his second term, right near where bill clinton was when he was riding that post impeachment high. he's in sort of that record territory. this is exactly what hillary clinton and the folks in brooklyn wanted. he is critical to her success with 96 days to go at his highest in the second term, this is right where the clinton camp wanted obama. >> donald trump, he's going to speak shortly. he's in maine today. that's interesting in and of itself. his running mate mike pence going it alone at a rally in north carolina. also alone in trump world in terms of messaging. a different tone when speaking about the khan family, the gold star parents of a fallen muslim-american soldier. >> and pence publicly endorsed paul ryan for re-election yesterday. despite donald trump being not quite there yet on the house speaker. paul ryan speaking for the first time since this apparent trump
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snub. what are we hearing from paul ryan this morning? >> well, he's downplaying the lack of trump endorsement. one of the first things he said in a local radio interview in wisconsin is the only endorsements i want are from my own employers, referring to voters in his congressional district. he's got this primary challenge from paul nallon, a businessman, on tuesday where ryan is heavily favored, but his challenger is trying to use this nonendorsement against paul ryan. but ryan was pretty critical of trump, particularly on trump's comments, criticizing the khan family, of course the gold star family that lost their son in iraq, family of muslim faith. he said it was beyond the pale, ryan said it was beyond the pale that trump would criticize that family, particularly when he questioned why the mother of the khan family did not speak at the democratic convention. he said it was beyond the pale, so he explained why he made -- he was critical of that.
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one reason why ryan said he continued to criticize trump is because he said he needs to defend the republican brand and that's why he will speak out from time to time when he believes, in his words, that the republican brand is being, quote, distorted. that was some comments that ryan has been making for months but he made that very clear here as well. and one other thing, guys, that he also said that, you know, he will -- he would not rule out revoking his endorsement of donald trump. he was asked was there any consideration will you rescind your endorsement, he said, well, nothing is a blank check, those were his words, paul ryan's. but he's not at the point right now, even though he's been criticized on a number of issues. but he's not ruling that out for now. >> that is one complicated relationship. >> i would say so. what's the song for that one, berman? >> love on the rocks, i don't
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know. that's one possibility. all right, manu, thanks very much. donald trump does have something to brag about, a big, big fund-raising month. it is trump campaign brought in more than $80 million in july. cnn's phil mattingly following the money for us, phil. >> i don't get a benatar reference at all? >> you haven't earned it. >> come on. >> i'm going to try it. all right, the money, the top-line money for donald trump has been a big question mark over the past couple of months. he answered that question in a very big way as you noted, raising $82 million. to put that in perspective, at the end of may, he had $1.3 million total in his bank account. so that's big raising. but it actually getting better when you dig into the numbers. the campaign says 64 million of those dollars were raised via their small dollar operation. that's both digital and direct mail. two-thirds of that $64 million was via digital. here's why that's important. small dollars is -- they're not the max-out folks, they're not the folks writing the big
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checks. that's $10, $15 donations. those are donors you can go back to over and over and over again. it's what we saw really drove bernie sanders's success, record breaking success in the democratic primary. it's something that republicans have had a very difficult time locking into over the last couple of cycles. it appears donald trump has been able to bring that grassroots support he so clearly had during the republican primary into the donation game and that's important going forward because, again, you can go back to those folks month after month after month to continue raising the money. there's no question, donald trump, still having problems raising those big dollar checks. his biggest fund-raisers, raising only about $16 million. that's not a lot when you compare it to where hillary clinton is. but still, compared to where donald trump was just a few months ago, compared to where donald trump was with a fund raising april re ining apparatu nonexistence a few months ago. a lot to write about in what what otherwise a difficult week.
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>> you now earned a pat benatar reference. let's continue the discussion right now. back with us, cnn political director david chalian. also joining us cnn political commentator, hillary clinton supporter hilary rosen. trump supporter john phillips. pete seat, the former communications director for the indiana republican party and cnn political analyst and washington bureau chief for the daily beast jackie kucinich. i love the brady bunch. we are back here. >> hit us with your best shot, kate. >> thank you so much, hilary. pete, of all the things that concern republicans, one thing chief among them is donald trump dragging on the ticket, hurting senate races, hurting congressional races and so on and so forth. these numbers, how concerning are they to you? >> certainly i think hillary clinton got a bounce from her convention. i think that's where president obama's higher approval rating is coming from as well, a bounce from the convention. people thought he did a very decent job. these numbers are going to be
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volatile. they're going to go up and down. but senate races, congressional races, gubernatorial races, they're going to focus on their home turf, they're going to focus on their own voters. he's not concerned about people endorsing him. he cares about his voters at home in his district and that's where he's going to put all his chips. >> pete, you gave me the perfect segue for this next bit. mike kaufman is a congressman in colorado, republican congressman in colorado, which is seen as a swing state. he's got a new ad coming out right now which doesn't just separate himself from donald trump, the republican nominee, he's running against donald trump, the republican nominee. i want you to watch this. all right. we do not have this ad. mike kaufman says, people ask me, what do you think of donald trump. honestly, mike kaufman says, i don't care for him much. that's a republican congressman spending money on a television
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ad to tell his voters he doesn't like donald trump much. you know, john phillips, donald trump supporter, this has got to be of concern to the trump campaign when you have republicans spending money against donald trump. >> well, over the last few days, i'm not surprised to see people running for the hills. the last 72 hours for donald trump have been the political equivalent of chris farley's final 72 hours on planet earth. look, rudy giuliani and newt gingrich say they're planning an intervention. sign me up. i'll bring dr. drew, the burr lap sack and the station wagon because this guy needs to get back on track. every time he fights with someone else, everybody fights with the khan family, when he fights with someone in the news media, when he's fighting with cnn, that's time that he's not spending going after hillary clinton and president obama and making the cation to the american people, he has got to get back on track. >> and, jackie, i mean, john said it earlier, these three states, pennsylvania, new hampshire and michigan, these
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are threetates that are just the type of blueish state that donald trump and his campaign have been really going after to flip. i mean, we've heard donald trump say, i'm going to do great in michigan. i'm going to do great in pennsylvania. what kind of shock to the system -- do you think this is a shock to the system, these numbers to the campaign, even though they are volatile? >> you know, i think you heard donald trump say a limb bit of that at his rally yesterday. he knows he's not invincible, pat benatar reference, but they haven't really hard like a staff, in terms of the infrastructure on the ground, you haven't really seen that in a lot of states. particularly in virginia, there are reports he doesn't even have an office there yet. you heard donald trump say yesterday he doesn't know why the numbers aren't getting higher. i think he hopes in the next couple of months with these promising fund-raising numbers that perhaps that will keep coming in. when you talk to his staff and talk to some of the people around him, there needs to be some discipline around there and
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it can't just be mike pence with the broom and the bucket following him around. >> but he does have, now, 82 million bucks that he raised in july which is objectively an impressive -- even more impressive as it is largely fueled by small dollar donations, the type of donations that can keep coming back, the type of donations republicans haven't had in the past so there is enthusiasm there, there are possibilityings, and he does have money to spend. >> i don't think anyone ever thought this campaign would lack for money, small donors or big donors. as a practical matter there is enough support in the base of the party to get that. and all that shows, really, is that the republicans have gotten better at technically finding, you know, with a better e-mail program finding their donors. and the enthusiasm, though, is still really limited for donald trump. and i think you would see that in terms of the overall number of donors he has.
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for instance, compared to the overall number of small donors that clinton has, which is probably ten times what trump has. so the problem is in a regular campaign you would look at the campaign manager would look around and say, do i have the right team, am i going to go the distance, are we focused number, am i pushing in the right states. in this case, the campaign manager is actually the candidate and the candidate is not self-critical enough. having said that, i am fully convinced that at some point he is going to ride his own train. he's arrogant, thin skinned, misogynist, narcissistic but not stupid. he's going to look in the mirror at some point over the next couple of weeks and say, i need to fix this, i need to do better here. and he's going to get more discipline and the race will tighten. >> someone else who is not stupid is paul ryan. what we were hearing from manu raju, paul ryan was doing a radio interview and he says i
8:14 am
only want the endorsement of voters. i don't know if we call it a game of chicken now between paul ryan and donald trump. donald trump not endorsing. paul ryan now saying, you know, it's not a blank check, i could potentially maybe revoke my endorsement. how ma how much does this matter? from the top of the republican party? >> paul ryan sees this in his benefit to continue this battle with donald trump. because it clearly is giving such pain to so many in the party that i find it surprising. he knows what he's doing. he knows if he's going to talk about this still, mention the khan family, go ahead and talk about not wanting his endorsement. that's going to feed another cycle of this conversation. paul ryan is not letting him off the hook here. >> beyond the pale -- i'm not sure that beyond the pale means what paul ryan thinks it means. because he said the judge references donald made was beyond the pale.
8:15 am
a whole lot of what donald trump is doing exists beyond the realm of what is acceptable to paul ryan. it just seems like -- john phillips, donald trump supporter, you know, what's your message to paul ryan, the highest elected official in your party? >> well, i don't think it's to his benefit to engage in these side shows either. paul ryan has an opponent back in wisconsin. he should worry about that. trump has an opponent in clinton, he should worry about her. every day trump spends feuding with paul ryan or feuding with someone else is a did i he doesn't spend calling hillary clinton a pathological liar. >> we got to run right now -- >> democrats are going to hang this around trump. >> thanks, guys, thank you, hilary, thank you, all. coming up for us what does senator graham think about all this including trump's refusal to endorse his friend john mccain who is also up for re-election? >> plus, can you say kiss ass
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donald trump says we've never been more unified despite the past few days where donald trump was not quite there yet on paul ryan and is refusing to endorse senator john mccain. both men have endorsed donald trump and both are up for re-election. and this also comes after a long drawn-out fight with the khan family whose soon died while fighting in iraq. >> so i just want to tell you the campaign is doing really well. it's never been so well united. >> never been so well unified. let's bring in senator graham, republican of south carolina. senator graham is also a former presidential candidate. thank you so much for being with us. i want to know what your reaction was the minute you heard that donald trump was refusing to endorse your friend senator john mccain, refusing to endorse speaker paul ryan in their primaries? what was your reaction? remember there are no fcc
8:21 am
regulations, we're on cable. >> well, my first reaction was it's pretty short sighted on mr. trump's part. he's the best hope to keep the arizona senate seat which helps republicans in the senate and the better john mccain does in arizona, the more it will help donald trump. john mccain's primary opponent would get beat by 15 points in the general election. paul ryan will win his congressional district very handily. the person running against him is an unknown. i saw him on tv last night. paul ryan will run up the numbers in his congressional district, helping mr. trump. our senate candidate and everybody else running in wisconsin. so it's pretty short sighted to attack people who actually will help you by being on the ballot with them. >> what do you think is behind it? do you think it's just because he holds a grudge? >> yeah, i've said all along he can't take criticism.
8:22 am
if you really want to be president of the united states, this is the best chance you'll get. you're running against somebody most people don't want to vote for, they don't trust, they don't like. the reason you're doing so poorly, you've scared people. they don't think you have the temperament, the judgment for the job. prove them wrong. you've built some great buildings and been involved in great projects. your campaign strategy is not working. attacking paul ryan and john mccain is not helping you with the hispanics and young women and you need to do better with both groups to have a chance to win the white house and you want kelly, john mccain and paul ryan on the ticket with you, because they're the best candidates we could ever hope to have in their respective states. >> donald trump, we just played the sound, he says there's never been more unity in his campaign. you disagree? >> well, if you think -- what would disunity look like? people are responding to mr. trump. he can beat hillary clinton but he's not going to beat mr. khan. mr. khan is going to have the support of the american people
8:23 am
because his son gave his life for our country. so every day that we talk about mr. khan and donald trump, it's bad for trump and everybody else. he is the establishment. donald trump is the leading most recognizable republican in the country. he represents the republican party. the trump establishment's in charge. from what i can tell, they don't have a strategy to effectively exploit hillary clinton's weaknesses. if you really focused on hillary clinton's weaknesses and the obama economy's weaknesses, you would change these numbers. that means you have to focus on your opponent and your opponent is not john mccain, kelly ayotte, paul ryan. your opponent right now, mr. trump, is yourself. >> that's really interesting because i was also reminded this morning that we're about at the two-month anniversary, senator, of when you were saying that the attacks on the judge born in indiana, by donald trump, offered republicans an off ramp if they were going to pull support. what does the episode of this week mean?
8:24 am
what do you think, what's the message to your colleagues? is this an off ramp? >> john mccain needs to do what he needs to do to win in arizona. lake every other candidate on the ballot, they have to walk a fine line when it comes to mr. trump. all i can say is keep being john mccain. john mccain spoke out when mr. trump said things that were highly inappropriate regarding the khan family. he wants to support the nominee of our party. and i understand that. i just can't got where mr. trump would take the party. the bottom line here is donald trump should want john mccain in arizona to win the primary because he will win the general election. he should want paul ryan to be the nominee in that congressional district because he'll perform so well. he should want kelly ayotte to be on the ballot in new hampshire because she's our strongest candidate, which helps mr. trump. >> senator, william weld, former
8:25 am
republican governor of massachusetts, he says he thinks donald trump has a screw loose. do you think donald trump has a screw loose? >> no, i mean, you can't be as successful as he's been without being -- he's not crazy. he doesn't have discipline. this is not a real estate deal where you can bully your way into a good deal. he's running against somebody who is very week and if he could get on this, make this competitive. at the end of the day, the economy is the strongest recovery since 1949. the world is literally on fire from radical islam. but what mr. trump is saying is basically focusing on everything, except the big thing, which is the election for president. >> you mentioned trust.
8:26 am
this has come up this week. do you trust donald trump with the nuclear codes? >> right now, i think mr. trump has rattled the american people with his judgment and temperament. he's got to prove he can be commander in chief. here's the one thing i could say, that when -- >> right now -- >> i'm not voting for him or hillary clinton. the question for mr. trump, he does have it within him to be successful. he's been successful in other endovers. in politics, he beat 16 people. so he beat me. so it doesn't really matter what i think about him in terms of the electoral process simply because he beat me. but the poll should be a wake-up call to mr. trump. he's losing to a person who people believe is a liar. he's losing -- >> right, but senator, i think a lot of people do care what you have to say, especially when it comes to national security. >> that's why i'm not supporting mr. trump. i don't think he has the judgment and experience. he hasn't shown the judgment in
8:27 am
my view to be commander in chief. putin is not our friend. has s assad staying in power is a bad deal. i can give you reasons why i'm not supporting clinton. that's easy for a republican. at the end of the day, trump's temperament and judgment is what people find lacking in him. >> you served with senator clinton and you worked on foreign policy issues with her. who do you trust more with the nuclear codes, donald trump or hillary clinton? >> i don't want either one of them. do i think mr. trump is going to start a nuclear war? no. do i think that when he took the purple heart, that it was -- he was saying something out of bounds? i took it to be a tongue in cheek remark. my problem with mr. trump is he doesn't, in my view, understand who our enemies are and who our friends are and he doesn't understand the mideast for the complexity that it is, that he's an isolationist, he's to the left of the republican party.
8:28 am
no, i don't think donald trump would just wake up one day and start a nuclear war. here's my problem, i don't think he understands how to win this war any better than obama. show me that i'm wrong. >> we got a lot to talk about what's going on overseas. we'll be right back. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin.
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we're back and senator lindsey graham is with us. i want to talk about the iran deal and most specifically what we've been learning about in the last couple of days, this $400 million in cash going to iran on the same day that four american hostages were released. the white house administration says this was not ransom at all. you're not satisfied, why? >> because i got a half a brain. i'm not claiming to have a whole brain, i'm in the congress, but i'm telling you this, you'd have to be dumb as a rock to believe this is not connected. iran/contra, remember that, where we gave arms for hostages, it proved that reagan was wrong? when the obama administration tells you this money being sent, which wasn't u.s. dollars, by the way, that we went to foreign banks to get foreign currency to appease the iranians to get our hostages back. what did iran do after that?
8:34 am
they've got three more people in jail. there's nothing obama won't do to appease the iranians. he wants this nuclear deal to the point of being i think over the top about it, to be quite frankly putting us at risk. this guy i think would walk through glass on his knees to keep this deal in place. he gave the iranians money to get the americans out of jail. to think anything else is crazy. >> again, what critics of your stance say correlation isn't causation. they say the obama administration -- let me just put this out there. they say the obama administration announced this money was going to iran. the day this all happened. so what you're taking issue with is the timing which, as we learned in the last 24 hours, it was that day it arrived on the ground before the hostages were released. the timing and the fact it was in euros not dollars. >> i'm taking -- i'm putting the relationship in context.
8:35 am
they fired four missiles in violation of u.n. resolution since signing the iran deal. we've done nothing about it. they captured our navy sailors and held them in violation of international law. we've done nothing about it. the money continues to flow. they have three americans in jail now that are being held, in my view, illegally, and we're doing nothing about it. they don't want to disrupt this deal. if the iranians make a demand to keep the deal intact and to get hostages back, we give in. to think anything else really is to ignore the relationship of the last two years. >> do you think iran should is be paid back for a contract that was canceled -- >> no. >> do you think they deserve the money back? >> no, it was a deal with the shah. they overthrew the shah. this is the most radical regime on the planet who doesn't deserve anything. i wouldn't honor any agreement between the united states and
8:36 am
the iranian government before the ayatollah. why in the world should we negotiate with this regime who has helped supply weapons -- >> i know you've asked for a hearing but do you think -- you know, it's in the past, what happens now, what is going to happen now? >> i'm going tointroduce legislation that will take sanctions relief away from iran based on the four missiles they testified, ballistic test missiles, being test fired in violation of u.n. resolutions aimed to maybe hit us and i'm going to put on the table if they fire missiles in the future in violation of u.n. resolutions, that it would take more sanctions relief off the table. clearly the obama administration is not going to do a damn thing towards the ayatollah and his regime so we're going to fill in the vacuum in congress. you better get ready to vote on
8:37 am
iran when you come back because you're going to vote on iran when you come back. >> senator graham, the four hostages who were released, again, the administration says it wasn't for ransom, they say there was no quid pro quo, but how would you have had them released? >> number one, i would demand they be released. i wouldn't have honored the deal. i wouldn't have signed the iran nuclear deal to begin with. i would have put iran on notice that you're holding four americans in violation of international law, and that you're going to be more isolated, not more embraced, and that all options are on the table when it comes to your provocative table against israel, our allies in the region, and i would have stopped your neek progruclear program i sanctions until they worked. this is an imbalance of power here. and we're afraid of them. why. because this president wants an iran deal so bad he can't stand
8:38 am
it and they're walking all over him like the russians are walking all over us. everybody in the world is walking all over us. and donald trump is right about that. but donald trump's problem is that when he presents solutions, they're more bizarre than what obama's doing in my view. if he could get his act together, i think he would have a shot at being competitive because the world is so mismanaged. >> senator lindsey graham, thank you so much, senator. >> thank you. all right, hillary clinton running against donald trump. she's looking at the poll numbers right now and she sees big approval ratings for president obama. can she capitalize on that? that's next. plus, clint eastwood's interview with "esquire" magazine. why his comments about racism and the current political atmosphere is creating quite a bit of social media conversation. to put it kindly. we'll be right back. words no one even knows.
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president obama is facing the press today, holding a press conference at the pentagon. >> no doubt, he'll face questions about whether the obama administration paid $400 million to eye riran to free american hostages. the white house insists it wasn't ransom. we're joined by hillary clinton campaign press secretary brian fallen live from brookland. you've been asked about this iran deal, the $400 million, and you say you have no reason to question the administration's stance that it wasn't ransom. let me put it to you this way, if this release, if the release of the hostages was conditioned on the transfer of $400 million, would that concern you? >> there's no evidence that that was the case, john, the white
8:44 am
house has spoken to that, not just yesterday when this new "wall street journal" story came out, but back in january, when both the president and secretary of state kerry announced this payment being made and really the journal story yesterday contained no new information other than how the delivery of the payment was made. the fact this payment was announced from the podium back in january, this issue was addressed at that time. all these questions were answered then. the white house has been very clear. it remains the policy of this administration that the united states does not pay ransom and these two things happen on completely separate tracks. this was the settlement of a claim from 1979. the white house has been very clear about that. >> if the white house, if the administration, had paid ransom, would that bother you? >> yes, i think it would bother the existing administration, that's why their policy is they don't pay ransom. look, all of this, by the way,
8:45 am
happened almost three years after hillary clinton left the department of state. she was very crucial in bringing some of the recalcitrant nations like russia to the table and put in place crippling sanctions on iran which is what helped get them to the table on this nuclear deal and the talks on the nuclear agreement were started during her tenure as secretary of state. this matter of the $400 million payment happened nearly three years later. >> you also heard senator lindsey graham, he was just on with us, and we asked why he's not satisfied with the answer from the administration. yes, as you said, hillary clinton wasn't there when they were making the deal. he says because he has half a brain, that's why he's not satisfied with the answer coming from the white house. >> well, again, kate, this has been answered by the white house not just yesterday but back in january when this whole thing was announced. there were multiple pieces that were negotiated on separate tracks between the u.s. and the iranian government since there
8:46 am
was an opening of a diplomatic channel for the first time in many years. so one of the things that was resolved on a separate track was this issue of this outstanding payment for weapons that were delivered but that the payment -- or the payment, rather, was delivered to the united states but the weapons were never provided because of the ouster of the shah in 1979. >> again, as a candidate for president, as a democratic nominee, does hillary clinton have concerns about the time, that the money arrived on the very same day the hostages were released? >> number one, she has no reason to question the administration's answers on this. she believes the administration, has confidence in the administration's answers, that these things were knnegotiated separately. secondly, she absolutely supports existing policy and will continue this policy as president. which is the united states does not pay ransom. >> clear answer. >> thank you, brian. you guys had a big fund-raising
8:47 am
month last month, $90 million you brought in. donald trump we learned yesterday big month as well. $82 million they brought in. what went through your mind when you heard that number of trump's fund-raising? >> i think he had nowhere to go but up in terms of where he was starting from. >> he sure went up. >> we're very proud of our numbers in terms of not just the overall figure but if you look at the total from last month, we had 65% of our donors last month were new donors to this campaign. i think that's a sign we are growing, we're expanding our appeal from the people who supported her during the primary. now that we're in general election mode, we're seeing more people are getting behind this campaign. that's what we're sensing on the ground as well. i think even the polls are showing hillary clinton are expanding her support level. donald trump i think is inching backwards. in fact, there's a lot of surveys that came out after his convention that said more people that watched his convention, that tuned in, actually came away less likely to support him
8:48 am
as a result. i think he's continuing to speak only to his core supporters. by contrast, i think only hillary clinton is reaching out to democrats and reasonable republicans. >> ryan fallon live from brookland, thank you. coming up for us, clint eastwood, taking on politics, once again. four years ago after speaking to an empty chair, maybe it was a stool, whichever one you decide. >> it had a back then. >> that's a chair then. it's a tall chair. that's not what we're going to be talking about. he's not holding back when it comes to 2016. that is coming up. t-mobile never stops improving. and we doubled our lte coverage. that's right! our coverage stacks up with anybody, including verizon and at&t. and only t-mobile gives you more than just great coverage. now you can stream video and music --free! without touching any of your data. so ditch the other guys.
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8:52 am
four years after debating an empty chair at the republican convention in 2012 clins eat ea wad has an interview about this race with "esquire" magazine. he said donald trump's candidness is fresh. "secretly everybody's getting tired of the political correctness kiss willing up. that's the kiss ass generation
8:53 am
we're in right now." >> he said if he had to pick between clinton and trump he'd go with trump. the executive editor of the magazine joins us now two copies fresh off the presses. >> free to you today. >> we don't take free anything. >> complimentary. >> michael, so reading some of this article, i was kind of left wondering, does he actually like donald trump? he was pretty harsh. >> i don't think he likes donald trump. he made clear in the interview, i pressed him, look who would you vote for? i think he's a guy who is a lifelong sort of right republican, sort of maybe almost libertarian. he said i think like some people in this country he doesn't like hillary, so he'd probably be over here with trump. this is a guy who we have to remember he's former mayor himself, he's a politician. he's served office and i think going all the way back to ronald reagan with reagan invoking "make my day" to now he's a guy who every sort of presidential season seems to make his way
8:54 am
into the campaign because he's got this stature that all these republicans sort of seem to sort of somehow want to stand next to. >> i couldn't tell if this was partisan or just more grumpy. there's a little bit of this sounds like kids these days shall get off my lawn. >> he's a little gran torino. when he read that script, his producer who found this says this is an amazing script. you're not going to like it. went home and read it that night, came back in and dropped it, he's like "we're doing this next." he likes to be provocative and like a lot of people, he speaks his mind. he's an individual. he's a bit of a maverick, right, and i think that's what always appealed to us about clint. when it intersects with the political moment it tends to be sort of divides people but i think he's of a certain generation and that's where he comes down. >> did he reflect on his chair moment? how does he feel about it? >> he was funny about it. he kind of rolled his eyes and
8:55 am
said look, i'm sitting back stage hearing all of these guys going on and on saying the whole thing about he's great, he's great. as an actor i'm sitting there, i got to follow with some better material. he said i just i'm looking at this chair and thinking about the neil diamond song, you know, and he said so he said give me a chair. i'm going on. he just improv'd it. he said i wasn't losing my marbles. i was trying to do something original. >> michael hainey -- glad he thinks it's funny, the romney people not so much anymore. great to have you with us. >> thank you. >> we really appreciate it. ground zero in the u.s. war against zika. how florida is now fighting to stop the spread of this dangerous disease and the historic warning for travelers. that's ahead. i have asthma...
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9:00 am
hello everyone. i'm ana cabrera in for ashleigh banfield. great to have you here with us "legal view." it is 96 days until the presidential election, and now more than 24 hours since donald trump picked a public fight with someone not named clinton or obama. now coming off his attacks on gold star parents, his refusal to back the republican house speaker for re-election to congress, trump was said to be stirring up anger, anxiety, even panic in the gop as well as his own campaign. not true, the nominee claims. >> i just want to tell you, the campaign is doing really well. it's never been so well united. i would say right now it's the best in terms of being united that it's


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