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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  August 4, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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because the time to think about today. go long. is the republican civil war about to get uglier? "the lead" starts now. donald trump not endorsing two republican senators up for reelection. just what is going on? >> battleground bounce. hillary clinton now clubbing donald trump in three states he said he would win on the way to the white house, one poll suggesting his feud with that
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gold star family has people scowling. >> president obama will address how tough the battle to eliminate isis may be. we will carry that live. welcome to "the lead." we're just minutes away from president obama holding his final news conference taking questions before heading on vacation on saturday. remarks coming from the pentagon where he is about two wrap a meeting with his national security team to get the latest on the war against isis. he is expected to discuss the terrorist threat and field questions in a few minutes. until then breaking news from the front lines of what looks like a republican civil war. ? north carolina today, mike pence
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was asked about john mccain and kelly ayott, both of them republicans, both facing tough contests against democrats in november. he criticized mccain and ayott about the disunity of the gcht o.p. pence has been playing good cop. endorsing speaker ryan after trump refrained from doing so earlier this week. today, governor pence was asked if he would endorse kacain or ayotte. >> he says i look forward to supporting republican candidates in the days and weeks ahead all over the country. we need new leadership. >> have you hear there, no
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endorsement for mccain, no endorsement for ayotte and a call for new leadership. that could have been a reference, but we are on the aim page which they have not always been on in the last few days. speaker ryan or the attitude toward the gold star kahn family. jason carroll is traveling with the trump campaign. the leaders of these parties endorse incumbents. they are still supporting him. >> this is the pam bane from the beginning. today another unusual chapter of "how is this going.
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talking about pence's background but pence not offering an endorsement, saying the down try needs to go in a new direction with new leadership. so far, trump attacking hillary clinton for that $400 million payment that went to riern. >> our campaign is doing so nicely. we have some of the finest people in our campaign. >> the gop nominee is trying to reassure voters and republicans that his campaign is moving in the right direction. >> i love seeing these crowds of people pour in. >> helping him make the case a big july fundraising call.
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>> we're raising a lot of money for the republican party. i think the contributions were $61 each. >> but mike pence today being challenged by an 11-year-old boy on whether his roll is to tone down trump's words and policies. >> sometimes things don't come out like you mean ae we're determined to work together. we have differences in style, but not differences in conviction. >> they have a split for house speaker paul ryan with pence endorsing paul ryan on wednesday after trump said he wasn't ready to do so. ryan today slughrugged off trump's nonendorsement. ryan also opening the door of potentially not backing trump in the future. >> none of these things are ever blank checks in any race.
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>> paul manafort said his candidate would come around. >> he supports paul ryan he said he would work with him. >> there was also new evidence of frustration with trump's candidacy. there was a tv ad showing to take on trump. >> if he is president, i'll stand up to him. >> a friend round of poll numbers show hillary clinton up in three key states. nine in michigan 13 in pennsylvania and also in new hampshire. manafort says it is no surprise. >> we had a bounce we knew the democrats would have a bounce. >> trump on this rally here hitting on illegal immigration,
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law enforcement, and that $400 billion payment to iran. >> on that $400 million to iran my understanding is that mr. trump just repeated something about that $400 million, a claim he made yesterday that his campaign is acknowledging is not accurate. >> he made the claim yesterday and again in daytona beach. saying here he saw a video showing that he says shows an exchange of money that was made to officials in iran. and we have you hear it in his own words, just a short while ago. >> you saw that with the airplane coming, a nice plane,
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the plane coming in and the money coming off, right? that was given to his by the irans. you know why? they want to embarrass our country. and they want to embarrass our president. >> so a couple points to clarify. first of all, hillary clinton was not in a position at that point when that tape was made, and that tape is a tape that refers to a video that came out of geneva not iron and it does not show an exchange of money. perhaps it was on another network and he applied it to this iran exchange of money. we don't know why he keeps repeating this false narrative. >> they told other media outlets that he is referring to having
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seen prisoners get off the plane in geneva not money being drivered in iran. let's turn to the democrats right now joe johns is there with the campaign and joe, we're 96 days away from reelection but the battleground poll numbers are good for her campaign but they can't think that things won't get a lot closer. >> i think that is right, they know polls go up and down just as they did with hillary clinton after the fbi director went after her on the issue of her e-mails. they also know if you look historically over the years, the convention bounces many time have not worked well for
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democrats. many of them came out of the con convention and bounced and it did not work out. hillary clinton is continuing to push forward. >> we just talked about a false claim that donald trump reported. and she repeated a false claim, the claim that the director of the fbi testified about her public comments about her e-mail server were accurate. everything i said publicly has been consistent and truthful with what i told them. that is not true. she got four ponocios from "the washington post." >> her initial statements on it people said they were parsing
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over legalistic. but what she initially hung her hat on is that her comments to the fbi did not indicate there was any lies. if she lied she could have been charged with obstruction of justice. what republicans have been pushing hard and what we all know by now is that hillary clinton's public statements have contradicted many things the fbi director said and found in the investigation. it is a real problem for her and it is a really that voters don't believe fer when it comes to honesty and truthfulness. >> those poor fact checkers are going to run out of ponocos. let's get right to cnn white
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house correspondent michelle kaczynski. secretary of state john kerry told me that isis is on the run. what do we expect to hear from the president today? >> we heard other u.s. officials push back hard too on a suggestion that the recent isis inspired attacks were not an indication of anything else. isis is not desperate, but they're adapting. we know there is worry in the united states. we have seen attack after attack not only overseas but within the united states and look at orlando. recent polling shows that about 60% of americans don't approve of how president obama has been handling isis and more than half don't approve of how he is handling thunderstorme inginge inging
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terrorism. holding this press conference today at the pentagon they can tout their successes, it is something we hear from them over and over again. we also expect possibly an announcement of some intensification. maybe something like what we have seen only recently with u.s. air strikes in libya. we don't expect it to be a major change in strategy but the fact that isis has necessaryitated a change it causes the u.s. to have to do some adapting. >> in minutes, president obama will step out on the podium. he will brief the country, right now he is being briefed about isis and other terrorist. okay, so what's our latest data say? our customer is a 21-year-old female. heavily into basketball.
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(hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) (hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we are about to hear from president obama who will update us on the battle against isis.
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the president painted a rather rosey picture. john kerry said they were losing ground and on the run. they will may expanding their reach around the world. jim, isis may be losing ground in it's home base, but it seems to be branching out elsewhere. >> yes, the head of the national terrorism center said a loss of territory doesn't mean a loss in capability. the areas that we think of as the isis stronghold they have lost territory. it lost an enormous amount of territory in libya which has been a fall-back point. as that happens, the losses on the battlefield, they have expanded around the globe.
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some of these are countries where sizes that actual affiliates like here in yemen or nigeria. other places are places where people have carried out attacks in the name of isis, or they're aspiring to join isis as a formal member. this is the challenge that the u.s. is facing right now as they expand action beyond syria and iraq and into libya. >> the isis flag supplying over libya. they are now targets in the u.s. lead air campaign. they carry out the first striems strikes. forces on the ground. >> we have seen their numbers reduced in libya, and we think this precision air strike capability this unique capability we can provide to their ongoing efforts can make a different in this campaign. >> the u.s. extending their
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anti-isis campaign. the u.s. officials say they have now lost 40% of their territory in areas they claim as their caliphate and more than 26,000 fighters since the campaign began. strikes against oil facilities and cash depots have cut their funding by half. still they hold mosul and an offensive to take the city has been delayed repeatedly. >> all eyes are focused on mosul right now. it would be a significant physical loss but the loss of prestige would be a big hit when mosul does fall. >> as they lose ground on the battlefield, it is spreading. influence and terror capability virtually across the globe. isis is now present in some 17 countries from the core bases in
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iraq syria, and libya to 14 other nation where's it has affiliates or it has been able to inspire or direct terror attacks. and it is extending it's reign of terror to the west as well. inspiring attacks in belgium, germany, from san bernardino to garland, texas to orlando, florida. >> a typical terrorist group response to efforts against them. the difference with isis is they're very nimble quick, and able to move on terrorist impulses much more quickly than past groups have been able to. >> i spoke a couple days ago with james clapper. i asked him about isis and he said they are adaptive innovative and resilient.
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>> thank you so much. london is on edge today after a knife wielding teenager attacked innocent civilians in a town square. authorities terribly suspected this might be a terrorist attack but they since backed away from that. let's bring in nema albagger. what can you tell us? >> we just came back from the scene where people have been laying flowers at the site of where she was killed. show was accompanying her husband, a florida state university professor here in the london summer study program at the london university. her and her husband were due back home to dallas today. witnesses say her husband was
1:23 pm
there alongside her. an american man was identified as having been among the injured, but we don't know if that was her husband. this of course as you said comes against a backdrop of a rise of intentions. london held off from bringing out that armed presence on it's streets. but we saw that in the response time yesterday. london is ready for anything and they were on that scene in five minutes. >> thank you, appreciate it. the president is about to speak and take questions, we'll have that live once it starts we'll take a quick break and be right back. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis isn't it time to let the real you shi ne through?
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welcome back to "the lead." we're expecting president obama to come to that lek churn in any minute and take questions. until he does let's talk with our political panel. i have sarah huckabee sanders, jammal simmons, and alex conit. mr. gergan let me talk to you pb mike pence declined to endorse two senators that have tough reelection fights. it seems unprecedented to me but you tell me is it. >> you know jake the republicans spent a whole convention trying to claim unity, and now this is at the top of the ticket a display of
1:29 pm
disunity. i don't remember this ever. and they would not unite behind two sittings republicans when they so desperately need the senate they want to hold on to the senate, why would not not line up behind their own indumb bands, the oddest of all odd years. >> arizona and north carolina happen to be battleground states. >> right now donald trump and mike pence have a single electoral focus. they will support republicans, nominees up and down the ticket. trump spent a lot of time raising money for the republican party. so to act like they're not helping bring people into the
1:30 pm
fold is not what they're doing. something even more interesting than that. i think it will be a tighter race than that. they asked about the feud with the kahn family. 69% of those people who new about the controversy, and that was moth of them found trump's response out of bounds. it is not a from feeling, it is something that people done like. >> as an american i was proud we live in a country where people make that sort of fact fite and then can stand on a stage and question our leaders like that.
1:31 pm
i understand why 66% would disagree with them. 58 pakistan said they did not believe that he was qualified to be president. >> we're going to squeeze in one more quick break. we're expecting president obama at that lek turn to get questions about that $400 million in cash that the u.s. delivered to iran. stay with us.
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welcome back we're minutes away from a presidential conference. president obama at the peptntagon likely to face tough questions. this is a question for jammal and sarah about whether or not your candidates have people around them that can say that's not true stop saying it. hillary clinton with a local reporter in colorado repeating the idea that the director of the fbi who did say they have no reason to say she was not being dishonest with the fbi, but she keeps saying that she was honest with everything she said to the american public and that is not true. she said this on sunday and she was said to be lying by the washington post factchecker.
1:37 pm
>> for a year i think people were advising the clinton campaign that she should just say sorry. but she keeps wanting to relitigate this. this is a week where donald trump has done so many egregious things. let donald trump do his thing while we pay attention to that. >> let me go to you. this is about the strange claim he saw yesterday. he saw footage of the hand over of $400 million from the u.s. to iran. he made that claim yesterday, nobody knew of any video like this and the trump spokeswoman says it was americans climbing off of a iranian plane in geneva. today he repeated the claim that
1:38 pm
he saw this video, let's roll that tape. >> iran provided all of that footage, the tape of taking that money off of that airplane right? iran released that tape a quality like these guys have they released that tape so that we will be embarrassed. >> he goes on to say it is a tape of the money. this does not exist, sarah. is there anyone that says the tape does not exist, please stop talking about it? >> of course he has plenty of people around him to do that. i think the question here is the $400 million in cash. that is the question that people really need be asking. that is the dwhae american people want to know is not about the video, but the action that took place and what role they played in it.
1:39 pm
>> hillary clinton has one issue that republicans have been talking about for a year around e-mails. everything that comes out of donald trump's mouth has to be fact checked. the american people look at him, listen to him, you cannot have a president that will not acknowledge blanket reality. >> hillary clinton made more than one mistake and she put american lives at risk. something we should talk about day after day after day. >> honesty is an issue in this election. i would think they would go out of their way to make sure their statements are accurate. otherwise they are feeding a
1:40 pm
negative negative narrative. why can't they toe a more accurate line. >> jammal i take your point, but let's also fa say if you look at polls, they both have significant trust issues rather the american people have trust issues with them. if donald trump says five a day and hickllary clinton says one a week it is still an issue. how tough is it to say to the candidate this is not true stop saying it. >> the problem with donald trump is he is like a racehorse without a jockey. very strong on the track, but you don't win a derby without a jockey helping you get there. he did you want have anyone to play that role for him. hillary clinton gets blind spots. she gets very stubborn about it and it's hard to breakthrough. there are people around like
1:41 pm
john pedesta and bill clinton that can do that. some things she just gets stuck on. >> she is someone you can admire. she has been a first lady attorney secretary of state, she has moved up the ladder and held herself very well in the public eye. donald trump, every time we discover something new it is something we're uneasy about. >> another big poll out today, a birthday present for president obama who turns 55 today, 54%, the highest in 3 1/2 years. first of all, why do you think his job approval rating is so high? it is unusual for it to be this high in the second term of a president. >> i think it is important to remember he was mired in the mid
1:42 pm
and low 40s. he was around 49 around the convention. i think he got a good convention bounce. but something else. i think there is nostalgia creeping in about president obama as people look at the alternatives. that happens toward the end of a second term as people think you're about to leave the stage, they think about the good things. i think he is benefitting from that now as people make that comparison and say if it was hillary clinton or donald trump against barack obama, is there any doubt who would win that election today? >> another quick break before president obama comes out and goes to that lekcturn. we'll be right back.
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you're looking at pictures i want to bring in evan per rez. there has been a lot of uproar about this $400 million sent to iran. they say it was a ransom the obama administration denying it. now you have information from people in the justice department that have problems with this. >> it was a prison exchange. there was not americans being held on flimsy charges, and we were exchanging seven iranians being held on charms from money laundering to providing equipment in violation of u.s.
1:48 pm
sanctions. so there was a lot of objections in the justice department about the fact that this was being done and they also felt that the optics just with respect right with regard to the settlement of the -- sending the money as a settlement of the legal claims going on for decades. >> and some of the justice department were concerned that they were saying even if this was not a ransom they were going to say that. >> it only encourages them we have had three americans since this deal has come to pass three are being held by iranians. that is the concerns they had for this deal. >> the $400 million was a way to
1:49 pm
get around sanctions. euros and swiss franks and the law did not allow u.s. dollars to be transferred. >> here is president obama, i'm sorry to interrupt you. president obama at the pentagon. >> i just met again with my national security council on the campaign to destroy isil. i want to thank secretary carter who hosted us and for their continued leadership of our men and women in uniform. i last updated the american people on our campaign in june. and in the weeks sense, we have been relentless in our fight against isil. on the ground in syria and iraq we continue to lose territory.
1:50 pm
we have also seen that isil has the ability to direct and inspire attacks. so we have seen several bombings in iraq jordan lebanon, saudi arabia yemen, and afghan. attacks on an istanbul airport. a restaurant in bangladesh a church in france a music festival in germany. the decline of isil in syria and iraq cause it to be shifting for greater attacks. and encouraging greater attacks. our homeland security and law enforcement professionals are working around the clock and sharing information to prevent such attacks. as we have seen it is difficult
1:51 pm
to prevent small cells of terrorists willing to kill the innocent and willing to die. we will keep going after them aggressively across every front of this campaign. we continue to hammer isil targets. more than 14,000 strikes so far. and those in the isil core in raqq raqqa and mosul. isil uses american forces and shields and we will do everything in our power to avoid civilian casualties. we are con ducking the most precise campaign in history. it is the innocent civilians of syria and iraq who are suffering the most and who need to be saved from isil easter ror. when there are allegations of
1:52 pm
casualties we work hard and take it very seriously. we continue to take out senior isil leaders and commanders. it includes the administer of war, a top commander in mosul. and in yet another significant loss it's minister of war. none of isil's leaders are safe and we will keep going after them. in iraq, we keep pushing isil back. iraqi forces with coalition sport -- and now iraqi forces retook the strategic air base just 40 miles have mosul. the last major isil stronghold
1:53 pm
in iraq. the additional 560 support personnel i ordered to iraq last month will turn this base into a launch pad for iraq forces as they push into mosul. ? syria, a coalition of local forces backed by our special operations forces and air strikes continues to take the fight to isil as well. they are fighting their way into the town of monditch. a gate way for terrorists coming in and coming out to attack europe. as isil is beaten back we are getting vast amounts of intelligence that we will use to keep destroying their networks and stop foreign fighters. we also continue to intensify our efforts against al qaeda and syria. they kboth acannot be a safe haven
1:54 pm
to train and plan attacks against us. two years ago, isil was racing across iraq to the outskirts of bag dad itself and isil looked invincible. since then they lost in many locations including fallujah. isil lost territory across vast stretches of the border with turkey and almost all major transit roots into raqqa. in raqqa and syria isil has not been able to reclaim any significant territory they lost. isil has not had a major successful offensive operation in syria or iraq in a full year.
1:55 pm
even isil knows they will keep losing. their message to followers, they're acknowledging they may lose mosul and raqqa, and they're right, they will lose them. we will continue to hit them and push them out until they do. isil turns out not to be invincible they are, in fact inevitably going to be defeated. we recognize at the same time that the situation is complex and this cannot be solved by military force alone. the united states and countries around the world pledged more than $2 billion in new funds to help them stabilize and rebuild communities. it's why we're working with iraq so the md with humanitarian and political efforts to protect civilians and promote governance and development. so isil cannot exploit divisions or new grievances. in syria, as i repeatedly said,
1:56 pm
defeating iex sil and al qaeda requires an end to the civil war. in the brutality against the syrian people that pushes them into the arms of the extremists. the regime continues to make suggestion attacks against civilians, blocking food from reaching family that's are starving. it is deplorable and the depravity has earned the condemnation of the world. russia's direct involvement in these actions in the last several weeks raises questions about their commitment to pulling the situation back from the brink. the u.s. remains prepared to work with russia to try to reduce the violence and strengthen our efforts against isil al qaeda, and syria. russia failed to take the necessary steps. given the deteriorating situation, it is time for russia to show it is serious about pursuing these objectives.
1:57 pm
beyond syria and iraq we'll keep working with allies and partners to go after isil where it tries to spread. at the national court, they will fight to retake sert from isil and we will confirm efforts to conserve their country. in afghan we wanted to keep eliminating isil's presence there. we delivered another blow last month. finally, it should be clear by now, and no one knows this better than our military leaders, even has we need to crush isil on the battlefield, their military defeat will not be enough so long as their existed ideology persists and drives people to violence it will keep emerging and the international community will continue to be at risk in
1:58 pm
getting sucked into the global whack-a-mole where we're reacting to the latest threat. that is why we're working to counter violent extremism more broadly including the social economic and political factors that help fuel groups like isil and al-qaeda in the first place. nothing will do more to discredit isil and their claims of being a caliphate than losing their base in mosul. we will continue to expose them for what they are. murderers that kill innocent people including innocent families and children as they break their ramadan fast, and set off bombs at one of the holiest sights in islam. and they continue to under mine
1:59 pm
diversity and pluralism. one of the reasons americans forces are the best in the world is we draw on the skills and talents of all of our citizens from all backgrounds and faiths. i think the entire world was inspire third degree past sunday when muslims across france joined their catholic neighbors at mass. in a moving display of solidarity prayed together. peace be with you and also with you. now before i take some questions, i want to say a few words on another topic. as our public health experts have been warning for some time we are now seeing the first locally transmitted cases of the zika virus by mosquitos in the continental united states. this was predicted and predictable. we have seen 15 cases in the miami area. we're taking this extremely seriously. our cdc experts are on the
2:00 pm
ground working shoulder to shoulder with florida health authorities. there is a very aggressive effort under way to control mosquitos there and pregnant women have been urged to stay away from the particular neighborhood we're focused on. we will keep working as a team to slow and limit the spread of the virus. i want to be clear, our public health experts do not expect to see see the kind of widespread outbreaks of zika here that we have seen in brazil or puerto rico. the kind of mosquitos most likely to carry zika are limited to certain regions of our country. but we cannot be complacent because we expect to see more zee zika. most people have very mild