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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  August 5, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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hello, everyone, i'm christine romans in today for ashley ban feel, welcome to "legal view." 95 days before americans elect the next president. the democratic nominee is in walk for the national conference of journalists and hispanic journalists. president clinton ending the week of the campaign on a high note. since this time yesterday, two
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more nationwide polls show the democratic ticket with a sizable bounce. nbc and "wall street journal" put donald trump up 9 points over regular voters. look at this, a clinton-kaine leads trump-pens by 15. employers added 255,000 net ne new jobs last month, well above economists' stills. we'll listen in when clinton begins her remarks. meantime, i want to bring in my commenter, you moderated this event with mrs. clinton in 2005. tim us ab the fortunate. >> reporter: sure, there are about 1,400 journalists gathered here, the one thing we know, she is going to tout those jobs
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numbers. it's something she will talk about in an address in ten minutes or so. she will be introduced. then the two mot raiders will be on stage, kristen welker of nbc, a good friend of mine as well as lori mopt negro will each have one question to pose to her. it will be opened up to a panel sitting in the front row. it's not a long time, christine to get the questions to her when the whole thing is about 30 minutes or so. there has been a lot of pushback to get hillary clinton to answer those tough questionsch we expect she will get tough questions. the last go-around, she was asked about her ban on same-sex marriage in 2007, she was pushed in something considered specialized medicine. so we do expect there will be pretty tough questions from the group. >> you are right to point out, journalists are fought clinton's best people, no question. as demographics go, she can
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hardly be on poll. is. >> so tell me, this is a friendly audience, was trump also invited? >> reporter: trump was invited. he did not respond. he did not accept the invitation. i have to say, christine, we have been covering these for many years. we saw bob dole here. this is a bipartisan event. people go and back in 2007, hillary clinton was 20 points above barack obama. pretty consistently and during that time and so she did not necessarily even need to address the organization, but she's not taking anything for graptd. she been back then, she is certainly not taking anything for granted now, it is helpful to be before this audience, it's not only main stream media, it is niche media aimed at getting at those critical groups,
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african-americans, latinos, to make sure they go out there and vote. so this is a smart move. a political move on her part and also telling that it is going to be brief. it is not going to be an all out press conference or something that we would rather see her participate in. but she's getting her name, her face out there. and this has been a pretty good two weeks for her. she is capitalizing off that. >> the jobs report is wind behind the sails. we will come back to you, listen to her dip into that when she begins to speak. so let's bre broaden this discussion with cnn phil mattingly and the washington post, political reporter philip bump, today, donald trump's team on the very morning this strong jobs report comes out unveils his lst of economic big brains who are going to be helping power donald trump's economic policy. who are these guys? and they are all guys? >> they are all guys, they're all white guys.
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we will get to that in a second. this is an odd group paubecause many of them have no experience, that was by design, i spoke to someone close to the campaign saying trump wanted to bring outsiders in that have free market principles, he wants to apply those to the government. not how that translates to the government when you deal with the government. >> these are hedge fund managers, these are tycoons. >> the other thing to point out, he has done some controversial deals, if i'm the hillary clinton campaign, i'm thinking, these guys profited during the financial crisis, they profited when many other average americans were really suffering. if you look at that list, you'll see the john hawken, case in point, famously bet against the housing market at its peak and
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made billions. ironically, we were talking about the fact that these guys may in the do so well under a trump administration, because he has been so anti-business on the campaign trail. i asked tom barrack specifically why he is supporting him when he can essentially hurt his business. take a listen. >> what makes him so interesting to me is as big a personality as he is, his heart really sits in the shoes of the average guy. and that's not rhetoric. it really is. i mean, i know him personally, i'm telling you, that's really where his heart sits. >> so ironically, this crew of people around him who are close personal friends with him and actually think of themselves as the outsiders, as the guys who were the average guy, had a small business and were able to build it and i know for a fact that's the way barrack feels.
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i know that's how steve feinberg feels, who is the president and ce-of-o of zuberrist capital. he made headlines, christine, i know you were on this story when he had to sell his interest in a firearm maker after sandy hook and, you know, he's a hedge fund guy, profitable deal. >> all right. interesting. we will follow all those folks. meanwhile, trump today, phil mattingly in wisconsin, no short name of republicans. they will be at the trump event, will they? >> wisconsin has become the krald, house speaker, paul ryan and reens priebus, don johnson, a important governor and governor scott walker considering one of the rising stars. none of them will be joining donald trump and mike pence in green bay. all are busy or have meetings or in paul ryan and don johnson's case are running for re-election him paul ryan has a primary,
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next week, a primary that donald trump has not endorsed him in. it's caused major problems behind the scenes. reince priebus is close to paul ryan, reince priebus has done everything possible to help donald trump over the past couple months. reince priebus got stabbed in the back when donald trump decided not to endorse paul ryan. paul ryan waffled a bit on his endorsement but hasn't backed off it entirelych here's what's notable. wisconsin is a very important state to republicans, not just to paul ryan and done johnson, but donald trump got whipped in wisconsin, they need to turn it red. wisconsin republicans do not like donald trump and what is happening where all these republicans don't show up isn't helping in that process. >> one p run me through these polls. i feel if you are clinton, you want to see the polls in two months. walk me through what your take away is in these numbers. >> you are exactly right.
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it is timed because the democratic convention wrapped up. this is a part of the convention bounce. it's a big bounce. we see polls, national and state polls sew clinton with a lead. there was a poll out showing clinton up 4 in georgia. georgia hasn't voted for a democrat since bill clinton in 1992. it's been a very republican state as in the south. checkpoint leads there in part because she is leading nationally. you are rye, they would like this to hack in the lead in october, they'll take it now because republicans are getting spooked, they're getting nervous, if he is viable, there are these rumblings, however they may be about him having to get off the ticket, figuring how they can replace him. >> that's so farfetched. >> of course. the fact that they are talking about it sends a message to republicans who might be on the fence to these wisconsinites who yes were a bullwork of the never trump in the primaries, it sends a message that it's okay to
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distance yourself from donald trump. we saw in 1996, republicans saw bob dole was going to lose his election. they were able to cut cords, that's the rick that donald trump runs right now is his party will give up on him. it's very early. there is a lot of time left, if these polls continue of the longer term. >> monday he will layout his economic plan in detroit. so there will be a lot to talk about how he will make jobs great, make the job market great again i guessch christine, phil matingly, nice to see you all. the job numbers part of the story. up next, how trump and clinton economies seem differently. what to expect in trump's soon to be revealed economic policy. that's just ahead. we are also waiting and watching for hig hig to speak to reporters in washington. we will go right there as soon as she's ready.
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unmoment rate could have gone down if not the new people off the sidelines of the labor market. the trump team arguing the economy is stuck in a deep hole and it's hillary clinton and barack obama's fault. here's a statement from his team, the clinton machine is describing an economy that doesn't consist for most americans -- it is an economy enjoyed he her donors and superb interests and one suffered through every day. we have a couple people here. this is my california crew today. let's timeout east. early morning there. pe attacks on america let me start with you here. has to numbers today, 255,000 net new jobs, 4.9% new jobs.
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can you look at the auto industry, home prices back above three crash levels, you can look in general at signs of wealth in the stockmarket. why build a wall and put up tariffs if you got numbers like this in the economy? >> well, let's dig a little deeper in today's jobs report, labor participation rate, if you look at the bureau of labor statistics chart on this, you will see beginning when obama took office, kind of this longs, slow, ski slope down from about 67% to around what it is today, 62 or 63%. it hasn't budged and that's a proxy for the tens of millions of americans who were long-term unemployed, can't find a good job at a decent wage. the other thing about that reports is the goods producing jobs, virtually non-existent, which jiefbs with the manufacturing index numbers which shows the manufacturing sector is weak.
9:17 am
on top of that christine the news day, he was widening unexpectedly of the trade deficit and the donald trump campaign really sees the trade deficit as the full crum around which this economy can recover. the trump trade doctrine is straight forward. he's not going to enter into any trade deals unless it increases the gross domestic product growth rate, are decreases can deficit and strengthens the manufacturing basis. hillary clinton, you take her at 2012, south korean free trade equipment. the quintessential clinton deal. right? she promises us 70,000 new jobsch we wiped up with an over doubling of the south korean trade deficit. we lose 75,000 jobs. bill does the same thing with the wto in china in 2001 -- over the last 15 years, he's lost -- >> so this is going to be to the
9:18 am
theme song for the next three month. i want lourdes to jump in, if you don't mind. >> we fixed the trade problem. we're free traders, make no mistake about that. ronald reagan put tarives on the semi conductors, they cheated. trump will put tariffs on those that cheat. he wants fair trade deals the trump trade doctrine, allow our gdp growth to grow, push the trade down, strengthen the manufacturing basis. >> the view from the other side is you start putting tariffs. the prior administration tried the use current trade laws to go after the bad actors. i don't know how many complaints we have right now that we're working through in the international course. how does the hillary clinton team combat that? what has been resonating? it has been resonating, the trade theme song has been resonating. >> the trade theme song has been resonating and senator hillary
9:19 am
clinton has said very clearly that her position on trade looking at trade negotiation and trade agreements going, is really, do they add to jobs in the united states? do they add to wages in the united states? and are they in the interests of the u.s. national security? so she's been very clear on this. these numbers today and the issue about employment, they're not, i think we spent top time on the trade issue here. first of all from a pure macroeconomic point of view. it is the case when you have a strong u.s. economy relative to its trading partners around the world. you are going to see the trade deficit move from month-to-month. this was not a surprise, it was not about trade agreements. in this time it's about the strength of the economy versus the strength of the trading partners. i want to emphasize not trade, i want to talk about about vent. one of the key things here is we had a strong jobs report. but we need to focus on investment in the future. we need to focus on
9:20 am
infrastructure, on r afternoonch a d, on advance manufacturing. those are the issues about future employment, future wage growth. the other thing i want to say that today's jobs numbers is that there actually is increasing signs that wage growth is picking up. now, we have to keep moving forward and a strong investment agenda for america and for american workers is the way to do it. so i think the focus should be on investment and i also think it should be on the fact that we have a very, we have a non-partisan excellent consulting firm mark sandee who is basically saying if he looks at what we know about the checkpoint economic plan which is well laid out and designed, we know it will add over the course of her term 10 million new jobs. we know the analysis of trump's plan. >> right. >> based on what he's put out, costs the economy 3 million plus jobs. >> what's about -- >> it's two different worlds. >> peter, i will let you talk in a second. i will tell you the overlap the
9:21 am
infrastructure piece. both candidates want a big infrastructure plan. what's the difference in size and how to pay for it, peter, tell me about the infrastructure part of this. your candidate says he wants to do a bigger than hillary clinton infrastructure deal. he wants to right away do it. building roads, bridges the like, he wants to issue bonds to do it. is that a good idea? >> sure. i'm not going to let the clinton machine spin the go here. mark zandtee is a democratic donor. >> he has advised republicans. >> they're not going to pull that stuff on cnn. he had a brief honeymoon with a one republican candidate years ago and your white house keeps spinning that. it's a bunch of garbage to people of america. >> so mr. novarro do you actually questioning mark zandtees consulting firm macroeconomics? you think they're purely -- it's
9:22 am
unbelievable. >> you two were very nice to each other in the break. >> let's do this, let's talk about infrastructure now, because what the:t folks don't understand is the relationship between investment, business investment and trade. for example, mexico right now r, because of the bad trade deal that hillary and bill signed in 1993 with and a half that, nanf. auto os a loan are $2 billion a year. >> with the global supply chain -- >> this is christine? >> yes, it's me. >> i can't tell. >> i wanted to ask you, toy, if you were to put up some tariffs against for example ford with doing business in mexico, wouldn't you hurt the supply chain for the parts made here,
9:23 am
too? >> that's a great question. let's hand him it a couple of ways. first of all, one of the problems with mexico is the differential tax treatment under the world trade organization. basically, mexico can repay the back tax, you don't hand him that with tariffs. you hand him that with a renegotiation of the tax part of the wto. the second thing is donald trump doesn't want to slap tariffs on anybody. ronald reagan didn't want to slap tariffs on anybody, but if they cheat us, he will do that. it's a negotiating tool. you have to understand the philosophy of the donald trump campaign and administration is to cut smart and good deals for the american people and hillary clinton hasn't done that yet. you have nafta, wto and south korean free trade agreement as the three worst trade deals in american history. she can spin all she wants about wanting good trade deals. the fact of the matter, she has a history. every time she's negotiate one, it's been a bad trade deal t. opening thing she said is --
9:24 am
>> listen, the time is going by and this is an attack on the past. >> one last thing, lourdes, you said. >> this is about the future. >> one quick, look, you said the trade deficit comes and goes and fluctuates. the fact of the matter is we have a $365 billion deficit with chinahat just keeps rising and our trade deficit is close to $800 billion a year. >> that isn't going away until we deal with our trade deals. >> laura, button that up for me. >> so, peter, rather than sort of talk about the past and about peter's. >> the past is now. >> no. see, i can't talk, peter is not letting me talk. so christine if you would like me to talk, i need to have the floor. >> and i need to rap. i'm against the wall. >> of course. you need to rap up. so all i would say is let us
9:25 am
focus on how we continue the momentum of the u.s. economy, which has been gaining momentum. we have been generating stronger job growth and strong wage growth for american workers. we need toook to the fu tu.the future is about innovati. it's about investment. it's about smart manufacturing. it's about clean alternative energy. it's about giving american workers child care and leave poise, so that american men and women can take on the jobs of the future. it is not about a critique of trade policies made under president clinton in the early, in the mid- to late-1990s. it is in the about that. this is about the future. hillary has been extremely clear on her position on trade. trade agreements need to be looked at. trade negotiation need to be looked at in terms of do they create jobs for americans? do they raise the rate of
9:26 am
americans, are they in the trade again da. >> spirited discussion. come back. we can argue about it. you were nice to each other in the commercial break. i know you must be friendsch thank you, i can them, only politic, folks, we expect to hear from democratic nominee clinton we will bring that you when she speaks. when she speaks. there is the stage there.
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address a group of reporters in walk. we will bring you those comments, cool's out on donald trump. harvard university's republican club is pulling off a first in its 128-year history. it will not endorse the party's nominee. 128-year history. the group released a scathing statement in which it says, quote, donald trump is a threat to the survivor of the public, his authoritarian tendencies and fascism are unparallelled. this vitriolic policies will hurt the economy. joining me is a president of the harvard club. decklen garvey, this is a big move. why did you and your party draik break from your nominee? >> thank you for having me on, christine. it's great to be here. we as a club have been mowing,
9:32 am
releasing a statement like this for quite some time. but what really spurred us to expedite the process is the past week post-convention comments about captain khan really. >> that was the tipping point. >> donald trump becoming someone we could not stand by and say nothing about. so what we did was on tuesday evening, the executive board and i, we sent an e-mail to all of our members asking them to respond. whether they, where they were on the state of the 2016 race and what they wanted the club to represent moving forward and the results of that survey cemented for us this was the correct path to take. >> i got to tell you, i think about being a young republican in college. for many of you, this is the most presidential vote you will ever cast, you started in a primary season with so many names. you probably had the i heart rubio crowd, jeb is the best crowd. all of these people excited about the primary season in the race to come. in the end you can't stand by
9:33 am
your candidate. tell me a little about that roller coaster. >> yeah, it's been i voted for the first time in the 2014 mid-ters. this will be my presidential election probably for a a lot of the club's members. we held a straw poll, in the fall, half of us were for jeb bush, half with marco rubio, a few with carley fiorina thrown in, between those three candidates when they dropped out, we started to question what we were going to do moving forward and how we were going to address this. >> so what kind of i don't know moral pretzel making are you going to have to do to vote for hillary clinton. will you as a young voter cast your ballot for a democrat? >> i, speaking for myself. i have fought made that decision yet. i don't know how i will vote in
9:34 am
the presidential race this year. i do know that i and the harvard republican club will be focusing our efforts on down ballot races, particularly kelly aiott in new hampshire, a harvard alum in new york. we will be active getting our members out to campaign events and door knocking, things like that. >> that's an important part of democracy. no question. getting people turned out and getting people engaged in the process, we thank you for that. declan garvey, best of luck to you, thank you so much is there thank you for having me. >> you are welcome. up next, all officers against the freddie grey case dropped. case closed, right? then why are the officer's lawyers still on the job? we will hear from them next. plus we will show you newly revealed secret fbi footage of the baltimore protests. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ♪ [ crowd cheers ]
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>> all right. we will go live, hillary clinton is speaking to a gathering of journalists. let's listen in. >> how hard it's been to get back on their feet in an economy that is still not working the way we all want to see it and barriers of systemic racism makes that harder. now i believe president obama does not get the credit he deserves for leading us out of the great recession. and i'd like to remind people he had nothing to do with createing it in the first place. he came into office in this worst of all financial crises since the great depression was handed to him and i think if you fairly look at the record, you have to conclude his leadership
9:40 am
saved us from a great depression. so as bad as things became, 9 million jobs lost, 5 million homes lost, 13 trillion in family wealth wiped out. as bad as it was, there was no telling how far down we would have gone without his leadership. so we are out of the ditch that we were in and now weech got to do even more. we got to build on the progress we've made. 15 million new jobs in the last seven.5 years. 20 million people now have health insurance who did not have it before he became president. so we've got to have the will and the plans toke to move forward. that's why i proposed a comprehensive new commitment to african-american and latino communities to make serious
9:41 am
sustained investments to create more good paying jobs, to help families build and rebuild wealth. to support black and latino-owned small businesses, for me, these aren't just economic issues. they're a part of a long continuing struggle for civil rights. rosa parks opened up every seat on the bus now we've got to expand economic opportunities so everyone can afford the fare. and we have to make sure the bus route reaches every neighborhood and connects families with safe affordable housing and good jobs. sylvia mendez and rubie bridges helped desegregate our schools, now we have to have the family afford the books and computer access the kids need to learn in the 21st century. so in my first 100 days as president, we will work with both parties to pass the biggest investment in new, good paying
9:42 am
jobs since world war ii. >> that includes jobs in manufacturing, clean energy, technology and innovation. small businesses, and infrastructure. if we invest in infrastructure now, we will not only create jobs today, we will lay the foundation for the jobs of the future. >> hillary clinton at the national association of hispanic journalists in washington, d.c., she is talking about infrastructure, donald trump pushing an infrastructure plan. we will look more on that on monday. we will go to hillary clinton when she makes more news, we get a quick break right now.
9:43 am
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9:46 am
>> the u.s. received footage the fbi kept secret for more than a year. this is a crowd of openingry protesters marking in baltimore, may, 2015, after the police custody death of freddie grey. some were recorded in day time like you are seeing here. others were shot at night using infrared night vision
9:47 am
technology. the fbi, civil liberties advocates are concerned about privacy and the fbi using sophisticated spy equipment. the fbi says it was watching the protests for signs of rioting. we are hearing some of the police officers cleared of wrong-doing in the freddie grey case. those are speaking say they want to get back on the job that they have concerns. cnn's jean casarez, has more concerns. >> as it stands, all are dismissed, there are acquittals, those are in administrative review, the montgomery county police department that could result in sanctions or firing from the police department. but their attorneys say now the gag order is lifted, they want
9:48 am
to speak out. listen to this. >> because, quite frankly, we beginning of this incident, none of us were speaking to the press, despite numerous requests, because we had no intention of trying our case in the press. it would have been wildly inappropriate. but we have lots to say. we knew lots of information that we couldn't disclose, we couldn't discuss and of course i understand that, but it was frustrating to watch the coverage when only one side was providing information and we knew that, you know, our jobs were going to be in the courtroom and that's the way it should be, but it is a lesson learned, that there is always more to this story. >> and the defense attorneys say they learned about so much information, they said potentially exculpatory, that the prosecution wasn't handing over. an example they tell me is there was a meeting between the detective and freddie grey months before he died, where it was obvious that freddie grey
9:49 am
had a medical issue. listen to this. >> that his back appeared to be giving him problems. he slouched over in a chair. >> that he apparently was having back problems. the officer in that case when he realized what had happened to mr. grey in april of 2015, were to report and he gave that report to the states hearing. >> that report made its way up the chain in the state attorneys office all the way to at least the deputy level. we don't know how far that report made its way. it certainly made its way up to the top. that report was never given to us. we never saw that report. we found ultimately that report, ours, through the course of our own investigation. >> and i was in court and i did hear prosecutors finally say they did have that report and it would be given to the defense. while the attorneys say they were going through this, we asked for a comment from the state attorney's office. they said at this point they do have no comment, but the office officer, themselves, they say
9:50 am
they went through lot, too, listen. >> i can tell you walking into court with officers, people yelled killer cop, yemd ayelled at us. yes, ma'amed at him. it's scary, that being said, he's obviously wants to continue policing in baltimore city. he is hope. he can get back on the street and do the job that he loves, but, yeah, now it's concerning, of course. >> so what now? the attorneys tell me this is not over. they do say at least one complaint has been filed with the attorney grievance committee on marlin moseby. it could lead to sanctions or disbarment. marlin moseby still firm in her support of freddie grey, he was a victim if her mind and the prosecution was very warranted. >> jean, thank you for that. all right, breaking news
9:51 am
right now on cnn, police officer all over the country are being warned that a just released police video might trigger a violent public reaction. this warning comes from chicago. the video is of at shooing. a fatal police shooting of an unarmed black teenager law enforcement admits was against department policy. this shooting happened just about eight days ago, so a swift release of this video, and a warning that it is troubling and could cause protests. cnn's rosa flores is here. rosa, you have seen that video. we have not aired that video. describe for me what is in this video and why this very official warning from police about what it might prompt? >> reporter: well, christine, i've got to tell you, i have not seen all of the video. it's not just one video. it is several videos we leased by chicago authorities. now, what i can tell you is that it is very intense and it is
9:52 am
very shocking. the video that i have seen so far. you see police officers drawing their weapons, firing their weapons, multiple times in the middle of a neighborhood in broad daylight. so that's very shocking as you are watching this, because you see the weapons being discharged over and over at a black car. now, paul o'neal, the 18-year-old in this case was inside that vehicle. now, we don't see the fatal shots, that is not caught on video we are told by authority. we have not seen that so far. >> that is probably the most shocking part of this entire exchange, but that was not caught on video. now, according to police, they say that the officer's body cam was either not working, it was not turned off or somehow out of commission at that point in time. that's one of the big controversies of this particular case. there is another big
9:53 am
controversy. >> that is, according to police report here, department policy was also violated. i'll get to that in just a moment. what led up to that fatal shot. >> that again is not caught on video. sheer what we know from police. so according to police, they recognized a black jaguar as a car that had been stolen. o'neal was inside that vehicle. now what you see in these videos, in these body cams and dash cams is that this black car is approaching police officers. now as he's approaching those police officer, that's when you see those police officers discharging their weapon. according to police, they discharged them six-to-seven on the first range of fire being discharged and about five times the second time that police officers discharged their weapons. again, that fatal shot is not caught on camera. i want to bring in jamal green.
9:54 am
he is the spokesperson for the family. first of all, jamal, thank you so much for talking to us and let me start with the family, how is the family doing? they just viewed this shocking video. what was their reaction? >> when the family first came to me, they were already hurt. i mean, they wanted help on what to do with the case and help in hiring legal council and talking to the city to see how they can get justice for paul o'neal, today we were here with his mother along with his sister and his lawyer michael oppenheimer, that they watched the graphic video and they can only take so much. once the gunshots started, they immediately left the room, were crying, breaking down, saying they can't be here, they can't watch it, they have to leave. so we had to take them out. get them home to get themselvess together. because this is very heart breaking for them to see their
9:55 am
son and their brother go the way. >> >> reporter: now, this is not the first time chicago goes through this. of course we had the laquan mcdonald shooting and the shocking video of the 16 shots fired by a police officer. now we see this, again as a local activist, brigg attention to these cases, do you see progress in the chicago police department? a seen that things are going to get better? >> you know what, they're still getting wins. the community is not getting what they want. we asked for body cameras. we got body cameras. when they shoot us, the body cameras aren't working. we still have a lot of work to do. i'm very interested and continuing to pressure the chicago police as well as the city to get this training in order, to use this equipment properly, to make sure that these officers make it through their learning curve and start using their body cameras and making sure they're on it at all
9:56 am
type types. >> reporter: jamming a, thank you, i appreciate it. the body camera, the police officer that was not functioning, that is the police officer who was inside a vehicle that was rammed by rammed by the black jaguar paul aneil was driving. police are saying we don't know if he didn't turn the camera on or something malfunctioned because that car hit the police cruiser. >> rosa flores, thank you for that. we continue to sift through all of that video. we will bring it when and if it's appropriate. now i want to go back to that hillary clinton vent in washington, d.c. let's listen in to the democratic presidential candidate. >> all these steps to help mobilize the latino community to the polls, many who still believe that their vote was taken for granted in 28, 2012 and then we have the e-mails from wikileaks saying that i are
9:57 am
the loyalty brand of the party. >> well, look, i think that the president was committed to immigration reform. it's one of the reasons we bought the the bipartisan bill passed in the senate. and what we didn't get, though, was enough political pressure to turn that bill into a voting issue in the 2010 mid-term electi election. people turned out to vote for the presidential elections and then often don't for mid-term elections. so we lost. we lost a lot of the leverage, because we lost the house of representatives. so nothing happened easily or quickly modern politics in america. as i have said, we are not going to be deporting hard working people and break up families. i have been on record for a year-and-a-half about this.
9:58 am
and that will be how i direct the department of homeland security to act. we are going to push on immigration reform and i will need not only a considerable vote in november but i will need people across our country to make it clear to their elected representatives that they are going to be held accountable for how they are going to act on immigration reform. if we put enough organizing and political effort into this, i am opt mick. and i believe we can get this done, but it won't happen simply because we want it and i can only say that i will give you my very befrts and i will do everything i can to help elect a democratic senate and i have already talked to some of my former colleagues in the senate. this will be fast tracked. we already know what can pass the senate. it happened just a few years
9:59 am
ago. if we then put enough pressure on the house and do everything we can to really force them to have to take what the senate passes, i think the outcome will be very different this time. that's my goal. that's what i will do every time to achieve. >> madam secretary. your poll numbers went way up this week, and yet the e-mail controversy was still in the headlines. so i wanted to give you the opportunity to respond, this week, you told two separate news organizations that fbi director james comey says quote my answers were truthful and what i said is consistent with what i have told the american people. >> that assertion as you know has been debunked by multiple news organizations, which point out that director comey did say there is no indication that you lied to the fbi, but he didn't weigh in on whether or notou were truthful to the american people. sopy question for you is, are you mischaracterizing director comey's testimony and is this not undercutting your efforts to
10:00 am
rebuild trust with the american people? >> look, chris, i appreciate your asking that because i was pointing out on in both of those instances, that the director comey had said that my answers in my fbi interview were truthful. that's really the bottom line here. and i have said during the interview and on many other occasions over the past months, that what i told the fbi, which he said was truthful is consistent with what i have said publicly. so i may have short sirktd acir and for that i will try to clarify, because i think chris wallace and i were talking past each other. of course he could opening talk to what i had told the fbi and i appreciated that. now, i have acknowledged repeatedly that using two e-mail accounts was a mistake a


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