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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  August 6, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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lime light. >> he was sending text messages to an actress. >> and ruled the streets. >> they put more dope on the streets of the united states than any other car tell. >> got shorty inside the chase for el chapo. >> inside the chase airs tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. >> lots more news to tell you about this morning. >> your next hour of newsroom starts right now. i support and endorse our speaker of the house, paul ryan. >> i may have short circuited and for that, you know, will try to clarify. >> newly released dash and body camera videos show the dramatic moments leading up to a deadly police shooting in chicago. the officer who fired the fatal shot was wearing a body camera,
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but it was not recording. investigators are trying to figure out why. good morning from copacabana beach, got to go to the opening ceremony last night. still pinching myself that i was there. only got three hours of sleep, but i woke up still doing the samba. we're going to talk about it and show you some of the highlights coming up. welcome to saturday. take a nice deep breath. made it to the weekend. >> good to be with you. "cnn newsroom" begins right now. ahead this hour, finally, the summer games begin. >> we're going to show you some of the best moments of the opening ceremony, what we need to watch for today. dozens of gold medlals are up fr grabs. live from rio, as you saw there, coy wire. >> reporter: good morning, one of those medals can be won by american swimmer chase culease.
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chase is chasing gold. we'll have his story and more coming up on newsroom. donald trump is making it about face backing down and endorsing paul ryan. >> the thing is, the timing here, because it comes after a week of trump going off message very publicly nwanting to inendorse ryan and mccain and feuding with the family of the u.s. soldier who died in iraq. talk to us more about what trump said overnight. >> reporter: many inside the gop have said that donald trump would do well to focus his energy on hillary clinton and lastnecto night he did that. he called her the queen of
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corruption. this past week his criticism of clinton was overshadowed by controversy. falling poll number and battles within his own party. a couple days ago trump said he wasn't quite ready to endorse paul ryan john mccain and kelly ayotte. he said he was never a big fan of john mccain. that ruffled plenty of feathers within the party. trump was in wisconsin without many of the big name republicans who were from that state. so yesterday's endorsement of mccain, ryan and ayotte is a big 180 and a tightly scripted effort to bring some party unity. >> in our shared mission, to make america great again, i support and endorse our speaker of the house, paul ryan. and while i'm at it, i hold in the highest esteem senator john
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mccain. for his service to our country in uniform and in public office, and i fully support and endorse his reelection. i also fully support and endorse senator kelly ayotte of new hampshire. >> reporter: ryan and mccain have both publicly disagreed with trump on several issues in the past. both have maintained their endorsement of him. ayotte has said she's supporting the party's nominee but hasn't formally endorsed trump himself. trump will be in her home state of new hampshire for a rally later tonight. a lot of people will be looking to see what trump actually says about ayotte, if anything, because she is one of the most endangered republicans up for reelection this fall. and right now, both her and donald trump are trailing in the polls in new hampshire. >> yeah, and that's a state that at one point he was doing very
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well in. thank you so much. let's bring in jason johnson, politics editor of the let's start with the endorsements. why did donald trump endorse at the end of the week when very little had changed since he was reluctant to endorse at the start of the week? >> pivot, pivot like a basketball player he's got to pivot. he had caused too many fights with too many different people. you the megwhitman saying i'm not going to give money to your campaign. he had to do something to pivot off of his self-inflicted injuries. that's why he read that strained endorsement. you can tell, whenever donald trump doesn't want to do something that's when he's reading it off paper. when he's being himself he's spontaneous. >> let's talk about the value of this endorsement. in a primary cycle when endorsements didn't help his competitors. what's the impact of a trump endorsement in new hampshire, in
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wisconsin, in arizona? >> i don't think it does anything for kelly ayotte. i think she's going to lose in new hampshire. it doesn't matter for paul ryan. he's speaker of the house. he's doing a good job. he was not in any danger. it could end up helping john mccain. but the issue is going to be, it's not just donald trump reading something off a piece f offof paper and pretending he cares. will they campaign together? that is going to be more porn important. >> let's talk about ohio governor john kasich and what he told jake tapper about potentially voting for donald trump, watch. >> i wish i could be fuelie enthusiastic. i can't be. i don't know what's going to happen at the end. >> what does donald trump need to do to get you to vote for him? you've said you'll never vote for hillary clinton. is there any way that donald trump can change?
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>> it's so much water over the dam it's become increasingly difficult. i want unifying. i want -- i think i've been clear about -- there was a speech i made called two paths. you can operate on the dark side of the street or you can operate in the light. i believe that america needs people to operate in the light. plain and simple. >> what's stopping john kasich from saying i won't vote for donald trump? instead of what seems like a hedge, i don't see how i get there. we don't know what the bridge will be. i don't foresee it happening? >> he just called him darth vader, he's like there's the light side and the dark in the republican party, clearly he thinks trump is on the dark side. john kasich doesn't want to endorse donald trump. he probably won't. he's one of those politicians like ted cruz who is probably going to hold off and should trump lose come back and say i told you so and i'm ready for 2020. this is why this matters.
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it's not just about pers personalities and egos, donald trump has to win ohio to win the presidency. when his campaign is making phone calls to the kasich team in columbus and saying can we get the voting and funding list it's clear that john kasich isn't going to help. on a approximapractical level to be fixed. >> do we have the sound bite talking about short circuiting? >> i may have short circuited and for that i will try to clarify, because i think chris wallace and i were probably talking past each other. because of course, he could only talk to what i had told the fbi. and i appreciate it. i have acknowledged repeatedly that using two e-mail accounts was a mistake. and i take responsibility for that. >> hillary clinton yesterday in a room full of journalists
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talking about this interview with chris wallace on fox news in which she said that director comey of the fbi during his testimony said she'd been truthful with the american public about her character za s characterization of the e-mail server. you wrote a piece both secretary clinton and the journalists in the room blew it how? >> yeah, basically, the biggest mistake that hillary clinton made is she's talking to the national association of black journalists, the national association of hispanic journalists, her job is to speak to these groups, there are plenty of things african-american and latino journalists do. they have the ears of community she needs to hear to win. she wanted to talk about economic empowerment and not the things black and latinojournalists do. i don't think that hillary clinton's e-mail scandal is a top 30 issue to more black or latino voters. if he had more of an opportunity to ask her tougher questions
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about immigration, criminal justice it would have been more productive. >> how long does this stay with her if she does not acknowledge what fact checkers have said, he indeed did not say that what she said in public about using only one device, about not sending or receiving any classified material at the time it was sent or received, that those statements were not true? >> right. hillary clinton is either hard of hearing or she's lying. but here's the thing, victor, this scandal only lasts until the next time donald trump shoots himself in the foot. these are the kinds of things hillary clinton could be held accountable for just like asking questions about her south american policy and she's getting off scott free because her competition keeps sucking up the air. it's not enough of a drag to keep her from a seven point lead. >> as you said, the controversy over the e-mail will stick with
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her. let's watch what the trump campaign released overnight. >> extremely careless. e-mail system was breached by hostile actors. gross negligence. hillary clinton put our national security at risk. and she's still lying. director comey said my answers were truthful. >> that's not true. >> even "the washington post" says hillary clinton lied comparing her to pinnochio. >> i may have short circuited and for that -- >> careless. >> you see the statement there, from that event yesterday. does this not, if not playing specifically into the e-mail saga, but the narrative and the results from the latest polls showing 2/3 of americans still find her to be untrustworthy and dishonest? >> right. well, you know, there was a study done in '96 about her husband. is he trustworthy enough? people don't trust hillary clinton but they seem to think
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she's trustworthy enough or more reliable than donald trump. i think the e-mail scandal is going to last. is it something as bad as say, donald trump asking for russians to hack into the dnc? is it as bad as donald trump attacking a gold star family or the possibility of his tax returns coming out. the scandal as of right now big enough or connected to anything to drag her down. unfortunately that's allowed hillary clinton to get away with continuing to lie because she can't seem to get in enough trouble for this issue with her competition doing work. >> yeah, her unfavorables are high and so are his. jason johnson, thanks so much. >> thanks, victor. the race between hillary clinton and donald trump could come down to just a few states. and colorado, you're one of them. we'll take a look at their different strategies to win over key battle ground states. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals.
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and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. be the you who talks to your dermatologist about stelara®. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
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the election could whittle down to just a few key spring states. one of them is colorado. this is a place where more than a third of voters consider themselves independent. and as kyung law looked into this she noticed hillary clinton and donald trump are using different strategies to try to engage people on the ground there. >> reporter: in the battle ground state of colorado, the ground war. >> i'm getting people registered to vote. >> reporter: taking aim with augmented and real politics. they're playing pokemon go to register voters and using other
7:17 am
attention getting draws. a cello? >> a cello. you have to be unique, especially in a battle ground state. >> reporter: this year the state is showing signs of leaning democratic. some recent polls give hillary clinton a double digit lead. another potential advantage, since 2012, democrats have registered more voters than republicans. and the ranks of latino voters continues to grow up to 15.3%. higher than the national average. 14 clinton campaign offices are up and running in the state, hundreds of workers are on the pay roll. the operation expected today triple by early october. >> we're not going to take anything for granted. for us our game is critical. >> reporter: democrats have spent $5.6 million on colorado tv ads, trump supporters have spent $232,000. the clinton camp now polling tv ads saying trump isn't on the
7:18 am
air waves or on the pavement. >> are you seeing the trump operation out there? >> no, i haven't. >> reporter: the trump plan in colorado is far different. yes, there are some workers knocking on doors, but only a handful are on the pay roll most are volunteers. the trump campaign has just five offices relying instead on an extensive republican national state and local network in place since 2013. the campaign, not worried about being out gunned in the traditional ground game. >> her game plan is the same old tired worn out paradigm we've seen for years and years. trump brings a brand-new level of energy. colorado will be decided in large by a group of people in the middle of america. >> reporter: colorado, more than one third of voters are registered independents like mark saban. he sports trump. >> i will do it as an independent. i will contribute directly to donald trump. i do not contribute to the gop. >> reporter: loyalty to trump, not party, and x factor not lost
7:19 am
on both sides. and with both candidates having high unfavorability numbers it's leaving some independent voters uncertain of which way they'll go in november. >> i'm not sure i want either of them as president. >> reporter: how are you going to decide? >> i don't know, lesser of two evils. >> that's something we heard from a number of independents here in the state, especially those leaning towards clinton. they know what they don't like. they now want something to like. kyung law, cnn, denver. all right. big news from rio the u.s. secured its first gold medal of the games. we're a few hours in now? which category? which game? next.
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the u.s. has struck gold. the first of the rio games. >> american jenny thrasher living gold in the rifle. 11 more medals are up for grabs today. we have chris froom. >> kevin durant take on china in basketball. and chase kalisz comes back from a coma to compete.
7:24 am
coy, first gold medal. >> reporter: victor, a 19-year-old is the first one claiming gold for the u.s., how awesome. jenny thrasher, west virginia university. she claims it in the ten meter air rifle. this is her first olympics. and bleacher report named her as one of the 11 team phenoms we need today watch in rio. now we know why. let's talk about something else that's a big story line. michael phelps, i was at the opening ceremony last night. he was the flag bearer for the usa. he cried when he was given that honor to be the flag bearer. this is his fifth and final games. he has 22 medals already. he said he's feeling the best he ever has. what else do we have to look forward to? another one of the greatest athletes to ever walk the planet, usain bolt can he make it a triple triple?
7:25 am
he's won in two previous olympics, his toughest competition is going to be american justin gatlin. i got an exclusive interview with him. hear what he had to say when i asked him about bolt's comments saying gatlin would feel his wrath. >> i'm going to come and just do what i need to do, which is, you know, run, enjoy myself, and make my way through the finals and get on top of the podium and represent usa. that's what i'm here for. >> reporter: this may be the last time you can have to go against usain bolt. >> i haven't thought about it t. i'm going to go out and do what i need to do. it's olympics it's special, i got to make sure i'm ready. >> reporter: that's going to be one to watch. don't blink or you'll miss it. go justin, go. swimming kicks off tonight, too. you mentioned american chase kalisz, he can medal in the 400.
7:26 am
he's one of the favorites for gold. he's gone from being in a coma at eight years old when he was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease to an olympian getting chance to shine tonight. here is chase talking about the months he spent in a hospital. >> i definitely remember the miserable parts like laying in a hospital bed and i had vent alater and a feeding tube. if my body got move it was an excruciating amount of pain. >> reporter: a lot of people to cheer for, especially celebrating now, jenny thrasher has tweeted out a picture of her on the podium. accepting the gold medal. how awesome is this a 19-year-old is the first to claim gold for the u.s. many more to come i do believe. >> great moment. first one is usually the most difficult. all right. thanks so much, coy.
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>> reporter: you're welcome. critics blasting donald trump's list of economic advisors, there are no women they say and only one economist. guess what, we're talking to that economist next, live. know what a computer is.t u you see a keyboard that can just, get out of the way. and a screen you can touch. and even write on. when you see a computer that can do all that, it might just make you wonder... hey, what else can it do? ♪ at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone.
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good saturday morning to you at 10:30 now. >> welcome back to the "cnn newsroom." donald trump ending a four day endorsement stanceoff of sorts. and now publicly backing house speaker paul ryan and senator john mccain in their reelection bids. >> in our shared mission to make america great again, i support and endorse our speaker of the house, paul ryan.
7:31 am
paul ryan. good. it's a good man. he's a good man and he's a good guy. i hold in the highest esteem senator john mccain. for his service to our country and i fully support and endorse his reelection. >> trump also endorses senator kelly ayotte in new hampshire there. he campaigns in that state later today. >> the republican candidate is also revealing his list of economic advisors, the group is full of industry executives from finance and real estate. it is getting criticism for being light on economists and not including any women in the list. let's talk to peter navarro. he is one of the economic policy advisors and a professor of economics at university of california, irvine. >> how are y'all this morning?
7:32 am
>> thank you. great to have you with us. one of the star criticisms, one of the things that stood out to people as they looked at the list, there was the absence of a woman on it. do you think there's a chance that perhaps a female may be added later? >> of course. but the real issue here, come on, let's talk about the real issue, which is trade and jobs and getting our economy going again. and, the people that mr. trump has put together, diverse group. and we're going to get the job done. the trump trade doctrine which is what i think we should be talking about is pretty clear. mr. trump's a free trader. he's going to trade with any country so long as it makes three criteria. it's got to decrease our trade deficit and strengthen our manufacturing base. that's what we're all about. that's what the american people want to be talking about. jobs, trade, the economy.
7:33 am
and, you know, i got involved in this campaign because i support mr. trump. but i also have been so disillusioned with hillary clinton short circuiting our economy, short changing the american worker. with her bad trade deals going back 23 years. and if i may just say, you start with nafta in 1993, she and her husband, bill, promised 200,000 new jobs and we're down already 700,000 jobs. short circuited the economy. short changed the workers. the worst one, i did a movie about this, it's called death by china. there's a priceless clip from bill clinton in that movie where he promises basically that we're going to make stuff here and sell it over in china. and, of course, just the opposite thing happened when china joined the world trade organization with the clinton's support in 2001. we have lost over 70,000 factories. we've got over 20 million people who can't find a good job at a
7:34 am
decent wage. which is what this election is about. short circuiting the truth, short changing the american worker. the south korean free trade agreement that is all hers as secretary of state. she went out asia, basically lobbying for that. she got it. she promised 70,000 new jobs, instead we've gotten 75,000 jobs lost. more importantly we've seen a doubling of our trade deficit with south korea. again, short circuiting our economy, short circuiting, short changing the workers. >> peter the jobs report that just came out was very promising. comparatively. >> that's a great comment. i looked -- i'm a macro economist i dove deeply into it. here's what grabbed me there. there's certainly called a job participation rate which is really important. because when barack obama took office in january of 2009, it
7:35 am
was about 66%. and it had been that way for years. and over the last eight years we've seen this ski slope going down to the 62%, 63% rate where it's remained stuck. why is that important? those are the people, that's a proxy for more than 20 million people who are long term unemployed that are not being counted in those phony statistics and that low employment rate. and then the other thing that came out that day was the trade deficit numbers we saw an unexpected jump yet get in a trade deficit which is over $700 billion a year. $1 billion a day alone with china the biggest cheater on the planet. again, china is cheating us because the clintons made it possible. this is what this election needs to be about. >> i'm assuming we'll hear more about this on monday. >> looking forward to that speech. >> what he wants to do with the
7:36 am
middle class. when we look at the big named financiers who are on the list. this is one of the other concerns i think for some people. you've got a couple of hedge fund guys private equity firm leaders, real estate ceo, bank execs, is that not a risk for him in the sense he is targeting hillary clinton and her ties to wall street, then you look at the list of people here, does it dilute that message to him? >> not at all. these are the smartest people that you can find and put together. that's what donald trump does. conspicuously absent on that list, ceos of multinational corporations that have benefitted from off shoring our production to places like china and mexico. you know, donald trump is going to be in detroit on monday talking about the auto industry. let's take nafta for a minute. >> i'm sorry, i don't mean to get off topic but we only have a couple seconds left. i wanted to ask you, you know,
7:37 am
it seems like so many of these advisors are people who come from significant wealth, on one hand you can say wow -- >> i am the out lier. >> there are a lot of donald trump supporters who are in the middle class and say these guys don't know anything about my life how are they going to help me? >> i think donald trump and donald trump jr. answered that question in cleveland. this is man who relates to american workers, this is a man who is a billionaire yet humble. who cares as much about a brick layer as anything. and that's not a concern. i think the other thing that struck me in cleveland when i was there was when donald trump said that the people you want to figure out how to unrig the game are the people who understand how that game has been rigged. and i would say that dan demico
7:38 am
is one of the smartest people i've ever met he was the ceo of new corp steel. he's been at the front lines for 20 years at china's basically stealing our jobs. so people are in good hands with that team. >> we appreciate you being here. look forward to what donald trump has to say on monday about his policy thank you so much. it's been called a violation of protocol. chicago police blasting its own for this. [ gunshots ] >> that's tough video to watch. miguel marquez is following the latest. >> reporter: police in chicago are on high alert and police across the country because of that video. we will tell you why in just a few minutes. let's go meet them soon. in person, we could read the room. on the phone, you're just a voice. yeah, i'm good.
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new video showing the shooting of an unarmed black teen in chicago. sparking outrage beyond that community. now across the country. we're going to show you the video, first, a warning, it can be quite difficult to watch. [ gunshots ] you saw it there on your screen this high speed chase and then the shots fired. police are trying to take down a teenager they believe stole a car. now an independent police review of the panel called the scene
7:43 am
shocking and disturbing our national correspondent miguel marquez joins me now. what else have they learned after reviewing the video and releasing it. >> reporter: police are saying that what appears in that video or happened during the incident did not follow departmental regulations. that is raising the red flag of concern for chicago police department and police agencies across the country. the video is confusing. this is a body camera from one of the officers, runs ten minutes in total. i want to play you that piece you just showed and walk you through it a bit. [ gunshots ] after you hear the first volley of shots, there's 15 shots fired, then just before, just as the car goes across the intersection and crashes into a police car you hear one other shot. that police say was the fatal
7:44 am
shot of paul o'neil. he was shot in the back while running unarmed from that police officer. one other curious thing about that situation is that the police officer who fired the fatal shot from the vehicle that hit the jaguar that mr. o'neil was in, his body camera was not operational to capture the moment at which mr. o'neil was shot. or what led up to why he would fire his weapon at somebody who was unarmed and running away from him. this is the scene -- i want to play you a little bit of this a few minutes later in the back yard where they apprehended mr. o'neil. in this you see the police officers holding his head down, one has his foot on his leg, on his back you can see the red, the blood starting to come out of mr. o'neil's back from where he was shot.
7:45 am
in parts of this video, you can hear police officers talking to each other saying was he shooting at us? he shot at me so i shot him. i'm going to get put on, you know, on departmental hold for the next 30 days or so. the reality was, he didn't have a gun, there were no shots fired. police were the only ones who ever fired a shot. the lawyer for the o'neil family says that the police acted as judge, jury and executioner in this situation. the police try to come out to hold a press conference in front of their police station, the department in chicago, here's how that went. >> no need to say anything. there's no need for him to say anything. >> reporter: police superintendent was shut down by protesters at chicago pd before he could even speak. he retreated went back inside. all of this leading to chicago
7:46 am
pd to put out a bulletin nationally, an extraordinary bulletin that says in part, the video of a recent officer involved shooting was determined to violate their department policy. the footage will show an unarmed african-american male who had engaged with police with only his vehicle. he was shot in the back and at some point during the encounter the subject's wounds were fatal. chicago pd anticipates civil unrest. that went out to all police agencies across the country because of this video. chicago now bracing because of a 2014 incident in which laquan mcdonald was shot walking away from police. that video took over a year to come out. this took a week to come out. the city of chicago on edge. >> thank you so much. just ahead, some new information that we're getting about driving while distracted. this is really serious.
7:47 am
because i know it seems like a minor infraction possibly. but the consequences can be deadly here. kelly wallace has one family's tragic story. she's with us. also, summer olympics underway in rio de janeiro. it's celebration of sport. its ability to inspire. this week's cnn hero understands how powerful that inspiration can be. scotsman davie duke was homeless when soccer or as he calls it football, motivated him to transform his life. now he's doing the same for thousands of others. >> when you're homeless, you lose more than just the roof over your head. you lose your dignity. your self-esteem. you isolate yourself. football gives you a place where you belong. constance, fitness. friendships. it got me my life back. >> he uses soccer to give thousands of people their lives back. go to
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a teen crashed her truck into a power pole in california. here's the thing, just the day before, this was caught on a police body cam in baltimore. can you see it there? can we drop the -- >> a man hits a parked police car, then just keeps driving. his response when police stopped him? this is what i get for playing that game. yeah. police say both drivers were playing pokemon go. kelly wallace has more on the danger and sometimes devastating consequences of distracted driving. >> amber was a perfect mom, she loved kids, i loved kids, we were going to have more kids. it was the high of life. we were settled, loving what we did. raising a family and breaking ground on a new home.
7:53 am
in a blink of an eye our world changed. >> reporter: on june 30th, 2014, andrea took her darling girls, then 11 months and four years old, for a bike ride right near their home in rural minnesota. her husband, matt, was doing some dangerous work on the family's farm. >> i had a two way radio that kept in contact with one of my guys to keep me safe, you know. and all of a sudden over the two way mom said matt where are you. i could hear in her voice right away. she said andrea and the girls were in an accident. >> 911 what is your emergency? >> reporter: what was that like and you get to the hospital and see claire? >> it was something i'll never forget. because i was told she's okay. so it was horrible. no parent should have to go through that. >> reporter: what do you tell the girls? >> for any parent to go to their
7:54 am
4-year-old and their 11 month old and say mommy's in heaven, is something that's been the hardest part. >> reporter: a driver, chris weber, a south dakota national guardsman and father of two, admitted he decided to make a payment on his phone. he says he looked down at his phone and heard a thud. he says he never saw andrea and the girls. >> i feel number one because i was on my phone. i was distracted that day. >> i knew he was on his phone. a guy told me that. even before i got to the scene, i knew it. it's tough. it's so preventible. i mean, we are addicted to our phones. anything can happen. and that anything happened to us. >> reporter: such a tragedy. every day more than aikt people are killed due to distracted driving. and safety advocates now believe that about one quarter of all
7:55 am
crashes are related to some distraction involving a phone. to give you a sense of how dangerous it is, just looking a quick glance at the phone or at a text, driving on the highway, is the equivalent to basing the length of a football field with your eyes off the road. >> wow. all right. kelly wallace, boy, great information there. thank you so much. she's got her special coming up, driving while distracted. it airs this afternoon at 2:30 eastern here on cnn. we want to thank you so much for spending some time with us this morning. >> five hours together. >> maybe lots of time. >> there's much more ahead in the next hour of cnn's newsroom with fredricka whitfield. she joins us after this break.
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