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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  August 6, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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ahead in the newsroom and it all starts right now. hello again and thank you for joining me. i'm fredicka whitfield. donald trump has had a change of heart. the republican presidential can date now endorsing house speaker paul ryan and throwing his support behind john mccain and kelly ayotte. trump making the announcement last week. earlier this week trump said he was not quite there yet when asked if he would endorse ryan. his decision comes after a rough campaign stretch when he's seed his poll numbers fall and his fellow republicans telling him to stay on message. scott, these endorsements is that a step toward that, unification of the party? >> absolutely. donald trump quoted former
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president ronald reagan to make the point about unity and growing the gop tent. a lot of republicans want donald trump to stay on message, stay focused on hillary clinton, and he seemed to do that upping his rhetoric calling her the queen of corruption. but his krcriticism this week w overshadowed. he ruffled a lot of feathers. this surprise endorsement was a big reverse until one way to end a bad week by stamping out at least one controversy. >> in your shared mission to make america great again i support and endorse our speaker of the house, paul ryan.
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paul ryan. good. good man. he's a good man and a good guy. and we may disagree on a couple of things, but mostly we agree and we're kboin to get it done and do a lot of wonderful things. >> now, trump followed up by endorsing john mccain obviously and kelly ayotte. mccain is a guy that trump said just a few days ago he was never a big fan of. now ryan and mccain have both publicly endorsed donald trump but they've also made no secret about publicly disagreeing with him. kelly ayotte for her part hasn't formally endorsed donald trump but she supports the party's nominee. she's trailing in the polls in new hampshire for her reelection bid in the senate. he's one of the most endangered republicans who's up for reelection this year. trump is going to be in here state later on tonight and a lot of people will be listening
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closely to see what he has to say about her if anything. >> thanks so much. let's talk more about that, donald trump endorsing house speaker paul ryan and senator john mccain and kelly ayotte. joining me now, tara democratic and mike shields, a former chief of staff for the republican national committee. good to see all of you. all right. mike, you first. does it matter whether it seemed genuine or authentic or not for donald trump to throw his support now behind paul ryan and john mccain? >> well, first of all, i run a super pac that is affiliated with paul ryan and we did a poll in his primary and he's crushing his opponent that you had on television earlier. in our poll he was up 69/20. i see polls where he's winning more. i don't think paul ryan sought donald trump's endorsement. >> so you don't see paul nehlen
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as a big threat and the issue about whether donald trump was throwing support behind nehlen and now an aboutface, kwau ear disputing that? >> donald trump endorsed paul ryan and it's good for fim this do that. my point is it's not going to have any effect on the race. i don't think paul ryan sought his endorsement. the voters in the first district of wisconsin are going to overwhelmingly vote in the speaker of the house. he's a new candidate and one of the lessons he's having to learn over and over again is that politics is a team sport. donald trump needs paul ryan at this point more than paul ryan needs donald trump. that's playing out over and over again. you saw ted cruz get booed out of the convention because politics is a team sport. people want to see these leaders work together. it isn't an individual sport where you do it on your own.
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donald trump is going to have to continue to work to bring the party together. yesterday was a good step he's endorsed republicans running for office as well as him on the same ticket. it's on his shoulders to bring the party together and bring his team together around him. and many of these folks, he needs them more than they need him and that's the case with speaker ryan. >> peter, are you in agreement with that with that it's donald trump that needs to endeer himself to the support? >> yes, partially agreement. politics is a team sport by donald trump is not a team player. this dance with trump is becoming silly. it was silly a while ago, this effort for him to reach out and pretend he's a normal pal tigs and normal pepper. pretend there's unity. he gave a speech at the convention talking about unity. what did he do on friday morning? he attacked ted cruz and brought up a crack pot theory that ted cruz eesz father was implicated in the jfk assassination.
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he has a disordered personality. if you don't understand that, the way he acts does not make sense. i think if you assume that to be the case, then all of these disturbed pieces begin to fit into place. he's a person who's erratic, unprincipled, unregulated. and people with control him apparently for a day or two but he reverts to form because that is fundamentally who he is. that is the great problem that the republican party has. there was an assumption that republicans could control him and contain him, especially when hi won the nomination. that belief has been shattered into a thousand pieces and he's getting worse not better and now they face the prospect of three more months of this. this is a calamity for the republican party. >> how problematic is this? we're talking three months or so away. you know very critical months and you've got language like erratic and dangerous being used to describe donald trump. >> well it's funny.
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there was a tweet from the campaign a couple of weeks ago, they don't want him to have his twitter password and he's running for the nuclear codes. this kind of erratic behavior is what's concerning americans. what's interesting is he tried to give it a little bit of a pin tense, a little outreach by giving them their endorsement. but mark is right, they don't need him, he needs them. if he really wants to stay focused in these last, less than 100 days to get over the finish line, he's going to have to pull himself together to get through this. >> thanks so much to all of you. appreciate it. >> thank you. coming up, chicago police say an saufser v officer violatl in the shooting of an unarmed teen. video capturing the disturbing incident.
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energy lives here. welcome back. police nationwide have been on higher alert after chicago police released video tied to the shooting death of an unarmed teenager. 18-year-old paul o'neal was allegedly stealing a car and then you'll see the black jaguar in this clip crashes into a police squad car. it is disturbing video. a warning to you. what isn't seen in all of the hours of footage is the moments when o'neill was struck by gun fire himself. that officer's body cam, according to police, was not recording but for unknown reasons, chicago police say their protocol was violated. here's more of the video and a
9:12 am
reminder, it is disturbing. [ bleep ]. >> hands behind your back! >> shot too? >> huh. >> you shoot? >> yeah. >> they shot at us too, right many. >> i shot at the ar car after it almost hit me. >> with me now former chicago police officer deme trooe roberts. your initial reaction to the images that you have seen. >> very disturbing. i patrolled those streets of chicago and was a member of the
9:13 am
chicago police department for many years and i can tell you this doesn't represent very well the training that we went through. and it doesn't represent the majority of officers that are going out there following protocol and doing the right thing every day. >> because the training, as i understand, the protocol says that if a suspect is fleeing, gun fire is not to be happening unless an officer is being threatened. at what point in that video that you were able to see could you see why there was a firing of the weapon? >> i couldn't see a justification for it, fredicka, to be honest with you. the car was moving away from the officers, as well as the suspect at this time. it was obvious that he did not have a weapon present with him as he was fleeing. and again i think the department is going to be very hard pressed to find justification in this shooting. >> and then what kind of confidence level do you have in the body that would investigate this? should it be chicago pd?
9:14 am
should it be, you know, some other entity? should it be justice department? what do you see as the right way to go? >> well, i think it should be a combination of all of those. but as well, i think this is a great point to bring the community in to understanding what goes into these investigations. as we know, this is not just an issue that is going on in chicago. this is one that's going on across the country. and one thing i think is an important place to start is to build a bridge between community cultures and police cultures. we have to get more community members involved with the police policies as well as procedures as it relates to the incidents. that's the only way we're going to build sustainable solutions moving forward. >> in this case the cameras also captured some of the conversation. i want to play that again on what was heard. >> [ bleep ].
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>> he shot back, right? he almost hit him. >> okay. >> so what we can, you know, discern there, you know, the concern of one officer about being, you know, relegated to being on the desk duty and almost like another officer asking for confirmation, so he shot back, right? how we know he of course was unarmed. what do you suppose was behind that kind of conversation at that time? >> well i think it underscores my point that we have to, in the law enforcement community, begin to take a service first approach, not necessarily an enforcement first approach as we see play out in so many scenarios across the country. it's very unfortunate that these officers made the statements but more so that the family of this
9:16 am
victim had to hear these statements after the killing of their son and their family member. this is something we can build on. there needs to be better training, better community engagement and we have to insure that our officers are standing up if are the policies and procedures for which they were trained. that's the only way to bring the healing around these issues. >> you said you're familiar with that particular beat, that community, that area, that the officers patrolling that area, those officers that we just saw, some depicted in body cam, that all of them would be wearing body cam you know apparatus and is it the case that sometimes it just doesn't work? >> well having been in a lot of tough situations myself. i can tell you police equipment fails all of the time. i don't think this is a case where officers are trying to cover anything up and i definitely don't think that the department is in the place to do that either. we've seen a difference in the
9:17 am
way chicago police department is handling this case than they have in previous ones. and i think this is a positive sign that they want to be transparent and that the new leadership there is taking a forward thinking and forward leaning role to both engage the community as well as these issues head on. >> da me trooe roberts, thank you for your time and perspective. appreciate it. up next, president obama has been sharpening his attacks on donald trump. we'll debate the potential impacts still ahead. >> i obviously have a very strong opinion about the two candidates who are running here. one is very positive and one is not so much.
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. president barack obama is headed for martha's vineyard today for a vacation away from politics. it comes after a busy week in which the president had a lot to say about the presidential election, delivering tough talk on republican can date donald trump. michelle kosinski has more. >> the president is now officially on vacation. we may not hear from him again for more than two weeks. but he did seem to relish the opportunities this past week, two press conferences that were really designed to be focused on other things. to hit donald trump hard. and it felt like the gloves are now off. >> the political storm growing
9:22 am
ever fiercer. president obama today gets away from it all. sort of. for what he hopes will be a quiet two weeks on martha's vineyard. but not before leaving behind some surprising zingers of his own aimed directly at donald trump. >> yes, i think the republican nominee is unfit to serve as president. he keeps on proving it. he's woefully unprepared to do this job. >> and he kept on going at a press conference alongside the singaporean prime minister extending the sentiment to republicans. >> if you are repeatedly having to say in very strong terms that what he has said is unacceptable, why are you still endorsing him? what does this say about your
9:23 am
party that this is your standard. there has to come a point at which you say somebody who makes those kinds of statements doesn't have the judgment, the temperament, the understanding to occupy the most powerful position in the world. >> this is a long way from early in the race when president obama rarely uttered donald trump's name. would make vailed references or speak broadly about all of the republican candidates. remember them? now though since his endorsement of hillary clinton and the conventions, president obama seems freer, willing and eager to speak his mind. >> of course the elections will not be rigged. what does that mean? >> this was during a press conference at the pentagon after a meeting on isis. >> what is your assessment today as you stand here about whether
9:24 am
donald trump can be trusted with america's nuclear weapons? >> i've made this point already multiple times. just listen to what mr. trump has to say and make your own judgment with respect to how confidentou feel about his ability to manage things like our nuclear triad. >> referring back to his sharpest barbs only days earlier. >> there has to be a point that you say enough. >> it sounded as if the president were saying i've said enough now, i've made any point. so what about from now on on the campaign trail? he doesn't like to get into a back-anne-forth with donald trump, doesn't like to respond to every single tweet. but what we're see now is when things become highly controversial or divisive, white house sources say yes, he's absolutely going to be willing to weigh in in this way and then some, especially if political events. although the settings that we
9:25 am
saw this week were not. freed fredicka? >> thank you. straight ahead, hillary clinton's latest comments on her e-mail scandal. the clarification she offered about that and the fbi investigation next. [ gears stopping ] when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. try this. but just one aleve has the strength to stop pain for 12 hours. tylenol and advil can quit after 6. so live your whole day, not part... with 12 hour aleve.
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9:29 am
week at a convention of black and hispanic journalists in washington addressing persistent questions about her e-mail use as secretary of state and talking about the need to overcome trust issues with voters. >> every time i have done a job people have counted on me and trusted me. i take it seriously. i know it doesn't make me feel good when people say those things and i recognize that i have work to do. >> all right. i want to talk this over with our political panel. peter wayner is a former senior adviser to mitt romney's campaign, tara rosenkranz and mike shield, a former chief of staff at the rnc. thanks so much for sticking around. tara, why does clinton keep reexplaining the e-mail issue in way she's deciphered what fbi director comey has said? it doesn't seem to serve her well. >> well, i think she has to
9:30 am
because it's the republican's favorite talking point. and regardless of what she's talking about, you know, they were just on this job tour and they're talking about jobs and the economy and the issues. it just keeps coming back to her. she has to address it so that people will know she's thinking about it and working on it. i love what he said. i still have work to do. she's trying to address that with them. she realizes she's working. >> but if they left it at that, there wouldn't be discrepancies of i still have work to do, or mr. comey already explained and then move on. but that's not what happened. >> i don't think anyone lets that happen for her. certainly hillary clinton is not one where they have just you know left it at something simple. right? it's never that simple for anyone. they do kind of keep coming back at her. and she does have to keep defending herself. and i think it's important that she tries her best to make sure that people know that she's, you know, working on it and that she is trying to address and clarify
9:31 am
and answer their questions. is that always the right thing to do, you know, i don't know. but i do know that it's important i think when you are hillary clinton you're a little bit of an anomaly. like people don't accept and leave anything you say at face value. >> peter, given your experience with romney's campaign, help people kind of envision, what kind of conversations might be happening in clinton's camp about this issue. or if you were working in her campaign, what would you be advising her on how to handle this when the question comes up. >> it is more simple that what was just said. what she did was inappropriate and reckless and she lied about it and now she' lying about the lies. look i think what she probably should have done, given she's in a very very bad position and rightly in a bad position, she should have made some reference in her dnc speech when she had
9:32 am
the biggest audience, which went some steps towards saying what i did was wrong and i regret it in a deep way and explain what it was. and then making a statement as comprehensive as she could and as self critical as she felt like she could to say that's it and i'm going to go on. she keeps trying to relitigate this and trying to explain what he said wasn't a lie and it was. she keeps making the situation worse and worse. the way out of this isn't easy. it's obvious. but given her personality and her inanlt apparently to admit that she's told lie upon lie, that really compounds the problem for her team. >> so mike, you know, while clinton is enjoying a bump in the polls after the dnc, is it appearing that both trump and clinton have a tendicy of settings themselves back, this being the latest example for hillary clinton and donald trump, there have been other examples. >> i think you can see why
9:33 am
hillary clinton doesn't like to take questions from the press and avoid them at all costs. she avoid the press. we're in a year where everyone talks about how polarized and separated the country is. here's one thing we're not. 92% of the country thinks she either lied or did something reckless with our e-mail. >> but questions are unavoidable. you're running for the presidency of the united states. there are going to be questions. but it's how you handle the questions. that is what you're being judged on. that's how you're being measured as a candidate. >> that's right. she's not going to be able to escape this. she has to come up with something better than continuing to lie. she compounded this by lying again. 70% of the country thinks that she should have been indicted by the fbi. that's unbelievable to let that sink in. if the election is about hillary clinton, a lesson for the republicans with, if the election is a referendum on hillary clinton, we're going to win. >> tara, i see you nodding your head. >> this is what i'm talking
9:34 am
about, this issue we can't -- and whether or not what the american public believes, like they did a proper year long investigation and did what they were supposed to do and decided not to indict her. to your earlier point, i think it's what i was trying to say is that everywhere she goes and everything she talks about, this is the question that comes back at her. it's hard to change the topic when, you know, it's repeatedly going after her for the same thing. and the interesting part here is donald trump does a million different indiscrepancies and shows how -- we talked about his erratic behavior earlier and yet we have to move on and ask him a different question about every misstep he's had. she has the same one and the only one and show she's handled it. >> and then there's the issue of donald trump and hillary clinton who are both trying to court the bernie sanders supporters. bernie sanders ink'd an op-ed
9:35 am
saying donald trump would be a disaster and an embarrassment for our country if he were elected president. his campaign isn't eybased on substance, it's based on bigotry. >> will this assist bernie sanders supporters in making up their minds about clinton 0 or trump? >> probably helps. bernie sanders is popular among his supporters. the more he goes out of his way to say trump is not the one you want to vote for -- >> particularly the ones that were like anyone but clinton. there were some staunch bernie sanders supporters who were no way, arms crossed. how help is that going to be? >> some people are not going to vote for her but usually in these kinds of situations the
9:36 am
party rallies around. the bigger problem is not clinton with sanders supporters, it's trump with republican supporters. if you look at the polls, he's way below the numbers he's going to need to win the election in terms of getting roepublicans t rally around. we saw a couple of days ago he attacked ryan, ayotte and mccain. now he tries to correct it. next week will be something else. they have a plan and strategy to try to repair the damage. donald trump is a bomb that goes off every few days. so the democrats in that respect are in a much better position than the republicans. the republican party is much more fractured and coming apart than the democratic party at this point. >> thanks so much to all of you. just a reminder for you at home to watch "state of the union." jack tapper interviewed ohio governor john kasich.
9:37 am
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i support and endorse our speaker of the house, paul ryan. >> all right. that was donald trump last night as he finally threw his support behind house speaker paul ryan who is facing a pray mayor challenge from paul nehlen in
9:41 am
just three days. i spoke with nehlen in the last half-hour and asked him fe was at all bothers that donald trump decided to endorse his opponent. >> no. this is for party unity. donald trump showed leadership last night by bringing the party together. and look, paul ryan is running scared. we're going to see his fec reports. he's spending $2 million to $3 million to try to keep his seat in a primary against a guy who has been a businessman all of his life. people are upset with paul ryan's agenda. paul ryan had to go on local radio here to reassure people that he still had a soul. just like christine o'donnell had to say she wasn't a witch. listen. if you can get the speak are of the house to go on and say you still have a soul when in fact he sold his soul to the globalists and i called him a soulless globalist. >> so then what does this mean to you now that donald trump is not, you know, standing by his
9:42 am
earlier commitment to you? yes, you say it's for party unity but does that make it excusable in your view in. >> donald trump's message hasn't changed. he's against foreign corporations taking our jobs. and paul ryan is the biggest open borders anti-worker pro-wall street members of congress on e ner side of the aisle. donald trump is not endorsing paul ryan's tpp plan to ship our jobs overseas. donald trump is not endorsing paul ryan's let's bring in cheap labor so that americans can't have a family wage or a living wage or food on their tables for their own job. where paul ryan is endorsing hib visas. he quadrupled them. paul ryan sold his soul to globalists, people who put money in his campaign coffers. donald trump is not endorsing that. mr. trump is unifying the party and i applaud him for that. he's a warrior on behalf of
9:43 am
american workers. paul ryan is a warrior on behave of wall street. that's who paul ryan is and that's who people in this district know him as. that's why the party apparatus is circle the wagon to keep him out of the air waves. they don't want people to know there's somebody that's going to fight for american jobs. >> that was paul nehlen, the man taking on paul ryan in next week's primary. chicago police say thatten that an officer violated protocol in the shooting of an unarmed teen. we'll give the legal side of the argument coming up. t-mobile's coverage is unstoppable. and with extended range lte it reaches farther than ever.
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. >> welcome back. i'm fredicka whitfield. the newly released body cam video showing police shooting of an unarmed black teen in chicago is sparking outrage. i want to warn you, the video is difficult to watch. [siren sound] >> you can see a high speed chase followed by guns blazing. police take to take down teen paul o'neill. police say the officer who shot
9:48 am
0 neal in the back violated policy. an independent review panel called the scene shocking, i'm quoting now, shocking and disturbing. let's bring them in, our legal experts, law professor joining us from cleveland, on the phone with us, i believe, and richard herman a new york criminal defense attorney joining us in front of the camera in las vegas. glad you can both be with us. first audio check. avery, are you tre? >> it looks like it's you and me richard. an admission from chicago police that some officers violated protocol firing at this fleeing support unless the lives of officers are in jeopardy. that's the protocol. what do you see in how this investigation will move forward base tond body cam, the dash cam video that we have seen? >> well, let's give it at least
9:49 am
to the police department for their transparency of their release of the video eight days after the shooting. the policy was 60 days. a lot better than years in the previous cases. you have to understand, this is an extremely high crime area. there are people getting shot every two hours and there are deaths of every 13 hours in this area. mr. 0 neal was involved in grand theft auto. not the video game. he stole a video and crashed into a police car. that does not warrant him being shot in the back and killed. >> he was unarmed. police have said that. >> yeah. so the police were not in imminent fear of severe bodily harm or death. therefore they're going to argue that by him driving the vehicle they were in fear of their lives. but then when the vehicle crash into the police car, he got out and ran, shot in the back. that was the cause of death, shooting in the back. i think these police officers
9:50 am
are in big trouble here, fred. wrangful death case has been filed. will be a federal civil rights case and probably criminal charges here. a lot different than freddie gray. this one here looks like it's going to stick. >> avery, i understand you're with us now. >> i'm with you. >> what about the issue that on this audio tape and videotape we're able to hear officers in this dialogue almost like double-checking with one another, he shot at you, right or you know, he did fire, right. how problematic is that especially now that it's confirmed by police no weapons -- he didn't have a weapon >> i think that's profound in the criminal context and the federal civil rights context. what that evidences is excuses, as if the individuals chasing paul 0 neal are the victims. one says great, i'm going to end up on a 30-day desk job.
9:51 am
another says you have to make sure these are off, referring to the cop cams. it goes to the question of intent both in terms of criminality and in terms of the broader issue of civil rights violations which really is important because earlier this year, fredicka, a task force investigating police accountability or lack of accountability concluded wide spread systemic racism. well when you look at those remarks, you have to say to yourself, because, you know, it's what they say, everybody is coming up with an excuse. and to make it even worse, no one says, look, this young man has been hit, he's bleeding profusely. let's get some help, try to save his life. and there is nothing like that other than these guys talking to each other about a concern of winding up on a desk or shutting the cameras off. that's awful. >> go ahead, richard.
9:52 am
>> avery is wrong, fred. there were 15 shots fired within six to six seconds. >> that was wfr, richard. you're getting that part miktsed up with the shooting itself. >> i'm talking now. it's reasonable for a police officer in that environment under those circumstances to maybe feel they were shot on also. it's not something, look, they're trying to set this up. it's happening bang bang real quick there. >> expect i think on the sequence there, richard, the shooting, are you talking about once they've exited the vehicle -- >> yeah. >> after this young man -- >> he's getting the two mixed up. >> the young man is on foot and the car has been crashed. are you saying it could be that the officers thought their own friendly fire was that coming from the suspect? >> yes. yes. they didn't know. there were a lot of shots going off in a short period of time, fred. >> yeah, i don't know what that has to do with the chase, ultimately shooting paul o'neal in the back.
9:53 am
>> we couldn't see all of the videotape but it appeared, because some of it is blurred out, if you're watching the movement, it looks like he's been handcuffed and the presumption is because he's being handcuffed he's not been shot yet. if he's handcuffed while would he be shot in the back. >> i think he was shot already when he was handcuff. >> u agree with that. >> he was shot and he was dying and i don't think there could have been anything to save him. he wu shot in the back. that's the problem for the police officers. shooting him in the back while he was freeileeing. >> there are a lot of things that we don't know because the video doesn't tell all of the story. we're having a discussion, talking about this investigation based on the little bit of tape that the chicago pd released. possibly there may be more information coming from chicago pd in the coming days. but thank you so much avery and richard for trying to, you know, trying to lay it all out for us as far as we know from the facts
9:54 am
so far. thanks so much. all right. l live pictures right now of marine one there. president obama will soon be taking off. we're seeing this from -- okay. i think our language on the screen is wrong. it says andrews but now we're hearing that the marine 1 is in martha's vineyard. live pictures of the president as he embarks on his vacation. much more straight ahead. great grains cereals are made fromreal fruit,clusters, wholesome nuts and crunchy flakes.
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all right. the democratic and republican conventions, both presidential candidates had their children front and center, chelsea clin on the and ivanka trump introduced their parents. one moment that many pointed to as a standout moment was when ivanka spoke about women's issues. it's a topic trump has discussed in great detail. >> my father values talent.
9:59 am
he recognizes real knowledge and skill when he finds it. he is color blind and gender neutral. he hires the best person for the job period. >> so how much can ivanka help female voters see trump as someone who will see women's rights. >> i think a lot of women don't want to be viewed through the prism of gender. when donald trump speaks about making the economy better, i as a woman helps me and my male counter part. he's speaking to me as a person. not as a woman. >> to talk as if that there's some utopia that one day the light switch came own and it's equal for everyone. it's equal for women, muslims and black people. to people to me like a person, perhaps if it was a privileged person i could take that
10:00 am
positioning. but because i'm coming from the position of knowing that we're working from a deficit, we have to act as if we're in today. that we are not equal. >> a dynamic conversation with dynamic women. you don't want to his it. our conversation airing tomorrow beginning at 2:00 eastern time right here on cnn. the it can next hour of the cnn newsroom starts right now. hello. thank you for joining me. i'm fredicka whitfield. trump is breaking out a new attitude after political oesh ares have said has been one of the roughest weeks ever on the trail. he just endorsed house speaker paul ryan and john mccain and kelly ayotte. a turn yarnd from days ago when trump snubbed the tree saying specifically on backing ryan, quote, i'm just not quite there yet. i'm not quite there yet. 's


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