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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  August 6, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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but because i'm coming from the position of knowing that we're working from a deficit, we have to act as if we're in today. that we are not equal. >> a dynamic conversation with dynamic women. you don't want to his it. our conversation airing tomorrow beginning at 2:00 eastern time right here on cnn. the it can next hour of the cnn newsroom starts right now. hello. thank you for joining me. i'm fredicka whitfield. trump is breaking out a new attitude after political oesh ares have said has been one of the roughest weeks ever on the trail. he just endorsed house speaker paul ryan and john mccain and kelly ayotte. a turn yarnd from days ago when trump snubbed the tree saying specifically on backing ryan, quote, i'm just not quite there yet. i'm not quite there yet. that's his quote.
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but now trump is sticking to the party line and staying on script. >> in our shared mission to make america great again, i support and endorse our speaker of the house, paul ryan. and while i'm at it, i hold in the highest esteem senator john mccain. for his service to our country in uniform and in public office. and i fully support and endorse his reelection. i also fully support and endorse senator kelly ayotte of new hampshire. >> trump's endorsement of paul ryan and john mccain is a positive cap to a campaign
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described this week as in quote freefall, in turmoil. it's not just the falling poll numbers but his fight with a gol star family and horts his own team was getting frustrated with his going after message. the negativity so intense it's led to talk of a presidential ticket without trump. check out this "the new york times" piece entitled can gop tell donald trump you're fired? well, probably not. joining me right now, cnn delegate analyst mike shields who used to be the chief of staff at the republican national committee. good to see both of you. >> good to be here. >> mike, you first. this "the new york times" piece says it would be difficult to get trump off of the ticket. he has to be the one to remove himself and there are some who are wondering if he's moving that direction by bringing up the issue of rigged. the debate is rigged. the system is rigged almost
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saying, you know, people aren't playing fair and when he wins he wants it to be a fair game. >> yeah, you know, this whole article and this conversation brings up a pretty important point, a point about our parties. when you get to be the nominee of a political party, you are borrowing that party's line on the ballots. the party is the one who pupts t puts the line on the boll lots. you have to respect the party, bring the party together. it would be incredibly difficult to remove a candidate off of the ballot but it is the party's right to do that. and so i think there's a difference in our system. we don't have a candidate that comes in and brings their own party. they just invented along the way. we have two well-established parties and they give their nomination to a candidate. that candidate has to turn around and represent that party. you saw yesterday the republican nominee endorsing the republican speaker of the house, endorsing
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other republicans. he was reading these statements. that's what expected of a party leader. you're not just the nominee of president for yourself. it's a team sport. a party is a big team and you to work on the team. >> but that article is the premises of what if. what if the gop is not feeling that this person is a member of the team. you know, it's kind of like buyer's remorse. can they trade him in? >> yeah, i don't know what the legal procedures are for that. i've said this many, many times. i'll say it again. 's up to donald trump to put to bed those types of articles and those types of conversations about whether or not he's leading the party. i mean yesterday was a step in the right direction. he's going to have to do that every day from now until the election to make the party feel that hi's leading them, he believes in the same values that we believe in. we want to bring the trump voters and the republican voters together and make the election
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about hillary clinton. if we make the election about hillary clinton, we're going to win. if it's about trump and whether or not he's bringing his party together, that causes huge problems. >> so in some of the reporting it's indicate fg he were to elect or remove himself from the equation, it would be the gop, the republican party who would then pick someone else. it wouldn't presumptively be the vice presidential nominee sharing the ticket. talk about the challenge that would ensue, meaning voters would have to get to know this new person or at least get familiar with the person whose name has now replaced a donald trump if it were to come to that. that doesn't seem like a favorable situation the gop would want to embrace. >> no, it doesn't. we're 93 days out. if you want to look of what, the 17, 16 candidates that donald trump so easily, seemingly easy hi dispatched during the primary, those don't look like
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potential candidates to step up and fulfill the role. maybe it isn't mike pence, although it seems that donald trump likes the most or hates the least. i don't know. chosen as his running mate. but i want to make this comment about the endorsements. i agree. if you're the nominee of the party, you're the standard bearer of this party and you have a bit of an obligation to go out there and promote the party's message and platform. but i actually don't think that many of donald trump's supporters cared whether or not he made the endorsements. >> wouldn't it kind of defy, you know, what he symbolizes which is he's not the establishment guy and that's why so many supporters say they really like him, they adore him and now he's promoting the establishment people? >> that's how i feel about it. and look, i think the republican leadership has a responsibility in some respect to try to eke out a modicum of a constrained
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campaign and a tight message and narrative. donald trump has proven he's not willing to be constrained in any meaningful way. and therefore i don't know if he's the type of person to want to come out of this race. if he loses he may certainly promote the idea of it being rigged. certainly if he loses big he'll promote this idea that it was rigged. but he doesn't seem to me like the kind of person that wants to come out of the race. and therefore i think he's in it to the end. >> and so mike, he was towing the party line, he was endorsing, doing what the gop would want him to do, just as you spelled out, you know, if you're going to be the nominee, you're supposed to be helping to lead the party. but is it another thing -- i don't know how enthusiastic he looked about it. how did you kind of assess -- he was reading it with such unfamiliarity and even the way he said john mccain, it was kind of like there was a question, like he didn't realize that was coming. >> well, like.
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he knew what he was doing. he knew exactly what he was doing. it's a new role for him. he's never run for office before. his brand is being the outpseudoeoutpseudsideoutsider. that's a big problem for them. we launched a website called i'm with, using it to tie hillary clinton to the democrats for congress. they have a huge problem with how unpopular she is. voters aren't associating trump with people down the ballots. this is an interesting angle to this. but he needs the republicans to be with him. that's his problem. democrats down ballot are with hilla hillary, it's going to hurt being the hillary. >> i would disagree with that. we're tying it to hillary clinton who is a proven leader, who came out of the convention
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thii think framing the race in a solid way. members of congress in our state legislative bodies to hillary clinton is tying it to elizabeth warren, bernie sanders and joe biden. >> i want to tie every democratic rining in a target race to hillary clinton, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. that's how we're going to win house seats. >> and barack obama who is at 54%. >> and obama, sure. >> had good job numbers this week. so tying her and the rest of our ballot to proven leaders who have improved the economy since the great rescission, i'm not afraid of that at all. >> we're going to leave it right there. appreciate it gentlemen. still ahead, president barack obama breaking another historic barrier, this time attacking a potential success are, republican presidential candidate donald trump. more on the president's line of
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the obama administration
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saying today there was no ransom paid. the white house saying that the money which was returned to iran for weapons that that country wanted back in the '70s fb weapons that never ended up received, that announcement was made back in january of this year. and here's what u.s. secretary of state added today. >> this is politics, the political season. we understand that. but the facts make it absolutely clear we don't pay ransom, we will not pay ransom, we never have and we're not going to in the future. >> i want to bring in colonel sedron layton to talk about this. good to see you again. >> good to be with you. >> so the white house is adamant that there's nothing going on here in terms of money exchanged for the release of the hostages. saying that it was back in january this money was -- it was announced this money would be return to iran because it with us in the '70s, that iran wanted
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to buy these american jets. there was $400 million that iran wanted to pay for it and then because of the iran hostage crisis, the u.s. said we're not going to give you these jets. and so finally now the money is being returned. that's been the explanation from the white house. is that feasible, is that enough? is that an explanation that's good? >> it's certainly an explanation. i think we have to look at the way in which the perceptions are in each country. so you look at how we in the u.s. perceive a transaction like this, fredicka. and basically what we're saying is okay, we're returning their money to them. it's a deal that didn't work because of the hostage crisis, as you mentioned, and then there also are other factors that give us basically it's kind of a return the money kind of deal. from the iranian perspective, however, that have videotape that you showed shows the iranians actually saw this as a ransom payment.
10:17 am
now everybody is looking at this from a different lens. but my basic view on this is it was a ransom payment was the iranians view it as one. >> and if they say so, then it is? >> it is in their world. and so from their perspective, they're won on the negotiating table compared to the united states. and you know, it is the administration's view is on u obviously that was a return of the money that was owed iran because we didn't consummate the deal. the other part of it is in order for the hostages to be released, we had to actually give this money. and it is pretty clear from the way in which these transactions occurred that the iranians weren't going to release the group of four unless they had received indications that the plane was on its way with that $400 million in swiss franks, euros and other currencies. >> while the white house might think it's a plausible
10:18 am
explanation, it's about timing and it didn't look good. so the iranians have the upper hand in their interpretation of it. and that's kind of, you know, poisoned the dialogue. that's influenced the appearances of what happened. >> exactly. and the reason that it poisons the dialogue is because now the iranians, even the negotiators who are somewhat immune to the propaganda, they are still going to look at this as hey, we got one over on the u.s. and we're going to be able to leverage the united states for further concessions. so from the iranian point of view and from the points of view of other nations looking at this, they're going to say that money was in fact exchanged for hostages and that is how they see it, unfortunately. >> how concerning is that for you somehow down the pipeline, maybe not just iran, other countries might say, yeah, we do think that the u.s. pays for
10:19 am
return of their hostages. so they might try to leverage, you know, a situation, potential situation down the line. >> it's very concerning. and the reason it is because these other countries, whether it's the iranians or anybody else you can possibly name. they see this type of concession and this type of financial maneuvering as a way in which to gain financial advantage from the united states. the conditions in the future won't be the same and that kind of facilitated this type of transaction because of the past payment that was due to the iranians. but the fact of the matter is others are going to look at this and say, yeah, we can do this with the united states even though they say they're not going to pay a ransom payment. they will pay something. and whatever they call it, we'll call it a ransom payment and we'll win. >> thank you for your time and perspective. appreciate it. >> you bet. anytime. all right. a pretty busy week and now a
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hei don't want one that's hadch a bunch of ownersd car? just say, show me cars with only one owner find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing it's perfect. start your used car search at all right. in the last hour president barack obama and his family took off for their two-week vacation to martha's vin card. it will be obama's last summer
10:25 am
trip during his presidency. suzanne malveaux is life for us in martha's vineyard. he kicked off his vacation last night by first celebrating the big 55. so was it a big bash? >> reporter: yeah. fred, i think our invites got lost somewhere in the mail. >> i was going to say. >> reporter: my invite here, spam. i feel like i was almost there. it was a star studded event. you had usher, stevie wonder, celebrities, ellen degeneres was there, politicians, al sharpton. it was kind of a who's who of celebrities, athletes, everybody who as well as family member. and it was very hush hush until friday afternoon when they sent out the announced, okay, there was a big party that was happening. and they wanted to make sure that they knew this is a proift affair paid by the obama family. this is not taxpayer dollars. but it was really kind of an all-out bash, happy birthday
10:26 am
president obama. really, really fun and exciting. great way to kick off the holiday, the two weeks that he's going to be here in martha's vineyard. he's going to get here about 3:00 or so in the afternoon. and typical, we are going to see the family from time to time coming out of the private compound that they have here, that they're renting. and they're going to be eating ice cream and riding bikes and a lot of golf. president obama loves to play golf. it was just last summer we saw him, one of his golf buddies, bill clinton. there's a lot of mixing and mingling. they're probably going to run into hillary clinton again. she often goes to the birthday bash. vernon jordan. so we expect very much of the same. but as you know, it's also a working vacation. so if there's anything that happens, there is the file center set up and ready to go if she needs to make announcements or statements if we have some news. >> keep us posted and let us
10:27 am
know if you eventually find the invite. albeit a little late. maybe you're be at the martha's vineyard bash. who knows. >> reporter: yeah we'll do that. >> always next year. thank you have much. up next, tough talk, president obama breaking tradition by wading into the political debate and he's not holding back on donald trump. >> i obviously have a very strong opinion about the two candidates who are running. one is very positive and one is not so much.
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all right. hello again. thank you for joining me.
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president barack obama is headed to martha's vineyard today for a vacation away from politics and it comes after a busy week in which the president had a lot to say about the presidential election, delivering tough talk on republican candidate donald trump. michelle kusinski has more. >> the president is now officially on vacation. we may not hear from him again in more than two weeks. he did tend to relish the opportunities the week. two press conferences focused on other things to hit donald trump hard. and it felt like the gloves are now off. >> the political storm growing ever fiercer. president obama today gets away from it all. sort of. for what he hopes will be a quiet two weeks on martha's vineyard. but not before leaving behind some surprising zinger of his own aimed directly at donald trump.
10:33 am
>> yes, i think the republican nominee is unfit to serve as president. he keeps on proving it. he's woefully unprepared to do this job. >> and he kept on going at a press conference alongside the singaporean prime minister extending the sentiment to republicans. >> if you are repeatedly having to say in very strong terms that what he has said is unacceptable, why are you still endorsing him? what does this say about your party that this is your standard barer. there has to come a point at which you say somebody who makes those kinds of statements doesn't have the judgment, the temperament, the understanding to occupy the most powerful
10:34 am
position in the world. >> this is a long way from early in the race when president obama rarely utters donald trump's name, would maim veiled references or speak broadly about all of the republican candidates. remember them? now though since his endorsement of hillary clinton and the conventions, president obama seems freer, willing and eager to speak his mind. >> of course the elections will not be rigged. what does that mean? >> this was during a press conference at the pentagon after a meeting on isis. >> what is your assessment today as you stand here about whether or not donald trump can be trusted with america's nuclear weapons? >> i've made this point already multiple times. just listen to what mr. trump has to say and make your own judgment with respect to how confident you feel about his ability to manage things like our nuclear triad.
10:35 am
>> referring back to his sharpest barbs only days earlier. >> there has to come a point at which you say enough. >> you know, it sounded in there at one point as if the president were saying, i've said enough now, i've made any point. so what about from now on on the campaign trail. he doesn't like to get into a back-and-forth with donald trump, doesn't like to respond to every single tweet. but when things become highly controversial or divisive, like the trump comments on the parents of the fallen muslim soldier, white house sources say yes, he's absolutely going to be willing to weigh in in this way and even then some especially political events. although the settings we saw this past week were not. >> thank you so much. let's talk more about the president's active role in this year's presidential election. joining me right now, julien zelizer, a history profess sore and jamie weinstein.
10:36 am
>> julian, it's not so unusual for a president to help campaign for what he hopes will be the next president of the united states. but it's another thing to have such colorful comments about the opponent. why is he doing this ? >> i think that's true. reagan campaigned for george w.h. bush. these words are pointed. i think obama doesn't like donald trump and doesn't like what he sees as the threat that he pose to the country. i think he also represents a kind of politics that president obama has really grown to dislike over the last few years while serving in the white house. and finally i think he sees trump as a threat to his legacy. the words are very pointed. it's not simply i disagree with your policies. it's saying that he's unfit to
10:37 am
be president of the united states. >> and so i wonder, jamey, if the president with his rising approval ratings, if he has greater influence on the voting public adds would potentially benefit a hillary clinton? >> campaign but i'm not sure what we just saw in those clips, those montages are exactly how he does it. i think he can help hillary on the trail bringing out the communities that voted. for him in record numbers, routing them behind hillary clinton. but to tell republicans be the messenger that they should abandon donald trump -- look, i'm a conservative who thinks dump shouldn't be president. but the last person who is going to convince conservatives or people who are lean republican to abandon donald trump will probably be president obama who they don't look too highly upon. >> you feel like his intention would really potentially backfire? >> it's counter productive. i don't see that as the best way to help hillary clinton if that's his goal and stop donald
10:38 am
trump. not speaking out and trying to get republican to get behind hillary. he's not the best messenger for that. >> julian you mentioned the preservation of his legacy, obama's legacy which i want to ask more about. because it seems that in large part that could be what this is about too, because donald trump has made it very clear if he's in office, one of the first thing he would do, he had a laundry list of thing he would undo and the potential would be great because of executive powers that a president now is able to exercise without congressional approval. >> yes. if donald trump won the presidential race he will bring with him at least a republican house if not a republican senate because that's the way it would play out if trump is victorious. and i think president obama is not only weary of donald trump, he's weary of the congressional republican. so that alliance would be a threat to his health care program. i think he sees donald trump as a threat to the foreign policy that he's tried to promote, one
10:39 am
that's more restrained, one that's less willing to use military force. on both fronts that's a threat. and plus, obama represented something different being the first african american president. i think there are many people in the who feel that donald trump is playing to sentiment that goes exactly against that. and so on all levels, this is a threat in his mind to what he's accomplished. >> all right. thank you so much, gentleman. appreciate it. still to come, new questions surrounding the immigration history of melania trump. we'll take a closer look at the potential first lady's back story. the ability of a lexus master craftsman... to turn an ordinary experience into an extraordinary one. ♪
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all right. donald trump has made a crackdown on immigration a focal point of his campaign. but sit possible someone in his own family may have skirted the
10:44 am
rules in coming to the u.s.? there are new questions surrounding the work history of melania trump. jessi jessica snyder has more. >> the photos that raised a few eyebrows are raising questions about melania's immigration history. >> i came to united states, to new york in 1996. >> but these photos were snapped in new york city in 1995. so what different does a year make? possibly the different between mrs. trump breaking immigration law or not. >> i came here on visa. i flew to slovenia every few month to stamp it. came back. applied for a green yard and after a few years for citizenship. i obeyed the law. i did it the right way. >> trump insists she got her visa stamped e every few months. if that's accurate, she had a
10:45 am
tourist visa that needs to be updated periodically. but that visa does not allow work in the united states. the man who discovered melania tells cnn he didn't sponsor her for an hib until 1996, a afterafter this racy photo shoot. but the photographer behind the camera says melania was a young model waiting for a big break so she didn't get paid, which would mean she didn't violate any immigration laws. >> we were making this magazine to have exposure and this exposure was bringing you to the next e level to catalog campaign. >> so melania was not paying for this photo shoot? >> no. nobody is paying. >> if that was the only work she did before getting an h 1 visa, she wouldn't have break any
10:46 am
laws. melania isn't answering right now, but would it simply be an honest error. she wrote this on twitter. i have at all times been in full compliance with the immigration laws of this country, period. any allegation to the contrary is simply untrue. jessica snyder cnn new york. all right. sticking with the potential next first family at the testimonyic and republican conventions, both presidential candidates had their children front and center. you saw chelsea clinton and ivanka trump introducing their parents for the keynote speeches. one moment that many pointed to as a standout moment is when ivanka spoke about women's issues. >> my father values talents. he recognizes real knowledge and skill when she finhe finds it. he is color blind and gender neutral. he hires the best person for the job period.
10:47 am
>> so how much can ivanka help female voters see trump as someone who would advocate for them? i sat down with a panel to discuss. >> i think a lot of women including myself adopt want to be viewed in the prism of gender. and when donald trump speaks about making the economy better, i as a woman understand that helps me, he's speaking to me as a person, not as a woman. >> to talk as if that there's some utopia that one day the light switch came on and it's equal for everyone. it's equal for women, equal for muslims, equal for black people, talk to me, speak to me as a person. perhaps if it was a privileged person i would take that positions, right? but because i'm coming from the position of knowing that we're working from a deficit, we have to act as if we're in today. that we are not equal. >> all right. that conversation pretty powerful one with some powerful ladies there, will air tomorrow
10:48 am
at 2:00 eastern time right here on cnn. and we'll be right back. (alert from the mom's phone.) everyone loves the picture i posted of you. at&t reminds you it can wait.
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welcome back. the dangers from distracted drivers is increasing as technology grows and it is not just texting. now there are all kinds of cell phone apps as well. video recently released from baltimore police showing a driver plowing into a squad car, police say that driver was playing the pokemon go app. more on the dangerous consequences of driving while distracted. >> laura he visits the site near brooklyn where her life changed. the mother of two pulled over, texted a client whose house she was headed to and started driving again. >> i think i had gotten three miles down the road when she texted me back. and it dinged three times. and i don't think i even read
10:53 am
the whole thing. i kind of skimmed it and set it down. when i looked back up, there he was. and i slammed on my brakes and i went to swerve. and unfortunately, i clipped it and that was it. >> a cross, in a place where 75-year-old marvin beck of nearby malcolm, iowa, was ejected from his tractor. >> i held him in my arms, you know. i called 911. his sons ended up coming. took him out of my arms and i think i called 911 again at that point. and i was in the police car when we found out that he didn't make it. >> what was that like? it is going to be impossibly difficult no matter what. >> i don't think there's an hour that goes by that i don't think about in it some way.
10:54 am
even if i could save one kid from not doing it. or one person. at least that is a little bit of comfort. to open people's eyes and make them realize, we need change way we're driving. >> especially when you think about how many people, including parents, text or post on social media while driving. >> we're finding estimates before half of all parents say they drive distracted. so that's not really helping for where we're trying on get in terms of shifting the societal norms. if mom and dad are doing it, then hey, it must be okay. >> all right. some incredible images. there kelly wallace joining us now. so your report is part of the cnn special called distract while driving. coming up at 2:30 eastern time today. in the case of laura, what kind of punishment did she get? >> she pled guilty so she got 30 days in jail. 16 of those days were deferred.
10:55 am
so she spent 14 days behind bars and in the process of doing 200 hours of community service where she goes around and talks to kids and parents and tries to encourage them never to check their devices while behind the wheel. >> what kind of reaction has come from the telling of her story? the father who you profiled earlier? >> i mean, people are responding. in the case of laura i have gotten people who thought 14 days many jail for killing someone? and i even asked where that that. and she said, you know what? going around and sharing her story is a much more difficult penalty. it emotionally wreck her every time she does it. it takes a lot out of her. at the same time she did say that if harsher penalties, longer prison terms would be a deterrent, some way to keep people there doing it, she would be all for it. i think a lot of people online have been saying they think we
10:56 am
need tougher penalty so people pay the price if they're going to do something reckless. >> and perhaps stories like this will make huge impact. then i wonder what will will it takes? i saw a woman who was reading what appeared to be a book. i mean original her ipad at her steering wheel. and the car was not just creeping. wasn't at a traffic light. she was moving at a pretty good clip. >> and we all see it. and. of us have cdone it ourselves i think it will come down to what many think, technology. technology got us into this mess and technology may get us out of it. there are already technologies out there which can basically shut off your phones. no no, access to social media while you're driving. and then you get access to those text messages or social media updates as soon as those messages stop. most people can't stay away. even if they say they know they
10:57 am
shouldn't do it. people still matter ping and want to check it. >> a thought crosses your mind. you want to take a quick note. maybe another deterrent is to put the phone in the trunk or the back seat where you can't reach it. and maybe that would be a reminder to all of us. or unrealistic? >> i think so. put it in the glove compartment. i put my phone off and away from me. but i have heard people, people are sharing on facebook. there's been an incredible response which is amazing because i think this really touches all of us. so many people say take pledge. don't check your phone while behind the wheel. you don't want to live like the laura maher is living. she calls at this time biggest regret of her life. that she took another person's life, all from glancing at her phone. >> all right. thank you so much. appreciate it. kelly's special driving while distracted airs at 2:30 eastern only on cnn. we have so much more ahead in the newsroom and it all starts
10:58 am
right now. >> thank you for joining me. donald trump getting ready forrer new hampshire tonight. he is facing a tougher time. hillary clinton is now leading trump by 15 points in the state with 94 days to go until the election now and just last night, you saw trump endorse paul ryan. he also invoked the memory of ronald reagan in a call for more party unity. >> tinlds wisdom of ronald reagan's big tent within the party. remember? ronald reagan. great man.
10:59 am
>> remember included reagan democrats and independents and republicans. >> cnn's reporter is following in it new hampshire. >> trump is now falling behind nationally. we see him reading notes. his campaign wants him to stick to something very specific in messaging. what is the growing concern within the party? >> new hampshire wasn't originally on his schedule. it was a late ad. political analysts speculating the poll numbers might have had something to do with it. one thing is that republican sources have not been shy with us as to their kernels. they have long told cnn that there are concerns he could not beat hillary clinton in a national election.
11:00 am
we have seen leaders of the party coming out against donald trump. and acknowledging that in a rally in iowa saying if you don't like me, vote for governor pence. he is really great. it is the same thing. saying i understand i haven't gotten the support of all the people in my own party there. >> that being said, he did take a step to quell the concerns by endorsing speaker ryan. he had upset several lead where's he said he was not sure he was toward endorse speaker ryan. and here in new hampshire where we are now. we'll see how all of this message of unity moving forward. how that affects the party. in the coming days, really. and i should mention, we did reach out to senator kelly ayotte's office to see if she would be here at this


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