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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  August 6, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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we have seen leaders of the party coming out against donald trump. and acknowledging that in a rally in iowa saying if you don't like me, vote for governor pence. he is really great. it is the same thing. saying i understand i haven't gotten the support of all the people in my own party there. >> that being said, he did take a step to quell the concerns by endorsing speaker ryan. he had upset several lead where's he said he was not sure he was toward endorse speaker ryan. and here in new hampshire where we are now. we'll see how all of this message of unity moving forward. how that affects the party. in the coming days, really. and i should mention, we did reach out to senator kelly ayotte's office to see if she would be here at this rally.
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we have not heard back yet. we're still waiting on that. >> all right. keep us posted. i want to bring this an historian and professor at princeton university. let's start with trump quoting ronald reagan. is he trying to appeal to traditional republicans? is he trying feel an audience that hasn't necessarily shown him a whole lot of love? >> well, it is not clear. what reagan did was to convince all the different factions that he was the best bet for the republican party. that he was the best bet to create a coalition. and i don't think everyone in the republican party feels that way. and reagan worked hard not to alienate the different republican groups. so it is the reverse. he worked to show that he would support a very broad agenda and he avoided the polarizing remarks within the republican party that could have hurt him.
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and trump waited until campaign stop in wisconsin, paul ryan's home state to finally endorse him. just days ago saying he was not there yet when asked about the endorsement. so is this pressure from the establishment? from the rnc, the gop saying you have to do this? or is he having second thoughts? >> i'm sure there is a lot of pressure. especially for republicans who have endorsed him despite what they've privately wanted to do. and to have him then attack is really hard for a lot of republicans to take. i'm sure the pressure has intense identified. what is not cheer if s if donald trump will continue on listen. we've seen throughout the campaign, he is his own person. he can be very tough when someone tries to restrain him myself guess is this won't last long and we'll see more internal conflict in the coming weeks.
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>> it is coming at a time when the trump campaign has been embroiled in controversy following poll numbers. there has been talk, loose talk that has been published about whether trump is going to drop out or whether he would be replaced by the establishment. is all of that just talk? >> no. it's not just talk. this is an unusual campaign. we haven't seen anything like this. i think that's fair to say. so there is an element where many republicans, democrats don't know what's coming next and they don't have a full gauge of how donald trump thinks. i think there are many people who feel not because of pressure but because of becoming frustrated, sensing that he might who's very badly. that he steps out of this whole race. i think there is a basis for it. i think it has many people nervous. >> and worried about whether
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that's the october surprise. >> a month out. ? we don't know anything. thank you so much. appreciate it. >> colorado is a key battle ground state which donald trump has called a must-win. ken law takes a look at the different strategies. >> in the battle ground state of colorado, the ground war. >> i'm getting people registered on vote. clinton campaign workers playing pokemon to go register potential voters. and using other attention getting draws. >> a cello? for real? >> you have to be unique. especially in a battle ground state like colorado where the stakes are so high. >> twice elected republican george w. bush, then gave barack obama back back to victories.
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this year the state is showing signs of leaning democratic. some reason poll give hillary clinton a double digit lead. another advantage, since 2012, democrats have this registered more voters than republicans. and it continues to grow 15.3% higher than the national average. hundreds on the pay roll. it is expected to triple by early october. >> we're not going to take anything for grant. >> democrats have spent 5.6 million. while trump supporters have raised 232,000. saying they are not on the airwaves or the pavement. >> are you seeing the trump operation out there? >> no, i haven't. >> the trump man in colorado is far different. yes, there are some workers knocking on doors but only a handful are on the pay roll.
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most are volunteers. the trump campaign has just five offices. relying instead on an extensive national state and hoke network in place since 2013. the campaign, not worried about being outgunned innocent traditional ground game. >> her game is the same old tired wornout paradigm. >> to be with a group of people in the middle of america. >> in colorado, more than one-third are registered independents like mark saban, he supports trump. >> i will do it as an independent. >> loyola to trump, not party. an x-factor not lost on both sides. with both candidates having high unfavorability numbers, it is leaving some independent voters unsure of which way to go. >> i'm not sure.
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>> how will you decide? >> i don't know. i if he is lesser of two evils. >> our thanks . >> tomorrow, sitting down with john kasich. it all starts tomorrow morning right here on cnn. coming up, area mosquito spraying wraps up in south florida. next, we'll take you live to miami and show what you else is being done to prevent a larger spread of the virus. there's no such thing as adverse suv ♪ ♪
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the visit inside the cell and then disappearing like harry houdini will never be forgotten. >> he used cash and cleverness to outwit law enforcement again and again. >> it looks like a bathtub, right? check this out. a signature el chapo tunnel. >> a drug lord w-- who ruled th streets. they put more dope on the streets of the united states than any other. >> got shorty. inside the chase for el chapo. >> you can check out got shorty inside the chase tomorrow night, 8:00 eastern, only on cnn. new developments in the war on the zika virus in south north.
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miami-dade mosquito control announced that it has successfully completed the aerial spraying today. that is after the officials announced the number of nontravel cases had risen to 16. dan simon is following this story. what is the latest? >> reporter: we are in a miami neighborhood called winwood. a collection of bars, restaurants and galleries. this is considered ground zero for the zika virus in miami. we're talking about 16 local transmissions and nearly all of them have happened in this neighborhood. when it comes to other states, they can probably learn from florida health officials in terms of what they're doing to combat the virus. take a look. as florida health crews work to rid the state of zika inspected mosquitos, other parts of the nation are nervously waiting. it is the height of mosquito season and cities like new orleans with hot, muggy conditions are particularly
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vulnerable. >> our mentality should not be if we will face a locally transmitted case but rather when. it is likely that we'll have one. >> with similar climates, mississippi, alabama, georgia, and texas have all crafted plans to combat zika. the man goes even farther. this map shows all the states at risk with yellow being low risk and red being a high rick. health officials say they don't expect widespread outbreaks. >> we do expect to see more cases. >> with florida, the only case thus far off the local transmission of the virus, it may offer something of a temperature mat to the rest of the country on stopping its spread. it has begun using airplanes to spray insecticide. the chemicals spread across a ten-mile area. it seems promising with a high kill rate in the traps used to
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gauge effectiveness. it has been mopping up water to deprive mosquitos from laying their eggs. florida has also wage ad fierce public relations campaign. police officers handing out zika information pamphlets to tourist and encouraging bug repellent. it has become so needed that the stores have run out. the white house and congress have been engaged in a fierce partisan battle over a $1.9 billion zika funning bill. >> congress has not been able to come together on pass a bill to provide more funding to help with zika control. i can tell you at the state level we'll spend the money that we need to to do the right things. >> the aerial sprayings of
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inse insectcide, those will go on for the next several weeks. there has been some concern about that but health officials say they are epa approved. they use them throughout the year and they say they are safe for human and pets. >> all right. thank you very much. >> so the zika virus has not only been labeled to affect t pregnant women of let's talk with dr. gillespie. by the wearing she is pregnant. you understand and respect the science that we're talking about here but then you have your own personal concerns because
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there's only so much we know that you can do to protect yourself and your baby. >> it's so true. you have children yourself. i'm a mother being pregnant again. we worry about everything when we're pregnant. now pregnant women have to worry about zika but whals are the risks of being exposed to this. figuring out some tips and tricks so you're addressing both fears. you're protecting your child from zika but also minimizing excess exposure. >> what are the discussions like? you're always thinking of the masses because you're a doctor. what have been your recommendations? are you seeing it thank you different lens now because you are pregnant? >> 100%. taking everything in and digesting it a little more like we all do when you're pregnant.
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what i call is become chic. i'm going out in pants and a loose t-shirt. that way, you spray yourself with repellent but much less which is the key. we do have to use deet but it is a tradeoff. >> i was going to ask you. the deet is that the picaridin and all that. when i was pregnant, i was worried that everything that i might be able to control and those types of contaminants, but you're saying embrace it. >> i'm not saying don't go take a bath in deet or any repellent but throws the two we have the most date on. if you cover yourself, it is okay to spray. the lower percentages of deet, it doesn't mean it is less effective than 30 or 40%. it just means it lasts for less time. if you're going out in your yard
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with your todd letter, i'll use 10%. i'm get examining posed to less. as soon as i come back inside, i wash it all off. >> how concerned are you, say, in march, they do the aerial? the assault with the repellents? what should people particularly women who are pregnant be thinking in the inhalents or are the dangers so much greater getting zika that you have to let go of it. >> the danger is exceptionally scary with zika. i don't know the chemicals they're spraying in miami. i'm doing that he is at th pest. if people are spraying, stay inside. don't go out. find out what the length of time until it dries so you're not inhaling it. if you have pets, you don't want them in the wet yard and then
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bringing it in the house. >> and what about the examinations? you will regularly get examinations of your fetus, your personal health. but are you having a certain kind of dialogue with your examining doctor now about things that you want them to do to take certain measurements? something added to see if your fetus is okay in if your baby has been in any way affected? >> i think that's especially important for anyone really at high risk. the number one thing is if you think you could have been exposed is to get tested. make sure you're getting to do that. the other thing is, there is that service member that we know she has zika and she's pregnant. and it crushes my wind for a minute. i know she has nothing to do but wait. everyone of us who are parents, just waiting. you're helpless. it is so important that we take all these steps to minimize the
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risks. and another thing, you might not know. when you go to an area where they have zika, spray yourself for three weeks so you're not affecting the local mosquitos and bringing it back. it takes village when we talk about zika. >> it does indeed. that's very harming. and at the same time, very enlightening. thank you. thank you. >> straight ahead, much more. staying in rhythm, it's how i try to live, how i stay active. and to keep up this pace, i need the right nutrition. so i drink boost®. boost® complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones, and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. in three delicious flavors. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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a strong jobs report this week. the u.s. add 255,000 jobs and the unemployment rate remains steady at 4.5%. this comes on the heels of a new poll where voters say they trust hillary clinton more on the economy than trump. that's a reversal from what we heard ahead of the conventions where trump was believed to be the stronger candidate. who is better suited to boost economic growth? that's the question i put to a panel of women. >> okay. so you have two very different world views about the economy. just completely night and day. where there is overlap between these two candidates is on infrastructure. they want to do a big bill and there is a lot of enthusiasm. donald trump says he is better to do it because he's done these projects before. he doesn't have typical
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government waste. hillary clinton says she has the connections. she can do it because she knows how government works. >> and clinton doesn't necessarily want to separate herself on obama's policies and she said she homes to use the support of her husband. >> they have to be careful about his legacy. he also has something called nafta attached to his name. you've seen this outrage. >> he is using that to his advantage. >> that's absolutely right. and especially, hillary has shifted on the trans pacific partnership and now rejecting nafta. she has a lot of convincing to do that she is for fair trade, not just free trade but trade fair to the american people. donald trump has a track record of 30 years being against nafta and these trade deals. >> more of these great
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