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tv   State of the Union With Jake Tapper  CNN  August 7, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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cleanup duty? >> i support and endorse our speaker of the house, paul ryan. donald trump tries to make nice with his fellow republicans after a brutal week of intra-party battling. boosted by a $64 million infusion largely from small donors, can the trump train get back on track? plus, heartburn in the heartland. ohio's republican governor warns trump might mean that the state goes blue in november. >> it's difficult if you are
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dividing to be able to win in ohio. >> can trump even win his former rival's vote? >> do you know what you're going to do in the voting booth? >> no. we still have time. >> the exclusive interview with governor john kasich next. doubling down. why does hillary clinton keep repeating this line even after fact checkers have called her out. >> as the fbi said everything i said publicly has been consistent and truthful with what i've told them. >> new polls showing her up. can her convention bounce last? insights from the campaign trail from the best political minds. hello. i am jake tapper in washington, d.c., where the state of our union is barrelling towards november. a brand-new poll out this morning shows 81% of registered voters planning to cast a ballot in the presidential election, and 50% of them now say they
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will be voting for democrat hillary clinton, putting her eight points ahead of republican donald trump. the new "washington post"/abc news numbers come after a week of intra-party squabbles. including his fellow republicans railing against him and his criticism of a fallen soldier's grieving family while trump declined to endorse the speaker of the house, paul ryan, and two other senate republicans. this weekend trump tried to right the ship, coming out in favor of ryan and the two republican senators and refocusing on hillary clinton with a vicious new attack. >> she took a short-circuit in the brain, and she's got a problem. she is a liar. she is a horrible, horrible human being. >> wow. but does trump stand a chance if he heads into the fall fighting
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not only for new voters but for republicans, for stalwarts in his own party? he still has not won over his former rival, ohio's republican governor john kasich, who invited me to the buckeye state to talk about his hopes and fears for the country. >> governor kasich, thanks for doing this. >> glad to do it. thanks for coming. >> last time i saw, around the time of the republican convention which you did not attend. first convention in modern history according to gallup where most people were less likely to vote for the nominee after the convention than were more likely. 51% said they were less likely to vote for donald trump after the convention than 36% saying they were more likely. why do you think that is? >> well, look, i think, jake, in america people -- even though we have enormous problems, i don't think people want to live in a world of anger.
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they want to believe there is a better tomorrow. i got the sense that there was a sort of a forboding out there. i don't think that's where people want to be. i didn't go because i just don't -- i think it's about manners, you know. if i wasn't prepared to go there and get up and endorse a nominee, i just thought it was inappropriate to go into that convention hall. here is something, jake, that's really true. people want politicians to stand on principle until the principle they're standing on is not one that they agree with. >> right. >> what no one should be confused about, no one, is that i -- i wrote an op-ed piece about hillary. i think she is on the bus bernie is driving and she is sitting in the back seat. she is no more than big government. >> you said there should be no confusion about your support of hillary clinton. you don't support hillary clinton. >> no, of course not. >> you also don't support donald trump. >> i have not endorsed him. that's correct. >> you have not endorsed him. do you know what you're going to
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do when you go into the voting booth? >> no. we still have time. it's something i think about a little bit but not a lot. >> have you ever voted for a democrat for president? >> no. >> you've only voted republican. >> i am a republican. >> is it possible you will not vote for a republican for president? >> let's not get ahead of ourselves. this is disturbing and alarming to me. it's not alarming. i wish i could be fully enthusiastic. i can't be. i don't know what's going to happen at the end. >> you said you didn't watch the democratic convention. >> i watched a tine y bit. i watched donald trump's speech. i did see the khan speech. >> khizr and ghazala guan, their son killed in iraq in 2004. you tweeted after donald trump started attacking the parents and questioning things about the parents, you tweeted, there is only one way to talk about gold star powerpoints parents, with honor and respect.
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capital marketen khan is captain khan is a hero. together we should pray for his family. trump's response was he was viciously attacked by the khans. >> i didn't see that. but here is what i do want to tell you. as the governor, every year, except this year, because we fortunately haven't lost anybody, we have had families of people who have been lost serving their country. jake, they come to the statehouse, they gather in the cabinet room, and then one by one these families come in to see me. it's very tough. usually there is a picture of their son or their daughter or their mother or their father that's right up there as they come in. i give them a flag. and i sit and i talk to them. i tell them about the loss of my
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mother and father in a sudden accident, and i said, you know, let's not compare, but what i can tell you is i have seen the black hole. i have had the deep mourning and the pain. but here is what i know. i believe the scripture when it says that those who give up their life or serve someone else will wear a big crown. that their service is marked in the book of life, never to be erased. i hug them. there are sometimes some -- few people will sit in the room with me. sometimes a tear gets shed. sometimes i give recommendations as to how they can find somebody to help them. it's really tough, jake.
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and -- but i am honored to do it. because if there is anything that i can say to these families, anything at all -- and they've got kids in there. their dad is gone or their mom is gone. it's -- it's just excruciatingly difficult. but i am so glad i do it. and i am so glad that they would honor me to come. >> mike morale, former head of the cia has an op-ed where he says donald trump is not only unqualified for the job as president but may pose a threat to our national security. a strong statement from a former cia director. do you agree? >> i have said everything i need to say about mr. trump, and my actions speak louder than my words at that convention. what i will tell you is that america absolutely needs to be engaged in the world.
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the idea that we would lock our doors and pull down our blinds and just look the other way -- you know, we've seen a lot of that in the obama administration. you look at syria, and it's a complete mess. america -- look, to whom much is given much is expected. and america has been such a blessed country that there are things that we have to do to engage in the world. to say that, you know, we don't love nato. nato is critical. it's kept the peace post world war ii. it's critical. are there improvements to be made in nato? of course. can we have better intelligence and security? of course we can. do we have an obligation to the baltics? of course we have an obligation to the baltics. should we be involved in the middle east? we don't have to get in the middle of civil wars but of course americans' presence has to be felt. we are a force for good in the world, and if america goes away, good things will not happen. if america goes away, bad things will happen. >> when you were running for
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president you said the u.s. should aid ukraine against russian aggression. what did you make of the republican nominee saying last week that the people of crimea, from what i've heard, would rather be with russia than where they were? >> i don't agree with that. my understanding is we actually withdrew support -- language that supported arming the ukrainians. >> in the republican platform. >> yeah. i was pretty astounded by that. here is where we are, jake, i think, with putin. first of all, putin, i think, is a thug. he wants to reconstitute the old soviet union. it won't happen. the west has to make it clear to putin that we don't tolerate this behavior. at the same time, let him save some face. there is a way to do that. he has to give back crimea. maybe he can have a base there to the sea. but, you know, we cannot just show weakness in the face of a guy who has become very, very
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aggressive against the values of the west. >> let's talk about iran. because right now republicans are up in arms about this report, about $400 million in a cash payment to the iranians and there seems to be the suggestion that the iranians thought it was some sort of ransom, the united states government denies that it was ransom, but it appears as though the iranians at the time claimed this is ransom, $400 million for your four prisoners. what do you make of all this? >> i mean, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck normally it's a duck, jake. on the very day they make this payment -- i think it was terrible. you know, in the early republican debates i think i was the only one that said i wouldn't rip up the iran deal on day one. but watching their behavior since i made that statement, i would call for the suspension of this agreement. look, that $400 million, where does it end up? hezbollah, hamas? who knows.
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i think this was another boondoggle for the administration. whether it's libya, whether it's the red line in syria, whether it's these cash payments, the list goes on and on. in foreign policy you really have to know where the direct interest is, how you get in and how you get out. that's the old cap one philosophy. you go in, what's the interest, how do you go? if you can go in but never get out, you don't go in. is this a direct american interest? that was the problem in iraq but we had the intelligence that told us something different. in syria, we should have been arming the rebel groups early on. we did not do it. the administration sat back, drew the red lines and everything is falling apart. think of the chaos in the middle east. look at isis. what are we waiting on? what are we waiting on? we're going to let them have a headquarters in mosul and raqqa? act. go take care of business. go do it.
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>> the obama administration says isis has been losing tremendous ground in both iraq and syria and that the problem right now is that they are expanding operatio operations around the world not in the so-called caliphate. >> first of all, if you have capital cities and you are isis and you run a big propaganda campaign, we should first of all destroy those cities. not the cities but destroy isis. let me say one other very interesting thing. we have been a country here in america where we have really been able to integrate people. people come to america, and almost all -- of course there are always exceptions -- they want to be americans. when they go to france, they don't want to be french. they want to live in their banus, they don't want to adopt anything about the heritage, the language, anything else. they try to get a job. they can't speak french or speak
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broken fefrench. they can't get a job. in these countries, belgium and france, they have to figure out a way to integrate these populations. it's going to be really hard for them to do it. how do you do it? i am not quite sure. you know, to some degree, when you go to a country, there has to be a sense that you want to be in that country. not that you want to recreate your old country in that country and never -- we know with immigrants -- immigrants want to celebrate their heritage. that's fine. but at the end you have to become a citizen of where it is you want to live. coming up, governor kasich addressing the campaign rumor that has been swirling around him for weeks. just how close did he really come to becoming donald trump's vice president?
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same ticket but don't share on everything. this week they split on the khan family and speaker of the house as trump battled with both. turns out the trump team explored the idea of having a vice president who disagrees with the nominee often as john kasich revealed in the second part of our exclusive interview. >> there was a report in the "new york times" that donald trump jr. called you and tried to sus out your feelings and interest in being the vice president and said you would be able to run domestic and foreign policy. is that report true? >> i never got a call. apparently my aides did. >> donald trump jr. did call one of your aides and have that conversation? >> that's what the reports are. >> your aide said that's accurate? >> that's what one of them has told me. but i never got a call. that's yesterday, you know. and again, i said during the campaign -- and nobody in the press believed it -- you know, i might have been -- i might have
6:20 am
agreed to be george washington's vice president but i got the second best job in the country. president and governor of ohio. so i was never interested in being anybody's vice president. >> it wasn't tempting at all? >> isn't that amazing? never considered it. >> really? >> no. >> that's interesting. >> why would i want to be vice -- i would be the worst vice president. i have too many opinions, jake. >> you have a lot of opinions for sure. you get to run foreign policy and domestic policy. >> i am running foreign policy in ohio. you have to remember, we have michigan on our border, you know. [ laughing ] >> you're going to build a wall, i am sure. the campaign chairman paul manafort said you were embarrassing the state of ohio when you skipped the convention. you talked about the pressure you felt, people telling you you needed to go, you needed to endorse. whether there back-channel efforts to get you to come to the convention? >> no t, no the really.
6:21 am
people would call who were long-time friends of mine saying, you need to support the party. secondly, don't give the impression that you're a clinton supporter. that's this thing, you know. well, let me be clear, i'm not, okay. i see four years of gridlock with her. total gridlock and meltdown in economics. that's one thing. >> what do you see with him? >> gridlock. >> were you surprised when donald trump declined to endorse speaker ryan and mccain and senator ayotte? >> i thought it was bizarre. paul he is in the jack kemp mode. he is a positive. he wants to reach out to the people who are are in poverty. he wants to lower the tax code so we don't punish the successful. build entrepreneur. great guy. used to be an aide when i was
6:22 am
chairman. kelly ayotte. a terrific senator. comes from new hampshire. i'm going to campaign for her and do whatever i can to help her. >> you're going to work a lot on these races? >> i am all over. just in illinois the other day helping senator kirk, raising money for the house republicans in illinois. i have been for senator paul. i am going to colorado. i was in philadelphia in a tough race over in philadelphia. yeah, i'm going to help all house and senate members. and that's important to me. let's talk about mccain. i love john mccain. john mccain is such an amazing guy, not just an american hero. he has served his country well. he is outspoken. he takes orders from no one. as far as i'm concerned mccain shouldn't even have to run for election in the senate. he ought to be in the senate as long as he wants to be. he is in a tough race out there. i don't care what it takes. i have to go out there and help
6:23 am
mccain. he really, truly is, for the people that watch this show -- he is a remarkable guy. he so loves his country. >> governor, your admiration for john mccain is moving. your nominee for president, the republican presidential nominee, said john mccain is not a hero, he prefers people who weren't captured. >> yeah. well, i don't agree with that. i think john mccain is a hero. look, jake, here is the thing. all throughout this, anybody can say, okay, you know, trump said this, you say that, why don't you slug him over the head. look. my actions have spoken louder than any words. >> your refusal to endorse him. >> and think about this. i want to know when anybody had a convention in their state when they were the governor who didn't go in the convention hall. i mean, some people are furious with me about that. but i did what i thought i
6:24 am
needed to do. you know what, i never went in that hall to promote myself. and i wanted -- believe it or not, i wanted to show respect to the nominee. my going up there and disrupting his deal was not my -- what i intended to do. >> can trump win ohio? >> can trump win ohio? he's going to win parts of ohio where people are really hurting. there will be sections he'll win because people are angry, frustrated and haven't heard any answers, but i still think it's difficult, if you are dividing, to be able to win in ohio. i think it's really, really difficult. >> what does donald trump need to do to get you to vote for him? you've obviously said you'll never vote for hillary clinton. is there any way that donald trump can change? >> well, it's -- you know, there is so much water over the dam now it's become increasingly difficult. unifying. you can either operate on the dark side of the street, or you can operate in the light. i believe that america needs
6:25 am
people to operate in the light. plain and simple. >> governor kasich, thank you so much for your time. i really appreciate it. >> i loved it, thank you. coming up a republican gubernatorial candidate ditches trump to raise money for clinton. will the big donor republican defections hurt the republican nominee?
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i guess you do things a little bit differently, maybe -- well, maybe i would have done a little bit less. we were doing a lot of work. we were working very hard. drawing tremendous crowds, having a lot of fun. putting out a good word. maybe i would have done less of that. >> a little bit less. that was donald trump saying what he might have done differently. this headline-packed week. here with me to discuss it all is senior trump advisor jason
6:30 am
miller, baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake who is also the secretary of the democratic national committee. cnn political commentator andre bauer and symone sanders former press secretary to bernie sanders. jason, i'll start with you. a little bit less. and yet this was a tough week. i think even trump allies would acknowledge that. he fought with this family of the fallen service member, said putin is not going to make a move into ukraine even though putin has already done that in several ways. initially refused to endorse ryan, mccain or ayotte. and a string of republicans getting behind clinton. meg whitman. retiring congressman hannah and top advisors to chris christie. it's been a bad week for the trump campaign. >> first part was bumpy. back half very good for donald trump. on thursday, friday, yesterday in new hampshire donald trump had good days on the campaign trail. he is focused. he knows what he needs to do in
6:31 am
this campaign. i think we have a unified campaign. even more so, we have a candidate that's unified with his campaign. he's laying out his vision tomorrow in detroit. rolling out the economic vision to talk about the differences between the candidates on national security. he is focused on exactly what he needs to go do. >> you said the candidate is unified with his campaign. shouldn't that be automatic? shouldn't the campaign and the candidate be one and the same? >> people have been underestimating donald trump since the beginning of this. talking about the republican primary where folks didn't think that he would be the nominee. he is an unconventional candidate, not a blow-dried washington candidate. he is a candidate who really has tapped into the american voters, tapped into the frustration. he is someone who senses that fear, and he wants to make our country safe, wants to get our economy back on track. that's different. i mean, if we have to turn washington on its head, that's what he's going to do. >> all of this does have an impact on his campaign and how he is perceived.
6:32 am
new poll numbers from the abc news and "washington post." trump's handling of the khan family. 73% of voters disapprove. 12% approve. is donald trump qualified to serve as president? 38% say yes about donald trump. 61% say no. almost the reverse number for hillary clinton. 68% say she is qualified, 38% say no. does donald trump have a good understanding of world affairs? 72% yes for clinton. 25% no. 33 yes for donald trump, 64%, no. those are just -- to andre. remarkably horrible poll numbers. week after week of self-inflicted wounds is taking a toll. >> well, there are other polls too. when you talk about the number one and number two issue, jobs and economy, i think the polls are exactly the opposite. they say we don't reach out to millennials as a republican party. in the words of dj callic. he is raising money, bringing
6:33 am
the tent in. bringing new folks in. he has people energized. the rallies have tens of thousands of people coming out. i haven't been polled. a lot of people are not showing up on the polls. they are fed up. they want a change maker in washington. he is the only person talking about changing washington. >> they want a change maker in washington but donald trump has not demonstrated he is a change maker with an actual plan. i am looking forward to his speech in detroit because i hope we hear meat and potatoes. while polls go up and down, i think they're startling and something that folks should be paying attention to. it's demonstrating that folks do not think donald trump is fit to be president. as a matter of fact, he is temperamentally unfit to be president. he kicked a baby out of his rally in virginia. virginia is for lovers, not har haters. >> mayor, let me ask you. is there a risk here? this is august.
6:34 am
we don't know what's going to happen in november. is there a risk of democrats getting too confident? >> if we paid attention as much as pollsters and as much as the media does to the polling, we can get complacent. i think there is a risk that people may not come out to vote. we're not going to do that. this election is too important. the poll numbers are great now, but the poll numbers that matter are the polls in november. and that's getting people out to the poll to vote. there is so much that's happening with voter suppression. why? because that's the only way the republicans win, if they close the tent, reduce the tent, keep voters away from the polls. we're not going to be fooled. the bad week for trump, the good week for clinton, that's fine. this week. but we're focused on a grass-roots game to get people to the polls. this election matters too much. >> andre, you talked about -- jason, i'll come to you. andre, another poll, battle ground states. that's the ones they care about. it's a state by state election,
6:35 am
not a national referendum. florida, clinton plus six. michigan clinton plus nine. pennsylvania, a key state you have to win clinton plus 11. new hampshire, clinton plus 15. i know that there is a reuters poll that's an internet poll you like to talk about. general speaking it seems to be an outlier. the polls are not good for you. >> the single most important number to keep in mind is that 70% of the american public thinks we're going in the wrong direction. for hillary clinton to be doubling and tripling down on wanting to have a third term puts her in a difficult spot. case in point. friday we saw secretary clinton bumble, stumble and doubling down on the lie on the e-mail section. >> we'll get to that. >> but it reminds people immediately how much they dislike hillary clinton. not only do we have the reuters poll showing we're within three points. "l.a. times." >> address the mayor's point. yes, voters have issues with
6:36 am
hillary clinton. they have bigger issues with donald trump according to the same polls. >> the point being the elasticity to the race, there can be a lot of movement quickly. >> people are solid on the fact that they don't like trump. >> beginning of the week he is doing great, campaign strong. we're going into fund-raising later. turning out the big crowds. this is a candidate that's focused. >> here is a question. address the mayor's point, if you would. who is he going to turn around? a lot of people are set in not liking him. >> he is going to turn around people who want to change in this country, people who think we're going in the wrong direction. >> he can't even convey his own republicans to vote for him. >> people think that three quarts in the row of gdp growth under 2% is ter inlible. >> people think having someone with his temperament in charge of the nuclear codes is terrifying. >> the mayor is from baltimore. >> he doesn't have a plan. >> no plan. no meat and potatoes.
6:37 am
furthermore, when you say who donald trump is -- we can talk about secretary clinton's meat and potatoes and the plans she has to build up hard-working middle class americans in the country, to address racial barriers and donald trump is talking about building walls. to your point about, though, that he's going to bring in people who want change. who are they? minorities? before the convention he was polling at 0% with african-americans in this country and latinos. post convention he got maybe, what, 5%? you cannot win in 2016 in a presidential election without people of color in this country. so who is he pulling in? he's not pulling in millennials like myself. >> i'll give andre the last word. >> one of the biggest things that moves numbers and all of us will agree is money. donald trump hasn't been spending money. hillary has been on the air pounding the message. he hasn't. that's going to change now. he has raised money.
6:38 am
the fact that he's been dark and she has been up heavily in the battleground states and that the numbers are not wider is amazing. coming up who is a lame duck? president obama more popular than he's been in three and a half years. how he plans to make his final months count when we come back. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx.
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i may have short-circuited it. for that, i will try to clarify. i do think, you know, having him say that my answers to the fbi were truthful, and then i should quickly add, what i said was consistent with what i had said publicly. >> short-circuit. not just a bad steve guttenberg
6:43 am
movie from the '80s. hillary clinton's explanation for why she keeps repeating a line that the "washington post" fact-checkers have given four pinocchios. back with our panel. madam mayor. hillary clinton keeps repeating this. yes, the fbi said that she was truthful with them. they did not say that she was truthful with the american people. why is it so hard for her to acknowledge that she made a mistake and move on? why does she keep doubling down? >> i think she is being very careful. this is something that's very personal to her. anyone who is called a liar, if you care about your reputation and character, that means something. she wants to make sure that people understand that -- where she was being truthful. that being said, she should take a page out of donald trump's book. it's over. you know, apologize, acknowledge, move on. the more you double down as trump has done on his missteps,
6:44 am
his lies, the further and further he sinks in the polls. so my suggestion would be to do as much as we can to put this behind us, because people want to believe in a hopeful america, and the only candidate that's running for president that has a positive outlook on the country is secretary clinton. she should own that space and run with it. >> jason, i'll come to you in a minute. symone, you used to work for bernie sanders. >> i did. >> this is the kind of thing the sanders campaign and supporters would get so angry about. why is she doing this. what do you feel? >> i would like to remind everyone that during one of the first debates bernie sanders said i'm tired of hearing about the damn e-mails. can we focus on the issues. part of this is i think we need to focus on the issues. the server question has been asked and answered, asked and answered other times. she has noted she apologizes. if she could do it all over
6:45 am
again she wouldn't have. >> she is creating a new thing here. >> she opened herself up to take questions from the media. people are like she creating this. i believe she was responding to a question she got from journalist in abj. it's been asked and answered. she was truthful in saying that. the fbi said that, when she went and talked to the fbi they didn't call her a liar. they said she was truthful there. >> they didn't say she was truthful to the american people. >> they didn't say she lied to the american people either. what director comey did say is that there were i think three e-mails that didn't have any markings with you were classified and even a trained eye would know -- >> i like your point on the classification was not marked properly. that's true. take a listen to this. trey doughty, republican of south carolina, talking to fbi director comey. >> secretary clinton said there was nothing marked classified on
6:46 am
her e-mails sent or received was that true? >> that's not true. there were a small number of portion markings on i think three documents. >> secretary clinton said i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. there is no classified material. was that true? >> there was classified material e-mailed. >> madam mayor, this is the problem. comey said yes, she told the truth to us. but when asked about specifics of things she said to the public he said, no, that's not true. >> i think the secretary has been very clear. had she had the ability to do it all over again, she wouldn't have two different servers and she would have been more careful. i am convinced that people just like bernie sanders are done with hearing about the e-mail. the only people who are focused on this and trying to trip her up with what did you say, when did you say it, how did you say it, are people trying to distract from the real issues at hand. this issue is about who has the
6:47 am
better qualifications and terme temperament to lead our country forward. it's clear there is only one candidate and that's hillary clinton. when we focus on these issues that are non-issues we distract from the fact that we have somebody running for president who scares the cia. that's what we should be focused on. we don't want someone with trump's temperament and thin skin being in charge. >> that's the point for a lot of people who are watching this. even if voters have issues with secretary clinton when it comes to trust, there is the fitness to the office question that no less than the former and actor director of the cia has raised and also president obama raised it this week, talking about whether or not donald trump could even be up to the job. take a listen. >> i think the republican nominee is unfit to serve as president. if you are repeatedly having to say, in very strong terms, that
6:48 am
what he has said is unacceptable, why are you still endorsing him? >> jason? >> so jake, i wanted to get in the last point talking about the short-circuit for a minute. go to symone, to your old boss, bernie sanders, and his description of hillary clinton, that she has bad judgment. that is why this e-mail issue is such a big deal. >> no. >> yes. bad judgment. >> one, i was the press secretary for senator sanders. i think he know what exactly he said. he was laser-focused on the issues during the primary campaign and he has noted that there are things that he disagreed with secretary clinton on on how to get them done, but he has fully endorsed her noting that there is no one in this race other than secretary clinton that is fit to be president, the next president of the united states of america. she is good on economy, health care, she is good on taxes. she is good for hard-working people in this country. donald trump is clearly not.
6:49 am
>> the e-mail issue is such a big deal. for hillary clinton to get out there not once, not twice but three times this week and lie on this e-mail issue shows she has bad judgment. her final answer to be that she short-circuited? where else has she been short-circuiting. benghazi, domestic policy, with the withdrawal of iraq. this goes to the judgment of secretary clinton. >> what about the khan family? was that a short-circuit? >> she is not fit to lead this country. >> can you answer the question. >> attacks coming out of the democratic convention. >> the difference is she owned it. she said she short circuited and wants to move forward. the problem with trump is you, him and his surrogates refuse to own your mistakes. i have a 12-year-old daughter. i say people make mistakes all the time. you own it, learn from it and move on. what we're seeing from the trump
6:50 am
campaign and surrogates is refusal to acknowledge -- >> like refusing to admit lying about the e-mails? >> he is not truthful on anything. there is no substance. >> this is why this race can contract so quickly. >> unfortunately, we have to go. i'm going to have to fact-check that you have a 12-year-old daughter. i find it hard to believe. >> i do. coming up next, the stars flooded the white house for the president's birthday bash but social media was band. so what really happened on the dance floor? it's the subject of this week's "state of the cartoonian"coming up next. after a long day,
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president obama turned 55? week and michelle obama threw him his last white house birthday bash. we can only guess what may have gone down based on the star studded guest les. jfk had marilyn. ♪ happy birthday mr. president ♪ >> president obama has beyonce to sa -- with help from guest hendrick lamar, had no trouble getting the president to hit the dance floor. we wonder, did party goers samuel l. jackson and will ferrell rock it out? >> i love scotch.
6:56 am
it goes down, down into my belly. >> billionaire george lucas was there, did george get him a president? what does one get the president on his birthday? in any case, happy birthday, mr. president, enjoy yourself, try hard not to think about that other things. happy birthday, mr. president, and thank you for watching, fareed zakaria gps is next. only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. ♪ is it a force of nature? or a sales event?
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