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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  August 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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have you as our viewers. thank you so much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer. "erin burnett outfront" starts right now. >> outfront next, breaking news. all republicans, donald trump shouldn't be president. tonig tonight, trump fights back. trump says he will bring jobs back to america. why is he hiring so many foreign workers? 10-year-old boy dead after riding the world's tallest water slide. growing concerns over missed warning signs. let's go out front. good evening. i'm erin burnett. out front tonight, breaking news. reckless. 50 prominent republicans with a damning assessment of a trump presidency in this letter, veteran foreign policy and national security experts in an open letter to the american people writing of donald trump. in part, quote, he would be the most reckless president in
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american history. the letter going on, to call trump not qualified, saying he lacks character, values and experience. and then this, referring directly to foreign policy. unlike previous presidents, it says, who have limited experience in foreign affairs, mr. trump has shown no interest in educating himself. he continues to display an alarming ignorance of basic facts, contemporary international politics. trump has come out slamming the letter moments ago. for trump, the timing of this letter couldn't be worse. it comes on a day he was trying to recover from a disastrous week on the trail. he had a very scripted, serious speech on his economic plan. my panel will be with me for the entire hour. i want to begin, though, with jim acosta out front. pretty stunning letter. as we said, 50 republicans writing it. what is the trump campaign response? >> erin, on the same day that donald trump was trying to show message discipline, as you say, he was going to be talking about
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the economy today. he got some positive responses to that speech. he is in another fight once again with members of his own party and trump is punching right back at those 50 former national security officials, many from the bush administration but some going back all the way to the nixon administration, saying the gop nominee fails the test of being commander in chief. trump campaign just put out a statement from the candidate. here is a portion of it. it says the names on this letter are the ones the american people should look to for answers on why the world is a mess and we thank them for coming forward. so, everyone in the country knows who deserves the blame for making the world such a dangerous place. they are nothing more than the failed washington elite looking to hold on to their power and it is time they are held accountable for their actions. erin, i talked to a senior trump adviser a short while ago, continuing to make that case, saying many of these foreign officials are from the george bush administration that took the country into war in iraq.
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and even though trump once suggested he was in favor of that war, he continues to say it is responsible for the current situation in the middle east. we heard donald trump talk about this in much the same vain when that criticism came down from the former acting cia director. i think we'll hear more from donald trump in the coming days. >> thank you, jim acosta. i want to go to elise abbott. you've had a chance to speak to many of the former officials who have signed this letter. but it really came together in the past two weeks? >> that's right, erin. just really was drafted and passed around in the last five days. i spoke to john bellinger, the adviser to then secretary of state condoleezza rice. a lot of people have been wanting to speak out.
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this kind of builds on a letter by a lot of national security officials about their feelings about donald trump. this time, mr. bellinger said they wanted to focus on the most senior people that they can. a lot of cabinet secretaries, deputy cabinet secretaries. also people that have been in the situation room, that know what it requires to be president and they wanted to talk about values, about judgment and statements about the temp ermt to be the president. they say these people know what is required and they don't feel that donald trump is fit. but at the same time i have to point out, erin, this is not a ringing endorsement of hillary clinton. what i'm told is that a lot of these people have strong feelings about hillary clinton. some may endorse them. some have a lot of doubts. at the end of the day, they all settled on a statement that recognized that there are doubts about hillary clinton and then kind of leaves room for these national security officials to make their own endorsement or
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not. >> all right. thank you very much, elise. and we have one of the people who sign this had letter with me. i want to read another line from the letter, though, as we begin this. a president must be disciplined, they write, control emotions and react only after reflection and careful gliks. a president must maintain cordial relationships with leaders of different backgrounds and must have their respect and trust. in our judgment mr. trump has none of these critical qualities. cory, why did you sign the letter? >> because i feel really strongly that donald trump is already damaging america's national security by the reckless things he's saying and by the way he lashes out at any criticism. and i genuinely fear he could be elected and it would be damaging to our country. >> is there anything he could do at this point to convince you otherwise? was there something in the past couple of weeks, as elise
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reports, that made you change your mind? >> you know, there are things he could do. he could learn from his mistakes. he could apologize to the gold star family and every other gold star family who his attacks on them in recent weeks were such an offense to so many of us. he could stop cozying up to america's adversaries and author tarn strong men and instead could reassure america's allies of the reliability of our security guarantees. he could do all of those things i don't believe he will do any of those things and that's why i signed the letter. >> he has responded to your letter, the trump campaign putting out a statement in part, kori, that says these insiders, referring to you and the other 49 people, along with hillary clinton are owners of a disastrous decisions to invade iraq, allow americans to die in benghazi. they have allowed the one the
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rise of isis. they are the nothing more than the failed washington elite look. what is your response? >> the first is this is exactly the kind of intemperate lashing out reaction that made all the signers of this letter doubt his suitability to be commander in chief, to be calm and glibtive when the nation needs to make difficult decisions. he is actually reaffirming the judgments we put forward in the letter. the second thing is, it's important to remember that not all the people who were signatories of the letter are people who had to do with foreign and defense policy. some, like governor tom ridge, had to do -- and several people from the justice department were responsible for protecting the country from attack. so, even if his critique of
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people like me, who worked on defense of foreign policy are accurate, how does he explain tom ridge thinking he's unfit to be commander in chief? >> kori, quickly before we go, just to make it clear, you're very much a republican, backed jeb bush, marco rubio, then john kasich. you tried and tried and tried. >> that's right. >> your sister does work for secretary clinton. r both now voting for hillary clinton. most of those people on that letter are not voting for her. are you happy about that choice? >> no! it was an agonizing decision for me and i have deep reservations about voting for hillary clinton. but it's a measure of just how fearful i am of the damage donald trump would do for our country that i'm willing to cross the line and vote for hillary clinton, a candidate who i think is deeply flawed. >> kori, thank you very much. i appreciate your time tonight. my panel is with me now. david gergen served as four
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advi advisers to four presidents. former george w. white house staffer robert hoover and former governor of south carolina. let me give you a chance to respond, cory, to what kori had to say. she said she thinks the damage to this country is too great to take the risk. >> she's a three-time loser goes to candidate to candidate to candidate with no core convictions, now from three republicans to a democrat. she wants to stay relevant in the political world. that hasn't happened for her. i'm sorry to do that. >> echoing, david, exactly the sort of tone you hear from the trump campaign. >> sure. this letter is unprecedented. i cannot remember a massive defecttion of this kind among people who have been at the top of administrations. i personally worked with about 20 people on the list and know
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them to be people on substance, you don't get any better than carla hills and bob zelick, known and respected around the world. republicans have not been perfect stewards. look at the iraq war and have to say republicans bear a large part of the responsibility for that. but these are the same people who help drive a wedge between china and russia, to get the russians to tear down that wall. these are the people who tore down the berlin wall, chase saddam out of kuwait, where he did and needed to be kicked out. they have repeatedly shown real leadership. they haven't been perfect. history will be kind to them in terms of what they have accomplished. >> cory, are you concerned about that, about the influence? these are people of substance. >> also people who have made a living inside the government that want to get back into
4:11 pm
power. bush family, next candidate, next candidate with the potential clinton administration. i see $6 trillion. that's what we spent on the last two wars, thousands of people are dead because of these wars. if these people are responsible for them, they should be held accountable for those poor decision. >> like david said, this is not just an unprecedented letter but people who are not focusing on ideology. you look at the letter, it focuses on everything that has to do with the temperament, wherewithal, what it takes to be president, act as president. it has absolutely nothing to do with whether you're a democrat or republican. whether you agree with them or not on what they did, they understand what it takes to do that job. another paragraph that really hit me and what will really hit the american people, trump can't separate truth from falsehood. he lacks self control and can't tolerate personal criticism.
4:12 pm
that is a description of a 12-year-old bully, not somebody who should be leader of the free world. >> quick response. >> how many individuals have sat down and had a conversation with donald trump? my guess is zero, bottom line. they see the mainstream media reporting on what he's like. you go to speak to senator jeff sessions, admiral kubick or lieutenant general flynn, they have a very different opinion. those are the people on the front lines every day. >> take a brief pause. all of you will be with me through the hour. third party candidate taking on trump tonight. why he could actually be a threat. plus pretty women, attractive men, preferably will accents. our investigation. how did this water slide kill a 10-year-old boy this weekend? what muscle pain? what headache?
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tonight donald trump delivering a major economic address. >> we can't solve our problems if we're going to just go back and rely on these politicians, because that's what we've been doing. only by changing to new leadership and new solutions will we get new and great results. >> this is a serious, and it was a scripted speech, coming on the heels of a series of controversies on the campaign trail.
4:17 pm
and calls from many in his own party to right the ship. deiana bash is out front in washington tonight. dana, we haven't heard much from republican leaders responding to this speech but it was scripted. it was serious. how surprising is it that there's been pretty much silence? >> well, i have to say that, you know, during the other campaigns that i have covered on the republican side, presidential campaigns, whether it was mitt romney or george w. bush or john mccain, when they give these kinds of speeches you had a slue of statements, maybe perfunctory, but statements of support from republicans up and down capitol hill, from agencies around, from groups. and that just doesn't happen with donald trump because of who donald trump is. but in this case, you're right, it is a bit surprising. i just got a one-line statement from a spokesman for house speaker paul ryan saying that his plan has many similarities to the job creating plan at the heart of house republicans, better way agenda.
4:18 pm
that is true, which makes it more surprising that there wasn't more positive reinforcement. donald trump, let's just talk about the substance, never mind the way that he didn't jump on protesters, even though they interrupted him 14 times. but just on the substance, he scrapped the tax reform plan he had during the primaries and signed on to the house republican economic plan. that's a big deal. that's a really big deal. so the fact that republicans seem to be stepping back and saying, okay. that's one speech. give me some more, before they heap praise on him, is interesting. >> very interesting especially, as you point out, it's a significant thing to do, change your tax plan. >> yeah. >> it does come, though, as they have been critical of him, as the polls have been very rough in the past week. now, deigna a new conservative third-party candidate who might be very relevant. what can you tell us about him? >> well, his name is evan mcmillan. if people are saying who, you're
4:19 pm
not alone. even people who cover capitol hill, like me. even people who worked in the same office, erin, didn't really know him. he was there very briefly. before that, he was a cia operative, good old-fashioned spook, working counterintelligence, i'm told undercover for ten years. he came to this because he has been outspoken against trump, as you said. but he has the backing of the anti-trump forces because he is a mormon who has a lot of potential support in the state of utah, usually just put in the republican column and move on on the presidential years. perhaps not this year. because trump has not been popular in utah. ted cruz crushed him there during the primaries. and to get on the ballot, which is august 15th, the deadline in ut utah, only need 1,000 signatures which they think they can get. step one from people who are
4:20 pm
backing this candidacy is maybe try to rob donald trump of the six electoral votes in utah and try to move on and get him on the ballot and make some mischief in other states. they're insisting this is a full-on candidacy, despite how long the shot is. >> dana, thank you very much. i want to go back to my panel. let me start with you, andre. what do you make of this? if he can't count on states that are just reliable, tried and true republican states, like utah, that's pretty concerning for trump. >> it's concerning but it shows how desperate and how worried the republicans are. don't think that democrats got together and said let's recruit this candidate. it's orchestrated effort. it's washington again, people are fed up with washington. it hasn't gone the direction in decades they want it to. polls were wrong in the primary. 16 candidates and donald trump prevailed. everybody said he will never
4:21 pm
make it. he made it. i was in the grocery store a little while ago. african-american gentleman said you're with trump, aren't you? i said yeah. he said i'm voting for him. he's boxing groceries. people at every economic level have seen how dysfunctional washington is. you see bureaucrats we don't want donald trump, the party elite. >> i don't know what that means, that story. that said, i don't think democrats, at all, are recruiting this guy to run for president. i wish him luck. i wish him all the best. >> mitt romney did. >> maybe mitt romney did. but democrats aren't doing that. going back to this economic speech, it doesn't seem to me that donald trump, in his speech, actually talked about anything that he has been running on. it seems somewhat contradictory. it has gone back to or reverted to republican orthodoxy on taxation and many other areas. they talked about double the growth but double the growth
4:22 pm
really will depend on what i would say is his version of supply set economics. >> you're talking about patrioting money, which he has talked about for a long time. >> the folks you correctly identified helped propel donald trump to the nomination, plurality of noneducated white working voters have been left behind by the economy. they made very clear that republicans supply side, traditional conservative supply side policies have failed him. it was striking basically to see donald trump basically embrace a new reagan revolution in taxes is the word he used. this is precisely what they have rejected and frankly what he ran against. it's almost as though he had potentially outsourced this speech of the rnc. on top he said but i don't like trade. so, it's quite incoherent, frankly. >> what do you say to that, cory? his tax plan, there's a lot of criticism for it, but he would
4:23 pm
throw it out to embrace the one that paul ryan likes. is that an admission he needs paul ryan and gop membership and that voters won'tn notice? >> tax credit for people paying for child care. that directly impacts the middle class. that's what he's talking to, the need to get us out of the tpp, trans-pacific partnership. this is a clear difference between he and speaker ryan. this is a job-killing program. he talked about nafta. >> sticking with his point of view on trade. >> that's exactly right. number of individuals employed in the auto industry before nafta and how many afterward. a significant difference over a 14-year period. those are the people he is targeting to make sure that they are showing up. those are the people that the tax cuts and benefits will help long term. >> but he has also been wrong in terms of this entire speech. if you go back and fact check it. in addition to that blaming obama and the democrats, was it
4:24 pm
not obama that gave the auto industry a bailout? which the auto industry wanted and was happy about it. so, to me -- >> never wants a bailout when it involves them. >> it did support the economy. >> policies of pat buchanan from 1992. there's nothing wrong with it. conservative populism from the '90s. that's fine. he also supported massive conservative supply side economics. which is it? the math doesn't add up to both. >> david? >> i want to go baa being to my point. one of the co-owners made it clear they were taking it back in the shop and retooling it. the thing they were very concerned about was it was increasingly accepted that the original plan would leave us with a national debt increased by over $9 trillion. >> that's right. >> larry kudlow is saying we've come back with a plan that we
4:25 pm
think is more responsible and still increase the debt but only by about $3 trillion. the reason you have what i think is still a very significant increase he's promising to cut taxes but has no cuts in spending to deal with it. >> that's right. >> put social security and medicare in a lock box as you know. i think he will still have -- i thought the speech was a significant step forward for him in many ways. >> specifics that we actually need to figure out how he's going to pay for all of this. >> that, i think you can crit sides all politicians for. donald trump accusing hillary clinton of sxoeexposing spy that led to his execution. and trump's slogans. is he hiring americans first? >> it's almost impossible to get help. one reason you can't get american people, they want full-time jobs. stop... clicking around
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today, donald trump talking about creating jobs for merps. >> it will be american hands
4:30 pm
that rebuild this country. it will be american workers hired to do the job. >> trump saying that as there are questions about whether his own businesses hire americans first. drew griffin has the outfront investigation. >> the visas tell the story, trump can't find what he needs to staff his various needs. 1256 requests of what it calls foreign guest workers for trump companies. according to sources not just any foreign guest worker, pretty if they're women, good looking if they're men and a fondness for accents. nowhere is that more evident than here at trump's mar-a-largo
4:31 pm
beach club. waiters, cooks and housekeepers and various other positions. some of the foreign guest workers told us their trump jobs allow them to live the american dream. a former executive chef said the workers are more dependable than u.s. workers, have more skills and say they cherry picked some pretty people, claiming the club hired attractive foreigners for front line positions. the chef called the practice common at many restaurants and clubs in south florida. that explanation is slightly different from how donald trump plained why he has to hire foreigners. >> you cannot get help during the season, from october till march. it's almost impossible to get help. >> his argument? in all cases of importing foreign guest workers is that no americans would accept the jobs he is offering, that he tried his best to find americans and
4:32 pm
couldn't fill the positions. the employer must verify that reasonable attempts were made to hire americans first and only after proving americans would not or could not fill the jobs will visas be granted and the trump organization claims it followed the regulations to the lette letter. >> we have hundreds of qualified candidates for jobs like these. >> reporter: senior director at the palm beach career source office, part of a state-funded program to help workers get jobs. the services here are free. >> we help place local residents into jobs like those. >> reporter: only once, veenstra says, did trump make use of his sources. he sent four candidates. one was hired. labor departments show donald trump in his various business interests have applied for and
4:33 pm
been granted foreign guest worker visas at the jupiter club, trump national golf club. h2a visa to work at the vineyard estates in northern virginia. another 280 workers were brought in on special h1b visas to works afashion models, engineers and food and wine experts. believe it or not, trump even requested to import fitness trainers and aerobic instructors because, he says, he couldn't find any in south florida. which came as a shock to nick soto. >> that's absolutely ridiculous you have to go out of the united states to find a fitness trainer of any kind. >> they will continue to seek employees from overseas, begun the visa process for filling as
4:34 pm
many as 78 jobs this coming fall for cooks, waiters and maids at least at two of his florida properties because he doesn't think he will be able to fill those jobs with americans. erin? >> drew griffin, thank you very much. straight back to my panel. cory, says american hands are going to rebuild this country. is it hypocritical we see him again and again hiring foreign workers at his clubs around the country, including florida? >> he's putting america first in all the speeches and jobs he has created. what he is talking about here very specifically are part-time seasonal workers coming in to do a job for a very short period of time. you heard from him this is a period of time from october or november to february or march and most people, i think, are looking for full-time employment. these are seasonal jobs. finding people who want to do their seasonal jobs who are living here has been very difficult. >> maria, you had a look on your face when the personal trainer was speaking there. >> in miami, the fact that you can't find personal trainers and people focused on fitness, it
4:35 pm
defies reality. but the trump campaign tries to defy reality every single day. it's so hypocritical. he has been a campaign and candidate who has made immigration and being harsh on immigration law' cornerstone of his campaign. when he turns around and does the opposite and everything he criticizes people for doing. >> he's doing it legally. >> he is following the rule of law created for this very purpose. >> what is clear is that he is not trying to hire americans for this. maybe they're not good looking enough. i don't know. it's just ridiculous because it's not credible when he talks about this. >> the system is broken. as a business executive, he has an obligation to make sure he takes full advantage of the current system in place. as the president of the united states, he is saying he will change that system but he has done everything directly by the book. the rules indicate that.
4:36 pm
what he has harped on and said is a problem in this country is illegal immigration. every person who has come through here has been h1b or legal process. that's absolutely legal. there's nothing wrong with that. >> he has been very effective to this point in saying, yes, it may look bad but i do this overseas, bring my workers from overseas. i know how to use the system. you have to know how to use it to change it. >> we are not in a republican primary race anymore. we are not looking at those 30% of republican primary voters who buy that message and listen to it. by the way, even just going back to the facts, "the new york times" when they first reported this a couple of months ago also delineated there were at least 300 americans who applied for jobs and only 17 had been hired. many, many had never heard back. it's clear there's a reason he prefers to have foreign workers. what's interesting is why. why would he prefer not to have american first workers and why would he prefer to have foreigners? there's a gao accountability report that suggests that
4:37 pm
foreign workers have less complaints. they don't give negative feedback to their employers. the question is, why does he choose, in this instance, to have a hypocritical message? >> we need to know more facts before you can condemn him. if he has played by the rules, i don't see why he should be subjected to a lot of criticism for this. yes, there's hipocrisy here. isn't there hypocrisy when democrat democrats -- he brings in foreign workers and democrats are going to accuse him of doing something wrong? i don't quite get that. >> no, no. the criticism is because he, himself, has said we're going to put americans to work. we're going to make sure american workers are hired first. >> but your party wants -- >> do as i say not do as i do. >> your party wants to bring in foreign workers, you have an
4:38 pm
admirable of celebrating diversity. >> that's right. >> then he brings in foreign workers and oh, no, you can't do that. >> i think the -- >> out of his mouth. >> the difference is that he has repeatedly said in the cornerstone of his campaign has been build a wall. >> to keep illegal people out. >> he wants people to do it legally. >> the sense of xenophobia that comes across in every speech throughout his campaign. now we're in a swren. some things may change a little bit. he has consistently promoted this xenophobic sentiment throughout his entire campaign. to me, when he talks about making america first, make america great again, you start at home. and i don't see that. not only with this particular instance, but with everything that he does, including the ties that he makes. >> actions speak louder than
4:39 pm
words. >> only statement he has made was i'm going to build a wall with a big beautiful door in it. people will come in legally. look at hillary clinton's record. she promised 200,000 jobs in new york when she ran for the senate. eight years later, none of those jobs are filled, specifically designed to go to the upstate area and you look at her history as a u.s. senator, where she promised 200,000 jobs to the state and didn't deliver on them. see what donald trump is promising jobs, saying i am going to build a wall. >> jobs he has created versus him taking advantage of the system with respect to the bankruptcy that he says he's so good at. >> the law states that you have to try to hire americans first. americans clearly wanted these jobs. they applied for these jobs and didn't get them. >> he said in part they didn't want them because it was just a few months. >> a state that hires a lot of seasonal workers. we have that same problem. it does happen in this type of industry. >> thanks to all. next, fatal accident the
4:40 pm
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breaking news, hillary clinton leveling a new and aggressive line of attack against donald trump. in the midst of a two-state swing through the crucial state of florida. >> reporter: hillary clinton blazing across florida, bringing her jobs tour to this critical battleground state, delivering a sharp rebuttal to donald trump in an escalating fight on the economy. >> he can't escape the math. economists left, right, in the middle all say the same thing. trump's policies would throw us into a recession. >> reporter: as trump offered sharp criticism of clinton in his detroit speech today -- >> hillary clinton has supported the trade deals stripping this city and this country of its jobs and its wealth. >> reporter: new cnn poll of
4:45 pm
polls shows clinton riding high, ten-point lead nationally. on the economy, clinton is also seeing gains over trump. his lead is now hers. her campaign releasing a nine-page memo, refuting trump's proposed policies and tax breaks for the wealthy, saying they would be a disaster for the u.s. econom economy. >> they are just playing the same old siren song. we are not interested in economic policies that only help the top 1%. >> i am the king of debt. i do love debt. i love debt. i love playing with it. >> clinton has repeatedly blasted trump for outsourcing his businesses. >> he can't make his suits or ties or his shirts or his furniture in the united states. we're telling him about 100 places where he can actually make all of those things right
4:46 pm
here in america. >> reporter: trump now questioning whether clinton is mentally fit for the presidency. >> she took a short circuit in the brain and she has problems. she is unhinged. honestly, i don't think she's all there. >> reporter: taking a page from her playbook. >> trump is not qualified to be president and he is temperatu temperature -- temperamentally unfi unfit. >> iranian scientist who was just executed for being a spy for the yunited states. >> reporter: erin, you're right. let's take a look at this tweet a few minutes ago. he said this. many people are saying that the iranians killed the scientist who helped the u.s. because of hillary clinton's hacked
4:47 pm
e-mails. the clinton campaign has been responding to this all day long, erin. this is what they're saying. they say, look, the trump campaign has never met a conspiracy theory they didn't like. he and his supporters continue to use fleegsly desperate rhetoric to attack hillary clinton and make absurd accusations. bottom line is this. there's no evidence that there is any correlation between the execution on sunday of this scientist and the clinton campaign e-mails. there simply is no evidence. our reporting all day long has been showing that as well as everyone else's. erin, this is one more example of how some republicans are so frustrated at donald trump. he was supposed to be talking about the economy today, not getting into these reports yet again. so, this is how he is closing out his day here. not staying on message one more time. erin? >> jeff zelleny, thanks. out front next, 10-year-old boy killed in a tragic accident at the world's tallest water slide.
4:48 pm
what happened? jeanne moos, how the presidential race has gone from mud slinging to psycho analysis. >> it's easy to behavior that way when you're mentally ill. >> not insane. >> such a damaged sociopathic narcissist. with sweet crab from the icy waters of alaska. or try crab lover's dream with tender snow and king crab legs. love crab? then hurry, crabfest ends soon. callinall all self-motivated self-starters. drive with uber and put a dollar sign in front of your odometer. like this guy. technically i'm a cook. sign up here. drive a few hours a day. make $300 a week. actually it's a little bit more than that. that's extra buy-you-stuff money. or buy-them-stuff money. calling all early risers, nine-to-fivers and night owls. with uber-a little drive goes a long way. start earning this week. go to for every 10 nights i sistay i get one free,
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4:52 pm
died sunday on the ten-story ride that sends riders down a raft at about 50 miles an hour. it's not been without controversy and safety concerns. kyung lah is out front. >> reporter: the first drop alone is so steep. guinness calls it the tallest water slide in the world, 17 stories high, riders hitting speeds around 50 miles per hour. local reports say it was on this second hill and 50-foot drop where something went wrong as 10-year-old caleb schwaub was in the middle of his ride. >> i saw everyone's faces as they waited to see if it was their loved ones that were affected. >> the ride's name translates as "insane" in german. a portion of it was rebuilt once. why? this. reports that in test runs, the raft launched off the slide.
4:53 pm
according to the park, two to three riders need to be strapped into the raft for a total weight between 400 and 500 pounds. riders need to be 54" tall and strapped in. park guest says a number of riders sunday pointed to a problem with the harness that would keep people strapped into the raft. >> lady in front of me said multiple times she rode the ride today and that the front harness did not work any of the times she rode it. >> the park's spokeswoman said she had not heard about a harness issue. >> we honestly don't know what's happened. that's why an investigation, full investigation is necessary. >> reporter: when it did finally open in july 2014, it stood taler than the statue of liberty and niagara falls, owner and designer of the slide so confident in its safety they rode it first. schlitterbahn did release a statement, all our rides are inspected daily before opening.
4:54 pm
the park says it will reopen wednesday but its tallest slide will remain closed. as far as the 10-year-old boy, caleb, he is the son of a state representative. he was there with his family for elected officials day. erin? >> thank you very much, kyung. next, jeanne moos on the escalating war of words between trump and clinton. how it has gone so nuclear. when it comes to healthcare, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time to help those that need it. the ability to collaborate changes how we work. what we do together changes how we live. so we know how to cover almost alanything.ything, even mer-mutts. (1940s aqua music)
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psychiatrist organization is warning do not seek analyze donald trump. here is jeanne moos. >> we're no longer just hearing from the candidates. now we're getting inside their heads. let me outa here. donald trump has had the lion's share of arm chair analysis. >> screw loose. >> everyone was asking me about his mental health. >> it's easy to behavior that way when you're mentally ill. >> even the conservative weekly standard piled on. donald trump is not of sound mind. that sounded worse than the phrasing hillary clinton uses. >> he is temperamentally unfit. >> probably triggered trump's temper. now he's analyzing hillary. >> unstable, unbalanced. >> reporter: this was the donald's preliminary diagnosis of hillary. >> she is really pretty close to unhinged. >> reporter: but by the very next day he apparently thought her condition had worsened.
4:59 pm
>> she is a totally unhinged person. >> reporter: one host listed the diagnostic criteria for narsicistic personality disorder. >> requiring constant admiration. >> reporter: and found trump met all 12, tweeted the former dean of harvard medical school, trump doesn't just have it, he defines it. the donald himself was less specific about hillary's symptoms. >> honestly, i don't think she's all there. >> reporter: after michael bloomberg threw trump over for hillary. >> let's elect a sane, competent person. >> reporter: dr. drew declared trump -- >> not insane. >> reporter: john oliver called him -- >> such a damaged sociopathic narcissist. >> is that fair to call a republican nominee a sociopath? >> yes, it is unfair. >> reporter: this to vanity fair about trump and narcissism. he's so classic i'm archiving video clips of him to use in
5:00 pm
workshops because there's no better example. here is another for your files, doctor. >> all my life i've been told you have the greatest temperament. >> totally unhinged. >> jeanne moos, new york. ac 360 with john berman starts now. >> john berman in for anderson tonight. donald trump tries to kick start his campaign with a speech on the economy but instead gets a kick in the teeth from 50 big name republican national security advise experts who say he would be a dangerous president. joining us today, saying he could actually win it all. hillary clinton faces ongoing questions about her truthfulness and maintains her lead in new polls. jeb bush's son puts all the personal attacks on his father as