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tv   Wolf  CNN  August 9, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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trump and hillary clinton h holding dueling events in key battleground states, trump in wilmington, delaware and clinton in florida. she will be in miami later tonight to highlight the battle against the zika virus. but let's begin with a new rift opening up inside the republican party. maine senator susan collins, most senior ranking republican woman in the senate is now saying she cannot support her party edith. writing, and i'm devoting, the unpleasant reality that i have had to accept is that there will be no new donald trump. just the same candidate who will slash and burn and trample anything and anyone he perceives as being in his way or an easy scapegoat. jamie spoke with the senator and here is part of the conversation. >> he simply does not have the restraint and the consideration
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and the judgment and the knowledge to handle those dangerous events with which presidents are inevitably confronted. >> let me just ask you in the last couple of days, there has been a line of republicans both elected officials, unelected officials, most recently the 50 republicans who come from the national security world. people like michael chertoff who is director of homeland security, director of intelligence. i know you talk about the khan family and these other incidents, but did that group -- because you serve on the senate intelligence committee, you were on homeland security. did those 50 republicans also have an impact on your decision? >> i respect and worked closely with many of the 50
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intelligence, defense and homeland security officials who signed that letter. but my decision was my own. it certainly was informed by the many years that i served as chairman of the senate homeland security, as well as the regular briefings that i receive now as a member of the intelligence committee. but the conclusion that i drew was based more on my own experience than listening to those experts much as i respect them. >> so the $64,000 question that you didn't answer in the op-ed is who are you going to vote for? >> i truly don't know. i have a lot of concerns about hillary clinton, and i'm not going to support her. good the libertarian ticket were reversed with governor bill
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weld, former governor of massachusetts, leading that ticket, then i would vote for the will i libertarian ticket bi know bill weld well and i, him a great deal. i do not know gary johnson. i'm concerned about some of his views on drug use. and i will have to take a hard look at that. i may well end up writing in a name for president. something i've never dwun beffv before. >> i was going to ask you, have you ever not voted for the republican candidate for president? >> i have always supported my party's nominee. that is what made this decision so difficult. but in the end, i just cannot support donald trump. i do not believe that he is the president that we need at this
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time this our country's history. and i believe that in many ways he is antithetical to the values of the republican party. the republican party believes in the dignity and worth of the individual. based on what i've seen donald trump say over and over and over again, that is not his style. >> and jamie is joining us. susan collins as you know very close to senator john mccain. do you think what she's now saying, what she's writing will have any influence on him? >> we asked her about that, whether he might unendorse trump. this is what he would say. she said he has to make his open decision. that said, she did say they are very good friends, that senator mccain was as offended by the things that donald trump has
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been saying as she is. i think she's hoping that whether it's john mccain or some of the other elected officials, that maybe she's going to create a space, some room for other people to come forward now and increase this line of republicans who just won't vote for him. >> we'll see if that happens. jamie, thank you very much. senator collins isn't the only are not with reservations, very serious reservations about donald trump. let's discuss this and more. i'm joined by david nakamora and also amy stoddard. not a whunlg shuge surprise wha ap-collins said, but her words are tough. >> it's interesting about how difficult she said it process is for her because she's been a loyal republican forever. loyal republicans everywhere in washington are miserable about this choice. .ones who have endorsed donald trump but then have to keep saying certain things are
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offensive and putting distance between themselves feel that they're in a bad corner. people like susan collins feel that it's very hard not to support the republican nominee. people like john mccain obviously are having a tough time, running in re-election where a state where there might be trump supporter that he doesn't want to turn off. so it's a struggle. >> and she reflects a growing seemingly growing attitude manage other republican senators and members of the house. >> and also national security advisers from previous bush administration, other republican administrations calling in to account trump's fitness for office and his it temperament. and this is a time when coming out of the convention, supposed to be uniting the party. but that's the opposite of what we're seeing. and if more senior republicans peel off, it will continue to be something that trump has to contend with even as he tries to deliver the broader message as
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he tried to yesterday when in h economic speech. >> finally he endorsed the house speaker paul ryan, who is up for re-election today in wisconsin, even john mccain and kelly ayotte, two u.s. republican senators with whom he has not necessarily had a very good relationship about that. >> he had threatened not to endorse them and actually said diblg dick things. he said john mccain had done nothing for the vets, kelly ayotte has given him zero support. i think the party made it clear to donald trump that his epic meltdown of last week had to stop and it had to start with coming around to rallying behind the republicans. reading directly from notes. it was hardly passionate. but i think if he can stick with the party and mend some other problems, he has time to he reverse this damage.
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he just has to stick to it. and it's not something that he's shown that he embraces discipline of staying on message. >> 24 hours being a go, very disciplined, carefully written speech on the economic issues. nearly for one hour he stuck to that tell propertier. teleprompter. he was very quiet in the face of the protests. he will be speaking momentarily, having his own event. i don't think this one will be with a teleprompter. will we see the traditional, the old donald trump reemerging or will he continue to be a bit more disciplined? >> i think the house money is on reverting back on what we've seen over the past few months. even twitter today, he took on some of the republican establishment. that also work for him. he won't listen to washington, he will change the way washington works or does not work. but going to a state like north carolina, it's really in play in year. something where president obama even though he lost in 2012, clinton campaign sees a real
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opening with minority voters, women, with senator like seuss ap co susan collins leading a republican woman voice, somebody that you think would like to have on your side. for her to break off like this going into a speech like this today in a key swing state can't be doing him any favors. >> the reaction to his economic speech yesterday from traditional conservatives baf g basically rather positive. >> he stayed on the it teleprompter, but he wasn't speaking to any undecided voters. he was trying to calm down republicans. if they're not him and not with hillary, they probably want an outsider, but she's making the frame all about his fitness for office. >> do you agree? >> absolutely. the event dovetails with the national security advisors saying about trump and even with the democratic party is saying.
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his temperament can be provoked by a tweet as secretary clinton says. what would that mean when he's in office having to make key decisions. and i think the public is looking at that as a key motivating factor of how they decide who they might support. but certainly that will continue to be a line of attack by democrats. and when other republicans are joining that cause, it is a problem for the candidate. >> we'll look forward to his speech coming up and we'll see what he has to say and how he says it. thank you very much. coming up, 50 gop foreign policy national security experts issue a scathing critiqountrrit donald trump saying he would an dangerous president. we'll have more on what they said and how trump is reacting. also battleground florida, an in-depth look at what it will take to win one of the biggest swing states. they feel good? no... you wouldn't put up with part of a pair of glasses. so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with part of a day?
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donald trump is fighting back against new criticism from within his own party. 50 national security experts about put out a statement saying trump is, quote, reckless and not qualified to be president and commander in chief. they said once again i'm quoting indeed we are convinced that he would be a dangerous president and would put at risk our
10:15 am
country's national security and well-being, most fundamentally mr. trump lacks the character, values and experience to be president. in an interview this morning on fox business, trump blamed the 50 experts for the current state of world affairs. listen. >> look where the country is now on national policy. look where we are on defense, look at the mess we're in, whether it's the middle east or anyone else. and these were the washington establishment people that have been there a long tik tig time. look at the terrible job they have done. >> the advisers worked in several republican administration from richard nixon to george w. bush. eric edelman is one of then, former national security adviser to the vice president at the time dick cheney. eric, thanks very much for coming in. >> great to be with you. >> how did this letter come about? >> well, i was contacted by a
10:16 am
former legal adviser in the state department and long time government colleague who asked me whether i would be willing to sign it. i'd signed early anti-trump letters. >> was there any involvement from the clinton campaign? >> i'm not aware of any. >> when you say you're not aware, is it possible that some people from the clinton campaign helped orchestrate this letter? >> i'm not aware that this took place. >> what is your biggest concern about donald trump as president? >> i think he fundamentally lacks the knowledge, the character and temperament to be president of the united states. i think he's shown that pe repeatedly. his back of understanding of the nuclear triad, his calling in to question or deterrent guarantees to ally, all of that suggests that he's not fit to be president. >> you saw what donald trump said on fox earlier today. he also put out a statement in his campaign yesterday really
10:17 am
going after you guys and says among other things the names on this letter are the ones the american people should look to for answers on why the world is a mess. these insiders along with hillary clinton are the owners of a disastrous decisions to invade iraq, allow american it is to die in benghazi, they allowed the rise of isis. i know you weren't in the government during benghazi or the rise of isis, but you were in the government leading up to the iraq war in 2003. you were top national security adviser to the then vice president dick cheney and intelligence was bad. so does he have a point when he blames you for the disastrous war in iraq? >> it's a war that has been demonstrated by your colleagues he supported at the out seat, i think one can raise legitimate questions about how the war was conducted. but i think the world is better off without saddam hussein. i think we had stabilized iraq by the end of the bush administration. and i think what he's really doing in his answer is what he
10:18 am
always does which is just to attack critics without any substance. there was no discussion of the role of u.s. alliances, no discussion of our nuclear arsenal and its modernization. no discussion of any of the serious national security issues russia, china that face the country. it's just an assault on character of his critics. >> so when he says the war was a blunder and was a mistake, he had done the interview before the war in which he seemed to support the war, but subseque subsequently says it was a disaster and tells his supporters don't listen to these 50 advisers, look at the mess they created. >> look, we could relitigate the war in iraq. i don't think there is any point in it. what is really at issue is the questions that face the country now, a resurgent russia, a challenge to the security of asia from china. the emergence potentially of a nuclear iran. the continued provocative
10:19 am
actions by noerth korea. those are the issues the country faces today and not to mention the situation in syria and the middle east. that's what we should be talking about rather than relitigating the past. >> he also makes the point that of the 50 individuals republican national security foreign policy adviser, he said they all wanted to come on my team, they all wanted to advise me, i wasn't interested in them and this is their opportunity at payback. >> i've had no contact with trump campaign and expressed no interest in advising him at any point. >> you have no interest down the road? >> i do not. >> i'm sure he has no interest -- >> i'm shure it's mutual. >> so who are you going to vote for? >> i haven't decided that. there are a lot of potential avenues for those of us who said we will not vote for gud. i donald trump. i'm not prepared to say that i would vote for hillary clinton. i have a lot of reservations as do many of us who signed that letter, reservations about the ethics of a clip clinton
10:20 am
foundation with her in the white house, lots of questions about the e-mail. i might vote for the libertarian candidate. i might stay home. i might write in evan mcmullin. i haven't really decided yet. >> so the only thing you have decided is you definitely won't vote for donald trump. >> i will definitely not vote for donald trump. >> thanks very much for joining us. let's get a different perspective. donald trump dismissing these 50 foreign policy critics as failed washington elite. he paints them as irrelevant has-beens out to advance their own careers. here is what more of what trump said in that fox business interview this morning. >> i hadn't planned on using any of these people, haven't even spoken to any of these people because i like to speak to a new group. the old group was not doing it. take a look at the middle east, take a look at the problems that we have and the last people i want to use are the people that have been doing it for the last long period of time. so they don't feel relevant because of that and they form a
10:21 am
group and they go out and try to get publicity for themselves. and they hope that somebody else other than trump wins because that way they can get a job. >> a republican party strategist, foreign policy expert joining us. thanks very much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> so you're someone the trump campaign suggested we talk to about all of this. i assume you're a trump supporter, is that right? >> i'm evolving to a trump supporter. i'm trying to find a way to craft a foreign policy that is forward looking. a number of the statements and speeches that mr. trump has given and i believe that we're evolving in that direction. and i disagree with my good colleague eric edelman that we shouldn't relitigate the iraq war. i do think in the context of a presidential campaign past is prologue for the future. and we really need to understand what went wrong and the lessons
10:22 am
learned. i do think the world is better off with saddam hussein gone, i agree with him there, but i think that there are a number of path-dependent mistakes that we don't want to make again and i disagree that there is no substance to what mr. trump is saying. in fact, he's talked about we can't be nation builders in the middle east. that we need to help create stability. these are things that been on that list of 50 agree with. he's talked about having a aggressive policy toward china in the south china sea. this is something in a many on the list of 50 agree with. in fact many republicans and democrats agree with as the list of 50 agree with. in fact many republicans and democrats agree with as well. i think the pity of the whole trump campaign in terms of what the media and others have done is that they haven't really looked at the substance of what he said. i do understand the blistery rhetoric stops many people cold, but in fact he is articulating a set of ideas that are not just which stream. many of them are in the center of the conversation and i'd like to get back to that discussion
10:23 am
because i think its see vital now if we're going to revise american foreign policy. >> one of the criticisms in that letter by these 50 republican national security advisers was this, and let's me put it up on the screen for you and for our viewers, unlike previous presidents who have limited experience in foreign affairs, mr. trump has shown no interest in educating himself. he continues to display an alarming ignorance of basic facts of contemporary international poll zi ticks. you constantly want to educate yourself. what is your response to those national security advisers who served under republican presidents that he doesn't have an adequate grasp of the international/national security issues? >> what really bothers me about that commenversation, not just colleagues who signed the letter, but for many others making similar statements, colleagues who signed the letter, but for many others making similar statements, i
10:24 am
wonder if it's possible to run for and become president of the united states and not be part of the foreign policy or economic policy elite and establish himmement in the u.s. and i believe that trump's campaign is as much about breaking down the control ofment in the u.s. and i believe that trump's campaign is as much about breaking down the control of existing elites and in effect selecting themselves whom the american public will choose from. so i think there is part of that that is going on. but also i do think that the fact that he has a deeper grasp flew what he has said in his big foreign policy speech for some reason keeps being ignored. he talked about a much more detailed. >> mike: muslim and middle east policy. he talked about a summit with our muslim allies. he takes about shared nato security. and where countries who have committed to the idea war
10:25 am
against one is war against all, then all should do more. these are not extremist views. and i'd like to see us be able to unpack his ideas and see where in fact he's offering some innovations. that hasn't started yet and i hope, wolf, on your program he will encourage that conversation. >> so just to be precise, you're degree involving towards supporting donald trump but you're not there yet. is that right? >> no, i use that term but i think in terms of foreign mopoly and what he's attempting to do, i will support him and i want to see an evolution on issues of race and rights and discussion by the candidate. i think that will broaden his base of support. reagan in fact began to do that in the 1980 campaign about and wolf, you know i've done a lot of work on reagan. if in fact mr. trump can articulate more clearly his views on this broad range of issues from race and rights in america to what it means to have
10:26 am
america first security and america first economy, knit all of those together and i will be in a very strong supporter of this candidate. because i think we need a broader conversation and he is the one who in fact won the republican primaries. i don't think we can dismiss that very fact. it would be a mistake. >> all right. kiron skinner, thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you. florida is the biggest prize of the so-called battleground states. still to come, we'll hear why the republicans and the democrats are using very different tactics right how to go after the millions of independent voters. and take a look at this, these are live pictures of a trump rally about to get under way in wilmington, north carolina. he's set to take the stage very shortly. another large crowd getting ready to hear from donald trump. soon, she'll be binge-studying. get back to great.
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welcome to it all. comcast nbcuniversal is proud to bring you coverage of the rio olympic games. hillary clinton is in florida today, she's expected to visit a health care facility in the next hour. once again florida is a key battleground state in in very important election. you might remember the infamous recount in the 2000 bush v gore election, just a handful of florida voter, 537 to be precise, decided who would become the country's president. 16 years later, the makeup of the state's voters may have changed, but the fight for the ballots is as fierce as ever. martin satisfy satisfy vigilant brings up the story.
10:32 am
>> reporter: the difference between winning and losing is on which really small. >> in 2012, obama won florida over romney by 0.9%. this is a fiercely fought to state. >> reporter: there are currently roughly 4.4 million registered republicans and 4.6 million democrats. what both campaigns want are the nearly 3 million independents. who are they? they're young, part of the new influx of new resident drawn to work rather than retire. >> if you take the millennials which are the 18 to 34-year-olds, plus the gen xers, they make up around 47% of florida's registered voters. >> reporter: gone are the days a candidate could only talk social security. younger voters have other concerns, jobs, the environment.
10:33 am
>> i would say the issue of student loans. >> reporter: the swing voters include hispanics, not traditional right leaning cuban-americans, but puerto ricans with different politics. their numbers growing fast. >> have to look for opportunities. >> reporter: republican organizers say they have been paying close attention to these new arrivals. >> and the republican party, we're focused on the economy and really how we can help them really achieve that american dream that most puerto ricans are looking for. >> reporter: hillary clinton's campaign also is making a big push for hispanic voters in the state, relying on hispanic volunteers and selecting a running mate, tim kaine, who is fluent in spanish. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: the democratic ticket holding its first appearance together last month in miami. one last thing about these critical voters. they all live in roughly the same area, going from tampa to orlando and daytona.
10:34 am
the i-4 corridor. it's the battleground of the battleground state. >> what a crowd. florida, we love florida. >> reporter: donald trump was there just last week, clinton was there monday. she seems to be there every day on tv. >> and you can tell them to go [ bleep ] themselves. >> reporter: since early june, more money has been spent on tv ads in florida than any other state. with clinton forces outspending trump and his allies 12:1, that is 20 million versus 1.6 million. >> i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> reporter: but republicans say the key to florida isn't going big with tv, it's going small, identifying what they call turfs, pockets of 6,000 to 7,000 voters where they focus hundreds of local volunteers. it's grass roots politics 101. straight out of the obama florida playbook.
10:35 am
the clinton campaign is also trying to rewrite the playbook going after republican voters. >> we had a lot of republicans particularly in south florida who are not happy with their nominee who we're having conversations with. >> reporter: wooing voters is one thing, but it takes organization to turn out the vote. rnc says it currently has over 70 paid staffers with plans for at least 20 offices statewide. democrats say they're aiming for at least 100 offices. they ever over 200 paid staffers on the ground. >> thanks to martin savidge for that. i want to talk more about the battle for florida and other key states. laura borger is joining us. florida important, but now we're learning that the clinton campaign will do advertising in two traditionally republican presidential states, arizona and georgia. what is behind this?
10:36 am
>> and what is behind it is that they're trying to expand the math. and in the state of georgia, okay, hillary clinton is up by four points. in the state of arizona, they believe they have an opportunity because of those hispanic voters, don't forget mitt romney won the state of arizona 53-44. and if the clinton campaign starts investing a lot of money in those state, don't forget there are two senate seats that are also up. so it makes sense that they're trying to expand the math. >> florida is really critical. >> absolutely. and florida has been really important historically. let's talk about of-first of all, hillary clinton is ahead with latino voters by 21 points right now. so that's why as martin was saying in his piece the
10:37 am
advertising is astonishing compared to donald trump. but out of the 12 of the last 13 elections, florida has voted with the winning candidates. and let me show you how tight these margins have been. 0.9 for obama 2012. 2.8 in 2008. bush in 2004 did very well, up five. and then of course as you were talking about earlier, the contested election florida, florida, florida in which the difference was 537 votes. so this is the key battleground here. the state of florida is changing dramatically. the number of la tee ftino str r voters increasing. and the demographics are different. these are young port kuerto ric who may not vote like their parents voted.
10:38 am
>> and frutrump campaign says t won the primary in florida and they have a base there that they can win. >> and that could be right. and marco rubio now running for re-election. the question was, was he going to run for re-election and of course now he is. will people vote for marco rubio? rubio has said he will support the republican nominee, but he's not out there campaigning for donald trump. this has been turmoil in the republican party there. and so the question is turnout and the question is will there be ticket splitting in the state of florida and again, the history here is it's not easy to win the state of florida. hillary clinton spending an awful lot more money. the trump campaign has said, you know, what we've done pretty well without spending money. and so we'll have to see if he can turn out his base of support and if that will make the difference.
10:39 am
>> and a lot of us remember that 2000 election in florida. bush won by 537 votes over al gore. and remember, it was a third party candidate ralph nader running as the green party presidential candidate who got more than 90,000 votes . >> and it took 36 days and went to the supreme court if you'll recall. >> i remember going down to tallahassee. >> 29 electoral votes, really important. >> gloria, thank you. it's primary day in wisconsin. we have live pictures coming in from a ballot-cam this janesville, hometown of paul ryan who is in a heated battle for his congressional seat. could the outcome of the race offer any clues to how voters may feel headed in to november? we'll go there live.
10:40 am
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that can camp out in between our teeth, if we'll let it. use gum® brand. soft-picks®. proxabrush® cleaners. flossers and dental floss. gum® brand. right now the house speaker paul ryan is facing off against businessman paul nehlen in the gop primary for the first congress at district seat. gud put the national spotlight on the race with his late endorsement of paul ryan last week. but this morning trump told fox business he had a good relationship with the speaker. >> i have a good relationship with paul. no, i don't think there is -- maybe the recent reports that, but we've had a good relationship and i endorsed paul. you have some primaries today
10:45 am
and it will be interesting to see how it all comes out, but i would think paul would be in good shape. >> manu is live from a polling station in janesville. a lot of concern that the gop will lose some seats in the house and the senate. how could this election, result tonight, affect the outcome in november? >> well, we expect that paul ryan should be okay here today. i mean, there are steady stream of voters, but no real -- not seeing any influx of voters to suggest that there will be a major upset that will happen here in this district. paul ryan expected to hang on pretty handedly in an area that voted pretty overwhelming there for ted cruz in the april primary. so notably ted cruz country, not donald trump country. interestingly, i have spoken to a number of voters who are just frustrated at trump, say they won't vote for donald trump.
10:46 am
one voter in particular said that he didn't like the way donald trump criticized paul ryan, criticized ted cruz and thinks that that is one reason why he says he's not going to vote for donald trump this november. so i think the race will show that the party needs to unify ahead of november. there is a lot of work to be done not crust amojust among th politicians, but rank and file voters still not there yet and threatening to sit out the election. >> wisconsin has ten electoral votes, both democrats and republicans see it as a battleground state. are you getting a sense there on the ground from voters on how they feel looking towards november trump versus clinton? >> it will be very difficult for donald trump. this is a state that has recently gone -- presidential
10:47 am
election cycles gone to the democrats. it's a state where donald trump is not very popular in the so you were part of the state. that is a big population center in the areas away madison and milwaukee where donald trump does particularly well is in the northern part in the western part of the state. but more rural, fewer voters up there. so donald trump has to work on southern wisconsin and that's where mike pence will be on thursday, he will be in milwaukee trying to rally voters. they believe that they can win on the issue of trade by railing against trade deals, something that differs that be paul ryan, but they believe that that is something that could get voters to their side. but clearly their work cut out for them particularly in this part of the state. >> we know paul ryan and you're there covering his election this primary election today, he's the most important republican. he's the leading republican in the house of representatives, speaker of the house. the other day we heard there had been no conversation between
10:48 am
trump and ryan since the convention. based on everything you're hearing, have these two republicans, have they spoken at all since the convention? >> reporter: it doesn't seem that way. we've heard that their staff has communicated particularly after that dust-up from last week, but paul ryan in this campaign in view of what donald trump did last week is a bit of a distraction, something that they don't think was particularly helpful right now and actually didn't hurt him politically, but distracted from his message. they hope they can get past that. >> all right. than thanks. and we're standing by to hear from donald trump at his own rally and also an olive branch from vladimir putin. putin and his turkish counterpart meeting for the first time since the downing of a jet.
10:49 am
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mend their relationship. today the turkish president, erdogan, and russian president putin met in st. petersburg pledging to close international ties. but as matthew chance explains, its ties with nato allies are being strained the closer it gets to russia. >> reporter: is the turkish president turning to russia and away from the west? this highly symbolic meeting in st. petersburg has raised concerns, as will the warm words of this key nato ally to his kremlin counterpart. he called putin his dear friend. >> translator: the relations between russia and turkey have entered into a really positive phase. we are both familiar with the process of setting up great goals. i am sure that steps we both take will widen our cooperation. >> reporter: this was the moment that cooperation dramatically narrowed, when turk irk interacceinterse
10:54 am
interaccept scepters shot down a russian airplane last november. as it plunged into a fireball, relations between ankara and russia inflamed. russia's president could barely contain his anger. but nof as expresses of regret from erdogan, putin's mood appears to have changed. talk now is of fully restoring russian/turkish ties. >> translator: despite a very complicated internal political situation in turkey, your visit today means that we all want a renewal of our dialogue and restoration of our relations in interests of russian and turkish peoples. >> reporter: after eight months of trade sanctions and bitterness, it is a diplomatic backflip, almost worthy of the olympics themselves. this meeting here in stt pete. petersburg is meant to cement the rekindling of a shall are rsh/turkey relationship so badly
10:55 am
damaged over syria. economic necessity on both sides is almost certainly the driving force but it is the timing of the visit, the first by president erdogan after a failed military coup last month that's given the meeting extra significance. amid a turk irk crackdown on opponents, more than 18,000 have been detained. relations between turkey and the west are strained and the kremlin senses an opportunity. putin was quick to remind his turk irk counterpart of his early backing. >> translator: i know that i was one of the first who called on the phone and expressed my support in overcoming the internal political crisis after the coup d'etat. we will be against any unconstitutional deeds. >> reporter: amid turk irk anger and western criticism, putin's hand of friendship may count for a lot. matthew chance, cnn, st. petersburg. >> that's it for me.
10:56 am
i'm back 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." the news continues right after a quick break. you both have a perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claims centers are available to assist you twenty-four seven. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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here we go. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. thank so much for being with me. any moment now, donald trump will speak in north carolina. we'll take it live. question is, will he stay on script and confirm he is pivoting, that he's righting his campaign ship, or will he go off track and give more reasons for leaving republicans to reject him. remember that? big night. the balloons. the family. the night donald trump formally