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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  August 9, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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here we go. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. thank so much for being with me. any moment now, donald trump will speak in north carolina. we'll take it live. question is, will he stay on script and confirm he is pivoting, that he's righting his campaign ship, or will he go off track and give more reasons for leaving republicans to reject him. remember that? big night. the balloons. the family. the night donald trump formally accepted the nomination from the
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republican party to become the next president of the united states? well, that post-convention glow celebration tarnished quickly. in the 19 days since the republican national convention ended there in cleveland where more and more republicans. look at all these faces on your screen. more republicans have jumped ship saying they cannot vote for him. the latest mega name, senator susan collins of maine. in just a couple of moments, you will see her very first television interview. she just penned a "washington post" column on why she just can't support donald trump. so in part she writes, "the unpleasant reality that i had to have accept is that there will be no new donald trump. just the same candidate who will slash and burn and trample anything and anyone he perceives as being in his way or an easy
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scapegoat. regrettably, his essential character appears to be fixed and he seems incapable of change or growth. we'll talk to jamie gangel. she interviewed senator collins coming up. so will trump mention any of this when he speaks momentarily in wilmington, north carolina? our senior white house correspondent, jim acosta, is standing by at that event. jim, what might today bring, you think? >> reporter: it's going to bring more donald trump and it is going to bring more of that in just a few moments, brooke. we're in a very packed arena in wilmington, north carolina. we are waiting to see how donald trump responds to all of this criticism he's gotten from inside the republican party, names like susan collins. also those 50 former national security officials from republican administrations going all the way back to richard nixon. we have gotten some sense as to how donald trump is going to respond to all of this in that he fired off a statement last night, he did an interview on one of the morning shows this
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morning, basically saying that those 50 or so national security officials represent the past, they represent the mistakes made during the bush administration, getting the country into the war in iraq. i suspect donald trump has something to say about those national security officials. he'll talk about that. when it comes to susan collins, that's a very interesting question because keep in mind, maine, the state she hails from, is a state he's been visiting recently in the hopes of peeling away an electoral vote in that state when election time comes around in november. but i talked to a couple of senior advisors to this campaign pover the last 12 hours and they're basically shrugging off this criticism. donald trump himself in one of the interviews that he did earlier this morning, brooke, basically said he is not going to change the way he operates, that essentially the temperament he's put on display he feels has been just fine and that his tactics at these rallies and so forth where he does concern people inside the mainstream moderate part of the republican
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party, that he's going to continue those tactics because they feel like inside the trump campaign, the candidate feels this way as well, that's what draws these big crowds. if donald trump were to all of a sudden get on teleprompter, get scripted, get boring, perhaps he wouldn't have the kind of level of intensity he is seeing out here. but we saw a very different donald trump on display yesterday in that economic speech at the detroit economic club. he was on a teleprompter. he was on script. when there were protesters, he didn't fly off the handle. he didn't go off on those protesters and say get them out. he smiled and moved on. it is a question as to which donald trump we'll see when he comes out in a few moments but i suspect it will be what we have seen throughout this campaign, he will let the fur fly when he things it necessary. we'll see what he says about all this republican criticism he's been getting in a few moments. >> we will be back to you momentarily to listen to mr. trump in wilmington to see how he reacts to what i'm bl to tel
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t all of you. senator susan collins. >> reporter: senator collins, have you been thinking about this for a long time. you've said you were troubled about donald trump. now you say that he lacks the temperament, self-discipline, and judgment. why did you decide now that you weren't going to vote for him anymore? >> the tipping point for me was his attack on the khans when he showed absolutely no empathy or compassion for their terrible loss and instead attacked these two gold star parents, and also attacked their religion. that was just the final straw for me. >> bottom line.
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do you think it would be dangerous if he was president? >> donald trump, in my judgment, would make a perilous world even more dangerous. i worry that his tendency to lash out and his ill-informed comments would cause dangerous events to escalate and possibly spin out of control at a time when our world is beset with conflicts. >> sounds like you're saying you think he would be dangerous. >> i do believe that he has the potential to cause world events that spin out of control in a dangerous way. >> so the $64,000 question that you didn't answer in the op-ed is -- who are you going to vote for? >> i truly don't know.
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i have a lot of concerns about hillary clinton and i am not going to support her. if the libertarian ticket were reversed with governor bill weld, former governor of massachusetts, leading that ticket, then i would vote for the libertarian ticket because i know bill weld well and i respect him a great deal. i may well end up writing in a name for president. >> we talked at the republican cop vention in cleveland a few weeks ago and the door was only open a crack, but the door was still open that you might vote for hillary clinton. but if the election is close, would you vote for hillary clinton in order to defeat donald trump? >> i really don't anticipate
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voting for hillary. we worked well together in the senate. but when i listen to her convention speech, i heard a litany of new expensive programs, promises of pre this and pre that, that i believe would bankrupt our country and worsen our $17 trillion deficit. i also am concerned that her answers in the investigation of her e-mails do not match up with what the fbi found. and those are issues that stand in the way of my supporting her. >> so is that door now closed? >> yes. >> last question. as far as we know, donald trump has not said anything directly about you, but he did tweet the following this morning that i want to read to you. he said, "i am running against
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the washington insiders, just like i did in the republican primaries. these are the people that have made u.s. a mess! exclamation point, end quote. that came out after your announcement. you have any response? >> well, i certainly expected a negative reaction from donald trump. that doesn't surprise me. and i'm waiting to see what name he eventually calls me. but maybe he's being held back by his advisors. but i'm doing what i think is right. i have very deep roots in the state of maine and come home every weekend. i don't think people in maine view me as someone who has lost touch and i certainly haven't. >> how about that.
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jamie gangel with us now. we were charting, do you think if maine were truly in play, if it really were a battleground state, do you think she would vote for her? >> i don't want to speak for her, but she has the luxury of not having to do that because maine isn't in play. you heard how strongly she feels. it is uncharacter. >> -- about donald trump. if it was one vote and a battleground state, maybe she would have a different answer on that. >> but how she said -- we've talked before on these other republicans who are saying no to trump, some of whom are voting for clinton, she's obviously not -- she said she might write in. did she say who she would write in? >> she didn't say. but if i had to take a guess of who would be on the list of possible write-ins, her first person that she endorsed was jeb bush. so i wouldn't be surprised if that was someone at least on her short list for writing in.
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but i think what she's hoping, brooke, is that by coming out publicly now, that she creates a safe space for others to follow her. >> you have talked to so many and the question is, how much influence will they have on then others after them. jamie gangel, thank you so much. go to for that entire interview with republican senator susan collins. coming up next, it is a trump pattern. he floats a baseless theory or controversial idea but he prefaces it -- easy for me to say -- prefaces it with "many people are saying." find out the new one he just dropped. plus, hillary clinton calling on congress to return from vacation immediately. hear why. and any moment now, both donald trump and hillary clinton will be speaking on the campaign trail. here he is. rudy giuliani. speaking ahead of mr. trump in wilmington, north carolina. lots to get to on this tuesday afternoon. we'll be right back.
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will be seeing the latest war of words between donald trump and hillary clinton. they're both expected to speak shortly. one tack trump takes is he repeats a story that's definitely shaky on facts and attributes it to "people say," or "many people are saying." the latest tramp and a tweet. "the people are saying that the iranians killed the scientist who helped the u.s. because of hillary clinton's hacked e-mails." the back story here, trump is speaking of the execution of the cleric. state officials point out that name has already been made public back in 2010 and the clinton e-mails that mentioned his name were not classified. but the internet, leave to the internet here. they have definitely picked up on trump's attribution and hashtag here of "many people are
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saying" has come to life. john phillips, a trump supporter, and angela rye, used to serve as executive director of the congressional black caucus. welcome to both of you. good morning, good afternoon. john phillips, let me begin with you. this whole couching it "people are saying," "many people are saying," why does he do that? i mean is that responsible? had. >> look. any time you get into the word on the street argument you go off message. we are looking for the leader of the free world. we're not looking for a town crier. i thought trump was best yesterday when he was on message, he was focused. he gave his economic speech in detroit. not only -- >> he was on teleprompter so he wasn't ad libbing and saying "people are saying." you liked him on message, yes? >> in fact he stayed away from "word on the street." but he hit on traditional republican themes and he also showed why he's different from the previous nominees that lost not only the general election but in the rust belt. he talked about tax cuts but he
11:18 am
also came out against tpp which many people in the rust belt, many people in that region of the country think destroyed their economy. >> i hear you. on the issues, you are saying props to him. he hit on it, he was detailed. john, why does he keep doing this? >> look. he's got turret's syndrome sometimes when he's on twitter. that's part of the intervention, is to make sure he has a much slower speed on the connection. he is a nontraditional candidate. he hasn't gone through the state legislature in congress where he's learned to mute these sorts of things. he's an outsider that's coming in and he has outsider tendencies and he's got to learn to mute it sometimes. >> i have lists from the "washington post," of not just on twitter. but on the orlando shooting september talking about muslims, the iran nuclear deal, truz's citizenship, the fact he was born in canada. these are always things he has
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said outloud. >> #many people are saying, he's unfit and unqualified and he's giving you yet another example for why. i agree with everything that john said up until he got to turret's syndrome. for all the people out there who have that, donald trump does not have that. he's got that something completely different. it's called "he's just uncontrollable," unless to brooke's point earlier, he's on teleprompter. donald trump was on his message, he was on the message of the staff who wrote the speech yesterday. if he is not reading the words of someone else, he is irresponsible and he is reckless. he demonstrated all the reasons why there were 50 people that signed on to a letter, many well respected. i did not agree with a lot of the policy decisions they were responsible for when they served in several of the republican candidates but the issue that we have here is someone who is constantly demonstrating why there is a bipartisan effort for never trump. donald trump cannot be the
11:20 am
commander in chief because he lacks the ability, the know-how and the respectability to manage being in the oval office. >> let me move on to a conversation i just had with jamie gangel. there is no denying the fact that donald trump has millions and millions of fans in the united states who went out in record numbers to vote for him in the primaries. but now, john whether we are talking about these big name republicans, hugely respects ll senator in maine, susan collins, says she's not voting for trump. we heard about the florida republican spokesman who is hispanic who is bowing out of his position. question to you is, how many high-profile defections can a campaign really take? >> look, there will probably be more. susan collins won't be alone. i think they're doing it for two main reasons. one, it was a rough and tumble primary where harsh words were
11:21 am
said. towards john mccain who susan collins has a long time relationship with did. harsh words toward jeb bush who she endorsed. two previous republican president, and sometimes hurt feelings last a long time. i think that's a huge part of it. the other thing is he had a bad week last week and she watched donald trump last week kind of get involved in all of thee is different conflicts with all of these different people and i think that hurt his credibility. that's why -- >> how does he stop the bleeding? >> -- why staying on script and staying on message is the only way for him to repair these relationships with these establishment figures in washington, d.c. >> okay. angela, let me pivot to you. we were reporting about 24 hours ago about this letter, about 50 republican foreign policy national security experts including -- i think you mentioned this a moment ago -- many who worked for former president george w. bush. they signed this letter denouncing trump and refusing to vote for him. but if you read trump's response, it is a couple of paragraphs.
11:22 am
let me just read part of the middle graph. this is his rebuttal -- these insiders, along with hillary clinton, are the owners of the disastrous decisions to invade iraq, allow americans to die in benghazi, and they are the ones who allowed the rise of isis." angela rye, my question to you is, does donald trump have a point? i mean this is when people look at some of what he says and they say, he's right. >> no. i think that you can absolutely say that there are people -- i said this earlier. there are people who sign on to the letter that i don't agree with. i was on the committee on homeland security on the house side when secretary chertoff was over at the department of homeland security. i didn't agree with the orange, red, yellow levels and all of that. but that doesn't mean that these folks haven't laid partisanship aside and said, for the sake of the reputation of america's global reputation, we cannot have this man as our commander in chief. he is scaring people who have been responsible for foreign policy, for our national
11:23 am
security policy. there was even someone who worked in the commerce department sign on to this letter. former trade representatives. so that is something that should give republicans pause. not folks who are part of the establishment. but republican voters at large. this is something that says, you know what? this is a serious flag. these people don't have a dog in this fight. they're not running surrogate for particular campaign that lost. they're apolitical for the most part. they have decided that it was worth sacrificing their reputations to say, enough is enough, this is not partisanship. this is about american -- being an american and doing our patriotic duty. >> i should point out, it was -- this letter was certainly no endorsement of hillary clinton. but these are a number of republicans -- >> that's right. they say that. >> -- that are refusing to vote for donald trump. john phillips, angela rye, thank you so much. we'll do this again. donald trump is speaking meantime any moment now. rudy giuliani, former mayor of new york, speaking now.
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how will he respond to these republicans who are coming out against him? we'll be listening for that. well, it was nice to see everyone.
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we're back about to go and listen in to donald trump there speaking in wilmington, north carolina. keep if mind part of what we are listening for today, just today, we heard senator susan collins, republican, maine, will not be voting for donald trump. will he respond to that? let's listen. >> one of the most important elections for a lot of reasons. not just that. but for a lot of reasons.
11:29 am
and -- but that's so obvious because for whatever reason, they say this could be the presidency. this next four years where you'll pick more supreme court justices than anybody has ever had the opportunity to do. believe me, i'll make you very proud of those justices. they'll be good. okay? so we had an incident a few days ago with the $400 million. all cash. $400 million all cash. anybody know what that looks like? that's a lot of cash. that's a lot of cash. honestly, it's so sad. think of it. going to iran, a terror state. now i happen to think they have plenty of money. we've given them $150 billion, so the $400 million is just -- you know. i happen to think it goes into their accounts in switzerland personally. now lot of people say, no, it's
11:30 am
used for terror and they use it for terror because it is the number one terror funder. not even close. but i also think that when you have $400 million in cash, different denominations, you see the size of this? they did i guess release the pictures after all. they released pictures. and interesting, i'll tell you -- i sort of think it goes into bank accounts. right? i sort of think they take it, they probably use some for this, some for that. can do a lot of things. and obama said that he did it because we don't have a working account with iran. do you believe it? how long does it take to set up an account? right? you don't have a working account. you set up an account. right, lara? you set up an account. it takes about -- look. what's going on in this country, folks. folks. what's going on in this country is insane. and we have people running our
11:31 am
country that don't know what they're doing. they're grossly incompetent and it is time. we have to make real change. not obama change. we have to make change. whether it's sergeant bergdahl where we get bergdahl who was a traitor, and they get five of the greatest killers that they've wanted for eight years. we get bergdahl -- i call it the "five for one trade." or the iran deal where we get nothing. we get nothing. they get ultimately -- they have the path. beautiful path. they'll get way, way earlier than that. they'll get nuclear weapons. if you get trump, you're going to see a lot of changes to that deal. going to happen fast. you're going to see some big changes. and really, i saw where president obama said that the $400 million in cash was not --
11:32 am
had nothing to do with the release of the hostages. right? it really doesn't work, does is it? does it? remember obamacare, you're going to keep your doctor, you're going to keep your plan. over and over again, you're going to keep your doctor. it was a lie. and in fact if he didn't make the lie, he would have never gotten it approved because many of the democrats didn't want to do it. it was only that that got them to approve it. and it was a lie. >> just keep in mind, donald trump just as recent as friday night just finally endorsed the most powerful republican in congress, house speaker paul ryan, who, by the way is facing primary fight today in his home state of wisconsin. speaker ryan hoping to avoid any kind of upset against virtually a political unknown, paul nehlen. an insurgent challenger seeking a trump bump in this republican
11:33 am
primary. should have been a low-profile election victory but suddenly drawing a lot of attention. manu raju is in ryan's hometown of janesville, wisconsin. >> reporter: there is a pretty low turnout so far which is consistent with what we're seeing in an august primary. we did talk to an election official, it is a little bit higher than typical low turnout primaries but still low. we aren't really seeing a groundswell of support to suggest that there is something that could be a major upset. of course we won't know until all the votes are counted but interestingly a lot of these voters are split on the issue of donald trump here. we spoke to several of them outside this polling station. a lot of them -- one gentleman told me that he was angry at donald trump for the way he attacked paul ryan, the way he withheld his endorsement of paul ryan and the way he went after ted cruz and said that he would not vote for donald trump this
11:34 am
fall. and other voters said, look, it is time for republicans to unite, time to stop disagreeing. even if you have disagreements, if you oppose donald trump now you're going to help elect hillary clinton. so even among regular voters here in this janesville district you are seeing this debate play out about donald trump and it just shows the level of effort that donald trump needs to put in to unite his party, not just the party establishment, but regular rank and file voters, brooke. >> manu raju, thank you. you mentioned hillary clinton. any minute now she is set to speak in florida, a key battleground state. she is expected to call on congress to return to washington. come back from vacation. what exactly is she asking them for. we'll have that for you. also ahead, new answers today after a 10-year-old boy died on the world's tallest water slide. what investigators are now saying happened.
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there's a lot of bad stuff that can camp out in between our teeth, if we'll let it. use gum® brand. soft-picks®. proxabrush® cleaners. flossers and dental floss. gum® brand. this is cnn. a deadly case of alleged espionage. an iranian nuclear scientist accused of spying for the united states has been executed, now the blame game over his death spilling into the race for the white house. donald trump and a number of his fellow republicans are slamming hillary clinton saying that as secretary of state, she received messages mentioning him -- his name specifically on her personal e-mail server. now trump is blasting hillary clinton with this tweet, "many people are saying that the ryan yans kill
11:40 am
iranians killed a scientist because of hillary clinton's hacked e-mails." jim, we know his name popped up no those e-mails but as far as any connection between his death and hillary clinton, is there anything? >> reporter: short answer is -- no. it just doesn't match up with the facts. again a few things. one, her public comments on this topic were very similar to the e-mail. there was nothing secret revealed, in effect, in those e-mails that wasn't already in the public sphere. that's one point. second of all, this scientist was alive at the point that these e-mails were released through a foia request. they were not -- it was not redacted. it went through a process which includes the intelligence agencies and state department to go through and take out any sensitive information. and that reference was not taken out. so presumably if there was a sensitivity they would have done it, or if they made a mistake in that judgment, that went to the
11:41 am
interagency. it was not hillary clinton's judgment. and finally, just for the record, this scientist was warned by u.s. officials before he videos to rush to iran that his life might be in danger. so there is some factual issues with the e-mails themselves, but also with the timeline of how this played out. on the other hand -- this is a fair point, brooke. what it does get to is that in these e-mails, when you're a secretary of state, there are often sensitive topics that come up. and this is another sensitive topic. the causality that trump tries to establish here just doesn't match up with the facts, but it does speak to the larger issue that you want these kinds of discussions to be protected in any way that they can. >> right. right. what about this, jim, what about iran's former president wrote a letter to president obama about this ruling allowing families of people killed in eye tattacks l to iran to collect damages from
11:42 am
the country's several billion dollars in frozen assets. what do you know about that letter, what would the country be responsible for paying then this family that you are talking about? >> well, this is an issue, one, that it's really not going to go anywhere. because ahmadinejad is not the most likely voice to connection a channel between the u.s. and iran. the level of discussion and communication now just two, three years ago we wouldn't even imagine it. right? that one phone call you had in new york a couple years ago between the two presidents. now they are speaking regularly, but not via ahmadinejad. you can get a bit of a sense of that because the white house response was really no response on this letter. they referred it to the state department. i think that gives you a sense of how seriously they are taking that personal appeal. >> jim sciutto, thank you so much on both of those points. thank you. just ahead, i want to show you a picture. see the man in the spotlight,
11:43 am
mustache, red hot behind hillary clinton? that is the father of the orlando nightclub shooter. why was he at her rally, and did the clinton campaign even know he was there? plus, secrets, spying, payoffs and "twirling." brand-new accusations against fox news and its former ceo, including audiotapes of alleged harassment. vitamins a&c, and, only 50 calories a serving... good morning, indeed. v8. veggies for all.
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we saw donald trump speaking at a rally in wilmington, north carolina. now we know that hillary clinton is currently on her way to tour a health care facility in miami. keep in mind, miami, this is specifically the neighborhood where a number of people have been infected with the zika virus by the mosquitos down there. hillary clinton is going to in this address call upon congress to, even though they're on summer recess, get back to washington and take part in an important zika vote on funding.
11:48 am
though lawmakers are not actually due back to work until after labor day. her call to congress comes on a day when texas is actually reporting its first death related to the zika virus. a newborn there tested positive for zika died at the hospital. cnn's senior washington correspondent, jeff zeleny, is with the clinton campaign in miami which has become ground zero really for the u.s. spread of zika. specifically hillary clinton will call on congress to come back. tell me about this vote. >> reporter: brooke, this is one of those days where the presidential campaign actually backs reality as it so often does in a general election phase here. secretary clinton is going to be calling on congress, as you said, to come back from their recess and vote on the president's request for 1$.9 billion in funding for zika. that's been pending for weeks and months. there of course, like any fight in washington, both sides are to blame here, in part. there's finger pointing on both sides. she of course is going to be calling on republican leaders of
11:49 am
congress to call everyone back to washington and approve this funding. this is unlikely to work. we see a lot of these things happen in the month of august. but what it does for her campaign, the reason she is doing this, brooke, it allows her to look presidential and actually focus on something that is really having a major impact here in florida and as you said, is spreading with the first reported case in texas as well. she'll be making her comments here in the wynwood section of miami in a few moments talking about the need for congress to get its act together and reach a bipartisan solution. >> meantime, she held a rally in kissimmee, florida. we have have spotlighted this man behind her in the red hat and mustache who turns out to be, this is the father of the man who murdered those 49 people at the pulse nightclub in
11:50 am
orlando. unbeknown unbeknownst to the clinton campaign. what are they saying about this? >> brooke, so awkward and such a strange situation. he is sitting right behind her. i was at that rally. there were some 3,000 people there so i don't spot him but a florida reporter who's seen him before and talked to him. so they went up and talked to him afterward as he drove back down to his home in south florida. he said, look, i support hillary clinton and i was invited to in rally because i am a democrat. he's given some small contributions to local democratic efforts over the years. but the clinton campaign certainly embarrassed by this. they're trying to down play it and say, look, we did not know that he was in attendance pat all. we didn't know he was on stage until it was called to our attention afterward. they aren't disavowing his support of all because of course he is a citizen here and can support who he wants in this campaign. but it is certainly an awkward moment particularly because he was sitting right behind her and people are picked to sit behind candidates for part of the
11:51 am
backdrop. certainly he did become part of the backdrop. >> right. jeff zeleny, thank you. we'll be listening and watching for hillary clinton momentarily. we'll take her live as well. meantime, yet another powerful republican says she will not vote for donald trump this coming november. we'll talk exclusively with maine senator susan collins who says she's deeply concerned about his lack of self-restraint, his temperament. but first -- if you are an olympic swimmer, you probably know your best time. if you're a gymnast, you know when you land a great back tuck. but if you are a boxer, turns out you don't know much about how you punch. one company is trying to change all that. it was tested out with an olympic boxer, richardson hitchens. >> reporter: when did you decide that you wanted to go to the olympics? >> 2012. when i seen marcus brown go to the olympics, the gold medal. that's the only thing on my
11:52 am
mind. gold medal, gold medal, gold medal. that's only thing i can think. >> reporter: when you are a swimmer, you are measured by a time. when you are a gymnast, you know if you stick it. but boxing is different. it is traditionally a low-tech support. data is virtually nonexistent. in the sport do you guys talk about numbers? like hey, i can punch this fast, i can punch with this much velocity? >> no. but we do try and compare like who's fastest and stuff but we never really had nothing to show us, oh, i punch faster than you or i can prove it. >> reporter: they want to make that kind of data available to boxers. a system has been created that uses sensors to record a boxer's average speed, how much punches and the type of punch they throw most. the these are the sensors that are going to go on your hands, then transmitted to a phone so you can review everything. >> reporter: we had richardson put it to the test. >> go!
11:53 am
>> reporter: wayne state university measured the punching speed of seven olympic boxers. the average -- 20.4 miles per hour. so your average speed was 16.3. you threw about 25 punches. knowing that you're 16.3 on this past round, in your mind, you'd want to pick it up? >> yeah. >> why? >> so i be faster. gives me that hunger to learn and things to work on. >> now you know sort of what the average is from the other people in the olympics. >> yeah. you can compare and break records. you can fly across welcome town in minutes16, or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes
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>> > a kansas water park is still closed today as police offer details in the tragic death of a 10-year-old boy. he died while riding the world's tallest water slide. police are coming out now and saying it was a neck injury that took his life. when you look at this ride, here's what we can tell you. it is more than 168 feet in height. this slide is taller than niagara falls. it is taller than the top of the statue of liberty. there is a 50-foot drop and police say it was that drop where caleb schwab lost his life pcht slide opened in 2014. the big grand opening was delayed three separate times after safety test runs. now we have information on this -- another accident within 24 hours in tennessee, these three little girls were hurt, one severely, when their ferris wheel cage flipped over, dropped them some 45 feet to the ground. witnesses toll our cnn affiliate
11:59 am
wjhl that the cable got caught as the ferris while lifted upwards. let me bring in a cnn safety analyst and former safety inspector. just back on this water slide first though, david, it is like i can't even imagine. just can't imagine it, period. but my question is, all these thrill seeker rides. the biggest, the tallest. do you think they're too extreme? >> you know, that's really good question, brooke. if you look at the safety culture and history of fairs and rides of these kinds it is really quite good. in fact, it's comparable to the airlines and 1 in 9 million injuries. so it is a very good safety record on these fairs. but the slide itself, cautions and those things that are done to make sure -- you mentioned safety tests, those are all done with local authorities. each state, each local authority that has that oversight is
12:00 pm
different in each state. so it is not really a combined group that says, hey, here's our safety standards other than the manufacture of them which they do. but the operations and the maintenance of them are maintained locally so that some big risks as far as how they're maintained, what type of people are allowed to get on the rides and how they're briefed before they get on the rides themselves. >> i think the three little girls will be okay from the ferris while but awful for that family from the water slide. david soucy, thank you so much. i appreciate it. here we go, hour two. thanks for being with me on this tuesday. i'm brooke baldwin. this is cnn. we got some new numbers in for you. new polls in key battleground states. when you look at them, they show hillary clinton tied with donald trump in the race for president in the state of florida. but, clinton is up in ohio and she is surging in pennsylvania.
12:01 pm
we have that from quinnipiac. meantime, you can add another name to the growing list of republicans who say they will not be voting for donald trump this november. today hugely respected maine senator, republican, susan collins, explaining her decision in an opinion piece in the "washington post." and then she spoke exclusively to our special correspondent here at cnn, jamie gangel. >> reporter: the tipping point for me was his attack on the khans when he showed absolutely no empathy or compassion for their terrible loss and instead attacked these two gold star parents and also attacked their religion. that was just the final straw for me. >> bottom line, do you think he was -- it would be dangerous if he was president?
12:02 pm
>> donald trump, in my judgment, would make a perilous world even more dangerous. i worry that his tendency to lash out and his ill-informed comments would cause dangerous events to escalate and possibly spin out of control at a time when ow world is beset with conflicts. is there sounds like you're saying you think he would be dangerous. >> i do believe that he has the potential to cause world events to spin out of control in a dangerous way. >> you're the most senior republican in the senate in congress to come out against donald trump. do you think, with everything you've said about donald trump, that it is a fair position for
12:03 pm
other republicans to say they support but don't endorse? >> i'm not going to judge my colleagues. i think this is a very difficult choice to make, and it was a very difficult decision for me to make as a life-long republican. so i think each of my colleagues has to make his or her own decision in this matter. >> i'm going to ask you about one person in particular because i know you are good friends, and that's senator john mccain. and he has clearly been uncomfortable with donald trump. do you think there is any chance that senator mccain, or maybe some of your other colleagues, may change their minds and unendorse? >> i really can't speak for them. certainly john mccain, whom i respect enormously, was one of
12:04 pm
the first targets of donald trump's tirades when he questioned his heroic war service, which i thought was absolutely extraordinary and spoke out against at the time. but he will have to make his own decision, and i really can't speak for him. >> and for republicans who would say you're betraying the party, you would say? >> i would say to them that donald trump does not represent the values or the heritage of the republican party and we should not be afraid to say that. and indeed, there is a risk to the republican party if donald trump is perceived as embodying our values. >> let's come off of that point. jamie gangel is with me. when you are asking her what do you say to those republicans who
12:05 pm
say you are betraying the party for not voting for trump, and she says? >> donald trump is betraying the party because he doesn't represent the values of the republican party. i also thought that answer was very interesting because i tho you the she was gently -- which is susan collins' style -- encouraging people that it's okay to come out against donald trump. and i thought she weighed her words very carefully on john mccain. he is a very good friend of hers. and -- >> his primary is next week. >> right. she says i don't want to speak for him. but, i think that she sees herself as potentially creating a place for other republicans. maybe john mccain, too. our new word -- unendorse. >> unendorse. have we are used that before in a presidential election? jamie gangel, great interview. thanks so much. watch the interview on
12:06 pm
right now donald trump speaking at a rally in the key state of north carolina there in wilmington. here is what he had to say about his opponent moments ago. >> she does, she lacks judgment. she lacks temperament. i'm the one that used unfit many months ago. now they turn it around, use it on me. unfit? i'm unfit? that's a first. but she lacks the temperament and the moral character to lead this country. it is very simple. she really does. she's a dangerous person who doesn't tell the truth which has been proven very loudly. i've never seen -- i don't think we've ever had greater proof of that of anybody. >> we are hearing of new swing state polls showing hillary clinton is tied in florida, up in ohio and surging in pennsylvania. with me now, cnn political
12:07 pm
commentator ryan alizza, and david politan, welcome to cnn. before we get into some news just in on the debates. before we wade into those waters. quinnipiac university swing state poll, clinton is tied in ohio, up in ohio and surging in pennsylvania. ryan, which are you surprised at the most? >> i'm a little surprised that florida is the tightest there. conventional wisdom about trump is that if he is going to beat her, he is going to beat her in the rust belt in the industrial m midwest and he's got to win a state like ohio and again a state like florida, as much more diverse, has a big hispanic population and the democrats have won the last few cycles without much problem, that that would be a little bit more secure for clinton. but all in all, very bad news.
12:08 pm
already hillary's going into this race with this blue wall of states that democrats have the advantage in presidential contests. we know that, they won the popular vote in 5 out of the last 6. bad news all around for donald trump. we're still post convention bounce phase so i would wait one more week to see where all the polls settle. that's going to tell us a lot. >> yeah, it is interesting to look at the difference in the cnn -- national poll versus those three states. >> but those national polls are very -- we're in the point of the election where national polls are much more predictive. six months ago, not so predictive. now they are pretty predictive if if you look historically. >> on the notion of unpredictability, let's talk debates, gentlemen. so the deal is, we know that these three bigial debates starting in september. this was worked out long ago. hillary clinton and her campaign sort of came out and challenged
12:09 pm
donald trump essentially and i'm totally paraphrasing, hey, we're going to be there, are you going to show up, or what? we now have news from "time" magazine -- just to be precise, i will quote. he has now responded to that saying, "i will absolutely do three debates. he says i want to debate very badly but i have to see the conditions." >> yeah. i think he is losing the game so you start to complain about the reps and the rules. this is typical of what campaigns do when they're losing. and, frankly, it is in his interest to sort of reframe the rules, talk about moderators that wouldn't be fair to him. look, his campaign is already issuing a daily press release and it says media bias. he picks out whoever he thinks is treating him unfairly in the media that day today. this all happened in the last
12:10 pm
two weeks, post conventions, post the deluge of polling that has shown him far behind. he's going to -- look. i think politically, i don't want to say this as a journalist, i think it is great that he's going to try to disqualify certain journalists from moderating his debates, but i think politically it probably works to his interest and it probably fires up the people in his room. >> wasn't his successful -- ryan, he points out i renegotiated the debates in the primaries. remember he was irked because some of them were a little too long. he didn't show up at one of them. i guess he is saying he wants to be able to give the green light on the choice of moderators. >> yeah. it's not totally clear from the statement from "time" magazine exactly what he is saying. but if he's no you come to the point he's saying, okay, times an dates are fine with me, and i accept the role of the commission on presidential debates which nobody has challenged since that commission has come into being, if he's in that place and it is just more of your typical debate negotiation over moderators, temperature of the room, all the
12:11 pm
silly things that they negotiate, that puts trump a little bit closer to what candidates do every cycle. the really unusual thing was that he was just under kating that he might not show up at all or he was challenging the legitimacy of the presidential debate commission which both parties have accepted and is basically this bipartisan organization. >> wasn't it part of it he was irked because of the nfl games and he wants more eyeballs on -- >> there are hundreds of nfl games every fall. you can't avoid all of them. >> i know. i know. >> so i never gave that one much -- >> i'm just telling the people what donald trump has said. but -- >> it's always something. >> -- what about, you have the clinton campaign. they came out and they sort of drew the line in the sand and challenged him to show up. did you think that that was a smart move? obviously he's responded. >> yeah.
12:12 pm
think they're trying to goad him into something. they want him to say i'm not going to agree to these debates, because then there is another big story that takes away from his message and looks like trump is an erratic,en conventional candidate. that is in their interest to pound away at this message. donald trump is going to show up at these debates because it is probably first and last chance for him to really change the trajectory of the race. i was talking to a republican consultant today who thinks 100 million people may tune in to this first debate coming in september. >> wow! >> i mean they are thinking it is going to blow away records just because it will be the first time -- remember, the first time trump and clinton on the same stage, on a small stage, not a big arena with 15 other candidates like we saw in the primaries, a pretty intimate stage for 90 minutes next to each other. that is trump's best chance probably his next best chance to change the direct trajectory of the race. he can't afford not to do it if he is down five, ten points
12:13 pm
everywhere. >> i totally agree with david. he's down eight to ten points. he's just going to sit on his eight to ten-point deficit and not get the publicity that goes along with the debates? the only chance he has to turn around the race if it continues this way is to go into the debates with extremely low expectations, which is going to happen, and exceed those expectations. that's -- >> he worked it pretty well when it came to publicity and would he or wouldn't he with those debates then. can you just imagine what this will look like come the end of september. thank you guys so much. coming up next, it is a trump pattern. he floats a baseless theory, controversial idea, but prefaces the whole thing by saying, "many people are saying." find out the new one he just dropped. plus, let me show you a picture. there is a man here, we'll spotlight him for you, in -- behind hillary clinton. there you go. red hat, mustache.
12:14 pm
that is the father of the orlando nightclub shooter. why was he at hillary clinton's rally in florida, and didn't the campaign know he would be there? and, another new bombshell from inside fox news. a new report suggests that wiar audiotapes of the alleged harassment by the ceo, this as another host is making accusatio accusations. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. clean food. words panera lives by. no artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners. no colors from artificial sources. 100% of our food will be clean by year's end. that's food as it should be. ♪
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12:18 pm
we're back, you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. four words plaguing donald trump today -- "many people are saying." big statement sometimes uses a verbal crutch and sometimes to avoid taking responsibility for one's own thoughts and opinions. the latter is exactly what trump's critics are touting about the nominee's frequent use of the phrase. most recently his tweet alleging hillary clinton was somehow responsible for the execution of that iranian scientist. that sparked a twitter
12:19 pm
firestorm, even with the #manypeoplearesaying. generating hashtag tweets, many people are saying trump is a muslim. not me, but many people are saying that. that was retweeted a lot. this is not the first time trump has tried to use this kind of phrasing. here's a look back. >> well, there are a lot of people that think maybe he doesn't want to get it. a lot of people think maybe he doesn't want to know about. i happen to think he just doesn't know what he's doing but there are many people that think he doesn't want to get it, he doesn't want to see what's really happening. >> we've already taking off the sanctions. they're already rich as hell. what's going on there? that's why i say, i mean some people say it's worse than stupidity, there's something going on we don't know about. honestly. you almost think -- i'm not saying that and i'm not a conspiracy person. you said "we" are. >> dana bash is with me, and
12:20 pm
kayleigh mcenany, political correspondent and trump supporter. kayleigh, he doesn't technically embrace this bit of gossip or tabloid rumor, conspiracy, but he sort of says, well, many people are i is aing. are you finished with law school? >> yes. >> you would never say that. >> his tweet overstated the case against hillary clinton's e-mails as any are linked to the iranian scientist death. >> even you look back at other statements he's made -- >> i mean i would suggest the democrats have overstated things as well like saying trump intentionally bankrupted himself or the first bankruptcy he lost part of his interest in his own company or that he is a thin-skinned racist. >> that's trump -- >> this is not just a conspiracy theory what he brought up. the causal link between the e mails and scientists are but it is important to look at the substan substance. >> he did it with ted cruz and the fact that he was born in canada and would he, could he be
12:21 pm
president. he did it with a number of stories that were entirely baseless. >> but the issue with regard to this particular story, the fact that hillary clinton was talking about a potential cia asset on her e-mails and it could have in theory led to his death. that's certainly true if the iranians had the e-mails and that's how they found out this guy was potentially an asset of the united states. did he overstate the case? yes. but the democrats overstate the case against donald trump i think every day. >> dana bash, do you want to weigh in or shall i move on to the debate news? >> i would just say i actually spent some time today looking back at all of the instances. and there were a lot that trump has sort of relied on the "some people say." what i think is fascinating is the way he uses it not just as a crutch, but as a tool to change the subject, away from bad news. yesterday for example he sent out that tweet just about an hour after "the new york times" first posted the letter with 50 former mostly bush but
12:22 pm
republican national security officials saying that he is unfit to be commander in chief, same goes for what you talked about with kayleigh, theyed that ted cruz may not have been eligible to be president because he was born in canada. i went back and looked at my stories back then. it was just as ted cruz was beginning to rise in the polls in iowa. he also used it to sell his products and to sell his businesses on twitter as well. it goes beyond politics to his kind of just his marketing tactic as well. >> so there's that, then there is the news about it, dana, beginning with you. now we know that the clinton campaign essentially challenged donald trump, show up at these three presidential debates, first the end of september. now donald trump has responded saying i will show up, i will do three debates. i want to debate very badly but i have to see the conditions. what kind of conditions are we talking about here? >> who knows?
12:23 pm
i mean, he said initially that he was not happy with the time slots because he understands television. he does. and he looked at the fact that one, maybe two of the debates are scheduled the same night as nfl football games so he said that that was something that gave him pause because he wants a lot of people to watch. we can argue about whether or not people are going to watch football or watch hillary clinton versus donald trump another time but that was kind of a leverage point that he clearly warranted to put out there to use for negotiations. i was actually texting with somebody who had been part of presidential debate negotiations on the campaign side in another cycle who said that there actually is not that much that they can actually debate, that there's not that much negotiating or wiggle room, that the presidential debate commission is pretty forceful when it comes to the standards
12:24 pm
and the parameters -- >> they have long ago met. was set. >> exactly. during the primaries, there's a competition between networks to get the debates. there just is. this is not that. all of the networks take the debates. it's not sort of competitive that way. so it's a different animal than it was during the primaries. >> so, i loved how -- we will debate it another time. kayleigh, let me turn to you. what do you think donald trump will be looking at and how much of this is just publicity so that we will all be watching? >> i think dana bash is important to point out nfl schedule. he pointed that out early on. it is really important to him that people tune in. >> there are a lot of games. >> i know, but this is his reset moment. hillary clinton won the convention game. she came out with the biggest
12:25 pm
bounce. this is his moment to reset his campaign, to introduce himself to the american people, to contrast his vision with hillary clinton's. he wants a maximum number of people to be watching. i'm sure he wants to ensure he's asked about substance and not just about some of the controversies that we get day in and day out. i'm sure there is a myriad of terms he wants to put forth to make sure they are both asked substantive questions, they both get the maximum number of viewers. >> absolutely should be fair and square. i have a feeling lots of people will be tuning in. thank you both so much. let's go straight to hillary clinton. she is in florida, she is at a health center there with a message for congress over the zika virus. >> and i really am hoping that they will pay attention. in fact, i would very much urge the leadership of congress to call people back for a special session and get a bill passed.
12:26 pm
get a bill that is focused on combating zika passed. then, health departments, local and state governments, everybody will know that there are resources coming forth and they will be able to take action to try to prevent that. so i'm asking the republican leaders in the house and the senate to call congress back in to session immediately and to pass the bipartisan funding bill that the senate passed. the senate passed a bill. and, unfortunately, a different bill was passed in the house and no agreement could be reached before they went out on recess. so pass the bipartisan bill from the senate or come up with a new compromise that does the same. and in fact tries to get those resources moving as quickly as possible. >> that's the first time we have officially heard it here,
12:27 pm
hillary clinton calling on members of congress. they're on summer resource, not supposed to be back in washington until after labor day. she's saying come back, she wants that vote on zika. she's at the specific neighborhood in miami where it is really ground zero for the u.s. spread. up next, this sort of curious sighting and quite frankly embarrassing at a hillary clinton rally. the father of the shooter of the orlando nightclub massacre showed up and he is seated right behind hillary clinton as she is giving a speech and actually as she is talking about the victims from orlando. how did this happen? how was the clinton campaign reacting? stay here. degeneration, amd we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression. and everywhere i look... i'm reminded to stick to my plan. including preservision areds 2. my doctor said preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula that the national eye institute recommends to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd...
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12:32 pm
we are listening just a short while ago to donald trump, he's out on the campaign trail. he's in the important battleground state of north carolina, specifically wilmington. he just made a statement that we want to play for you. i still have kayleigh mcenany sitting next to me, a trump supporter, to talk about perhaps the implications of this statement. here you have it for yourself. >> hillary wants to abolish essentially abolish the second amendment. by the way, if she gets to pick -- if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is. i don't know. but i'll tell you what, that will be a horrible day. >> all right. kayleigh is with me, let me just say as we have covered so much on the second amendment, hillary
12:33 pm
clinton has never said she wants to abolish the second amendment. she just wants fair and smart gun laws and to keep guns out of the hands of folks who just shouldn't have them. that said, the curious part of the statement, although the second amendment people, maybe there is. i don't have donald trump sitting here. i don't know what he meant by that. but what do you think? >> i think is he referring to the fact that the national rifle association is the most powerful lobby lands down in the united states. if anyone can stop a very antisecond amendment agenda is would be the nra and second amendment folks. when he talks about hillary wanting to roll back the second amendment, she doesn't like supreme court jurisprudence on the second amendment that says the right to bear arms includes the right to own a handgun. hillary clinton simplifies a lot of his policies calling it it the muslim ban even though that's never what he proposed. that's what my take on that is just hearing it in this moment. >> we will see if he clarifies a little later on.
12:34 pm
kayleigh, thank you so much. trump is in north carolina. hillary clinton is is in florida. she just wrapped up a campaign event there. but yesterday an unexpected supporter showed up for her rally in that state. the father of the orlando gunman who killed 49 people. he was there seated behind her with the hat and mustache, sort of front and center at this rally. he sat behind her as she addressed the crowd there, even looked on as hillary clinton offered her condolences to the orlando community and the victims of that mass shooting. >> i am an organizer up in orange county. every day i get to work with an amazing group of volunteers and organizers who know just how important it is that we win this election. they're out registering voters, making phone calls and going door to door to talk to voters about this election and why we need hillary clinton to be the next president of the united
12:35 pm
states. >> so let's go to brian todd covering this for us from washington. talk about the politics of it, obviously it is embarrassing for the clinton campaign. they didn't know that's who that was. a florida affiliate reporter recognized him. isn't that correct? >> reporter: right. that is correct, brooke. an affiliate reporter did recognize him. a lot of people in that rally especially connected to the clinton campaign did not recognize him at first. this is clearly an awkward situation, a horrible optic for the clinton campaign and it is frankly an unforced error by them. this rally took place in kissimmee, florida only 30 minutes from the site of the pulse nightclub. as hillary clinton was talking about that massacre just at the beginning of the rally, thank youing the orlando police, there he was, sadiq mateen, prominently sitting behind her. our affiliate caught up with him after the event and asked him why he showed up. >> clinton is good for united
12:36 pm
states versus donald trump. i wish that my son joined the army and fought isis and destroyed isis. that would be much better. >> reporter: bizarre indeed. during that interview sadiq mateen displayed a banner showing support for hillary clinton for, among other things, her position on gun control. mateen says he is a democrat and he was invited to the rally. we reached out to the clinton campaign, a campaign aide told us this was an open door event for the public but this aide said, "in individual was not invited as a guest," and the campaign was not aware of his attendance until after the event. a key question this afternoon, are these people behind the candidate vetted for those placements that they get. we have a guy who is embedded with the clinton campaign i talked with about this day. he says he sees a lot of staffers showing up with many
12:37 pm
people who show up at these rallies. he says it is not call vetting but often a young person, an advance person, goes to pick people to come on stage. oftentimes they are v.i.p.s and people known to the clinton campaign. sometimes they are often picked as people who show diversity in age, race, et cetera, brooke. but this is clearly a mistake. they did not know he was there. of course if they had, it would be even worse for them. what's interesting, donald trump in that rally that you just saw in the last hour had an opportunity to pounce all over hillary clinton for that. we didn't hear one word from donald trump. he's holding another event later today. we'll see if he says anything about that. we'll have a lot more about this on "the situation room" at 5:00. >> see you then, thank you, my friend. brian todd for us in washington. coming up next, explosive allegations from inside the halls of fox news. we'll talk live with a "vanity fair" reporter who has details on what's being called secret audiotapes of the former chief, roger ailes. stay there.
12:38 pm
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watch out, piggies! (children giggle) symbicort. breathe better starting within 5 minutes. call or go online to learn more about a free trial offer. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. more bombshells at fox news today. cnn has learned that staff there, including on-air hosts, were fearful their boss was taping their phone calls, monitoring their e-mails, further fueling allegations that a culture of fear may have kept former network boss roger ailes protected. this comes as a telephone host is stepping forward with allegations of a coverup.
12:43 pm
she says she was demoted and taken off the air after talking to top officials at fox about ailes. seen are nior fox executives sa were unaware of any allegations against roger ailes until former anchor gretchen carlson filed that lawsuit against him in july. now according to an exclusively report by "vanity fair," we may soon get damning audiotapes allegedly proving ailes' inappropriate dealings with employees. with me, the woman who has that exclusive reporting, sara ellison, "vanity fair" contributing editor. also with us,mak mark geragos, legal commentator. you go inside the fox news bunker talking to former or current employees, and on the issue of audiotapes, what did you learn? >> well, i learned that there
12:44 pm
are a number of women who allegedly taped roger ailes while in conversation with them and that the existence of those tapes has come up in settlement negotiations between gretchen carlson and 21st century fox over what -- the resolution of this entire lawsuit that was started by gretchen carlson, obviously. any time there are tapes, everyone's ears perk up and everybody wants to know obviously what's in them. >> what's on the audio. >> and it is an incredibly charged situation. obviously the company wants to get this out of the way. ailes doesn't want these tapes to come to light. gretchen carlson appears to be using them as leverage in the lawsuit. and i think that all we can tell at this point, this has been a very -- we know a lot more than the official statements that have come out of this entire situation. so the existence of tapes like that that might be leaked or might see the light of day is obviously sort of terrifying for the people involved. >> so that's a huge question.
12:45 pm
the other question then being, obviously -- i've heard that she wants to fight this, yet you are reporting on the eight-figure -- wow -- >> that means at least $10 million. >> -- potential settlement. >> yeah. i think everybody wants to fight an everybody wants to have their day and she's obviously had an incredible influence already. she's brought about the end of the career of one of the most storied names in television news and even in politics, for that matter. so i'm sure she wants to fight it. i think that this -- i'm not a lawyer, but this stuff -- so many things end up settling and i think eight figures is a very -- >> well, we have lawyer with us right now, mark geragos. you are listening to all this here. what do you think about this potential settlement, first of all? >> every time a client tells me they want to fight this, i tell them, look, when you're over in money court, which is what civil court is, it's all about money. you can fight all you want. but when somebody's putting
12:46 pm
eight figures, which sarah says is a minimum of $10 million, on the table, it's not likely that somebody's going to walk away from an eight-figure settlement. mind you with be from start to finish, this has been 45 days. so if they get some kind of a settlement in some kind of an eight-figure range, you're going to tell somebody, go rent a temporary rocourtroom. you can go fight it out in a mock trial. we're going to settle this case. the lawyers aren't going to let them walk away from an eight-figure settlement. >> she is suing roger ailes directly. why would fox news or their attorneys be involved? >> well, look. fox news has not been flamed pass a defendant. that doesn't mean that they couldn't be added at some point in the litigation. fox news needs to get rid of this and they need get rid of it now. they hired an outside law firm. that law firm is doing an internal investigation. those as sarah mentioned in her article -- i will tell you from personal experience -- those
12:47 pm
never turn out well. it's never a good thing when you have to hire an outside law firm to come in and take a look at your business practices. they need this over with. they need it over with from a corporate standpoint and they also need to stop the bleeding. remember, this entity generates close to $1 billion in profits a year. the amount of money that they can spend to get rid of this thing and get rid of the distraction is minimal. so they've got to decrease the pain and the way they decrease the pain is to buy out of it. >> sexual harassment allegations, the so-called black room. now potential audiotapes. what could be next? sarah ellison, mark geragos, thank you so much. coming up next, "saturday night live" lets three cast members go right before in next season, right before the president dengs electi presidential elections.
12:48 pm
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okay, a shake up at 30 rock. three cast members will not be returning to ask the saturday night live" this fall. >> well, wolf, if i'm president, i can promise you that isis will hate me. and how do i know? everyone who knows me hates me. >> of course i can be tough, as a surgeon i told people they didn't want to hear.
12:52 pm
>> i will try not to lose my temper but what will it take for us to show a united threat on this? >> i invited president netanyahu because i wanted to meet a leader whose people respect him. >> i have a job to do, to be the best speaker of the house i can be. a job i swore i would never ever take, and then i did. but come on, that is like six months ago. i would never do something like that now. >> so with me, brian seltzer, and joe piscapo. i'm sad. i really like karen. tell me more about them. >> it is a real loss. some i think achkt them more than others. these are losses that will be
12:53 pm
felt by the show. they have been in rebuilding mode for a couple years. and these three have been helping the show get back to where it was. his impersonations of obama and so many other people. this is how it goes. they always bring in new people. but for tarin, he had a year left on his contract but he wanted to go work on other projects. >> the last show in the spring is always sort of bittersweet because you don't know who is going and who is staying. >> i went through the blood bath of 1980 of replacing the original cast. you could not replace chevy chase, dan aykroyd. we didn't do so well. we got call back in, and they went to the producer's office and they started whacking
12:54 pm
everybody. one by one. and they kept eddie and i, okay, we didn't care, we had to go do a set. so you have to go with an attitude of just -- -- >> they had a huge huge season this past season. they have to be jonesing at their computer. we'll see some new blood, right? >> it's a good question. it was the best parody of what might my girl say, and you know what? i said jake, i'm going on with brook, and i said how are you doing? >> great. working constantly.
12:55 pm
the one thing we always appreciate with lauren michaels, once you wear that badge of honor for "saturday night live" it is the greatest of honor. he booked up, everything was great. >> his impersonations are second to none. >> how about eddie murphy, he nailed it -- >> they have to figure out a new president obama now. they will have fun for the next few months with him and the transition and power. they will have casting trouble now. >> thank you, excellent name drop. feel free to do that any time. >> okay, thank you you two very much. donald trump causing a stir, bringing up the second amendment when talking about hillary clinton at a rally in north carolina. more on that, next.
12:56 pm
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all over washington, people are asking "did donald trump just say what it sounded like he said." more republican officials say they cannot stand with their party's nominee, donald trump, did he just cross one of the few lines left to cross? >> families watching in horror. falling from a ferris wheel days after a boy died on a rollest coaster. and the navy seal that fought off the taliban with his bare hands. fighting terror in the shadows. good