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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  August 10, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> we'll see you in georgia. thank you all for joining us. hi, everybody. i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." if we're not in the homestretch in the race for president, we can see it from here. election day is just 90 days away and we're now in day two of the latest self-inflicted controversy enveloping the campaign of donald trump. the republican nominee for president of the united states is denying that he tried to instigate armed violence against the democratic nominee. our coverage begins with this report from cnn's jason carroll. >> reporter: donald trump on the defensive again. >> there can be no other interpretation. give me a break.
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>> reporter: blaming media bias over this quip from his campaign rally. >> hillary clinton wants to abolish the second amendment. by the way, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is. i don't know. >> reporter: trump doing damage control claiming he was calling on the political powers of second amendment voters to make their voices heard, not advocating violence toward his rival. >> this is a political movement. this is a strong, powerful movement the second amendment. >> clinton's campaign denouncing trump saying he's dangerous and a presidential candidate should not suggest violence in any way. other democrats echoing the same sharp rebuke. senator chris murphy calling it an assassination threat. elizabeth warren slamming him as
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a pathetic coward who can't handle losing to a girl and gabby giffords says americans must draw a line between political speech and suggestion of violence. >> if someone else had said that outside the hall, he would be in the back of a police wagon now with the secret service questioning him. >> reporter: trump blaming the desperate media from trying to distract from what he calls clinton's anti-second amendment stance even though clinton never called for abolishing gun rights. mike pence coming to trump's defense. >> donald trump is urging people around this country to act in a matter consistent with their convictions in a course of this election. people who cherish the second amendment have a clear choice in this election. >> reporter: trump has taken heat for violent rhetoric on the stump before.
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speaker of the house paul ryan once again issuing a tepid defense of trump. >> sounds like a joke gone back. i hope he clears it up quickly. you should never joke about something like that. >> reporter: if you have to explain yourself for something that you said, perhaps you should not have said it quite that way. but having said that, there are a number of people who support donald trump who come out to rallies like this one who say they like the fact that he does not stick to the script. however, there are a number of people within the gop who at this point say donald trump just needs to stick to the script. >> all right. jason carroll, thank you for that. i want to bring in andre bauer. former lieutenant governor of south carolina. thank you for being here. it's great to have you right at this moment. i know you don't like to be in position to defend things when they become big. it seems to be patternistic in this campaign. i want to bring up the actual
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comments that donald trump made after the comments in question when he went twitter. he said the media is desperate to distract from clinton's anti-second amendment stance. i said pro-second amendment citizens must organize and get out vote to save our constitution. that seems to be now the narrative he wants us to adopt. yet, if you look at the majority of people who responded on the interweb, that's not how they took it which means that clarification is important and having to reclarify all of the time becomes problematic. you heard jason carroll's report knocking the crap out of protesters. wanting to hit some of the speakers at the democratic convention. urging russia to hack hillary clinton's e-mails. how much clarification latitude should a presidential candidate actually be able to get? >> i give you a couple things. number one, i wouldn't defend him if i thought he was encouraging violence. it's very easy to be
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misconstrued. hillary clinton had this same issue. not as much press but when she was running for president against barack obama in the primary she referenced back that we haven't made it through california yet and you remember what happened to bobby kennedy in california? so she alluded to the fact that possibly barack obama might not make it through the primary. >> she got blasted. >> again, i don't think she meant it either. they say so many things and immediately anything can be distracted. she's done a great job or her team has of making this the message. >> you're a legislator. you know how important words are. if he were commander in chief and said something like this, there are other commanders out there like kim jong-un who behave in ready, fire, aim mentality. there isn't the clarification for crazy leaders like those people so i ask you over and
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over how much latitude should these want to be leaders be given before we as a public think i'm not sure i'm ready to take that risk? >> we're down to two choices. the latitude is one way or the other. again, it could -- when i looked at -- when he said it, it didn't change me at all. i knew what he was talking about. political power, nra is one of the most powerful groups in get out the vote. everyone wants their endorsement. they court them because those people get out. you don't have to call them and remind them to go out and vote. he was trying to energize that crowd to say the only opportunity we have to pump the brakes on that -- >> do you really believe that? i don't think for a minute that donald trump wants anyone to be violent. i don't think for a minute he wants someone to pick up a gun and shoot hillary clinton. but jokes are sometimes extremely inappropriate. i'm not allowed through security at any airport in this nation or anywhere elsewhere i say something about joking about
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security. and we all know it. us mere mortals who travel commercial know we can't say things because of the impact of our words. why does donald trump not know that? >> donald trump probably regrets it more than anybody because the story would be a known terrorist sitting on a stage with hillary clinton and this is trumping that story which is terrible for his campaign. >> this is the father of a man -- not the terrorist. the father of a terrorist. >> he's been known as a terrorist as well and has very ready c radical views to what we believe in in america. that story is getting stepped on because of not being quite as clear as he probably should have been. >> donald trump wouldn't let that story to play out. michael hayden, republican, came out yesterday with some extraordinary strong rhetoric about what he took, how he interpreted what donald trump said. i want to just play his comment for a moment and then ask you about it. have a look. >> it suggests either a very bad
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taste reference to political assassination at an attempt at humor or an incredible insent -- insensitivity and a topic we don't come close to even when we think we're light hearted. i used to tell seniors at cia, you get to a point in this business, you're not just responsible for what you say. you are responsible for what people hear. >> and andre bauer, you're respon responsible for what people hear. >> i'm recovering politician. >> recovering journalist at some point. i just have to ask you as a supporter of donald trump, he doesn't seem to take the counsel
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at all about loose lip which is it comes to these kind of jokes or claims or rhetoric. is this the way he would governor well knowing kim jong-uns are out there. >> i think he would govern like he's run his business. surround himself with the best ceos and try to change washington. that's why i got back behind donald trump in february. i want someone to go in and change what we're doing in washington. would i like for him to be more cautious with his words? yes. i rather the story be about hillary clinton and the way she stubbed her toe which the american people need to know about. i don't want this to be the top story. i want to know about his economic plan that seems like it was two months ago and it was two days ago. i want us to talk about that. i don't think he intended this. i think it has been spun very well and i think his intent was to say nra voefolks get out and vote because that's the only way you can protect yourself to have the justices you want in the
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next pick of the supreme court. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. i just want to let you know as well that nasa astronaut mark kelly says that mr. trump should apologize for what he said. kelly is the co-founder of a gun violence prevention organization and he is the husband of former congresswoman gabby giffords shot while she was on a political appearance by someone who may have misconstrued any number of messages out there and clearly created a lot of havoc. mark kelly is going to join us a little bit later on in this hour. i want to turn to jonathan. a former secret service agent who served under president obama. jonathan, thank you so much for joining us. i want to remind viewers who might just be tuning in what the critical comment here was with regard to donald trump at that rally yesterday. i'm going to replay it and get your thoughts in a moment. have a listen. >> hillary wants to abolish the
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second amendment. by the way, if she gets to pick -- if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people maybe there is. i don't know. >> jonathan, those are the kinds of comments that if you're traveling the tsa would haul you out of line, probably take you to a back office and i'm not exactly sure what would happen after that because i've never said it. i'm too afraid. i have an internal edit and i'm no different than most mere mortals. what do you think when you hear that and saw the way it was delivered? >> damaging statements. time has passed and we're starting to see what donald trump's messaging was intended to be. his campaign and surrogates have tried to clarify. he's come out and tried to clarify his statements. at that moment in time when a statement like that is made, you
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know, any type of threat or threatening language needs to be looked at in three parts. the means, opportunity and intent to cause harm. and the intent part is really what the secret service focuses on. how is that intent interpreted by his constituents? is someone going to go out and take his statements as a call to arms? that's where the secret service well needs to be vigilant and really needs to dig in and understand the implications of his comments. >> we have seen over and over again extraordinarily troubled individuals in america behave in terrible ways under whatever influence they may or may claim to have been affected by. your own agency, the secret service, actually tweeted out pretty quickly after this happened the secret service is aware of the comments made earlier this afternoon and this was a very brief comment but i wondered what aware means.
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do you have insight of what that means when they say aware? >> aware means the secret service is caught in the middle of two presidential candidates that are under our protection where there's potential conflict here that has greater ramifications where one candidate could potentially have insightful language that could affect the other. so, yes, of course the secret service is aware. secret service will take the position as follows. what they will do is look at this. they understand what donald trump was saying. they want to advise the campaign. they'll advise both campaigns that words do matter. and it's not just the words at the moment -- >> just quickly. would it end there? when i say they're aware, mike -- michael hayden said that they would be haul ed in.
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most people know it was a joke. it's for those liwho don't know it's a joke. >> when the secret service is looking at something, we're looking at did donald trump make a direct threat against hillary clinton? the answer is no. under the statute, did he willfully and knowingly make a threat to cause bodily harm against hillary clinton? he did not do that. respect to general hayden, we're not hauling donald trump into the back of a police car to question him. we're trying to get clarifying language. the secret service will encourage the trump campaign to clarify and lower the rhetoric around this. i think it's best for donald trump to get ahead of this even further, completely end this issue so that his words are not interpreted by his constituency in the wrong way.
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>> jonathan, i know we booked the right guest when you can cite the code on the air live. good to have you. thank you very much. hillary clinton also taking heat today over a new batch of old e-mails and raising questions about ties between the clinton foundation and the clinton state department. we'll dig into that in just a moment and a reminder you can watch "legal view" at you can find me on twitter. cnn ashleigh or facebook. back in a moment. this is the summer.
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against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
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can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ] the hillary clinton campaign today pushing back against accusations that the charity that bears her name got lots of benefits that other groups didn't when she was the secretary of state. here's where that idea comes from. a batch of e-mails that just went public. they show conversations that critics of the democratic candidate say actually prove that the clinton foundation and the state department scratched each other's backs during president obama's first term. favors like jobs and influence and access and money.
9:20 am
cnn's drew griffin, our senior investigative correspondent is digging through the e-mails and also pamela brown, cnn's justice corresponde correspondent. drew, i'll turn to you first to work me through the 300 pages and help me understand if there's definitely a conflict of interest or does this just sort of add all that fuel to the corruption fire that the clinton opponents have been talking about? >> ashleigh, this new batch of e-mails being released show what we have seen over and over again and it's this intermingling of interests and donations and favors being done between the hillary clinton state department, the clinton foundation and the donors who apparently have very easy access to both when they need help. case in point, a guy named gilbert. the guy in the blue baseball cap. he's a nigerian lebanese billionaire and his brother on the other side are deeply involved in a clinton global initiative real estate project in nigeria for which bill clinton took part in the opening ceremonies.
9:21 am
gilbert is listed as giving between $1 million and $5 million to the clinton foundation. we have this guy that was running the clinton foundation at the time and now runs another firm telling two of hillary clinton's closest aides at the state department that they need to put clinton donor gilbert chagoury in touch with the substance person in lebanon. he's a key guy there to us and he asks they call the ambassador to lebanon so they can connect with each other. other e-mails release show cozy relationships between morgan stanley executives and hillary clinton. morgan stanley, a big donor both to hillary clinton's campaigns and the clinton foundation and request for favors, finding people jobs, intermingling of e-mails between state, clinton foundation and others and the overall affect is that as one congressional investigator told
9:22 am
us, it's hard to tell where any lines are drawn between the clinton state department, the clinton foundation and this consulting company. the clinton campaign tried to explain e-mails in the past saying no direct evidence favors were done because of direct donations and payments but to watchdog groups, they say it's not good enough an answer. >> government employees have rules that apply. they are supposed to avoid actual conflicts of interest but they're also supposed to avoid appearances of conflicts of interest. here you have some companies and some lobbying shops that are close to the clinton administration and at that point hillary clinton was working in the state department so you do wonder if there were some kind of impartiality or preferential treatment given to these countries and lobbyists that didn't go for everyone and that's not the way our government is supposed to work. >> it's the wink and nod approach to government we've seen in other cases that it's
9:23 am
really difficult to prove quid pro quo but there's a lot of smoke. >> drew, that's the reporting. now i want to dig into the law. if i can, i'll scoot over to pamela brown for that. pamela, with your background in justice, what exactly are the rules when it comes to a charity and cabinet office and if there's anything going on in terms of conflict of interest, what happens? >> for there to be a criminal conflict of interest, there would have to be evidence pro proving someone was benefiting from this. something else of value given to the government employee so far these e-mails aren't showing that specifically. there could be more e-mails out there that show other evidence. these e-mails were heavily redacted as well. the e-mails do raise questions about whether the relationship between the state department and clinton foundation was simply too cozy as we just heard drew say particularly after clinton made that pledge when she became secretary of state that she
9:24 am
would not be involved in the foundation as a way to make sure there wasn't an inappropriate relationship. now, in a case where there could be a conflict of interest that's not criminal, the inspector general would look into it and take administrative remedy if it's found a charity has an influence on the government employee. the clinton campaign says there's no foul play in these e-mails. >> pamela brown, thank you for that. drew griffin, thank you as well for your reporting. secretaries e-mails and donald trump's second amendment comment dominating the discussion today. but the bigger question is, will either of these two controversies make any difference 90 days from now? that would be november. or will they be forgotten by friday or saturday? our political experts are going to put it in perspective next. what if i told you there was a car companyawards. that received all of these awards? one company won an award in all of these? chevy. ahhhh! chevy
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today we're talking about newly released e-mails dating become to when hillary clinton was secretary of state. a group that made those public, a watchdog group, opponents of hillary clinton, say they show a cozy relationship between the clinton foundation and the state department at the time. donald trump in the meantime has a festering controversy of his own. his murky, jokey suggestion that the second amendment people may be able to stop hillary clinton from electing liberal judges by voting or by shooting? it's murky. eugene scott is back here and
9:30 am
josh rogin here as well. i'm going to start with you eugene and go to e-mails first. they look damning. there's been a big echo chamber saying corruption from the get-go. is this the smoking gun that there's corruption or is there something more that officials need to see? where does this stand when it comes to is it over, have we g figured it out? >> these e-mails prove to people who already have problems with hillary clinton in terms of s g integrity that something happened but those onboard with her, it's not really clear. it doesn't show that anything was done that's illegal and her team is on record saying her name was not clearly identified in these e-mails. >> does it matter when it's her close aides and deputies and not her doing the typing? >> i don't think to critics. aides are likely doing something with your support and your endorsement and on your behalf.
9:31 am
what impact it will have with people who are already voting for her remains to be seen. she's still trying to reach independent voters and this could be a problem. >> that is my next question. i'll wrap it into another one. that is that sometimes justice the appearance or mention or the reechoing of charges or allegations are enough. that can do the damage. but at the same time, you have someone like donald trump who says i could shoot someone down fifth avenue and my supporters will stay with me. does hillary clinton have that same benefit? >> hillary is lucky that donald trump continues to run the news cycle. this is not a good look for hillary clinton and her staff. let's remember there's been congressional investigation into the work when she had four jobs working for clinton foundation, for private company, and two jobs, one working for hillary clinton and one working for the state department. the fbi was investigating the links between the clinton foundation and the state
9:32 am
department and this very issue before they wrapped up their investigation. james comey refused to deny that in testimony. so trump is doing what trump does and really taking the heat off hillary clinton, but this is a big deal. >> what did the fbi ultimately answer? what did they say? >> they declined to comment. >> and said we still have work to do. we just don't know. >> we don't know. you can be sure that leading republicans including senator grassley on this case for over a year now will make sure it feeds further inquiries in fbi or in congress as to what exactly were the ties and was there any pay for play? we don't have a smoking gun yet but it doesn't look good. >> let's jump to the other side and talk trump issue of the hour. this has gone on for day and a half now and that's the second amendment comment he made at the rally yesterday. we all know that the conservative writer bill crystal is no fan of donald trump but
9:33 am
he's now taken to the twitter and this is what he said about donald trump's comment. in the general pattern of trump damaging everything and everyone he touches, he's now hurting the cause of defense of the second amendment. that may be his view but donald trump says not in the least. i'm helping. i'm helping the second amendment cause. what is it, eugene? is it either or both? >> i don't know how he could argue that he's helping the cause when he continues to portray hillary clinton's position incorrectly. she's on record saying she's not trying to take people's guns and supports more background checks. he is helping perhaps him in terms of getting his base committed to him while we see these republican establishment leaders come out in support of hillary clinton. i think he's trying to show them that he will continue to be who he said he was when he
9:34 am
announced. >> i'm going to just give an actual quote that hillary clinton gave to chris wallace. are you trying to take away? he said i'm not looking to repeal the second amendment. i'm not looking to take people's guns away. like every one of our other constitutional rights like first amendment rights they are open and subject to reasonable regulations. nobody wants a felony in prison waving a semiautomatic. even most protected rights can be subject to restrictions. i have to leave it there. will you both come back? you are simply delightful. thank you, both. coming up next, we'll take you down to baltimore where the police department has been busted in a very scathing 126-page justice department report. some officers engaged in such egregious behavior it got them fired but why all of the microphones and what is the big message? wait. we're back in a moment.
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and still haveealthy, gum disease. use gum® brand for healthy gums. soft-picks®. proxabrush® cleaners. flossers and dental floss. gum® brand. >> a scathing report released from the baltimore police department. a justice department investigation look at the policing methods for more than a year after the death of freddie gray back in 2015. that was at the baltimore mayor's request. now the results and they are not pretty. as we heard from the deputy assistant attorney general at a news conference just a short time ago. >> we conclude that there is reasonable cause to believe that bpd engages in a pattern or practice of conduct that violates the constitution and
9:40 am
federal anti-discrimination rule. they engage in a pattern or practice of making unconstitutional stops, searches and arrests. using excessive force and retaliating against people engaging in constitutionally protected expression. >> jean casarez is standing by live. she was covering this news conference. she's in baltimore. jean, when i listened to the deputy assistant attorney general, the things she was saying were really strong and yet that sound bite that we just played for the audience didn't even get into details, the actual nitty-gritty and things they found and things they saw. what were they? >> reporter: they didn't get into the nitty-gritty in this press conference. let me give you things that really stood out. first of all, in baltimore when police officers are trained, it says in the report that they are trained using law that is invalid, wrong or
9:41 am
unconstitutional. they talk about in the report strip searches of the people of baltimore that have been done on public streets. they talk about sexual assault examinations that may have been compromised by not developing a preliminary investigation, not collecting the evidence and not assessing the evidence and also extreme force. now, i want you to listen to something that the police commissioner, kevin davis, said in his press conference just minutes ago. >> we know that our citizens are outraged at some of the details included in this report. and they should be. citizens can't be expected to respect an agency if the trust of that agency is breached. there are several instances in this report in which that fragile trust has been breached and some of the more egregious acts described in the report, action has been taken and those police officers have been removed and no longer work for
9:42 am
the baltimore police department. >> reporter: there are specific examples in this report. we want to show you one of them. "during a ride along with justice department officials, a baltimore police department sergeant instructed a patrol officer to stop a group of young african-american males on a street corner, question them and order them to disperse. when the patrol officer protested saying that he had no valid reason to stop the group, the sergeant replied, then make something up." there are so many facts and figures in this report. i want to show you one here of more than 300,000 recorded pedestrian stops from 2010 to 2015. ten times or more, 410 people were stopped and 95% of them were african-american and one african-american male stopped more than 30 times in the last four years was never cited, was
9:43 am
never even arrested and why did this happen? here's another quote from the report. driven by systemic deficiencies in policies, training, supervision and accountability structures that failed to equip officers with the tools they need to police effectively and within the bounds. on a positive note, they say that they have to and will restore the trust. that is the route here and it will be done by a court order between the department of justice and the city of baltimore police department where they will be required to retrain and restructure and supervise and keep data records for years to come. they will be monitored. slowly by surely they say this can turn around. >> a lot of work ahead of them. jean casarez, thank you. she's read through all of those reports. it's exhaustive. pages very numerous with details numerous. if there's anybody that knows what it's like to be under that kind of investigation from the u.s. justice department, it's my
9:44 am
next guest. the brand new chief of police in ferguson, missouri. sworn in in may. thank you for being with me today. it was march 2015 that the doj came down with its scathing assessment of your department before you, of course, were the chief. i would like for you to just walk me through what you now know from experience that the baltimore police department is about to go through. >> i think one of the things that the city of ferguson learned was to work with the department of justice because every now and then in policing there is a new sea change with regard to how you move forward so ferguson has moved with great haste to reinstitute its reforms and change some of the ordinances that were in question and to difficulteversify the po
9:45 am
department. >> is there someone from doj looking over your shoulder saying not like that, like this. how is it work as it's implemented all of the changes they recommended? >> unlike many police departments, the city of ferguson entered into a consent decree with the department of justice rather than it being fully forced down down our throats. there was talk back and forth with regard to them forcing us into it but we agreed to a lot of the changes. because of that it's more of a collaborative relationship. we just hired a monitor to come in and help us move forward with the process. we're also restructuring the department so that we can work to put those reforms into place. >> so chief moss, one of the questions i had as i was watching the mayor blake, this is baltimore. i remember watching news
9:46 am
conference about ferguson. 21 police departments are under investigation by the department of justice. i wonder about all of the other departments out there? it can't just be these few. these are ones that are pinpointed and looked at. what about the rest of the country and just the idea of how we police now in the 21st century and how we may change. do you see these cases as being a cautionary tale for other departments who maybe aren't under the microscope right now? >> i think other departments would be wise to look at some of the things that come up in these reports. i mean, because when you look at the problems in one police department, you can actually adjust some of the things that you do in your police department. there are 18,000 police departments in the united states and so you can't tell me that only 20 or 21 are having a problem. i think it's wise to read these consent decrees and justice department reports and to actually make changes so that you are in compliance. what we want to do is make it
9:47 am
better for people. >> 18,000. and just quickly, i want to ask you if you can update me as to an incident last night. yesterday was the second anniversary of the death of michael brown. there were people out peacefully protesting. someone was hit by a car and shots were fired at the car. can you update me as to what happened as we look at some of the video that was recorded last night? >> basically we had a young man that decided to step into the street moments after he had been warned by police before we went to another location and he was standing in the street. a woman was driving to work. she saw the crowd standing along the side of the street, but she didn't see him. she hit him. she tried to stop but several people fired shots at her car. actually striking the car and not harming her until she moved
9:48 am
to a safer location where she called the police. he was taken to the hospital by some friends of his who picked him up on the scene. >> i'm glad that there wasn't anyone seriously injured at this point and my thoughts go out to you as you get past that anniversary. chief moss, great to have you. thank you so much. i hope you'll come back. >> thank you very much. up next, a tragedy that has shaken a community and a police department to its core. a 73-year-old woman volunteering to help the police in a practice drill shot and killed accidentally by an officer who somehow had a live round of ammunition in the gun. how did this happen? ♪ ♪
9:49 am
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it was supposed to be a fake police situation. a drill. you hear about it all the time. something ultimately ended up turning into a very real life tragedy in florida. a 73-year-old woman is dead today after she was accidentally shot and killed during a police academy training exercise.
9:53 am
a display exercise. she was participating in an active shooter scenario when an officer mistakenly shot her with a live round of ammunition. all of this happening in front of more than 30 other civilian participants. cnn's victor blackwell is covering the story. he joins you live with an update. there's only one question. it's the simplest. how did this happen? >> no one at this point knows how it happened. this is being called a tragic accident. i've learned in the last 30 seconds that the chief of the punta gorda police department tom lewis will update reporters in about an hour and of course the first question is how did a live round get involved with this scenario. typically we're told by the police department that blank guns are used for this citizen police academy. that's what mary knowlton, the 73-year-old woman, was participating in last night when she was shot. this is an opportunity for local people, about 35 of them last
9:54 am
night, to tour the police station, to see the equipment they use and to participate in this scenario. a shoot or don't shoot scenario. we're told that there are three participants. this was the first of the night. two volunteers and one punta gorda police officer. in this role play, naree knowlton was playing the role of a police officer. they use blanks for this but in this case there was one live round fired. overnight the police chief said knowlton was shot just once. a fatal shot. she was pronounced dead at a local hospital. here's what else the chief had to say. >> our entire police department and all of our city leaders are absolutely devastated for everyone involved in this unimaginable event. i am asking that if you pray, you pray for mary's husband and family and for all of the officers and witnesses that were involved in this incident. every one involved is in a state
9:55 am
of overwhelming shock and grief. >> the florida department of law enforcement is now investigating this death. we know the officer involved has not yet been identified but is on administrative leave. there is one discrepancy here. we know that, of course, there was this single live round that was used. but a local news photographer who was covering this police academy, citizens police academy, said the officer fired several times in the direction of mary knowlton. the question is were the other shots blanks or were they also live rounds that simply missed? hopefully the chief will be able to clear that up. >> it's just unfathomable. i cannot imagine what ms. knowlton's family is going through. let us know when you get an update. appreciate it. coming up next, quite a bit of reaction to donald trump's second amendment comment from an american hero whose wife was badly wounded by a deranged
9:56 am
gunman. you'll hear from astronaut mark kelly, husband of gabby giffords. the two put out a strong statement about what mr. trump said. they want an apology. that's next.
9:57 am
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hello. i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. in washington. 1:00 a.m. thursday in manila. philippines, wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. up first, donald trump right now at the center of yet another political firestorm blasting suggestions he tried to incite violence against hillary clinton and clinton herself now facing new questions in the never ending e-mail saga. this time the clinton foundation sunday the microscope. on the campaign trail, both candidates are targeting key battleground states today. clinton is in io


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