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tv   Wolf  CNN  August 10, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hello. i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. in washington. 1:00 a.m. thursday in manila. philippines, wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. up first, donald trump right now at the center of yet another political firestorm blasting suggestions he tried to incite violence against hillary clinton and clinton herself now facing new questions in the never ending e-mail saga. this time the clinton foundation sunday the microscope. on the campaign trail, both candidates are targeting key battleground states today. clinton is in iowa.
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trump campaign in florida and virginia and mike pence in ohio. clinton's touring of a company in des moines set to happen this hour and the following hour trump gives a speech in virginia. so what exactly did donald trump say to set off this latest uproar and what did he mean? listen to the comment he made at a rally in wilmington, north carolina, that started all of this. >> hillary wants to abolish essentially abolish the second amendment. by the way, if she gets to pick -- if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is. i don't know. i'll tell you what, that will be a horrible day if hillary gets to put her judges -- >> a lot of people interpreted
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that remark as a threat against hillary clinton but in a fox interview trump agreed with sean hannity's interpretation that the remark referred to political action. >> nobody in that room thought anything other than what you just said. this is a political movement. this is a strong, powerful movement, the second amendment. hillary wants to take your guns away and leave you unprotected in your home. there can be no other interpretation. even reporters told me. give me a break. >> let's bring in gloria borger. will this affect trump supporters the uproar that's developed? >> probably not. the problem for trump politically is he has to get more than trump supporters that he currently has in order to win the presidency. he needs independent voters. many of whom are making up their minds right now. there's a bloomberg poll out today which shows that he's gone down seven points with
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independents. "the new york times" poll shows he's down 13 points with republican, college educated white women. these are republican women that mitt romney did so well with and overall, he's down 23 points with women. these are people he needs to kind of persuade into the yes column and saying things like this, whether it's a joke or not a joke, if you take his interpretation or you don't, doesn't give people the confidence that he will choose his words wisely if he's the commander in chief and that question is very big out there if you look at the polling. >> he's asking voters to give him the benefit of the doubt. >> he is. the problem is, sure, they might give him the benefit of the doubt if this were six months ago. the problem is we've seen the movie before, wolf. he comes out and he says something that starts a category 5 hurricane, right? then the campaign and the candidate walk it back. there's a shovel brigade that
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goes on and then some republicans as we've been seeing and independents say i can't take it anymore. i'm not going to support donald trump. his supporters remain where they are. but again, it goes to this temperament question. six out ten voters believe he does not have the temperament to be president. this does not help him persuade any of those voters at all and it's a gift to hillary clinton who as you know and you'll talk about it later in the show has her own problems percolating on her e-mails and the trust issue. >> we'll get to that soon as well. when he says that hillary clinton would effectively end the second amendment to the constitution, changing the constitution is not an easy procedure. >> she can't do that. as you know, it takes super majorities of the congress and super majority of the state to approve any changes to the constitution whatsoever. what he means, i believe, is that if there's an assault weapons ban, for example, she
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would open the door toward some kind of major gun control, which by the way she wants. can she repeal single handedly the second amendment of the constitution? absolutely not. it's a lot of work. again, super majorities of both houses of congress and super majority of state legislature. it's a long process that doesn't happen automatically. >> glory, thanks. don't go too far away. more to discuss. i'm joined by a gun owner, second amendment supporter for whom the issue of gun violence is deeply personal. mark kelly is a former navy combat pilot and nasa astronaut and husband of former u.s. congresswoman gabby giffords almost killed by a deranged killer five years ago. i know you founded gun violence prevention group called americans for responsible solutions. let's talk about trump's latest words.
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usually he's often said stuff that's unusual blowing up political boundaries if you will, but you believe this is different this time. tell us why. >> well, i mean, it's very incendiary comment that could promote unstable individuals to take action. you know, i don't expect that he wants hillary clinton or a justice to be shot but using this language could prompt the wrong person with a serious problem with their state of mind to doing something horrific. the assassination of an elected leader or a judge, we've seen this in our history and it's not too difficult to push somebody over the edge. >> your organization issued a statement along those lines saying responsible stable individuals won't take trump's rhetoric to its literal end but his words may provide inspiration or permission for
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those bent on bloodshed. in this particular case, do you give donald trump the benefit of the doubt that he really wasn't suggesting that violence be used against hillary clinton? >> he's running for president of the united states. i mean, think ahead if donald trump was elected to be president and said these kind of comments week after week. it's not only folks having to decide if they're going to vote for him. we had adversaries and allies out there, other nations that will have to try to figure out what he meant. if he meant that this was a political movement, he should have been using the words poll or going to the polls or vote. not say something that would prompt an unstable person to pick up a gun and shoot somebody. >> i know that you and your wife, gabby giffords, both strong supporters of hillary clinton right now. do you worry that republicans who support gun rights might be
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swayed by trump's arguments here about her possible supreme court nominees who could change the law, if you will. not necessarily change the second amendment to the constitution but go forward with more gun control initiatives? >> i don't think from these comments certainly. these comments most people would find are very objectionable. hillary clinton says she supports a second amendment. gabby and i support the second amendment. we're gun owners. she talks about strengthening our gun laws to keep guns out of the hands of unstable people, felons, domestic abusers, terrorists. it doesn't even seem that mr. trump understands that it's not even in the president's constitutional powers to change an amendment to our constitution. that is with congress. you know, i mean, this is just one thing after the next that makes it very clear that if we
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want to elect a president that is serious about protecting communities and families from gun violence and will stand up to the gun lobby, when it's very clear that that person is hillary clinton. >> mark kelly, thanks very much for joining us. >> you're welcome. amidst this, hillary clinton is put on the defensive today as newly released e-mails from her time as secretary of state are raising new questions over possible ties between the state department and the clinton foundation. these never before seen e-mails were released by judicial watch, a conservative watchdog group. 296 pages in you a including dozens that judicial watch claims were never turned over by clinton to the state department for an investigation. our senior investigative correspondent drew griffin has been poring through these e-mails. drew, what the evidence here that there could be possible influence, if you will, by the clinton foundation over the state department? >> the new batch of e-mails
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being released shows what we have seen over and over again and it's intermingling of interests and donations and favors being done between hillary clinton's state department, the clinton foundation and the donors who apparently have easy access to both when they need help. these are e-mails from 2009. one involved the guy in the baseball cap. he's a nigerian lebanese billionaire. he and his brother, brother on the other side of this picture, are deeply involved in a clinton global initiative real estate project in nigeria for which bill clinton took part in opening ceremonies. gilbert is also listed as giving between $1 million and $5 million to the clinton foundation. enter this newly released e-mail chain. the e-mail is from the guy running the clinton foundation at the time and now runs another clinton connecting firm. he's telling two of hillary clinton's closest aides at the state department that they need to put clinton donor gilbert
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chagoury in touch with the substance person in lebanon and that he's a key guy and that they call ambassador to lebanon so they can connect with each other. other e-mails show cozy relationships between morgan stanley executives and hillary clinton. morgan stanley a big donor to both hillary clinton's campaigns and the clinton foundation. there's requests for favors, finding people jobs, intermingling of e-mails between state, clinton foundation and others and the overall effect as one congressional investigator told us, wolf, it's really hard to tell where any lines are drawn between the clinton state department, the foundation and later even this consulting company. clinton campaign tried to explain e-mails like this in the past saying there's no direct evidence any favors were done but to many watchdog groups, that's not a good enough answer. >> government employees have rules that apply.
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they're supposed to avoid actual conflicts of interest, but they're also supposed to avoid appearances of conflicts of interest. here you have some companies and some lobbying shops close to the clinton administration and at that point hillary clinton was working in the state department. so you do wonder if there was some kind of impartiality or treatment given to these parties that didn't go to everyone and that's not how our government is supposed to work. >> blurred lines that these e-mails show. a lot of smoke. no real fire and the clinton campaign trying to sluff it off as being just that. wolf? >> some of hillary clinton supporters are saying that these e-mails, these nearly 300 pages of e-mails were from clinton foundation individuals and hillary clinton aides at the state department, but she herself was not in these e-mail chains. she wasn't cc'd or actually
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sending or receiving these specific e-mails, is that right? >> that is what they are saying and trying to draw a very strict line between hillary clinton herself and what we know to be her two closest aides. a lot of republicans who have been investigating this in congress are not buying those excuses. >> all right, drew. thank you very much. drew griffin reporting for us. we'll continue to follow both of these developments involving the hillary clinton campaign as well as the donald trump campaign. let's take a quick break. much more right after this. ♪ mapping the oceans. where we explore. protecting biodiversity. everywhere we work. defeating malaria. improving energy efficiency. developing more clean burning natural gas. my job? my job at exxonmobil? turning algae into biofuels. reducing energy poverty in the developing world. making cars go further with less. fueling the global economy. and you thought we just made the gas. ♪
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that can camp out in between our teeth, if we'll let it. use gum® brand. soft-picks®. proxabrush® cleaners. flossers and dental floss. gum® brand. donald trump is dealing with fallout over what many perceive as a threat of violence against hillary clinton. as we know, trump has a history of making inflammatory remarks. >> you can see there was blood coming out of her eyes. blood coming out of her wherever. now the poor guy. you ought to see this guy. i don't know what i said. i don't remember. where i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay. russia, if you're listening, i
10:18 am
hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. if you look at his wife, she was standing there. had nothing to say. maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. you tell me. plenty of people have written that. don't worry about that baby. i love babies. i hear that baby crying. actually, i was only kidding. you can get the baby out of here. that's all right. don't worry. >> let's bring back our chief political analyst gloria borger and senior political report eee nia-malika henderson and every time there's a new controversy people say this time trump crossed the line but he still keeps on going and going and going. >> it's like the world record in the olympics. the line keeps moving. this is a different context though. we went through this as i was saying before. we've seen the movie.
10:19 am
we went through this pretty much during the primaries quite often. it doesn't affect trump supporters. his supporters are solid. the difference that we're seeing now is the people who are saying i've had enough are people who were thinking about trump. and that's his problem. it's those independent voters who were thinking about trump. it's republican women who were thinking about trump and it's some republicans, republican men, who were thinking about trump. it's the national security letter. the thing keeps piling on. i think at some point he has to get above his threshold and attract a wider base to start winning in those battleground states and those polls are looking dicey in some of those states for him. >> if he's going to win those battleground states, he needs to not only maintain that solid republican conservative base, he's got to bring in undecided voters, independents and maybe some democrats. >> he does. i was at a focus group last night of walmart moms from ohio
10:20 am
and arizona. they have significant problems with donald trump even the ones inclined to support him. the republican women that glory was talking about. they talk about his lack of a filter and that his mouth gets him in trouble. they say he just says whatever comes to his mind. this is a problem. we can see already in these polls in pennsylvania, in florida, in ohio, these are states he's going to need to win. he can't just rely on these southern states that he's obviously going to win. red states. he's going to need to expand. this was supposed to be the week where he reset. we had the economic speech on monday and again he's step on his own message. >> how much of a problem does hillary clinton and her campaign have as a result of these latest e-mails that have just surfaced? you heard drew griffin's report. >> this is just a continuation of a naked narrative about hillary clinton and her state department tenure and also her campaign. it's secretive. they are hiding something. when these things come to light that there may have been quid
10:21 am
pro quo, no proof of that yet but it's shady. that hurts her because of the honest and trustworthy numbers. she's getting an edge of donald trump and it's sort of like two steps forward, one step back as these things keep rolling out. you have to really question why they didn't put it out last year instead of this constant drip that we have three months before election day. >> these aren't just aides to hillary clinton and bill clinton. these are closest aides. >> closest aides and they are acting on their behalf. she may not have known about these e-mails. she wasn't on these e-mails but they were acting on her behalf and on behalf of the clinton foundation. 60% of voters don't trust her. the good thing for hillary clinton is that 59% don't trust donald trump either. it's kind of a wash right now. it does play into her narrative
10:22 am
and donald trump has been handed a couple of gifts, right? the e-mail is a political gift to him. the fact that the father of the orlando shooter showed up at a hillary clinton rally is a gift to donald trump, which he did not talk about. so the question is now whether as a presidential candidate and his campaign can get him back on track to kind of start taking advantage of these two things that have been just set on his doorstep. >> he's tried to talk about this before. he called the state department hillary's private hedge fund and he's been insinuating that there's some kind of corrupt relationship between the clinton foundation on the state department but can he keep hammering that home and get the entire republican party on the same message about these e-mails? >> he has a couple rallies coming up today. i suspect we'll hear a lot more of hillary clinton's e-mail problems and the father of the killer from orlando. i suspect he's going to be talking about that considerably
10:23 am
later today. >> i think you're right. again, can he stay on task. does he feel slighted by these second amendment reaction to his comments yesterday? that's always been his problem. he keeps on going back to these old fights and addressing them ad nauseam and then because of that he sort of lets hillary clinton go. we've seen this a couple different times with him. he says something else and there's another firestorm. whether he can keep on message and stay on task of targeting hillary clinton is still an open question. >> stick around. we have more coming up. also coming up, hillary clinton calls out congress for leaving washington instead of handling the zika virus issues here in the united states. the governor of florida rick scott standing by to join us live. we'll talk about that and a whole lot more. we'll be right back. you do all this research on a perfect car,
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donald trump travels to florida tonight with 29 electoral votes, it's the biggest prize of the battleground states. with the latest quinnipiac poll showing hillary clinton and donald trump neck and neck in florida. it will be a tough fight for both candidates. trump may have one advantage. he has the endorsement, strong endorsement of florida governor rick scott. governor scott is also chairman of the pro-trump superpac rebuilding america now. the group recently released this
10:29 am
attack ad against hillary clinton. >> we came out of the white house not only debt broke but in debt. >> it didn't last long. a foundation was created and money started to roll. speeches, connection, and donations. >> governor scott is joining us live from tallahassee. thank you so much for joining us. >> hi, wolf. tell your mom we're keeping her safe in florida. >> i'll tell her. let's talk about the latest uproar involving donald trump's claims that it was simply not advocating violence against hillary clinton with those so-called second amendment comments but did he cross a line? was he sloppy in the way he spoke? >> every candidate is different. he clarified what he was saying. every candidate is different. i tell people this race ultimately is about jobs. this is about a business person that created private sector jobs and career politician who never created job growth in her life. that's why we have
10:30 am
rebuilding america now and it shows these e-mails, this is just clintons, doesn't pass the smell test. they walked out of office broke. started the foundation. now they're worth over $100 million. >> do you want him to issue another statement to go out there and say maybe i misspoke. maybe i thought i was joking. i really wasn't. to clean up this controversy because you have seen the very, very angry reaction including from a lot of the independent undecided voters in your key battleground state of florida. >> you know, when i talked to anybody that's going to run for office, i said you need to be clear about what you're running on. i was clear in my race. i told everybody we were going to run on jobs. we added over 1 million jobs. every candidate has to do that. every candidate is different. but, wolf, we all know if you look at all of the polls, the election is going to be about jobs. donald knows how to create jobs. she's a career politician never
10:31 am
creating a private sector job in her life. >> she's going to visit your state. she was in your state yesterday. trump will be there tonight. this new quinnipiac poll shows it's a dead heat. 45% to her 46%. she's slightly within the margin of error. a tie right now. the problem he has and you know florida well, he's not doing well with hispanic voters. he's not doing well with african-american voters and with young people and with women. how does he change all that if he's going to carry your state? >> you know, wolf, i do what i did in 2010. i would talk to as many voters as i can and talk about how he's going to create jobs. he put out his economic plan this week. he's doing something similar to what we did in florida. we cut taxes 55 times. we said we want businesses to keep their money so they can hire more employees and do more research and do more marketing to get more jobs. that's what he's going to talk about that every second. an election is going to be who is going to help my family get
10:32 am
back to work? i grew up in public housing. i know the importance of a job. donald is going to talk about why his plan will get this country back to work. i need a partner in washington that will make it easier to add more than jobs that we've added. i need a real partner. >> you said that the zika virus now is a national issue and not an issue just in florida. you say florida is the tip of the spear. about 21 people in your state with locally transmitted zika. you need resources, but the republican leadership in the house and senate are standing in the way from your perspective. what do you say to republican friends in the congress who are refusing to provide the funds you say you need? >> we have less than one square mile from downtown miami, only spot we think there's local transmission. congress and the president have to start figuring out how to work together. i work with my legislature. president and congress have to work together. congress should come back from recess right now and get a bill
10:33 am
passed so we can have a partner. this is a national/international issue. it's not going to just impact florida. it will impact our nation. >> you think mitch mcconnell and paul ryan, republican leaders in senate and house are threatening the people of florida right now by their refusal to come back into session and deal with the zika virus funding? >> i say the whole federal government has failed us. i put up state money. i allocated $26.2 million. feds are not doing their part. we asked for additional resources from cdc but the federal government needs to get to work. congress needs to come back from research. president and congress have to work together to be a partner in this. we've been able to control other issues in our state. we need the federal partner in this issue. >> hillary clinton wants congress to reconvene but it's your republican friends who are refusing to do so. you're upset with them i assume. >> i want congress to come back from recess now, pass a bill,
10:34 am
work with the president, get something done now. we've asked for additional zika protection kits from the cdc. we need a plan to deal with fema from the president. we need continued support from mosquito control and we need a vaccine and research and figure out how to make sure we don't see more cases like this. we're keeping our state safe. we have one square mile. less than one square mile and reduced that area but we're doing the testing. everything we can. >> a quick final question, governor. donald trump praised you. he said when it comes to zeika n florida, he said you seem to have it under control. have you spoken with him about it? does he have a good appreciation of what's going on right now? >> i have not talked to him about stoozika. we prepare. i started preparing for zika back in february. we're ahead of the game. the federal government is behind the game. whether it's a hurricane or tropical storm or flooding, this state gets prepared. that's what we do. >> rick scott is the governor of
10:35 am
florida, thanks very much, governor. >> see you, wolf. have a good day. still ahead, donald trump and hillary clinton each need a win in virginia to help them become president of the united states. we're taking a look at their ground game in that key battleground state and we'll also talk with a republican congressman from virginia who says he won't be voting for either of the two major candidates. (vo) stank face.
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call now! virginia is a key battleground state in this year's presidential election and could help decide the outcome of the race. once a reliable republican stronghold, the state went for barack obama in each of the last
10:40 am
two presidential elections. as cnn's athena jones show us, the push is as different as the candidates themselves. >> i'm reaching out to you on behalf of the trump campaign. >> reporter: the battle for virginia is being waged by volunteers like these. >> are you planning on supporting hillary this november? >> reporter: working to identify and recruit supporters to help turn out the vote in this swing state. >> thank you, northern virginia. >> reporter: with three months to go until election day, neither side is taking anything for granted. >> virginia is absolutely critical. the road to the white house runs through the commonwealth and we're committed to making that happen for our republican nominee. >> it's a very competitive state. we are going to do everything we can to win this one for clinton/kaine. >> reporter: the clinton team had staff here since april and has 28 field offices with more opening this month. much of their focus will be turning out voters in northern
10:41 am
virginia counties, close to d.c., an area with large college educated population that has grown more diverse in recent years. >> loudon county is a huge battleground. second only to fairfax and there's a lot of swing voters and people who can be persuaded. >> reporter: once republican, loudoun county voted twice for president obama in 2008. >> it's good to be back in virginia. >> reporter: and 2012. >> how's it going, leesburg? >> reporter: helping him stop a decade's long republican race statewide. >> we have to get everybody out. >> reporter: the real estate mogul has won over some loudoun county voters. >> he says things like it is. i feel more that you can trust him. more than hillary. >> it's mainly a never hillary vote. yes. i think she has way too much baggage to be president of the
10:42 am
united states. >> reporter: but clinton supporters here are just as committed. >> i think competency is important. and she clearly has a lot of experience and seems to know what she's doing. >> she's the best candidate for the job. i've been a supporter of hers for a long time and in this particular case i think that she is certainly the better choice. >> reporter: the clinton campaign hopes tapping former governor and current virginia senator tim kaine as her number two will help her in the state. the clinton campaign has spent $5 million on tv ads in virginia while the national rifle association has spent just over $260,000 on behalf of trump. the trump campaign hasn't spent any money on the airwaves but that doesn't mean republicans aren't fighting hard to win here. >> we're working right now with our volunteers to identify as many republicans as we can and then as we move forward in the
10:43 am
campaign, that will become persuasion, motivation to get out the vote. >> reporter: trump's campaign is leaning heavily on the republican national committee for its get out the vote efforts. the rnc has been on the ground here since the beginning of 2015. >> my name is jacob. i'm with the trump campaign. >> reporter: they have 40 paid staffers working with hundreds of volunteers to woo voters. and they're not conceding loudoun county where recent college graduate is hoping the debates will help him make up his mind. >> i'll be watching them to see how the candidates distinguish themselves from each other. >> our thanks to athena jones for that report. the trump campaign has seen a significant number of republicans jumping ship to support other candidates in this year's election campaign. joining us now from virginia beach is a congressman. thanks for joining us.
10:44 am
>> thank you, wolf. >> so you are not endorsing, not backing, voting for the republican nominee this time. you are a republican. you say trump would be catastrophic if he became president. who are you going to vote for? >> i'm going to be voting for governor gary johnson. i made this clear. i made my case to the second district of virginia prior to the virginia primary that the sum of all things that donald trump has said and done really is all of his adult life led me to the view that a trump presidency would really harm our nation. i'm not a representative prone to hyperbole. i don't throw things out in the extreme. in this matter looking at the sum of his actions, i could not support him, what he said about any number of things, for example, the deliberate targeting of not only a
10:45 am
terrorist but the terrorist family. i think the insult that he hurled at senator mccain was the first thing that got my attention that he really didn't understand our united states military. virginia's second congressional district has the highest concentration of men and women in uniform in the country. by the nature of our commands, we have a disproportionate loss. our gold star families are here. many of them. and he's just disconnected on so many levels and i believe he would be a danger to our country. >> you'll vote for gary johnson, the wi libertarian party. are you concerned that if others in virginia follow your lead that will effectively help hillary clinton backing someone who is a party that really doesn't have much of a chance of winning this overall contest? >> wolf, this may surprise you
10:46 am
here, but i'm ready to defend the proposition that governor johnson can win. here's why. >> he can win virginia or win the presidency? >> i mean that he can thread this needle and win the presidency. here's why. if we can get him up to about 15% in the polls, he'll participate in the presidential debate. no one saw trump winning the nomination. at least early on. and i believe these same type of unusual real anomalies and forces kbeforce s against our country are present now in the general election. the level of dissatisfaction with the two nominees is so wide and intense, wolf, i've never seen anything like this. a republican is voting against the democratic nominee but not really for the republican nominee and conversely, democrats are voting against the republican nominee and not for their nominee. i've had so many people, family,
10:47 am
friends, across the political continuum say what are we going to do this fall? i struggle with that too. i cannot vote for donald trump in good conscience and hillary clinton is equally as unacceptable to me. i give credit to a young intern coming home from an event. he said, sir, are you considered the libertarian ticket? i hadn't. i needed to do that. once i did, the more i learned about governor johnson and what he believes in and to your point, it's not going to take votes from simply the republican ticket, though it will, it will take votes from the democratic ticket. i think that there's a pent up demand that will surprise a lot of people on election day. >> let's see if they get to that 15% threshold and you are eligible to participate in the three presidential and one vice presidential debates. scott rigell, republican congressman from virginia, not
10:48 am
going to vote for the republican nominee. congressman, thanks very much. >> thank you, wolf. coming up, the department of justice here in washington blasting the baltimore police department in a scathing report revealing racial bias and behavior so egregious that several officers have been filed. we'll discuss with the naacp president cornwell william brooks. he's in baltimore. lots to assess when we come back. n't know where i'd be without it so when i heard about con-artists committing medicare fraud... it made me so mad i wanted to give them the old one-two one, never give your medicare number to get a free offer or gift two, always check your medicare statements for errors these crooks think we're clueless, they don't have a clue it's your medicare, protect it see more ways to fight fraud at
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scathing just released report from the department of justice here in washington has revealed rampant racism and discrimination throughout the city of baltimore police department. it found officers routinely making unconstitutional stops, searches and arrests, unnecessary use of excessive and sometimes deadly force. it also finds the police force disproportionately targets african-americans. let's talk about this and more. head cht nof the naacp, cornell brooks. what's your reaction?
10:53 am
>> this is a damning indictment of the baltimore police department. we have a city where approximately half of the population, 300,000 people have been stopped and frisked. 96% of the time without a citation or an arrest. the majority of whom are african-american on the basis of variety of reasons. this is a damning indictment of the baltimore police department specifically, and policing more broadly. that is to say, this policy of stopping and frisking, zero tolerance is contusionally unconscionable, morally unjustified and really a plague against the american citizenry. >> you think baltimore is unusual in this type of situation or you think similar situations are going on right now in other major cities around the united states? >> tragically, sadly, unfortunately, baltimore is not unusual. this policy of zero tolerance, stopping massive numbers of
10:54 am
american citizens in their communities, on their streets, on the basis of race and ethnicity is widespread. so where we have literally a generation that has been profiled, that has been criminalized, that has been demeaned. in other words, this policy of stop and frisk could be translated as detain, demean and dehumanize. this is the case in many american cities, and small towns. it is a policy that is not only unconscionable, it is ineffective. you cannot mount successful prosecutions. you cannot engage in policing without the trust and the engagement of the community. and so here we have a federal report that speaks very clearly in very specific terms about police officers not fulfilling their badges, not fulfilling their oaths, not honoring their badges by treating people with respect. when we have a police department where it has been found that crimes have not been investigated, and crimes such as, yes, using racial slurs, but
10:55 am
also sexual assault. this is a huge problem. and we wish we could say it's just baltimore. but those in the know, american citizens well understand, it is not just baltimore. it's american policing itself. >> is progress being made? because these problems, as you know, cornell, they've been around for a long time. >> progress is being made. the reality is there are cities around the country that have engaged in best practice policing, evidence-based policing, data-driven policing where they engage the community, they elicit the trust of the community and focus on deterring crime as opposed to racking up arrests at the expense of the civil rights and the humanity of citizens of this country. so, yes, there are cities that get it right. there are police departments that get it right. so we can be encouraged, we can be inspired by the best practices of police departments around the country. for example, we saw five police
10:56 am
officers -- >> unfortunately, cornell, we're out of time. but you and i are going to continue these conversations down the road. thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. >> cornell brooks, president and ceo of the naacp. that's it for me. thanks for watching. you both have a perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claims centers are available to assist you twenty-four seven. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™.
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hi there, i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn on this wednesday afternoon. we're going to talk politics in a second. but we have word now that the 73-year-old woman in florida was accidentally shot and killed by police. this was all during this live gun demonstration. apparently there was live ammo and she was killed. the police chief is speaking. let's listen. >> we have extended resources, including the presence of our department chaplains.