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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  August 10, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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hi there, i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn on this wednesday afternoon. we're going to talk politics in a second. but we have word now that the 73-year-old woman in florida was accidentally shot and killed by police. this was all during this live gun demonstration. apparently there was live ammo and she was killed. the police chief is speaking. let's listen. >> we have extended resources, including the presence of our department chaplains.
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recognizing that this incident also affected other participants in the program, as well as many others in our community, the city of punta gorda has been in contact with hospice who has arranged for grief counseling at no cost. they are requesting that anyone wishing to receive counseling attend a meeting on august 17th at 1:00 p.m. at the community room at lashly marina. to maintain well being of our first responders which includes officer, dispatchers an fire department personnel, critical incident stress management program has been activated to address their needs. the florida department of law enforcement is still in the process of conducting their independent investigation which was requested by me. this investigation began immediately following the incident and has continued throughout the night. our department is currently fulfilling all requests that we receive from their investigators. our department will continue to keep our community informed through news releases, the media
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and our facebook page. i will take questions. >> chief, understanding and appreciating that this has been a very popular -- ] inaudible ] we have to ask, why was your officer using a real weapon in a role play scenario? >> there are certain details that i can't release. what i can tell you is that we were unaware that any live ammunition for this particular weapon existed. we believe that the particular caliber of the weapon used, that there were only blank rounds available to the officer. >> chief, can you talk to us a little bit about the officer himself, his reaction afterwards? has he had any prior investigations here at the department? >> what i can tell you, like any other human being, when they have an accident like this, he's very grief stricken. we have officers that are assigned to him to make sure
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that he's psychologically stable. but at this point i think he, like the rest of us, are trying to get through this grieving process and just try to support the community. >> have you used a real weapon in past scenarios for shoot/don't shoot? >> yes, sir. this one particular weapon i believe was used -- >> this was the protocol to check the chamber to see if there was a round in there? >> there are protocols that are in place. again, certain details because the florida department of law enforcement is conducting an investigation into certain things as far as what took place and what didn't take place, i don't want to really comment on specific details. >> i wonder if going forward, chief, set being aside the investigation, knowing what you know now, as the chief of police, will you allow a real weapon to be used again in a scenario at an academy like this? >> the answer is absolutely not. >> this absolutely tragic event there in florida. 73-year-old woman, this
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librarian, she was a citizen police academy student there at punta gorda and she was accidentally hit during the shoot/don't shoot gun demonstration with clearly a live round. she was a librarian, described as a saint. we know the officer involved was placed on administrative leave. but just tragedy there in florida. on to the race to the white house now. we are waiting for both hillary clinton and donald trump to take to the stage within the hour for separate rallies. both candidates facing crowds as they both do some damage control from their own firestorms of controversy. hillary clinton embroiled in yet another round of her private server e-mail woes. this go-round, a new batch is raising questions about an alleged cozy relationship between the state department when she was at the helm and the clinton foundation. meantime, donald trump has made an off-the-cuff comment that his critics say is a veiled incitement of violence against
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hillary clinton. here he was. >> hillary wants to abolish essentially abolish the second amendment. by the way, and if she gets to pick -- if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is. i don't know. >> for the record, hillary clinton made a similar gaffe. this was back in 2008 when talking about her then-rival, then senator barack obama. >> my husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the california primary somewhere in the middle of june. right? we all remember bobby kennedy was assassinated in june in california. you know, i just -- i don't understand it. >> make no mistake, after she said that, there was a total firestorm over her comments.
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not at all too dissimilar from what's swirling around mr. trump today. but hours after hillary clinton's 2008 gaffe she came out and aapologized. fast forward to 2016, trump's reaction to his words is a little bit different. jay concason carroll at this tr rally. in the wake of these comments at that rally, how has trump explained himself? how has this played out? >> reporter: first, let me just say something. when it comes to an apology or even walking back on his comments, i'm just not sure -- i think a lot of people would argue that -- that's not something that's really in donald trump's dna. i would not expect an apology when he takes the stage here later today or even for him to walk back his comments. he's made so many controversial comments over the course of his campaign. he seems like every time he makes one, then you have these folks trying to explain or defend whatever it is he had to
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say. the clinton campaign quick to jump on these most recent comments. clinton's manager saying, campaign manager, saying, "this is simple. what trump is saying is dangerous. a person seeking to be president of the united states should not suggest violence in any way." trump, for his part, speaking out about this last night, explaining a little bit more in terms of what he had to say and how he says it was perceived. >> nobody in that room thought anything other than what you just said. this is a political movement. there's a tremendous power behind the second amendment. it's a political power. and there are few things so powerful. i have to say in terms of politics, there is few things. and i happen to think that if they actually did even bring this up, i think it is a good thing for me because it is going to tell people more about me with respect to the second amendment. because hillary clinton wants to essentially abolish the second amendment. >> brooke, i want to try to put
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this a little bit more in perspective. just before doing this live report i spoke to a woman by the name of leah bailey. she is a long-time trump supporter, taking her seat out here in the audience. she's from buchanan county where we are, close to it right now. it is coal country. her fathering and grandfather was a coal miner. clinton is not very popular in these parts anyway. remember she said at a cnn town hall i believe in march that she was going to put the coal industry out of business. she later backtracked, apologized for that, said it was a misstatement. but. person, bailey, tells me that's very typical of clinton. she says that she makes these statements, then calls it a misstatement. reason why she likes donald trump is because she says he's plain spoken. you may not like what he has to say but he's unorthodox. she still very much supports him. brooke? >> all right, jason, thank you in virginia. we'll be looking for donald trump. meantime, the shock waves from trump's second amendment
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comments traveling far beyond the campaign trail. the daughter of the sandy hook principal tweeted a picture of her mother saying this, "donald trump. you think gun violence is a joke? would love to tell you about mom's life and gruesome murder." erica also talked about her mom during a powerful appearance at the democratic national convention in philadelphia just a couple weeks ago. >> i should not be here tonight. i don't want to be here tonight. i should be home, like so many americans, watching on tv with my mother, as we nominate the first woman to be president of the united states. but, my mom was murdered. so i'm here. >> and here she is, erica smegielski. a hillary clinton supporter.
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welcome back. >> thanks, brooke. thanks for having me back. >> tell me about that tweet. what brought you to say that? >> for someone to be able to make a joke about gun violence in the world that we live in, in the country that we live in, where 30,000-plus americans are murdered or killed with a gun every single year and countless others are injured, it's distasteful, it's disgusting and it is -- i know he likes this word -- not presidential of him. >> not presidential of him. we played the clip from him on fox where he says, he was trying to just get rally voters out to the polls. he said there can be no other interpretation. i mean give me a break. do you, erica, can you give donald trump any benefit of the doubt? >> no. he ended that statement with, "i don't know, folks.
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i don't know." if he was talking about voters as a presidential nominee, you should know about voters and know how to talk to people to get a voter turnout. that's absolutely not what he did. it was alluding to a threat of violence. that's not the first time he done that. i'm sure it will not be the last. to back that up, the nra tweets out in are spo of him just hours later. then this morning puts $3 million behind an ad in support of him going against hillary with their continued lies that she wants to abolish the second amendment. >> we played the sound a second ago from hillary clinton when she wanted to -- was running against then senator barack obama. she was conceding -- just before she conceded defeat in june. and she defended her perseverance in a way that the critics then said she alluded to the possibility that senator obama could be shot. again, hours later the difference. thus far, she apologized.
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why has what trump's done in your mind so much more egregious? >> i think there are a couple of things here. donald trump has a history of alluding to violence. encouraging violence at his rallies. hillary clinton does not. what she said back in 2008 was specifically referencing a fact w which later she realized was in bad taste and apologized for that. there is not any type of apology we'll see from donald trump. it is not in his character. he's never done it before and i am not going to hold my breath to wait and see if he does it this time. >> we've talked a number of times, and also just listening to you on the stage of the dnc, i know, erica, you miss your moment each and every day. what do you think your mom would mike of this presidential election? on both sides. what would she make of the tone of it? >> she would be so proud of me for doing all that i'm doing for
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both the gun violence prevention movement, as well as for hillary clinton's campaign. she, like many other americans and other folks around the world, would be mortified that she actually have a republican nominee of someone of such bad taste and character like donald trump. she would be doing exactly what i'm doing. she would encourage people to get involved in the gun violence prevention movement. and she would be exactly where i am right now, brooke. >> erica, thank you, as always. again, all these years later, i am so sorry for the loss of your sweet mother. thank you so much for the time. i appreciate it. >> thanks, brooke. let me bring in my panel to discuss all of this here. carl higby is with us today, conservative pundit, donald trump supporter and former navy s.e.a.l. anna navarro, cnn political commentator. angela rye, cnn political commentator and former executive director of the congressional black caucus. so welcome to all of you.
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carl, just straight to you. we played clinton sound. we've played the trump sound. py know that hours after hillary clinton back in '08 hours after she said what she did, right, she apologized. but your candidate went on to fox, he tried to clarify, but still -- no mea culpa. >> let's be honest. clinton apologized to the kennedy family. she did not apologize to the american public. and also she -- when donald trump came out and said this, he said second amendment people. he did not say gun owners. he did not say firearm owners. he said second amendment people. those are people who support the second amendment. >> has trump apologized to the clinton example? >> he didn't mention anything about the clintons. he suggested people vote. the former secret service investigation said the perception is -- somebody may
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take that as a credible threat is not what donald trump said. it is in the perception ef that receives it. >> some of it though is so -- in hearing mr. trump, he goes on and a lot of the surrogates, too, they blame the media and liberal media for spinning it and misinterpreting his words. they would say the media would never do that to hillary clinton. for the record, we dug back to 2008 and liberal host keith olbermann, he took hillary clinton to task over that in '08. here he was then. >> the politics of this nation is steeped enough in blood, senator clinton. you cannot and must not invoke that imagery anywhere at any time. and to not appreciate immediately, to still not appreciate tonight just what you have done today is to reveal an incomprehension about the america you seek to lead. this, senator, is too much because a senator, a politician, a person who can let hang in mid-air the prospect that she might just be sticking around,
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in part, just in case the other guy gets shot, has no business being and no capacity to be the president of the united states. >> wow. that was powerful in 2008 there. anna navarro, what do you think of all of this? >> here we go again. listen, the problem that donald trump has is that he seems to do this over and over and over again. where we hear him say something, then instead of apologizing, instead of backtracking, instead of really clarifying, he tries to get cute, as do his surrogates. the bottom line is, all of us -- all of us on national tv, all of us on live tv, all of us who do this kind of stuff say stupid things at one point or another. now most normal human beings acknowledge it, apoll guidogize realize that what they have said may be interpreted in a wrong manner that is offensive, and they backtrack and ask for apologies.
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they show remorse. donald trump is not a normal human being. he is donald trump. he plays to a completely different tune. and that is why today, instead of talking about things like policy or focusing on some of the issues occurring in the hillary clinton campaign, which are also very -- >> which we will be doing in a minute, trust me. >> we are again, and again, and again distracted by these outrageous things that donald trump says. and for no other reason than he wants to beat hillary clinton. he should stop making these offensive, outrageous comments that can be open to interpretations that offend a large number of americans so that we can focus on the real issues at hand. >> angela? >> so, a couple ever things. one is, i reject the notion that so many reasonable minds throughout this country so substantially misunderstood donald trump's comments that we would think that it's not about a potential assassination.
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it's not about potentially taking out hillary clinton and/or her skrouupreme court jue nominees. this is about urging second amendment supporters to go vote. he clarified by saying he was talking about nra members. nra members generally are gun-toting folks regardless of where they stand on the political spectrum. so i reject that notion and i really take offense to being called stupid because that's basically being called by there trump supporter here. me and several other million americans who centinterpreted h statements the same way. i also want to harking back to what dan rather said. he said, by any objective analysis, this is a new low, and unprecedented in the history of american presidential politics." he talked about the hints of violence. we are reasonable people here. and so it's time for donald trump to realize he cannot weasel his way out of this one. >> carl, you just heard what
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angela said, right? so someone -- michael hayden, former cia director, he came on cnn and he said, when you are a candidate, you are not only responsible for what you say, but for what people hear. what people hear. >> yeah. look, the secret service is investigating that now. what people interpreted that as. they're not investigating donald trump but they're interpreting what they will interpret it as. >> but to have the secret service weigh in. that's the first time in this whole campaign that has happened. >> here's the difference between hillary clinton's comments and 2008. donald trump solicited no violence. he did not place a credible threat in u.s. section 18 which defines whether or not they should investigate or should go forward with charges says was there a credible and up-front threat made. no, there wasn't. it was simply saying a call to action by second amendment people. there was no threat. anybody who thinks that this was an actual threat i think is sadly mistaken and needs a reality threat. >> well, you're talking about millions of americans and two of
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them at least -- i'm not going to speak for brooke but i'm going to speak for anna in this moment, two of them are sitting right here. you need a reality check and you need a fact check. your candidate stays on the wrong side of the issues and on the wrong side of the truth. your candidate needs to own if this he ever wants to be commander in chief of the united states of america. >> anna, you get the last word here. >> i just really do feel, brooke, like i'm in "ground hog day." part of the problem donald trump has is we've seen this over and over again. >> but it doesn't seem to affect him! >> he says megyn kelly is bleeding from somewhere. then he tells us that's not what he said. he clearly mocks a disabled reporter on video, then tells us, that he was doing some sort of break dance? so we hear it over and over and over again from him. where he does something, he says something, and then he tries to pretend that what he said is not what he meant. we're a little smarter than that and it is getting a little old.
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>> thank you all so much. you mentioned the clinton e-mails. we're going there next. next, new questions about the clinton foundation's ties to hillary clinton's state department, including talk of favors, billionaire donors. how do we know this? e-mails. plus, just a week after the officer in the freddie gray death in baltimore were cleared, the justice department revealing a scathing report about the department and what they did there in maryland. and, trump and clinton speak live moments from now. will they address the controversy swirling around them on this wednesday. we'll listen and see. you're watching cnn, you'll brooke baldwin. wendy's only serves fresh beef from ranches close by. so we don't have to freeze it. add six strips of thick, applewood smoked bacon. and wendy's baconator isn't just different, it's deliciously different.
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that can camp out in between our teeth, if we'll let it. use gum® brand. soft-picks®. proxabrush® cleaners. flossers and dental floss. gum® brand. welcome back. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. in a matter minutes, hillary clinton is set to speak as she, too, like her republican rival, faces a new round of controversy today as far as hillary clinton is concerned, this is all over this newly released batch of e-mails when she was serving as secretary of state. the conservative group who obtained the e-mails say that they show a clinton foundation official putting pressure on
11:26 am
clinton state department staffers. here is just one exchange. this is redacted. starting from the bottom up, you see the representative from the clinton foundation says, important to take care of, this person, clinton's aide replies "we have all had him on our radar. personnel has been sending him options." this is just one of several conversations that this group, judicial watch, says show undue influence from clinton's foundation on to state department staffers. how is the clinton campaign responding to all of this today? let me first go to joe johns, there in des moines, ahead of this clinton campaign event. the clinton campaign is essentially saying this is being ado about nothing. correct? >> reporter: pretty much. look, there are two different, and i thing distinct, e-mail
11:27 am
issues here that have arisen, at least so far. there is the one you reference about the person who is apparently trying to get a job. then there is a second e-mail issue relating to a billionaire nigerian businessman apparently trying to get state department access. we're getting a little more detail from the campaign on background about the individual trying to get a job. we're told on background that individual actually had previously worked events for the clintons at some time, was not a clinton foundation employee and was not a donor to the foundation, for example. not so much more detail on the nigerian billionaire, but in general, we do have this statement that came out last night that says near of these e-mails involved the secretary or relate to the foundation's work. their communications between her aides and the president's personal aide and indeed the recommend wags as for one of the secretary's former staffers who was not employed by the
11:28 am
foundation. they are pushing back a little bit on this but as you know, this issue of e-mails and hillary clinton has dogged her throughout the primaries and continues to be a problem, brooke. >> joe johns, thank you, sir. we'll check back with you as hillary clinton speaks there in iowa. let's have a bigger conversation on this impact. to joe's point, she continues to be dogged by this e-mail controversy. with me now, cnn politics editor wanda summers. welcome. >> thanks for having me, brooke. >> just begin with some of these names. if you're not maybe within the beltway, you have no idea who cheryl mills who is no longer with her, or huma abedin are. tell me their role, their relationship with clinton. >> start out with cheryl mills. she was hillary clinton's chief of staff when she served as
11:29 am
secretary of state, someone who has long ties to the clinton network dating back to i believe she was a family lawyer even back in the 1990s. certainly very tightly woven within the clinton network. she's not involved with the campaign but still has close ties to hillary clinton and the family through the foundation where i believe she sits on the board. huma abdin was deputy chief of staff to hillary clinton when she served as secretary of state is still a member of the campaign. one of clinton's closest confidants. she now serves as vice chairman of hillary clinton's campaign. these are two women who have been under the microscope for these last 17 months as hillary clinton's campaign has been under scrutiny both for the e-mail issues we mentioned today as well as for her use of private e-mail server while serving as secretary of state. >> so with this latest nugget that's come out today from judicial watch, for those who are undecided, wanda, looking ahead to november and, as these issues continue to dog her, how concerning should this be for the clinton campaign? >> i think that there certainly
11:30 am
should be some concern. if you look at polling you see that roughly 60% of voters, if you look at all registered voters, say that hillary clinton is not someone they would describe as honest or trustworthy. whether or not there is anything improper in these e-mails that we are seeing out today -- which again are heavily redacted and we are still learning a lot about -- that has to be concerning if there continues to be this drip, drip, drip, maybe another release comes out. th i don't know how they are able to do that well if they continue to have this scrutiny coming from people saying what else don't we know. >> thank you. we'll stay on that. next we have to talk about what is happening in baltimore. the police department busted in a scathing 126-page justice department report. we'll take you live there next. we'll talk to a civil rights advocate who lives in the same neighborhood where freddie gray was arrested. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan.
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let's get to baltimore and this scathing report from the department of justice about the baltimore city police department. the result of this investigation requested by the city's mayor reveal officers routinely violated people's, particularly african-americans' civil rights. we're talk about practices of excessive force, questionable police stops, searches, and arrests. >> african-americans accounted for 95% of the 410 individuals the police department stopped at least ten times. indeed one african-american man was stopped 30 times in less than four years with none of the
11:36 am
stops resulting in a citation or a criminal charge. >> let's go first to jean casarez who's in baltimore there in front of city hall. we have the mayor, the police commissioner's response. they both said some reforms have already happened. some officers have been fired? >> reporter: that's right. six officers we heard were fired last year. as far as reforms, i think they've just begun by instituting body cameras on officers, cameras inside the police van. what they really wanted to emphasize at the press conference today was one of the roots of these unconstitutional behavior is because of the distrust of the people of baltimore. here's just an example. if an officer's in the community and they're pedestrians and one pedestrian flees from the police officer, unless there is an imminent threat to the police officer to pursue that person displays a distrust.
11:37 am
the police commissioner of baltimore spoke, kevin davis, some time ago. >> we know that our citizens are outraged at some of the details included in this report. and they should be. citizens can't be expected to respect an agency if the trust of that agency is breached. >> reporter: 163-page report cites so many blatant examples. here's one we want everybody to listen to. "during a ride-along with the justice department officials, a baltimore police department sergeant instructed a patrol officer to stop a group of young african-american males on a street corner, question them and order them to disperse. when the patrol officer protested that he had no valid reason to stop the group, the sergeant replied, "then make something up." brooke, that's only one example of really shocking things,
11:38 am
including strip searches in public and sexual assault investigations that possibly may not have even been investigated. but there is a responsibility, they say, the justice department says the baltimore police department, as per a court order, will be demanded to make these changes and it all begins with the training. >> jean casarez, thank you. we'll bring in another voice here in just a second. let me tell all of you, baltimore city state's attorney marilyn mose by is respoe by re confident the department of justice report will lead to more reforms. systemic police abuse is not new to many african-americans living in baltimore." joining me now, ray kelly, a civil rights advocate who lives in the city's neighborhood where freddie gray was arrested. ray, welcome. so nice to have you on. >> thanks for having me.
11:39 am
>> i know this is personal for you. i think we've even talked before. you're familiar with police. you're familiar with the distrust. you're familiar with being arrested in an unjustified way. what do you make of reaction to what's happening today, this report? >> so, of course, nothing in the report is actually surprising to the people that actually live in that community. but the report was actually validation of what we've been saying for years that no boundaries. people have been saying ten years before us, that this is actually a racist practice that the baltimore police have been engaged in. >> you know the numbers. i see no surprise on your face but for people watching at home, let me throw some numbers out there at them. pedestrian stops from january 2010-2015 showing
11:40 am
african-americans account for 84% of stops despite 63% city population a black population. officers made 520 stops for every 1,000 black residents in baltimore, but only 180 stops for every 1,000 white residents in baltimore. here's the question though. these are numbers, right? we're throwing a lot of numbers out there, and that's great that there is a report. but for you living there, feeling this, do you believe that actual change will come of this? >> so, i'm hopeful that change will come of it. even for me, the numbers definitely threw me aback. even if i was very aware of those type of situations, like you said. 80% of the traffic stops are black people which call into question what situation are the black people in to have that
11:41 am
high percentage of the calls. i mean we know that this has always been racist, and we hope that just the federal government actually saying that this is a racist and again people's civil rights, that that will influence immediate change. that's what we're pushing for, as well as community involvement and civilian oversight. my one problem with this whole press release was the public wasn't invited to it. it's like if you're starting this new process of public and community involvement, community wants to be there from the very beginning and we want to be there for every step of the process. >> i know you will be there. listen, it is a valid point but i know you will be there as a leader in the community. you're meeting with department of justice officials near city hall in just a couple of hours. let's stay in contact. i like hearing hope from you.
11:42 am
i appreciate it very much as we're going to be watching baltimore very closely in the wake of this report. ray kelly, thank you so much for your time. >> thanks a lot. let's pivot to this. breaking news here as we are waiting for donald trump to talk in virginia at a rally any moment now, some news involving his controversial remark about hillary clinton and the second amendment. before we get to the news, quick reminder of what exactly it was he said. >> hillary wants to abolish -- essentially abolish the second amendment. by the way, and if she gets to pick -- if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is. i don't know. >> let's go live to our chief national security correspondent jim sciutto. jim, what's the news? >> reporter: brooke, this just in. official with the u.s. secret service tells me that the secret service has spoken to the trump campaign regarding his second
11:43 am
amendment comments. in fact, i'm told there has been more than one conversation regarding those comments with the trump campaign. i'm told by the secret service that his response, the campaign's response, was that he did not intend to incite violence. but i'll tell you, brooke, i've been speaking to a number of former secret service agents as well. they have said that these comments are the kinds that are taken very seriously, and that if, for instance, a private citizen were to say them, that private citizen, you or me, would certainly be interviewed by the secret service. but with this added detail, that because donald trump has such a large following, that in fact the potential danger of comments like that could have greater impact because people listen to them. that could be a deranged person, perhaps, but that those comments have an effect. news here is that the u.s. secret service as a reflection of their concern about those comments has had multiple conversations can with the trump campaign since he made those comments yesterday on the second amendment.
11:44 am
>> so since the multiple conversations have been had -- we aren't just talking about any other citizen, we're talking about someone who wants to be president of the united states -- what now? what's protocol? >> reporter: well, again, speaking to former secret service agents, there's nothing illegal about what he said because donald trump did not threaten, for instance, the life of someone else. so this is not in the legal realm. you aren't talking about going down any path towards charges. it is purely in the abundance of caution realm. one former secret service agent describes it to me, secret service has a duty of care. part of their job in protecting principals is in, not only removing potential threats, but also preventing the pathway to threats. they'll often talk about it intent being one of those things, and the concern being that comments like this in addition to means and method could create an intent. so that's why they take this very seriously.
11:45 am
so on a legal path, i think you would presume, brooke, that this conversation, these conversations, is as far as it goes, assuming it ends there. >> okay. okay. jim sciutto, thank you. from breaking news there involving secret service and the trump campaign, now to isis. more breaking news. new developments in the war against isis. intelligence reports suggesting that reports of military progress coming from the u.s. central command were more optimistic than reality actually on the ground. to the pentagon we go for this, to barbara starr. more realistic than reality. what's actually does that mean? >> reporter: well, this has been a controversy brewing in the pentagon for some months now. we are talking about actually a particular time frame, mid 2014 to mid 2015. whistle blowers inside the u.s. central command had been complaining for several months that the intelligence reports they were working on were altered by senior commanders. so the progress against isis by the u.s. military would look
11:46 am
more optimistic than it really was. now, already there is a full-blown pentagon investigation. we haven't seen the results of that. but today we are getting a peek, if you will, into a congressional review in to all of this by republicans on capitol hill. what they have concluded is, yes, indeed some of the intelligence reports were altered, that senior commanders felt they had to rely more on what they were getting from the field, from the front lines in iraq and syria, than what they were getting from their own intelligence analysts. and from the field, it looked pretty optimistic. it sounds all very bureaucratic, i know. but underneath all of this, it is a fundamental question. was intelligence being altered? yes. why was it being altered? no clear answer on that yes. no answer on whether there was really any political motivation. or did senior leader just feel they wanted to present the most
11:47 am
optimistic picture they really could. the reality, the fight against isis is taking a long time, thousands of air strikes. they have been pushed out of some of there are territory in iraq and syria but i don't think anybody counts isis down and out. brooke? >> barbara, thank you. meantime, donald trump speak being momentarily in virginia. all of this, the back drop, the backlash growing against his comments involving the second amendment an mshhillary clinton. you heard jim sciutto reporting the trump camp has spoken to the secret service multiple times. also, the first sitting republican senator to unendorse donald trump, senator mark kirk. senator kirk joins us live coming up. hillary clinton's ca
11:48 am
11:49 am
11:50 am
hillary clinton's campaign is actually now circulating this list of 50 republicans and independents who have endorsed her. that list includes former connecticut senator joe lieberman, brent scowcroft, foreign policy advisor to four republican presidents. meg whitman, ceo of hewlett-packard. and former new york mayor michael bloomberg. meanwhile, the donald trump campaign is xwalti incombating list of its own, sitting republican senators withdrawing their endorsement all together. republican senator susan collins from maine the latest to say she will not be voting for mr. trump. in fact she told our own jamie gangel that she will be writing in jeb bush come november. i have with me now republican senator mark kirk from illinois, the first senator to actually unendorse mr. trump back in june. he joins me from chicago. so senator kirk, great to have
11:51 am
you on, welcome. >> thank you, brooke, for having me on. >> since you were the first, let me begin there. unendorsing trump, but not endorsing clinton. correct? >> no, not at all. because hillary clinton was for the iran agreement and i can't support someone who is for the iran agreement. who will you be voting for? who will you be writing in. >> in my case, i'll be writing in general colin powell that i think would be the best person. >> colin powell. it's interesting, because i know senator collins says she'll be writing in jeb bush. you'll be writing in colin powell. but what do you say to republicans who will inevitably be saying to you, well, that just means, in a sense, it is a vote for hillary clinton. >> i would say it is a vote not for hillary clinton. as someone who is better than she is when we find out "the new york times" reported there was a
11:52 am
danger renay san miguel overlap in her duties as fund-raiser for the clinton foundation and secretary of state. we should not have such a person with so many conflicts of interest in office as our president of the united states. >> but then on your unendorsement of trump, what do you make of republicans like a paul ryan, like a john mccain, who have endorsed, despite many, many controversial comments from mr. trump, who refuse to unendorse? >> i would say right now that trump is too racist and too bigoted for the land of lincoln. >> what does that then mean for the john mccains and the paul ryans? >> it means, find a way to write an american that you think can really lead this country to a much better shining city on the hill. >> senator kirk, back in june you told cnn, "i cannot and will
11:53 am
not support my party's nominee for president, regardless of the political impact on my candidacy or the republican party." you know, you're in the midst of -- you're fighting a good fight here. but what is at greater risk to the future of your party? is it trump winning this election or clinton winning this election? >> yeah. in the end, we have to put patriotism over party to make sure that as a party we are backing the best person for the country. and in the case of donald trump, he doesn't have the temperament to be a good commander in chief. from my 23 years experience in the navy, i always put that characteristic top most at my list. >> i hear you, sir, on patriotism. but let me just ask the question again. who is essentially the bigger risk? is it hillary clinton or is it donald trump? >> i think right now if we had colin powell at the head of our party, we would crush the opposition. >> sir, he's not running for president, with all due respect.
11:54 am
who is the bigger risk? hillary clinton or donald trump? >> i think right now hillary clinton because in illinois we really understand corruption after the blagojevich years. too corrupt for the country now. >> okay. as i mentioned, you're running this re-election campaign. you're up against congresswoman tammy duckworth. part of the reason you won't endorse is that because in some local races trump has been a mega drag on the ticket. what would you say to vulnerable republicans down ballot who are also fighting to hold on to their seats? >> i would say put the people first and the country first rather than party and the voters will rally to your cause very quickly. if they sense you are backing the national interest and not going to drive off the cliff with trump, that you're going to always put america first, like trump says. make sure that we have that done. we got to put patriotism of our
11:55 am
party. >> let me get to something i know you are passionate about with regard to syrian refugees. you take issue with trump and his immigration reform plan. you support a path to citizenship, yet you are leading a senate fight calling for an immediate moratorium on the president's plan to allow 10,000 syrian refugees from entering the u.s. why do you feel differently about syrian immigrants? >> i would say right now that my opponent, tammy duckworth, is for bringing 200,000 syrian refugees even though the fbi director says we cannot screen them for terrorism because there's no database to check against. we request not build a political database on these people in the middle of the syrian civil war, that we ought to take some time and make sure that we know the political leaning of these people. we have seen in the past the prime minister of lebanon said he estimated in the middle east about 2% to 4% of these people
11:56 am
coming out as refugees will lean towards terror. that means hundreds of terrorists coming in if we use the 200,000 duckworth number. when you have that many people coming in with terrorist leanings, you overwhelm the fbi office here in chicagoland. >> senator mark kirk, thank you so much for the time. good luck. good luck, senator. thank you. any moment now, we're watching for donald trump to speak at a rally in virginia, backlash against him grows over his comments involving the second amendment. stay right here.
11:57 am
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i think you can't really enjoy this with your tv sets and home theater. >> that's for sure. this is what it's like to experience a movie in 4dx. c.j. cgb is the country behind it. they are trying to get people out of theaters in their homes and back to the movies. >> in jason bourne there are a lot of fight scenes with a lot of hand to hand combat. for those kinds of scenes it is really cool to use air shots. it is cool it poto put it in wi those punches. >> reporter: the technology was created in south korea but now made its way to the u.s.
12:00 pm
big theater companies like regal and amc are spending up to $2 million per theater to bring this experience to their audiences. >> people love it. they love to be here, they love the experience. they want to come again and again and they haven't been shied away by the increased cost that the movie ticket is. we've paid back our dollars in really just the first six months. >> reporter: it doesn't stop the a 4dx. there's screen x and photo ticket. >> providing different experiences. here we go, top of the hour. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. any minute now donald trump will take to the stage at this rally there in virginia. meantime, hillary clinton is holding a rally as well in des moines, iowa. make no mistake today both candidates are in damage control hillary clinton embroiled in yet another round of her prichlt
12:01 pm
e-mail server woes. a new batch. then donald trump today made this off the cuff comment his critics say is a veiled inkrimt of violence against hillary clinton. here's what he said. >> hillary wants to abolish -- essentially abolish the second amendment. by the way, and if she gets to pick. if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is. i don't know. >> jim sciutto has breaking news on the trump campaign meeting with the secret service. >> reporter: that's right. an official with the united states secret service tells me that it has contacted, has spoken with, the trump campaign regarding those comments, his comments yesterday on the second amendment. in fact i'm told there has been
12:02 pm
more than one conversation about the campaign since the candidate made those comments. in addition, i'm told by the secrets service that the trump campaign's response was that donald trump did not mean to incite violence. i've been speaking to former united states secret service agents who say a couple of things. one, that if a private citizen, you or i, were to make comments like this, we would certainly be interviewed by the secret service with this added detail, which is that someone like donald trump, because of the following he has and the many public events he has, there is greater concern with comments coming from a public figure like that because it is possible, whether it is a deranged person, that someone could be influenced by those comments. that helps inform why the secret service would have a conversation like this with the trump campaign following public comments like this. >> okay. okay. jim sciutto with that. we'll see where we go from here. we've got a panel to discuss all
12:03 pm
of that coming up. meantime, reaction to trump's comments has been swift from talking about that's just a bad joke to labeling it a dangerous call to arms. here is just some of the fallout. >> it sounds like just a joke gone bad. i hope he clears it up very quickly. you should never joke about something like that. >> if someone else had said that outside the hall, he'd be in the back of a police wagon now with the secret service questioning him. by the way, this might be really important. i used to tell my seniors the a cia, you get to a certain point in this business, you're not just responsible for what you say. you are responsible for what people hear. >> i was there. i'd like the people at home to realize that the first time that any of us had any idea that that is the way it was interpreted is when the clinton spin machine interpreted it that way. that is not what he intended. what he intendeded is very, very simple. what he intended was that she should vote against it. >> that is like dog whistle. most of us know what sound like dog whistles in topolitics.
12:04 pm
i worked for two presidents. and ronald reagan lost his life to an assassin. >> it is clear he is trying to motivate people to go out and vote based on the potential for an open supreme court seat. how that's clear to you that was some kind of call to an open revolution and to start firing your weapons at public officials is utter absurdity. >> but, the reaction everyone is talking about today is the one that actually happened just behind donald trump at that rally as the cameras were rolling. so i am going to replay donald trump's comments but i want you to look not at donald trump but at the man in the red just to the right of your screen. >> hillary wants to abolish -- essentially abolish the second amendment. by the way, and if she gets to
12:05 pm
pick -- if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is. i don't know. >> the man in the shadow, out of the shadows today, we found you, darryl vickers, in oak island, north carolina. thank you, sir. the world watched your jaw drop. i want you to tell me, what were you thinking? >> well, i was thinking exactly what i said to my neighbor, connie. and that was, i can't believe he said it. the media will have a field day with this one. i was just absolutely taken aghast. >> said it, mean what? what was your immediate, visceral interpretation? without hearing everyone chatting about it. >> well, chump has got a very
12:06 pm
unique personality. and he makes jokes off the cuff. and one of the things, had we had a chance to talk to him, i would have taken him to the shed. down here in the south, we don't curse in front of women, we don't drink liquor in front of the preacher -- and we don't make jokes like that in public. now, may do things in private. we may go to the shed and drink some moonshine or something like that. but we would have taken mr. trump to the shed and said, don't say things like that because people will misconstrue it. but it was clear to my mind, and to the people around me, that he was trying to make a joke. and, unfortunately, people like some of the media, for instance like "huffington post," will take that and screw that up and distort it.
12:07 pm
it was not meant to be that way. >> i'm not trying to talk about distorting. i just really, i thought it would be fascinating to talk to you, sir. i'm from the south. i understand what taking someone out to the shed means. just so i am crystal clear, you know, you thought he was making a joke about being violent. >> well, he wanted to make a point. and the point is that hillary clinton is going to cause us to have problems with the second amendment and with gun rights, et cetera. and it was clearly a joke, not something that i would have taken seriously. there's no one that i know would have taken that seriously. >> you know she's never actually said she wants to abolish the second amendment. >> i understand that. i understand that. but there are so many people that believe that the solution
12:08 pm
is to control the guns and there are many of us who believe that the solution is to control the people who have the guns. we don't like people who don't have clear mental faculties being allowed to have guns. and that's some of the things. we have laws in the country that will take care of that. let's enforce the laws. let's don't eliminate them. >> mr. vickers, let me ask you this. i know you are a staunch republican. you live in north carolina. i understand you wanted to go to this rally, you wanteded to swa the man in person because you had not yet made up your mind. is that correct? >> that's correct. my family has been republican since 1854 and i will support the party. i think the republican party has got a superior flat form, platform that's beyond doubt the best solution to our country's problems. >> why hadn't you made up your mind yet? >> because i wanted to see the
12:09 pm
man's character and there were two questions that i actually wanted to have answers. and number one, from whom will he seek advice? and number two, when the secret service agents write their inevitable tell-all years from now, what are the headlines going to be. i really want to understand the character. in the south we shake your hand, look you in the eye and make a determination whether you're a good person or not. trump -- >> did you get those answers? >> i did. >> are you saying yes to trump? >> no, i did get those answers and i listened to him for over an hour. 23 seconds of that caused my mouth to drop obviously. but i did listen to him for over an hour. i'm convinced that he's very intelligent, he's very astute as a businessman. >> are you voting for him.
12:10 pm
>> yes, i will, because i believe he has the kind of integrity that we need in this country. he's honest and i am convinced he has the moral finer to lead this country. i'm not convinced that moshl fi moral fiber existed in the other candidate. >> thank you so much. we saw your jaw drop and now we've heard from the man himself. thank you. with that, let me bring in my panel, anna marie cox, boris epstein, gloria borger, and susan page, washington bureau chief for usa "today." welcome to all of you. can we take a minute, talk about mr. vickers and what he made of all of that? beginning with you two on set with me. you've got the smile, you not so much. ladies first. >> i think the most important thing about that interview was
12:11 pm
his concession that he did believe it was a joke about assassinating -- >> he wanted to take him out to the shed. >> he thought that -- >> that's what was most important. >> yes, do i think that's what's most important about what he said. second most important is he agreed to support the guy even though he said that. i guess -- you tried to push him on also the factual claim that hillary clinton is going to somehow repeal the second amendment which is not a part of what she says. >> he agreed, that's never what she's said. >> that's a little bit getting lost right now. i think what's amazing about this whole controversy is he gets up there and says things that are not true, that are demon strabstrably false. "pants on fire" by politifact than any other candidate. >> that's obviously where you stand. the first interesting thing is that she interviewed a man who was just a man, a voter, a
12:12 pm
citizen, on air. his chiron said "man at rally." i thought that was the most interesting thing. as far as his interpretation, that's one individual, that person. rudy giuliani was there as well. >> he said despite the joke, that he would have taken him to the shed, he's voting for him. thinks he has character, is intelligent. >> we welcome mr. vickers to the trump team. why aren't we talking about the man at hillary clinton's rally, sadiq mateen. >> we talked about that. it is embarrassing and they didn't know. >> this is my third campaign. they knew. this is my third presidential campaign. >> wait, wait, wait. >> somebody there either had him behind a rope line, maybe didn't know his background or did know his background and had him behind there. we need an answer from the clinton camp. we don't have one. >> what are you trying to imply about what they were doing? >> the clinton camp has not
12:13 pm
answered. >> gloria, borger, i'll let you -- you two, hang on a second. yes, folks see people behind the candidate when they are speaking but the clinton campaign saying they had no idea who he was. also on this man, we thought it would be fas nacinating to finde guy who had the visceral reaction. >> look, i thought that he obviously thought it was a bad joke, as paul ryan said. that's why he whispered to his neighbor and said, look, i would have taken him to the woodshed because here in my state we don't joke about that kind of thing. we take it take seriously. having said that, he still likes the guy better than he likes hillary clinton. and he's going to vote for him because he still would rather put his trust in donald trump than in hillary clinton. i think the question that this raises overall -- he was an
12:14 pm
undecided voter -- but it raises questions for other undecided voters about an issue which 6 in 10 americans believe donald trump doesn't have the temperament to be president. just as many believe they don't trust hillary clinton, so this is the choice people are not thrilled about but it is the choice they have and he obviously made the choice to go with donald trump on this. >> susan, anna navarro called this "grouped hnd hog day." that this is all part of a bigger pattern. trump says something that's controversial. doesn't totally own it. doesn't apologize. we chat about it for 24 hour and that's that. >> you know in another way how this is like "ground hog day" is that we are talking about this instead of things that would be harmful to hillary clinton's campaign that have come out during the same period of time.
12:15 pm
that includes the person that the the rally. it is hard for me to imagine that intended for that to happen. it would also include the disclosures on her e-mails which are a serious issue involving the appearance of conflict of interest with the clinton foundation contributions. that is a serious issue that is in large part overshadowed because we are debating whether he was joking or not about assassination. that is the kind of opportunity costs that we've seen over and over again with the trump campaign. >> we have an entire segment to talk about hillary clinton and being dogged yet again by these e-mails from judicial watch. before we do that, the man himself, donald trump is now at the podium in virginia. let's take a listen. >> and i fully understand that. but it's been an honor. we just met with some of the folks really representative -- i would say representatives from every aspect of the business. it was amazing. it was really amazing.
12:16 pm
these are great people. they're great americans. they love this country. if i get in, if i get in, i mean -- it's if i get in, this is what it is. okay? and -- and, all forms of energy. all forms of energy. but what they've done to the miners is incredible and the obama administration. do you remember -- you might have just seen it. no, what they've done and -- nobody knows. clean coal? nobody knows. look what's happening with china. the amount of energy they are producing and what they're using coal for, tremendous amounts of -- just tremendous. it's like incredible. they're not cleaning it. believe me, they're not cleaning it. that stuff is going up and they're not cleaning it.
12:17 pm
and here we produce great stuff and we're not allowed to use it and it is getting worse and worse. they're going to be out of business soon. hillary clinton will be worse than obama. you know it, she'll be worse. when she made the statement essentially going to puts mines and miners out business, going to put them out business. i guess she forgot about west virginia, right? she was going to west virginia. she forgot about virginia, too. in all fairness. you know. she had west virginia short time after that. remember when she went into west virginia she met with that wonderful family and the man, a miner for many years, and he was trying to explain to her and she was trying to say, well, you know, i really want to -- she was groveling. she was groveling. she didn't know what to say. i don't think he was going to be easily convinced.
12:18 pm
do we agree? because she said it. just like she said -- she said it was a mistake that she's going to raise taxes on the middle class. you saw that one? maybe she misspoke. but it did come out awfully loud and clear. hopefully it's not going to matter. what i told the folks before we were over at peterbilt, the plant -- incredible. what i told the folks before is you have to get out and vote. the miners, to a certain extent, they're so down and they've been treated so badly that they haven't been voting like they can. that includes members of their family that have left the mining business. members of the family they've left coal.
12:19 pm
they've left everything and they've gone into something else. that's fine, that's great. but they live in virginia an they vote. their paeshrents are still in t coal world where they want to be. that's where they want to be. but everybody has to get out and vote. if you get out and vote, we're pretty close in virginia. she's spending a fortune in ads. friend of mine said he can't see television without seeing anti-trump ads. they're not even true. my friend actually said they're not true. i said, i know. i could go over those ads one by one. it's fraudulent actually, but what are you going to do. she's spending wall street money on ads. it is just one after another after another. this guy just kiddingly said, i just want to see one ivory soap ad. just one. and we haven't spend anything yet and we will be because we're doing well but we haven't spent anything yet. we're holding it. but it's really a shame that
12:20 pm
they can say whatever they want to say, they try and demean and defame. then you look at what she's doing with her i mails. 33,000 missing e-mails. 33,000. [ crowd chanting "lock her up, lock her up ] >> it's very sad. then i guess yesterday a thousand came out, some fairly vast number. i want to see the ones -- what i really would like to see though, we have to see the 33,000. can you imagine? remember she said, i think it was for her wedding, the wedding of chelsea. and it was for yoga classes. 33,000 e-mails. that's a lot of yoga. that's a lot of yoga. but a couple of very bad ones came out. it is called pay for play.
12:21 pm
some of these were really, really bad and illegal. if it's true, it's illegal. you pay and you're getting things. i watched yesterday because of the apprentice, blagojevich. right? governor blagojevich. 14 years in jail. some people think, okay, some people think it is crazy. look at what she's done. nothing. she's running for president. but it came out that her people pay for play. and very big stories today. the problem is it will be big stories for about two minutes and then they're going to drop it because the media is so totally dishonest. if that were me, if that were me, the story that just came out this morning, and really hidden from some of the major
12:22 pm
newspapers, hidden, if that were me, that would be the biggest story in the history of the various papers. they'd go quadruple spacing. but with her it's just terrible. i mean some of them covered it big-league but some of them are just really refusing to report the facts. i think it is going to get worse and worse though because i assume more stuff will come out. but this was big stuff. pay for play. it is illegal. i mean it is illegal. and we'll see what happens with it, folks. we'll see what happens with it but it is very serious stuff. very, very serious. i don't know that it can be any more serious than deleting or getting rid of 33,000 e-mails and all of the other things, the server, the server, which not allowed to have the information gotten off that server by who knows who. probably many people. many countries potentially, secretary of state, to put us
12:23 pm
all in that position. so i think it is a very sad thing. and they get a pass on everything. give her a pass. it's so sad when i watch that. it was point after point after point. everybody was saying, wow. they're really going to do it. then they go, however, as soon as i heard -- when you hear the word, however. but it's just -- it's just so incredible that a thing like that can happen. let's see what happens. let's see what happens. in the meantime we're doing very well. you saw the polls over the last day or two have really tightened up a lot. i think we're going to have a great victory. i really feel that. one of the things i suggested is your ballots. you go and sign -- do it early so you don't have to -- because on november 8th we have our big day. if you go in and sign, we have
12:24 pm
some people in the room now that i met before that are going to be pushing hard. but put in your ballots. they have certain requirements and you live by those requirements perfectly. make sure they don't lose your ballot. make sure they don't lose your vote which i'm sure -- i just left a great place, north carolina. they just had a tremendous loss. voter i.d. voter i.d. they lost voter i.d. how do you lose voter i.d. you mean you don't have to show identification? you don't have to show that -- hey? i've been talking about the rigged system for a long time. i get hammered in the press, i can't believe he'd be talking about the rigged system. meantime, voter i.d., you don't have to do. i'm sure none of those folks would be voting ten times during one day. right? really, a big part of the rigged are system is the press itself because they can take a little story that isn't a story and make it into a big deal. happens so much.
12:25 pm
happens so much. speaking of that, remember this, we have so many things that we have to protect in this country. we have to protect our second amendment. which is under seeniege. remember that. remember that. it's under siege. thank you. thank you. thank you. we have to -- you know, i see -- by the way, we have a lot of unity in the republican party but nobody talks about it. if one senator says we're not voting for trump, never trump, some people are beaten so badly that they just can't get -- and i understand that. i can see that can happen. they've won throughout their lives politically. then they lose an election by a lot to a guy that never ran
12:26 pm
before. okay? i never ran before. never thought i'd be doing it this time either but i watch what's going on and i say, it's time. it's time. boy, is it time. right? i look at the iran deal. how about the $400 million in cash. how about that. how about that. the $400 million. you know what that is? does anybody know what that would even look like? 400 -- did you see iran? actually finally did do what i thought they were going to do. they released pictures because they want to embarrass the united states. just like they took the ten sailors and they made us look so bad. they made us look so bad. it was like a humiliation of our country. okay? this is horrible. we keep going and going. you saw what their so-called leader, somebody would say the supreme leader.
12:27 pm
i refuse to use that term. president obama would say the supreme leader. what is going on, folks. what is going on with our leaders. and with our leader in particular. he is grossly incompetent. okay? grossly incompetent. so there are $400 million in cash going. it happens to be the same day as the hostages were released. the hostages were in the airport for massive amounts of time. i guess one of them said they wouldn't let us go because they were waiting for a certain plane to come in. i just can't imagine what was on that plane. right? we can't imagine. sure it had nothing to do with the $400 million. but isn't that unpleevl? then he'll stand up and he'll say that one thing had nothing to do with the other.
12:28 pm
it practically, i guess you could say, there is a 1% or 2% chance that what he said is right. but that's about it. they would practically -- they are waiting for something else and a plane to come in. right? they were at the airport forever. and they say -- president obama said, no, this had nothing to do with the hostages. if you remember with obamacare, you can keep your plan, keep your doctor. he said it 28 times or something. many democrats approved that disaster. it is a disaster. we're going to repeal it and replace it, by the way. but many, many democrats, many with being many democrats -- the margin was almost nothing and a lot of democrats approved it, they didn't want to approve it. but with the doctor and the plan and over and over again a lot of
12:29 pm
pressure put on and it is out of control. premiums are going up at a rate that nobody has ever seen before. in texas, through blue cross/blue shield they almost just had a 50% increase. big increase is now going to come on november 1st. they're trying to delay it until after the election because it is cat strong. it is going to be an increase like never before. i'm hearing numbers that i don't even want to say because the press will say, oh, that's terrible, he exaggerated. it is not going to be an exaggeration. it is going to be election changing. and we can't let those numbers be released on another date some time after the election. because it will show what a total disaster obamacare is. so important. i just say to all the
12:30 pm
politiciapolitics in the room and your great congressman. where is he? oh, congressman, stand up. stand up. vote for him, he's our guy. come on, senator. stand up, senator. good. we have great people here. right now they're swimming uphill. but with trump we'll be just sliding beautifully down. it will be a whole different deal. it will be a whole different deal and it can happen quickly. it can happen. we discuss that. we had a big meeting and it is going to happen very quickly. it doesn't need to go through congress. doesn't need to go through lots of different things. epa is very important what they've done. we want -- everybody agrees -- we want clean air and we want clean water. i want. so i very much appreciate the meeting. it was a great meeting. i just want to say that virginia
12:31 pm
has lost 1 in 3 manufacturing jobs since nafta. now nafta was signed by bill clinton. nafta is a disaster. it's been a disaster not only for virginia, but for every -- virtually every state. up state new york, it looks like a war zone. that's why i want so much and i got the upstate vote in numbers that nobody's seen before. upstate new york, you go to new england, you see the factories. there's beautiful old factories. you see, they were once thriving. thousands and thousands of people working. those people now are doing part-time jobs. they're working two jobs. they're making less money than they made 18 years ago. don't know if you saw that statistic where people -- people in this room, too. but where people are make being less money now in real wages than they made 18 years ago. and even longer. and they've gotten older. gotten older.
12:32 pm
and they're working harder. not supposed to be that way. hey, of course i've gotten older and i'm working harder, too. hey, i didn't need this. could i have enjoyed myself. a lot. we're all getting older around working harder. it's supposed to be the other way. right? we're getting older and starting to relax. no, i don't know if i'd like that. i love what i'm doing. i have been all over this country. we have the greatest people anywhere in the world. the greatest people. and i have the greatest supporters. we have the most loyal supporters. and the smartest. you know, they always like to demean everything. they try and demean supporters, they're always trying to put a -- little shots. boom, boom, boom. we've got the smartest, we've got the most loyal, we've got the hardest working, we have the best people. they like to demean.
12:33 pm
but we have amazing, amazing people. i've seen this all every country. we can start making apple computers in our country. okay, folks? we can start doing -- we can start doing that. we go to china. you think even the shipping costs -- just think of the shipping costs. how much of a difference -- you've been in all different states and you'll get the good deal from somebody. just keep it in our country. when they close plants and they move to mexico, then a company builds in mexico, whatever product they're making, then they think they're going to sell the product back into the united states, all of their people have been fired. every single one of them have been fired. they're now using people from another nation to make the same product. you know what? they think they're going to sell it across our border which will become a very strong, very powerful border. not going to be a piece of swiss cheese. they think they're going to sell it across the border. no tax, no nothing.
12:34 pm
sell it to wherever it came from. let people that got laid off buy it. now maybe they're unemployed, maybe they're working two jobs and making less. right? as we said. not going to happen, folks. i've watched for years as our government which is -- i guess you could say stupid but honestly not so stupid. they're controlled by special interests. when you see companies moving over to mexico, and other places -- >> from donald trump we go to hillary clinton speaking at her own rally in des moines, iowa. >> -- who understand that know we can be clean energy super power of the 21st century. and some people get a little carried away. have you noticed that? but i get carried away thinking about all jobs we're going to create. and all the families that are going to have a better chance for the future.
12:35 pm
i also get carried away by thinking about advanced manufacturing because what happened in iowa was not just putting up the turbines. you all figured out that you could actually put them together in iowa, and employ people who are doing that work and then train people in apprenticeship programs at community colleges to make sure you could maintain those turbines. so the last time i checked there were about 10,000 iowans working in clean, be renewable energy. the other thing we're going to do is help small businesses. i just came from visiting a great t-shirt company, reagan. right? you've been there? reagan? met a young man from iowa who started that company, employs about 50 people right here in
12:36 pm
des moines, has stores all across iowa. i see another small businessman that i have gotten to know who's got his own bowling alley. thank you so much. but here's what we've got to do. we've got to make sure that small businesses, particularly those started by young people, get the credit they need. and if they've got student debt, i want to put a three-year moratorium on their student debt payments so they can start their business and see whether they can be successful. my dad was a small businessman and i was really excited to see them making t-shirts on silkscreens because that's what my dad did on a bigger scale when he had a little print plant that printed drapery fabrics using silkscreens. i used to help him from time to time. and i believe in small business. that's why i want to be a small business president.
12:37 pm
and that's a big contrast with donald trump who has spent his career stiffing small businesses, refusing to pay the bil bills. i don't know what would have happened in my family if after my dad had worked so hard he showed up with the fabrics he had printed for the drapes and they said, sorry, we're not paying you. honestly, that is not how we do business in america. and so we're going to stand up for small business and help create more of them to create more good jobs here in iowa and across america! we are also going to make the economy fairer. how are we going to do that? we're going to raise the national minimum wage so it's no longer a starvation wage. we are also going to do what tom harkin has stood for his entire
12:38 pm
life. we're going to make sure people with disabilities have jobs and opportunities in this economy. and we're going to make sure that women finally get equal pay for the work that we do. so, yeah, i've been playing out plans ever since i showed up here in iowa back in april of 2015. and i am thrilled to be the democratic nominee to be able to campaign on those plans and take them to washington! now i got to tell you, if you look at the plans i've laid out, a lot ever independent analysts have done that. here's what they conclude. under my plans, we'll create about 10.4 million new jobs in america.
12:39 pm
under donald trump's so-called plans, we will lose about 3 1/2 million jobs. now let me translate that into iowa. because if you divide the country by population, here in iowa you could gain 101,000 jobs under my plans, and lose more than 33,000 jobs under donald trump's plans. so, i got to tell you what i believe, which is that if we want to get the economy working for everybody. then we need a campaign that lays out the agenda so people can vote for it, so that when i'm elected i can tell the congress this is what the people of america voted for us to do! so i get pretty excited and pretty carried away, enthusiastic about what we can do, because we've done it before. i couldn't believe all that
12:40 pm
negative pessimistic talk coming out of the republican convention. i didn't know what country they were talking about. of course we have challenges. yes. we have problems, of course we do. but there is nothing america can't do if we decide to set some goals and pursue them because, you know what? we are stronger together! and let me say something about what i think is a critical difference between my opponent and myself. words matter, my friends. and if you are running to be president, or you are president of the united states, words can have tremendous consequences. yesterday we witnessed the
12:41 pm
latest in a long line of casual comments by donald trump that crossed the line. his casualty cruelty to a gold star family. his casual suggestion that more countries should have nuclear weapons. and now his casual inciting of violence. every single one of these incidents shows us that donald trump simply does not have the sem terment to be president and commander in chief of the united states. so stakes have never by higher. i am humbled and moves by the republicans who are willing to stand up and say that donald trump doesn't represent their values.
12:42 pm
not only as republicans, but as americans i have to tell you, i feel that same sense of responsibility. we may not agree on everything, but this is not a formal election. and i will work hard for the next three months to earn the support of anyone willing to put to put our country first. as a young man said to me in florida the other day, friends don't let friends vote for trump. i also think trump's belief that he alone can fix america's problems is so contrary to who we are as a nation. our founders set up our country
12:43 pm
so that we had three branches of government that had to work together. we had the federal government, state and local governments that had to work together. and that's what we've done so successfully. and along comes trump and basically says, i can do this alone. well, what about the troops on the front lines who rely on each other and support each other? what about our law enforcement officers who rely on each other and support each other? what about our teachers and our educators who rely on each other and support each other? what about our doctors and our nurses who rely on each other and support each other? we know that we're stronger together because we've seen what happens when we work together. and that is exactly what we're going to do to build on the progress that we've made, to set those goals and go after them
12:44 pm
together. but i can't do this without your help. i hope you will join this campaign. please. join us. join us by texting join, j-o-i-n, to 47246, or go to we are organizing across iowa. we're going to be helping people vote early so that they can make sure that their vote will count. we're going to be reaching into every part of this state and we're going to be talking and listening as we did way back in april, to learn what's on the minds of iowans and to figure out what you need from the next president. now i know that any election is
12:45 pm
hard. it's filled with unpredictable twists and turns. but i want you to imagine what you will feel like the day after that election if we have not come together to chart a course of confidence and optimism that will really get our economy working for everyone, keep us safe and maintain american leadership around the world, and unify our country. that is what i will spend every single day working to achieve. and with your help, iowa, we will win iowa! we will win the election! and then we will work together for the future we are seeking! thank you and god bless you! ♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ ♪ ain't no valley low enough >> all right. so, hillary clinton wrapping up a rally there in des moines. we heard from donald trump.
12:46 pm
but i still have my panel with me. gloria borger, as we look at these pictures, we heard a couple of minutes ago hillary clinton mentioning, to quote her, she said the casual inciting of violence is how she characterized what donald trump's remarks about the second amendment just yesterday. casual inciting of violence. what did you make of that? >> yeah. i mean she said words matter, and she talked about how he doesn't use his words well, not only did she talk about the casual inciting of violence, but she talked about what she called casual cruelty towards a gold star family, talking about the khan family. hillary clinton, you know, didn't mince her words today. and neither did trump, quite frankly. right? is donald trump i thought was a little subdued but completely on message when he was talking today. i mean he was talking about getting out the vote. he was talking about hillary clinton's what he calls "pay for play" problems with her e-mails.
12:47 pm
he was assailing the media. he was talking about nafta. he was talking about protecting the second amendment. all of the issues that in fact he got sort of off message about yesterday when he made this mistake. he was back on message today. and hillary clinton, of course, did not address her own e-mail problem today in her speech. rather, she chose -- not surprisingly, of course -- but rather, she chose to attack donald trump on his mistake yesterday. so she didn't talk about the e-mail issue. he did. and the question is, when she will address that with the press. we don't have an answer to that yet. but trump decided to disregard his own problems from yesterday. i believe he thinks it was asked and answered with sean hannity. >> you know, he did plengs ment.
12:48 pm
he said the second amendment is under siege. then he left it and moved on. susan page, do you agree he did seem more subdued? listen, it is perfect red meat for him to talk about the judicial watch, the alleged cozy relationship between the clinton foundation and secretary clinton at the helm of state. what did you make of how he did stay on? >> i thought he implicitly did respond to the controversy from yesterday by accusing the press of taking some small matter, blowing it out of proportion, and not paying suitable attention to controversies involving hillary clinton. so i think he was trying to tamp that down a bit without reviving it by repeating the words that he said. when hillary clinton spoke, you saw her using this as part of the broader argument that donald trump does not have the temp temperament or disposition suitable to be president. you heard once again her
12:49 pm
reference to republicans bridging the divide. she is trying to build a bigger victory i think by getting republicans who are nervous about donald trump to come over to her side even though she acknowledged they may not agree on everything. >> i do want to take a moment to focus on hillary clinton's e-mail controversy. she continues to be dogged by this issue. in the latest chapter, let me just bring in drew griffin who's been looking through some of these, the back-and-forth. drew, what have you found? >> is well, you are looking at like 300 pages or so, this new batch of e-mails being released. it shows what we've seen over and over, the intermingling of interests and donations and favors being done between hillary clinton's state department, the clinton foundation, and donors who apparently had pretty easy access to both when they need help. i'll give you a case in point. gilbert sguri, a lebanese billionaire. he and his brother are deeply involved in the global initiative.
12:50 pm
gilbert has the baseball cap on. his brother is on the other side. bill clinton took part in the opening ceremonies of the company. an e-mail from doug band, the guy who was essentially running the clinton foundation he is telling two of hillary clinton's closest aides that they need to put gilbert chagoury in touch with the substance person on lebanon. he is a key guy there to us. and he is asking that the former u.s. ambassador, jeffrey feltman so they can connect with each other. they are also showing cozy
12:51 pm
relationships with people at morgan stanley. the clinton foundation, other people, the overall effect is it is hard to tell where any lines are drawn between the clinton state department, the clinton foundation, and consulting. they tried to expran e-mails like this in the past. clinton campaign responding that neither of the e-mails involve the secretary or relate to the foundation's work. they are communications between her aides and the president's personal aide, and her recommendation was for one secretary's former staffer not employed by the foundation. the clinton campaign answering some questions on some e-mails but not all of them. >> okay, drew griffin on all of the substantive, the back and forth, thank you, let me bring
12:52 pm
in you, too, anna marie. her trustworthy numbers are in the dumps. when you have an issue of her e-mail server, it has to be concerning. >> what i would not give for this to the number one issue in our campaign. if this is all we were talking about, not implications of assassinations, the talk that trump has made "okay, about you know, race, gender, the way he talked about immigrants. i'm saying the violence and the bigotry is more important. our founders could foresee the controversies, the coziness, and the corruption.
12:53 pm
that is part of government. i do think trupgs is part of government, and we have a system to take care of it. hopefully it is rooted out and new people are elected. that is how democracy works. i would like this e-mail stuff to be sorted out. i would like to know exactly what happened. >> that there is truth in the e-mails. >> there is three issues here. one, she has been lying not just to the american people, but to congress. so that is a lie, and that is perjury. two, the 33,000 e-mails, where are they and what is in there. and thee, the biggest issue, bribery under the racketeering act, she is obviously committing pay to play.
12:54 pm
they have done that their whole career. he is a convicted felony. she a convicted money launderer anded that to pay $60 million to be set free. he pledged a billion, with a b, a billion to the clinton gloeshl initiative. >> has everyone been above the law in terms of working with trump. >> when are we going to see trump's tax returns. >> there is 104 pages of financial disclosures. you can page through them. if you find something even within a billion of this. >> if i saw his tax returns, i might. >> if you go through those, you haven't found them, this is a specific issue. and further more, we now know that the department of justice
12:55 pm
declined to prosecute a case. that again, is insider dealing. but again on the e-mail, we heard from james that there will be no charges. giving that, these issues do continue to hit her, and i'm thinking of listen, those who love hillary clinton will not change their minds. those that love donald trump, he is voting for trump, he is convinced, but for the in between, do you worry about the cozy relationships? >> it does concern me that people would make a decision to go with the unhinged unfit person over hillary clinton. i think that -- >> that worries you? >> it worries me more.
12:56 pm
i think that hillary clinton deserves the scrutiny she has gotten. i hope that everyone watches her like a hawk. she does have these issues. the more she can show she is above it -- >> all of the info that does come out, it is never from her because she obstructs justice and makes clear -- she is a liar and should be a convicted criminal. >> that is very strong. >> i'm not finished with either of you. i appreciate your perspectives, let's go to joe johns. apparently a man tried rushing the stage. we saw the secret service so close to her, what happened. >> that is about it. apparently we think an animal
12:57 pm
rights protestor tried to rush the stage. secret service agents rushing to the sage. other secret service personnel took that person into custody. that is the extent of what we know. we also know animal rights protestors have shown up at other events recent by so that was sort of the side show, as you know, probably the big talking point out of this appearance here in iowa, her forceful response to trump's statement yesterday. back to you. >> okay, joe johns, thank you. special coverage continues here on cnn after this break.
12:58 pm
i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
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ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card so you know who wondered if donald trump's second amendment comments may have been taken -- the cia. the republican nominee yet again accusing reporters of perverting his words. now cnn has learned that the u.s. secret service has had more than one conversation with the trump campaign about what