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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  August 11, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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the biggest rigger of the system is the media. isis is honoring president obama. >> he is the founder of isis. he is the founder of isis. he is the founder. he founded isis. by the way, if she gets to pick -- if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know. >> words matter, my friends. and good morning i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. auto we begin with a bombshell report. a grave warning from the top of his own party. the new edition of time magazine, a dripping orange character of trump with the word meltdown, reince priebus has
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given him an ultimate many they'll focus on senate and house races, instead. trump has charged into one controversy after another. zeke miller is the roeeporter w broke the story. he joins us with more. how worried is the rnc? >> good morning, carol. thanks for having me. the rnc is very worried about the state of donald trump campaign right now. not so much the campaign as the candidate. they're very upset he can't stay on message day-to-day. he gave the economic speech on m monday and then 27 hours, make the comments about the second amendment. they're sort of -- it makes it hard for them to plan and they're watching the declining poll numbers, as well as sort of the litany of things he has said over the last two and a half weeks. basically have told him, if you would have gone to your golf club, you would be in a better
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position now. it is hurting your campaign but all these other candidates. we're the republican party, not the trump party. if push comes to shove in the fall, they'll work to help republican candidates, even if that means sort of under cutting trump ultimately at the ballot box. >> explain to the have youiers why this is so important and it would damage his campaign if it withdraws its full support? >> you know, the trump campaign isn't a normal presidential campaign. it has a field program, and it runs television ads, has a data program. trump is relying on the rnc for everything but the television ads. he doesn't have field staff. he doesn't have a sophisticated data analytical shop. he built it on top of what the republic national convention has built. they're going to make it available to him, except their message will be on the ground in terms of the voters turn oud, marco rubio is leading in the polls, donald trump is behind. there a large crossover of voters there. same in ohio, rob port mman is
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ahead, but donald trump is behind. they'll have to decide if they're going to turn out for rob portman or for hillary clinton. come september and october, they very well will be and may be, and it will hurt donald trump. >> it is worth noting that trump denies your report, telling time magazine, because you did reach out to mr. trump, mr. trump said reince priebus is a terrific guy. he never said that, asking why would they state when i'm raising millions of dollars for them. so he is raising millions of dollars for the rnc and for other candidates, republican candidates running this time around. so why would the rnc say such a thing? >> yeah, we went back to the two senior gop officials who gave us the reporting and they confirmed it after mr. trump made his denial. it is clear that donald trump is raising a lot of money through what is called a joint fundraising committee. there is about an 80/20 split
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between what the trump campaign gets. trump will keep the 80%, that's where the vast majority of what he has raised in the last couple of months has gone. but the 20% of the rnc package, that's going to the field program on the ground and where it goes is ultimately the rnc's control. donald trump doesn't control that. given the importance of that ground game, that's going to be, you know, ultimately at the discretion of rnc chairman reince priebus. >> you know what donald trump will say. he has already said the media is rigged and lies and makes things up. your response to him? >> our response to him is, you know, we've gone back to our sources. they've confirmed this reporting. we're comfortable in our reporting. >> all right, zeke miller of time magazine, thank you for sharing your exclusive with us. we appreciate it. donald trump will be making his first public comments about 90 minutes from now. he is scheduled to speak in
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fromts of t front of the national home builders association. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. there is no secret there has been tension between reince priebus and donald trump, and look, there has been a lot of frustration among a lot of high ranking republican officials about trump has been unable to stick to his script. how he has been, you know, sort of resistant to do a lot of the blocking and tackling we've seen from traditional candidates and traditional campaigns. it will be interesting to see what we hear from donald trump today. if he is going to come out and gripe about time magazine, the rnc and the media or if he'll stick to the script and go after hillary clinton and continue to hammer her about foreign policy, about economic policy, about her e-mails. but this, carol, is the key frustration with republicans. they just cannot count on donald trump to stick to the script, and hammer his democratic opponent, even as they say, look, the fastest way trump
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could rally republicans behind is to focus all of his fire on hillary clinton. >> a couple of months until the election. so is there still time? how much time is the rnc willing to give him, do you think? >> reporter: well, i think there is absolutely still time. we're in august. we have to be honest about what the american electorate is paying attention to right now. certainly some of them are paying attention to this campaign, but a lot of normal humans are on vacation, or they're watching the olympics, or they're relaxing with their families. i think the moment where you really get to a panic point is when we're into september, further into october, and these are still the numbers that we're seeing. that, i think is when you have to look to the rnc to start making difficult choices. do you continue to essentially be the one whos who are bank rog donald trump's, through the victory effort to help senators like pat toomey or rob portman
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in ohio. it is august, so there is a little bit of time, but certainly the direction the polls are moving is not making republicans feel particularly great about this at the moment. >> all right, sara murray, reporting live from miami. wool we will check back when mr. trump starts speaking. let's talk about the bombshell. get it together or we're out. with me to talk about that, women vote trump, amy cremor, and host of the pollsters podcast, margie, and a republican pollster. welcome to all of you. >> good morning. >> okay, so amy, i'll begin with you. if the rnc pulls it support, wouldn't that be unprecedented? >> well, of course it would be unprecedented, carol. but look, the way mr. trump got here was unprecedented here, by beating 16 other candidates, and it was the people that rose up and gave him this platform and put him in this position so
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that's the nominee. i don't think that they're going to pull out. i mean, what are they going to do, join team clinton? i don't think so that's likely. but i do think that we have a lot of work to do, and i do agree with sara, that after people come back from vacation, where most normal people are right now, other than us, who are into politics, i do think that people will start paying attention and i think you're going see a lot going on on the ground. that's what matters. >> kristin, you're republican strategist, what do you make of this? >> right now, if you're at the rnc, you've got to be looking at the polls that show states like georgia and north carolina, usually red states, that are now in jeopardy of going to hillary clinton. you've got start thinking, what's going to happen to those candidates who are further down the ballot? what we typically see in the swing states are republican candidates like rob portman running for senate in ohio, pat toomey running for senate in pennsylvania, they tend to run six to seven points ahead of
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where donald trump runs. but if donald trump is losing a state by ten or more points, it is hard to get over that. so on the one hand, the rnc might want to shift its efforts to helping the down ballot candidates, but if you abandon him too much, is it too big it even survive? >> so, so, robert, it is possible as amy said, as sara said, that trump will get his message back on track. he was sort of on track last night, right, and this morning on cnbc, insisting that president obama founded isis, and hillary clinton co-founded it. let's listen, before you respond to that. >> well, look, i beat 17 people. i started with 17. i now have one person, who i think is pretty close to incompetent, hillary clinton. i think she is pretty close to incompetent. take a look at the "washington post" story, about hillary clinton from two days ago. i couldn't believe they wrote it, because they never write
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anything bad about her. so they wrote a stostory about hillary clinton was a is disaster from the senator of new york. she promised everything and delivered nothing. she was going to create a wonderful economic boom in upstate new york. same words she uses now. she not only created no boom, new york state, upstate new york and various other parts that she was talking about, became disaster areas. i mean, and they are a disaster area. people have fled. businesses have left. they've gone to mexico and other places. it is a disaster. >> so robert, if donald trump continues to talk like that, will it affect hillary clinton? >> absolutely not. you know, it is important to remember, the fact that we've been discussing whether donald trump has the ability to articulate a coherent message tells you all about the campaign. he is always contradicting himself. he is always off message,
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contradicting his previous policies, but also watching to see his latest, most outrageous hateful rhetoric. that says a great deal about the trump candidacy. i'm not under estimating the money that's coming into his campaign. i'm concerned about watching the party and the libertarian party, the harm they could do in terms of taking votes away. this a competitive race. the most important, salient fact moving forward, donald trump consistently has articulated a message that has either been condemn bid his own -- by record number of republicans. you have 15 to 20 four star generals who have endorsed hillary clinton because of the dangerous rhetoric, including members of the house and senate. >> let's talk about donald trump's rhetoric, margie, when it comes -- you're pollster, hillary clinton leads in some major swing states. she leads in pennsylvania, big time. right, she leads in ohio. i think she leads slightly in
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iowa, too, you see 41 to 37%. she is making headway in georgia. so margegy, when he is saying that clinton co-founded isis, will that kind of rhetoric change those poll numbers to trump's favor? >> i mean, what we're seeing now is this image of trump as somebody who can't stick to a message, who flies off the handle. speaks off-the-cuff in a way that is reckless and dangerous and at times cruel and incorrect. that's calcifying. you've seen polls showing people feel he doesn't have the right temperament. he has seeded a lot of ground on foreign policy. people don't think he is qualified on foreign policy. that's not new. we did focus groups this week with walmart moms and they are under no illusion that donald trump will maybe straight up and fly right any day now, we are going to see him get his
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campaign message on track. this is how he is this is who he is. people are coming to terms with that, and that's you're seeing these strong numbers against him not recovering, even if the horse race may fluctuate in some places, underneath the surface, he is seen as not fit to on commander in chief and those numbers are not changing. >> carol, can i say, look, i mean, i think at the end of the day, vakatawa really matters is you know, who is fit to be commander in chief, and when you have secretary of state that the state department was for sale under them, do we really want our white house for sale. i don't think so. this pay to play is not going to cut it with the american people about -- >> that's the kind of dishonest rhetoric. >> that is not dishonest, robert. >> let's hold this part of the conversation, because we're going talk about it in the next block, and we're going to parse all of this out. right now, there is no concrete evidence that there was pay for play. but there certainly are some intriguing clues, you're right about that. the e-mails are there and people
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a russian cyber attack democratic politicians was much bigger than anyone thought. the morning times is reporting the russian's main target, quote appear to have been the personal e-mail accounts of hillary clinton's campaign officials and party operatives. that could mean a slow drip of embarrassing information right up until november 8th. let's talk. my panelists back. welcome back to all of you. thanks for sticking around. robert, according to the new york times, fbi officials have briefed staff members in the house and senate intelligence committees. they now have little doubt that the russian government is behind the hack. what have you heard? >> you know, that story has been out there since the democratic convention, of course, it was made worst when donald trump
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actually invited russia, encouraged russia to hack hillary clinton's e-mails, which is a violation of the law, and was denounced across the board. that's my -- see, migrat my gre concern, they can be forged and manipulated. my greater concern is the idea that donald trump is advocating an agenda that is in sync with putin, president putin's agenda. the only person he hasn't attacked is vladimir putin. endorsing his strategy and dismantling nato and trump saying he'll be neutral with israel and palestine. >> i don't think we know if there is a motive. >> we do know donald trump was encouraging president putin to hack into hillary clinton's e-mails, which that's on the record. >> amy, do you care to respond? >> sure. he wasn't inviting them to hack
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into secretary clinton's e-mails. what he was talking about is the 33,000 e-mails that are is amming, tam -- the ones she supposedly deleted. they're not plugged in, unless they're plugged in at the fbi. that's not what he was encouraging. what we need to be concerned about is what information they do have, carol. obviously, if they have information that would hurt our country, you know, sacrifice our national security, that is what the issue is here. that's exactly why the fbi went to the department of justice earlier this year and asked them to investigate the clinton foundation and the clinton -- the department of justice refused to do it. but that's exactly why they looked into these e-mails because of the fear of espion e espionage. that's something we should all be concerned. this isn't just about hillary clinton. that's any of our -- any person
6:21 am
in the -- >> absolutely. i want to be clear. the fbi found no evidence that hillary clinton's e-mail was hacked in any way. but e-mails are surfacing, ma e margie, when hillary clinton was secretary of state and the clinton global foundation. do you think that will hurt in the long run with democrats? >> well, i think any day that this is in the news is not good, right. i mean, having this in the news and having it be a topic is reenforcing a point that clinton's vulnerability. we heard that in the focus groups where we had a lot of moms say they were worried whether they could trust clinton. i'm not sure if there is a specific story or e-mail that will change the dynamic of the conversation. this thing is really baked in the cake. it is just more news. whether or not this news was coming out today, i don't think there is anything in the e-mails that really, you know, sets you
6:22 am
have alarms. certainly not for me. but you know, i think it means you're going to have -- you know, bringing this up regardless of whether or not there is a news in the, you know, today about the e-mails or not. i think for a lot of folks, they are just thinking about the bigger picture when it comes to clinton versus trump and they're saying clinton is more qualified than anything they're seeing out of trump. i'm not sure if there is a lot of fluctuation. >> here's the thing i'm going to pose this question to kristin. it is complicated, right. the e-mails have surfaced. they're between saltaff members bill clinton's staff members, hillary clinton's staff members. there are pieces, but we can't put the puzzle together. when you say pay to play, it resonates. does it matter what the exact truth is to this? >> i think most americans are probably unlikely to go read the actual texts of the e-mails and the ones that have come out in the last day or two mostly
6:23 am
illustrate what is standard issue stuff for washington, asking a friend, hey can you put me in touch with so-and-so, pass this resume along. what the challenge will be for hillary clinton, the more and more this establishes her as par for the course of washington, not a change agent, we know voters are looking for something different. the question is donald trump too different. does he go too far on the other end of the change spectrum or is hillary clinton not enough change. that's a big dynamic we're going to deal with. >> robert, no, no, i want to ask this question. i think it is important. should hillary clinton come out and say you know what, i removed myself totally from the clinton foundation. if i'm elected president, my husband, bill cln tinton will s down. chelsea clinton will have nothing to do with it. should hillary clinton do that? >> i don't think that's necessary. quite frankly -- >> why? >> i'll answer the question. let me be clear about that. first of all, they have put in safeguards and the e-mails released, carol, do point out, the e-mails that have come out
6:24 am
there was nothing done for the clinton foundation. they also point out the meetings requested never took place. obviously, bill clinton and chelsea clinton and hillary clinton are not going to do anything to compromise their positions in the white house. >> why? >> but hillary clinton has a trust problem, a big trust problem. you're just telling people to go on faith, when they don't have the faith that -- >> carol, let me fin shall ish point, if i might. chelsea, bill and hillary clinton can do nothing that -- the foundation, the record shows that nothing has been established that ever shows they did compromise their roles with the clinton foundation. the e-mails prove that point. >> how can you say that? how can you say that, when large donors are requesting favors from the state department? you tell me how many other people at foundations across this nation would have access to the secretary of state, like the
6:25 am
people at the foundation did. and the fact that -- >> didn't she -- didn't she agree not to take any money to the foundation, when she was secretary of state? there was some agreement there that was violated. >> amy, the very questions you're asking were already answered by an investigation by the "wall street journal." they showed no favoritism. >> right, because she didn't turn -- this is the problem -- >> i didn't interrupt you. the second point, if you look at the issues involved with the work of the clinton foundation, it in no way compromised any work that hillary clinton did as secretary of state. in fact, the e-mails make that point. obviously, you're going to engage in spin it. we understand politics. >> let me make one point, robert. one thing i'll say to you is that if she had nothing to hide, then why were these 44 e-mails that we're talking about, why weren't they turned over to the state department when she was supposed to turn everything over? why is it an individual, organization, had to go out and sue through foia to get this
6:26 am
information. that's the only reason we know about it now. not because she willingly turned over the information. >> first of all, i don't know what the -- first of all, from the e-mails that came out, it clearly shows nothing was hidden. no favors were asked from the foundation. no favors were granted fought foundation. the meeting requested never took place. the book that was written about this, clinton cash, which you're referencing, had to be reissued with major revisions and corrections because it was so false. amy, you're going to sit there with the trump campaign in the gutter talking about this. the country wants to focus on -- >> this has to do with the national security. >> i'm sorry. >> national security trump it is all. >> i have to leave it there. thanks to all of you. robert, margegy, thanks again. still to come in the "newsroom," bolsters the economy, three days after donald trump has his plan, hillary clinton will lift the curtain on hers.
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across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive. let us help grow your company's tomorrow- today at
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costello, thank you for joining me. breaking news in the retail world and it is not good news. macy's says it is closing 100 of its 675 stores. they're going to disappear by early next year. it is the company's latest effort to adapt to the shifting consumer preferences for online shopping. no word on exactly which locations will be impacted. but macy's says they'll be offered where ever possible. hillary clinton will offer her economic plan later today, helping the middle class and likely needle donald trump for keeping his tax returns secret. cnn's jeff zeleny is in warren
6:32 am
michigan. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the economic dress in macomb county, one of the central battleground counties will be a speech in two parts. first, she will say what she will do for the economy. she will renew her call for the biggest investment in job creation she says since world war ii. that's largely through infrastructure spending, green energy, you other new types of jobs. it will also be focussed on what she believes donald trump will do for the economy that will not be good for the working class americans, both of them trying to reach. carol, she'll unveil new language in the speech in just a couple of hours, including the word trump loop hole. that's something that you will hear from now until election day, specifically, she is referring to what he is proposing to lower the tax rate for pass through entities. this is the, you know, sort of new fad for businesses where corporations don't pay taxes. he will lower that. now, he would also benefit from
6:33 am
a lot of this. she'll use the words trump loop hole to talk about that. talk about his plans in her views are unrealistic. carol, this is all designed to break the veneer that his success in business would mean success for the american pocketbook for average workers. this is one area she has been trying to work on. donald trump has been leading in the economy in terms of how voters view the handling of the economy, until the conventions. then we've seen a shift in polling on that. so she is trying to keep that argument alive that donald trump is not in if for average american workers. he is in it for himself. this is her rebuttal to husband economic speak monday in detroit. i would assume we'll hearn another rebuttal from donald trump as well. >> so hillary clinton is also going to go after donald trump on not releasing his tax. she'll what, release her taxes
6:34 am
tomorrow? >> i am told by an advisor to her campaign that she is likely to release her 2015 taxes as early as tomorrow. as well as tim kaine, her running mate, will also be releasing ten years worth of his taxes. now, this is all designed to put more pressure or call out the fact that donald trump has just not released his income tax returns, something every presidential candidate has done, going back to richard nixon. so we will expect her to talk about her tax returns today. talk about the fact that donald trump has not released his returns, and then finally, release hers as early as tomorrow. carol. >> all right, jeff zeleny, reporting live in warren, michigan. let's talk about this, boris epstein, senior advisor and david madlen, american action fund, hallowed out, why the economy doesn't work without a strong middle class. welcome to both of you. let's get the tax issue off the table right now. good morning, boris.
6:35 am
boris, will it work, will trump bend and release his taxes since she may release hers as early as tomorrow. >> that's up to donald trump as an individual. he has released 104 pages of a financial disclosure form which is much more extensive than any tax return. hillary clinton is trying to obstruct from the real issue. she may be releasing her tax returns, but i would like to see the clinton global initiative that received $1 billion from a donor asking for favors from the state department and probably got the favors, no matter what people say. those are the issues american people want to know about, the pay to play. >> again, no hard-core evidence there was any pay to play involved, not yet at least. >> a request for a meeting, and that was improper. >> the e-mails raise questions, i'll give you that. >> doug band, who made the question, also runs tenato
6:36 am
consulting, which is where huma abedin worked. a huge conflict of interest, and a continuation of the -- >> as far as we know, nothing came from the e-mail exchange. no meeting was ever set up. as far as we know, there is no hard-core evidence. that may be true, i just want the truth out there, okay. let's talk about tax returns. >> why? why don't we talk about they're hiding their calendar entries? >> because we're talking about hillary clinton's economic plan, which most people want to hear about, because voters need to make an important decision on whether they like donald trump's plans for our economy better than hillary clinton, and that's way want to focus on in this particular segment. let's do that. so david, i assume you've gone over hillary clinton's plan for our economy? >> yes, i have. >> what do you think of it? how would you characterize it? > >> it is a really good plan for the middle class. it folks on the core issues. the ability to get jobs and the
6:37 am
problem of stagnant wages, how you increase the number of jobs in the economy and raise people's wages and the other side that the middle class has been squeezed by higher education have been going through the roof. raise wages and reduce costs of these core goods. so it really stands in sharp contrast to the theory and the policies of donald trump, which are largely a continuation of trickle down economics, this idea if you help the wealthy, cut their taxes, you cut regulations on businesses, that somehow will trickle down to the middle class. instead, hillary clinton goes straight to the middle class and says we're going to strengthen you and that's the way to build the economy. >> boris, i will let you, i promise, but david, one more question about hillary clinton's plan. she wants to provide debt free college education to the middle class, and she wants to raise taxes to do that. so specifically, how much does she want to raise taxes by, and is it really possible to provide debt free college education to the middle class?
6:38 am
who would qualify? >> well, so yes. in our country's history, we used to provide debt free college for most of the country. things like the gi bill, to significant pel grants. what has happened, the past several decades, we stopped investing in public education the way we used to. because we've been cutting taxes on the wealthy. we're middle of the pack now. we've proven in our history we can do this, and she has laid out a wln plan that gives us a solid shot of doing that. >> so boris, mr. trump wants to take the government out of the student loan business, and privatize it. he says that will help college students, especially with their load of debt. how so? >> well, first of all, i would like to answer the previous question david did not answer. hillary clinton would like to raise taxes by $1.3 trillion. >> on the wealthy. >> that's obama has already
6:39 am
raised taxes. whatever you define the wealthy as, middle class cannot sustain that kind of tax rate. hillary clinton has done nothing in her career to help the middle class. that's one. two, as far as student debt goes, of course, privatizing student will, it will allow for the competitors to compete for the lower rate. just like credit cars do, other lenders do. so if the lenders compete, the borrowers win. no question about it. >> it is tough for middle class to get a loan from the bank, isn't it? >> well, it depends. that's a broad statement. if you look at mortgage rates, they're very low right now. if you look at mohammhome build lot of folks are able to get a home, but people suffering. 600,000 businesses had to shutter because of regulation under barack obama. >> was talking about getting a loan from the bank. >> get rid of those regulations. >> i'm going to leave it there.
6:40 am
we'll talk much more about both candidates economic plans. boris, david, thanks to both of you. still to come in the "newsroom," relentless bombing in allepa, their desperate plea to barack obama, next. in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine,
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president obama to step in to help hor rivrific bombing, thisa chlorine gas attack, killing two dozen children. in an open letter, they write, quote, we do not need tears, sympathy or prayers. we desperately need a zone free from bombing over eastern aleppo to stop the attack to ensure aleppo is never besieged again. just months ago, joining us with
6:45 am
more. >> good morning. it was a group of 29 doctors. they are some of the only doctors left in the eastern part of aleppo. they are having to serve as some 300,000 people are estimated to be basically trapped in that area, which is more or less been under siege now for just under a month. as you heard in that letter, they cried out, basically saying that they are having to make decisions everyday between who to save and who to let die, because they don't have the medical supplies they need in order to save everybody. specifically, i've been speaking to doctors, they need a scanner, life support machines, they need oxygen. they don't have enough diesel to power the generators. meanwhile, they are very frequently being targeted by these attacks from the air, from russia, and also, from theo regime. this has allowed the rebels to open up the seeiege, but it is
6:46 am
fierce, it can't get to the desperately, you know, those desperately needy civilians trapped inside. they finished the doctors, those doctors, with chastising the international community, by standing by and not acting, you're somehow come poliplicit,o protect civilians, the white house a has responded. they confirmed that they have received this letter from the doctors, and they said, quote, the u.s. has repeatedly condemned indiscriminate bombing of medical facilities about the assad regime in syria and elsewhere. the u.s. urged all parties to get back to the negotiating table. those words, unlikely to resonate much with syrian people on the ground, who feel very distressed that no one is coming to their aid, carol.
6:47 am
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together, we're building a better california. sort of like watching a train wreck in real time. pay 19-year-old virginia man used suction cups to climb the trump tower. he is undergoing evaluation at a hospital.
6:52 am
sources say one goal in mind, a personal meeting with donald trump. after about 3 1/2 hours in dramatic fashion, police officers, you can see it there, managed to yank him into the building. that man now expected to face several state charges. donald trump wasn't even in the tower at the type, he was on the campaign trail in florida. he did weigh in on twitter saying, quote, great job today by the nypd. here now to talk about this is a photographer and explorer, welcome, james. >> thanks. >> and you take unbelievably beautiful pictures. >> thank you. >> and you also venture outside of very tall buildings as we're seeing here, but you don't use suction cups. >> no, i don't, my goal is really not to make a spectacle and be seen by thousands of people on the exterior of a building. i'm really trying to make photographs. >> you have also gotten in trouble for standing on top of
6:53 am
tall buildings like that. >> i have gotten in a little bit of trouble, yeah. >> let's talk about this climber yesterday on the trump tower. he was using these suction cup things. like, what are they and would you ever attempt something like that? >> i can't claim to know anything about them then anyone else. they look like sort of industrial suction cups, plate glass to me, not actual climbing equipment. he has some sort of harness on him but it doesn't look like -- >> you do a lot of amazing courageous things. was this guy crazy for attempting to climb a building in that fashion? >> my opinion on it is just as qualified as really anyone else is. really, he seems like a slightly unhinged person, trying to get attention. it's really not anything i can claim to know much about.
6:54 am
>> he climbed up about 20 stories in 3 1/2 hours. does that say to you an experienced climber of anything? >> well, no, i mean, it certainly looks like he was getting fatigued and he was climbing pretty slowly. that is a strenuous activity i can imagine and probably his nerves are active too it his adrenaline is pumping too. it looks like it was going slowly. >> were you watching this unfold yesterday? >> yeah, not glued to the live stream but i was definitely on twitter and facebook when it was happening. >> when the police pulled him in through the window, how dangerous was that do you suppose? >> that looked like a pretty dangerous moment. it looked like probably the most dangerous moment. but clearly there were a few people up there who got a grip on him and pulled him in pretty aggressively pretty quickly, which was good to see. >> people climbing buildings in
6:55 am
new york is not all that unusual. >> it's not, for various reasons, people do climb them. there's a lot of tall buildings here and obviously there was a frenchman who climbed the new york times building recently and a few other people who have done similar things. >> should they be doing that? >> well, you know, it's not the, probably, worst crime anyone can do but at the same time it's a huge waste of resources and there's, you know, better things that the police could be doing with their time. so should, the answer's probably no. >> thanks for stopping by, i do appreciate it. >> yeah, you're welcome. >> the next hour of "cnn newsroom" after a break.
6:56 am
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6:58 am
california's clean air laws we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying
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to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪
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the biggest rigger of the system is the media. isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. he's the founder of isis. he's the founder. he founded isis. by the way, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know. >> words matter, my friends. and good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we begin with the presidential race. donald trump gets a sobering reality check from the top of his own party. sources telling us the rnc chair reince priebus has conveyed to trump the gop is becoming increasingly concerned about the impact of trump's sagging campaign on down ballot races. many of those house and senate contests have drawn tighter as trump has charged into one controversy after another. this reporting comes as "time"
7:01 am
magazine unveils its new cover, emblazoned with a dripping orange caricature of trump with the word meltdown. he's speaking in just about a half an hour in miami beach. that's where we find sara murray, good morning. >> good morning, carol. thanks for having me. so there is a lot of buzz about the time magazine story and what we're hearing is there was a conversation between reince priebus and donald trump about the way he's been conducting his campaign, that there is frustration on the part of reince priebus and other, you know, top republican officials about how he's been handling this. their goal was to sort of give the big picture overview to donald trump to make it clear that what he says does have ramifications for other people on the ticket, it does have ramifications for down ballot races and there are going to be moments when there are senators in tough re-election fights.
7:02 am
they'll criticize him, they'll disagree with him. one of the things the rnc is pushing back on today is the notion that reince priebus said, look, if you don't get your act together, we're going to funnel the resources to house and senate races. so taking to twitter today to say the story about reallocating resources not true. one thing we know about priebus is he's not a guy who tens to bust the door down and had very confrontational approaches. he is the kind of person who can go in, who speaks to donald trump regularly and say look, here's the lay of the land, things are not going great for you, we are going to need to make some tweaks, some changes. if you think donald trump is paying attention to all of that, is letting it all sink in, take a listen to what he had to say today on cnbc. >> look, i beat 17 people. i started with 17. i now have one person who i think is pretty close to
7:03 am
incompetent. i think she's pretty close to incompetent. >> this is what happens every time with donald trump, we get to a pivot, people talk to him, say he needs to get his act together. he behaves for a day or two and then he comes right back out and sets off another firestorm. we are expecting him to speak in miami. he's expected to discuss the economy. and we'll see if he sticks to the script. carol. >> sara murray reporting live from miami today. the chief republican strategist denies the report, saying the story about reince telling donald trump about reallocating resources is simply not true. all right, so there you have it twice. to talk more, cnn political commentator and former communications director for ted cruz alice stewart and cnn political analyst and real clear politics political reporter rebecca burg. we're awaiting bacari sellers,
7:04 am
who's a clinton supporter, so we'll start with you, ladies, and thanks for being with me this morning. alice, all of this stuff we're talking about with the rnc and donald trump, what do you make of that? >> well, look, i reached out directly to shawn and rnc and they reiterated what you and sara both said, that the talk and reporting of the real location of resources is simply not true. look, the journalists who wrote this piece are very thorough. all of my candidates have been at the -- yb sitting across the table from them and they're thorough journalists. the fact the rnc may have gone to trump and say look, you need to be a little more cautious, get things back on track and on message, those are clear. the poll numbers are not exactly where the republicans want them. we've got less than 90 days to
7:05 am
go. there's the chance to stay focused and put the attack directly on hillary clinton. we can get things back on track and be victorious in november. but say things that are not on the mark is what's distracting voters and that's why we're having hillary have such support. i do trust the rnc, i do take them at their word. >> so rebecca, donald trump yesterday seemed to say for the most part on message. he said that president obama founded isis and hillary clinton was the co-founder of isis. as you know, the polls show hillary clinton is winning and she's making pains among independents. is that the way that donald trump should stay on message? >> that's exactly what voters are suggesting he doesn't do, so use this very harsh rhetoric, speak off the cuff as he does so
7:06 am
often. there was a very interesting focus group this week. done in concert with democratic strategist and republican pollster, neil newhouse. the poll talked to women voters, undecided motherses in ohio and arizona two key states in this election, and the women were bothered consistently by not only trump's rhetoric but the way he seeps to be very petty, the way he sees to say things and not think about their meaning. these are things voters are actively thinking about. the recent poll found that biggest concerns with donald trump, statements they have been most bothered by, was his insult of a disabled journalist, all the way back to last year. then most recently his attack on the khan family who spoke at the democratic convention and of course their son was killed serving in iraq and posthumously
7:07 am
awarded a gold star and purple heart. so voters are very concerned right now, undecided persuadable voters with how donald trump is speaking, the phrasing he uses and the fact he doesn't walk back those remarks or apologize for them. when he's using the very harsh language, i think he needs to be more aware and more careful of what he's saying. >> so something -- something that the trump camp has cleared up was whether donald trump would skip a debate, right, because he expressed concern that the debates were scheduled at the same time that same nfl games were scheduled. rudy giuliani was on "new day" this morning. >> donald trump is going to participate in all three debates and the negotiations are going to be about, as they always are and have always been, about how we do it. >> so he'll do all three -- there's these stories about he's only going to do one -- >> he's going to do all three debates. >> okay so rudy giuliani went on to say he feel these debates will be important for trump.
7:08 am
in your mind, how important will they be? >> i think they're critical. there's certain phases that are key milestones. the conventions being one. where each of the candidates did get a bump. when we get to these debates, they will be critical. being able to show the contrast. of course the first one in late september. you recall back in 2012, romney knocked it out of the park in his debate and didn't do so well in the following two debates. but they're critical. it's an opportunity for the candidates to not only showcase their policies and their positions but show the contrast with their opponent. but also be personable and give a side to them a lot of folks aren't able to see on the campaign trail. and so these are critical. i do hope that he does participate in them and as donald trump always does, there's a lot of showmanship prior to the debates, will he or won't he participate, but i do think he should. they're critical. it's a great opportunity for voters to make up their mind and see the candidates head to head
7:09 am
on the issues and it's going to be certainly large audiences tuning in to that and i think it would be be a mistake if he were to bow out. >> rudy giuliani says mr. trump will indeed participate in all three debates. you can't help but think hillary clinton's and donald trump styles are so markedly different. >> it's like they'll be deeb baiting in two different universes, carol. and i'm so excited to see how that plays out. and interested to see how that plays out. i would be very interested to be a fly on the wall during hillary clinton race debate preparation because how do you prepare for the debate with donald trump. alice knows very well actually how you debate donald trump, having worked for ted cruz during the republican primary. it's a very big challenge. because he speaks in generality. there are a number of falsehoods or exaggerations that he uses over the course of speaking. and so these are things hillary clinton is going to have to look out for. of course, he is very
7:10 am
charismatic. people like donald trump, entertained by donald trump, even while he is using this very harsh rhetoric and saying some things that are widely controversial so it will be very interesting to see how hillary clinton prepares for these debates and also tackles donald trump's unique unconventional debate style. >> i know who plays donald trump for hillary clinton and who plays hillary clinton for donald trump, interesting questions that we'll soon find out, i'm sure. thanks to both of you. alice, rebecca burg, i do appreciate it. still to come in the "cnn newsroom," bigger than we thought, the headline for the dnc e-mail hack, could the clinton camp be in for more fallout? she spent summer binge-watching. soon, she'll be binge-studying.
7:11 am
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because covering heals faster. to seal out water, dirt and germs, cover with a water block clear bandage from band-aid brand. another major setback for retail giant macy's. the company announcing last hour it will close 100 of its 675 stores, by early next year. cnn's alison kosik is here with
7:15 am
more on that. >> this is kind of par for the course for macy's. nothing new unfortunately. just because macy's has been closing stores. i want to show you how many. in six years, macy's closed about 90. in about a year, 100 stores will disappear. this, beginning 2017. so that makes up 15% of all of its department stores are going to just close. moving once again very swift. the stock price certainly doing very well. investors are cheering this move. macy's shares up 16% today. it means the bleeding is going to stop and hopefully macy's gets control of the situation. >> what about the employees? >> the employees could very well lose their jobs. no guarantee they're going to be placed at other stores. many want to know why this is happening. there are two reasons for that. one is changing tastes. a lot of consumers are looking to go to fast fashion houses like forever 21 and h & m where you can get the latest fashion at a lower price. case in point at the gap, banana
7:16 am
republic. banana republic has more expensive fashions but the problem with places like banana republic is designers have to put out those designers an year in advance and those styles can change over a year , it's a rea gamble. department stores just aren't able to keep up with changing taste. i'd be remiss if i didn't mention online competition, amazon is eating almost everybody for lunch. that online effect. the ease at which you can order things online and shop online. that also is eating into macy's pocket as well. >> so alison, i want you to stick around because i need another economic expert. stick with me. hillary clinton will unveil her economic plan later today. much of her message will be about helping the middle class. she'll likely needle the billionaire for keying his own tax return secret. let's dive deeper. monica meta, managing partner for southern capital and also alison kossic joins me again.
7:17 am
so monica you have looked over hillary clinton's plan and what she's going to talk about will sound great to middle class voters, right? the largest investment since world war ii, free college for the middle class and debt free college for all. ensure workers share in the profits they create. so how can she accomplish that without raising taxes big time? >> well, she is raising taxes and she is raising taxes for a select group. i'd like to add that what is interesting is a lot of the policies you're seeing from hillary clinton aren't that far off from what we saw with trump. he also wants to spend a ton on infrastructure. he recognizes the cost of child care. it's 10% of the average household. there's a focus on uplifting the middle class but they seem to have their own recipes for doing it. clinton's program is completely silent on these trade agreements which are a core base of trump supporters and bernie supporters
7:18 am
take real issue with and that's cost the economy quite a bit and it's cost quite a few jobs about 5 million from 1997 to 2014. >> so alison, outline some of the differences between the two's plan. i know mr. trump talks about getting rid of regulations. i don't think hillary clinton will be talking a lot about that today. >> you're probably not going to be seeing that. with donald trump you're certainly seeing him give a lot of tax breaks for businesses. he's looking to lower the corporate rate to 15%. from 35%. that's a huge boost though to small businesses. that's really the engine of our economy too. so many could see that as a plus. you look at those three tax brackets, 12%, 33% for the highest earnings. the problem with those tax brackets is we don't know which incomes those brackets fall into. new trade deals and tariffs of course. trump looking to just completely change, you know, the trade deals that are in place and place tariffs on goods that are coming from places like china
7:19 am
because he feels they are cheats, as he calls them. as far as regulations, he's saying if he becomes president, he is looking to put a temporary moratorium on all regulations because he thinks extra regulations in this country are costing upwards of $2 trillion. >> i want to focus now on college debt because hillary clinton, monica, said that she wants to make a college education free to middle class americans. she wants to pay for that by raising taxes on the middle class. so how much would she actually have to raise taxes on the wealthy, i mean, to do that? >> well, i don't know exactly what you'd have to raise for a single year but i think the number is there's $1 trillion of college debt outstanding. it's a huge problem. it is an issue that seems to follow millennials around and forces them to postpone huge milestones like getting married, moving out of your parent's house, buying a car. it's something that has become such a setback for millennials
7:20 am
that they really view debt differently than previous generations. it is clearly a pain point that needs to be addressed and it is unclear what the details are in terms of how we're going to actually achieve this but it seems to be need folk cauccused is a positive thing. >> donald trump's ideas to ease the trump burden for college students is to privatize the college loan system. so instead of borrowing from the government you would borrow from a private bank. is that a good idea? >> well, it depends on how you look at it. if you're able to get a loan, sure. you look at hillary clinton's plan she was just talking about. although on its headline, it sounds good and it's certainly helpful to those who are need based. it's really difficult to pay for something like that. i talked to one college professor when her debt free college plan came out and he was concerned how this was sustainable. i mean, just to the bare minimum of he was wondering how do you pay the college professors at the university. how sustainable is it.
7:21 am
and that's probably why. in her plan, not all states have to agree to have debt-free tuition. in addition, that's just the tuition. the room and board, that's not taken care of. sometimes the room and board at some of these state colleges can be as much or more than the tuition. although we're hearing debt free, sometimes it's not as great as it seems once you pull back the curtain and read the details. >> i want to talk about tax returns because hillary clinton reportedly whiill release her t returns tomorrow. her running mate will release his tax returns for the last ten years tomorrow. they want donald trump to release his tax returns. should he? will it work? is it good strategy? >> he has nothing to gain from releasing his tax rushes. at some point, he needs to do it. but, you know, there is definitely an acute focus on why are you not releasing this information. so i think there's nowhere to go but down for him once that information comes out.
7:22 am
>> so jeff zeleny, i have him live now, he's going to be covering hillary clinton's big economic speech later today. tell us more about how hillary clinton is trying to force the issue with donald trump releasing his tax rueturns. >> good morning, carol. she is going to say that she is going to release her 2015 tax returns as early as tomorrow we're told. her returning mate will release his for a ten-year period. now this is an all in effort to, a, continue a pattern she has done for years. have long released their tax returns, some three decades worth on their website. it is to make the point clear that donald trump has not yet released his tax returns. you can argue if it's good or bad for donald trump politically to not release them. but he would be -- he is the first republican presidential nominee, a nominee of either party to not release his tax returns going back to richard nixon here. so it is without precedent. and it does build the narrative of why isn't he releasing his
7:23 am
tax returns? the main thing we would find out if he would release them is what tax rate he is actually pay. we learned a lot of information from that. but that is basically the main point here, how much in taxes is he paying, and that goes right to the heart of the economic argument that hillary clinton will be making here today in warren, michigan, that she is fighting for the middle class, and she says his were not. this is a bit of a book end to the economic speech he gave earlier this week in detroit here. the point of this is to make clear his business strength, his acumen to drive his political argument, is actually not as -- he's not fighting for voters, he's actually trying to froprot himself here, so that's the political argument he's trying to make. but i don't expect him to necessarily respond to the argument and release his taxes. she's releasing her taxes tomorrow.
7:24 am
>> alison kosik, monica meta and jeff zeleny, thank you. donald trump will talk jobs himself. he'll talk about the economy. he's going to address the national association of home builders. we'll take you there live next. takbbq trophies:hese best cracked pepper sauce... most ribs eaten while calf roping... >>yep, greatness deserves recognition. you got any trophies, cowboy? ♪ whoomp there it is uh, yeah... well, uh, well there's this one. >>best insurance mobile app? yeah, two years in a row. >>well i'll be... does that thing just follow you around? like a little puppy! the award-winning geico app. download it today.
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good morning, i'm carol costello. donald trump focusing his attention on florida. he's about to speak in miami beach. this is the first time we'll hear from mr. trump as we're hearing the rnc is concerned his behavioral impact on other gop
7:29 am
races. we'll bring you some of his comments live. new fears for top democrats in the wake of that russian cyberattack. "the new york times" is reporting the e-mail hack was bigger than anyone thought. that could mean a slow drip of embarrassing information right up until november 8th. cnn's deborah feyerick is here. >> the hack is bigger than anyone imagined and that's a big issue for the democrats because they do feel those e-mails might be released and do big damage to the elections. now, it does appear the cyberattack against the democrats was even bigger than initially thought. having hacked the democratic national committee and dccc, the hackers would have influence on virtually anyone of influence in the party. briefed on the investigation, reporting that the fbi is expanding what they're look at. they're learning that democratic officials' private accounts might have been hacked.
7:30 am
on the list, the democratic governors association. cybersecurity experts who investigated the hack do confirm it is russia, they've identified both russian national and military intelligence units based on a variety of factors. but american officials believe that while they have a high level of confidence it's russia, so far they've not come out definitively to say that, in part, because of all the impla i ka s implications involved. also, is it just basic espionage or something more manipulative like trying to gain access toth political system either for national security of russia or russia regime security, so all of that under investigation. >> i thought investigators were pretty darn sure russian hackers hacked into the dnc. >> they -- absolutely, cyber experts confirm it 100%, but, again, american officials will not cross that line just yet, because to do so opens up a whole sort of area of discussion. what do you do, how do you retaliate and who are the
7:31 am
motives. again, is this just espionage. because there's a lot of espionage that goes on in the cyber intelligence community. that's how people keep track of what everybody else is doing. >> but they are actively investigating whether vladimir putin's government was behind this hacking but they don't know. >> they know the people they found in the dnc systems, in the dccc systems, were russian agents working on behalf of the military and national security for russia. we have not heard it in those words as clearly from the u.s. government, just from everybody around. >> deborah feyerick, thank you. with me now, julian salazar, princeton university, and cnn political analyst rebecca burg and cnn commentator and hillary clinton supporter becarey sellers. welcome to all of you. becarey what do you make of this? >> i think what we're looking at is again russia meddling in the
7:32 am
elections of the united states. i was listening to the report and i don't think there's any question. the russian government using basically wikileaks to move the united states elections in one way or another. i was reading "the new york times" report recently that was highlighting this hack and i believe it was ts article talking about how wide spread it was but it also said the republican national committee and donald trump's campaign have had no incidents of targeting for this type of hacking. so it's pretty clear what's going on. i think democrats will just brace ourselves, deal with it and keep our eye on the road. >> but donald trump doesn't really use e-mail, bekari. >> donald trump doesn't use e-mail but that doesn't mean that the rnc does not use e-mail, does not mean that paul manafort doesn't use e-mail. you have the senior adviser who went over to russia who praised
7:33 am
putin, and then has these interests. these are simply facts. it doesn't matter. hillary clinton is going to beat donald trump and going to beat putin at the same time. >> i'm goinging to bring debor feyerick back in. there's no connection between manafort's visit to russia and the attack. >> a lot has been made over trump's statements that the russians should look and find hillary clinton's e-mails. what we do know is the republicans did bring in cyber experts to look at their systems. we don't know whether their systems have been hacked just yet. the republicans are going to make efforts to see whether anyone's in their system. >> this is just -- it's just bizarre to talk about. but the most disturbing aspect of this is the information it could uncover, some of which may be helpful to voters and some of which may harm the country. >> absolutely.
7:34 am
you know, this is like watergate combined with national foreign policy. remember, that started with the break-in of the dnc. yeah, no, i think candidates don't like uncertainty. and so part of this is the uncertainty that hillary clinton and the democrats face at this point in terms of what information is going to come out and obviously the other part of this is national security. and there's a sense that nobody really has control in the age of the internet over what kind of information can be released. so i do think this is causing a lot of fear and it raises this other question of why at this point the hacking seems to be partisan where only one subject is party to it. >> rebecca, i just heard from a reporter in the field manu raju talking to nancy pelosi who called this electronic
7:35 am
watergate. this an apt description? >> certainly similarities because watergate was a physical break-in by operatives trying to affect the outcome. this is of course not by republicans but by the russians, probably, we think. and so there are some similarities here, but there's also a political strategic reason why nancy pelosi is saying this, why clinton's campaign is stressing the origin of this hacking and the leaks. this is sort of them trying to go on the offense in advance of leaks to come. they expect wiki will release more e-mails, perhaps at a point in the election when it could cause the most damage like october, even next month in september. and so they're trying to turn the focus to the origin of the e-mails rather than the content
7:36 am
of the e-mails which we saw was damaging during the democratic national convention. they don't know what is coming. we know of course the clinton foundation was also hacked so the possibilities are really endless and they need to try to be on defense as much as possible. >> is rebecca right? >> i can tell you what's in the e-mails. i can pretty much assure you what's in the e-mailings. a democratic party, a dccc, that's trying to win elections. the language is going to be crass. maybe some jokes that shouldn't be said. some people are going to get fired for the language they use and not having the proper temperament conducting personal business but what you'll see is trying to win elections. you're already seeing donors and their personal identification being used in criminal ways. i mean, you're seeing people's personal information being hacked. and if anybody thinks this is a joke or anybody thinks this is okay, this is not a part of
7:37 am
politics at all. i think you'll see a couple of things come out of this. i don't think this is going to affect the outcome of the general election like many think it may. >> julian, on that point, these e-mails are slipping out, you know, one or two or exchanges, right, they sort of tantalize us but they don't really tell us the whole story. >> well, yeah, i mean, that's the difficulty with all of these wikileaks and other kinds of data dumps. there's tons of information. most people don't read through them. people pick and choose aspects of the e-mail that doesn't provide the context, we don't know the whole story, so a d danger in how they is processed. it's incumbent on the press to play a strong role and filter this. otherwise it's easy to use bits and pieces to attack hillary clinton, whoever else becomes
7:38 am
the subject of this information. so we have to proceed with caution. we also have to proceed with caution in talking about the orig origins. we don't know right now the entire story of the origins. and as we remember in the early cold war, these kinds of accusations can also be dangerous. we just want to handle this with caution and rigger. >> all right, i have to leave it there. thanks so much. up next, it is day six of the rio games. team usa leading the medal count, bringing home 11 gold so far. so what's in store today, coy wire in rio. >> it's heating up in rio and the competition's heating up. phelps, with the chance for olympic history. but it might not happen because of his roommate? we'll talk about it.
7:39 am
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water would be nice, but that would go right through me. ghost problems. it could be a day for the record books for team usa bringing home 11 gold medals already. today is set to be another big day. u.s. favorite michael phelps is looking to add a 22nd gold medal to his collection. he's competing in the 200 medley today. katie lee decky taking a third gold medal yesterday. and in gymnastics, simone biles is set to break a record if she wins today. coy wire is in rio. wow. >> it's not bad, carol. good to talk with you. i want to talk about katie ledeckie, pushing to become the greatest female swimmer the world has known.
7:44 am
last night, another gold in the 4 x 200 meter freestyle relay. she swam the anchor leg, the last leg. when she jumped in the pool, she was almost a full second behind the leader but he teammates were there, cheering her on, watching, amazed as she gobbled up that lead, taking that lead away from the elsies, claiming victory not just for her team but her forth total medal, her third at the games. a favorite to dominate the 800 which is under way today. we are set to see today a showdown between the the two most decorated men in american olympics history, michael phelps, ryan lochte, going for gold in the 200 im final tonight and, carol, these guys are roommates here in rio. phelps can become the first swimmer to win gold in the same event in four consecutive games. ryan lochte's looking to add to the 12 olympic medals to his name. but these two say they are embracing this opportunity to compete against a friend. >> for me, he brings the best
7:45 am
out of me. we're racers so, you know, it's meets like these i love the most where him and i get to go and kind of duke it out. we bring the best out of each other. we've been doing it since 2004. and any time i get up and race him, it's the best. >> the modern day cold war playing out in the pool is on pause for now. american gold medalist swimmer lily king fails to qualify for the breaststroke finals tonight against her russian rival. lily king made a huge splash remember here in rio when she openly criticized her rival for being allowed to compete in rio despite two previous doping suspensions. king told cnn's don riddle in part, quote, i am glad to be a poster child for a clean sport. unquote. michael phelps has stood behind her comments. there seems to be a ground swell of the athletes demanding
7:46 am
change. all right, one more thing we have to see today. women's gymnastics, individual all around competition. and it will be the high-flying amazing simone biles and aly raisman representing in rio. they've already won team gold, now they'll go against each other for individual honors. >> quite a night ahead of me, i love gymnastics. coy wire, thank you. a police officer in florida accidentally shoots and kills a woman during a demonstration. we're await ago news conference where we can learn more about how this could have happened. ♪
7:47 am
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7:50 am
we're expecting to learn more today about the fatal shooting of a 73-year-old woman taking part in a police exercise in south florida. she was killed during something called shoot or don't shoot training. i recently had the chance to participate in a similar drill and experience just how little time officers have to make life or death decisions.
7:51 am
trust me, i was not using real bullets. neither were the other guys who were participating in that drill. cnn's victor blackwell is reporting. this elderly woman, she wanted to experience what officers deal with on the streets daily and tragically it cost her her life. >> it just doesn't seem real that the greatest light in our life is gone. >> reporter: in a heartbreaking irony, the tragedy that dimmed that light was not supposed to have been real. steve folden's 73-year-old mother mary nolden had volunteered to participate in a fake emergency in her coastal florida community when she was struck by a real bullet in what police are calling a trainingtr accident. it was hosted by the punta gourd ka police department, billled as an opportunity to meet the officers and learn about the tough choices they have to make. but he says his mom signed up
7:52 am
for a different reason. >> we had been talking two nights before about, you know, bad things were for the police in this nation after all the shootings and the -- she wanted to show her support. she wanted to make it clear to them she supported them. >> reporter: during the first role play scenario of the night, nolden teamed up with another volunteer, an officer, for a shoot/don't shoot role play. it's an exercise these officers have led many times before. even using the same revolver as during other simulations. but that revolver, which is usually loaded with blanks, held live ammunition. the officer fired at least one round at the retired l ed libra as volen teerns looked on. >> we were unaware any live ammunition for this particular weapon existed. we believe the particular caliber of the weapon used, that there were only blank rounds available to the officer.
7:53 am
>> reporter: knnolton was shot once, according to police. she was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> why he had to shoot at her, i don't know. you sit and question, second-guess. i wish i had a time machine, i could go back and stop her from going. i'd give anything to talk to her again. >> a loss also felt personally by the police chief, tom lewis. >> mary is a phenomenal person in this community. i know her well. she attends a lot of community events. it's just a horrific time for all of us. >> as the florida department of law enforcement tries to figure out how and why that live round was used, officer kowell has been placed on administration leave. >> i know this guy that did this is probably -- can't even live in his own skin right now but, you know, i want him to know that we know i'm sure he didn't
7:54 am
intent on this happening and i forgive him. >> reporter: grief counseling has been offered to the officer and those who witnessed the shooting as police try to understand how such a tragic accident could have happened outside their own police station. victor blackwell, cnn, atlanta. still to come in the "newsroom," donald trump speaking in front of a home builders group just moments from now. will he address claims the gop is concerned about his affect on house and senate races. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx.
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7:58 am
checking some top stories for you at 58 minutes past. turkey says hand over an exiled cleric living in pennsylvania or its relationship with the nato ally is in jeopardy. the prime minister believes the cleric was behind the failed coup attempt last month. no public response from the
7:59 am
government. the white house is responding to an open letter penned by doctors in aleppo. as a suspected gas attack there killed three people and injured dozens more. doctors in syria wrote, we do not need tears or sympathy or prayers. we need a zone free from bombing over eastern aleppo to stop the attacks and international action to ensure aleppo is never besieged again. the white house is responding saying the white house has could be condemned bombing by the assad regime in syria. the doj says marijuana will remain a schedule 1 drug which declares it has no medical use or purpose. the agency was asked to reconsider the designation to benefit research. right now, 25 states and d.c. have approved the use of medical marijuana for conditions ranging from epilepsy to arthritis. the air force is looking for a few good fighter pilots. the military suggests a shortage
8:00 am
of 700 pilots by the end of the year. that's expected to reach 1,000 by 2022. to battle increasing competition from commercial airlines, they're looking at upping the $25,000 a year retention bonus to get pilots to stay longer. thanks for joining meg today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour" with berman and bolduan starts right now. hello, everyone, i'm kate bolduan. >> and i'm john berman. donald trump is about to speak in florida after brewing up a fresh pot of controversy, "time" writing the party is thinking about dropping the pot altogether and focusing on congressional races, a pot that includes steamy new allegationings that president obama co-founded isis which is a false pot. >> he's brewing the ro


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