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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  August 11, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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working families in this country? the answer is it isn't, nor are the proposed tax cuts for corporations where he wants to cut the rate from 5% to 15%. that only cost $5 trillion over 20 years. he wants to cut the income tax rates on the highest earning americans down to 33%. that doesn't make sense for middle class americans. >> we'll hear hillary clinton take to the stage and make that case today. roger altman, thank you for joining us. thank you all for joining us. >> we leave you with ashleigh banfield and "legal view" starting now. >> hello everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." 89 days, folks, count them, before this election is settled and three days after donald trump unveiled his economic plan in detroit, it is now hillary clinton's turn to do the same thing. in a little over an hour, the democratic nominee for president is going to talk about whether
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her plan for what she calls an economy that works for everyone is actually going to resonate. the story of the hour right now is trump's newly incessant claim that president obama and hillary clinton founded isis, not were responsible for, founded isis. and i know words are important and sometimes people just might misuse them or misstep. we'll get to that, mark my word. this is a claim the clinton campaign says echoes the talking points of vladimir putin, the president of russia. mr. trump just wrapped up an address to the home builders convention in miami beach. cnn's sarah murray is there, also jeff zeleny at the venue for secretary clinton's economic speech in warren, michigan. we'll do extensive coverage on all of this. to the next event, let's push forward to what we're about to hear, where you are sara.
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donald trump is not retracting any of it, mott mitigating it. take it from there. >> reporter: you're absolutely right, ashleigh. donald trump is standing by these comments. what republicans have said they wanted from trump is to turn up the heat on hillary clinton. i'm just not exactly sure this is what they meant. trump coming out and saying hillary clinton and president obama are the founders of isis. he had especially point red marks about that today in his speech. take a listen. >> i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. they're the founders. in exact, i think we'll give hillary clinton the -- you know, if you're a sports fan, mvp award, most valuable player award. isis will hand her the most valuable player award. her only competition is barack obama. >> now, what was interesting,
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ashleigh, this was certainly the harshest attack he levied against hillary clinton on a day when hillary clinton is talking about the economy. trump did ding her saying she's going to raise taxes and he is going to cut them. he talked about how he's the only person who can bring the housing market back which is, of course, a huge issue here in florida, but not really making the kind of full-throated argument on the economy that many in his campaign and many republicans thought he might be coming out this week and making and raising more than a few eyebrows with this claim that hillary clinton is one of the founders of isis. >> didn't get a lot of resonating messaging. so i want to go to jeff right away. i can only imagine, jeff, the clinton campaign is hearing this over and over again. while they really want to talk economy because they're minutes away from addressing it live, they have to react to this. >> reporter: they do and they did indeed. jake sullivan is a senior foreign policy advisor to the
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clinton campaign sent out a statement and he said this is another example of donald trump trash talking the united states. it goes without saying that this is a false claim from a presidential candidate with an aversion to the truth and an unprecedented lack of knowledge. so this, of course, goes directly -- directly follows the argument of the clinton campaign and secretary clinton has been making herself, that donald trump is not ready for the oval office and, b, would be dangerous if he got there. the clinton campaign wants to focus on the economy. that's what the basis of her speech will be here in warren, michigan, ashleigh. i would not be surprised if we had a response from her directly to the isis charges in this speech. it is a very harsh charge. it simply isn't true, just the fact check of the matter of how isis is created. it simply isn't true. >> we'll have to see how much weight she gives to that and how much weight she gives to the
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checklist of the economic issues she wants to highlight in her plan. i know you'll be watching it. we're on the countdown. jeff zeleny will be back live. but in the meantime, the latest claim by donald trump and isis, who founded isis, brings me to eugene scott, cnn politics reporter, brian tell center host of "reliable sources" and ali velshi is our global affairs and economic analyst. gentlemen, welcome. what a day. i had something completely different planned for you. i thought while i heard the comments last night, they would be refuted, mitigated, tamped down or clarified today. founding isis would be -- i mean that's treason. i want to play the original comment. i want us all to digest it for a moment. have a look. >> in fact, in many respects, you know they honor president
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obama. isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. he's the founder of isis. he's the founder. he founded isis. and would say the co-found er would be crooked hillary clinton, co-founder. >> so, if you counted, that was six references to either being a founder or co-founder. look, it's exciting in those campaign halls. it's energizing when those audience members cheer and fuel your energy. and maybe mr. trump who many times is not the most articulate of speakers, might have used that word in a hyperbolic way. that's what we wanted to know today. we heard hugh hewitt's interview this morning in which he was challenged myriad times by hugh
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hewitt about a conservative radio talk show host, come on, you don't really mean founded. wait until you hear their back and forth. have a listen. >> he's the founder of isis. i do. he's the most valuable player. i give him the most valuable player award. i give her, too, by the way. >> he's not sympathetic to them. he hates them. he's trying to kill them. >> he was the founder. the way he got out of iraq, that was the founding of isis. >> i think it's pretty clear. i think he actually is literally saying founder. you are a politics reporter. this is the stuff you have to juggle on a regular basis. i don't think we were finished up with last night's reporting when we had this. what do you do with this? how do you report this? >> you make it very clear that this is what he said. he's been very vocal saying the media twisted his words, we get him and his supporters wrong. this is what he believes and this is what he said and doubled down on it. the thing that's interesting, while we had that type of
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support from his supporters at the rally who appreciated this, this will hurt donald trump from getting the support of independents and the republican establishment. he can't win this election with just his base. these comments don't help him. >> hugh hewitt tried to tell him that in the interview saying, this is the kind of thing, mr. trump, when you say it, those of you who support it and you're bleeding off, say it's damaging to your cause. >> brian stelter, he blames the media. that's you, "reliable sources." what's your retort? >> it's not true and it's easy to check and confirm it's not true if you look up politifact and other sources. politifact will say sources of isis are compound and interconnected. obviously the president is not the founder of isis. i think it's important we say that clearly. we look into the camera and say
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it again and again. however, we also need reliable sources among supporters to say -- donald trump doesn't like cnn paul ryan, conservative media leaders should be the ones refuting what donald trump is saying. those people are the most trusted among trump's base. we're not seeing that happen. >> one thing we thought might get some ink or audio today is the reputation of barack obama's full name with his middle name. i'm going to play for you how he brought that into the same speech in which he said he was the founder of isis last night. have a listen to this. >> and then i heard where the people who speak -- largely they speak russian, they want to be with russia, they want to be with russia, maybe. we'll find out. this was taken during the administration of barack hussein obama.
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>> ali velshi, he puts these things out there, whether they're hyperbolic or not, they get traction, they get ink. some people echo and that's the danger. >> we ought not be surprised because on this channel and others not so long ago donald trump had still not let go of his idea that barack obama is a kenyan-born muslim. as a kenyan-born muslim, he's not one of my people. he wasn't at any of the meetings. >> the worrisome part about saying these are the mvps or founders of isil, it's a very dangerous organization, so much so that al qaeda thinks they're nuts. in order to know how to take them apart, you have to have a reasonably sophisticated understanding which hard for people to come to because it's complicated. you can't take them out if you don't know who they are.
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>> you were just out there. >> i'm there with some frequency. i was on the syrian border. it's complicated. when you get down on the ground, you realize the enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend. it requires a very sophisticated global approach to taking these guys out. this kind of talk oversimplifies the most complicated matter. >> oversimplifies is a great word. trump is talking about foorn policy critique and using coded language. when he mentions the middle name hussein, he's using coded language. whether we like or dislike trump, we should recognize the code words and dog whistles being used. >> donald trump, we talk about his strategies of doing this, but he may not be the only one. it might be that gary johnson is seeing this is an effective strategy against hillary clinton. this is what gary johnson had to say regarding this founding of isis comment that donald trump made. this was just this morning on
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msnbc. >> is hillary the founder of isis, obama the founder of isis? >> unintentionally. >> unintentionally. you would agree it's a policy issues, their policies that led to the rise of isis. is that what you're saying? >> yes, and it wasn't intentional, but you can't make it up, when they go in and support the opposition in leeb yeah and syria and the opposition is aligned with isis and we arm the opposition and they lose those arms to isis. unintentionally. >> is this a case, eugene of some infectious campaigning, an effect he's having on other people in the race? >> i think this is the case of two things with gary john soond with donald trump. we are in a post fact check culture in this election. and what we put out regardless of how much we say this is not what the evidence and intelligence supports, a lot of his supporters will not believe us because he's created the
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system of mistrust and the media even though we have made it very clear that what he said is not actually true. >> you all at home get to decide if we are in a post fact -- >> you can google isis founder and cesar cow which. >> president obama is prosecuting a war against isis, right. >> i almost feel like viewers at home don't recognize that because we don't see it every day. this is mostly a secret war being prosecuted against these terrorists. that's what the president does every day. >> can i ask you about this post fact check coverage. you are all reporters in a very new landscape. i, myself, was after a long day after this office five hours on my iphone doing e-mail last night. i'm upwards of 600 to 800 a day. it's exhausted, sometimes it's confusing and i don't even know
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what the lead is. is it too much too fast? we can't even keep snup. >> if you want to keep up, you can keep up. if you desire truth and accuracy, you can. if you've made up in your mind that conspiracy theories are what you buy in to and you'll disagree with cnn no matter what, you get away with this. >> does your work not matter? >> it matters to those who want to know the truth in this election. for those who want to buy into what's newsy and leads to applauses -- >> brian, it concerns me that people are so in their echo chambers that media and journalism which has been such a cornerstone of this country is becoming irrelevant to them. is it possible, just possible that this insane way that donald trump can throw something out there like "the president founded isis" and it gets a little traction? is it possible your good work might get sticky and actually land out there? >> certainly. the way to refute and respond to
9:15 am
this kind of misinformation is with the facts, the solution is more information, not less information. we shouldn't withhold from the audience what's happening. we should put more good information out into the world. sometimes to be provocative and fiery about this will help get the right information out. sometimes journalists make mistakes. we're not error proof. we make mistakes. generally my experience with journalists, they try really hard to get to the truth, to get to the reality. is that your experience? >> i completely agree. we have to keep doing it, do it better, work harder and hope more people pick up on this kind of stuff. >> and not let this be a post fact check culture. >> i appreciate you, brian, eugene, ali, as always. while trump is busy attacking hillary clinton and barack obama, maybe he should keep an eye out for opponents in his own party. lots happening on the trail to talk about with our political panel coming up. you can watch "legal view" any time, you can find me on the twitter,
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cnn ashleigh and check out facebook as well. they feel good?
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can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ] live pictures from the hillary clinton rally in warren, michigan. she's expected to take to those
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live mikes within an hour. it's a big day for her. this is her day where she'll outline her economic plan. family first is effectively the narrative she wants you to walk away with after this speech, this coming just four days after donald trump laid out his economic plan, and his narrative was america first. it will be fascinating to see how much crossover, similarity and how different they are going to be, these two different addresses. those live comments coming at you just as soon as that live mike fires up. drchl and the republican national committee, they do need each other pretty badly but they can't seem to stop putting heads over how to run the race for president. we're still learning a lot, waiting to learn a lot more, but at the same time getting drips and drabs about why at least eight rnc staffers quit over the past few weeks, some senior people, too. the deputy press secretary and the committee spokesman. details are unclear, but across the board they say it is the
9:21 am
discomfort that they're feeling over the nomination of donald trump for president. there's that out there, and there's also donald trump hammering away at hillary clinton, hard, in fact, on the released e-mails that her critics say show corruption during her years as secretary of state. >> a couple of very bad ones came out. it's called pay for play. and some of these were really, really bad and illegal. if it's true, it's illegal. you're paying and you're getting things. but it came out to her people, pay for play. very big stories today. the problem is, it will be big stories for about two minutes and then they'll drop it because the media is so totally dishonest. >> so, as for the three debates scheduled to put donald trump and hillary clinton on the same stage together, three times,
9:22 am
imagine the television. trump adviser and former new york mayor rudy giuliani said on this network, cnn this morning, you betcha, that's going to happen. after they iron out a few logistical details. i wish i knew what they were, but i'm sure we'll all know soon. mark preston working away, calling his sources to find out what they are, our political executive editor is here. also political analyst john avlon from "the daily beast." so the debate issue, mark, let me start with you. you don't skip a presidential debate. this is not the same as the primaries. skipped one of those, the effect wasn't drastic. was it ever really a question whether he would show up for the debates? >> first of all, i think with
9:23 am
donald trump there's always a question about him. he's very unpredictable, not our average candidate and doesn't follow any traditional path towards nomination. having said that, there are only a couple times during a campaign that you can actually reset. that's when you win the nomination. the second time is when you formally accept the nomination at the convention. you saw that in cleveland, and during these debates which happen six weeks before voters head to the polls. we only need to go to 2012 and look at mitt romney who had a good debate performance against barack obama. at that time barack obama was leading in the polls and we saw a shift, a minor shift at that time, but it was an opportunity for mitt romney to try to sell himself to the american people. he just wasn't able to close the deal in the end. >> we have a couple of polls showing hillary clinton way ahead. in wisconsin, it's a manufacturing state. it is the kind of place that should be really, really good for donald trump, and there's a big spread between the two of them. you can see those numbers there
9:24 am
among registered voters, 46-36 for hillary clinton. among likely voters, slightly different and wider. the gap is better for hillary clinton. 52% of likely voters plan to vote for hillary clinton, 37% for donald trump. while i'd like you to weigh in on that, mark, i also want to get john avlon to weigh in on that. we love polls and sometimes they're indicative of the way things should go. it's a big gap. >> especially among likely voters, especially because it's wisconsin. keep in mind this is home turf for rnc, reince priebus, paul ryan. they put a lot of effort over the years to turn wisconsin into a republican state. it hasn't worked, even with paul ryan on the ticket with mitt romney, they narrowly lost. this gap is massive. if donald trump is trying to bet on appealing to a new heretofore
9:25 am
untapped white working class voter, wisconsin should be looking good. it's not. instead he's playing defense in states they should be coasting in. arizona, missouri. >> georgia. >> georgia which is huge. that's an indication of the trend not being donald trump's friend in this election right now. that's why there's such deep friction between him and the rnc. >> why not take these moments on television to go after that kind of a voter as opposed to freelance and to throw these pro limbics out there. you're using reason again, ashleigh. why would you do that at this stage of the election? >> it's the crazy media. >> this candidate listens to himself, shoots from the hip. the constituency you appeal to to win the republican nation is less and less representative of the nation at large in a general election. those strategies and tactics don't work. what a candidate needs to do is
9:26 am
building beyond the base. donald trump seems to be doing the opposite. >> i have to wrap it there. thank you both. the plot thickens. it is really hard to run a campaign when you have to worry about every single thing that you say and every single thing that you write. as bad as that democratic party e-mail hack was, it could be about to get a lot worse. why the democrats are worried about the possibility of another damaging document dump. when i say dump, big dump. coming up. well, it was nice to see everyone.
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a couple live pictures for you from warren, michigan, where
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spectators, supporters, those who have gathered to hear hillary clinton's economic message are just moments away from her live address. this is where she's going to either refute or just lay out -- refute donald trump's economic plan or lay out hers or a little bit of both. my sense is it will be a lot of both. that's going to be live here on cnn. make sure you stay tuned. in the meantime, remember the cyber targeting of the democratic party and dnc staffers. guess what? it was a lot bigger than we thought. "the new york times" has spoken with officials who have knowledge -- of more than 100 party officials and different groups. we learned today the senate and house intelligence committees were briefed on this hack last week. who did this you ask? house minority leader nancy pelosi has told cnn she's been
9:32 am
told it's the russians who are responsible. >> this is an electronic watergate. this is an electronic watergate. this is a break-in. this is a break-in. and i think we have to recognize what is happening here. anyone who would exploit for the purpose of embarrassment or something like that is an accomplice to that. >> eric lish blau is a reporter for "the new york times" and broke that news. thanks for being live. you heard former speaker of the house nancy pelosi saying this is an electronic watergate. it sure looks like that considering it's the democratic congressional campaign committee that was hacked. it's also the democratic national committee, possibly even the democratic governor's association, the private e-mails, but is it that? is it something that is
9:33 am
specifically election related or might it be the russians and their standard operating procedure for cyber spying? >> that's what the fbi is trying to determine. they say they have not answered that question yet. it could be, as you say, just sort of standard cyber sleuthing by russian intelligence sources, or it could be something more sinister, an electronic watergate with an element of intrigue from the russians. the democrats are saying this is the russians putting their finger on the scale to help donald trump. we don't know enough yet, but we know it's already been pretty damaging, whatever the motives were. >> already pretty damaging. aren't the democrats steeling themselves for what could be an 'em bass regards dump of e-mails and documents closer to the election? >> they are. that's what we're hearing in our reporting the last couple days is the breaches went beyond those couple of groups that you talked about, the dnc and the
9:34 am
ccc, the house fund-raising arm. a lot of e-mails outside the organizational accounts appear to have been compromised, democratic operatives, campaign officials with hillary clinton, other groups beyond those two, and so they are -- they're scrubbing their e-mails now to see what could be damaging or even just embarrassing if it came out. they're also putting in new cyber security defense measures because they believe it's already gotten worse and there could be another big dump of documents. >> i was reading through your piece, and i went graph after graph after graph waiting for trump reporters. now you're smiling. no trump hacking? >> so far there is no trump hack. that is the $64,000 question, is whether there was any breach at the trump campaign as some have speculated, and if not, why not? one theory that i've heard is sort of an innocuous one having
9:35 am
to do with how long a lead time there is on these cyber operations by the russians or the chinese or anyone else, that it can take them months or even years to actually successfully breach a target. and hillary clinton and the democrats obviously were a target two years ago, one year ago. donald trump a year ago was not really on anyone's mind. so that's one explanation. we don't know. we don't know why or whether they've gone after him or not. >> so news boss told me a long time ago, never write anything in an e-mail that you don't want to see written in "the new york times." it's because there's good reporters like you who can report on this. thank you for being here today. nice to have you. >> thank you. coming up next. macy's, parade and stores and shopping and now closing stores, 100 of them. that means thousands of jobs gone. and that's not the only big retailer on the run right now. what is behind this trend and
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bounty the quicker picker upper and still haveealthy, gum disease. use gum® brand for healthy gums. soft-picks®. proxabrush® cleaners. flossers and dental floss. gum® brand. still watching that hall in warren, michigan, where former secretary of state hillary clinton is going to lay out her economic plan, family first. you'll hear a lot of things about what she says will spur jobs and the economy, infrastructure investment, child care. a lot of things she's laying out, four days after donald trump laid out his economic plan for recovery in this country. you'll get those comments live as soon as they begin. speaking of the economy, this about so good. we just learned today that macy's, love it, but it's
9:41 am
closing another 100 of its stores. if you do the math, it's 15% of its entire department store chain. most of them will close early next year. although macy's is not saying yet just which ones, if it's the one in your town or down your street. rest assured, if it's a really successful store, it's going to be staying open. cnn's money and business correspondent alison kosik joins me live. i get it, when you're having a tough time, you need to coordinate, consolidate, focus and invest in your most successful stores. why is this happening? >> this is just a sign of how dramatically the retail landscape is changing. unfortunately for macy's, this is par for the course. you look at what's been happening over the past six months, it's closed 90 stores. these closures are swift. 100 stores announced today that will close, those are going to close within a year. so macy's really wants to close these down.
9:42 am
sales haven't been good. the ceo coming out with a statement saying we operate in a fast-changing world. our company is moving forward decisively to build further on macy's hair taj. you're seeing shares jump 17%. that's because investors think this is a good move for the company. >> stocks way up. alison kosik, i'm sad. i like macy's. >> you'll still have about macy's, about 675 across the country. >> alison kosik, thank you. coming up, donald trump not only picking fights with hillary clinton and president obama, but also fellow republicans. he's not too happy with us, the media. that might be the understatement of the day, of the century. drum versus me and the rest of my friends coming up.
9:43 am
we're also keeping a close eye on that live watch out in michigan, a big statement, big economic policy laid out. live pictures from the event site where she'll unveil her economic plans today. stay with cnn. we're hot on the mike. like to kg terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you.
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michigan, in mccomb county where hillary clinton is about to give her economic plan. stay tuned. we've got our live cameras trained. this just in to cnn as well. a response from the democratic national committee, absolutely furious of donald trump's characterization of president obama and hillary clinton as co-founders of the terrorist group isis. this statement from the dnc national press secretary reading, donald trump should apologize for his outrageous, unhinged and patently false suggestions on the founding of isis. this is yet another out-of-control statement by a candidate who is unraveling before our very eyes. combating terrorist threats like isis is a deadly serious
9:48 am
undertaking, one that must be met with the unwavering resolve and steady temperament of a commander-in-chief that doesn't fly off the handle at the slightest provocation. donald trump has once again shown that he lacks that temperament and that he's simply unfit to hold our nation's highest office. demand for an apology which is a word that very rarely comes out of the trump campaign or the man himself. one word that does often get used is dishonest. that is his favorite word in public anyway for the media that is covering his run for the white house. he uses other words, too, like unfair and disgusting and scum and sleazy and pigs and hateful. that's just the surface. and he even has fun with the initials of this network cnn. this morning a close adviser to donald trump was on "new day," former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. my colleague, chris cuomo
9:49 am
reminded the mayor of his own issues with the press. >> you've never said things in front of a crowd that had them chanting things like "lock them up," about the media, calling reporters layers for which he knows is not true. >> for which he steps back and says beat her. >> katy tur from nbc had to be escorted to her car by secret service because the crowd turned on her because he pointed at her and said she's a liar, remember that, she's a liar. the president of the united states -- >> look, the coverage is not fair. >> the coverage is not fair, brian stelter. that's what rudy giuliani said. that's what trump says all the time, that the coverage is not fair. is that true? >> there are times when reporters do go too far and especially when commentators go too far talking about trump. for the most part, think about the word press, it means we are supposed to press public officials and challenge people who want to hold the nation's
9:50 am
highest office. whenever trump is talking about the media, he's not talking about why he should be president, he's not talking about hillary clinton. i would point out when he runs an anti media campaign which has been a very effective thing for him, it gets a lot of applause at his rallies and gets his fans engineered up, he's trying to inoculate himself against criticism and scrutiny. it's a highly effective vaccine to say the media is out to get you. >> the old adage is don't blame the messenger, but sometimes the messenger does have a certain bent. "time" magazine has a picture of donald trump with his face clearly melting and it says "meltdown." that's where i could say if i was donald trump, this is unfair. why would you call this a meltdown when this is what our supporters like to hear. it's me, it's real. it's where people want to go.
9:51 am
>> editors are trying to cover this campaign like it's a relatively normal campaign. there's an expectation trump would move to the middle to appeal to undecided voters. when we talk about a meltdown, that's a lot of reason there's been criticism of him this week, saying he seems to be melting down or his campaign seems to be struggling. reporters are basing that on historic notions of how campaigns are supposed to be won. we're in unchartered waters. we can't use historical precedent for how to cover this campaign because it's so unusual. viewers should see this for what it is when he criticizes the med media. >> it comes out very fast. yesterday we had one of our guests call the father of the orlando shooter, called the father a terrorist. i fought him back on this, and we did it again. we want to make sure people realize there's absolutely no evidence of the case that that orlando shooter's father was a terrorist. it is an example of yours having to work really hard and very
9:52 am
fast. brian stelter, thank you for that. we're continuing to watch as well the live event in michigan where hillary clinton is going to be speaking live to a group of folks. we've got our live cameras trained. it's the economic statement from hillary clinton herself. family first. what does this mean for you. what kind of breaks do you think you might get on child care or on maternity leave or perhaps paid college or at least debt-free college? these are the messages we expect her to hit. we think she will probably say, also, something about being called an mvp co-founder of isis which is donald trump's latest attack on hillary clinton and barack obama. thanks for watching everybody. stay tuned. more coming up.
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the latest episode of
9:57 am
"declassified," this week you'll see as the agents try to stop an iranian businessman's plot to buy american military weapons. fascinating. take a look at this. >> when an undercover is doing his or her job properly, they're operating on different levels simultaneously. the first level is we're being cognizant of the cameras and microphones so that the right people are facing the right camera at the right time. >> if you gentlemen would like to drink tea or coffee -- >> another level you see us working is performing for the primary audience. that's the suspect. >> whatever you want to drink, we will have the people downstairs make. >> it was consistent with my role to be as charming as possible. every case might be very different. i have on occasion done the
9:58 am
exact opposite, tried to raise somebody's anxiety level when it served the purpose. >> the work of an undercover is similar to that of a high-priced call girl. i am what you want me to be. >> and it's dangerous, too. joining me now is david lockhall, former assistant u.s. attorney, one of the main subjects in the series "declassified." you're running these guys, literally in the room next door listening and watching this live, knowing full well you need to execute this operation, but you need these guys to be alive. >> that's true. >> terrifying to think of the pressure you're under. >> it is concerning. there's a real security issue, particularly when you're operating in a foreign country as we were in that case. >> do you literally just have to do a hail mary and hope to hell no one has hacked your e-mails beforehand and know exactly what you're up to?
9:59 am
>> well, there is a certain leap of faith that's involved. you try to mid gate the risk with good preparation in advance. of course, we're working closely with the security services of the republican of georgia. >> how can you trust them? >> we developed a pretty good relationship with them over the course of time. but in the end, it's an away game. so we didn't have the kind of security we had had we been done the operation many united states. >> the away games, those players are worried about twisting an ankle. your away game, you're worried about not coming home. >> fundamentally the question is are you predator or prey. >> it's a mind game. they're the prey, but ultimately you don't know when you might become. it's super fascinating. the whole series is great. >> david locke hall with me live. if you want to check more on this life of an undercover agent and how scary it can be, tune in to "declassified" this sunday
10:00 am
10:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. thanks for watching "legal view," my colleague wolf starts right now. >> hello. i'm wolf blitzer, it's 1:00 p.m. in washington, 6:00 p.m. in london. up first, it's the economy. with less than 9 days and counting until the election, pocketbook issues are front and center in the u.s. presidential campaign today. we're expecting hillary clinton to deliver a major speech this hour, trying to contrast her economic plan with the one donald trump outlined on monday. clinton will be speaking at a plfrg plant in warren, michigan, outside detroit. you're looking at live pictures right now. her running mate, tim kaine


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