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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  August 11, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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that does it for us. thanks for watching. time for cnn with don lemon. donald trump doubling down on an outright lie against president obama and hillary clinton. this is cnn tonight, i'm don lemon. donald trump claims isis honors both of them and for this reason. >> i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. they're the founders. >> he also that both would be eligible for the terror group's most valuable player award. clinton shows those remarks are not fit to be president and panic in the gop over the direction of trump's campaign.
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a draft is circulating among top republicans to divert dollars away from donald trump and move them towards vulnerable gop down ballot candidates and clinton's e-mail scandal, the newly released information shows scandal. we'll talk about that tonight. i want to begin with jim acosta and chief political correspondent, dana bash. good evening to both of you. >> we'll start with you, down there in florida covering the trump campaign. he's not backing down from his message clinton and president obama founded isis. he's completely wrong. what is he saying tonight? >> yeah, don, he quadrupled down on this you might say. he talked about it last night, this morning, this afternoon and he did it at this raleily outsi of orlando. he called president obama isis. he's basing his argument on president obama, when he had the chance to leave a residual force in iraq he chose not to do that
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and because of that, a vacuum was create and isis filled that vacuum. the problem with that -- and don we've been pointing this out throughout the day is back in march of 2007 and 2008, donald trump told other news organizations the united states should just declare victory and get out of iraq. he was not advocating leaving a small residual force at that time and so basically what he's saying is not only false, but it raises the criticism that he's not really being honest with what he did back in 2007 and 2008. here's how he put it at this rally in kissimmee, florida. >> barack obama is the found founder -- hey, if he would have -- folks, we should have never been in iraq. we were going to destabilize the middle east. i said it, i was a civilian,
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nobody cares. i was a civilian. nobody cares. we should have never been in, we should have understood it, they made a mistake. we should have never ended it the way we ended it. by ending at this time way he ended it -- and he got everybody out and he let them know when and we're leaving, and they just sat back. they just sat back and they went in. and i'll tell you what, barack obama, number one, is enco is incompetent, and number two, he is the founder in a true sense. if he would have stayed -- i didn't want to be there, but if he would have kept a relatively small force, he probably could have prevented isis from forming. >> reporte >> reporter: a couple things there, don.
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you heard donald trump say during that sound, he didn't want to be there in iraq. that is not something he said in the past. he said before the iraq war was launched in an interview with howard stern, he was giving sort of tepid support for lunching t launching the invasion in iraq and is open to some criticism, and we talked about before when president obama said to the new yorker, that he considered isis to be the jc tev team, so it do raise the issue once the president and you don't hear trump talking about what is fair game in going after the president on this issue and we should also point out, mike pence in this role of doing clean up after donald trump in recent days told a crowd today that he believes that the rest of the country knows what donald trump is talking about when he says that president obama is the founder of isis. he did not apologize for that
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either. >> and mike pence supported going into iraq and also the troops leaving, as well. so, jim, you also noticed something hanging a confederate flag he trump rally tonight. what exactly did you see? >> reporter: that's right. you know, this is not -- you and i covered a lot of campaigns over the years. this is something you don't see and you never want to see at a political campaign rally. there were three men -- this is before donald trump came out, as there were warm up speakers addressing the crowd, they hung up a confederate flag in the hall. it took a good 15 to 20 minutes for the campaign staffers who were here, sort of -- their jaws were dropping and sort of wondering what do we do about this. it took about 15 to 20 minutes for them along with local law enforcement officials to takedown that flag. it came down once and they put it up again and it was removed finally for the last time. those men told our producers on the scene here they actually
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bought that confederate flag with the words "2016" on it, in the parking lot with a vendor on-site. what are vendors on-site at a trump rally outside of a donald trump rally doing selling confederate flags? that is not a question that we have an answer to at this point. but i will tell you, having covered a number of these rallies over the last several months, do you see confederate flags out in the parking lot of these rallies from time to time. there was an african-american couple who went up to these men and started taking issue rather loudly with the fact they were hanging this confederate flag here. it was interesting to see the local law enforcement officials removed that couple, that african-american couple, from the scene here when they were yelling at these individuals with the confederate flag. so it was a nasty scene that took place here for 15 to 20 minutes before it was finally removed once and for all. donald trump, i don't think was the wiser. he did not even realize this was going on. he was backstage before -- you know, before the event and did not even know or at least did not indicate he knew this was going on, don.
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>> oh, boy. to dana bash now, you have a lot of new reporting today about conversations between donald trump, and priebus. >> remember when donald trump failed to endorse paul ryan in his gop contest? we reported the rnc pre, i was he had a broader conversation that donald trump needs to understand politics isn't always about fairness, he can't take it personally, and that if republicans criticized donald trump, like ryan and others did, about trump's controversial comments about the gold star paint pain parents, the kahns, they just think he's wrong. i'm told that priebus explained to trump because he's the by at the top of the ticket, he needs to under that's okay because they kind of all need each other to win. and this is the kind of tough
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love i have been told for sometime that priebus plays with donald trump for the bet other part of the year, certainly during the primaries and even more so, especially after trump became the nominee, but it's also clearly getting tougher, don, for him to play that role. >> and dana, tell us about this letter sent to the rnc, let's discuss this from some republicans who are suggesting that priebus stopped funding donald trump. is that a possibility? >> the answer is probably no i should say that this letter is still being circulate as of earlier today. there was 75 people who have signed on. we're talking about mostly never-donald trump republicans, former gop officials, hill staffers, asking priebus to shift party resources from the presidential race to congressional races to save gop majority. i'll read you part of that letter, quote, we being donald
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trump's divisiveness, and record breaking unpopularitiness, turning this into a democratic landslide and only a available rnc resources to vulner houable house resources will drown trump with an anchor around its neck. the sources i'm talking to are telling me about the rnc plans say is that priebus is not seriously considering that yet. and the reason for one thing s that at this point, he's not really sure it would even work, many vulnerable senate republicans especially are in presidential battleground states so they're in explicably tied. i was told by a source -- couple sources actually, they're going to watch this and if donald trump continues to go south when it comes to the polls they might try to figure out a way to shift some of those resources at least shift the focus rhitorically and
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otherwise. >> it's always something. joining me is cory lewnedows, and political commentator. good to have you both on. cory, your former boss keeps saying president obama and hillary clinton founded isis. watch this. >> isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. he's the founder of isis. >> he was the founder, absolutely the founder. in fact, he gets the -- in sports they have awards. he gets the most valuable player award, him and hillary. >> you said the president was the founder of isis, i know you he meant, he created the vacuum and founded the peace. >> he was the most valuable player. i give him the most valuable player award.
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>> i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. they're the founders. barack obama and hillary clinton, these are the founders of isis. >> so cory, he's being roundly criticized by democrats and republicans, they say it makes him sound desperate. why does he keep saying this? >> i think it's very clear isis did not exist prior to this administration -- >> cory, let me stop you right there. isis did start prior to this administration. >> not -- not in a way that we have it today. >> let's talk about the truth for a second, don. >> let me -- cory -- >> the jv team is very different than what it is today. >> cory, let me hear it. so in march, the isis was started, back in 2002 and also 2003 by zerkawi. president obama was not even president them. he was a state senator in illinois.
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hillary clinton was not the secretary of state then. she was -- she was wrapping up her job as the senator in new york. it did not exist so how you can say they were the founder? please go on. don't tell the people a falsehood. >> what i said was -- what i said was if you look at where isis is today, and where they have come understand this administration. they went from the jv team to the new england patriots, to the world champions. they are the greatest at what they do, which is killing americans around the world because of the lack of administration put in place. that's very clear. >> okay. hillary go ahead. >> president obama is fighting isis in four different countries today. what you have in donald trump -- and cory knows this is -- you have a guy who basically says whatever he thinks his audience wants to hear. he only goes into favorable audiences and when he does a new interview like he did with how
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hugh hueett, who tried to get him to talk about politics on the ground. he has no policy. he has no response. the fact is that donald trump, you know, called for the same withdrawal that barack obama actually executed from iraq and inde indeed, supported the original invasion of iraq. so we can't -- you know, thank god for cnn all day today, which is actually holding donald trump accountable in a way that other people don't seem to be able to. what he has to do is talk about what he would do different, how was he going to make a different choice than the president and the military's currently making, which is doing everything they can to try and destroy isis. he doesn't have a policy answer. >> okay. >> so all he's doing is sort of creating this trumped up, no pun intended, rhetoric about, you know, the president -- >> i want to read this -- >> that isn't true. >> -- and you can pick any fact
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check, okay? it says donald trump is pointing to the withdraw of troops under obama as a founder of isis, but experts say the expansion of isis at that point cannot be pinned on troop withdrawal if at all, cory and there is the fact george w. bush signed the agreement and set the date for that withdrawal. it is a massively complex problem according to foreign policy experts at the institute research program and on and people who are expects in the middle east. it goes beyond one single policy decision about keeping or moving troops. further more, trump himself supported withdrawing troops from iraq as early as 2007, telling our very own wolf blitzer on cnn in 2007 in an interview that u.s. should declare victory and leave because i'll tell thank you country is just going to get further bogged down. roll the tape. >> how does the united states get out of this situation? is there -- a way out? >> they get out, that's how they
11:15 pm
get out. declare victory and leave, because i'll tell you, this country is just going to get further bogged down. they're in a civil war over there, wolf. there's nothing we're going to be able to do with a civil war. they are in major civil war. >> so how can he keep blaming obama for that when he had the same position, cory? is. >> he had that position in 2007, which is now nine years ago. it took the president until what did you say? five years ago, until 2013 to withdraw the troops? >> 20011. >> so five years it's taken. >> that was by the status -- >> i understand. for anyone to equivocate isis is not stronger than it is today is either naive or ignorant. clearly they're much stronger today than they were five years ago. >> go ahead, hillary. >> cory and donald trump think the american people are stupid.
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they're acting like the american people are stupid, that's why cory is on tv saying it, president obama is the founder of isis. the american people are not stupid. they under that this is not simple, that it is complex, that there is thousands of experts around the world trying to address this and yet donald trump wants everyone to think that all he needs to do is come in and set up some magic bomb that'll get rid of isis that. is not the case and it is offensive and insulting that that's how he's treating it instead of the serious, thoughtful problem that it is. >> cory -- >> the difference is donald trump was a private citizen and he was very clear and i guys continue to reference an interview from howard stern, which at best was a tepid response that said, it's, let's go in and 24 hours after that -- 24 hours after that howard stern interview, donald trump said we should get out as far as
11:17 pm
possible. he was in favor in 2007, and what you're telling me is it took five years. >> stop attacking the president. what is his solution? stop attacking the president. >> okay, hillary and cory, told on. >> thousands were killed and trillions of dollars were spent. >> let's talk at one time, cory. >> if we're going into iraq, at least take the oil. we left the oil behind and isis continues to have that money from the oil fields. >> the reason i cut you off, cory is because i want to make this as clear as possible when you said 2000 whatever. i want the viewerton t to know facts. you mentioned the howard stern interview. this is again according to a number of fact checks, i'll just read one of them, there's no evidence trump opposed the war in iraq before it marched march 19th, 2007. despite his frequent claims to the contrary, trump expressed
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mild support in september 2002 in a radio interview with how howard stern. it's pointed to an interview in 2007 with neil necavuto, but trp took no position saying that only president bush should make a decision, either you attack or you don't attack. so we're repeating donald trump's own words back to him and you are saying that donald trump didn't mean that when he said it back in 2007, 2011 and now today? >> what you said was mild support. play the audio from the howard stern tape. when howard stern said do you think we should go into iraq, his response was, maybe, i don't know. and you're basing that entire story on his support of going into iraq. >> i'm taking what year saying and i'm explaining it to the viewer. we'll get the howard stern
11:19 pm
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what's not surprising? how much money amanda and keith saved by switching to geico. ahhh... polo. marco...! polo! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. polo! all right. donald trump not backing down from his claim that president obama and hillary clinton are founders of isis. back with me now, corey lewandowski, and hillary rosee in. do corey, we want to be fair. here's this interview for howard stern. >> in favor of invading iraq? >> i don't know. i wish it was done the first time correctly. >> all right. so he was talking about back in the '90s. there's the interview you were talking about. he wished it was done correctly in the '90s. >> hardly an endorsement. i wish it was done correctly the first time. that is what the media storm is saying, donald trump was in
11:23 pm
favor of the iraq war. it's clearly not true. yeah, i guess so is less than a stellar response and it's someone who's saying clearly i don't believe it to be true. and you know, the media narrative continues to be donald trump has been in favor of the iraq war. if that is the audio which the media is perrpetuating, i think it's a sham. >> his comments are so thing because his policy is thing. hillary clinton has a four-point plan of what she will do to continue the war against isis. all donald trump has is a tagline against the president. if he were so focused on addressing isis, he would be spending his day talking about what he would do differently, but he and corey don't have a plan. they don't know what they would do. you know, he openly said he's getting his information about what's happening in the war from tv experts. he's completely in curious about
11:24 pm
this. he doesn't have a plan. he has an attack against the president. start talking about how you're going to help the american people, mr. trump, because your attacks on the president of holly and provho hollow and proven multiple times to be wrong. >> donald trump says he has no plans to pivot, so many some of his gop colleagues and supporters desperately wish he would do. here he is on cnbc, listen. >> just keep doing the same thing i'm doing and it's either going to work or i'm going to, you know -- i'm going to have a very, very nice long vacation. >> how do you think he came to this decision and is this the right wong? >> i don't think donald trump's going to take a vacation. i've never seen him take a vacation. i think he's going to be the president of the united states and i think what you see is in the primary process -- and i understand they're different -- he received more votes and won more states than any candidate in the history of the republican party. that means candidates who have
11:25 pm
gone on to be elected as president of the united states, when let's george h.b bush, ronald reagan, george h. bush. the process has worked properly. he continues to talk directly to the american people. he bypasses the mainstream media. he uses social media accounts to get his message out and that resinat resinates. you can tell that by looking at the size of the audiences that come to his rallies, that are big, packed, and very excited to see donald trump as the next president of the united states. >> i should say hilary, if you look at the polls that strategy may not be working right now f. he sticks with his current strategy s he helping hillary clinton? >> korecorey ran a great campai for donald trump. i don't know why he let you go. >> i'm with you. >> since the campaign ended, had you won about 16 votes in the primary. to be elected president he has to win about 60 million votes. you would think the strategy
11:26 pm
would be about expanding this base, but all donald trump seems to be doing is talking about how fantastic his primary wins, how much those people love him, and not really focused at all on how he's going to win more votes. so as a political analyst i'm sitting here not as a partisan saying, where are those votes going to come from? who are you bringing on board? what are you talking about that bringing more people to the table? he just isn't doing that. instead, he's doubling down on the very kind of firery, rit ritorcal, nonsense in view, that fired up his 16 million voters but isn't expanding to the 60 million voters. >> thank you. i appreciate both of you. >> i think what the strategy is and the campaign's been very quickly. >> very quickly, corey. >> they're going to be in pennsylvania, you saw that, donald trump is going to conk w connecticut on saturday, a very blue state he can do well, and
11:27 pm
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donald trump accusing president obama and hillary clinton of being the founders of isis. i want to talk about that now with michael weiss, senior editor of the daily beat and the coauthor of isis inside the army of terror, and rick francona, former u.s. military atache in syria. president obama and hillary clinton are the founders of isis, michael, who is the founder of isis? >> abu zarkawi. it was known as al-qaeda in iraq, and pledged allegiance to isis. if he had his brothers and the opportunity would murder barack obama, hillary clinton, and even george w. bush before them all.
11:32 pm
okay? oba obama bin laden said we are laying a trap for iraq. we know they are going to invade iraq and this is the time to pour this the country and create the jihadism. that's what happened to claim the president of the united states is a terrorist and every time i argue with the trump supporters, they're saying, he didn't mean that. donald trump went on how howet today, and he said clearly you mean he's just -- by withdrawing from iraq -- >> let's wroroll it. >> yeah. >> last night you said the president was the founder of isis. he lost the peace. >> he's the founder of isis. i do. he was the most available valuable player, award, her, too. >> he's not sympathetic to him. he hates them. >> by using the form "founder," they're hitting with you on this again, mistake? >> no, i think everyone's liking
11:33 pm
it. let me ask you, do you not like that? >> i don't. >> go ahead. >> most valuable player. this is the republican candidate for president of the u.s. calling the current commander in chief a terrorist, okay? there is no way to parse this otherwise. this is not open to interpretation. he's just said it. he doubled down with you, huwitt. hes here's your chance to explain yourself. you mean i have been one of the most resieverous critics of the obama administration on its middle east policy. i have written more on what this administration has done with respect to syria and iraq that has in adventently enabled isis to expand throughout syria and iraq and now the world. to say though this president is in some way a fifth columnist or is backing a sunni jihadist m e movement. and if this candidate had misspoken, if this was a one off, fine, let him correct the record. this is somebody who for five
11:34 pm
years has been saying things like, barack obama was not born in this country. barack obama is perhaps a black muslim, let's see his birth certifica certificate. this is a man who has trafficked every insane conspiracy theory, the supreme leader tweets. this is what donald trump is saying. this is a man not fit to mow my lawn, much less run for president and i'm very serious about the threat of sunni jihadism. i take this very, very easternestly. >> my other guest, lieutenant kerner, to use hid word, resipherous critic, trying to give donald trump a second chance, a third chance, a fourth chance, to correct the record. >> he gave him the perfect out. all he had to do was say that's what i meant and followup on
11:35 pm
that and say exactly what he believes. and those are common positions. a lot of people believe that power created what i believe was the premature withdrawal of american troops in 20011 from iraq, the refusal to help the free syrian army in 2012. these are the two big power vacuums that created what isis has instituted as today. i just do want to say one thing. isis, as isis really didn't exist until 2013, though, because it was -- the islamic state in iraq, you didn't bring in that syria piece until after 2012. so, you know when we're talking about the creation of isis, although it existed in name only t really didn't exist as an organization until 2013. trump could make all of these points. there's valid criticisms there, there's valid topics for discussion, valid topics for argument, but to say he's the founder of isis is beyond the pail that. just is not true and there's no
11:36 pm
reason to even go there. >> so, rick, you know, just last year, retired army general michael flynn, an outspoken supporter of trump and harsh critic of president obama, blames the fall of isis, in interview with a german magazine, he said, as brutal as sued am hussein was, it was a mistake to eliminate him. the same is true for godafi, and the islamic state, that it was a strategic failure to go into iraq. history will not be, and should not be kind to that decision. so rick, the sdidecision was no president obama's. why is obama and clinton's fault? >> well, if you're talking about what happened in 2003, and the decision to go in, the invasion was actually kind of well planned and well executed. they took down baghdad in record time. they'll study that advance for a long time.
11:37 pm
the problem was, was the follow-on. the plan was never executed. we disbanded the iraqi army, put most of them out of work ask they became the backbone of the insurgency. we just did the wrong thing in the takedown of baghdad. i disagree we didn't have a plan. we just didn't follow our own plan. >> i've got to run. >> as far as it being obama's fault -- >> i've got to get to michael quickly. you wrote a piece saying a syrian rebel fighting for assass in isis, why is that? >> isis playing close attention to what is happening in the world. they do not, despite their propaganda and rhetoric, they don't think they're going to be driving tanks down pennsylvania avenue. they hope to is enforce the west to enfact policies against isis and extreme isis that will weaken the rest. i've known this rebel for five years all throughout syria, he's
11:38 pm
fought as ad, and all the jihadis want donald trump to win and i asked them why, because they think he's going to destroy america before he's going to get the chance to do so. >> thank you, michael. thank you, lieutenant colonel. coming up, hillary clinton's e-mail controversy is not going away. clean food. words panera lives by. no artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners. no colors from artificial sources. 100% of our food will be clean by year's end. that's food as it should be.
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the clinton foundation coming under increased scrutiny with the release of a new batch of e-mails from hillary clinton's tenure of hillary clint clinton's secretary of state. and the political director of george w. bush u and triedent gmv, a former white house special council for president bill clinton, gentlemen, thanks for coming on. here's donald trump firing off about hillary clinton about her office at the state department and the clinton foundation. >> she's a very dishonest person. new e-mails have come out today. you heard about this whole deal. now the fbi it seems is very upset because they made a recommendation to justice and justice turned down the recommendation. but a couple very bad ones came
11:43 pm
out and it's called pay for play. and some of these were really, really bad and illegal, if it's true, it's illegal. you're paying and you're getting things. but it came out to her people pay for play. and very big stories today. >> lenny, why do you say donald trump is wrong? >> well, i always start with facts and if mr. trump wants to draw a conclusion from facts that we can't dispute, that's his right. but there are facts that can't be disputed. we're talking about two e-mails. the first e-mail from a donor to the -- about a donor to the clinton foundation, and it came from the clinton foundation executive director and it asked for a meeting where that donor could impart information about a lebanese election. he was a leb neeanese nigerian. the meeting never took place. fact number two, no one can dispute fact number one. number two is a second e-mail. we're talking about two e-mails
11:44 pm
in which somebody asked about a young volunteer who worked in haiti after the hurricane and the disasteres who wanted a position in the state department to continue his work with haiti. that e-mail was sent and asked that he be considered. i don't know whether he ever got the job. i hone spe so because he was in haiti at the worst of times. whether that is corruption or improper or any other conclusion, i don't think so, but that's conclusions they have to be based on facts. >> when you're a servant, when you're elected by the people, you're supposed to avoid the appearance of impropriety. i didn't see no e-mail back shutting down those people saying no if someone asks something of you in your job that you cannot do or it appears they're trying to gain some sort of favor, wouldn't you send an e-mail back going, can't do that, brother, sorry? >> sure, if it was a favor that reflected an economic interest, something that did appear to be
11:45 pm
a quid pro quo or corruption. it has to be based on facts. the fact a volunteer in haiti was looking for a position in the state to continue his work, i don't share mr. trump's conclusion that's pay for play. >> okay. >> the lebanese gentleman wanted to meet with the ambassador to impart information, not to ask for a business favor or to bo s obtain information. those are facts. >> i see where you're going with this. you see matt, this proves a violation of government ethics y is that? >> yeah, i think it's really interesting. lanny, you've been doing this for 25 years for the clintons and you're going to go into all the legalisms why there's not a law broken, but something more serious, 70% of americans in poll, after poll, don't find hillary clinton honest or trustworthy and here's the most recent example. she said he has a prominent former impeached president and
11:46 pm
has nothing to do with the clinton foundation, there would be a wall of separation and now we find out there was back and forth. there was back and forth between donors. there was back and forth between people who shared hats between the state department and the clinton foundation. how you can say there would be a wall of foundation and the state department when you have employees, next to hillary clinton who hats and roles at the state department, and hats and roles at the clinton foundation. she has broken yet again the trust with the people who put her in office over the fact she would follow the rules, which she doesn't seem to ever want to follow, and simply live up to the promptisises we made. we will be mired in this now for weeks and months. they never come clean or tell you the full story. lanny will tell why you they shouldn't go to prison, i will tell you that's a problem of her becoming commander in chief. coming up donald trump says there's no place more safe than
11:47 pm
a trump rally. that may not have been the case tonight in florida. sorry, captain obvious. don't be. i've got the app, which makes it simple to book a room for $500. or $25, but it won't be here. you can stay with me. thanks. i've already lost enough today.
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11:51 pm
donald trump rally in florida tonight. joining me now, kayleigh and bakari. confrontation ensued where the flag was finally taken down. donald trump always says that his rallies are love fests. symbols like this, can you consider that a love fest? >> hey, it's one person, they did the right thing, telling him to take it down and i think that's really the end of the story. we can't control everyone but we can certainly try and request that the flag be taken down, which is exactly what we did. >> cnn caught up with the man who brought the flag and he said he put it up because he thought trump would approve. here he is. >> i understand why they did, because most people in our country don't understand the full history behind the flag. so, i understand that the media and a lot of other people are going to, you know, turn it into something that it's not, you know, say that it's a racist thing or, you know, white
11:52 pm
supremacist. i am not a white supremacist, okay? and it was about the north and the south. it wasn't about racism at all. the north had african-americans fighting for them and the south had them for them too. so, for people to spin it in that direction is just completely false. i wasn't -- i think that on a personal level between my beliefs and trump's beliefs, i don't think he would have a problem with it at all, because he probably understands the history. and that's why we're all here. >> what's your reaction? >> i mean, i think brandon gave a logical explanation. i remember sitting at harvard law and i had a black colleague of mine say to me, i'm from the south, i understand that most people, it doesn't symbolize racism for. however, i understand that it does symbolize racism for a lot of other people and because of that, it shouldn't be at a state
11:53 pm
capitol or a trump rally. they did the right thing but i certainly don't think brandon's a racist for having southern pride, which is really what the flag had come to symbolize but it is offensive to people and it has no place . >> bakari, you and i were in south carolina when they toog the flag down. did you ever think you'd see a confederate flag at a 2016 rally? >> me and kayleigh are probably going to have conversations off air. i thought brandon gave a very ignorant statement about the facts and the history of the confederacy. this wasn't a battle of north versus south. this was a battle of my an ses torahs trying to be free from the bounds and shackles of slavery and i understand that that ignorance is very pervasive and i'm appreciative of destructidonald trump's advance staff getting
11:54 pm
that symbol removed and so i would just hope that brandon takes a moment to educate himself and attempt to empathize are others around him. but to answer your question directly, my hope is that we don't have to see that flag waved at public places like that, especially when donald trump's carrying the mantel of the republican party. my hope is that vestige of hate can be put away forever. >> i think it's unfair to call anyone who has that symbol somewhere in the south, which has come to represent the south as a whole, not just, you know, this horrible moment -- >> no, it doesn't. >> to call every person ignorant who has that flag, i think that is really kind of an ignorant statement in and of itself. >> that's not what i said. i didn't call every person -- i called brandon ill nornt for his, quote, unquote, history that he gave the american public about the history of the confederacy and the fact that the war was simply between the north and the south. that's not what that war was about. i think we all know that. so, yes, that was ignorant. in fact, i know people who believe that that flag
11:55 pm
represents some type of pride or heritage because their forefathers fought in that war. i understand that. but for me the, that doesn't take away the hate. that doesn't take away the anger or the pain that as an african-american man i feel, especially one from the south. >> that's very fair. >> that flag doesn't represent the south. >> listen, i have a friend who's from georgia, one of my dearest friends who said when he grew up, he thought that flag was about southern pride and i explained to him that his family did not teach him the right history of that flag. now he has since learned and kn knows the history of the flag and i think that's what bakari is saying. i was at the republican convention and you saw the -- some of the things that were being sold by vendors, you know, two fat thighs and those kind of things. should that they're be more careful about what vendors are selling outside of these rallies? kayleigh, i'll go to you first. >> sure, you can't be responsible for what every vendor decides to sell outside of a rally. there were things at the democratic convention i saw outside that i thought were less
11:56 pm
than becoming of the democratic party. >> absolutely. >> so, i definitely don't think you can control third party vendors from exercising their right to sell things. >> bakari? >> well, i agree with kayleigh. i don't think we can just go around and just have government or whoever going around patrolling people who are selling whatever outside the gates of those particular rallies or conventions but what i can say is you have people like rudy giuliani who likes to say that mateen's father, who was there sitting behind hillary clinton, is drawback to hillary clinton for some unknown reason other than just being a face in the crowd and i don't want to impugn this guy tonight on donald trump, i don't believe that's fair. so i hope that trump surrogates take the same approach and don't impugn everyone who shows up at a rally as a part of their campaign as well. >> thank you. we'll be right back. stop... clicking around
11:57 pm
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donald trump doubling down on a claim against president barack obama and hillary clinton. this is kb tonight. i'm don lemon. trump claims isis honors both of them and for this reason. >> i call president obama and hillary clinton the fnd


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