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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  August 13, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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that the only way he would lose to state to hillary clinton is if he is cheated out of it. >> wow, what a crowd. i ran against 17 people and got more votes. think of what that means. we got more votes than anybody. we wrought in new votes to the republican party. that's not being registered in different forms of media. they're not talking about the fact that the republican primaries were up 60%. and the democrats were down 20%. so with all of the bernie stuff -- and we like bernie. look. bernie, the system was rigged and we're going to watch pennsylvania very quickly. we're going to watch pennsylvania. go down to certain areas and watch and study and make sure other people don't come in and vote five times. because if you do that -- and i know you're all voting. is everybody here voting? if you do that, if you do that, we're not going to lose. the only way we can lose, in my opinion -- i really mean this --
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pennsylvania is if cheating goes on. because i looked at erie and i was the same thing as this. and i've been all over the state and i know the state well. >> in fact, trump is going as far as to recruit election observer to help stop clinton from quote rigging the election. the claim comes that despite the fact that a quinnipiac poll shows hillary clinton up double digits. let's talk about this with my panel, republican strategist and former adviser for the mccain campaign, ford o'connell and steve cortes. good to see all of you. because l, you first. trump said there's in way he could lose fairly to clinton even though pennsylvania has voted democratic for the last six campaigns. how is this claim one of
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certainty in. >> well, you know what i want to do is key in on a word that he used or a phrase that he used, which is certain areas. if you pair that with something that ben carson said interviewed yesterday, they talked about potential fraud in area of philadelphia. that says to me, an old gop strategy, you talk about voter fraud, you talk about democrats cheating. what that really says -- it's really a proxy for communities of color coming out to vote and what that does for the actual election. if you realize that in 20 to 30 states across this country in the last few years, there have been measures on the ballot to restrict voter access. things that have been shot down by appellate courts. that's what he's talking about. and that's what is actually really scary. the incidents of these have been so low that i can only conclude
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that what he's talking about is some sort of intersection with voting and race. >> so ford is this code language that donald trump is using? >> well, he's certainly trying to fire up his voter to make sure they turn out to vote. republicans are concerned about voter fraud. but also understand, trump is trying to stay the bleed in pennsylvania where he's down by 20 points. in 2012, it was 280,000 votes that made the difference. trust me, a vote here or there in the margins does make a difference. >> you're looking at other polling that shows florida, colorado, those areas that are slipping if you are donald trump. so how does he stop this 'em rajing and even within the gop? he see this long list and the list keeps getting longer of prominent and not so prominent
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republicans who are saying they're throwing their support behind hillary clinton. so what does donald trump do? >> i think he needs to stay on message. he's doing a much better job. we need to talk national security and the economy. i'm in chicago, a place that made this an art form in terms of voter fraud. it would be naive for us to think it doesn't happen. but as a hispanic supporter of donald trump i'm offended by this notion that this is a dog whistle. i think donald trump has said we've had enough of identity politics, we're all americans, we're not growing this way we should be regardless of your race or creed. >> that's interesting. >> i want you to said to that basil. you said staying on message. it's donald trump who keeps going off message. he just did it recently as it pertains to the founders of isis. and here that is the prelude to
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his monday message on his plan of fighting isis if he were to be president. >> say are the founders was clearly an exaggeration and meant to entertain. >> we now he was challenged on that and digging in his heels that he meant it and there was no joke. only after more defections did he say he was being sarcastic but then he said not really. what's anyone to believe here? >> i will be the first to admit even though i'm an adamant supporter, i wish he were more disciplined. but on the other hand i often say this. his authenticity is what has gotten him to be the candidate. he's resonated with the american people. there's a lot of angst and anxiety out there. i believe once he gets in a debate with hillary clinton --
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as a trump supporter you're asking how do we move the needle. how do we get over the hump. i think it niece the debates when they can speak two candidates directly unfiltered to the american people when you see an impromptu hillary clinton and an impromptu hillary clinton, the people will come to donald trump. >> on this dog whistle comment, you want to respond? >> sure. when you talk about he's not playing identity politics, was he not the one who alluded to a job perhaps not being able to be fair because he's mexican, which he isn't? he has played identity politics. while there's economic angst in this country, his distoepian view of this country is not something that most people share. listen to the language, particularly when he talks about immigrants and refugees, it's no wonder that even republicans in states like maine, like senator susan collins who has 12,000 so
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mali refugees -- >> i got to interrupt. >> u llet him finish and you ca pick up. >> he to me does not understand this country. >> the bottom line is the democrats have been screaming nothing but jim crowe and voter suppression every single time. integrity is a big sure for republicans and all americans. there's no evidence? there's 2,000 alleged cases since the year a 2000. election boards don't have checks and balances. >> he didn't say anything about that during the primary season. >> wait a minute. he actually did. that's not true. he actually did. he was talking about rigged systems in the primaries. >> but he didn't talk about cheating. >> yes, he did. he talked about cheating. what does rigged mean?
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cheating. >> it's one thing to say that the system was rigged. >> he wasn't talking about voter fraud. >> in colorado he actually did make that point because he felt that the convention system in colorado disenfranchised his voters. the democrats have been using this over and over and to meet them he has to almost do the same thing. >> well he hasn't -- >> also, raregarding of his vie of america, he does have a very frank negative assessment of the present state of the country. when you say that americans don't agree, that's not true. in polling 68% of the americans say the country is heading in the wrong direction. what we're doing is not working. and by the way in this stagnant economy of slow growth no one has suffered more than people of color like us. so these communities -- >> first of all, i don't want to be lectured about whether or not jim crowe has been discussed or
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whether or not communities of color are suffering. we've been suffering for quite a long time, well before this election, under republicans as well i may add. and i don't think dump at all has spoken to the needs of communities of color, number one, in this election. he can talk about the system being rigged but when he throws around language like people are cheating in certain areas, hen he speaks in a way that's zen phobic, when he talks in the ways that in my opinion are bigoted, there is no way that he's addressing the concerns of communities of color. i haven't heard one thing out of his mouth that does that. but remember, this is a man who founded the birther movement. so instead of saying, well, the president has brought down unemployment, instead of talking about the things that the president has done, he's called him the founder of isis, which is reckless. so to me, you tell me, i would real lie like to know where he's said -- or in his policies where he said communities of color are
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going to do better under donald trump. >> respond and we'll have to go. >> i'll tell you exactly where. when he talks about economic growth. income and equality has been largely exacerbated by government policies. the 1% are doing just fine. but regular people, entrepreneurs, small business people are completely ham strung by regulations, massive stifling regulation. donald trump wants to remove that regulation. >> i don't know in that really answered the question. all right. we'll try to have you all back and maybe we can resume that conversation. because i think that was really just the tip of the iceberg on that issue. all right. thank you so much, gentlemen. appreciate it. still ahead, a warning from louisiana's governor after flooding claims two lives and heavy rains continue drenching part of that state. cnn's boris sanchez joining us live. >> reporter: the rain is still
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coming down here in louisiana as many neighbors come to thcheck their properties. hear why the governor says the worst may not be over yet. sorry, captain obvious.
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turning algae into biofuels. reducing energy poverty in the developing world. making cars go further with less. fueling the global economy. and you thought we just made the gas. ♪ energy lives here. all right. this breaking news on the historic flooding in louisiana. the governor is warning people to evacuate flooded areas if they have been told to and to stay off of the flooded roads. 1200 national guardsmen have been deployed to help with the rescues. at least two people are dead and more rain is on the way. some parts of the state have seen as much as 17 inches of rain. thousands of people are without power as well. >> literally my heart is broken because there's so many elderly people in here and people who can't afford to replace their things. and it's like, the water is literally up to your waist. that means their houses within
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everything in there is destroyed. >> my goodness. you can see how bad the flooding situation is. in this video too, a tanker truck in the distance literally being swept off the road. boris sanchez is live for us now. what else did the governor say about people's concerns there? >> reporter: right, fred. he said that about 1,000 people have had to be rescued out of their homes and cars, even people hanging from tree limbs trying to brave through this horrible flooding that we're seeing in louisiana. in this neighborhood that we're in right now, there have been very few pauses where the range has stopped. but the water has receded quite a bit. the debris line at this mailbox is how high the water was, 2 1/2 to 3 feet off the ground. and in the past couple of hours the water has mostly gone away. it's heading south and that's the big concern right now as it
9:16 am
heads towards the towns and municipalities, they're going to deal with the water heading in that direction. you can expect more damage and potentially more rescues there. it's hard to get a grasp of how extensive the damage is. the governor described that earlier at the press briefing. >> what we know is we have record levels of flooding along rivers and creeks. and because these are record floods, we don't know how wide the water is going to get in those areas. we don't -- this is unprecedented. so we don't have records that we can go back and see who all is going to be impacted. >> yeah, as you heard there, it's hard to tell. and it's really interesting too, the levels of damage vary greatly. one man told us the water got about an inch away from his door. across the street where his
9:17 am
daughter lives, she got 30 inches of rain in her house. he was here yesterday, there was sunshine and no rain. and then by midnight they quickly had get out. they were very fortunate to make it out. but obviously the concern is that the rain is still coming down and it's expected to continue coming down at least for another 36 hours and then we'll get a clear picture just to how damaging this flood was. >> thank you so much. boris sanchez in louisiana. still ahead, donald trump says he's okay with trying americans accused of terrorism in a military tribunal but that would be illegal. so what options do military leaders have if a president, trump, were to give such an order? why suffer? stand up to chronic migraine... with botox®. botox® is the only treatment for chronic migraine shown to actually prevent headaches and migraines
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moments of celebration in northern syria as some 2,000 hostages have been freed from isis forces by arab and kurdish fighters. men who had been held by isis were seen cutting their beards. the meant gone says the hostages may have been used by the terrorist group as human shields. the u.s. backed rebels have been battling isis militants for control of the area around aleppo since may.
9:22 am
we're also learning today that vice president joe biden is headed to that region later on this month. he will visit turkey on august 24th. the highest level u.s. visitor to the country since that failed c coup last month. donald trump has called for water boarding terror suspects and killing relatives of terrorists and now trump is saying he's fine trying american citizens at guantanamo bay. what all of these things have in common is that they're illegal under u.s. law. barbara starr digs deeper. >> fred, there's always been a lot of talk about bringing guantanamo detainee to the united states for trial. now donald trump is talking about the possibility of sending american citizens charged with
9:23 am
terrorism to guantanamo bay for trial. is it legal? can he really do it? donald trump has new thoughts on how, if elected, he might send u.s. citizens accused of terrorism to the military prison at guantanamo bay. >> would you try to get the military commissions, the trial court there to try u.s. citizens? >> well i know that they want to try them in our regular court systems and i don't like that at all. i don't like that at all. i would say that could be tried there. that could be fine. >> the law that created military commissions specifically exempts u.s. citizens from being tried at gitmo, military experts say rkts so mr. trump would have to work with congress to establish different laws. >> would that work? >> that would be constitutionally suspect. why would it be suspect? it's because current u.s. courts are are fully capable and open and available to provide the full pa noply of u.s. constitutional guarantees.
9:24 am
>> some of trump's ideas, including the possibility of bringing back water boarding are raising critical questions about the authority of the president to order troops to carry out actions which violate u.s. law. simply put, the u.s. military has a duty to disobey illegal orders even when they come from the president. >> it's military adherence to civilian control. however the u.s. military swear to protect and defend the u.s. constitution first and foremost. >> but trump says he expects to be obeyed by the troops even on water boarding. >> they're not going to refuse me, believe me. >> a former military lawyer says that trump should be refused. >> theregeneral joseph dunford, chairman of the joint chiefs has stayed out of the political fray but even he' maeds clear some ideas are out of bounds.
9:25 am
>> one of the things that makes me proud to wear this uniform is that we represent the values of the american people. that's what we have done historically, that's what we expect to do in the future and again that's what makes me proud to wear this uniform. >> military experts tell us if u.s. troops were to obey illegal orders they face the possibility of criminal prosecution or even international war crimes tribunals. >> thanks so much. an influential group of republicans signing a letter to the party saying enough, don't fund the trump campaign. they say there is a better way to spend that money. that's next. what makes wendy's baconator different? while the other guys use frozen beef from far away. wendy's only serves fresh beef from ranches close by.
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now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and these feet would like to keep the beat going. ask your doctor about lyrica. hello again. thanks for joining me. i'm fredicka whitefield. forget trump and concentrate on congress. that's the message of some 75 now republican to the republican national committee who in an open letter are urging the rnc
9:29 am
to pull financial support from trump and focus instead on races in the house and the senate. not the group warns the republican party could drown with quote a donald trump emblazoned anchor around its neck. joining me now, basil michael is the executive director of the new york state democratic committee, and steve cortes, a trump supporter. good to see you all back. so ford, you first. the rnc chair, reince priebus said while he's frustrated with trump, he's in it for the long hall. he was introducing trump erie, . might this letter help reince change his direction? >> absolutely not. split ticket voting is extremely rare. if you're a senator in
9:30 am
particular, that's the other thing being contested this fall, your political fortunes are exclusively tied to the presidential candidate of your party. the best you can do is run ten points better than donald trump. so eessentially how trump goes, you go. so basically they've got to stay in for trump for the long haul. >> donald trump and everyone around him has been saying when he wins. are you having second thoughts now too? >> i'm not having sukt thoughts. i support donald trump but i also am a political analyst and i can read the polls. right now he's 65/35 underdog to hillary clinton. she's in a favorable place particularly because she's ahead in florida, ohio and pennsylvania. if he were to win florida, ohio and pennsylvania, 73 electoral votes and essentially he would
9:31 am
be the next president of the united states. understand at best romney accomplished that, winning the states that romney won, he would need 44,000 votes out of 4 million people. anything is possible. >> steve, are you in the if or the when catmp? >> i'm deaf lat hi in the win. we've got an uphill batter. i think we're behind and we have to do better. and i think we will in the debates. there's a lot of consternation within or party. there is a lot on the democratic side as well. but getting back to our side, i think what's important here is that donald trump is a true outsider. he's upsetting the political record promising to go to washington, d.c. -- >> he's upsetting a lot of republicans. let's take a look at the letter and what it says. it lists everything that trump has done since the election that these republicans say have alienated voters of both
9:32 am
parties, attacked the gold star families, urging gun owners to take action against clinton, now continue your thought with that laundry list from these republicans who are willing to sign this open letter and hope that it is influential. >> right. first i would say too, the 75 sig signaturers, they're not exactly the who's who. he's upsetting crony system that is washington, d.c. there's a lot of talk about third party. we don't need a third party in america. we knew a true second party. in many ways this is largely america against washington and there's a people oes revolt going on because the people are incredibly upset with slow economic growth and insecurity both at home and abroad from islamic terrorists. i think donald trump presents
9:33 am
something that is upsetting and threatening to the political order, including some republicans, yes. >> basil, donald trump is in connecticut today stumping, monday he's going to be unveiling his plan on defeating isis. hillary clinton has, you know, not been on the campaign trail as much, particularly on the weekends in the last couple of weeks. kind of explain this strategy here, if there's a feeling that she is taking things for granted or if there's a feeling that, you know, donald trump is doing just fine on his own without her also being on the campaign trail. >> democrats can't rest on their haunches. nobody is taking it for granted, especially hillary clinton. she's working very hard to engage voters to get out to vote. going back to something that the others have said, you know, when donald trump to me is not scripted, he sounds rather nile lis tick in his approach. he's unconcerned about the future of the republican leaders or the republican party.
9:34 am
i do think focusing on downballot races is important. i would say this about my colleagues as well. the state races, the legislative races are so important, presidential campaigns get a lot of races. but what happens in the state is so incredibly important. to my chagrin over the last four years democrats have lost a lot of seats in state houses across the country. the rubber meets the road in terms of our ability to build the party state by state and make sure that we can tie all of those republican candidates to the things that donald trump is saying. >> ford, what about that, that point that basil is making that donald trump is myopic, he's not thinking about all of the other republicans in various races across the country, that he's only thinking about himself, and it's indicative when he speaks to certain things that raise eyebrows or you know helps
9:35 am
encourage one more republican to sign up on this open letter. how worrisome should that be? >> essentially as i said, the way it works in a presidential election is trickle down voting and you're tied to donald trump. i think that donald trump could actually win this election. i know we only have 80-plus days to go -- >> 87. >> turn it from a referendum on him to a referendum on hillary clinton and the rigged system. he can do it. my question for donald trump has always been the same. do you actually want to win the presidency of the united states and if you do, you very well can. the question is can you stay on message and not light yourself on fire. thus far i haven't seen it but the opportunity is there. >> thank you so much, gentlemen. appreciate it. we're going to get a closer inside look at the trump campaign tomorrow on "state of the union."
9:36 am
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. all right a sentence not fitting of the crime, what some are saying about the sen tens of the former university of colorado student who was convicted of raping a classmate. cnn's dan simon explains why. >> 22-year-old austin wilkerson has been sentenced to two years
9:40 am
in the boulder county jail. but there's a catch. it's called work release, an arrangement where defendants are able to go to work or school during the day. prosecutors say it's too lenient of a sentence for a convicted rapist. >> we were hoping to see a prison sentence in this case. obviously we feel that prison is appropriate for someone who commits a rape of this nature and then particularly given the aggravated facts here. >> they were students at the university of colorado. it was march of 2014. a st. patrick's day party. lots of drinking. wilkerson offered to look after the victim. instead prosecutors say he sexually assaulted her. court documents say when confronted by investigators wilkerson said he made repeated advances but she reburred him. he later admitted that she was passed out and he let his hands wander. in court his testimony change.
9:41 am
>> he definitely in our opinion and as he argued to the court, clout the process has given whatever version of the story at that moment is best going to serve him. >> in the end jurors found wilkerson guilty of sexual asaugs and unlawful sexual contact. changing his story yet again he admitted to his crime and apologized at sentencing. judge patrick butler said he struggled with the e the sigs. mr. wilkerson deserves to be punish but we need to find out if he can or cannot be rehabilitated. >> in this case we have kind of come to accept that light sentences in these kind of
9:42 am
crimes are the norm. >> prosecutors requested a sentence of 4 to 24 years in state prison. wilkerson's lawyer did not respond to repeated requests for comment. the judge based his decision in part on a recommendation from the probation department which actually called for no prison time. dan simon, cnn san francisco. let's talk about this with our legal guys. they're with us now, civil rights attorney and law professor joining us from cleveland and richard herman, a law professor joining us from miami today. good to see both of you. all right. richard, you first. austin wilkerson, he changed the story as we heard in dan simon's reporting and even apologized. but under what circumstances might a sentencing like this, you know, especially because of the kind of uproar from the prosecutors et cetera might it be changed? >> oh, the sentencing is not
9:43 am
going to be changed. if anything there's going to be a reduction. by no means is this a light sentence. this is not a light sentence. two years in jail, going to school during the day and reporting back to jail at night, 20-year sex offender registry, and status. if he violates he's going back to prison. let me tell you something, probation recommendation here was no prison, zero prison. and usually the judges abide by a probation report. and there was no prison here. so i think the judge tried to fashion a sentence more rehabilitation and some punishment but rehabilitation as the primary concern. >> so avery, do you agree with richard or do you believe the sentence should have been something different? >> i think we're looking at two different cases.
9:44 am
look, the problem here is disproportionality among other things. can you imagine a black kid living in the central city being convicted of these two counts, scampering off to campus during the day and at night hold up in a penitentiary. >> different issue. >> this is way out of proportion. hold on. and the problem is no one remembers what this is. this is somebody's daughter. and on top of that, you do -- again, my opinion, it's a white privilege issue. it didn't work both ways. on top of that, the testimony that surfaced here -- and the judge talked about impressive acceptance. this is the guy that kept getting rebuffed by this freshman, fredicka, and then he went ahead and sexually assaulted her. >> he did admit later that yes, he had advanced her and she you know turned him down and that made him mad.
9:45 am
>> right. and that goes to the point here. that goes to the whole point. in fact, you know what? there's a one-sentence line or two-sentence line by the victim at trial and it's so powerful, she goes the real question is why didn't the rapist get my consent. it would be like if someone robbed you and they then said, well you didn't say no. does a lack of no make the robbery okay? of course not. what a great way for this suffering young woman to express the significance of this. i think the sentence is way off base. it should be something much more serious. and frankly colorado and every major university better get on the ball here and start getting serious about training students and faculty on how to deal with this. one out of four women face sexual assault at campuses it's inching up to 30%. eve got an epidemic going on in
9:46 am
the universities. this case is the best example of >> it this reminds many people of the vanderbilt case, the former vanderbilt students, there were four of them, you know, and it too was a case of rape involving a young lady who was intoxicated. and there is a threat -- some of the cases are still ongoing too. and sentencing has yet to happen. there has been such public outcry in that case that it almost seems certain that there would be jail time imposed because you've heard it from the prosecutor, with you've heard it from the outrage in that community. how are the cases different in terms of why this case, which you say is a justifiable type of sentencing, seems to really get under the skin of prosecutors there who thought there would be more? >> well, i think, i think, fred, judges are making a distinction, right or wrong, they're making a distinction where there is unlawful sexual contact in a
9:47 am
party type atmosphere type situation like college where both sides are hammered and there ends up being sexual contact and then later on it's decided that it was not warranted. we weren't there, fred. we don't have cameras. he was convicted by a jury here in colorado. and these cases that go to trial, the defendants get convicted, sometimes of rape, sometimes of something lesser than rape. but i think the judges are taking into consideration the atmosphere and taking into consideration the age of the defendants and the impact on their lives as well as the impact on the victim's life here. it's a delegate line to cross. 20 years on probation, fred, is no day at the beach. i'm telling you that right now. if he's going to offend and be violated, he's going to prison. so 20-year leash on this guy plus two years in prison. and avery makes a distinction of where sentences are not uniform. that's a whole other issues that exists all over the country
9:48 am
here. i agree with him. if a young black man was convicted in the bronx new york of something like this, pretty much sure he's going to prison, not getting probation. but the probation report recommended zero prison. it's a tough call. >> we're going to have to leave it there. good to see you. we've got some breaking news. appreciate it. this is cnn breaking news. >> and this breaking news out of switzerland where a man reportedly has set a train carriage on fire using a flammable liquid, stabbed passengers injuring six people, including a 6-year-old child. the attacker is said to be a 27-year-old swiss citizen and was also injured. this is according to a statement released by police in that region. more on this as we get it. we'll be right back. (vo) stank face.
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welcome back. with russian groups suspected of hacking e-mail servers belonging to democratic party leaders and house members in the country, there's growing concern that hackers could target the power grid and cause catastrophic problems. >> russian malware is in hundreds if not thousands of u.s. computers that control critical infrastructure. the threat is not only real it's
9:53 am
happened. a recent study found that 94% of americans fear a cyberattack second only to an attack by isis. >> so what happened is one of these large breakers, several of the large braerks, operated remotely by the attacker. >> it was the fist known cyberattack of its kind, three attacks, 30 minutes apart against three electrical substations serving ukraine's power grid. >> this is not theoretical, this has happened. we've now had a cyberattack on critical infrastructure was that destructive. >> destruct ty and a real threat to the united states, says susan spaulding. a power outage impacts everything from air traffic control to subways and traffic lights, cell phones, computers, water and food supplies. cnn was given rare access to a
9:54 am
government test facility in idaho falls with a team of cyber experts is busy identifying hackers and trying to stop them. >> is it difficult for some sort of a cyberattacker to take down a power grid? >> it's much more simple than we would like it to be. >> to show us just how simple it is, the cyber team recreated the ukraine attack. a hacker using a common e-mail phishing scam steals a an employees credentials, takes full control of the computer operating the power grid and shuts it down. >> in the ukraine power was knocked out to several of their substations. >> correct. >> could that happen here? >> you know, it could. all of our infrastructures are run by the computerized systems. >> under scoring america's vulnerability. the malicious code identified is the same code dhs recently admitted is in hundreds if not
9:55 am
thousands of u.s. computer systems that control critical infrastructure. the code known as black energy has been linked to russia. >> there are companies across the country, this is not just with respect to electricity companies, that don't fully appreciate the nature of the threat. >> 75 to 80% of the nation's critical infrastructure is owned and operated by private sector companies, despite many warnings, dhs says some companies have failed to take even basic cybersecurity measures. >> it comes down to a business decision for the company. >> a business decision that could allow attackers to not only turn out the lights but to destroy the machinery as well. >> i'm standing on the testing site of the generator. it was the first test of its kind to prove that a cyber attacker could gain criminal of a generator and cause it to self destruct. if an attack were to happen to a generator, how long would it take for the plant to get back
9:56 am
online. >> some of the generators literally takes years to manufacture. >> dhs has trained more than 11,000 people in the private and government sector how to better secure their systems, thane cluds limiting remote access only to those who need it. and if there is an attack, worst case scenario, the only way to resolve it is to disconnect from the internet. debra feyerick, cnn new york. the next hour of the cnn newsroom begins after this. se t. why suffer? stand up to chronic migraine... with botox®. botox® is the only treatment for chronic migraine shown to actually prevent headaches and migraines before they even start. botox® is for adults with chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month each lasting 4 hours or more. it's injected by a doctor once every 12 weeks. and is covered by most insurance. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection, causing serious symptoms.
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thank you for joining me. i'm fredicka whitefield. 87 days until the election and in the middle of a fierce showdown, donald trump is making bombshell election fraud allegations, telling a crowd in pennsylvania that the only way he could lose the state come november is if hillary clinton cheats. >> and we have to call up law enforcement open we have to have the sheriffs and the police chiefs and everybody watching, because if we get cheated out of this election, if we get cheated out of a win in pennsylvania, which is such a vital state, especially when i know what's happening here, folks. i know. she can't beat what's happening here. the only way they can bt


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