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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  August 14, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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talked about success in last week's show. look out our pod cast at thanks for being part of our program this week. i'll see you next week. hello, everyone. thank you so much for joining me. i'm fredricka whitfield. breaking news on the flooding in louisiana, three people have died in louisiana. a fourth person is unaccountable and more than 7,000 people have been rescued from the rising floodwaters there. another two to four inches of rainfall is expected in the baton rouge area today. governor john bell edwards has requested help from fema and has declared a state of emergency. >> i think we're going to see more and more areas inundated with water. there will be road closures. today they may be open, so i'm advising all motorists to be
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very, very careful as you travel and just because there's no road closure sign doesn't mean it's safe to proceed if you see water in front of you. much better to turn around than it is to drown. >> cnn correspondent boris sanchez and the cnn photographer are covering this story from louisiana. i want to begin with boris, and what you have been seeing. >> fred, we're on the road headed to an area that didn't get that much rain but the real danger, the danger that governor was alluding to, a lot of these wetlands, tributaries, connected to other areas where there's been flooding are now going to get swamped with a ton of floodwater. i spoke to one woman who said there was very little rain in her neighborhood but going late into last night and early this morning, all that water came into her home. about a foot of water went into
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her home now he's standing outside with her sons trying to get stuff out of there. in another area, not far from here, there were family, volunteers, gathering, bringing in boats to try to get to family members. i spoke to one woman who said she hadn't spoken to her sister for half an hour. her sister had to flee her home with her young children. she went down with the help of her husband and an airboat in the process of trying to rescue them. we have seen that over and over again across this state. as you mentioned the governor talking about more than 7,000 rescues, people that had been taken out of their homes, their cars, some people were clinging to trees trying to get to safety. it's very easy to get yourself caught in a precarious situation, the governor also talked about that. i can tell you, as we go two
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toward the eastern part of the state, we got into trouble ourselves. it's dark out. you can't tell how high the water is. we ended up getting into water and had to back very quickly. so, it's a very, still dangerous situation out there. lot of people are just being asked to stay put, stay home, if you don't have to be out on the street. because even though the rain has stopped across much of the louisiana the danger is still out there, fred. >> boris it's extraordinary, the information you're giving us atop the images we're seeing. we're seeing this extraordinary rescue unfolding, it looked like a red convertible that was sink. you saw a man trying desperately to get to it. you didn't really know, you know, what the situation was as that boat kind of rolled up to it. but then you see him get into the water, he turns the roof top and then miraculously, he pulls out a woman, alive, now gasping
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for air and then pulling out a dog, do you know anything more about that situation that just unfolded and all caught on camera that we're replaying as i speak to you? >> as far as we know that was actually a group of volunteers that were out doing that. we saw the whole thing unfold. as you mentioned, a very emotional scene. the woman was really taken aa back emotionally. he didn't want to go without her dog. she was extremely unbelievable fortunate that those volunteers were there at that moment. a scene that's being played over and over again. people across the state have come together. again, it's -- you know, i talked to a man yesterday who was in a similar situation, he was in a neighborhood where there was sunshine yesterday, not much rain, but in a matter of hours, just a few hours, he said he looked outside and
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suddenly his entire neighborhood was under water. it's the nature of flash flooding. it's extremely dangerous. >> to see simply heroic rescues like that, just words can't describe. boris, thanks so much. the photographer was in another area of louisiana. mark, i'm talking to you particularly about some of the boat rescues and what you have seen, this would almost seem like a repeat of sort for you in 2005, you did something similar, you were on a boat during hurricane katrina, not only taking pictures about what was happening you were actively participating in some of the rescues, what have you been experiencing there outside the baton rouge area in. >> well, fredricka, i'm in a neighborhood called sherwood forest.
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when i got here, there were dozens and dozens of flat-bottom boats and airboats that were going out rescuing people. there's an area of sherwood forest called flaherty road, where these airboats -- i jumped on one of the boats and we went out there. and unlike where people were trapped during like katrina, hundreds of people were kind of brought to a staging point in the middle of the road. where there was a dry patch. and these boats that were coming in and these were -- from national guard, to private citizens, to first responders, were picking up these people, shuttling them back to highway 190 to load them up on the truck and get them out of that area. i talked to one of the residents there and he said, the water -- there was no water, there was no
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flooding at 10:00 p.m. last night. everyone was staying home. at 4:30 in the morning, water started coming into the house and just overnight, the rivers, whatever, crested here, it's almost up to the shingles, almost up to the roof tops which is very similar to what we saw in hurricane katrina and hurricane rita. as far as everything i saw on the boat, there was nothing like that, it was very organized. they did have some time to get some of their belongings. >> wow, these images are just hard to believe. mark, boris, thank you so much to both of you. you can see the water rising in some parts almost at the roof line. but as we heard mark say, the hope is many people have been rescued or were able to get
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notice enough in order to heed evacuation orders for some of those communities. deadly flooding situation in louisiana. we'll check back with you. also ahead, a violent protest in milwaukee, several stores burned down, all as it relates to a police-involved shooting. more on what sparked the outrage and breaking news from rio, u.s. olympic swimmer ryan lochte and three teammates robbed at gun point. details on that straight ahead. ♪
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appeals for calm in milwaukee after a night of looting and fires. protesters burning several buildings and throwing bricks at police. the governor activating the national guard all of this following the fatal shooting of an armed man by police.
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one man expressed his frustration at a news conference. >> something has to be done here in milwaukee, wisconsin, to address these issues. the black people of milwaukee are tired of leaving under this op presentation. >> cnn national kor important ryan young is live for us in milwaukee. ryan what is the situation now and take us back to how all of this unfolded. >> reporter: first things first, people are sort of tense right now, they're not sure what happened later on tonight. if you look at the scene, it looks like you're at the different place. burned-out cars left behind. that used to be a honda accord. as we push our camera in the other direction that was a bp gas station, you can see it's basically crumbled upon itself because of the intense flames. lucky that the gas tanks didn't catch on fire. over to the side there, the two police officers remain in this area, there are still hundreds
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of people that are out here. this video from last night, an officer pulled over a car tried to tell two people they needed to stop. one man had a gun according to officer, when he told him to put that gun down, he opened fire, hitting that man in the chest and also in the arm and that sent this place going crazy because so many heard rumors about what happened. the idea, the officer also had a body cam, people are waiting to see what happens next. but this community is still on edge. >> our responsibility is to make sure the prop resources are in place to conduct a thorough investigation. this will result additional investigations. make sure we additional resources. >>, a mixed bag of from the community. several people are upset that buildings were burned down. they said that the idea that
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this man had a weapon might have made this a justified shooting. we had to show you this scene. look at the community gathering. se pockets just like this one. having a conversation about what's going on. people believe tonight will be another night of protests. as you can see the damage left behind, this community obviously has a lot of questions. >> the gathering of people there, is is that a meeting the same or different from a meeting where church and community leaders are planning to get together? >> reporter: yeah, that's one of the things that we talked about churches and community members will come together and have a conversation about what can happen next. talking to people who are community leaders here, they said last night was really run young people not part of the movement. you had pure angry. it exploded on the sidewalks
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here. >> ryan young, thank you so much from milwaukee. meantime police are investigating a string of violent attacks on officers in new york and georgia this weekend. we begin in central georgia, where police are searching for the person who shot and killed an officer, tim smith. smith was responding to a call of a suspicious person when he was shot upon coming on the subject in marietta, georgia, just outside of atlanta, that officer was shot and is expected to survive. he and two other officers were responded to a car break-in, when one of the two suspects opened fire. officers wounded one suspect who is expected to sir vive in long island, new york, an us aer is recovering from surgery after being stand in the face. the suspect was armed with knives when he slashed the
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officer. another officer shot the suspect who is in critical condition. all right, straight ahead. u.s. olympic swimmer ryan lochte and three teammates robbed at gun point in rio. their reaction and the latest on this breaking story in a live report next. at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything.
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we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california. all right, breaking news out of rio, gold medalist ryan
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lochte and three other u.s. swimmers robbed at gun point as they head to the olympic village. what do we know about how this happened. what were the circumstances? don. >> well, we've been hearing bit and pieces all day. in the last few minutes we're getting more clarity on exactly what did unfold. this was a brilliant night for the u.s. swim team in the pool last night. they took gold in both the men's and women's relays. but it ended on a very sour note. what we know ryan lochte and three of his teammates, gunnar bentz, jack conger and jimmy feigen. they were making their way back to olympic village when they were pulled over what looked
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like policemen. ryan spoke to nbc today, he said there was a police badge, no lights, they were asked to get out of the taxi and on the ground. lochte told nbc that he refused. three of his teammates got on the ground. when lochte refused he said that a gun was aimed at him and he said whatever, handed over their belongings. they didn't take his phone or credentials. the good news is, they got away unharmed. they returned back to the village safe and well. but no doubt very, very shaken up. initially, the international olympic committee this morning said these reports were false. the military police and the u.s. consulate all denied it. but within the last hour a very different pictures emerging and the civil police have now opened an investigation into exactly what went on.
11:22 am
>> don, now there's an acknowledgment from the ioc after those discrepancies of whether it happened, does this mean any new warnings are being issued to athletes or even the general, you know, populous, people who are going to the olympic events? >> well, i mean, i think most people coming to rio were already aware of the situation here in the buildup to these games, one of the many concerns, we were talking for months in the lead-up, the economy, the collapse of the government, zika, of course the crime and the violence. you can see pretty sure that a major team, the u.s. olympic team would be briefed on the situation here. whether the ioc offers any new guidance now that these events have been confirmed remains to be seen. you can be sure they'll be asked about it. it's a concern because we're only halfway through the
11:23 am
olympics. we still have a week to go and thousands and thousands and thousands of athletes and half a million tourists are here following, following the events here. i mean, this by far and the away the most serious incident we have had so far. a great relief that these guys are okay, perhaps a bit shaken up. >> all right, thank you so much, don riddell in rio. also still ahead -- donald trump's campaign today intensely pushing back against the media. trump himself blasting stories like this one in "the new york times," detailing unrest within the campaign. we'll talk about that, next. can a toothpaste do everything well?
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11:27 am
he was doing and was precise in targets on of the two men the way the shooting was carried out is also leading some investigators believe that this suspect had some prior military or shoot experience. where is the investigation, what's unfolding? >> we know that this morning, investigators released a sketch of the man wanted in connection of the shooting death of these two men, the imam and his assistant. a crowd has gathered. people in this community are gathering not only to commemorate but also call for justice. this is quite a shocking thing that happened here in this community and many people are scared, are nervous about it. they posted some of the sketches nearby. the mosque as they gathered here today, we know investigators are continuing to look into what happened. they have been in the area all
11:28 am
day long. investigators say they're now looking at surveillance footage. surveillance video. they also believe these two men were precisely targeted based on the shot that was fired. one shot each to the back of the head. they're also saying they won't characterize this as necessarily a hit but do believe that the men may have been targeted. as we continue to report, the hate crimes unit for the nypd is also part of the investigation as they always are when a religious is a victim of a crime. all new york city mosques today have stepped up security to give people that extra sense of security as they worship today. and that's what we're also seeing here at this mosque where this imam was a community leader. we learned from a press conference that the members here, the two who were killed
11:29 am
were bangladeshi nationals. they were beloved in the community. they were walking room, we know that the imam had about $1,000 cash on him, fred, leading to police that robbery may not have been the motive of this crime. fred. >> all right, very disturbing, thank you so much sara, on the killing of two there in queens. all right, donald trump's campaign today intensely pushing back against the media. trump himself blasting stories like this one in today's "the new york times," detailing unrest within the campaign. the times reporting the campaign's effort to, quote, save trump from himself has plainly failed. end quote. trump tweeting, it's, dishonest in his view, he tweeted this morning, if the disgusting and
11:30 am
corrupt media covered me honestly and didn't put false meaning into the words i say, i would be beating hillary by 20%, end quote. last night, trump again raised the possibility that he may not win. >> oh, you better elect me, folks, i'll never speak to you again. can you imagine -- can you imagine how badly i'll feel if i spent all of that money, all of this energy, all of this time and i lost? i will never, ever forgive the people of connecticut. >> campaign chairman paul man ji afort addressed trump's war with the media and the controversial decision not to release his tax returns in the state of the union with jake tapper. >> joining me from new york is trump campaign chairman paul n
11:31 am
manafort. thank you for joining us. so republicans in washington and throughout the country are starting to get very worried that mr. trump doesn't have the discipline to stay on message and win the election. you see the polling showing him behind in battle ground states. i know he did an economic speech monday and he'll do a speech on terrorism tomorrow. in between, he does seem to go off-message. last night he was talking about monica lewinsky's blue dress. >> first of all, the piece that you just did is an example of why he said last night beside running against hillary clinton he's running against the media. the point he's making he said that this was a substantive weekend. our plan laid out how he was going to cut taxes, lower the tax rates for small businesses.
11:32 am
he talked about his trade and energy policies. she laid out a program which frankly is exactly what this administration is doing, raising taxes, raising spending, increasing the national debt and there was a debate that could have been had there, instead the media decided to take the clinton campaign narrative and go on attack of donald trump. donald trump in the course of this week was very substantive, when he visited a number of battle ground states. you didn't cover it. frankly the local media is covering it. from our standpoint we're pleased we're getting the coverage in the battle ground states. contrary to your report and the "the new york times," the campaign is moving forward and is very strong. we have raised over 132,000 money. we're organized in all 50 states. we have been in the battle ground states every day this month including pennsylvania,
11:33 am
ohio and florida multiple times this month. and we're starting to get traction in these states. so, we're convinced that contrary to the stories of "the new york times" that are not correct and contrary to the lead-in of this interview trump unplugged. he's plugged in. he's very connected. look at the crowds hillary clinton is getting, she's appearing before 30, 40. he sfl so one of the reasons that mr. trump's message about the economy on monday was sidetracked was okay when he raised the possibility of second amendment people taking matters into their own hands to stop clinton from appointing pro-gun control judges. that's a controversy that you reject, trump said afterwards that no one thought that he was
11:34 am
suggesting violence, but i want you to take a listen, here's mr. trump. >> nobody in that room thought anything other than what you just said. there can be no other interpretation. >> here's the thing, it wasn't just reporters, it was republicans, it was people in washington, d.c., who want mr. trump to win and then if you look at the speech when he made those remarks the man with the white beard sitting right behind mr. trump at that event, cnn tracked him down, take a listen. >> i was just absolutely taken aback. down here in the south, we -- we don't curse in front of women, we don't drink liquor in front of the preacher and we don't make jokes like that in public. we would have taken mr. trump to the shed and don't say thinks like because people will misconstrue it.
11:35 am
>> that man will vote for mr. trump, does mr. trump need to listen to what mr. vickers said, be more careful with your words. >> the point is, most people did not interpret it that way. it's not meant to be a threat. but the point, again, is you could have covered what he was saying or you could take a side and play the narrative. there's plenty of news to cover this week but i haven't seen covered. you had information coming out about pay for play out of e-mails of hillary clinton's that weren't turned over by the way to the justice department for her investigation. that's a major news story. you had -- you had the naval base in turkey under attack by terrorists. a number of things that weren't appropriate to this campaign. you had economic numbers coming
11:36 am
out this week that showed productivity is down, housing ownership is down, unemployment is at over 102 million. mr. trump told you didn't mean and you played it out for two days okay, first of all, just as a factual matter, on monday, my show covered mr. trump's speech, okay, we did. we covered mr. trump's speech and we did cover those hillary clinton's e-mails. these things just because you say them they're not true. i mean, we have been covering the substance, we have been covering -- >> jake -- jake we have been talking about these messages all day. you covered it one day. you had a chance to have a serious discussion about the two economic programs that were presented this past week, this very week, by the two
11:37 am
candidates. there was no discussion. there was no comparison. instead you took these aside. >> and mr. trump bears no responsibility for his campaign being off-message. his comments about the second amendment had nothing to do with why we weren't covering the economic message. >> his point about the second amendment people who care about the second amendment should be concerned about hillary clinton's presidency. now, you can interpret it which i certainly didn't, as a threat. if you want to go back and look at threats, go back to 2008 when hillary clinton was running against obama and in may of that year when she was clearly the loser and asked why are still in the race, remember, bobby kennedy was assassinated in 1968, that's a much direct reference. >> i did cover that in 2008. hillary clinton, you know what she did?
11:38 am
she issued an apology. that's not how i meant it. let's move on mr. mike pence, donald trump's running mate. he said he'll release his tax returns. hillary clinton and tim kaine has already released his tax returns. that puts him at odds with mr. trump. >> you don't see the tax returns, you think there's something wrong. >> that's donald trump from 2008. if you release donald trump's 2008 tax returns. you obviously made the calculation i it's better to take the hit. mr. trump said in 2012 as he said, what's wrong in these tax returns? what do you not what the public to see?
11:39 am
>> he's under audit. when the audit is completed he'll release the returns. in mrs. clinton's returns you saw lot of income coming from the clinton foundation. i haven't seen any stories on that yet. >> mr. trump unveiled his economic plan this week, i want to ask you about that if we can, he proposed across the board tax cuts with the biggest monetary benefit going to the top 1%, compare to the rhetoric that mr. trump offered back in september, take a listen. >> it reduces or eliminates most of the deductions and loopholes available to special interests and to the very rich. in other words, it's going to cost me a fortune. >> now listen to what mr. trump had to say to the "today" show in march. >> do you believe in raising taxes on the wealthy? >> i do, i do. including myself. i do. >> the plan he unveiled monday
11:40 am
walks away from what he said in march and last september when he talked about how it was going to really hurt the very wealthy? >> i'm sorry, i couldn't hear the last sentence. >> my question, his tax plan as unveiled monday seems to walk away what he said in september and march where the very wealthy would pay much more. >> not at all. he lays out three race. 12, 25 and 35%. in those rates what he's talking about is, increasing the -- taking away a number of deductions that are used by the very wealthy -- i'm sorry it's 33%. taking away deductions that are only used by the wealthy. so, that -- but more importantly, he remains from the tax rules a significant percentage of the american
11:41 am
people. taxes will go down, more real spending income for middle income working families and as a result of this tax plan, and all of the components of the tax plan, the trade elements, the investment elements you'll have a situation where jobs are going to come back to america, manufacturing is going to benefit again the coal industry is going to benefit again. which means jobs, good-paying jobs, and as a result the economy will grow again unlike as it has under obama. the clinton plan announced this week, would be more of the same. the kind of growth you have experienced over the last eight years you'll experience for more four more years. the trump plan similar to the reagan plan and similar to the jfk plan in 1961 will create
11:42 am
jobs. >> all right, that's paul m manafort with jake tapper. i want to bring in katrina pierson, is trump starting to sound like less confident about winning from his comments to the connecticut audience that he would be so upset if he doesn't win. the other day, he said he loves the title of secretary of defense or secretary of state. >> no, not at all. fredricka, look, mr. trump has said this from the beginning, even in the primaries, he'll talk to the voters, he's always talked this way, i'm not sure why the media makes this some new, the media covered it back in the primaries. >> all right, so, is it the media -- he's simply revealing that there are some openings, he's less i'm winning, well, here's the contingency, here's the possibility? >> well, yeah, when he's being
11:43 am
asked a question, one thing goes to show that mr. trump isn't a politician, he tells you what he thinks and feels. he'll tell you what he's thinking. ly say there's lot of excitement out there as paul alluded to, the fact that donald trump is still drawing record number crowds. the polling isn't even correct. because we know now that were oversampling democrats and leaving out certain demographics. we're very confident that mr. trump is still in it to win. >> you're doubting the polling we're looking at eight to ten points between he and hillary clinton. hillary clinton being up. messaging is really the focal point of today's "the new york times" story, talking about it seems to be a real issue both for the campaign and mr. trump. a portion of that article said,
11:44 am
quote, to save trump from himself plainly failed. are members of the campaign frustrated with having to explain, his language, his actions? >> no, not at all. what we get frustrated as a campaign is to constantly come to the media and explain why it isn't true what mr. trump said. lot of people -- >> but his comments are on tape. he's probably one of the most documented presidential candidates in modern time. it's you and other surrogates who are saying, no, that's not what you heard. >> well, and to the point if you play the tape you'll hear the crowd go wild. and they're cheering. >> no one is disputing that he has a fan base. no one is disputing. you're disputing the message, his remarks whether it's about
11:45 am
the founder of isis is that of the president of the united states and the former secretary of state. >> he says it. >> that's part of the point. he was not speaking literally, he was speaking figuratively and most people outside the media understood that. just the other day, the cnn chryon, trump uses heritage to vet judges. the trump campaign has to constantly come on, specifically cnn, to explain what he's saying because the media is por trag something that he didn't. >> he doubled down on his comments. he was asked for clarification, he was asked are you talking about the vacuum, he said no, he's talking about them being the founder. he said it was sarcasm and then not really. now trump's running mate mike pence on fox news sunday
11:46 am
addressed it this way. >> you and he spent a day defending his remarks saying that they were serious now trump says that he was being sarcastic. so, governor, which one is it in. >> i think he's very serious. he was making a point that needs to be made. no question that the failed policies of president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton in the middle east created a vacuum within iraq in which isis was able to arise. >> why he was saying he was sarcastic. >> but he was making a serious point. donald trump has a way of talking to get people's attention. it's drawing attention to a very important point. >> trump said sarcasm, you say it's sarcasm. his running mate is saying it's
11:47 am
serious. >> talking about finding isis literally, the answer is no. that was sarcastic. if you're talking about the finding of isis based on the policies that president obama and secretary of state clinton was -- >> fredricka, you pulled one sentence and you don't play the rest. it's very misleading to the public. mr. trump talks about the policies of the middle east after the quote you just played from the rally. play the whole thing we wouldn't he have this problem. >> they just heard the clip about mr. trump saying obama and hillary founded isis and became mvp. >> does this discrepancies of serious versus sarcasm demonstrate there's some
11:48 am
distance between donald trump and mike pence. donald trump is talking about he may be not winning if the outcome is not good then at least he stuck to his word. whereas mike pence is saying and willing to depart from what donald trump is saying be it about paul ryan or the willingness to release his taxes. what is going on here? it's very strange because it's very incongruent message. and we're talking about running mates. katrina, audio problem? >> so, katrina, you're unable to hear me. okay, we're going to try to establish to see if we're having an audio problem with katrina pierson. we'll take a short break and try to resume this conversation on the other end.
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all right, welcome back. i think we worked out audio problems here. katrina pierson back with us now. katrina, you can hear me okay sf. >> i can. >> i was asking about the mix message, the incongruent message coming from donald trump. saying he's not going to release his tax returns yet mike pence said he will. very strange running mates going in different directions on the
11:53 am
issue. >> it isn't a mixed message. mike pence doesn't run an international company. and mike pence isn't under an audit. mr. trump has been forward and up front from the beginning he'll release his tax returns after the audit is complete. >> let's talk about a message that donald trump is hoping to drive home starting tomorrow, he'll be releasing his plan on how this country were to battle isis if he's president of the united states. what should we expect? >> i think you should expect the details that everyone has been asking for with regards to the way the mr. trump wants to handle terrorism as commander in chief. we have been at war, this is longest war we have had in u.s. history and it's not doing the country any favor as we have seen the vacuums created in middle east by president obama and hillary clinton.
11:54 am
>> all right, katrina pierson, thanks for your time today. appreciate it. >> thank you. we'll have much more after this. mother in-law with a glad bag, full of trash. what happens next? nothing. only glad has febreze to neutralize odors for 5 days. guaranteed. even the most perceptive noses won't notice the trash. be happy. it's glad. ♪ ♪ only those who dare drive the world forward. introducing the first-ever cadillac ct6.
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we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california. welcome back. so members of congress will soon learn what hillary clinton had to say to the fbi about her private e-mail server.
11:58 am
sources tell our own jake tapper the information won't be a transcript but rather notes from the fbi interview. chris, what do we know about these notes and how it will be delivered to congress? >> reporter: well, fred, we know that these notes that were taken last month during clinton's three-hour interview with the fbi about her e-mail server and her handling of classified information as secretary of state. now, you asked why now, why are they doing it right now? the republican chairman of the house oversight committee, he asked them to turn over the entire file of clinton's e-mail use. james comey promised to cooperate. >> i'll commit to everything i can possibly give you under the law and to doing it as quickly as possible. >> once those notes hit capitol
11:59 am
hill they'll ignite another round of political problems whether clinton should have faced criminal charges of her handling of classified information. he said there was no precedent to bring criminal charges. e-mails last week raised question about clinton foundation influence on secretary of state clinton. >> meantime, let's switch gears a little bit. donald trump's running mate mike pence said he'll do something that trump isn't doing just a moment, i spoke with trump national spokesperson katrina pierson about that. you know, her explanation was in large part because donald trump is the business person and so, he's being audited and simple as that. what more are learning? >> that's exactly right, fred, mike pence said yesterday he's
12:00 pm
releasing his tax returns. he repeated trump's assertion because he's not releasing his taxes because he's being audited. politicians have released their returns during an audit. he said his taxes between '02 and '08 yet he refused to release even those returns. pence said he'll release his returns before the election. that came a day after clinton released her most recent tax returns. the clinton campaign has tried to use the issue to their advantage arguing that trump's transparency -- lack of transparency means that voters can't trust how much he's paid in taxes. pence tried to turn the tables on clinton and use clinton's transparency against her. >> what you have


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