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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  August 14, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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mike pence said yesterday he's releasing his tax returns. he repeated trump's assertion because he's not releasing his taxes because he's being audited. politicians have released their returns during an audit. he said his taxes between '02 and '08 yet he refused to release even those returns. pence said he'll release his returns before the election. that came a day after clinton released her most recent tax returns. the clinton campaign has tried to use the issue to their advantage arguing that trump's transparency -- lack of transparency means that voters can't trust how much he's paid in taxes. pence tried to turn the tables on clinton and use clinton's transparency against her. >> what you have in clinton is
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an extremely prosperous family that's made tens of millions of dollars, related to, and derivative of, their time in and around public service and the american people now know that clearly from that release. >> fred, this is not a fight over taxes that's going to go away any time soon. >> chris, appreciate that. much more in the newsroom right now. hello, again, thank you so much for joining us. i'm fredricka whitfield. wisconsin's governor activates the national guard after a night of fires and looting. all of this following the fatal shooting of an armed man by police. >> i never thought i would see my own city in a state of unrest
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to potential riot. we're standing here speaking with you, just heard gun shots just two, three blocks away, feel maybe the large riots are over. >> ryan, what more are hearing about the direction of this investigation? >> reporter: fred, first of all, this is a tough conversation, people are worried about the national guard showing up because they think they can make it worse this evening. that's happening all around us. you look behind us, you'll see some stuff has been burned down from what happened last night. setting fires.
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>> we're going to try and get back to ryan young's reporting from milwaukee. momentarily when we can. meantime police are investigating a string of violent attacks on officers in new york and georgia. we begin in central georgia where police are searching a man they claim shot and killed officer tim smith, smith was responding to a call of a suspicious person when he was shot at upon coming upon the subject. officer smith is survived by three children, a stepson and a fiancee. the officer shot outside of atlanta, he's expected to survive. he and two other officers wither responded to a car break-in, officers were wounded one suspect. two is expected to survive.
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then in long island, new york, an us aer is recovering from surgery after being stabbed in the face after responding to a 911 call. the suspect was armed with knives when he slashed the officer. another officer shot the suspect who's in critical condition. all right, i want to get some other breaking news in right now the louisiana governor has postponed his previously scheduled flood trip and hold a briefing this comes on the heels of the catastrophic flooding in louisiana. three people have now died. fourth person is unaccountable for and more than 7,000 people have been rescued from the rising floodwaters. another two to four inches of rainfall is expected in the baton rouge area today. the governor has requested help from fema and has declared a state of emergency. cnn correspondent boris sanchez is covering this story for us from louisiana. so, boris, what more can you
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tell us about this closed-door briefing? >> well, what can we expect from the governor is a message that this is definitely not over. the rain has stopped falling in most of louisiana, there's still a lot of danger out there. lot of floodwaters, areas that are flooded, the water is still rising because the water is moving. so many of the areas that were flooded were because of bodies of water, lakes, rivers and tributaries that overflowed. as a matter of fact, we're getting close to an area where there wasn't much rain, i spoke to a woman who lived there who said even as of last night they had gotten a few inches of rain. early this morning, her home had a foot of water, the water that came in from different parts of the state just overexplode in her area. where we're standing, the rain
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has begun to fall again, this is still a very dangerous situation. they're expecting that bayou that essentially took over a neighborhood to go up by at least another foot before it's all said and done from what we understand, there are more than 15,000 people still without power. about a hundred roads and highways are still shut down and we're getting confirmation that rescues are still ongoing. more than 7,000 rescues have taken place across the state. it's really a staggering number when you consider there were only three fatalities and that so many of these areas got hit by very quick flash flooding and very little advanced notice for these communities. we have seen at lot of rescues, many of them are volunteers, people coming from different parts of the state to the evacuated areas so they can help those who need it most, fred. >> boris, among those rescues, again, you can't keep your eyes off that extraordinary video of you described earlier,
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volunteers that came upon that red convertible that was submerged in the water, they tore open the top and they pulled out a woman alive. she was gasping. she apparently said her dog was in the car. they got her dog out as well. extraordinary images as well. these are the kind of rescues that are taking place. of course, lot of the emergency first responders who are also being put to task on this while they try to rescue and help out as many people they can. extro third nary images there. boris sanchez, thanks so much. i want to bring now out of milwaukee, there's ryan young again, ryan, talk to us more about what has transpired there as the police-involve shooting. and the burning that was once that bp gas station and how the people there are simply looking for answers and there's a lot of frustration being aired out.
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>> reporter: absolutely a lot of frustration. fred, we were standing next to each other in baltimore. some of this is reminiscent of that. they're walking up to us with anger in their hearts. they're saying this young man didn't have a gun. they don't believe the police's narrative. they believe that this started because the police said this young man had a gun. they're deny it can facts that he had a gun. police stopped the car, two men started running. two shots were fired. once in the chest and one in the arm. from that led to this. you can see everything that's happened here. police still remain on seecene. hearing the national guard on the way has enflamed people even more. they're talking about going back and taking to the streets once again. businesses that were affected last night that were burned down were targeted because of their
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treatment of black people in the community. the next few hours watching and waiting once again, fred. >> a very tenuous situation, thank you very much, ryan young. all right, coming up, behind the curtain of the trump campaign. "the new york times" reporting that staffers don't have a handle on the candidate. we'll discuss with a trump spotter and a former reagan adviser after this. eld... ...their dad went to the new safelite-dot-com... ...and scheduled a replacement... just a few clicks. with safelite you don't have to miss a thing. y'all did wonderful! thank you. (girls sing) safelite repair, safelite replace.
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all right, donald trump stepping up his attacks on the media while campaigning in the deep blue state of connecticut last night. trump going after what he often calls the dishonest media. the republican candidate aiming most of his rage at "the new york times" threatening to pull the newspaper's credentials and firing back at the newest reports in the paper today, painting a rather unsavory picture of the campaign. >> they wrote a story today,
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anonymous sources have said, three anonymous sources, they don't use names, i don't think they have any names, okay, but anonymous sources have said -- there are none. in my campaign, it's me. it's me. they never call me. they don't call me. >> all right, trump is talking about an article in "the new york times" inside the failing m mission to tame trump's tongue. they said, quote, exhausted, frustrated and still bewild ered by if fine points of the political process why his incendiary approach is. paul manafort stood by trump's
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stance. man ji afort maintained all is well within the trump campaign. >> contrary to your report and contrary to "the new york times's" nameless sources' story, the campaign is moving guard and is very strong. we have raised over $132 million in the last two months. we are organized in all 50 states. all 50 states. we have been in the battle ground states every day this month including pennsylvania, ohio and florida multiple times this month and we're starting to get traction in those states. so we're convinced contrary to the stories of the "the new york times" that are not correct contrary to the lead-in of this story trump unplugged that trump is very plugged in. you're seeing crowds attending these appearances that end of october numbers. not august numbers. in august, look at the crowds hillary clinton is getting,
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she's appearing before 30, 40, 100 people. he's appearing before 10,000, 20,000 people. >> joining me now is donald trump's supporter and economic adviser to donald trump trump. and art laver. good to see both of you. andy, let me begin with you. you have been adviser to mitt romney and now to donald trump. so, is trump's campaign style working, is everything in control as we heard from paul manafort? >> i don't know if everything's in control in a political campaign. over the past week, a media barrage against donald trump you've seen a narrowing in the past weekend in the polls. the real clear politics average it's narrowed by a percent. he's withstood this media barrage over the past week. in some sense it's working.
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i think if i had been advising him in the primary campaign he probably would have lost. >> andy, is it a media barrage or simply he says stuff, it's reportable it's on record and everybody picks up on it because it becomes news worthy to who he is and what kind of president he would be? >> you know, i'll tell you, i'd liked to see more media coverage this week on donald trump's economic plan which is pro-growth versus hillary clinton which is tax and spend. >> then he shouldn't have said that founders of isis are president obama and clinton. >> if i see another left-wing berating a berating a trump surrogate unwilling to adopt
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what trump said. i think the american people are tired of hearing everything donald trump says parsed. they want to hear how -- who's going to create jobs and careers. who's going to cause wages to go up. paths to the middle class? when we start talking about those things i think those campaigns are going to get focused. dx dx isn't helping with these comments on the one hand. on the other hand he doesn't dictate what people cover. if the news media would cover substance over semantics, i think it would be closer. >> art, do you see it, is trump versus the media, or trump versus trump. >> i love andy, he's great friend and enjoy your show. i'm an economist and frankly we tax people speeding to stop speeding. why would we want to raise taxes on income? raise taxes on people that
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create jobs? raise taxes on companies that make great products at low cost, especially given the state of the economy. we need economic growth. i like trump's plan a lot better than hillary clinton's. i supported her husband when he was in the office. but he's not hillary clinton. and her plan is just not going to work and i think trump's plan really would create the prosperity we need. >> so, andy, how does donald trump stay on message, how does his campaign help him stay on message so that as you put it, there wouldn't be this barrage of media coverage on his missteps if. >> just like my buddy art just said, take what the question is and you come baright back to th economic plan. he should be talking about it, focused on the economy, the economy, the economy.
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if he wants to talk about a clinton corruption scandal that's fine. but focus on the economy. stick with the message that art just delivered. it's perfect. >> if you believe that "the new york times" that his camp is trying to make him do, he makes a left turn when they want him to go straight, how do the campaign control the candidate? >> he's a very authentic candidate. look, you're not going to be able to completely control donald trump. he has a mind of his own. he's not a politician, not a traditional politician. he goes out there and he talks. you're talking all of these hours every day eventually you're going to say something that can be parsed into an unfavorable comment. if he keeps his focus on the economy he has a very good chance of winning this election. i'm hopeful that what he's going
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do. >> art, inside three months before the election, this conversation about a candidate who seemed to be running away with it for a while now look at the poll numbers he's dipping quite a bit and their conversations internally and externally whether his campaign can control, you know, the candidate. what if anything do you see either donald trump would have to do or his campaign have to do to try to right the ship? >> it's the people's government here, if i can, fred, and people deserve the governments they get. here are the policies if you want to chase these other things, that's fine. i want economic prosperity. i'm a james carville guy. when he said it's the economy, stupid, well it is. this election should be on economics. if people don't see it that way,
12:21 pm
that's okay. if you think the consequences are better with hillary, goodness gracious go for it. i think the lower tax rates would be much better than high -- than raising taxes and giving freebies to people who already have freebies. as a economist i hope i can lay out those issues out for people. the issue is really economics. it's not partisan ship. it's the economy. >> it's the economy, stupid. >> that's james carville now. >> thank you, james carville. all right, art and andy, thank you so much. >> thanks. as soon as tomorrow members of the u.s. congress will have in their hands the notes from hillary clinton's interview with the fbi. what that can tell us with just now 86 days until the election,
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as a supervisor at pg&e, it's my job to protect public safety, keeping the power lines clear, while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing, the work that we do helps us protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees
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to plant around the power lines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california. all right -- members of congress will soon learn what hillary clinton had to say to the fbi about her private e-mail server. cnn's jake tapper has lirnd that as early as tomorrow, the notes that an fbi agent took during the three-hour interview will be made available.
12:26 pm
it's important to know that these are not full transcripts and hillary clinton wasn't under oath at the time. they requested the notes after the fbi director's testimony earlier this summer. another controversial issue dogging hillary clinton, the connection between one of her former top aides at the u.s. state department and the clinton foundation. cnn's senior investigative correspondent drew griffin has more. >> reporter: on june 19th, 2012, sheryl mills, then the chief of staff for then secretary of state hillary clinton boarded an amtrak in washington's union station bound for new york. senate investigators have been trying to find out mills was up to. now, cnn has learned a potential reason why. cheryl mills, then a u.s. government employee and secretary of state's chief of staff was in new york working on
12:27 pm
behalf the clinton foundation. a source close to the situation confirms to cnn, mills was interviewing go potential candidates to lead the clinton foundation. mills would interview top-level executives at walmart and the drug company pfizer. both companies, huge donors to the clinton foundation and both have worked with the clinton global initiative. did she have permission from the u.s. department of state? did they know the trip was taking place? cnn has asked the u.s. state department all of these questions, this was the response. federal employees are committed to engage in outside personal activities within the scope of the federal ethics rules. all federal employees are subject to federal ethics laws and regulations. the vague response raises more questions that are just not being answered. not to cnn, but says one
12:28 pm
watchdog not to republican-led senate judiciary committee that has the right to know. >> the government should be turning that information over and when you have a breakdown in that system we have a breakdown in our democracy. >> reporter: it's easy to understand why cheryl mills was trusted in finding the next director of the clinton foundation. zmrooim honored to be here today on behalf of the president. >> reporter: she defended then-president during impeachment proceedings. in 2008, when hillary clinton was running for president mills was her senior legal campaign adviser. >> i hillary rodham clinton and when she became secretary of state, mills left the clientdown pho -- clientdown foundation.
12:29 pm
the mixes of business between state, clinton foundation and its donors all play into a central theme of donald trump's campaign that politicians like the clintons use government to benefit themselves. >> these are crooked people. they have been crooked from the beginning. you look at that foundation, it's pure theft and pure crookedness. >> reporter: cheryl mills' attorney said she was simply doing volunteer work for a foundation. she was not paid. the clinton foundation also said that mills wasn't a paid employee. late today, this statement. cheryl volunteered her time to a chartable organization. as she has to other charities. it was crystal clear to all involved that this had nothing to do with her official duties. the idea that poses a conflict of interest is absurd. >> right now, we're awaiting a
12:30 pm
news conference held by the milwaukee police department where they're set to give us an update on the violent protests that erupted overnight following the shooting of an armed suspect by police. we'll take you there live when it begins. we'll be right back.
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a. we're awaiting a news conference set by the milwaukee police department. we'll take you live as it happens. meantime, donald trump escalating his war with the media. launching fresh attacks this weekend. blasting stories like this one in today's "the new york times" detailing unrest within the campaign. the times reporting the campaign's effort to, quote, save trump from himself has plainly failed, end quote. trump tweeting, it's dishonest.
12:34 pm
even blaming the media for his sagging poll numbers. if the disgusting and corrupt media covered me honestly and didn't put false mean into words i say i would be beating hillary by 20%. comments he made at two rallies this weekend where he painted reporters as his other opponent this election. >> did i say that? i say it all the time. so they knew i was being sarcastic. but now they're analyzing. did i really mean that? how could i say that? these people are the lowest form of life. i'm telling you. the lowest. they are the lowest form of humanity, not all of them, they have about 25% are pretty good. but most of them. i'm not running against crooked hillary clinton. i'm running against the crooked media.
12:35 pm
that's what i'm running against. >> all right, joining us right now is donald trump supporter and economic advise tore donald trump, andy and former communications director tim miller. good to see all of you. andy, you first, if you look at trump's twitter page, he's gone on a tweet storm against the media over the last 24 hours in particular, do you think attacking the media is the best course of action, why is he doing this? >> well, again, you know, i'm not going to give donald trump political advice because he's done pretty well without my political advice up until now. the media is an easy target because there's a lot of trump supporters are distrustful of the media. they feel there's media bias. donald trump certainly feels that the media is bias and there's probably some justification for that. i think the media trying to be fair. you know, people in the media are just people.
12:36 pm
they come into this thing with different opinions and different approaches. so, i think -- >> inviting the media into his world and to his campaign, i mean, even using it as mileage and leverage to help get as much attention as possible? >> yeah, he's been very good at using the media to get attention particularly during the primary. during this cycle this seems to be real support for hillary clinton in the media. i think even chris cuomo on your station stated at within point said that media is helping hillary clinton. i'm not being critical of cnn. i do think that he believes that they're being prejudiced against him and you know, if you look at some of the coverage you might feel that was true. >> tim, is it the media versus
12:37 pm
trump or trump versus trump? >> i think andy is doing a valiant job defending donald trump. the reality is, he comes off a whiner, he ee's whining like a little child because of his own mistakes. what was in "the new york times" story, what happens during the presidential campaign it takes an emotional toll when the polls go down. you need a candidate that has a level head and that has the dignity to go out and run an honorable campaign every day even in the face of the bad news and donald trump doesn't have that temperament. he's whiner, a complainer, he has notoriously thin-skinned. by the way, that's why people are rejecting him because that's horrible traits to have as president of the united states. it's concerning honestly, because there are a lot of
12:38 pm
serious things you have to deal with. >> brian, you spoke to trump campaign spokesperson jason miller about that "the new york times" piece today and that's what he had to say. >> donald trump on twitter said these sources -- >> brian, what i'm saying is that. >> why were he saying they were nonexistent. >> clearly some reporter, clearly someone is writing down and believing that they're talking to someone, the fact of the matter is, these meetings didn't happen. the entire description of this is garbage. we're going to push back and we're not going to stand for it. you asked if we would have a retraction, i would ask people to cancel their "the new york times." >> brian, trying to discredit your former employee, "the new
12:39 pm
york times," what does the trump campaign's put in this position of doing this? is this a strategy? >> i disagree with tim. i don't think donald trump in oval office will be going on tweet storms. >> why? >> i could see a candidate go nuclear against the media. every minute he tweets about cnn or "the new york times" is a minute he's not talking about hillary clinton. that's why this is so baffling. i have no doubt he believes there's media bias against him. but journalists also have every right and a responsibility to keep challenging the campaign and every other campaign. you know, fred, i thought your interview with katrina pierson was very revealing. she was on the air in depth trying to answer your questions. or avoiding answering your questions. this is our job. in this moment where donald trump is challenging the very legitimacy of we're doing, we have to keep doing it to
12:40 pm
stronger than ever. try to be as fair as possible. hear his complaints but be fair as we can. >> tim, for a very long time, donald trump was trying to upstage everybody. that was the strategy, he seemed to enjoy it. now there's criticism that his gaffes or missteps is upstaging other news that may have put hillary clinton, you know, on the upper tier on some of the coverage even after a week that wasn't so glowing for her as well. >> yeah, and that's why his whining about this is so ridiculous. donald trump is a creature of the media. his whole career has been a media phenomenal. he's good at playing the media, by the way. right now, this is a strategy. frankly i don't know why brian and trump spotters would give him the benefit of the doubt. he's been saying he'll start being more presidential, he'll be so presidential your head is
12:41 pm
going to spin. he's incapable. he has no self-control. this is a very disturbing trait who wants to be president of the united states, having no self-control. the tweet he sent this morning, the one thing that was the most disturbing is when it's not freedom of the press for the press to say whatever they want. you know, this man doesn't have any respect for the constitution and all of the troublesome things he said that's some of the most disturbing, it sounds like, you know, a latin america de dictator's view is. >> i recall it -- i'm going to be so presidential you're going to be sick of it. andy, this is not a very flattering view of someone that you have been supporting. >> i think brian's point was actually really good. i think we really need to focus the campaign -- this is a very fertile field with hillary
12:42 pm
clinton as the opposition. we need to focus on the economy. we need economy, economy, economy. and stop getting off on these tangents. you can tell he's upset about this. you can tell he takes it personally. but if he focused on the economy, focus on the issues, really drive home a message that the american people want to hear about jobs, careers and paths to the middle class. i think he can win this election. but he has to be focused on those issues. >> so andy, you heard a member of his campaign, you know, saying these anonymous sources are likely nonexistent but can you envision donald trump as someone who would want to, you know, take the advice of which direction, you know to go, or do you see it impossible as the new york times, you know, conveys that he would have these kind of meltdowns that don't go his way?
12:43 pm
>> i think donald trump -- look, donald trump is a ceos. >> i'm sorry, i asked you a question, andy, i have to sfwer rupt you, apologize for that. we have to go to milwaukee for this police conference under way as a result of a police-involve shooting. >> the sense we have also responded. this morning, i was in the her man park neighborhood. and i saw dozens if not hundreds of volunteers, people from churches, from the community, from the neighborhood, who were there to clean up after last night. these are people -- good people who live in this community, who care about this community and want this to be a safe community, a clean community a community where they can raise their families.
12:44 pm
these are the people that we are all concerned about. the people who live in this neighborhood. who deserve to have a safe neighborhood. ironically, that is the reason that the officers were in the neighborhood yesterday afternoon. to preserve the safety of this neighborhood. to make sure that families could play and individuals could use the streets. so, i want to begin by thanking all the volunteers the residents and the chush chs that came out this morning. they recognized that this is a community effort. and to make this a safer community, the individuals need to be involved. i spoke to many people this morning including a conversation i had with governor walker. governor walker and i have had our political differences over the years but we talked about what happened here, about what
12:45 pm
happened in missouri, about what happened in maryland. and this is the decision that we have reached together. the national guard will be activated but it will not did deployed unless chief flynn decides to deploy it. 125 members of the national guard are on their way to milwaukee as we speak. and again, they'll be deployed if chief flynn believes that that is necessary. i'm hope halve the calm will remain in this community and we won't have to deploy those individuals. but if it's necessary we'll do so. also i want to take a minute and talk about the incident that precipitated what we saw last night. specifically, the officer-involved shooting that
12:46 pm
occurred yesterday afternoon. as i said last night at midnight, i received a call a little bit before 4:00 regarding the officer-involved shoot. i went to the scene and talked to the command staff at the scene, when i left there shortly after 5:00, i would say that the situation was very, very much under control. there were people who were gathering. but it was a peaceful situation. obviously there were emotions because an individual had lost his life. i think we have to recognize that as well. a young man lost his life yesterday afternoon. and no matter what the circumstances are, his family has to be hurting. i have a 23 year-old son, so i can't imagine what his parents are going through. i also have to say this, though, i haven't seen the video, there was a body camera that the officer was wearing.
12:47 pm
that video will be under the jurisdiction for the time being of the state of wisconsin because the state of wisconsin will be can conducting the investigation. i have however seen a still photo extracted from that. and that still photo demonstrates, without question, that he had a gun in his hand. and i want our community to know that. that he had a gun in his hand. now, the police officer didn't know it at the time. but there were 23 rounds in that gun. which means that he had more bullets in his gun than the police officer had in his gun. at the appropriate time the state of wisconsin will make available that body cam video because there will be questions.
12:48 pm
but i want our residents and anyone who's watching this to understand that what that police officer encountered was an individual running who had a gun in his hand. also, i want to talk to the parents and the members of our community for a second. last night was unlike anything i have seen in my adult life. i hope i never see it again. for every member of this police department it was unlike anything they have seen in their career. for every member at the fire department, unlike anything they've seen in their career. they were under tremendous, tremendous pressure. what you saw last night was tremendous restraint by our police officers. not a single shot was fired.
12:49 pm
not a single shot was fired by the police. chief flynn will talk about the number of shots that we detected being fired as as a result of our use of shot spotter. our officers did not fire a single shot. that's tremendous restraint and i think all residents should be thankful to our police officers and our firefighters. i'm also happy to report that the four police officers who were injured have all been released from the hospital. please keep them in your prayers. but these are individuals who put their lives on the line to make this neighborhood and all neighborhoods in this state safe. again, i want to go back to the parents and residents of this city, this is still a very volatile situation, i believe, i don't know what happened tonight. i hope that fact individuals
12:50 pm
understand that this suspect had a loaded gun, i hope that in some ways calms our community because that's what i'm seeking. i'm seeking ourthe city that wem tonight, and for the rest of this summer. so what is that going to take? it's going to take parents making sure that their sons and their daughters do not get involved in the activities that occurred last night. if we need to go to a curfew we're prepared to do that but we're not making that decision right now. but this is certainly the time, because i've been in every neighborhood of this city, and i know how parents feel about their children, and i've been to their funerals and wakes where
12:51 pm
parents have lost a child. we don't know what's going to happen if we have a flare up tonight like we had last night. so, if you love your son, you love your daughter, you love your grandchild, tell them to stay away from this area. stay away from this area. let's calm things down. we are going to have an opportunity through the investigation to find out what happened. but i think what we saw last night is we saw a police department and a fire department that acted professionally. that did what it could to maintain the peace and order in this community. and we as a community owe it to each other, owe it to everyone to do all we can to restore order in milwaukee tonight and for the rest of this week. chief lynn. >> thank you, mr. mayor. i'll spend a few minutes
12:52 pm
updating last night's events and also share with you a couple of additional items. we're going to identify the name of the person that was killed in the shooting by the police officer yesterday. i understand his name has already been put out on social media by some people. we'll confirm that. his name is sylvak. smith. first name is spelled sylvall. middle initial k. last name smith. he was born 4-11-93. he does have an arrest record with the milwaukee police department. also going to advise you that earlier this afternoon, several shots were fired in the area of mpd district 7. it does not appear that anybody was hit or anybody was injured, but the shots were, in fact, heard by the officers.
12:53 pm
overnight a total of 17 arrests were made. eight adult males were arrested for state disorderly conduct, three adult females foreign relations state disorderly conduct, three justify males were arrested for state disorderly conduct, one male was arrested for bower glare and one juvenile male was arrested for burglary. all those arrested had prior criminal records. last night the mayor alluded to the fact that our shots fired, our gunshot detection system recorded numerous shots fired in the vicinity of this area last night. total number of activations were 48. that doesn't mean 48 shots were fired. that means 48 different activeations, some activations were eight or ten at once. a great deal of gunfire last
12:54 pm
night in the area between 30th and 51st. several squads were damaged. one unmarked squad as you've seen was set on fire. one marked squad was smashed by rioters and totalled. another marked squad was hit by gunfire. single shot to the trunk area. as you saw last night we used the bear cat as a means of protecting our deployed officers. that was hit by eight rounds of gunfire last night, two of those rounds struck the windshield. one squad and one wagon were struck by bricks breaking their windows out. we had six businesses set on fire last night. the bp gas station at 43rd and burline was destroyed. the o'reilly auto parts at 35th and fondalac was destroyed. jet beauty was burned.
12:55 pm
the blm bank branch has been heavily damaged by fire. liquor stores at 25th and 21st and hopkins were heavily damaged. obviously the loss of all of these businesses is the loss of dozens and dozens of jobs in that community as well as amenities that many of us take for granted in a livable neighborhood. during last night's disturbance 16-year-old female was shot at 43rd and burline. she was transported to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries. she was hit by a stray bullet or other rounds fired by the crowd. we have no reported uses of force by the police last night. as the mayor mentioned, not only did none of the officers dealing with this disturbance use their firearm we have no reports of
12:56 pm
them using their pepper spray, their baton, their tasers or their hands in such a way as to get somebody to the ground. we had 40 injured officers. mercifully they were treated and released ultimately. a female officer of ours of hit by a piece of concrete and sustained a concussion and a laceration requiring stitches to clothes. another officer was struck by concrete which injured his arm. third officer was struck by concrete that was thrown at him and hit his shin and another officer was injured by flying glass. when we finish this press conference we're going to have a meeting with pastors and members of the faith community to update them on what we've learned about this incident and to urge them to continue their work, those that have already started in on their own. also to coordinate work with us
12:57 pm
to try to keep the neighborhood peaceful this evening. it's very important those people that are in the neighborhood are consistently given a message of peace and civility, nothing is being accomplished through acts of violence. ing tonight we've activated our major incident response teams. that's a total of 150 officers who have been specially trained in crowd control and management. a number of them were at the scene last night. another reason why we've been able to police many protests over the last two years without major incident because these officers are very much trained in the dynamics of crowd control and group psychology and able to effect peaceful protests without major incidents but we're calling up our members who have been trained in that. we're going to have all of our officers in two officer patrols again. we're holding over the day shift, and the evening shift and
12:58 pm
swing shifts and tactical shifts will all be extended as well. we're going to, therefore, maintain normal staffing in the districts to deal with the normal call for service and crime call load. while still retaining many officers from our various task force and deployments to be able to reinforce areas that may be plagued by disturbances. at this point in time we do not anticipate outside jurisdiction help. we're very appreciative of the assistance we received so far and the officer of assistance we've received from our federal partners. the sheriff's office contacted us and are deploying extra deputies tonight and deploy in vicinities with our command post. we have a very sound working relationship at the operational level with the members of the milwaukee county sheriff's office and we suspect that that will certainly be useful should
12:59 pm
there be problems this evening. we also have a very robust mutual aid in blplace with our suburban partners if that's necessary. based on the understanding and size of the incident last night and developing useful intelligence we have such enofficers of our own and certainly with the addition of the sheriff's department personnel, should be sufficient. but, obviously l.i.e., we're not prideful here we need additional assistance we'll ask for it. that's our update as to now. and we'll do our best to answer to questions you have. >> can you tell us who the officer was involved? >> normally i like to think it doesn't matter. i know it does.
1:00 pm
there's a lot of work on social media trying to identify him to do that officer harm. he happens to be african-american and has several years of experience and is a very active officer and we're concerned for his safety and he's been staying with relatives out of town. >> can you talk about the initial stop? what was the reason for the initial stop? and what has the body camera been able to reveal that you've looked at? >> first part of it and i just have to give you my understanding of the initial stop, the officer had a not been interviewed formally yet and dci controls this investigation. i can say i was advised it was a suspicious stop, they thought this vehicle was behaving in a suspicious matter. it turns out but we've not ascertained it's status whether it was stolen or held over. but this event, i did look at


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