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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  August 14, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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there's a lot of work on social media trying to identify him to do that officer harm. he happens to be african-american and has several years of experience and is a very active officer and we're concerned for his safety and he's been staying with relatives out of town. >> can you talk about the initial stop? what was the reason for the initial stop? and what has the body camera been able to reveal that you've looked at? >> first part of it and i just have to give you my understanding of the initial stop, the officer had a not been interviewed formally yet and dci controls this investigation. i can say i was advised it was a suspicious stop, they thought this vehicle was behaving in a suspicious matter. it turns out but we've not ascertained it's status whether it was stolen or held over. but this event, i did look at the tape.
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i can tell you this event probably took 20 to 25 skoonds. i mean it was virtually no time between the officer unhooking his seat belt, turning on his body camera, getting out of the car and immediately he was in a foot chase. and that foot chase went maybe a few dozen feet before he encountered this individual in a fenced yard bordered by two houses. not really an alleyway but a way between two houses and the incident occurred very, very rapidly. so it was very fast. and the individual was armed. the individual did turn towards the officer with a firearm in his hand and the officer can't tell when he discharges his firearm because the body cameras there's a 30 second delay when the audio turns on.
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this is all evidentiary and appropriate with dci. >> will you encourage dci to release that video for the public's benefit. >> that has to be part of an ongoing discussion because we have to weigh a couple of different things. we have to weigh the public's benefit. we have to weigh the rights of the officer involved. we have to weigh the concerns dci as to how an investigation is untainted, i suppose there might be people out there who say we might need protect the potential jury pool some day. i don't know. at this point in time it's not being released. whether that changes or not we'll have to see. >> mayor, there's people in the community who just don't believe whatever the police have to say they want to see the video. until we see the video we don't believe anything. >> i would like to see the video released as soon as possible but i agree the officer has not even been interviewed yet, is my understanding, the officer who
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was involved. and there is a state investigation. but i do think it's in everyone's best interest to be as transparent as quickly as possible. and so i'm hopeful that this will not be a delay, there will not be a serious delay. but, again, i respect the process right now, and i will assure this community i will do everything i can to make sure that this is released. >> you want it released tonight before you say you don't know what might happen? >> again, this officer has his legal rights as well. so i don't think it's appropriate for it to be released today. again, as i said, i have not seen it. i did see a picture that was lifted from it and i want our community to know that the individual had a gun. now, again, i think that there are events that were going because it was so fluid, but i saw a gun in his hand in the still shot that i saw.
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[ inaudible ] ? >> again -- >> you said last night was the worse that anyone --. it troibt leased. i want it to be released as quickly as possible. [ inaudible ] >> i'm sorry. >> is that before he was shot >> i believe it was before he was shot, yes. i believe it was before he was shot. >> standing. >> up yes. yes, he was. >> have there been threats made against the officer, the patrol officer involved but other officers as well? >> yes. there are people calling for violence against police officers. >> how is that being handled in >> we're doing the best we can to ascertain the source of those threats faint requires federal assistance they raised their hands to do anything we ask for. in the near term we're trying to track down those threats and not just i've if they are credible. >> can you tell how many threats or what they have been. >> i don't have a number.
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>> based on past investigations with officer involved shootings doj with milwaukee police involved is doj receiptive that information be released before the completion of the investigation. >> we'll have to see. this happened last night. i don't think anybody has released a body worn camera within 24 hours or 36 hours. chicago set the modern record within a week. so police departments in major cities across the country are aware of the delicate balance between what the community needs to know and our need to calm communities down or at least keep them informed and also the process and systems of the criminal justice system. there's a balancing act. every time one of these is released it's usually achieved erring on the side of transparency at some request to the criminal justice process. you'll find very few, you know, career attorneys who are going say oh, yes get that out in public as fast as possible. you may get other police chiefs who say that.
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you'll certainly get some political figures who believe that very strongly as well as community activists. but this is a balancing act and we'll try to do our best here in milwaukee to get that balancing act right. >> protesters said yes he was harmed but he didn't have to die. can you explain or fill us in on how police are trained to react in these type of situation? >> our officers are trained to protect life including their own. i won't get into the issue of anyone deserving to die. that's not the issue here. the issue that will be determined is whether or not when the officer used deadly force he faced a credible deadly force threat to himself or another person. ultimately that will be the conclusion of the investigation. i know what i saw on the video, i know what i see in the still. certainly appears to me at the time he made that decision it was a credible and legally protected decision. >> can you describe with your words what you see? >> what i saw, i think is a
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representation of a very brief foot chase and a circumstance in which the individual that was confronted by the officer had a firearm in his hand and turned towards the officer. i don't know when the trigger was pulled. i don't know the point ever entry. there's no autopsy done yet. there's hundred more credible questions investigators will want to get to. so when i get the script, like a silent movie, it doesn't necessarily tell me everything that will come out in a thorough investigation. so, again, i'm walking on ice too. i want to be transparent but you know first reports are frequently wrong or slightly off and then that's a whole other news cycle. so we're trying to be both open and contained at the same time right now. so i know what i saw based on what i saw didn't hear, don't know what the autopsy results are going to be, certainly
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appeared to be within the lawful bounds. >> we know the suspect was hit twice. is that how many shots were fired? and also were there any other video from other officers from squad cars of anything in terms ever surveillance video that would shed light on this particular shooting? >> that's something we're looking into now. so short term i don't know the answer to that question. but it's a key aspect of any such investigation to look for other videos, other perspectives and so on as to the number of shots that were fired again i don't know that. i know the investigators have taken this firearm. i know the scene was searched for shell casings and the officer hasn't been interviewed so i don't know exactly. my short answer would be not many but, again, i don't know. >> he did not comply with the drop your weapon order? >> that's correct. >> there's been reports people saying that they were mistreating people in the neighborhood. do you have any record of police being called to this gas
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station? >> this is a very busy to us. we've been called virtually to every business at some time or another. there was a recent controversy there involving the proprietors of that store and some unruly customers they confronted inappropriately. i know there were some issues there. but we have worked with the community and i know the mayor's office of violence prevention extensive work in the neighborhood trying to get the business owners and the local residents on the same page and my understanding is progress has been made there. >> i would point out that i believe it was from what i was told community members who helped the three employees get out of that building safely which i appreciate. >> some say smith was shot in the back. that's what people have been saying at the scene. can you say definitively smith was not shot in the back. >> the only reason i can't say definitively the autopsy hasn't been done yet.
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i do know he was shot in the chest and arm. i don't know that he was shot in the back. i'm not being cute. i'm not anything. the autopsy reveals that, that will be news to me but to my understanding that's not true. >> appears he was facing the officer as opposed to turning away >> again, i'm going to have to count on what the an simple. i saw what i saw. but, you know, if you cover these kind of incidents before body mechanics, kinetics, people are moving, the bullet is going 900 feet a second. where the bullet was when it was fired and where it hit can move inches. i don't know it's angle. >> in that video do you see the suspect who was hit, do you see a flash from his gun? did he fire >> we don't have any reports he fired. no. we do have video of the officers administering cpr. >> again, that still to, to can you show us was the gun up or
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holding it in his right hand? where was it? >> it was in his hand. he was raising up with it. >> can you show us maybe -- >> i don't want to play act here. hopefully we'll be able to provide some useful information shortly and based on that you'll be able to evaluate the accuracy of what i'm saying now. >> it is a matter of routine that the officer has not been debriefed or questioned yet and is there -- [ inaudible ] >> we're able to take a public save haven statement at a time there's a statement like this and then generally 24 hours passes before we do a full interview of the overseas. >> what's his status in the police department? >> he's on administrative status until further notice. that's routine. >> can we have an update on the burning of the builds, the investigation it. is there video of who may have been involved. >> we're working hard on
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publicly accessible social media to identify videos taken contemple possibcontem po contemple possible -- contemple possible ray ingenuously last night. so there's a lot of work that needs done. >> thank you very much. you're listening to the milwaukee police chief edward flynn there. still lots of questions of the circumstances leading up to the shooting of the suspect syvell k. smith. you heard from the police chief there that there's an image that came from the body cam. he said there's an image that did show the suspect was holding a gun and in the police chief's view this was a credible and lawful shooting. but still lots of questions about what precipitated that shooting aside from that suspect
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having a gun. ryan young is covering the events there that have transpired as a result or after that police involved shooting. there was looting. there were the, some buildings such as the bp station behind you that were set afire. and so ryan, you have also been interacting with a lot of people there. people in the community, they heard that press conference from the mayor as well as the police chief. does this fill any, fill in any blanks for them or does it just solicit more questions? >> reporter: now, fred, to be honest i don't think people were listening to that news conference. in fact a lot of them feel tooits late. a lot of folks out here are very angry. a lot of us who worked out here spent the last 10, 15 minutes or so we have been getting a barrage of insults. they points this bp where they
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had issues. a few weeks ago one of the people who worked here fired his gun towards young people. no one was hit and the community felt like that situation wasn't investigated hard enough so they believe that was part of the reason why this place was targeted last night. to go with what's been said so far, i would honestly believe right now they wanted something to be done they needed to release as much information as possible because on the other side of this building there's almost 100 people here who are still very angry about what happened and they are talking about issues that have been going on in this community for quite some time and they feel this is like it's all going to end in the same way. so people are saying yes this incident may have happened and the young man may have had a gun but they don't believe it. there are several people walking through this community saying he did not have a gun. so until some evidence comes forward it's hard for the home believe that. you talk about the national guard. right now talking to the national guard they think it's the wrong way to hands theoretical. if they show up there are people
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willing to step up and go out in the streets and face them and that more of this can happen. several community leaders said there's a reason why the four businesses were targeted in this community. they are businesses in this community that have been known have issues with the black community for quite some time. when you look back in this direction and see the damage that's been left here and the fact that officer still remain on the scene you understand what everybody is holding their breath for. what happens next? a young man just said to me right now the only reason we're here, he believes, is because the fact that this was burned down. he thinks if it wasn't burned down that none of us would have shown up. so that's part of the reason why he thinks that this is starting to bring attention to the issues here in the milwaukee area. so they are talking about that all the time and that's a real feeling here and i'm talking about real passion where people come up here and just yelling at us constantly, they want to know what's going on and when will it
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change. >> a lot of frustration. ryan sit tight for a moment because i want to bring in cnn senior law enforcement analyst tom fuentes. while the police chief said he's yet to see, yet to interview or an interview has yet to take place involving the officer that fired the weapon, you know, killing the suspect, but the police chief said he did see an image, a still image from the body cam video that has yet to be fully viewed showing the suspect had a gun and then he went on to say at least according to the mayor that he had a gun in his hand, quote-unquote and had 23 rounds in his gun. but then, of course, the question is, tom frn uentes just because somebody has a gun does that mean, indeed, said credible and lawful shooting which were the words of the police chief.
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what generally would have to happen to help justify this shooting, that's the question many people particularly in that community have? >> well that's pretty simple. if the officer yells to drop it and refuses to comply the officer has the right to use deadly force, believing his own life is in danger, or if the subject runs off after threatening the officer with the gun he has the right to stop that subject because he poses a threat to other members in the community that he may encounter as he tries to flee being armed that way, being armed and dangerous. so if what the mayor said and the police chief said was true, then it certainly sounds like a completely justified shooting. now it's not even 24 hours, so they have to do the investigation, but it seems like nowadays nobody really cares for the details of the investigation that could take days, weeks,
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months, the forensic work to be done, the analysis of all the body cams and radio transmissions and all of the other aspects plus the interview of the main officer himself, whenever that takes place. so it's just -- and the fact that, you know, we've had these riots break out when it's been a white police officer in an unarmed african-american male. in this case, are apparently you have an african-american officer being threatened with a gun and it doesn't seem to make a difference to the community, they don't believe it, and people that came into that community from outside of the community probably could care less whether it's justified or not, they are going cause trouble and that was their intent last night and maybe their intent again tonight. >> ryan, back to you there in milwaukee, you know, again, the police chief saying and he para phrased his synopsis of what may have happened saying it was a suspicious stop in the first place as to why the police officer pursued syvell k. smith.
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but the police chief said this event took 20 to 25 seconds, toledo a foot chase, ended up in a fence area between two house, the suspect turned and had a gun in his hand. i know that, ryan, your producer also caught up with the wisconsin state senator lena taylor who also had some sentiments conveyed on all that's transpired from the police involved shooting to even the burning of the buildings and the looting that has since taken place. >> reporter:. ryan it looks like we lost your audio. >> you know what i see you see the terrible violence to the property? i see the hurt, i see the pain of the people. i see the hopelessness of the
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people. i'm hurt for the businesses who have been in our community and have chosen to link arms with us and to be business partners in our community for the hurt that they've experienced. but what i know is that the trauma that exist in this community must be addressed. so i don't care about just the buildings. i care about the human capital and the people that are here. so we need to take the trauma, inform, care, information we learned and we need to implement it as wide and broad and in depth that we can. that's what we need. that's what i see. i don't care who. i'm willing to link harms if we're about creating solutions but i will not be diverted on the negative. i will be diverted on what are we doing to create the change, the help, to deal with the hurt that exists in this community. [ inaudible ] >> of course.
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of course. of course this is about the frustration. it's about the hurt. it's about generations of dealing with the hurt that has not been addressed. there is time for us to take action. and that time is now. across party, across color, across geography, because in the end it's all us. it's all us. and we have to figure out what are we going to do. ask yourself, what am i doing to be the positive change to heal the hurt, the trauma that exists at depths that's beyond discussing. let's think about it. let's think about this. we're number one in the nation for incarceration of black men. for the least reading scores among third and eighth graders. unemployment rates for african-american men completely off the charts. infant mortality rate let's not talk about the lead in the water, in the soil and the air quality. let's not even begin to talk
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about the number of disparities that exist in children being taken from their home, not necessarily for neglect but because of poverty. let's not talk about the percentage of people in poverty. not all of that, just those things exactly -- preach my sister -- exactly. so this is not my district but it's all my district because in the end it's all of us and that's the piece we got to stop. we got to get past our silos. it's not about it is your block or my block. it's about we're all in this together. so now the question is what's going to create the change? some jobs. some love and faith among wrapping around families and among community is what's going make the difference. not marshal law. the governor has confirmed to me there's no marshal law. the national guard is not in control. law enforcement is in control. they are poised to help. but what we're going to do is show as a community that we can
1:23 pm
love our past where we are. i personally talked to the governor before i came to speak to you so i could sfaekts. [ inaudible ] they are not. the guard is not in control. the guard is poised in case we need the guard. however, what we need are people to come and love on this community. what we need is to be able to move people past the trauma and the hurt that maybe you can't see. some of us can only see the property damage. but others of us see the hurt and the pain that exist in this community not just today, but that is constant. the trauma informed care issues that we've learned about is what we have to deal with and then lastly doctor the group, dr. joy degroup who was brought here by the naacp previously but also by sdc to deal with the poverty
1:24 pm
summit has told us about the effects of a frankly of our history of america with slavery and how it has had an effect in this community. we're number one in the nation for almost everything that exists for african-americans. there is an effect to that. there is an effect to that trauma. and we need to deal with it realistically and we need to address it head on. we can't imagine that the kindles of the fire of the pain that people experienced are going to go away, mayor. they aren't. the kindles are burning. and without attention they will rekindle fires every where. we must deal with the fires that wist in the pains of our people and that's going to take some love and some faith and some work and some jobs and some unity among all of us. action. >> wisconsin state senator lena taylor there. clearly underscoring they want
1:25 pm
more answers, ryan, there in milwaukee, but this really is representative of much bigger issues. are you hearing a chorus of that sentiment that's very similar there? >> reporter: absolutely. a lot of people are frustrated that we're focusing on the buildings behind us and not the community pain. their idea they want things to change. i almost feel that news conference you almost wish there was a speaker to be placed out here so people who are out here who are trying to actively protest can hear it. they can't hear those words. on the other side i did talk to an african-american officer off camera this morning and he was telling me how frustrated he is because he believes this is not the cases that have happened around the country. he feels this one is different and he feels all officers are being paints wad single brush. he said it's tough to go home to his family to explain what's going on in the community when he feels they are doing some good work in this community. a larger conversation needs happen but i'm not sure with everyone yelling right now
1:26 pm
anyone will hear it. >> all right ryan young, thank you so much in milwaukee. we'll continue to follow all that story. straight ahead, approximately 800,000 people under flood warnings in louisiana. details on that next. just a few clicks. with safelite you don't have to miss a thing. y'all did wonderful! thank you. (girls sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. this summer, t-mobile's throwing a galaxy free for all. get a free samsung galaxy for everyone in the family. that's right, free and get 4 lines for just 30 bucks a line. don't miss the galaxy free for all. what comes to mind when you think about healthcare? understanding your options?
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. welcome back. we're following breaking news in louisiana. approximately 800,000 people are now under flood warnings. the governor describing the situation as a major disaster and says it's the worst in that state's recorded history. three people have now died, a fourth person is unaccounted for. more than 7,000 people have been rescued from the rising floodwaters and another two to four inches of rainfall is expected in the baton rouge area today. cnn brian sanchez is covering the story for us. give us an idea where most people in the general vicinity where you are have they been
1:30 pm
evacuated and on safe ground now? >> reporter: most of the people in this neighborhood were fortunate to get out. where we're standing right now used to be somebody's front yard but now part of this bayou, a wetland that overflowed into this neighborhood. you can really get a sense of the human toll of this flood, when you see a homeowner you're about to see, canoeing to his home. only a few moments ago his home was flooded. you see people's personal objects floating in the water. flip flops. a trash canister. from what we heard it's supposed to continue raining. the real concern is where this floodwater goes. this was an area that got a lot of rain. eventually this water will recede and probably head south to other neighborhoods. that's why the governor earlier today warned that this situation was still not over, that there's still grave danger out there. keep in mind they conducted more than 1,000 rescues now.
1:31 pm
people in homes that couldn't get out that needed to be rescued or people who got stuck on roads. some clinging to trees hoping to get out of the floodwater. the warning going out, the governor asking everybody who doesn't have to be out of their homes or checking on their homes to stay inside and not risk it, though it's tough, we know about 15,000 people at last check are still without power and there's this urge to find help. we've heard of several shelters actually where people have gone fleeing the floodwaters that got inundated themselves. there's a lot of hopelessness on streets and just about a half hour we're supposed to hear from the governor of louisiana and hoping to get some more indication from him what the plan is moving forward. it's supposed to continue raining lightly at least until tomorrow. we'll get a full idea how bad the great flood of 2016 was once this water starts to recede. >> then that meeting you're talking about with the governor, we understand to be a closed door briefing. meantime you're also mentioned bayou, knowing louisiana, boris
1:32 pm
that means there has to be some concern about some wildlife, particularly gators. >> reporter: absolutely without question. we're very fortunate the neighborhood we're in there are fences and more protect than other areas but i've seen shrimp and crawfish and small fish all around the street basically because when the floodwaters receded they didn't have anywhere to go. it certainly is a concern. some people told you not in this neighborhood. they've seen water monccasins. running into wildlife especially in their thunderstorms rescue things. i talked to one woman who lives in a house right here who told me she didn't mind most her things being destroyed, she just got new furniture but what she wanted to get out of her home were old photos of her family. there's a lot of heart in this and painful to watch people lose the things that are most important to them especially in a situation where we don't know exactly when this is going to
1:33 pm
end considering that this water, as i get deeper and deeper into it will continue moving south, fred. >> all right. potentially dangerous situation. so many levels. thank you so much, boris sanchez preach that. up next donald trump going on offense against the media. >> crooked hillary. i'm running against the crooked media, that's what i'm running against. >> trump's campaign manager paul manafort explains those claims in his own words next.
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. welcome back. we want you to meet this week's cnn hero. there are many organizations that help the homeless providing food, shelter even medical supplies. but what about washing their clothes? nicholas marchizi couldn't find any group helping with that. so they have the first mobile laundromat. >> most people take for granted putting on fresh set of clean clothes. for someone who doesn't have access to washing and drying
1:38 pm
their clothes, something that's continually overlooked. >> his group traveled every day to nine cities in australia. next stop the united states. you can watch his story at cnn and while there nominate somebody you think should be a 2016 cnn hero. donald trump is locked in a battle with the media this weekend. he's taking particular issue with a story published in the "new york times". it alleges unrest in the trump campaign and says the effort to quote save trump from himself has plainly failed. trump fired back calling the media dishonest and saying quote if the disgusting and corrupt media covered me honestly and didn't put false meaning into the words i say i would be beating hillary by 20%, end quote. campaign chairman paul manafort addressed trump's war with the media on "state of the union" of the jake tapper. >> republicans throughout the
1:39 pm
country are starting to get very worried that mr. trump doesn't have the discipline to stay on message and win the election. you see the polling showing him behind in battleground states. i know he did an economics speech monday and will do a speech on terrorism tomorrow. but in between, of course, he does seem to go off message. last night he was talking about monica lewinsky's blue dress. what do you say to republicans who call you up and say please get mr. trump to focus. >> first of all, the piece you just did is as example of what he said last night besides running against hillary clinton he's running against the media. the point he is make this week was a substantive week. he presented an economic plan and hillary clinton presented her economic plan. two different plans. our plan showed how he would cut taxes, lower tax rate for small businesses and create more jobs. talked about his trade policy and energy policy in making america energy independent and she laid out a program which,
1:40 pm
frankly, is exactly what this administration is doing, you raising taxes, raising spending, increasing the national debt. there was a debate that could have been had there. instead the media chose to take the clinton narrative and go attack on donald trump. donald trump in the course of this week was very substantive. when he visited a number of battleground states you didn't cover it. frankly the local media is covering it. from our standpoint we're pleased we're getting the coverage we need in the battleground states where this campaign will be fought. additionally we think contrary to your report and contrary to "new york times" nameless sources story, the campaign is is moving forward and is very strong. >> for more on this i want to bring in cnn political commentator lonnie chen and trump supersporter scotty hughes. scotty you first messaging is an issue for the campaign and mr.
1:41 pm
trup according to today's "new york times" article and i'll reiterate it by saying it is stated in the "new york times" article that the campaign's effort to save trump from himself has plainly failed, end quote. are you as a supporter of donald trump or are members of the campaign frustrated with having to explain his language, his action, or even his gaffes? >> well, absolutely not because if you read the "new york times" article, that's the only media you look at, donald trump's campaign would have been done nine, ten months ago because that's all they reported. i love maggie. her last ten articles she's done, eight of them have been very negative on mr. trump the eastern two went after ted cruz and after mr. trump -- >> her report cigarette based on anonymous sources. people who were eyewitnesses to events that were described even from, you know, donald trump nearly having meltdowns. being very upset because numbers
1:42 pm
were not being shown in his favor. >> well i think it's interesting. these anonymous sources they keep quoting. unless these people are willing to put their name by their comments i'm going go and look at the hill's article that talks about how great republican party had a meeting with trump campaign yesterday. how they are going invest 200 paid staffers by labor day switch more than hick has. they will open up 25 field offices and that they have done a better job recruiting new voters to the florida, according to the secretary of state than democrats and he's being spent with $20 million being invested in florida alone, by hillary clinton 11 million, donald trump is polling almost basically tied with her. that's a much better article i think more accurate assessment. >> the polling shows in swing states eight to ten--point loss or gap between hillary clinton and donald trump. she being ahead.
1:43 pm
>> we know polls are very temperamental. as long as you have people on your show, you had two great economists who could have talked about the economic plans like paul manafort talked about and how donald trump is for a better america and puts america first. >> he did that. >> he did a little bit of that. but if you actually get within the people and talk to the people, thousands upon thousands that are at these ral eyes this campaign is par from over. most people are optimistic as to how the momentum is with donald trump. >> lonnie, it's donald trump who is throwing out the meat essentially and helping to dictate part of this narrative which is it is he against the media or rather in his view it's the media against him. but then is he not keeping it alive by tweeting about it all morning long, and really placing blame on the dip in numbers and
1:44 pm
he's not taking any of the blame it's everybody else who is doing this to him. >> i think, fred, look donald trump can solve this problem himself by staying on message and focusing, for example, he gave this economic speech in detroit on monday which, you know, there was some substance in there, some things we could have an actual discussion about. instead about talking about that he veers off talking about the second amendment and those kind of issues and all sorts of different issues. if he were to actually stay on message it would be a different story. again, i think the big error here is expecting that somehow donald trump is going to behave differently. this is just the kind of campaign he's run. people need to accept this is who he is. if they don't like it they have to figure out what kind of changes they want to make. if that's the republican leadership they need to figure out what kind of changes they want to make whether unendorsing donald trump or put their resources elsewhere rather than expecting him to change. the focus on the media is a
1:45 pm
great republican primary strategy. i don't know it's a good general election strategy. people don't see the "new york times" the same way. >> is it a distraction? >> i think it's an intended distraction because i'm not sure donald trump wants to talk about anything else right now. he the likes play the victim and say look the media is ganging up on me. why don't they cover my poll numbers. why don't they cover crowd size. every presidential candidate in a general election get crowds of 20,000, 25,000 people. >> not this far out. facts matter. mitt romney did not have 20,000 people until a month after labor day. it was not until -- >> he was getting them after the convention. you will recall the republican convention in 2012 was later than it was in 2016. so we're talking about a post-convention crowd size. i won't argue over crowd size. >> let's talk then about why the
1:46 pm
media bias this is nothing new to donald trump. let's talk about against mitt romney and john mccain. this is a long record. i remember going in 2004 as white house press corps, going into room of state ballrooms and getting booed because there's such an anger towards the media considering that people feel like most conservatives, most republicans feel the media is against republicans and conservatives and their coverage and last week was a great example. is the media picking and choosing what stories they want to focus on. 25 minutes was devoted to donald trump second amendment statement compared to 45 seconds to -- >> that was donald trump's doing and it has to be reported on. it has to be challenged. it's what we do in this business. >> thank you both. appreciate it. we'll be right back. my hygienist said the most random thing.
1:47 pm
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shooting of a new york imam and his assistant in broad daylight. police say that the shooter knew what he was doing and was precise in his targeting. investigators are also led to believe the suspect had military or shooting experience. >> reporter: we know as investigators they continue to investigate what happened here are saying that they do now believe that there's a possibility these two men were targeted based on fact that there were two clean shots to the back of their head, what appears to -- they won't characterize it as a hit per se but appears these two men were targeted as they walked down the street yesterday after leaving this mosque here all day community members in this community which has a significant number of muslim,
1:51 pm
pakistani, bangladeshi members been gathering at this mosque in remembrance. they looked at the sketch released by police who are also saying one of the reasons they are thinking this may not have bean motive of robbery is that the imam as he walked down the street yesterday afternoon had $1,000 cash on him and that was not taken. of course, there are still many unanswered questions. people here want answers to as the police continue to investigate. >> all right. tragic situation. thank you so much. we'll be right back.
1:52 pm
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do something donald trump is not doing, release his tax returns. >> reporter: mike pence said yesterday he'll release his tax returns before election day and defend donald trump's decision not to release his, fraegt billionaire's assertion he's not releasing his tax returns because he's being auded. the irs said an audit doesn't prevent anyone from releasing their turns. pence said he'll release his returns the news came a day after hillary clinton said she would release her. the clinton campaign has tried to turn this issue to their advantage by arguing trump's
1:56 pm
lack of transparency means reporters can't trust his claims about how much he's made, how much he's given to charity or how much he's paid in taxes. during his interview yesterday pence tried to turn clinton's transparency argument against her making the case that now she's released her returns, americans will see that she's made millions of dollars and profited from her public service, but whether or not that continues to be the line of attack, fred, that remains to be seen. >> all right, chris in washington, thank you so much. thank you so much for joining me today. i'm fredricka whitfield. we'll have much more on cnn newsroom after this.
1:57 pm
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. top of the hour, 5:00 eastern i'm poppy harlow in new york. we begin in louisiana where thousands are suffering severe flooding that has already claimed several lives. also milwaukee right now bracing for the possibility of more violence tonight as wisconsin's governor activates the national guard. this was milwaukee overnight after protesters reacted to the news of a police shooting that left a 23-year-old african-american man dead. in a news conference a short time ago we learned a number of things including there were 17 arrests overnight, mostly for disorderly conduct, six businesses were set on fire, seven police vehicles were damaged. during that newson


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