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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  August 15, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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hello, everyone, i'm ashleigh banfield and welcome to legal view, i want to get you to some live pictures just breaking now. big hug and an embrace in scranton, pennsylvania. joe biden, just having landed, and there's the welcoming committee, that would be 1 hrc, hillary rodham clinton, a very important moment for the two of
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them. this is the first time the vice president is hitting the campaign trail with the democratic candidate for president. he is going to be taking that whole working class message that he does very well on the road with secretary clinton and they're set to appear at a campaign rally where there will be no shortage of attacks coming on donald j. trump. you can be sure of that. hillary clinton's campaign says that joe biden is expected to slam the gop nominee on lack of his experience, while clinton is set to ham mer on his not releasing tax returns, and set to make an appearance in another battleground state, ohio, where he's set to lay out his strategy on how to defeat isis and prevent terror attacks here at home. we're certainly going to be watching live and take you there just the minute it begins and we're going to dig into some of the highlights they gave us in advance of the speech you can expect to hear from donald
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trump. first though i want to get you to joe johns live in scranton, pennsylvania with more on clinton/biden team and what the message is expected to be today. joe, about that whole vice presidential message of the worki working-class guy, this is -- these are his peeps and sometimes they're the peeps she might struggle with, as we saw in the primary in michigan, and the rust belt all the sudden said not so fast. walk me through what we expect from him today. >> reporter: skracranton, pennsylvania is very personal to joe biden. he was born and raised here. hillary clinton has strong ties here. hugh rodham was also born and raised here. we do expect a little bit of biograp biography, quite frankly n pennsylvania, and we're going to get into the issues of what's going on with the vice president criticizing, if you will, donald trump on a variety of issues.
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he's done it repeatedly. he's talked about the ban on muslims. he's talked about the border walk. he's talked about the close association, or at least embrace of vladimir putin by donald trump, so we expect those kinds of attacks, the same kinds of attacks this campaign has been taking. we executive expect a broad reach and appeal to the middle class, as well as an attack on donald trump as unqualified, ashleigh. >> so joe johns, it's all with the campaign trail to keep your message alive and in the headlines but there are other headlines for secretary clinton, as well and the fib will release notes on the transcripts -- not the transcripts but notes about those fbi interviews on her interview server. how do they expect to try to keep this message today in the headlines instead of that message, which i'm sure they'd prefer didn't make it out at all?
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>> reporter: it's extremely difficult and quite frankly would be even harder if donald trump didn't go out public and say things that attract attention to him and away from hillary clinton, but this has been a problem for them again, and again, and again, the drip, drip, drip, and if last week is any indication, they will attempt, if they can, when information gets out there to try to distinguish it, to try to take it apart piece by piece, fact by fact, until there's as little left as possible. but right now, all we know is that those notes could be turned over, we don't know when, and the other thing is we don't know what's in them, ashley. >> okay, joe johns watching live for us in scranton, we're going to continue to follow that, and you'll report most of the day throughout that, as well. thank you, we're also following breaking news involving donald trump's campaign chairman, paul manafort. he's under investigation for allegedly receiving millions in illegal payments from ukraine's former pro-russian ruling party. but, while that sounds huge, the
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investigation is in the ukraine, not here. there's big difference. jessica snyder joins us with the very latest, and the question i have for you as you follow donald trump today, is he's got this big plan, he's going to go his how-to-fight-isis message and he gave his how-to-deal-with the economy message, and was about the second amendment, and hillary clinton, and the founders of isis being the president and hillary clinton. we didn't have headlines about the economy. how is he going to stay on the message that he plans today and keep those in the headlines instead of the other things that he does? >> reporter: he's definitely be dogged by those distractions, ashley. this one could be another distraction for him. i want to set the scene with this paul manafort story. manafort acknowledges that he worked for ukraine's former president's political party. he was elected in 20 ten, but manafort is denying allegations he received $12.7 million from the pro-kremlin administration between 2007 and 2012.
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but questions about possible payments are now coming to light from ukraine's national anti-corruption bureau, that investigative agency saying it found a hand-written ledger of payments from the president, and manafort's name is listed 22 times. the bureau does stress that just because manafort's name is on the ledger doesn't necessarily mean he accepted payment and his signature is not on the ledger but the ukrainian bureau is investigating nonetheless. paul manafort has come out swiftly and strongly against these allegations, i have never received a single off the books cash payment, he says, nor have i ever done work for the governments of ukraine or russia. he goes on to say that suggestion that i accepted cash payments is unfounded, silly, and nonsensical. now manafort also says his work in ukraine for the political party of president yanakovich ended in 2014, but a lot of
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questions have been raised because of manafort's ties to the pro-russian government there and the pro-russia comments by donald trump, plus that suspected russian hacking of democrats' e-mails, ashley. >> thank you for that. i want to discuss that with eugene scott and global economist, alley velshe. added surface, it doesn't sound good. when you work with a bunch of pro-russians in ukraine, when that is a significant headline that doesn't bode well in a campaign here, but to be fair, paul manafort went on in that statement to say when you are a consultant, you receive payment for your staff, for the mashinations of what it takes to do the work, for the polling. there's a lot of money to do that and there's nothing wrong with being a political consultant. >> he's done it for a long time for suspects that are suspect,
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m marcos, and mabuto. >> isn't it not how the payments were made? >> he's parsing his words in his response and said i didn't receive any off-the-books money, and didn't work for the russian government but for the campaign. and this organization in ukraine is the anti-corruption body that really is staffed by people who are not on victor yanekovich's side, they are the anti-establishment side of ukraine, and we were talking about this, when you're a consultant of the vintage of paul manafort or roger ails or people like that, you have a long history of working with others in the world people think might not be good. i don't know how much this has in the terms of legs other than the fact donald trump trusts him for his advice, and having taken money from pro-russians, his narrative about russia may be very, very different than the narrative that we are more accustomed to in the united states. >> i want to switch to the lead
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story and i'm going to ask you about that eugene, and hillary clinton is with the vice president, and if you look with the recent wall street, merit pol poll, she is at 38 to his 37%, now that is a very strong number, and then just this weekend, donald trump laying some groundwork maybe for losing by saying i'll never speak to you again, pennsylvania, if you do this, and also if i -- >> if you do go that way, it's rigged. >> it's rigged. are pennsylvanians going to do much? does she have to do much when she's in pennsylvania or just let him continue to create his own circumstances? >> i don't think it's smooth sailing for anyone in this election regardless of what battleground state we're talking about. >> even in pennsylvania? >> i don't think so. i think he's connecting very well with some of the white working class voters that maybe what they would have voted in a previous election, maybe they're
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looking at things differently right now. one thing the trump campaign and his supporters are not acknowledging, his supporters have not won since 1988, so whether it be rigged or not, that has nothing to do with whether or not he'll win. the fact most people in pennsylvania warranted going to go for him any way, but i do think in this election, given what has happened if he was going to be competitive, this would be the one. >> not to be out done by the woman card, hillary jokingly, not jokingly put out to raise money, donald trump has come out with an exclusive gold card that you can be a part of, as well. that's fancy. >> used to cost $100, but there's discount now, $35. nothing wrong with this kind of campaigning. it's just a whole new landscape. >> yeah, it's a -- i think eugene called it creative. it's just an interesting way of doing things. if you're going to give money, now have some evidence that you
9:11 am
gave money, show it to other people, see if they think that's interesting, too. >> anything to the discount, though, eugene? >> i can't imagine. we will see, he obviously sells so many things maybe it can work in one of his organizations. i do think it may takeaway from the seriousness of the woman card. i think hillary clinton is playing the woman card because she believes this is an issue voters resonate with and voters aren't doing well with. >> and she came with, fine, i'll buy that. eugene, alley, appreciate it. just about two hours from now, donald trump going to talk about how he plans to desefeat isis and how to fight islamic terrorism. i'm going to ask our terror experts of what he's told us about this big speech makes much sense. you'll hear those nuggets coming up. zuccolis. through ancestry through dna i found out that i was only 16% italian. he was 34% eastern european.
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or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto tell your doctor about any conditions, such as kidney, liver or bleeding problems. to help protect yourself from a stroke, ask your doctor about xarelto. there's more to know. xarelto. after a couple nights of protesting in the streets and danger and violence, the police chief in milwaukee, wisconsin, is giving a news conference after the shooting death of a suspect in milwaukee on saturday. this is chief edward flynn. >> there are many more folks from both public and private life who engaged the community in these street-level
9:16 am
discussions. greg lewis from pastors united, and marley miller from micah, theresa thomas boyd, the executive director of central city churches, and alexis twito, a coordinator with whom we have a relationship with and many others, as well. it was a very significant component last night of what we hoped to accomplish. i also wanted to take pains to mention the community itself. the community was a victim of the disorder and the damage, more than anybody else, and large numbers of those community members as you saw yesterday trying to repair that damage, clean up after that damage, carry on as normal of a life as they can, despite the jobs of loss in amenities caused by this, and is something we're proud to work with. i'm going to contend the members
9:17 am
of the milwaukee police department and we also had a number of partners from the milwaukee county sheriff's office, and i think once again, you saw a great deal of tactical and strategic restraint being exercised. yesterday we had over 30 shot-spider activations. gunfire remained a problem, as well as in the vicinity of officers trying to restrain what disorder did occur. despite that fact once again, none of our officers returned fire. that would have been reckless. we couldn't tell where it was coming from, but the point once again, we were able toexert without deadly force. 11 adult males were arrested for state disorderly conduct, and females all from milwaukee for state disorderly conduct. we had 30 shot-spider activations between 8:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. in the areas from
9:18 am
kiest to 51st, to 20th street. the bear cat was struck by two firearm bullets to the windshield. one automobile was set on fire late in the evening about 1:30 in the morning. there were a number of dumpster fires and one couch was set on fire, and one store suffered broken windows. there was a related shooting, an 18-year-old male suffered a single gunshot wound to the neck, he's continuing to receive medical treatment, does not appear to be in danger. there was one reported use of police force. seven of our officers were injured, four milwaukee you county sheriff' deputies were injured by rocks, to the knees, hands and shoulders, and district one officer from the pd, suffered an injury to his right hand, and from the milwaukee police department, two officers suffered glass
9:19 am
fragments to their eyes when concrete came through the windshield of their squad car. i also had an opportunity to talk to all of these officers. i was out there last night myself until about 2:00 in the morning. i want to report their spirits are high. obviously they've got a lot of concerns for their public safety, for their personal safe safety, and for the safety of their colleagues but they're very much committed to the mission and every time we brought them in to try to arrre them, and send them back in, they were enthusasastically rea to go out and protect the community. i talked to one of the officers in the response team and his riot helmet received a graze wound to the back of it probably from a firearm and we're very grateful that he was not significantly issued. i talked to the officers where the brick hit their cruiser and one of them was suffering a lot of pain in his eyes. my understanding he's been treated and released. this was not an evening of insignificant risk for our
9:20 am
officers but i am grateful to report and they would be proud to know that they successfully protected the community last night as they were virtually no civilian casualties as a result. there was no significant fire damage. once again, certainly compared to a saturday night, the streets were maintained at a 11 of control far more effectively than we were able to marshall during the first night of this disturbance. we're going to continue to reach out to the faith community and kmu community-based leaders to help them on the streets and talk to people and get them to recognize there are other avenues towards change other than violence and we're going to continue to deploy our officers in a tactically restrained but nonetheless effective manner in order to take control when necessary, when events become a threat to a community stability and order. that's my overall report and i
9:21 am
know mayor barrette would like to say something now, mayor? >> thank you very much, chief. >> and as mayor comes in to give some comments, as well, you know, critical to note from the police chief edward flynn, the number of injuries. he said there were several police injuries from the sheriff's, to the milwaukee police department. there were many shots fired, in fact his quote was "many shots fired incidents last night" so why, because in this parcular incident it is somewhat difference than the others? the person to ask who might be best is the person who represents that community, wisconsin congresswoman gwen moore live in milwaukee. thank you so much congresswoman for joining me. as i look at this case and how it has unravelled and as i look at your community for the last 48 hours, i'm led to wonder why those who justly feel underrepresented, unfairly represented in this community
9:22 am
perhaps, to choose this particular case to riot about because the statistics on sef seville smith, are not good. he was armed, running from the police, who has a bad track record and it's led to people who are paragraphierhaps holdin as for why there's gold standard problem in the community that's not so. >> ashleigh, thank you for having me and i want to extend my heart-felt relief none of the police officers lost their lives as a result of the violence and i in fact have a staff person who's broth whose brother is a firefighter in the hospital recovering. i want to really thank the faith leaders and the elected officials who were out on the street to assist the police in bringing some order to our community. let me say that i think james causey said in his article in
9:23 am
the milwaukee sentinel, he underlined some of the economic changes that have occur particularly in that neighborhood and i had just participated on a panel the very morning of the day that this violence broke out to talk about if congress would just appropriate the desperately needed gap in infrastructure funds, that's for water, like flint in milwaukee has a bad water problem, ta transportatio roads, airports, 80,000 bricks that a bridges, we could make up 20,000 jobs and that problem can't just be ignored. on the other hand there is a problem with both police training in our city. i've proposed for example that there be some de-escalation training and in the case of this young man, i have also gone
9:24 am
after gun shops, for example, that put crime guns on the street. and so i noticed that our sheriff sort of ran down the list of crimes that this particular person had committed but that does not obviate the concern that many people in the community have that there is an unfair targeting of police enforcement in our community that there's very aggressive enforcement reminiscent of ferguson and that police -- >> congresswoman, i should let you know the mayor just announced while we are speaking live there's an 11:00 p.m. curfew now in the city of milwaukee for those who are under the age of 18, and i -- i sure hope that that has a calming effect on all of this. i wanted to just quickly, if
9:25 am
you'd indulge me, read something from your facebook. you wrote the share the frustration of my constituents where they feel just sis only feeded to some and not all. i also share the frustration of our local police officers who are desperately trying to uphold public safety in what they perceive as a caustic climate. we must find a way to strike a balance, and in that striking of a balance, i wonder if you feel that balance can't be struck when protesters go after police who are doing their job? because clearly this young man had a weapon in his hand and was running from the police, a loaded weapon that was stolen with ammunition that was stolen. that's a police officer doing what we pay him to do, what we want him to do, and yet the riots somehow say otherwise. it leaves us in a state of limbo. how do you find balance when those are the cases being highlighted and there are so many others that desperately need to be highlighted? >> ashley, very clearly, if
9:26 am
someone is brandishing a weapon that that's -- that's a no-brainer in terms of a police response. i think it's really important to get all the facts because the other part of that, ashleighs why was the stop made in the first place? that's what i'm really curious to help about. i think that people all over are very concerned about whether or not you get stopped for just, you know, because you have -- you're a known criminal. is that a reason that you should be stopped because you're driving through the community and you are -- have a known record? there's no justification for brandishing a gun at a police officer and expecting a different response other than what we saw. >> yeah. >> what we think we know. but i'll tell you, this is a community that's going to work really hard to pull itself together and i'm so proud that we saw last night the community coming together, folks cleaning up after the damage and a police
9:27 am
chief and local resources put -- coming together. we've contacted the white house about potential resources to help our community bridge this gap. >> well, there is two issues. there's money and there's leadership and they are probably equally needed. but in the interim, i sure hope that your jurisdiction calms down and peace is restored and there's no other injuries on either side of this debate. congresswoman, thank you very much, gwen moore, joining us in milwaukee. >> keep us in your prayers, we're working on it. >> without question. coming up, donald trump's plans to take on isis and radical islamic terrorism, live, we'll take you through it because he's giving us some of the highlights in advance and our terror experts have already started crafting whether the math works, that's next.
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in less than two hours, donald trump will unveil his plans to defeat isis, in a three-pillar strategy, number one, declare an end to nation building and consider any country willing to help defeat isis one of our allies. says he's going to suspend visas from any country with quote heavy terrorist activity and says he will call the efforts an idealogical fight, and donald trump says he's going to be direct and unvarnished and in fact so says senator jeff sessions, the chairman of trump's national security advisory committee and he spoke
9:33 am
with cnn earlier today. >> he's going to layout the threat that we have from isis, which is a group that wants to hold territory, plan a flag and actually have a nation state. they want to expand worldwide and take over the whole world. they've got to beat confronted and they have to be defeated, there's no doubt about that but it's going to be a long term, idealogical battle. >> a long time, idealogical battle, that's why these next two guests are critical. james woolsey, former cia director, and lieutenant colonel defense intelligence agency officer who lived in syria for three years in the '90s and knows about that difficult region. first, director woolsey, if i can, is it overly simplistic anyone who helps in the fight against isis should be declared
9:34 am
an ally, especially considering the fact i can name off the top of my head syria and iran are not friends of isis, and yet few would consider them friends of the united states. >> well, you don't have to be a friend of the united states to be an ally. we were a close ally for three years and eight monthsbu with t man who was history's greatest murder. joseph stallen killed more than anyone, and later pasted him, was maul, and we needed stalling. we needed to win world war ii against the nazis, and we have a war here it's not one that we recognized officially, at least the u.s. government doesn't. i think it was trotsky who once said you may not be interested in war, but war may be interested in you, and isis is coming after us. we need to work with a number of people and organizations and groups and countries that are
9:35 am
not folks that we really want to help, and we didn't want to help, as i said stallen, but he rolled into eastern europe in 1945 on wheels made in detroit and that was a real shame, that we had to work that way but we won world war ii and we've got to win against isis. >> so colonel francona, when donald trump says we're going to discontinue visas to countries that can't be vetted or use the words terror countries i think he used in the past, it wasn't more than a month and a half ago we put together the most recent terror attacks and those responsible for them and here they are, these are the attacks, the purposerpetrators were fren british, american. it's a little hard to be so simplistic in suggesting that those who are responsible for yielding terrorists should thus not be issued visas?
9:36 am
how do you cut these people out of the fray? >> yeah, that's going to be a real problem. i don't see how that works. it will be interesting to see what his plan is going to be. first we had this ban on all muslims. it's not going to work and it's not constitutional and there's no way to enforce that and how he's going to come up with this list of countries, and we know the two countries he's going to put on the list are going to be syria and libya. you can't vet people from that, and those aren't the big problems. the big problems are the people who come from these european countries go to syria and iraq, get involved in isis and then return. fortunately that has not been a big problem for the united states yet although it might be. it will be interesting to see what his thoughts on that are. our european allies are having a real problem, belgium and france. and just to followup on what the director says, this is a real problem we have in syria. you know in iraq we kind of know where the roadmap is going, go to mosul, get rid of them, kick
9:37 am
isis out of there. the problem is in syria. we are right now opposed to the as ad government, the people who are keeping assad, in power. >> it is very complicated to say the least but i'm going to move on because donald trump is coming up and we have to hear what he's going to say. director francona thank you, appreciate you and your insight. coming up as we lay the ground for donald trump's live present conference, we're looking at the stuff he's done live on the twitter. one of the latest tweets he sent out was about the definition of the freedom of the press. it's certainly raising a lot of eyebrows among constitutional experts and mere mortals like me. so what does the first amend mech ment really say and how much rate does the press really have? is donald trump really right? does he know the constitution? that's next. picking up for kyle.
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donald trump is not only campaigning aggressively against hillary clinton, he's also taking on the media. he's just one of his recent tweets, it is not the freedom of the press when newspapers and others are allowed to say and write whatever they want, even if it's completely false. let that digest. that comment is really raising some eyebrows, especially since the first amendment actually says this, congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise there of or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press. it doesn't say the dumb press or the wrong press, just the press. and these two guys know a lot about it. floyd abrams is a constitution
9:43 am
expert, first amendment expert, and a lawyer, and is a lot of us have taken queues from him, and senior cnn media reporter, freedom of the press is exactly that, it doesn't matter if you're wrong, you would be sued, you may win or lose, but as i understand it, you have that right? >> you're right. >> thank you. >> and look, the very notion that the press can't say what it wants or what it thinks is right about a candidate for president, is at war with the first amendment. of course it's not a debatable point, that press is free in this do you wante country to report and make its own decisions about what to report about a campaign, candidate or the like. yes, he could bring a liable
9:44 am
case in certain situations and would have to prove they really knew it was false, but the general proposition, the real core of the first amendment is that government's gotta leave the press alone. >> okay. bryan cel bryan selter, i want to read another tweet, donald trump sai said, if the disgusting and corrupt media covered me honestly and didn't put false meaning into the words i say, i would be beating hillary by 20%. i'm not sure where he gets the math from. >> not possible. >> but i want to go to that first part. >> yeah. >> that we put false meaning into the words he said. i'm looking at a couple quotes in front of me. i'm not sure how they can be misconstrued. he used his own name, donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shut down of muslims entering the united states. >> that was a muslim ban. >> that's clear. the other thing can terrorists is you have to take out their families. >> that's a war crime, yes. >> that's really clear. one of those things i'm going to do if i win, i'm going to open
9:45 am
up our liable laws so when they write horrible and false articles we can sue them and write money. >> that sues people like professor abrams. >> it's an opinion, but not fact. he makes verylear and stride ended statements but why is he able to get away with saying we are putting meaning on the words? >> i can imagine what it's like for him down in the polls hating everything he's reading and watching right now. he's benefitted from free media attention for 14 months of his campaign, but right now a lot of the coverage is very negative because he is doing very poorly in key swing states. when he turns on the tv, he hate what is he seeing so he rants on twitter. of course the same first amendment protections that you and i, the three of us have, also apply to him. he can say whatever he wants but we need to come on the air and correct him and clarify what press freedom is all about. >> for the wall street journal e 's editorial board can write,
9:46 am
donald trump is write, most of the media want him to lose, but that was also true of george w. bush, george h.w. bush and ronald reagan. the difference is mr. trump has made it so easy for the media and his opponents, he needs to stop blaming everyone else and decide if he wants to behave like someone who wants to be president or turn the nomination over to mike pence. i guess you know what, editorial boards can say what they like, as well, but it is -- it is fascinating that words are being attributed to us when we are simply just -- it's a giant chute of material that keeps coming down on top of us. >> that is true, isn't it? >> he should be especially -- especially protective of the first amendment. he could be in jail in europe for some of the things about muslims where they ban hate speech and put politicians in jail or fine them for some of the very things he has said. >> i remember i was reporting in
9:47 am
baghdad and my driver was driving us before saddam hussein was out of that palace and i was fascinated by the size and scope of that palace and the driver said take your eyes off that palace and look straight on the road and i said what are you talking about? he said shhh. we were in a car. i was looking at his palace. talk about freedom of the press when you're terrified to even look somewhere. both of you, thank you. i think this isn't the last conversation on this floor, as always, it's a pleasure. great reporting, thank you. coming up next, we're going to take you to some unbelievable pictures flooding devastating parts of baton rouge, louisiana. this is a live picture of one area that is struggling through this latest crisis. it's sending regular people like one particular man out into the floods to do this unbelievable live rescue, the cameras catching it all, pulling that woman out of a car that's submerged you're going to see the whole thing next.
9:48 am
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i want to show you a piece of video just before we get to the hillary clinton event.
9:52 am
we're looking at some live pictu pictures and she's going to take the stage in a few moments. this is a good opportunity for those that can't watch television at the moment. they are deluged of storms. check out these area shots, entire neighborhoods under water. this is robert, louisiana. i want to take you right down to water level, where one young man did something so death-defying. he did something a woman who's c whose car plunged under water. watch this of a woman and her dog. it's unbelievable. >> get my dog! get my dog! >> i can't get your dog.
9:53 am
>> she's gone. >> no, she better not be. i've got your dog -- whoa. get to the boat, get to the boat. as i busted open the back, the first instinct was to get ahold of her and pull her out and couldn't do it from the boat so i just jumped in and had to do what i had to do. >> wow. unbelievable just an unbelievable rescue. the mayor of the city of baton rouge is live with me now on the phone, melvin kipp holden. i think you're at the emergency operations center in baton rouge. if you can just give me a read on your community and tell me what the circumstances are now, what's the status of the flooding there? >> we have a lot of different things going on at once, but you have to do everything from monitoring road and weather conditions and just now we had a briefing primarily where we have some homes where water's up to
9:54 am
the roof and we have people going in and search and rescue operations to see whether or not people may be trapped in those homes and have not gotten out because of problems with the phone systems that we've had throughout baton rouge during these tough, tough times. added to that, we've done over 8,000 swift water rescues, sandbags eye can't tell you t sandbag eye can't tell you the number of sandbags. all of us have been inundated so we find ourselves using the buddy system, making sure if we need anything we not only takes care of the people in baton rouge, but surrounding perishes, as well. >> can i ask you about all of the people who i'm assuming are no longer in those homes we're seeing on so many of these pictures. they're displaced but where are they displaced to? how are you looking after them? >> many of those are at shelter
9:55 am
evidence, but we' s but we've opened river center, city hall and that's normally for concerts. last night in conjunction with the governor's office, we opened that facility, anywhere from 2,500 to 5,000 people there. we have a movie studio here that opened up about six or seven sound stages so those people are there, but i can tell you people have been very generous in trying to help us out and also trying to take care of people, but in some cases we've had evacuation places that we had to evacuate people from those places, so it's a lot of things that's moving around right now, but we are not giving up and we're going to fight it until the very end. >> just quickly, is it correct to say more than 24 inches of rain has fallen? because that would seem like an extraordinary rare figure? >> yes, ma'am. when i tell you this is unbelievable the amount of rain that has fallen here and i can tell you it is still very, very dangerous and we are still have waters rising in a number of
9:56 am
areas. i can tell you that all of our people are still on high alert because of how swift this could change and how quick you may be dry now and the next day you're in water and that water is rising in some areas still very quickly. >> mayor holden, thank you and our best to you and your community as you try to get through this crisis, thank you for being with us. >> yes, ma'am and thank y'all so much for letting the people know we're fine and have a lot, work to do, but thank you, ma'am. >> best to you and yours. i want to remind our viewers, as well we've got our live cameras ready in scranton, pennsylvania, where hillary clinton is about to take the stage with vice president joe biden. we're back right after this. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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