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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  August 16, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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the self proclaimed law and order candidate leaping into the fire today. after tempers flare into actual flames on the street, donald trump takes his campaign to meet with law enforcement officials. meanwhile sending notes to hillary clinton to congress. one that might create a whole new generation of terrorists in
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the future to attack us. >> plus for many who live through katrina, it's like living through a horror movie sequel. tens of thousands of homes all gone as floods swallow baton rouge. welcome to "the lead" i'm jake tapper. donald trump is focusing on law and order this morning in milwaukee after an african-american man waving a gun was shot dead by a african-american police officer. trump is trying to hone in on an issue where aids believe he can beat hillary clinton after democrats are calling foreign policies from his speech yesterday un-american. sarah murray, trump thinks focusing on safety issues will
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help. >> yeah, essentially making the case that if you're a voter that doesn't feel safe and secure now, why would you vote for her? and we're expecting to see trump meeting with veterans and law enforcement. >> donald trump says he is the top choice. laos looking for law and order. coming just a day after he drivered a foreign policy speech with promises to defeat isis. >> my administration will pursue joint and colish military operations to crush and destroy isis. >> but sparks on how trump would accomplish that -- as he looks to bolster his foreign false
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credentials, trump will receive his first classified intelligence briefing wednesday in new york. a primer that caused heartburn among some intelligence professionals. it comes just days after trump reiterated his call for closer ties with russia. >> i also believe that we can find common ground with russia in the fight against isis. wouldn't that be a good thing? wound that be a good thing? one of trump's aides seizing on the new that russia sent war planes. his social media head tweeting another donald trump idea becoming another idea. trump faced blow backs throughout his campaign for calls to partner with russia and vladimir putin. the trump campaign blasting out
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a statement to highlight clinton's ties to russia and claiming she and allies sold out to putin. the fiery attacks sure to play out further on the debate stage. and area where roger ailes may be helping. he has been talking to trump about debate prep. he says they're long-time friends, but he has not formal or informal role in the campaign. >> the latest polls show hillary clinton with a wide lead there. and in a fox news interview, trump said he is feeing good about the state of the race and the size of his crowds. >> let's bring in a former trump
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faux, rick perry, thank you for joining us as always. >> thank you. >> mr. trump is meeting with law enforcement officers in milwaukee today after protests and a black police officer shot a armed black man. mr. trump has been criticized for not reaching out more. you had a standard warning for the republican party. >> for too long, we have been content to lose the black vote because we found we didn't need it to win. but when we gave up trying to win the support of african-americans we lost our moral legitimacy as the party of lincoln. >> do you think mr. trump needs to he'd your warning, sir?
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>> i think he is doing a good job standing up for the men and women wearing the blue uniform, the police officers. and speaking of that wisconsin event, it occurs to me there is video that shows the police officer was in the right. reaching out to more communities always makes sense. you look at what barack obama has done economically and otherwise, the african-american community in america is worse off than when he took office. your common sense would tell you if he had an african-american president he would have made life better for african-americans, but that is not the case. i think if you want four more years of what he has given the african-american community, hillary clinton is your candidate. but donald trump is laying out economic policies, security, and military issues that i think will resonate with the member and women in the african-american community.
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>> but hillary clinton, whatever you think of her policy, she was in philadelphia today reaching out to many in the african-american community. and a lot of people who support donald trump, some of his african-american supporters, saying he is not doing anything to reach out directly to african-americans, and you were sounding the call on that issue just a few months ago. >> i think when you talk about the criminal justice issues and where the african-american community finds themselves today, that system has failed them grately. what we did in texas by putting the policies into place, so that young african-americans were not ending up in our prisons because of nonviolent drug offenses. i think donald trump is all about that. i think donald trump is all about not seeing our criminal justice system being one where we're throwing people in jail for years and years and they
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become real professional criminals in the jailhouse and that's all they know. bill clinton was one individual that passed a law to make our laws tougher on individuals. three striegs and you're out. the mandatory sentencing, that all came from bill clinton. why would you want the wife of the individual who made it worse on you as a community, and i don't see the logic in that. african-americans are tired of having the democrats take them for granted that low pressure, the african-american community, we're going to vote for a democrat, why? >> i guess the point i was making is because they're showing up and asking for their vote. >> i think we show up and ask for their vote, but you have to look at the record. is that all it takes? just a democrat showing up and asking for their vote is enough? i don't denigrate the african-american community and
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saying that is all it takes. i think they want to see action and real nick opportunities. they want to see machine that will reform criminal justice laws, that don't through their kids in jail. non-violent jail related offenses. >> when you were running for president, i pointed out that you and senator lindsey graham were the ones running for office, and since that time that i saw you last at the republican convention, mr. trump alienated some officials by going off some families -- as a veteran, what did you make of that controversy? >> what i made of it was that mr. kahn went out and struck the first low.
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in a campaign, if you're going to go out and think you can take a shot at someone and not have anything coming back at you, shame on you. i think the democrats used him in a way that i'm not sure i approve of. we love our veterans and our gold star families. mr. kahn politically used him time on that stage to go after donald trump kbrp in the world he thought that he would get a free ride with that is beyond me. he will not when he ejected himself in the political arena. >> i don't think anyone is saying he should not be criticizes, but -- >> what is the conversation then. if what you're trying to do is say that donald trump is a bad man, because he took him on on a political back and forth, that is the way this process works. because he had a son that was
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lost in this war against terror, i mean, that gives him a free ride to say whatever he would like against a candidate that he is not for? that is not proper, that is not correct. no one has done more for our veterans i suggest than i have. i understand that. i wrote a letter a week from 2003 to 2010 to a family that lost a child, a husband, a spouse. i understand this. but don't use that and go after a political candidate and think you will get a free ride because of it. >> thank you, governor rick perry, appreciate it, sir. >> will one prominent republican lose her seat because of her lukewarm support of the presidential candidate? that story, next.
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causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness can be signs of a life-threatening condition. side effects may include allergic reactions, neck and injection site pain, fatigue, and headache. don't take botox® if there's a skin infection. tell your doctor your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications, including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. don't take your chronic migraine lying down. stand up. prevent headaches and migraines. talk to a headache specialist today. welcome back to "the lead," i'm jake tapper, notes from the fbi's interview with former
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secretary of state hillary clinton is now in the hands of congress. they were released to the house oversight committee right now. this as more polls show clinton widening her lead over donald trump. her main super pac is pulling tv ads from virginia, colorado, and pennsylvania. let's bring in joe johnson who is in philadelphia. clinton is in pennsylvania for two days in a row now. >> that is right, jake. i have to say when you look at the state of pennsylvania, she is ahead in the polls by large numbers, but it is a state they have to keep their eye on. up around scranton where she was yesterday. trump was surprisically strong
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in the polls. >> hillary clinton campaigning today at a philadelphia voter registration event. >> we want you all to register to vote. we have places to register because we don't want you on the sidelines come november. >> clinton working for the black vote. trying to hold on to the state that has gone to democrats every election since bill clinton in 1992. >> it is so great to be back in scranton, pennsylvania. >> clinton today reminded of the e-mail controversy casting a shadow over her campaign.
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the report also includes notes taken by the fbi during witness interviews. it keeps the controversy alive for clinton while offering donald trump another talking point against her. >> she lacks the judgment -- >> the clinton campaign saying they prefer that it be released publicly rather than by someone with political motives against hillary clinton. a new poll shows clinton ahead of trump by eight points there. in fact, clinton is doing so well her super pack priorities usa are pulling ads in virginia along with colorado and pennsylvania for much of september. the group telling cnn that the early success in those states means they can focus their attention and cash in states where it is more needed.
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and the clinton campaign is already putting together a transition team, announcing former colorado senator and interior secretary ken salazar will lead it. writing in a statement "while our campaign remains focused on the task at hand of winning in november, hillary clinton wants to be able to get to work right away as president elect. >> and. [ applause ] clinton was asked today about the latest development in the e-mail controversy. she said she had not to say. >> okay, chris christie, of course heading up the trump campaign. growing concerns that donald trump may be casting a long shadow on the heating down ballot races. case in point kelly ayotte. she is feeling some heat there. she is more than one-half dozen of senators fating tough
1:20 pm
reelections this fall. senator ayotte in a tough spot, donald trump not doing well. >> she needs those trump supporters to come out to the polls. >> donald trump putting senate g.o.p. candidates in a bind. republicans still need a core of supporters to help keep their narrow senate majority. in new hampshire, republican candidate kelly ayotte is keeping her distance. >> you're saying you support donald trump, but you do not? >> i've said that i will be voting for him, but i have significant disagreements with him which i have been very clear on. >> what is the distinction between endorsing and voting? >> everyone gets a vote, i do
1:21 pm
too, but an endorsement is one where i'm out campaigning with season. >> other incumbents are running away from trump. >> i'm going to see how this plays out and see if donald trump can earn the support of republicans like me. >> others are more willing to embrace trump because they believe he can turn out the vote. and in florida, marco rubio who once called trump a con artist told the "miami harold" that he was a con artist. >> whoever is in that corner office, my own party or the opposite party, if they're doing
1:22 pm
something that i don't agree with, that i don't think is right for new hampshire, then i will stand up for them. >> but ayotte's opponent, governor maggie hasset. >> i support hillary clinton because her experience and record demonstrate she is qualified to hold the job. >> is she honest? >> she has a critical plan among mothers for making college more affordable. >> do you think she is trust worthy? >> i think she demonstrated a commitment always to something beyond and bigger than herself. >> now afterwards, her campaign call aend said she does believe that hillary clinton is honest and truth worthy. >> some pretty -- a pretty
1:23 pm
direct question. thank you so much. appreciate it. >> tens of thousands of homes and businesses taking on water. the flooding that few expected is causing more damage. we'll show you scenes on the ground and from the air. hospitals in a cool bombed and a war that you may not even know about. is the u.s. buying the weapons that are committing these atrocities?
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welcome back, let's go to the national lead now. a disaster has been happening in
1:28 pm
louisiana. many lost everything they own in flooding. 12 total parishes are eligible for federal aid. ivingson parish, more than 100,000 people there, and flooding has devastated 75%. some houses took on 12 feet of water. jennifer, many of these people don't live in floodbroken areas and they never saw anything like this coming. >> look here, in the trees. you see the deed of trust on the streets, the dirt, and the green leaves, that is the water line
1:29 pm
where i'm standing. they say it rose quickly four feet in an hour. a haunting reminder with the worst flooding that the area had seen. when the water started rising, it came up fast. >> it was 8 1/2 feet hauf of the ground. on the second floor. >> danny was out of town during the flood, and the neighbor took his pictures, 1 1/2 water on his second floor. this is what is left. the flood of '83 was considered the worst ever and that was nothing compared to this. >> we never thought we would see another -- never see another
1:30 pm
'83. >> i only had a minute to go back and shut my front door, i jumped in and took off. i started blowing the horn right there and i just leaned on the horn all of the way. stopped in front of the houses and blew the horn to try to wake them up. >> he says going down his street was like a tidal wave. >> most of these people were in their beds sound asleep. 15,000 rescues. buildings upside down, flips, and this is what downtown looks like on sunday, this is downtown today. today, homes are hoping the
1:31 pm
water will resecede quickly. >> words can't scribe it right now. >> you can get a scope right now. get a look at the devastation. a lot of homes in the neighborhood. behind me you can just see boats flipped over and it is like this at every turn, jake. my biggest fear now going forward is doing a door to door search for people and the fear of people leaving and never coming back. >> in a turn, the terror fight,
1:32 pm
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>> welcome back to "the lead." iran just allowed something to happen in it's borders for the first time since 1979. something the u.s. state department may have violated a u.n. resolution. russian fighter jets were permitted to launch new air strikes from within iran. they took off with their bombs and med for syria to hit targets, but what targets. u.s. officials, did they anticipate this and do we know more? >> the russians were going after
1:37 pm
populations in northern southeastern especially around aleppo where tens of thousands of syrians are trapped. secretary of state john kerry calling on his russian counter part. not perhaps the biggest surprise because the civilians, the groups were making progress against assad and it was clear the russians would have a show of force to try to push all of that back. they want the u.s. to sign up to an agreement. they cannot agree to any cop
1:38 pm
ratio -- cooperation. >> and ryan iran is caught up i yemen, and today we saw more devastating images. >> the images are just heartbreaking. more than a dozen people killed in this hospital which is at least at part administered by the very remarkable group doctors without borders. this is an air strike set to be led by the saudi coalition. they may have as many as 14 people dead. this is days after the coalition is said to have struck two schools in yemen. and a bunch of terrorists fighting. you have devastating images of
1:39 pm
heartbreak in yet another place. >> thank you, let's talk more about that. we were all generally on a day today basis paying attention to this war against isis, but there is another war that your tax dollars are helping to fund in the same area of the world. saudi arabia is still number one, but there is a war why saudi arabia is killing yemen civilians. and the u.s. is sending more tanks to saudi arabia knowing they could end up on the battlefield in yemen. senator, thank you for joining us. at least 31 civilians, including 14 children have been killed in
1:40 pm
sa saudi air strikes in yemen. >> there is an american impresent on every civilian life lost in yemen. why? the saudis are dropping the bombs, but they could not do it without the u.s. and it is our intelligence helping the saudis provide -- they pose no threat to the united states. it is wild to me that we're not talking more about this in the united states because of the high level of consequence. not only are civilians being killed by the thousands, but isis and al qaeda are growing in
1:41 pm
the civil war, and potential threat to the united states. i think it is time for the united states to rethink this campaign if is another reminder of the toll they are talking about. i never did, i don't remember voters weighing in on it or any measure in the united states congress about authorization for use of fort. >> i should be careful about the collective we, because you're right. given when you are not targeting al qaeda, and there is data dating from september 11th, this war to many of us looks
1:42 pm
unauthorized. the saudis need more bombs. but this is another example of a war being conducted by this administration without prior approval. >> so in september when congress returns, what will you do to try to stop this? >> i'm talking with democrats and republicans about what it is to stop this latest round of arms sales. i would like donk debate th-- te debating this. we can put a pause or halt on all of this. so they can at least stop bombing civil hospitals and
1:43 pm
schools and and we need to press them to be more responsible. >> we hear from the obama administration criticism and rightly so that the syrians and russians are targeting civilian locations in syria right now. bashar al assad and the russian army are targeting hospitals and civilian locations, we are doing the united states to a degree with a question able ally in yemen. >> and we don't know if these a are deliberate decisions to target medical clinics or schools, or if it is negligence, or just really terrible targeting. but their not getting better. the casualties are mounting.
1:44 pm
and if you talk to the yemenese, they will say this is a u.s. bombing campaign. what is happening is we're helping to radicalize the population against the united states in the conduct of this campaign. the result is that people on the ground think the united states is involved in a campaign killing thousands of civilians and that is terrible for us right now. >> and terrible for the yemenese civilians. thank you for your time. >> coming up, obama care could be in big trouble after a big move. and breaking news on a long held breaking tradition, stay with us.
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welcome back to "the lead." our money lead now. in another blow to president obama's health care program. they announced that will put out of most exchanges next year. the company said the new customers that signed up under the new law were sicker and pricier than expected. the federal government blames them for not anticipating those costs. it tom foreman joins me with more. this is really the latest in astring of bad news stories. >> yes, edna is huge. all along people thought it was the political problem for obama
1:50 pm
care that might sink it. now it is just economics looking bad. >> edna backing out after saying it lost $430 million. they're saying their losses could be close to a billion over two years. others are also pulling way back faced with a brutal truth. a lot more people got insurance, but they're sicker than expected. >> jonathan gruber was a chief architect. >> and john mcclain explains it
1:51 pm
this way. we're going to have to go back to square one. we're going to have to go back and not only repeal, but replace and make health care available to every american. >> it is a sobering reality check for president obama who just a few years ago was bragging about his plan's success. >> the insurance companies are saying these marketplaces, this law will work. they're putting money on the line because they think it will work. >> but people insured under obama care tend to be older and have higher rates of serious expensive illens expensive ill necessary -- many obama care users could see the cost of their premiums rise 10%. the administration calls all of this growing pains.
1:52 pm
eaetna's decision -- that can only happen if the federal government provides more money nap is a hard sell in congress. >> obama care does not work. it has to go. >> while supporters suggest that opposition is part of the problem. >> when the time care, they blocked the funding and that is part of the reason that insurance companies were struggling. >> you can just guess how this is resonating out on the campaign trail. he said basically this is another sign this is all falling apart in the obama care plan. that it can't pay for itself, millions of americans lost their health coverage under this
1:53 pm
disastrous policy eliminating their ability to pay doctors. and the idea that obama care doesn't do nearly enough to control health care costs, this is a criticism i heard when it passed, and the most controversial parts of any issue is about cost control. >> and the idea was that cost would come down for everyone so the opposition could say we won't have to pay more. whatever slow downs in increases we have seen in recent years, studies have said that is the marg at work, it doesn't seem to be tracing to obama care and the provisions. >> thank you so much. how corrupt is politics in my glorious home commonwealth of pennsylvania. see if you can follow the latest sleaze, next. a flight to athens, georgia. with travelocity, there's no fee to cancel or rebook most flights
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we're back with our corruption alert. we have some sleaze. another politician's career is over. i'm going to explain it, but it is complicated. kathleen cane was forced to resign. she won her attorney general race in 2012 promising to look into whether the state slow walked the look into child molester jerry sandusky. kane said she squashed -- she suspected a political rival, frank fena for leaking the unflattering story. it lead to legislatures going to jail, but kane soon found out
1:59 pm
that he had also been using state computers, in his case, swapping pornographic e-mails with others. one was a supreme court justice. anyway, several others were ultimately forced to resign, but still seeking revenge, kane dispatched two aides to leak secret grand jury documents about him not prosecuting a case for a local civil rights leader. kane lied to the new grand jury about her involvement in that leak, kevin steele who won office last november by criticizing his predecessor for not pursuing charges against bill cosby. so winning charges against kathleen kane. revenge is a dish best served cold. now she will hikely get a number
2:00 pm
of cold maeals. make sure you follow me on facebook and twitter. that is it for "the lead" i now turn you over to not new grandpa wolf blitzer, who is still on grandpa leave. >> happening now, trump intel. donald trump will get his first classified intelligence briefing tomorrow and get access to top secret national security information for the first time. will details of the threats facing the u.s. impact his campaign. hearing what ailes him. roger ailes forced out in a sexual harassment scandal is helping donald trump prepare for the presidential debates. can he tame trump's wild style? taking notes, the fbi sends congress details from his interview with h