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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  August 16, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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of cold maeals. make sure you follow me on facebook and twitter. that is it for "the lead" i now turn you over to not new grandpa wolf blitzer, who is still on grandpa leave. >> happening now, trump intel. donald trump will get his first classified intelligence briefing tomorrow and get access to top secret national security information for the first time. will details of the threats facing the u.s. impact his campaign. hearing what ailes him. roger ailes forced out in a sexual harassment scandal is helping donald trump prepare for the presidential debates. can he tame trump's wild style? taking notes, the fbi sends congress details from his interview with hillary clinton about the private e-mail server
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she used as secretary of state and asked why the feds did not charge clinton with a crime. could that hurt her campaign? and deadly deluge. the death toll climbing as louisiana reels after two feet of rain. more than 20,000 people rescued, more than 40,000 damaged. will the crisis spread? you're in "the situation room." donald trump is just hours away from larning top secret details oaf the threats facing the country he hopes to lead. sources are telling cnn that the republican presidential nominee will receive his first classified sbjs national security briefing tomorrow, information that hillary clinton will also receive. this is designed to ease the
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transition from candidate to chief. roger ailes is now helping trump prepare for debates against clinton. ailes was forced to resign after alleges of actual harassment. the men are just long-time friends according to them. the house oversight kmooe has notes from the fbi about hillary clinton's investigation of her private e-mail server. along with a report why they did not recommend that clinton faced charges. the clinton campaign says it wants those notes made public. we're covering that and more this hour with our guests including shawn duffy, our expert analysts are also standing by. i want to start with jason carroll in west bend, wisconsin. jason, trump is holding a rally
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there tonight? >> he is, and this is located right in washington county, brianna. a conservative section of the state, and this is where donald trump really has to make an effort if he wants to win back voters. he intends to do that by taking the stage tonight to show he is the law enforcement candidate. >> donald trump back in wisconsin for the second time this month renewing a campaign theme. >> i am the law and order candidate. >> today, touring a memorial can veterans and members of law enforcement in milwaukee, which is still recovering from rioting. his campaign is betting he will make up ground in the badger state and there is a lot to make up. clinton at 52%, trump at 37%.
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continue, cnn learned trump will get his first classified intelligence briefing. it will cover the major threats and concerns facing the united states. trump delivering his major speech on monday. and it was not without controversy sdplp in addition to screening out all members of the sympathizers, we must screen out any who are hostile to our country or principals. >> clinton camp responding with a new web add today, along with a tweet "donald trump says he will have a new test for immigrants, a test he would fail." >> those that do not believe in our constitution, or who support bigotry and hatred will not be admitted. >> fact checkers again taking aim at his claim that he was
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against the iraq war. >> i was an opponent from the iraq war from the beginning. a major deference between me and my opponent. though i was a private citizen whose personal opinions on such matters were not sought, i none the less expressed my private doubts about the invasion. i was against it, believe me? >> in 2002, trump said this. >> are you for invading iraq? >> i guess so. i wish the first time it was done correctly. >> the trump campaign in need of serious life support, and in wisconsin, it is crucial. and with the first presidential debate just five weeks away, sources say roger ailes is now helping trump prepare for the upcoming presidential debates. he resigned last month after
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allegations surfaced that he sexually harassed female employees. this is not accurate, he is not advising mr. trump and has no formal or informal role in the campaign. >> governor scott walker, who was not present the last time trump had a event here is expected to be here tonight. maybe that is a sign some fences have been mended in some ways. many on the ground saying trump needs more of that if he hopes to overtake clinton here come november. . >> jason carroll, thank you. let's get more now on the trump campaign with cnn political reporter sarah murray.
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you have trump returning to the law and order theme. >> a senior aide says they want to continue hammering home this message tonight. they feel like it is donald trump's opportunity to go into the belly of the beast and talk about what he feels is the root causes of the protest. and trump wants to make it clear tonight he will use prepared remarks to do so that he is on the side of the police and we expect him to hit hillary clinton saying she is against the police. she has not been there on the side of law enforcement as all of this has been unfolding. when they look at the american electorate right now they feel like they have a upper hand, like voters are looking at unrest, and they're coming away with a general feeling of insocial security. and donald trump thinks that is something he can capitalize on. he thinks he can paint hillary
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clinton as a third term of barack obama. >> he also said yesterday that hillary clinton lacked the mental and physical stamina to fight isis. is that a line of attack that we will continue to hear from donald trump. >> trump is 70, hillary clinton is 68. this is one of the moments he went after not just her judgment, but also her physical -- whether she is physically fit to be commander in chief. they feel like she has not been as forceful in her leadership role, talking about the security issues as she needs to be. they feel like she look a lackadaisical approach. so it will be interesting to see whether or not he continues to hit her on the judgment side, or if he digs in on the notion that hillary clinton is not
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physically fit. >> let's get more on this with shawn duffy of wisconsin who is a supporter of donald trump. you heard that he will be receiving his first security briefing. how do you think this will affect him? >> i think you get a better picture of all of the problems we face in the world. instead of having him walk away from some law and order rhetoric, i think it makes him tougher. i think once he gets that briefing, i think it will confirm that the world is aplaz. that the clinton obama foreign policy strategy has been a disaster and we need strong leadership to address it. >> will we hear more details from him following this? >> i think what he has to do is
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be more scripted and on page instead of off page. and you know, i think the american people are frustrated with the lack of leadership that is coming from this administration and hillary clinton, especially when they see their own people get hacked and attacked. not just here in the u.s., but they want a leader that stands up and call it's for what it is. you might understand the nuances behind clothed doors, but let's bring this to the forefront because hillary clinton has not listen as strong on this issue. especially after the orlando shooters father came out to support her. >> we learned that roger ailes is now helping donald trump prepare for the upcoming
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debates. it is something he did before this scandal. they met at one of mr. trump's golf courses. considering those laegss, especially as trump struggles in the polls, is this a good idea? >> i don't the accuracy of the reporting, donald trump reported it. >> we know that he is. >> okay, then you're saying something i don't know. he is a smart guy, but i don't think mr. ailes, if that is happening with willll be hurtfu. if you want to play the woman card, the victim card, i think donald trump will always win because sthe does not come to the conversation with clean hands especially after attacking the women that were victims of
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bill clinton's sexual aggression. >> i don't dispute some of the characterizations we have seen of hillary clinton, but this ailes scandal, this is fresh, this is brand new, and he is really struggling. he is making inwards women. >> you make a good point. i i don't think an advisor, with the weight himself, how she has treated victims of sexual assault. women care about security and the economy, and they care about rhetoric and tone. i think mr. trump had a very aggressive tone on the stump and if he tones that down and makes women feel more comfortable, that will be the secret sauce of
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success. donald trump will win that fight with hillary clinton because she has a horrible record protecting women who have been abused by other men, especially her husband. >> i want to turn to your state, wisconsin, because donald trump is there. he will be campaigning there tonight. milwaukee, of course, facing riots this weekend over the recent officer involved shooting. the police say this was an armed black man. this is the most racially segregated majority between black and white residents. what is donald trump doing, what is he putting out there that would improve race relations? >> this is a huge issue beyond the president himself in the communities whether you're in baltimore or iraq. you have communities that have
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been disenfranchised. you have issues in the family structure that is broken down, and the cities that have these protests have been run since 1908, over 100 years, ran by democrats. i think we have to get to the basics of our social fabric. how do you get a get education to all of the kids in america. let's go to charter kpools that might give your kid an opportunity. >> why isn't he talking about that though, why isn't he talking to people? he is polling at 1% with black voters. you have a communication consultant to both mitt romney and john mccain saying you have to do the bare minimum and he is not doing ta. >> you make a good point, i will scream that from the rooftops. this is what they care about.
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hillary clinton sold out to the unions. he won't allow the kids to get out of that failing school and go to a charter school in is a republican issue that i think donald trump has to grab on to. it is an issue of opportunity. i agree with you, this is a winner and he should do more of it. every parent, i have eight kids, every parent wants the best for their children and you cannot accomplish the american dream unless you have a good education. and you can't have a government in these cities making it so untenable for businesses so stay and do business. they leave so there is no opportunity or education. so i think this is an issue he can grab on to and again attack hiskt and the connection between the democratic party and the unions that are not looking out for kids, but are looking out for union members themselves. >> stay with me, i have more
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we will see a new milestone in the race for the white house tomorrow. g.o.p. nominee donald trump will get his first top secret national security briefing providing him with classified details of threats facing the yies. we're back with shawn duffy of wisconsin. i want to ask you something coming out of the worton's
2:21 pm
school. this is where trump went for an under grad. they estimate that donald trump's plan to deport undocumented workers would result in four million jobs lost by 2030. what do you think of that first you have to know who is coming in and out of the country, but to think that we will arrest and deport everyone here, a lot of our cows will not get milked if you deport this labor. we have to go about making sure we secure our laws. and that we're getting the bad ones out, but the ones who are sucking off of the system and those committing crimes. those are the ones that we should go after to send up, and
2:22 pm
let those here without documentation stay here legally. >> so you're worried about how the deportations will affect you locally? it would take such an effort. get rid of those ones. i think they care about border security. they want to make sure we know who is coming in and scout of the country. you can be a terrorist, you can come aross legally a job not being filled by an an american system. we're talking 15 million people. not going to work.
2:23 pm
>> you last week told wolf blitzer on this show that you think donald trump should release his tax returns. do you think -- you said this, ores republicans said this, do you think he will do this? >>. >> i don't know, he says he is waiting for the irs audit to end, but i think this has as much resonance as is does with hillary clinton and her paid speeches. all of these are outside issues. how do you grow the economy? how do you get better paying jobs and how do you keep america safe and secure? i think transparenty is a good thing with regard to hillary clinton's e-mails or donald trump's taxes. let's let everyone see who the candidates are. we don't want to find out in
2:24 pm
march of next year information that we wish we would have known. that is not what we want to have happen for the american people. >> congressman shawn duffy, we always appreciate you being on. >> thank you, coming up, he was forced to resign after allegations of sexual harassment. now roger ailes is set to be helping trump pret for the debates. ♪ music for your retirement, you wanted to celebrate the little things, before they get too big.
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we are following important new developments in the presidential race. cnn learned that donald trump will receive his first
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classified intelligence briefing tomorrow. and fox news achieve, lodgroger ailes is helping trump prepare for his debates with hillary clinton. we have cnn chief political analyst gloria borger. so gloria, you have roger ailes helping donald trump. the campaign says he is not doing this formally or informally. multiple sources say it is going on. what is the campaign doing here just denying this is happening when we know it is happening. >> they understand there is a downside to having this sort of publicly known because of what happened with roger ailes. and they know they have a
2:30 pm
problem with women voters. putting that aside. this has to be a game changer. he helped ronald reagan at one point point. he understands hillary clinton's weaknesses. and he, i believe, could be very valuable to donald trump, and donald trump knows it, right? so they understand the bad pr, i get that, but this is so important to trump that you really can't overstate that. >> so from a purely political point of view, chris, this makes sense? >> he is making the determination that the news will pass and he can get the help that he needs. look at the poll numbers in these states, he needs a big
2:31 pm
number to turn it around. you can do it in so many ways. he needs all of the help he can get. >> he is struggling with women. he says i may be struggling with women, and we're not just talking independent or democratic, we're talking women who would normally go for the republican candidate. >> yes, it is a profound probably for donald trump at this point. it doesn't help that he is now publicly conferring with roger ailes who left under a sexual harassment cloud, but the problem that women have with donald trump right now is with his temperament and his rhetoric. these are two key factors for them and that is why you hear hillary clinton identifying these two problems with donald trump saying he doesn't have the pumperment to be president, and playing some of his greatest hits of controversial remarks in
2:32 pm
her advertisements. they think he is petty. that is one word used in a recent focus group. that he is insecure. immature, these are the sorts of things that women are saying about donald trump and the problem for him is he is not doing at this stage to assuage their concerns. if he can soften richard nixon, he can try to do that with donald trump. >> does he take advice from other people. the stakes could not be higher here. it might as well be someone he likes and has a long friendship with. >> he does talk a lot about poll numbers. i want to talk about this phenomenal numbers we are
2:33 pm
seeing. a growing number of people say i don't agree with him, i don't support him, but i'm going to vote for him. marco rubio says he is a con artist, still going to vote for him. kelly ayotte says she will not endorse him, but she will vote for him in november. you just don't see this happen, i wonder how do you think voters square these two ideas. >> voters are uncomfortable with these candidates on both sides. the favor ability numbers have never been lower, but i think they expect more from their elected lawmakers, their political courage here. we always have contentious primaries, right? people rcriticize the candidate
2:34 pm
saying they are unfit for office. people can see through politicians here and they are really struggling. >> what are they trying to do gloria? are they trying to say i'm uncomfortable with him, too. >> in some cases, they're trying to get through a republican primary, honestly. in marco rubio's case, he has a challenger. john mccain has a primary, but watching -- once they get through the primaries, it would not surprise me if you saw more saying i can't really do it. but to watch them twist themselves. the house speaker trying to walk a fine line. he says i think he was racist,
2:35 pm
but i'm going to vote for him. voters get mixed signals, i think they get it, but i think at a certain point, they might get tired of it. >> i want to ask you about something that we were thinking about today is that early voting begins in some states in six weeks. we think about the elections on november 8th. the election starts to ramp up right in six weeks. the trump campaign raised $80 million in july. so far he is not running any tv ads, that is odd. is he running out of time? >> absolutely, you hit on a perfect point that i don't think enough people are making at this stage. you will have optional early voting start at the beginning of october in ohio, a key battleground state that he has to win, and there are a few other examples of voting starting late september and
2:36 pm
early october. donald trump and his campaign have been framing the state of the race like they have all of the time in the world to start advertising, to get their ground game together, but the fact of the matter is they don't. so even if donald trump in one of these debates has a game changing moment, he doesn't have the organization in place to amplify that success. so he is not captaining a speedboat at this point. it is a warship and it takes time to turn. without these pieces in place, he is absolutely running out of time. >> stay with me because we have more ahead to talk about. rebecca, color ya, and chris. we'll talk about hillary clinton and some of the controversy she faces in her e-mail controversy. sleep cooler, wake more refreshed, discover the new tempur breeze. learn how you can change your sleep
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liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. just one of the many features that comes standard with our base policy. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. while hillary clinton campaigned in philadelphia this afternoon, notes were sent to congress about her use of a private e-mail server while secretary of state. the thing about this information is it a classified secret, but hillary clinton's campaign is saying they want it all out in the public. >> that's exactly right. the constant trickling out of this information leaked by those
2:42 pm
privy to it, it can be cherry picked to do maximum damage to clinton. >> her e-mail controversy once again back in the spotlight today, the fbi sending the classified investigative report of her e-mail server including reports of the three-hour interview. explaining why she was not charged in the investigation. l lawmakers were able allowed to see it in a secure room. clinton saying we would rather have it released publicly versus piecemeal by people with agendas. >> she appeared hire today to
2:43 pm
pump up voter ridge station and a voter turnout. she is courting african-americans. >> don't be complacent, my friends. even though we're doing fine right now, i'm not taking anybody, any where, for granted. >> monday clinton was in scranton with president obama joe biden trying to appeal who white working class voters that have not embraced her. >> i always remember i'm the daughter of a factory work and a small business owner and i'm so proud of it. >> her team is confident that pennsylvania is winnable. her current lead so commanding super pac priorities usa is pulling their own tv ads from the state in early september along with two other key states, colorado and virginia. . the strategy to spend the money elsewhere where resources are more needed. a new poll showing growing
2:44 pm
momentum for clinton out of virginia. this, in a state that -- >> hello, virginia! only eight years ago then senator obama flipped from red to blue for the first time since 1964. the clinton camp is already thinking beyond november. clinton named her transition team for pivoting into the white house. the first, ken salazar. >> in an effort to keep the notes from doing potential damage, they released a sharper statement tonight saying this is an extraordinarily rare step sought solely by republicans for the purposes of further second guessing the career professionals at the fbi. we believe if the materials are shared outside of the justice department, they should be released widely so the public can see them for themselves rather than allow republicans to
2:45 pm
mischaracterize them. suzanne, thank you for that report. let's bring back now our political experts to talk about this. the concern of the campaign, gloria, is that the information will be leaked by republicans, and we would be extremely surprised if it wasn't. that is how things work. even if it was classified which begs if they're upset with her, criticizing her for a mishandling of classified information, how do they make the point by mishandling information. >> that is a really good question. and you know, they have to go somewhere and read this and take out documents, but they are reading it. one way or another, it gets into the ether, we will see. this is not great for hillary clinton because every day we spend talking about e-mails is
2:46 pm
not good for her. >> is that what they're deciding then? >> i think just by making the request, right? by putting it out there, making the case that maybe comey didn't do the right thing and the clinton campaign is pushing back against this, now it is a topic of conversation again. another way to get it into the main stream. they're saying don't sectively leak this. declassify it, put it out there and we will be fine it w it. >> i would be fine with it. i would love to read that. take a listen to what governor hassey says, she is running against kelly ayotte.
2:47 pm
>> do you think she is honest and truthworthy? >> i spot her because her experience and record demonstrate she is qualified to hold the job. >> is she honest? >> she has a critical plan for others making college more affordable? >> but do you think she is trustworthy? >> i think she has committed always to something beyond herself, bigger than herself. >> that is not a yes. >> someone has been practicing their talking points a lot. and he was asking a very direct question. it was not a trick question. very area. maybe she was just doing her best to stay on the talking points, but it could speak to the unease that people have with these candidates. this exists and it is shown in the polling with the unfavorables for the democratic candidate. >> and hr campaign kind of tried
2:48 pm
to fix this, but it doesn't look good for party unity with hillary clinton. >> no, not at all. a and the honest and trust worthy metric has been the hardest for hillary clinton. it is hurting her on this metric with people. what makes this tougher for hillary clinton is that we're not just talking about the impression she made in the short space of this campaign, we're talking about the decades of public life. >> and it is a really interesting race happening in nachz, a micro causism of donald trump versus hillary clinton even though she is not on the ticket. >> and some of the independent voters don't think that hillary clinton is honest and truth worthy. >> the voters in new hampshire are not registered with're p ei
2:49 pm
party. >> and voters have other choices besides donald trump and hillary clinton. who knows, maybe in new hampshire they will take advantage of that. learn more about the green party candidates in a live cnn town hall event. that is tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. eastern. coming up, we will take you to louisiana where at least 40,000 homes have been affected by devastating floods. we'll give you the latest. who use their expertise to keep those businesses covered. and here's to the heroes behind the heroes behind the heroes, who brought us delicious gyros. actually, the gyro hero owns vero's gyros, so he should have been with those first heroes. ha ha! that's better. so, to recap -- small business owners are heroes, and our heroes help heroes be heroes when they're not eating gyros delivered by -- ah, you know what i mean.
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news in louisiana. the death toll continues to climb amid historic flooding that has left thousands of homes
2:54 pm
uninhabitable. at least nine people found dead. jennifer gray is east of the city and officials there are still in this search and rescue mode. >> they are in a search and rescue mode. they'll have to go door to door because the water got so high in this area. this is the water line. you can see it in the tree. about 12 feet high. a lot of homes in this neighborhood had 16 inches of water at least in their second story. and once the water recedes, look down on the ground. this is what is left inside their home. this disgusting mud. so they have a lot of clean-up ahead. we have drone footage as well that will show the scope of this devastation. and water is still inside a lot of people's homes. in fact, there are neighborhoods across south louisiana that you can't even get into because there is so much water. in fact, a lot of destruction on
2:55 pm
every turn. you can see all of this debris that is littering. that water just came in as residents described it as a tidal wave. once that water started to go down, you can see all along here, all the fences down and the debris that was inside people's homes and garages now littering the streets. a lot of things you can't even recognize. the other problem is we have about 75% of all of the homes and businesses in livingston parrish that took on water. when you add insult to injury, think about 1,500 flood insurance policies. people have a lot of home and a lot of clean-up. >> not many policies at all. thank you so much for the report. coming up, donald trump is getting ready to speak at a rally in wisconsin but it wouldn't be his usual stump
2:56 pm
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secret briefing. donald trump is about to get moved if on classified intelligence for the first time. his opponents argued he cannot be trusted with america's security. advising trump. sources say ousted boss roger ales. can he help? notes on clinton. in a rare move the fbi gives congress new information about an interview with the democratic presidential nominee and the investigation of her e-mails. will that ramp up or tamp down the controversy? and launched from iran.
3:01 pm
russia gets a new base for its air campaign in syria, raising red flags in the u.s. about moscow's targets and its military cooperation with tehran. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. wolf blitzer is off. this is "the situation room." donald trump is in wisconsin toward argue that he is on the side of police and law and order that hillary clinton isn't. trump making the case near milwaukee where a fatal shooting by a police officer triggered protests and violence over the weekend. it is part of trump's latest attempt at a reset. the sharpened focus on fighting crime and terrorism. this is the republican presidential nominee is just hours away from learning some of america's national security secrets. sources say trump will get his first classified intelligence briefing tomorrow. also tonight, congress has new information with the fbi's investigation into hillary
3:02 pm
clinton's e-mails. as the controversy continues to hang over her and her campaign. the bureau handed over notes on its interview with clinton in a report explaining, as well as a report explaining why no charges were recommended. i will talk about these developments and more with a trump supporter and former navy seal. and our correspondents and analysts are also standing by with full coverage of the top stories. first, to sarah murray. she has more on the trump campaign. >> tonight trump campaign sort of feels like they're going into the belly of the beast. going into milwaukee, into the suburbs. where trump will make the case that he is the candidate who is on the side of law enforcement. that hillary clinton is not. he is expected to talk about the root causes behind the riots with conflicts and police and citizens in their own communities. overall, he wants to lead
3:03 pm
voters. if you're a security voter you should be with trump. >> donald trump is hitting the trail in wisconsin today. hammering home his claim that he is the top choice for voters looking for law and order. >> we have to obey the laws or we don't have a country. we have a case where good people are out there trying to get people to sort of calm down and they're not calming down. and we have police doing a phenomenal job. >> trump touring a memorial with veterans and members of law enforcement in milwaukee. a city recovering from clashes after police shot and killed an armed man over the weekend. his security oriented visit coming just a day after trump delivered a foreign policy speech heyden promises to defeat isis. >> my administration will aggressively pursue joint and coalition military operations to crush and destroy isis. >> but sparse on the details of how trump would accomplish that aim as president. as the gop nominee looks to bolster his foreign policy credentials, sources tell cnn
3:04 pm
trump will receive his first classified intelligence briefing wednesday in new york. it already causing heartburn among some officers hery of bringing him in on sensitive information and it comes days after he reiterated his call for communicating with russia regarding isis. one of the aides seizing on news that russia sent war planes as positive sign. trump's social media tweeted, another trump idea becoming reality? trump has faced blowback throughout his campaign for his calls to partner with russia and his praise of vladimir putin. the trump campaign blasting out a statement for highlighting ties to russia and claiming she
3:05 pm
and her allies sold out american interests to putin. the fiery attacks sure to play out further on the debate scene. an area where ousted fox news chief roger ales may be lending a hand. he's been in talks over campaign matters. but they are denying it. saying they are long time friends but he has no formal or informal role in the campaign. >> now we're expecting trump to speak in a couple of hours outside milwaukee. one of the lines of attack, questioning her strength and stamina. he also brought that up yesterday. but it will be interesting to see how closely he sticks to the questions about her judgment versus how far sbeegs questioning whether she is physically fit to be president. >> we'll see if he has the discipline that so many republicans want him to have. thank you for that report.
3:06 pm
let's go to wisconsin where trump supporters are waiting to hear from him. you have donald trump visiting wisconsin. do you think he will address that tonight? >> he will definitely address it in some way tonight. and the question is, will in some way try to reach out to the african-american community here? i think there's been criticism that he has not done enough to reach out to african-americans and latinos. although when you come to a number of his rallies, he says repeated reply latinos love him. polls show otherwise. what he probably in all likelihood do is play to his strengths. his strengths happen to deal with the law enforcement community regardless of what color that they may be. he will play to that strength when he takes stage in west bends. dole in some ways what we heard
3:07 pm
after that terrible, terrible crime in dallas when he stood up and spoke about the need to be the law and order candidate. the need for people to be in their homes and feel safe again. whether it be from a shooting down the street or in the form of terrorism. so he will perhaps do that again tonight. conversely, he will also show that hillary clinton is not pro cop. that she is weak on crime. weak on terrorism. these things that are sure to play well here in west bend. >> jason carroll there for us in wisconsin. i want to bring in a donald trump supporter now. i'm fwaug former navy s.e.a.l. carl higby joining us in the situation room. that donald trump is getting his first classified briefing tomorrow in new york. as a s.e.a.l., you've been privilegy to classified information. i'm sure that having more information influences how you
3:08 pm
see things. how do you think these briefings will influence his policies? >> well, i think, donald trump does have an understanding of what is going on now. these classified briefing there's better help him understand how to target targets of isis. not just iraq and iran but in northern africa which is largely unreported and not in the media. i think when he receives his briefing, he will have an eye opening experience and he is the guy i trust to react positively to it. >> you think if he is getting more information, certainly he is not supposed to or allowed to disclose this information. but you think that it will inform his proposals? maybe where he will add some details? >> i think he'll add some details. but unlike hillary clinton, donald trump doesn't want to broadcast our plans to the enemy. hillary clinton is happy to commit right off the bat, no
3:09 pm
troops on the ground. donald trump doesn't want to tell our enemies. >> there are troops on the ground, right? >> right. >> they're not conventional forces. >> well, there are a few thousand troops on the ground now but they're mostly in advise and assist roles. they're not the ones kicking in doors like we were in the battle of fallujah and that's what you need do this. the local troops are not intelligent enough because they're not backed by adequate intelligence and they don't have the funding on resources to go out and prosecute them. isis tones majority of the revenue stream and the oil fields. >> we have seen one special forces member who was killed over there. i don't want to dominion he shall his sacrifice. i do want to talk about this plan that donald trump has laid out. it calls for extreme vetting to make sure immigrants share our values and respect our people.
3:10 pm
how do you screen for that? >> the problem is you have two different sets of screening. you have screening for the interpreters, we have those like johnny walk here served the s.e.a.l.s for six years who spent years and years trying to get citizenship. if you're a refugee, they're just sitting you somewhere in america and letting the hand cuffs off. that means look at their social media. anybody they've associated with on social media. anybody they've had any dealings with in any way, shape or form. if you're coming from a country where we can't vet you, you might not be eligible to come to this country. we don't want to have people in this country that we've accepted under that program, being able to spew anti-america rhetoric. donald trump will reserve the opportunity to send them back. >> he makes it sound like, even what you said there, the door is open and people are just allowed to come through.
3:11 pm
there is a process. i mean, you have for refugees, they go to the u.n. high commission. they're identified. and then if they're matched in the u.s., because many are matched to other nations, they go you this the national counter terrorism center, the fbi screening center, the department defense the department of homeland security. they're individually interviewed by u.s. officials ask then they have an additional screening after that. what i am concerned about, what else is add? i'm not hearing the details on that. what more can be done besides these steps? >> well, i'm not officially with the campaign so a lot of these people are coming from third world xris don't have any paperwork. the key part of donald trump's proposal is that if you come
3:12 pm
here and you're supporting someone on social media that is not conducive to the american way, we can send you back. that's a key part of the plan. as well as using things like social media. just google somebody. we haven't done that on a bunch of these guys. would you find stuff if you did. >> i wonder what you think, many of these terror attacks. there is the fear that someone will come in. from overseas. from a terrorist stronghold and carry out an attack. so many people we've seen do this on u.s. soil since 9/11. they're americans. you look atted in ed in nadal h. u.s. citizen. the san bernardino shooting. orlando nightclub shooting. omar mateen. u.s. citizen born in the u.s. how would donald trump's plan have thwarted any of these attacks that are really the
3:13 pm
fakes i thithe attacks that have scared people so much. >> our law enforcement hands are tied because they're so worried about being accused of profiling or being racist that they're not effectively able to prosecute this. we're protected by constitutional rights in america but that doesn't mean you can spew murderous hate on the internet. a lot of these terrorists had been questioned and there was a lot of info after they committed their crimes to say, hey, these were bad dudes. why were not they watched closely enough? >> none of these happened, these were u.s. citizens. in terms of the screening, this is not something that would have prevented this. you need another solution. another proposal from donald trump. >> we have many more -- >> absolutely. i'll let you have the word on that. >> i'm saying you're absolutely right. that's a difficult thing to thread the needle.
3:14 pm
you have to give them the constitutional rights. but i think we need to keep a closer eye on these folks. he? we want to know what is being proposed. stay with me because i have more with you. trump supporter, former navy s.e.a.l. spent time in iraq. we'll be back with you in a moment. ♪ ♪ only those who dare drive the world forward. introducing the first-ever cadillac ct6. the first paint that kills bacteria.
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abdbloating?in? you may have ibs. ask your doctor if non-prescription ibgard is right for you. ibgard calms the angry gut. available at cvs, walgreens and rite aid. so donald trump is about to get a small taste of commander in chief. tomorrow is his first briefing as presidential nominee. it is a really big deal. we're back with a trump supporter and former s.e.a.l., carl higbie.
3:19 pm
i want to ask but something that donald trump's former campaign chairman said. i know you're not with the campaign but you support the campaign. i think as former navy s.e.a.l. swurng who put your life on the line. you might have a thought about what he said. he commented on the feud between donald trump and the kahn family. i think you might have been there around the same time. and i want to you listen to what he said. >> i don't care if as he gold star parent. he certainly doesn't deserve that title. if he is anti-american as he's illustrated in his speeches and in his discussion, i mean, if he is a member of the muslim brotherhood or supporting an isis type of attitude against america, there is no reason for donald trump to have to honor this man. >> now, he is not part of muslim brotherhood. and i don't think that we've
3:20 pm
seen anything that shows he supports the isis type of attitude. from your perspective as a former navy s.e.a.l. who put your life on the line just as khan did, do you think mr. trump should be standing by the comments? >> i would fire a shot across the bow and said mr. khan, i pretty your son address service and left it at that and thanked him for his service. i think this is the only network still covering that issue because of the negative on trump. i don't think this is something that needs to be brought back up. i think both sides took their licks for it. >> i don't think we're the only network who is covering it and i hear you saying you should move on. this idea of someone insulting a gold star family. you say that should be off the
3:21 pm
table. this is his campaign co-chairman in new york. don't stand up there and spend expect trump not to comment. >> thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> on the ground, we're seeing how dwop candidates are struggling to deal with their controversial nominee. and then russia's new base for launching air strikes in syria. why is iran cooperating with moscow? i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message.
3:22 pm
michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs] won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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republicans are watching donald trump sliding in the polls ask they're growing worried that he is dragging down other dwop candidates. they're now rampg up their fight maintain the senate even if they lose the white house. the cnn reporter joins us live now. you're in a state where this trump factor is really weighing heavily on a republican senator. >> yeah. that's right. senate majority, mitch mcconnell has raised so many kernels calling the prospects of keeping the senate increasingly perilous, dicey.
3:27 pm
one reason why is donald trump's standing evaporating in key swing states including this one in new hampshire. >> donald trump putting senate gop candidates in a bind. nervous about his inflammatory rhetoric and declining poll numbers, republicans still need his core supporters to help keep their narrow senate majority. in new hampshire, republican kelly ayotte is keeping her distance from trump even though he won her state's primary by nearly 20 points. >> you're saying you support donald trump but you do not endorse him. >> i've said that i will be voting for him. but i do have significant disagreements with him which i've been very cheer on him so i won't be endorsing him. >> what is the difference? >> there is a big distinction. everyone gets a vote. i do, too. but an endorsement is one where i'm out campaigning with someone. so while he has my vote, he doesn't have my endorsement and
3:28 pm
i'll continue to focus on really my race. >> is there anything that co-do to force you to not vote for him? >> well, like anyone. i think you constantly re-evaluate. so i can say that for any position. the selection in november. so of course. >> other gop people are running away. >> i'm going to see how this plays out and see if donald trump can earn the support of republicans like me. >> others are more willing to embrace trump because they believe he can turn out the vote. like rob portman of ohio and richard byrd. and in florida, marco rubio who ones called trump a conartist told the "miami herald" that he stands by those remarks but he still backs him. >> i don't want hillary to win. >> reporter: in new hampshire,
3:29 pm
ayotte is trying to campaign. one poll has him down 15 points. >> whoever is in that corner office. my own party or the opposite party, if they're doing something that i don't agree with, that i don't think is right for new hampshire, i'll stand up to them. i have a history of that. i'll work with anyone. >> get gop believes that hillary clinton's own liabilities will hurt democrat opponents like maggie. >> do you think that she's honest and trust worthy? >> i support hillary clinton for the presidency because her experience and her record demonstrate that she is qualified to hold the job. >> do you think she's honest? >> she has a critical, critical plan among others for making college more aaffordable. >> do you think she's trust worthy? >> i think that she has demonstrate a commitment always to something beyond herself. bigger than herself.
3:30 pm
>> now immediately after that interview? movie maggie's campaign said yes, she does believe that secretary clinton is honest and trust worthy and when i talked to kelly ayotte, i asked her twice. does she believe that trump can be trusted with his hand on the nuclear codes? she would not answer that question either. really just shows how these would unpopular presidential candidates are weighing down senate candidates in key races. >> that is a fascinating race that you are covering in new hampshire. thank you so much. let's bring in our political team to discuss this. we have daily beast political reporter, cnn chief analyst, gloria borger and "washington post" assistant editor, we know what the cnn reporter -- i'm almost speechless. this is so bizarre. you have the republicans, the democrats too, and they're trying to distance themselves from their candidate.
3:31 pm
marco rubio who says he doesn't regret calling donald trump a conman. yet he is going to vote for donald trump. kelly ayotte. you heard. she is not endorsing him but she is requestigoing to vote for hi. how do voters square this? >> i think voters are smart. they understand what's going. on these are candidates that don't personally like donald trump very much. but they're either a republican, they're rubbles and they have to figure out what to do. maggie hasan is a bit of a different case there. maybe she is looking at independent voters which is are the majority of the voters there. which leaves her nervous about hillary clinton's numbers on the issue of trust. i think people see right through it. in florida if you look at the polls. rio rubio is doing really well and donald trump is not. so he is not going to tie himself to donald trump.
3:32 pm
and he just ran a presidential campaign in which he called him a conman. it is not like you can take it back and it is working for donald trump in florida so he will keep doing it. >> in some ways, it seems to prove donald trump's point. that politicians are just in it for themselves. >> they're trying to figure it out for themselves. >> how do you say yes and no at the same time? >> all my children could do that when they were 3. >> for someone who is a veteran legislator like mccain, he has to get through this cycle and another cycle. if you have ambitions like senator ayotte, this won't reflect well on them down the road if they run for office down the road. >> it is not smoeg back bone of steel. which we hear so often. i want to you listen to this.
3:33 pm
early voting starts in six weeks. we think about it starting november 8. is donald trump going to change tactics? listen to what he said about that. >> i am who i am. it is me. everyone talks about, are you going to pivot? i don't want to pivot. you have to be you. if you start pivoting, you're not being honest with people. i've heard this over the years. with politics, with general politics. also having to do with me. no. i am who i am. i've gotten here in a land slide and we'll see what happens. >> is he saying i'm not pitting because he doesn't want to seem like a politician? or does he really mean i'm not pivoting even though i have all these republican advisers telling me to pivot? >> i think there is a realization among his advisers
3:34 pm
that you get get him to stick to his message. it we're now in a two-day stretch. donald trump has not spoken aye. this is a message of anti-terrorism, security, ant-violence. it makes wonder if he'll be able to carry that on. but look, changing donald trump is like trying on change any 70-year-old man. he is very set in his ways. he feels like voters like the way he talks about the issues and he has that kind of indication in the primaries and he feels like that's the key to his successful just because he brought on a number of these advisers who might be saying, we want to you talk about this from a teleprompter. he might do a fraction of it. with you the notion that you can change him overnight, they look at it as a pipe dream.
3:35 pm
>> so he personally struggles with this. wouldn't he have the latitude to do that? his supporters aren't going anywhere. they're for him. he said i can do whatever i want to do. he is more visual terms. >> i think that's possible. but i think when people say that they will support him no matter what. that's when we're in the context of him just being himself and saying outrageous things. i don't think his supporters think it is within the possibility that he would pivot to the center and trying act more like mitt romney. >> and they don't want him to tone it down. >> when you're on the ground at his rallies, you talk to supporters like i have. >> part of the problem these members of congress have that we
3:36 pm
were looking at in the piece before, i think after trump got the nomination or was well on his way to getting the nomination, they were told by trump advisers that trump was going to pivot. and they feel, oh-oh, we're out there. we thought he was going on pivot. and guess what? he is not going to pivot. he is who he is. as he says. so there is a little sense of betrayal there. >> one thing that i thought was interesting about trump talking about not wanting to pivot was this idea, he won in a land slide which did he in the primaries. and he probably still sees his crowds. he still sees the media attention he is getting. as a first time candidate it might be hard to get his mind around to think that he will get 50 million or more votes in this election but he'll need 60 million or more to get the election. so a land slide, adding to your coalition. not just your base. >> i think in material of the
3:37 pm
olympics. maybe you're good at the vault. if you want to be the all around champion, you have to be good at everything. i wonder what you think about we have early voting just six weeks away. he has raised money. why isn't he spending it? shouldn't he be out there with ads? >> the clinton campaign and others are buying up the ad time. there is a finite amount of ad time. the sooner they buy them, the cheaper the ads. >> i think they'll start after labor day. the clinton campaign has withdrawn some ads in some states. and they bought it cheaper. now if you buy the ads, it is more expensive. but i think after labor day, i am presuming, and sarah can talk
3:38 pm
on this. i'm presuming this is when you see more trump ads on the air. ten swing states have early voting. >> we have seen trump come out and say, it is a little early to be putting money on the airwaves. for a guy who didn't put a lot of stock in the ground game. he doesn't seem to put a whole lot of stock in turn out the vote efforts, what they're doing with their money. waiting to do a massive ad after labor day. we know they're doing stuff on the digital side. they feel they can do better targeting there. at a certain opponent, if you're sitting on millions of dollars in cash that's not donald trump's own money. >> stick around. hillary's e-mails and more. we'll be right back.
3:39 pm
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we're back with a political team and a new chapter in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. the fbi senting notes on its clinton interview. this as clinton makes gains in crucial battle ground states and tries to but the momentum on them. joe johns, what's the latest?
3:44 pm
>> reporter: with that new chapter potentially unfolding, the hillary clinton campaign continued to plug away for the second straight day. right here in the state of pennsylvania. even though polls show she has a healthy lead. though the campaign is just a little bit concerned about the number of registered voters in the state. to that end, hillary clinton trying to drum up new voters here in west philadelphia today. hillary clinton campaigning today at a philadelphia voter registration event. >> when donald trump speaks, he speaks about fear. he speaks about such negativity and such pessimism. >> but her e-mail controversy still casting a shadow over her campaign. >> the fbi releasing a new report to congress. detailing why it recommended no charges be filed against the former secretary of state over her use of a private e-mail server. the report includes notes taken by the fbi during witness
3:45 pm
interviews. the report is classified but it does keep the controversy alive for clinton. while offering trump another talking point against her. >> hillary clinton lacks the judgment, as said by bernie sanders, stability, and temperament, and the moral character to lead our nation. >> the cleanse campaign saying they prefer it being released publicly rather than by someone politically motivated against clinton. meanwhile, she is polling very well in key battle ground states like virginia. a new "washington post" poll finds her ahead by 8 points there. 51-43. sclib doing so well, her super pac priorities is pulling ads in virginia along with crucial states, colorado and pennsylvania, for much of september. >> priorities usa action is responsible for the advertising. >> the group telling cnn the early success in those states
3:46 pm
means they can focus their attention and wash in states where it is more needed. in philadelphia she was working hard to turn out mampb voters in record numbers. >> we want you all to register to vote. we have places to register because we don't want you on the side lines come november. >> clinton courting the black vote a day after vying for white working class voters alongside joe biden in skranlon, pennsylvania, trying to hold on to the battle ground sfat has gone to democrats in every presidential election sense bill clinton won in it 1992. >> friends should not let friends vote for trump. >> and the clinton campaign is already putting together its transition team of announcing the former colorado senator and interior secretary ken salazar will lead it. >> tonight clinton campaign also put out a written statement on the latest development in the
3:47 pm
e-mail controversy. it reads this is an extraordinarily rare step that was sought solely by republicans for the purposes of second-guessing the career professionals at the fbi. we believe that if these materials are going to be shared zwrouts justice department, they should be released widely so that the public can see them for themselves rather than allow republicans to mischaracterize them through selective partisan leaks. hillary clinton going to another battle ground state tomorrow, ohio. >> they certainly don't want to keep talking about the e-mails. this is a facebook post donald trump put on his facebook page. he says this is my pledge to the american people. i will fight ensure that every american is treated equally, protect equally and honored
3:48 pm
equally. we will reject bigotry and hatred and oppression in all its forms ask seek a new future built on our common culture and values as one american people. this is someone who has not taken back his comments about judge cureiel who has said he is american, not mexican american. the muslim ban. still part of his proposals. and he, when you're talking about people being honored equally, he attacked the mother of a u.s. soldier who died for his country. why now? how does this square with the person we have seen present himself in a very different way? >> when he joined the race and talked about mexicans being criminals and rapists crossing the bored he. it was like when the rnc announced they would do social media outreach the hispanic voters. it makes you say, i don't think
3:49 pm
that will do it. i don't think that a facebook post from trump saying he rejects bigotry and hatred will make the scores of voters that we've seen, whether it is women, hispanic voters. i don't think a facebook post will move them. they are looking for a change in his tone, his policies. they are looking for apologies in moments where they believe he attacks people unfairly and that's just not how donald trump campaigns. we just played the clip of him saying he won't change. he won't pivot. >> i think people are going to question his sincerity. >> it brings me back to a speech. the law and order speech that he made back in mid july. we were talking about castillo. and trump gave that law and order speech. that was the headline. he said everyone in his administration, everyone will be protected and treated justly without prejudice. kind of a bridge building
3:50 pm
comment. the problem sow what sarah is saying with the way trump has presented this. every time he makes bridge building comment, he doesn't sustain it and emphasize it. so any opportunity he has to sort of bridge this trust deficit that he has with communities of color evaporates until he makes another statement like the facebook post. >> this gets to the fundamental problem with the trump campaign. that he lacked self-awareness. he doesn't know if getting to trump time and he needs on work harder to get people to get out and vote. he doesn't know that tights late to a lot of his comments have been perceived as big on theed and that's why he says things like this without realizing how hypocritical it seems. >> we were looking at polling earlier in my office, and i think trump is now at 1% with african-americans. >> the margin off error is minu three -- >> trump understands that he has
3:51 pm
a huge deficit here. >> yeah. he understands that he's turned off a lot of women and he's turned off a lot of republican women as a result of his language, and i think this is trying to right the ship. the question is it's one thing to do it on your facebook post. it's one thing to do it in an ad. it's another thing to do it day in and day out on the campaign trail, staying on a message and hitting that home and we have to see if he can do that. >> that's a really good -- >> i think the problem with trump at this point in the game is that everyone knows who he is. everyone knows who his values are and everyone knows what his beliefs are and it seems impossible at this point that he can change the perception. >> the cake has been baked. >> sarah murray, thank you much to all of you and of course, donald trump and hillary clinton, they aren't the only options for voters, right? you can learn more about the green party presidential and vice presidential candidates and we will have them here during a
3:52 pm
live cnn town hall event and check them out at cnn. we are waiting to hear about donald trump at a rally in wisconsin and we're hearing tonight's speech may be somewhat different. plus russia and iran teaming up for a first of its kind mission? we'll have new details. i draw my notes in class. the pen makes it so much easier. i used to be a mac user. but this is way better. hhis stellar notebooks will last through june. get back to great. this week sharpie twelve-packs just three dollars. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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russia and iran that is causing concern here in the united states. moscow using iranian bases for the first time to launch air strikes in syria. let's bring in our pentagon correspondent barbara starr. what are you learning about this, barbara? >> good evening, briana.
3:57 pm
it is a russian show of force that washington is not happy about. russia says its long-range bombers like these carried out air strikes against isis after taking off for the first time from a base in northwest iran. russian aircraft according to the u.s. struck in aleppo and idlib and da irezor. moscow insisted it is going after isis. the u.s. disagrees. >> we have not struck targets in aleppo in a very long time. we have not struck targets in a very long time if at all and we don't see concentrations of icis in those areas. >> secretary of state john kerry called his russian counterpart with concern. >> publicly, russia wants the u.s. to join operations especially near aleppo where tens of thousands of civilians
3:58 pm
are trapped. the russian defense minister says moscow is in very active negotiations with the u.s. >> that's his messaging on what he wants to happen to gain an upper hand as russia does in these negotiations. >> reporter: the u.s. is continuing to pursue an agreement, but the u.s. military has been skeptical of any deal with the russians because of the continued bombing of civilians in anti-assad rebel groups rather than isis targets. the u.s. believes moscow is still aiming at bolstering the syrian leader bashar al arc sad. >> we are nowhere close to reaching a final agreement while they continue to bomb civilian facilities especially hospitals which they have done within the last couple of weeks. >> if the russians hope to unnerve the u.s. by using an iranian air base to show more
3:59 pm
cooperation with tehran, u.s. officials say it did not work. cnn has learned u.s. intelligence assets including aircraft like these a wacs were able to trap the russian military as it landed in iran and throughout its bombing attacks inside syria. what will happen next, you know, it's not at all clear that the russians are going to change their mind. these iranian bases give them the ability to be that much closer to their syrian target, that much closer to killing more syrian civilians, briana. >> barbara starr, thank you for that report. the navy is honoring harvey milk naming a new ship at aer is money they just wrapped up in san francisco. milk was a navy officer that served during the korean war and he went on to become the most openly gay elected official when he won on the board of supervisors in 1977. milk was assassinated less than
4:00 pm
a year later along with mayor george moscone. i am brianna keilar, thank you very much for watching. erin burnett starts right now. "out front" next, breaking news, donald trump says he won't pivot as he faces more bad news in wisconsin tonight. we will bring that to you live. the fbi releasing new details about an interview between hillary clinton and federal agents. the clinton campaign's response tonight. plus was this a hate rhyme? a man allegedly shoots and kills his neighbor after calling him a dirty arab. let's go "out front." and good evening. i'm erin burnett. out front tonight, the breaking news, donald trump in a defiant interview telling critics i am who i am, i don't want to change. donaru


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