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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  August 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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a year later along with mayor george moscone. i am brianna keilar, thank you very much for watching. erin burnett starts right now. "out front" next, breaking news, donald trump says he won't pivot as he faces more bad news in wisconsin tonight. we will bring that to you live. the fbi releasing new details about an interview between hillary clinton and federal agents. the clinton campaign's response tonight. plus was this a hate rhyme? a man allegedly shoots and kills his neighbor after calling him a dirty arab. let's go "out front." and good evening. i'm erin burnett. out front tonight, the breaking news, donald trump in a defiant interview telling critics i am who i am, i don't want to change. donald trump speaking live and about to rally supporters in
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wisconsin, a crucial swing state for trump. he's trailing hillary clinton there by 15 points in the latest cnn poll. now he says he's not going to pivot this is a day after "the wall street journal" called for trump to essentially pivot, be more presidential or turn the race over to mike pence. here is trump's response moments ago. >> you know, i am who i am. it's me. i don't want to change. everyone talks about oh, well, you're going to pifr on the. you have to be you, if you start to pivot you're not being honest with people. >> this pledge, quote, this is my pledge to the american people. as your president i will be your greatest champion. i will fight to ensure that every american is treated equally, protected equally and we will reject bigotry and hatred in all its forms and seek a new future built on our common culture and values as one american people. >> tonight's rally is a crucial one for trump and it comes after
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a speech on foreign policy and show case a candidate focused on the issues after a week filled with controversy. the latest poll, two battleground states slowing an eight-point lead in virginia and a nine-point lead in florida where most polls have shown the two neck and neck for months. >> trump will be appearing with scott walker tonight and i will be interviewing governor walker coming up in just a few moments out front, and i have my panel out front tonight and we begin with jason carroll out in west bend, wisconsin. jason, this will be a crucial rally, a crucial state and bad polls and a big statement from donald trump tonight. he will not pivot. >> reporter: right. he says he will not pivot, but when you read into that statement it does seem like a different side of donald trump in some ways. so i think many people will look at that statement, erin, and say this was in some ways a pivot. in terms of what we plan to hear
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later on here tonight. i think in terms of what donald trump said in an interview earlier today may give us more insight in terms of what we're going to hear. the reporter asked him how would you fix a community like milwaukee that is dealing with so much unrest and he said two things, bring in economic development and once again, you have to have someone in there who can bring law and order. donald trump back in wisconsin for the second time this month to again emphasize his belief that he is the law and order candidate. >> today, touring, a memorial with veterans and members of law enforcement in milwaukee. a city still recovering from rioting which erupted after a police-involved shooting this weekend. his campaign saying he will make up ground in the badger state. a poll just last week shows trump trailing hillary clinton by 15 points. clinton at 52%, trump at 37.
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cnn has learned trump will receive his first classified intelligence briefing wednesday in new york. it will cover major threats and concerns facing the united states. tonight, trump is expected to tai say clinton lacks the strength and stamina to lead the fight on terrorism continuing his line of attack from his national security speech monday. today, the clinton campaign releasing a video criticizing trump's proposal to have extreme vetting of people coming to the country along with the tweet, donald trump says he'll create a new test for immigrants, a test he'd fail. >> those who do not believe in our constitution or who support bigotry or hatred will not be admitted. >> the trump campaign has been in need of serious life support and wisconsin, a state he lost in the primary to senator ted cruz is crucial and with the first presidential debate just five weeks away, sources tell cnn out offed fox news chairman
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roger ailes is helping trump to prepare for the upcoming presidential debates. ails resigned last month after allegations surfaced he sexually harassed female employees. the trump campaign released a statement pushing back on the initial "new york times" report saying this is not accurate. he is not advising mr. trump or helping with debate prep. they are longtime friend, but he has no formal or informal role in the campaign. erin, a little bit more about that pledge, that statement that donald trump released just a short while ago. i mean, if you look closely at that language that's really not the language we're accustomed to hearing from donald trump. i want to read one passage for a minute that says we will reject bigotry, hatred and oppression in all its forms and seek a new future built on our common culture and values as one american people. again, not the type of language we're accustomed to hearing from donald trump and perhaps this is an attempt to quiet some of his
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critics who have repeatedly said he's run a divided campaign, a campaign that's not inclusive. so perhaps what we're seeing here, even though he says he's not going to pivot, a little bit of a pivot on paper in terms of a statement, but in terms of what he says vocally, publicly out here tonight that's what we will hear about the law in order. >> out front now, brian stelter, host of reliable sources, carry ann conway, and corey lewandowski, former campaign manager for donald trump, and basil smikle, hillary clinton supporter and bill crystal, editor of "the weekly standard." we have this crucial rally now, corey. this is a very important one tonight and it's in a crucial state and it's coming as he is saying he is not going to pivot. you are the guy known for supporting that for saying let trump be trump. is he doing the right thing by saying he will not pivot? >> i think what you have to have whether you're a candidate for
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city council, state senate or the president of the united states is you have to be honest with yourself and what you're doing is telling people who you are when you run for office and they have to make a decision based on who you are or what you tell them and if they'll support you or not. trying to change or be perceived as changing when he's not looking to change that because his positions have been clear and he wants to relay that to the people and then you're up for the people when they go to the ballot box. by pivoting, that's not to say he's not going to provide more details and that's not to say he's going to be more inclusive. that's not the case, but he's going to remain true to himself which is what this campaign has been about. >> this pivot has been a crucial work. i've talked to people in the room during the conversations in the summer and they got very heated about whether donald trump was pivot or not and at one point he said get out of the room. he banned the word. >> it's an idiotic word and one of the things that i agree with
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donald trump on. >> you just agreed with corey for the first time. >> if he'd kept corey he'd be better off. i believe that. >> roger ailes giving him advice. donald trump regaling roger ailes and paul manafort and bill gates and his top campaign guys and how he's made fun of disabled reporters and p.o.w.s and gold-star families and how they worked for every dictator and how he's harassed vulnerable young women. what does a pivot mean when you're a man like donald trump? >> kelly, what does a pivot mean because you are a pollster. trump says he doesn't want to pivot and doesn't want to change. that means more of some things that some people in his inner circle really don't want more of. they want some of the thing, but they don't want other things like his fight with the gold-star family and other ing things that have happened all since the convention. >> you have sacrificed nothing.
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>> i think i've made a lot of sacrifices. i work very, very hard. i've created thousands and thousands of jobs. if you look at his wife, she was standing there and she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. >> president obama, he is the founder of isis. she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know. obviously i'm being sarcastic, then -- then -- but not that sarcastic. >> kelly ann, when you don't pivot you would get more things like that, is that okay? >> that's not true at all. so what this issue is authenticity. 11% of americanses according to the new nbc poll think that hillary clinton is honest. that's a remarkably low number to me, 11%. the plurality of democrats agree with that. it is very important to voters, erin, because they want to know
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that you're comfortable in your own skin and that's one of the advantages donald trump has and i'm not going to change as corey says and he's smoking out hillary clinton here who is unable to do that. secondly, there is a difference between tactics and style and substance. look at the man's substance. yesterday he gave a foreign policy speech that the reagan and foreign policy people should be thrilled with. he basically said to the american people we've been at war for 15 years and i'll talk to you like a grown up. this is what we name and it and how we will fight it where isis has been able to flourish and 33,000 people dead between isis and its predecessors and 80% since 2013 and the birth and growth of isis and if we're going to use the word pivot which i think i agree with bill is a silly word because it's more about style and substant e substantively, etna now joins unitedhealthcare in hundreds of millions of dollars and pulling
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out of the obamacare exchange and it's a disaster that hillary clinton is going to own. >> you've raised the issue of roger ailes. he could be now advising and trump is seeking the advice of roger ailes, a man he's known a long time. by the way, a man who when it comes to operating campaigns and media organizations has been incredibly successful and a man who has basically been fired, whatever word you want to use, for sexually harassing multiple women. >> he continues to deny the allegations and they've piled up and go back in time before gretchen karlsscarlson sued him. i had joined cnn a few years ago from "the new york times" and he gave me the best advice about television and he's a television mastermind and he is someone that would bring a lot of benefits to donald trump, and i am sure they are informally talking and counseling each other even on the week when ails resigned under pressure and donald trump became the nominee. it won't be a formal
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relationship with the campaign and you could imagine what allegations that would create and informally, i'm sure the two men are talking and ails is helping donald trump. >> would he help, basibasil? >> i don't know if he would help him be more authentic mp. i think authentisity is very important and i don't think he can get him to be more tv friendly and the guy is a reality show star and i don't know to who extent he could be made more tv friendly and maybe he gets him to read the teleprompter more. i have no idea, but the truth of the matter about going back to the point of authenticity. i have to disagree with my friend kelly ann over there. i think the voters on the street respond to her in ways that are incredible and i am okay with donald trump staying authentically bigoted and authentically xen on phonetic. that is what the country is responding to. >> i want you to pivot.
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that's exactly right. >> pause for a moment and all coming back with us because next the breaking news in the fbi. new details from an interview with hillary clinton and it's an unprecedented move and the clinton campaign has responded moments ago and we'll have that breaking news. plus the calls for donald trump to shape up and ship out. the wisconsin governor, former trump rival scott walker responds "out front." he's my guest. how ivanka trump tried and failed to do damage control on this now infamous line. >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists. >> all of that and donald trump live. we are counting down the moments and he'll be live on this stage. we'll be right back. it's the phillips' lady! anyone ever have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating? [ simultaneously ] she does. help defend against those digestive issues. take phillips' colon health probiotic caps daily with three types of good bacteria. 400 likes? wow! phillips. be good to your gut. runstaying in a differentns hotel every night. so i use the rewards program to earn free nights.
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4:17 pm
reviewing these notes and it's an extremely rare move where charges are not filed and usually no charges and no notes and they'll put everything on the table now. suzanne malveaux is out front. >> reporter: the fbi sending congress its classified investigative report into clinton's private e-mail server. the report contains notes of the three-hour interview with clinton. the clinton campaign crying foul, revealing this statement, they should be released widely rather than allowing the public mischaracterize them through selective partisan leaks. >> hello, philadelphia! >> reporter: clinton's focus was elsewhere in the key battleground state of pennsylvania today. for a second day in a row. here in west philadelphia, eager to pump up voter registration and a record turnout. she is courting a critical voting bloc, african-americans. >> don't be complacent, my friends, because even though we're doing fine right now i'm
4:18 pm
not taking anybody anywhere for granted. >> monday, clinton was in scranton with vice president joe biden trying to appeal to white working class voters who have not fully embraced her. >> i always remember i am the granddaughter of a factory worker and the daughter of a small business owner, and i am so proud of it. >> reporter: her team is confident pennsylvania is winnable. her current lead in recent polls is so commanding. clinton's super pac priorities usa is pulling its own tv ads from the state in early september, along with two other key states, colorado and virginia. the strategy to spend the money elsewhere where resources are needed. a new washington post poll shows growing momentum for clinton out of virginia. a stunning 14-point lead over donald trump, this in a state that on. >> hello, virginia! >> reporter: only eight years ago then senator obama flipped
4:19 pm
from red to blue for the first time since 1964. the clinton camp is already thinking beyond november. clinton named her transition team for pivoting into the white house. its chief, ken salazar, the first secretary of interior under president obama. democratic congressman, lininga cummings, the ranking member of the house oversight commit whoa has access to these fbi notes is trying to head off any potential leaks criticizing clinton stating this evening that republicans are now investigating the investigators in a desperate attempt to resuscitate the issue, keep it in the headlines and distract from donald trump's sagging poll numbers. erin, i heard your panel talk about a pivot. hillary clinton will try to pivot away from the e-mail controversy tomorrow when she focuses in ohio talking about the need for voters to get out and vote. >> all right. thank you very much, suzanne. our panel is back with me. i think we can all agree, whatever you think about the substance of what the word means. the word is becoming a bit
4:20 pm
annoying. hillary clinton said she never sent or received e-mails marked classifies and fbi director comey said they were classified. comey said she did. she said she returned all work-related e-mails to the state department. she didn't. there were thousands that weren't. are you worried there could be more damning things in there. >> i'm not worried at all and i think the fbi should release it to the public, right? not just to the republicans or to the congress, i should say, to be clear there because here's what's going to happen. the republicans are going to get it. they're going to leak out what they care about and hold on to the things that, you know, they don't and they'll stay classified and if you don't believe that then you don't understand politics, right? if you don't think that the next three days we're going to see leaks then you don't understand the state of politics. >> basil, the thing is what i listed out is the problem. that is a problem. on the republican side, first of all, 80% of voters say they're bothered by the e-mail and that
4:21 pm
means democrats are bothered as well as republicans and republicans keep pointing to the fact that comey admitted that she might be fired if she'd had her job when this was found out, but she's now perhaps going to be president of the united states. >> how do these notes help you with that issue? >> well, the notes help in the sense that she wants to be more transparent and she's calling for them to be released to the public. the timing is a little suspect to me, quite frankly, but the fact is that she wants this to be released so i'm confident -- because we were just 80-something days outside of the election, and 84 if i remember correctly outside of the election, number one and number two, beyond the timing i think it's interesting that for so long director comey was beyond reproach and republicans feel now that they should be looking over his shoulder at every step of this investigation and now calling for these notes to be released at this juncture in the campaign cycle. i thought this was put to bed and republicans want to keep
4:22 pm
this an issue, and i think they will do their best to do that, but hillary said we have -- they should be released to the public and i am confident that even if that's the case the campaign is still in good form. >> can that help her, bill, that she's saying i'm not afraid. put them out there? that she's not trying to put them back? >> yes, she had a favorable impression. people thought pretty well of her. by the time she started to run for president she had a higher unfavorable than favorable, and the majority of the public doesn't want hillary clinton to be -- and the only alternative they seem to have right now is donald trump and given the choice, a majority root now will go for hillary clinton, and i myself, i don't support hillary at all either. i don't think she should be president, but i've got to say with trump as the alternative she can probably tough it through on the e-mails unless there is a new bombshell which
4:23 pm
there could be, of course. >> if people don't think trump is qualified to be president, they think hillary clinton is more dishonest than we thought she snfs. >> they do think she is. >> the governor of the state of new hampshire was asked a direct question three times by a cnn reporter. do you think hillary clinton is honest? she couldn't answer a simple question and she's a candidate of the united states senate and what the network did is they went to other candidates with the pleasure of hindsight and the bottom line is the governor of the state of new hampshire running as a democrat could not answer the question if she was honest. >> because people -- [ indiscernible ] >> the bottom line is the governor doesn't think she's honest. the people of new hampshire don't think she's honest and she's consistently lied about this e-mail issue any now she's saying to release it so she can
4:24 pm
get in front of it. the bottom line is she deleted 33,000, mails and never turned them over. >> i'll jump in there on behalf the trump campaign. if there isn't anything to hide, get out there. >> someone asked for a job and they didn't get the job, right? there's been no smoking gun yet. >> nothing in -- do you think there are 33,000 e-mails worth of recipes and yoga? >> i'm simply saying at this point we have no proof of anything. >> i think part of why she said release them to the public because they fear they'll be released to the public through a third party anyway and they're trying to get ahead of that. this has dogged her from the beginning and it's increased 12 to 13 points since she started running for president. you would think since her campaign spent $52 million in ads and she should -- basil, if she weren't running against donald trump she would be the least liked person in a matter
4:25 pm
of years. >> i don't know if that's true. i am always concerned about these nebulous, unfavorable ratings because employ qaa caca about growth, right? she's brought on the folks that supported bernie sanders and they are now unified in support of her. >> there are republicans saying they'll support her. all donald trump is doing is hemorrhaging support. >> what do you say to the 80% -- >> if you take two important numbers, one the numbers -- the number of folks that she's gotten in the primary, two, the fact that the poll -- >> now you're defending and explaining. >> -- poll after poll is saying she's moving further and further ahead -- >> her fundamentals are still bad. >> at the end of the day these e-mails should want be use as a political bargaining chip, period. they should not sway the election. period. >> that's not -- >> bill clinton said director comey's statements were b.s. and
4:26 pm
now he's saying he's above reproach. her own husband said that --? the deal is -- the deal is she should have been prosecuted for this. she clearly violated the rules and that's what it comes down to. release the 33,000 e-mails that are missing and release the transcript of the fbi investigation and let the american people decide. >> there would be nothing there and they'd have nothing to argue. >> why not put them all out there so everyone can see. >> detesting politicians is the best american past time. that's what unfavorables are all about. >> fair point. donald trump live in wisconsin, that state's governor walker, side by side with trump tonight. he's my guest, plus how trump's comments about mexican rapists surprised even those closest to him. we have a special report. gettin. start at the new show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax.
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and the breaking news, we are awaiting donald trump rallying in the crucial battleground state of wisconsin. he will start speaking in moments and it comes as polls show trump trailing hillary clinton in crucial key swing states. florida, nine points down against hillary clinton and the
4:31 pm
sunshine state has 29 electoral votes and in virginia clinton beating trump by seven points in the home state of her running mate tim kaine. it's a crucial swing state. sara murray is out front. sara, this is poll after poll after poll at this point. this has to turn around for trump to win. how worried is the campaign? >> reporter: erin, i think that they knew virginia would be a struggle for them especially after she picked tim kaine as her running mate, a senator from that state. florida is definitely a state that donald trump has to win. part of the reason that they wouldn't necessarily have to be completely alarmed by virginia is if donald trump's rust belt strategy was panning out the way he hoped and that was turning good numbers in wisconsin and turning good numbers in pennsylvania, excuse me, and trying to put michigan in play, but erin, what we're seeing is trump is just not getting the numbers he needs in those states. we're even seeing hillary clinton with a slight lead in ohio. the reality is unless he can
4:32 pm
turn his states around in places like that and certainly in florida, it's going to be very difficult for him to get to where he needs to be in november. >> sara murray, thank you. and "out front" now, wisconsin governor scott walker. thank you so much for being with us tonight. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> you will be with donald trump and hillary clinton holding a double-digit lead in your state and 15 percentage points in the latest poll. trump lost in wisconsin to ted cruz whom you have endorsed. does he have a chance now? >> yeah. i think it will be a bit of a roller coaster. a couple of days after the july 5th announcement by the fbi director about hillary clinton's e-mails, that same poll had her up by only about four points. i think you see if the campaign's about hillary clinton it's more likely to be close. if it's about donald trump and other issues the gap will widen and i think that's because the american people and people here in wisconsin understand that if you look at the facts and you want to change, hillary clinton
4:33 pm
is not the person to make that change happen. >> when you say if it's about donald trump and other issues it could widen. the wall street journal editorial board has urged republican leaders like yourself to dump trump if he doesn't start acting more presidential. and in part, quote, referring to people like yourself, if he can't get trump to change his act by labor day, the gop will have no choice, but to write off the nominee as hopeless or turn the nomination over to mike pence. do you agree? >> think the focus has got to be on the two candidates. if donald trump talks about h l hillary clinton or talks about himself in making people's lives better and more importantly that his children talked about a builder who could relate to the brick layers just as anybody else and he can look out for them and families like that and contrast with hillary clinton and if it's about her and those
4:34 pm
issues and about americans wanting a change, she's not the right answer. >> if the issue with donald trump, if he continues to create fights that are not about the core issues as you see them. do you agree with the journal that he has a deadline of labor day and he should consider getting out himself. >> the reality is as most americans know the election will be hillary clinton and donald trump. there's not some other candidate and not some other choice, a vote for donald trump is to factor a vote for hillary clinton. >> your support of trump is not overwhelming when it comes to trump himself, right? before the convention you told delegates to vote how they saw fit. you tweeted that same day a picture of you and paul ryan saying we standing with paul ryan. you said if all gold star families, i respect them, they deserve our respect no matter what the political situation is. >> look, your personal feelings about trump seem to come through
4:35 pm
in all of those things. what makes you decide to stand by him today, with him physically? >> well, my point is that i do not endorse everything that donald trump has said or done, and that's why, again, i ran for president and i didn't endorse him initially and i didn't endorse him in wisconsin, but i said last year and i meant it and i wasn't holding my fingers behind my back and any of the 17 candidate were better including donald trump, and i believe that. >> there's been great inequality and great debate about where the money should focus and 83 days to go, governor. is there a time when the republican party should say, all right. forget about trump. he'll do what he's going to do and we need to save the senate and ron johnson's reelection crucial to you and the market university poll, as johnson is leading 43% to 49%. is there a time when money should go to those racees. >> i think you can't abandon a
4:36 pm
presidential candidate no matter who it is and expect another candidate's down ballot to be reasonably well. senate candidates and gubernatorial candidates have polled better than the vice presidential candidate and donald trump needs to perform well for candidates across new york perform wale and it's why the race between him and hillary clinton. if the race is about hillary clinton and the republicans win not only the press doneesy, they'll win in the u.s. senate, the house and other races. >> i want to talk about the violence that has rocked milwaukee and the fatal shooting of of a black man last week by police. obviously it was calm in the city overnight. this morning you said clinton is inflaming the situation in part by saying that there needs to be trust rebuilt between police and communities. what specifically is wrong with that? the concept between rebuilding trust between police and communities? >> i think long term it was more in the context in which the comments were raised. i think trust is wonderful.
4:37 pm
i've had a lot of meet bgs it today and to imply that the police did something wrong here when it's important for no one to rush to judgment and i would hope the leaders of either party would do that. there is a process. sure, we can talk about rebuilding trust across america and that's registered a line of distinction. >> i do want to understand, it was the context in which she said that. what exactly it is that you find problematic. let me play again what she said for you. >> look at what's happening in milwaukee right now. we have urgent work to do to rebuild trust between police and communities and get back to the fundamental principle. everyone should have respect for the law and be respected by the law. >> so what is the issue with that? >> well again, the concept is not a bad one, but i think that's proactively -- you asked me a question and i answered.
4:38 pm
i didn't say the police were right and the individual were wrong and i said there is an independent process right now and i think that's what leadership requires even in the midst of a political campaign to not say i'll make statements one way or the other. >> governor walker, thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you. tomorrow on cnn, get to know the green party candidates during a live town hall. scott walker says you have two choices, but you actually have more and you will see the green party here on cnn. "out front" next, we are standing by live for donald trump to take the stage any moment at this rally in wisconsin. it's crucial. moments ago he said he's going to be who he is and he's not going to pivot and this will be his first rally since. new details about how i ranka trump tried to do damage control on her father's comments about mexicans and rapists. a man shoots and kills his neighbor on a front lawn and the family calling this a hate crime tonight. when it comes to healthcare,
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trump's rally in wisconsin. you can see there he will be appearing on that stage any moment and he's hoping to score big in the interview talking about how ronald reagan won
4:43 pm
wisconsin and snot, though, promising he would do the same. this comes as a video deposition could be released very soon and in this trump admits that multiple business deals have soured because of his campaign. it's on video in this deposition and also he says his daughter ivanka tried to do damage control on one of his most controversial comments. this is donald trump himself saying this. drew griffin is out front. >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists and some, i assume, are good people. >> reporter: newly released court documents reveal companies started pulling away from doing business with trump after his famous campaign announcement. >> i am officially running. >> macy's department stores ending its affiliation, serta mattress company not renewing its agreement with trump and high high-end restauranteur seeking to break his lease to open a restaurant in trump's
4:44 pm
washington, d.c. project, a renovated old post office building. >> the backlash saying i guess they didn't like my comments. trump is suing the restauranteur for backing out of the deal and the deposition taken this past june where it's revealed intomorrowly in the trump organization the political statements concerning mexicans were taking a toll on business. donald trump's deposition, the picture is rosy. the trump building under construction is a hot hotel, he says. our bookings are very good, but i think it would have been much better had the restaurant stayed. >> he wasn't talking about the mexican people. >> initially, it was trump's daughter ivanka who attempted to make things right. in her deposition a year after trump entered the race it was again, daughter i vafrpg a who attempts to rescue her father.
4:45 pm
it was a clarification because i felt his comments were misconstrued. not a retraction. i don't think that's my place. i drafted something for myself, she says. i wrote something down, but it was not used. basically, i was playing around with the idea of the fact that the media was spinning what he said to be about hispanic people generally as opposed to illegal immigrants. this was that attempt to clarify. laredo, texas, july, 2015. >> i have a great relationship. over the years, thousands and thousands of hispanics have worked for me and now work me, and the relationship is very good. >> e-mails released in the lawsuit show the clarification wasn't working, an assistant to the proposed restaurant's head chef is sent to ivanka trump. we need to talk he writes, getting crushed over djt comments about latinos and mexicans. ivanka forwards it to the trump organization david orovitts who
4:46 pm
responds ugh, this is not surprising and i would expect this will not be the last we hear of it and he suggests can prepared speeches can vet before going forward. >> they don't know how much yet or even donald trump's comments on mexicans are lettering his business and both, vafr ivanka donald trump -- if they're patronizing trump properties. >> it's pretty stunning when you say that and this is the first time we've actually heard that she tried to get him to issue a clarificati clarification. as you have gone through this, it seems that there were several warning signs for the trump campaign right in this deposition. >>. >> yeah, and they come from ivanka. behind the scenes she is trying to deal with these businesses and trying to convince them that what her father says on the campaign trail has nothing to do with the trump business.
4:47 pm
they were not convinced, erin. that should have been a warning sign that some voting blocs were want going to be convinced about what me was saying, but i thought the real warning sign was that executive vice president the guy who wrote ugh, we'll have to deal with this going forward in the future, and he says can't somebody vet what this guys is going to say in the prepared statements. i think those are warning signs that i wish they had that. >> i'm sure they did and obviously still having that discussion now about vetting and prompters and going off script. thank you so much, drew. "out front" next, after years of terrorizing an arab family a man allegedly shoots and murders his next-door neighbor? was it a hate crime? it is a horrific story and that's next. on a much lighter note to end our show jeanne moos on this lingering moment. ♪ ♪ ♪
4:48 pm
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4:52 pm
neighbors. his anger turned deadly on friday when police say he shot and killed khaled jabara. majors is no stranger to the family. for years, the jabaras who are christians of lebanese descent said majors would terrorize them and call them names. the family filed a protective order which prevented majors from having contact with them and majors violated that order. majors allegedly hit khaled jabara's mother haifa in the car putting her in the hospital for weeks. majors was charged with federal assault and two judges refused to release him on bond and a third judge allowed the 61-year-old to post bail, releasing him until his trial in 2017. neighbors who did not want to be identified say they are not surprised by the allegations against majors saying he had a history. >> he'd walk on to our property and started screaming to my
4:53 pm
family and told us mexicans we are here and stuff like that. >> khaled called police to report major his a gun after getting a tip from someone majors lived with. officers responded, but could not go inside majors' home so they left. later, majors walked up to the front steps of his neighbor's home and shot and killed khaled jabara and she was on the phone with her son when it happened. they should have looked at his history to see this is a dangerous guy. they could have spared my son's life. my son is gone. my son is gone. >> after the shooting, police found majors hiding behind a tree here at this library. he's now charged with first-degree murder and this time he's being held without bail. the d.a. did release a statement saying this family did everything they were supposed to do and the system failed them, and erin, i did just talk to the jabara family before we came on the air and they were surprised
4:54 pm
by that and right now they are focusing on arranging funeral arrangements for khaled. >> thank you. next. we're awaiting donald trump and he will take the stimulus package listage live in wiscons along with the governor you just saw on our show, plus jeanne moos on the latest awkward joe biden hug. excuse me...i think there's a misprint. oh. model year end clarence event. looks right to me. shouldn't it be clear- clearly... it is time to get a great deal and a reward card on this turbocharged jetta. gotta make room for the 2017 models. it is a clarence event. why is that so hard for people to understand? it seems clar to me. clear to me. ready for a test drive? whatever you want to call it, don't miss the volkswagen model year end event. hurry in for a $1,000 volkswagen reward card and 0% apr on a new 2016 jetta. so we know how to cover almost alanything.ything, even mer-mutts. (1940s aqua music)
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joe biden, vice president and america's hugger in chief? here's joen moos. >> reporter: there are hugs where you just throw up your arms and go for it and then there are hugs that keep going and going and going. joe biden wouldn't let hillary go if they met on the tarmac at scranton airport. about four seconds into the hug they semi-disengaged. nothing to see here, right? wrong. because the vice president wouldn't unhand hillary for almost 16 seconds. >> notice how many times she tries to tap out. she lets it go, he does not. she tapped out. no -- no, he's still holding on. second tap out, for god's sake, joe, you've got to let go. >> this latest awkward hug would want have been microanalyzed if it wasn't for the other overly handied biden moments and critics collect them and times when he pose wes young girls and behaves like a doting
4:59 pm
grandfather, arranging and rearranging hair. there's nothing pervy here, the v.p. knows he's on camera at the swearing-in ceremonies and the parents are right there. >> v.p. is known as a close talker. he even does it to the president. >> perhaps his most famous hands-on moment came when he put his hands on the wife of defense secretary ash carter. >> conservatives panned it. >> this is the creepiest thing. >> and so did some liberals. >> that ain't right, man! why are you -- appear to smell her hair! >> at least the v.p. didn't get that close to hillary. now hillary and president obama have come a long way in their history of hugging. >> from the paltry excuse for a hug eight years ago after he defeated her to this -- a hug so close that hillary closed her eyes. they even gazed into each other's eyes. this was a hug so novel for
5:00 pm
these two it looked like the cover of a romance novel. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. and thank you so much for joining us. "a.c. 360" starts right now. good evening, thanks for joining us. we're waiting to hear from donald trump. he is in milwaukee in a suburb there and he'll be speaking from a teleprompter and this time talking about law and order and these remarks expected to be the focused performance that some in the party would like to see more and continuing to pivot as some call it the general election voters and that is their hope and however they may be disappointed because trump told a local cnn affiliate saying he does not want to pivot and he does not want to change. he does not think it would be true to who he is and in so many word, so be it. we'll talk about it with the panel, but first, sara murray sets the stage. >> reporter: donald trump's hitting the trail in wisconsin today, hammering home his claim that he's the t