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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  August 17, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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close that hillary closed her eyes, they even gazed into each other's eyes. this was a hug so novel for these two, it looked like the cover of a romance novel. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> just makes me feel a little creepy. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour" starts now. another major shake-up in donald trump's campaign. >> two new people. >> the campaign's not going according to plan. >> i am who i am. i don't want to pivot. you have to be you. >> trump will receive his first classified intelligence briefing. >> it just absolutely bewilders me when i hear donald trump try to talk about national security. >> i think her e-mail scandal is one of the worst things i've ever seen. >> giving fake briefings. don't tell him stuff. he won't know the difference.
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hello, everyone. john berman -- i'm kate bolduan. john berman is off today. i just wanted to say john's name first. it is the first day of the rest of donald trump's political life it appears. he's got a new campaign manager, a new chief executive and i guess that means he hopes a renewed campaign. this is the second overall of team trump in two months. what does it mean? joining me now with all of the answers, cnn's political director, david chalian. a lot of people don't know these names. voters don't know the names of these people at the top of the trump campaign. what are voters going to see? >> it seems what donald trump is doing now is giving in to his core instinct of surrounding himself with people that will allow trump be trump. steve bannen who comes from bri brightbart news, the sort of
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anti-establishment ferver. so what you're seeing is the notion of him trying to sort of play nice with the establishment. that is not what bannon does. bannon is sort of in donald trump's ear every day now. it's not going to be the sort of play nice with the establishment and try to keep things contained. it is going to be street brawling, as politics can become, take it to hillary clinton every single day. >> so it's what's old is new again is a little bit of what it seems. it's let trump be trump. which is why folks talked about a pivot. now donald trump says we're not going to pivot. what is new now, david, is that it the trump campaign is finally putting money on the air in key states. >> yes, so five battleground states are going to start seeing for the very first time trump campaign advertising. this is florida, ohio, north carolina, virginia and pennsylvania. those five critical battleground
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states. and quite frankly, you've seen the polling out of those states, kate, it's not been going well. all the negative headlines since the republican convention have been going unanswered. normally when a candidate faces that kind of onslaught of negative headlines, at least at night people around the dinner table, tv's on, the newscast, they're getting another message as well. no other message was getting through. by going up on the air this friday, and we haven't seen how much money is behind this. we don't know how big a presence this will be. as asuming it is significant bye, people will start seeing the message trump wants in their living room. >> at the same time donald trump announces they're going to be putting money up in places like virginia. the superpac supporting clinton says they're feeling confident enough they're temporarily pulling ads. >> the clinton super pac says we're fine there, let's spend our money elsewhere, shore up other states that we want to
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shore up in order to block donald trump. his path is narrow, there's no doubt about that. but if indeed he's going to sort of formulate a strategy to fight hillary clinton every single day, that could get some cheer within republican quarters. what is not clear to me yet, how does that add beyond the base in order to actually alter the map and put it into convention for the presidency? >> you may see just how power l ful ads can be in the month of september at least. today, donald trump is set to receive his first classified national security briefing. this is standard procedure for presidential nominees. some democrats don't think trump has any business getting briefed. cnn's jessica schneider is at trump tower with more of the details. what are we learning? probably not a lot. what are we learning about the briefing? >> yeah, that's right, exactly, kate, classified. the national security briefing will be prepared by director of national intelligence james
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clapper. just the first of many briefings donald trump will get as the republican nominee as we head into the election. cnn's learning that he will be joined by two people, new jersey governor chris christie, who's heading up his transition team, as well as retired lieutenant general michael flynn who's consulting with trump and preparing trump for those debates. these briefingings are actually coming as top figures in both parties have questioned both candidate's trustworthiness in receiving such sensitive information. of course you'll remember senate minority leader harry reid calling on intelligence officials to fake it when they met with donald trump saying donald trump is too dangerous to receive this sensitive information. and of course house speaker paul ryan asked intelligence officials specifically director clapper to deny such briefing to hillary clinton because of her mishandling of classified information while she was secretary of state. that statement and that request was reiterated by donald trump in an interview last night. take a listen.
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>> i'm worried about her getting it because of her e-mail situation. what she did is a crime. and to think that you have subpoenas and you're deleting e-mails, it's unthinkable. and i think probably her single greatest achievement in her life will be getting out of that mess because -- and i don't think she's really out of it. i can't believe that she's out of it. but justice has to be ashamed. >> and of course the national security briefing today coming on the same day as this big campaign shake-up and as a result there's been a flurry of activity here at trump tower. in fact, just a little while ago, we saw alabama senator jeff sessions of course, an artant trump supporter, and he said very briefly the shake-up was a good thing. kate. >> a good thing, jessica schneider, thanks so much. clearly a lot to discuss. with me now, david chalian. has not run away from me yet. mary katharine ham, senior
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writer at the federalist. phillip lavigne is mayor, hillary clinton surrogate. andre bauer is former lieutenant governor of south carolina. and brian stelter, cnn media correspondent and host of "reliable sources." guys, all great to have you, thank you so much. andre, the shake-up, is this the fix you've been looking for to get this campaign back on track? >> well, i hope so. you know, some people say that it's a change, but we know the campaign's been understaffed. they hadn't had what they should have had. now they're ramping it up. we're less than 90 days to go. eyes are starting to pay attention. holidays are ending. people are going back to school. now people are going to really start paying attention. they picked a great time to really get focused in, to bring some new blood into the campaign with a different approach. hope hopefully, this will get it back to a really tight race. >> brian stelter, is it staffing up or is this a shake-up? for some reason, still being
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debated. >> i feel like things are still shaking. when i heard this news overnight, it is clear, this is a no holds barred campaign. the head of brightbart becoming the head of the trump campaign. brightbart, a far right news source, often peddles conspiracy theories. it has a lot of fans among trump supporters. the question is, is trump running brightbart now or is brightbart running trump? i think we'll see trump talk more about sex scandals, about health rumors, about clinton being soft on terrorism. that's the kind of message you see every day from breitbart and the message you'll see now. >> the problems he's facing like lagging in the polls, is that a consequence of faulty campaign strategy or something else? >> i think this is a battle that's still raging. it's nice to see breitbart and trump make it official this is going on. this is a tension that's always existed before, between manafort and corey. >> corey lewandowski.
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>> in this forum, where you have kellyanne who has a very different tone, who has experience in pulling women, than bannon, who really comes out to bunpunch in the face. half of the campaign seems to be intent on professionalizing the campaign and the other half seems to be pure trump. the two could be married in a powerful way but we've not seen it happen yet. >> saying this morning we're now going to see the full trump, more offensiveness, more bigotry, how they're interpreting bringing on bannon. >> a lot say the thing that's helped donald trump, hurt donald trump the most was the feud with the khan family. was that just donald trump? >> i get it and i agree with you. it is about the candidate. at the end of the day, you can put a lot of different staff in place, a lot of people in the ear of the candidate. at the end of the day, what comes out of the candidate's mouth, what the candidate does, day in, day out, is really the thing that dictates.
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and we know donald trump has an unbelievable ability to sort of no matter what voices are heard in his head to sort of go his own way when he gets out on stage and talks to a crowd, sometimes to his benefit, sometimes to his detriment like in the khan controversy. >> mayor, robert costa of "the washington post," we all -- he writes pretty well kind of the palace intrigue of the trump campaign, he put this out this morning about what this shake-up means. huge rallies, gloves off, brutal fights with clinton, heavy emphasis on nationalism and populism. that's the bannon strategy. does that concern you? >> no, not at all. it's very telling about donald trump. i'm an entrepreneur, built company, and i look at donald trump as a business man who hasn't been very successful in his life. let's talk about his management capabilities, philosophiephilos. here's a guy who shakes up management. can't keep on a track. you look at it and you say to yourself, you know, why would you double down kind of -- if you're so far to the right and you're not able to gain any of
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the center, why would you double down and go so far right again? that's his management stable. what we're seeing is a little bit like what he did in atlantic city. he keeps stumbling, keeps firing people. he only listens to himself. this is what's going on. i don't know, i say to myself, if you want to get african-americans, what are you going to do, hire david duke's team? if you want to get hispanics? i mean, why would you bring on these type of people if you want to kind of move towards the center. it's very strange. but this is donald trump. we're all seeing who he is. >> andre. >> number one, he says he's not a successful businessman. the guy's worth 10 million, 10 billion dollars so evidently -- >> 30 trillion -- >> the nominee of a major party so he's evidently -- >> he's been successful, yes. >> so, you know, no matter what you say, some people are just going to say negative no matter what you do so you can't focus on those people. you got to focus on the folks in the middle, votes that are attainable.
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i think he picked two folks that very capably can go after trying to attract them and get a better message to stay focused on. >> you know, but andre, to the point, he even said last night to fox news, i actually think we're doing really good. i've got the biggest crowds. when you've got two shake-ups, two staff changes, two expansions of your staff, whatever you're going to call it. >> couple quick points -- >> -- when you have those, are things going well? >> things are going well. couple quick points. corey lewandowski still says positive things about trump even though he fired him. shows the relationship he has with employees. he is attracting unbelievable crowds i feel will be quite like brexit in you'll see a large amount of folks who don't usually vote come out and vote. and while hillary clinton has spent tens of billions of dollars on air. i don't think people have been paying attention now to what they'll do in the presidential race. so now you'll see candidates both with a message up and you're going to see numbers
8:13 am
move. these numbers will not stay in double digits. you yao will see parity come back and this will be a close race. >> that gets to an interesting question. mary katharine. do you think it makes it more or less likely that the republican party will move away from trump and move resources to down ballot races? do you think this gives them confidence or less than that? >> i feel like if it were just the conway part of this, perhaps the confidence. the bannon part of this is a wild card. look, i don't discount what andre says, there might be missing voters out there who haven't been involved who the trump campaign could lure in. what concerns people is, what should concern his supporters, his campaign does not seem interested in optimizing that at all, either with ads to make the argument or with a ground game to bring them in. having too many people leading the campaign will be fighting and not actually building that. >> when everybody's a leader, nobody's a leader. >> i'd be super careful about
8:14 am
the rnc all of a sudden backing away from trump. that would be a really desperate move potentially for the rnc for a lot of the ticket. >> absolutely. >> so much of the republican national committee, its core reason for being is to deal with the presidential -- >> we know people have been posing that question -- >> no, i -- >> a la 1996 -- but you think it's more or less likely now that you've got steve bannen at the top? >> i think we have to see how donald trump performs. let's be clear about one thing andre said. you don't make these changes if things were going swimmingly. if the last two months were a huge success. then donald trump would have nothing to change. the last two months, i think it's a tacit acknowledgement they wasted the last two months. >> can i say this? >> you can say something right after the break. >> what a great team. >> hang on, guys. a lot more to come. programming note to remember as well. cnn is hosting a town hall with green party presidential nominee
8:15 am
john stein. you can watch that live tonight at 9:00 eastern. ahead, trump says democrats have failed the trade and taken african-americans for granted. why then when he was reaching out to the african-american community did he go to a suburb of milwaukee with a mostly white crowd? also this, breaking news, a judge in brazil has issued a search and seizure warrant for two of the four american swimmers who say they were robbed in rio. hear why. we're going to go live to rio ahead. energy is a complex challenge.
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a judge has ordered search and seizure warrants for two american swimmers who say they were involved in an armed robbery over the weekend. cnn senior international correspondent nick paton walsh is live from rio. nick this is confusing, what's going on? >> it is, absolutely. the original story was extraordinary. the idea of ryan lochte and three other swimmers leaving the nightclub, being held to the ground by men disguised as police officers and escaping from that with their major valuables like cell phones not taken from them. we've just heard from a rio judge here that they have issued search and seizure warrants for
8:20 am
two of those four u.s. swimmers, ryan lochte and james fegen. ryan lochte is no longer in the country. here's why this extraordinary move was made by the judge. this judge cites differences in the accounts these two men gave to police when they were interviewed. now, they go on to suggest that these discrepancies refer to whether or not all the armed robbers had weapons or whether they were taken by surprise or not. we spoke to a police spokesperson who says a lot of people have been asking questions about this because the two men, the four men, in fact, only report money being taken from them. you could see in a cctv video released early this morning they return, it seems, to the olympic village still with many of the most important valuables upon them. their wrapatches, wallets. brazilians asking how come armed robbers don't take those items because they're normally the key targets.
8:21 am
that has led to this bit by the court to seize their passports and to search their rooms. we've heard from the u.s. olympic committee they won't explain exactly where these men are now. we know mr. lochte is back in the u.s. and i imagine his room is empty. so it's unclear exactly what these warrants will be able to look for. the police spokesperson said it's not routine. it happens when they think perhaps there's a bit of information or evidence that they're not in possession of. i should point out there's no suggestion at this stage anyone has done anything wrong. there's just a huge number of questions that particularly it seems brazilian investigative authorities want to have answered. hence this extraordinary move for an arrest, sorry, a search and seizure warrant like this. of course, now, those four swimmers under intense pressure to explain their exact moves that particular night, never more so after the cctv emerged this morning of them returning to their olympic village looking a little more relaxed then men held at gunpoint.
8:22 am
now we have this extraordinary move from brazilian authorities, kate. >> seemed relatively clean cut at the beginning, not so much now. nick paton walsh. back to politics for us. we won't be talking about the rio olympics. the panel is with me. joining us, trump supporter amy kremer. before the break, we were talking about -- of course. before the break, we were talking about the shake-up at the top of the trump campaign. what does that mean for the campaign? does that mean we're going to see a new trump, an old trump, a pivot donald trump speaking to a local reporter last night, did not seem to indicate a pivot was in the making. listen to this. >> i am who i am. it's me. i don't want to change. everyone talks about, well are you going to pivot? i don't want to pivot. you have to be you. if you start pivoting, you're not being honest with people. because i've heard this over the years. and, you know, with politics. with general politic also having to do with me. no, i am who i am. i've gotten here in a landslide. we'll see what happens.
8:23 am
>> so i think we can no longer say the word "pivot" after we've said it a million times. pivot has left the vocabularvoc. if there's no change in donald trump's campaign, what is the change we're seeing, right? >> what defies logic there in that moment is there is a change in the electorate. there's a change in the primary electorate to the general election electorate. that is just a fact. so i take donald trump. i think he's right. i think the most successful presidential candidates, george w. bush, barack obama, to use two examples. the message they launched with when they launched their primary campaign, they rode all the way through to a general election. it was i think key to their success as presidential candidates. but what donald trump is struggling with is that right now what he's been focused on messagewise hasn't been targeted to the broader general election. >> amy, how does the nonpivot
8:24 am
"pivot" apply now? >> i think what donald trump is saying is he's going to be himself. i think corey lewandowski said it, let trump be trump. he's going to be authentic and j genuine. i think the american people appreciate we're tired of this, politicians change their mind according to which way the winds blow. the important thing is he's bringing more people on to the campaign. we were going into the general election now the last couple months and i think it is important. i think that trump is going to i hope stay on message and focus on the differences between him and hillary clinton and do we want four more years of an obama administration. i think if he stays on message, talks to the american people, and is genuine, authentic, i think he can win this election. i think it's very winnable. >> the big question is if it stays on message. that's the big if. one way they're getting the message out, or they will be, is in ads. david chalian and i were just
8:25 am
talking about it. the fact they are responding to the onslaught of ads that hillary clinton and supporting superpacs have been putting out, it's game on. does that worry you? >> no, i think it's important. first, i got to tell you what donald just said, i agree 100%. this is the product he's selling. it's obviously not a product america's buying. but, you know, it's a product he's selling. and he can't change. i think it's, you know, what you see in a campaign, it's very, very interesting. the way you campaign, the way you run a campaign is near as how you will govern. >> mayor, i'm talking about these ads. >> he hasn't been able to raise money. he recently has been abell le t raise money. what we're seeing is the real donald trump. he's doubling down on donald trump. listen, america needs to see who the republican nominee is. i think we're seeing it. >> where do you land on this? is it a hail mary now that they're spending money? the 80-plus days lefr s left?
8:26 am
or is he out of time? he's got enough time to make a change and bridge the gap in these poll numbers or not. >> i'm not convinced there's a strategy at play here. i think it's not a coincidence there's a flurry of media coverage about how there's no ads and then you hear an announcement there are going to be ads. there's early voting coming up. i get no sense from people in the campaign they feel like turning around a double-digit lead in some of these battleground states. now this is 2016. this may be the case. but it does not feel like there's a grand strategy here. >> one thing that's also interesting, we'll get a final thought from you, brian, on, bannon, chief executive, he hasn't run a campaign. >> he's a media guy. he's run breitbart's campaign. but donald trump is running fundamentally a media campaign. he's using television, he's using free media, to get his message out. we know the message. he's been on message.
8:27 am
the message has been clear since last june. he's going back to an unspecified time in the past. mostly resonates with white america. i don't know how that message is going to fundamentally change between now and election day, however, there's those three debates. >> that's true. >> anything that can happen -- >> early voting even before the first debate. this that's true. >> amy's going to join me in a second. amy's going to be coming back with us to continue the discussion a little later on in the show. coming up, hillary clinton's campaign says everyone should see the fbi report on the investigation into her private e-mails. the interviews that she did with the fbi. not just members of congress. so what exactly is there to see. and for the very first time today, donald trump is getting access to national security information. what are those briefings like? how many -- how much detail is the gop nominee going to receive? ahead, we're going to talk to someone who's been to these top briefings in the past with then republican nominee mitt romney. we'll be right back. hair is delightfully fragranced with notes of moroccan rose
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congress now has its hands on the classified fbi notes on the interview with hillary clinton over the use of her private e-mail server. cnn senior political reporter manu raju is joining me from washington with more on this. what if members of congress have their hands on it, what's the word from capitol hill? >> the clinton campaign is worried republicans are going to leak this information and they're worried each leak could prompt a new round of stories and would be a major distraction in the heat of this campaign. in secretary clinton's view, they didn't do anything wrong.
8:33 am
one aspect of the fbi director's rather blustering assessment of the practice was she did not lie to the fbi. this is what the clinton campaign is saying now about the notes being sent to congress. they say we believe if these materials are going to be shared outside the justice department, they should be released widely to the public rather than allow republicans to mischaracterize them through selective and partisan leaks. the fbi responding, suggesting that the public will not see them, saying they were given to congress with the expectation that will not be decimated or disclosed without fbi concurrence. i'm told house republicans are right now reviewing this information in a secure location in the capital. some of this information has been exacted i'm told and it companies as the house republicans are trying to make the case that clinton lied in her testimony to the house benghazi committee last year when she said there was nothing marked classified in her e-mails either sent or received.
8:34 am
they say she should be charged with perjury. in response the doj told them they will take, quote, appropriate action as necessary. so this issue, kate, not over yet. >> not over yet. we'll see what members of congress do with that information. albeit, can't be released. manu raju, thanks. donald trump is calling hillary clinton a bigot as he courts black voters. here why trump says the democrats have failed the african-american community. plus, more on our breaking news out of rio, search and seizure warrants issued for two american swimmers who say they were robbed, including ryan lochte. stay with us, we'll be right back. and with extended range lte it reaches farther than ever. from the powder to the pavement, skylines, coastlines, out in the country, deep in the city. we got you covered. 311 million americans and counting. and we won't stop. come see why t-mobile is the #1 recommended wireless company in america.
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by finding a policy to fit your budget. [ coughs ] sorry, tickle in my throat! water would be nice, but that would go right through me. ghost problems. restoring law and order in the country. that was donald trump's pitch
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last night. it was also his attempt to reach out to african-american voters. the setting, though, a suburb of milwaukee, with a black population of 1%, seemed at odds with his message. >> i'm asking for the vote of every african-american citizen struggling in our country today who wants a different and much better future. the democratic party has failed and betrayed the african-american community. to every voter living in the inner city or every forgot be stretch of our society, i'm running to offer you a much better future. >> his remarks also important coming after days of violence and unrest in milwaukee, a city rocked by racial tension, boiling over after shooting death of an armed african-american man. with me now to discuss the impact of the speech, amy
8:40 am
kremer, co-chair and founder of the group women vote trump. margaret hoover, cnn political commentator who worked in the george w. bush white house and on two republican presidential campaigns. luis navarro here as well, independent consultant who was joe biden's campaign manager during his '08 bid. and simone sander, former press secretary for bernie sanders presidential bid. guys, thank you for being here. amy, thank you so much for coming back, amy. >> thanks for having me. >> when you look at the speech last night, what was the overarching goal? what was donald trump trying to do with that speech? what did you hear? >> i think he's trying to reach out and i think at the end of the day what donald trump wants people to understand is he wants people to have opportunity. that's the greatest thing about this country, is the opportunity that we're all presented. it's not about giving entitlements and handouts to people. it's about giving them a job. i mean, there's nothing that can help a person more than giving them a job. it feeds on itself. you get a job, you go to work,
8:41 am
you decide how to spend your own money. and you want -- i mean, it empowered you. i think that makes people feel good. unfortunately, a lot of people don't have that opportunity now because of the regulations you know that come from not only state and federal government but i mean job suppression right now is a real issue. and people need jobs. and that's what donald trump is talking about, i believe. he wants to reach out to those people. >> simone, your face is speaking volumes. >> good, i'm glad. okay, so donald trump's speech last night was not only disingenuous, it was dangerous, though the numbers were bungled and it lacked facts. if donald trump is very interested in reaching out to african-american voters and earning their vote in this election season, perhaps he should have went and spoke to the naacp when invited, spoke to the national association of black journalists and the national association of hispanic journalists, perhaps he should have taken the invitation to come and address the urban
8:42 am
league. perhaps he should hold some roundtables with african-american voters. retail politics is what wins black and brown votes in this country and donald trump is not doing that. to the point that amy made that black people need jobs, of course. but donald trump has not given anyone any real remedies to this rhetoric. hillary clinton is talking about not only the issues but addressing what she's going to do. she has a jobs plan. she has a 100 days jobs plan. donald trump just has a bunch of rhetoric. it was extremely divisive yesterday. i was watching my television, horrified. he vilified the protesters. he's talking about that hillary clinton's a bigot. i do know that the word's coming out of his mouth reek of racism and bigotry. >> an important point with regard to outreach, i've heard you say donald trump needs to reach out to african-american communities and hispanic
8:43 am
communities. when it comes to how to reach out, going to a suburb of milwaukee where the black population is 1% and making that speech versus where hillary clinton was speaking, she was in philadelphia and the black population is 43%, i think we looked it up, is that the right way to do it? >> you're judged not just by what you say but the sincerity of your rhetoric and the actions that back up that rhetoric. look, i am not, as you know, a trump supporter. i wallas delighted to see an eft in the right direction. he has to win more than zero percent of the african-american vote. he has to do it. the republican party, as we all know, has that dititraditionall been awful in terms of reaching out to the african-american community. but simone makes good points. the rhetoric is a good first step. you do need to accept the invitation to the naacp. and i think part of what we have
8:44 am
to do, too, is what we saw, frankly, rick perry do in this primary process, which is own up to the history that republican p pert has had with african-americans which was good until 1964 when the conservative movement and goldwater decided not to back the civil rights act. owning that i think is part of this too. it's more than just getting up and saying hillary clinton is responsible for black poverty which is essentially what he said yesterday. he also pitted african-americans against hispanics and other minorities in sort of this job fight which is also not helpful. >> louis, do you think donald trump can make inroads though? this is a step in the right direction according to margaret. >> no, i think what we're looking at here is a candidate who is in his desperation to fight against a consensus opinion forming around his being unfit to serve as president is going for a hail mary pass. from a man who has been sued for housing discrimination, who
8:45 am
participated in the demon ification of the central park five who acknowledged in a previous interview he had very low opinions of african-americans overall. you know, he has neither the background to back up his vet rick. on issue of jobs, he has opposed the minimum wage. he bleep believes wages are too. he is for right to work. all these things when we talk about job creation and jobs that will help to alleviate the jobs crisis in the urban communities, black, brown, and even among whites, he simply does not have a track record or set of positions that will back up the rhetoric he is trying to throw around in an effort to save himself from his spiraling polling numbers. >> his positions on wages have been -- have evolved throughout the campaign so it's unclear maybe exactly where they stand at the moment. i want you to get in here real quick and then, simone, you can go ahead. >> no, i just want to say, i
8:46 am
mean, look, he was on national tv. in today's day and age, anybody can hear any speech anywhere pretty much with your phone or your computer. and so while he could have been, you know, at a -- in the inner city there in wisconsin, i mean, what about l.a.? everybody has an opportunity to listen to him pretty much because of technology today. i do think, i agree with margaret, you know, at least he's reaching out. it's not just about the black community. it is about hispanics and others that don't have jobs. it's a whole overarching picture of opportunity. he wants to create an environment where people have the opportunity to go out and get jobs and do what they want to do. and not be hindered, you know, by the confines of the government. that's really what it companies down to, kate. >> okay, okay. go ahead, simone. it is absolutely tone deaf to say that donald trump can make a speech, can have a speech talking to african-americans and reaching out to the
8:47 am
african-american community and it's okay there were no african-american people in the audience or maybe even a couple -- >> simone, i'm not saying he shouldn't be reaching out. don't get me wrong. >> no, no, no, but you did. you did say that it's okay that he's on tv so there's basically black people everywhere. there are black people that can see that in l.a. that is inherently the problem. you cannot win in 2016 whether you're running for dog catcher, whether you're running for president of the united states, without a diverse coalition. i think republicans know that. so you have to reach out and do the work. donald trump and the republican party are not reaching out and doing the work. but i'm so happy i'm a democrat because the democrats are. hillary clinton has assembled a very diverse coalition to reach out and do this work. we're not only talking about on the democratic side the issues, not only giving you rhetoric, we're giving you remedies to these policies. got jobs plans. >> i can see on margaret's face she takes exception to that. let's continue the conversation though offline, guys.
8:48 am
this is great. thank you very much for weighing in. thank you, luke, thank you, amy, thank you simone, thank you margaret. any moment now, donald trump will get his first glimpse at our country's secret. how does an intelligence briefing actually go down? we'll talk to one of the men who's been inside those meetings. we'll be right back.
8:49 am
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♪ donald trump gets his very first classified national security briefing today. it will be the first time he's ever had access to such sensitive information. it's been talked about leading up to this point and it's happening today. joining us with what to expect,
8:53 am
lonnie chen, former mitt romney adviser. he accompanied romney to his intel briefings. also, cnn pentagon correspondent, barbara starr. barbara, let me start with you. what kind of briefing he is going to get? who all is going to be briefing it? >> make no mistake, it will be classified information. both donald trump and hillary clinton getting the same briefings. they will be told that it's classified and they may not disclose anything that they learn there. what they will be told is some of the latest intelligence about some of the world hot spots, think of it as russia, maybe north korea, isis, cyberwarfare, that kind of thing. what they will not be told is the most sensitive information. nothing about covert action, nothing about human spies, human intelligence, that the government is using to try and collect information. that most sensitive information is reserved for a
8:54 am
president-elect. they can take advisers into the room with them, people who are able to get a temporary security clearance, if you will. and donald trump has acknowledged now he will be taking retired lieutenant michael flynn into the briefing with him later today in new york. flynn, of course, the retired director of the defense intelligence agency who is a major trump supporter. kate? >> let's bring in lonnie chen now. how important was it for mitt romney? how important is this? >> i think it's important in the facts that it gives you a sense of, here are the troubled spots. you know this intuitively already but you walk through and see a threat matrix, also. >> did it change mitt romney's perspective, leaving the room? >> i don't think it did. he walked in with a certain point of view and walked out with a certain point of view but just more informed. this is not to prepare to make
8:55 am
this person a better candidate. it's to inform. they are really just giving them a sense of here's what is going on in the world. >> you've heard democrats railing against this. are you concerned of donald trump having this information? >> you know, i'm not. i'm not. i heard harry reid say that maybe they should give him fake information. it's a ridiculous assertion. if donald trump actually manages to win this election, i think the president people want him to be no, ma'minally prepared. you've got to be able to go in and govern and have a sense of what is happening in the world and i think that's what these briefings intended to do. >> we won't hear much coming out of them because they are classified. lanhee, bar ra star, thank you. confusing news, brazilian
8:56 am
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