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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  August 19, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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donald trump says "regrets? i've had a few." still not a shake up. his former campaign chairman is out while the campaign takes a new tone. and breaking news, key battleground states now going blue. a key race alert here on "the lead." and going for gold in the 100 meter. ryan lochte speaking out for the first time since that rio mugging that police say it
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didn't happen. >> donald trump tried it before, but is this campaign reboot the real deal? in the past 24 hours, mr. trump accepted paul manafort's resignation. launched his first tv ad, toured areas in louisiana devastated by flooding, and for the first time sounded apologetic. is this a general election pivot we keep hearing about? . kellyann conway says this is exactly what people expect. it is a different tone over the last 24 hours. >>
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trying to stay -- under water. >> it will never be under water. >> but a democrat says he doesn't want the distraction of an obama visit any way. >> i would rather them engage in the response rather than trying to secure the president. >> donald trump softenning his stone after his latest campaign shake up. >> sometimes in the heat of debate, and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words. or you say the wrong thing. i have done that. and believe it or not, i regret it. and i do regret it. particularly where it may have
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caused personal pain. >> trump never saying i'm sorry, but asking the electorate to consider a vote for him, a shake up of the system. >> what do you have to lose by trying something new? i will fix it. watch. >> saying the system stays rigged against americans. >> trump's first ads airing today. airing in ohio, pennsylvania, north carolina, and florida. >> donald trump's america is secure. >> clinton's champ already on the attack. brian fallon saying in case you thought for a split second he was genuine about feeling regret, he is back to demonizing immigrants again in his new ad today. trump's tone as a new team takes over and paul manafort resigns
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as campaign chairman. former trump right-hand man said trump is finally taking charge. >> he did not like the direction that the campaign was going. the polling data in the key battleground states, he wasn't pleased with that. >> the ties to russia and adding flowery language in the end saying this is not the end of the odd bromance between donald trump and vladimir putin. coming in junction moments ago, after being criticized, president obama is heading to baton rouge. pleading with president obama to not let the historic crisis go unattended. now he is going, we learned, on tuesday after his vacation wraps
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up. the white house said the president is eager to hear how the federal government can do more to help louisiana residents in dire need right now. meantime, donald trump says he feels contrition, hillary clinton's universe is trying to prevent the same kind of ethical questions she is facing right now. the clinton foundation will stop accepting foreign and corporate donations if she wins in november. joe, a lot of republican critics are asking why wasn't the same rule in place when she was secretary of state? >> pamela, this is annage knowledgement. back in the day there was supposed to be transparency and a fire wall. now it is all under attack as inadequate by conservative
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groups. >> bill clinton trying to avoid the appearance of conflicts announcing he will resign from the board of the clinton foundation if the former secretary of state wins in november. he stopped giving paid speeches and a spokesman says he will keep it that way if she is elected. the foundation saying they will no longer accept corporate or foreign donations. the clintons amassed a whopping $155 million combined for paid speeches since leaving the white house. >> bill and hillary used the state department to enrich their family and at america's expense. she gets rich making you poor. >> the foundation cake under scrutiny. the clinton campaign flatly denies any pay to play allegations and the candidate defended the foundation's work.
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>> we have so much that we're proud of and i will put that up against any accusations coming from donald trump. >> but republicans jumped on the new announcements. clinton today trying to steal donald trump's spotlight who is visiting louisiana after calling the governor there, clinton taking to facebook to plead for help for the flooding victims saying my heartbreaks for louisiana and right now the relief effort can't afford any distractions. all of this emerging after mrs. clinton's controversial e-mail server. she say it's is colin powell. it is an excerpt saying at a 2009 dinner party hosted by former secretary of state madeline albrecht, he
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recommended she use her own e-mail, as he had done, except for classified communications. he said he had no recklatiollec. saying at the time there was no equivalent system in the department. using a secure state department community on his desk. >> powell served at a time when the use of e-mail was just reaching popularity and more importantly he never had his own private server. >> thank you for that. key battleground states looking less and less like a fight. our first look at what states are starting to turn blue on the map after this. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic,
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a ask. cnn this hour just put out a new electoral map and it takes
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snapshots of the states. there are those states that lean republican or democratic but not a done deal for one candidate of a particular party. and then, of course, the battleground states where the race is truly up for grabs. what did our latest map find? hillary clinton has a dramatic edge. donald trump could win every battleground and it still wouldn't be enough to keep clinton out of the white house. so david, tell us what you learned here on this map? >> lots of polls have been coming out in critical battleground states and they almost all have been in hillary clinton's direction. after her convention bounce and donald trump facing controversial weeks. so let's look at what the map looked like before today's
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changes, you see there was about eight true battleground states there. we took three of them and made them lean democratic. new hampshire, pennsylvania, and virginia, the last two being pretty big electoral prizes. hillary clinton's states that are solid on her side, leaning her way, add up to 273 electoral votes. this is just a snapshot of where the race is right now. it is a tough one. as you noted, he can end every battleground state right now and it would not be enough. he needs to start digging into territory that is leaning in clinton's direction. >> we know he spent a fair amount of time in pennsylvania and other battleground states, was there anything that surprised you with this new electoral map?
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>> i think virginia is one big surprise so far where we're at that hillary clinton's lead is so substantial there that both her super pac supporting her, they said they're coming off of the air waves there in september. indeed, it is not a state where donald trump is advertising in his initial buy that started today. in 2008, it had not been on the democratic side since 1964. the fact that it is so much in her direction, that is a troubled sign for trump. he has to reach in that territory, maybe barack obama or hillary clinton having success there, he kneed needs to woo thk to his side. >> for more, pull out your smart phone, go to the app store, and
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get the cnn politics app. now let's bring in our panel for today's news. former south carolina state representative, and donald trump campaign co-chair all joining us here onset. thank you for being here. maggie, i want to start with you on the heels of what we heard from david. how can trump change some of the blue states and win in the fall. >> he just started airing ads today. they are in four states, they are underfunded, and his negatives are worse than her. she has high negatives and that gives republicans some home. he is starting in a position from the back. he is operating a campaign that says all of the traditional tools do not matter. he needs to present himself as
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undoing his negatives. he has to focus on what people are voting for. today's ad was about immigration which is an issue he cares about, but that is not the top issue. >>. >> and there is new leadership in his campaign. basically warning democrats to not get complacent despite the sinking poll numbers. they said she will be on the other foot. talking about his new discipline, and the outreach he made. >> i think it has every possibility of becoming a closer race. i think it will tighten up. that is why democrats, hillary clinton, all of the guys and people in brooklyn have to make
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sure they go after the vote. what was more telling is not only was hillary clinton having advantages in straits that lean democratic, but the swing states that were up, you saw ohio was up, nevada was up, she is leading in those states as well. not leading by enough to move them one category to another, but leading there as well. the advantage that hillary clinton has over donald trump is that donald trump placed a ceiling on where he can grow. donald trump has not shown that head can expand the space. he is not bringing in white college educated women. he is not bringing in african-americans, it is difficult for him to bring in swing states. >> we're also seeing a new donald trump in terms of him coming out and sounding apologetic. on that note, the clinton campaign said look, that is e
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hollow, what was he referring to in terms of what he was sorry for? >> hillary clinton has nerve lecturing anyone on fessing up for things done wrong given her record. she said a lot of things that angered some, and he said some harsh words. he acknowledged it, says he regreats it, and that puts him in direct contrast. instead of addressing them head on, she has always failed to just simply say a few keywords like we were wrong, i'm sorry, i did this, and move on. this new tone, this sort of -- >> many people can say that about donald trump. it took him this long in the campaign to say i'm sorry, and people say hillary clinton took awhile. >> hillary clinton has said -- >> right.
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>> initially it took awhile to say it was a mistame. >> hillary clinton said i apologize, she said it 1,000 times and the media says when will you -- >> there was a huge refusal to focus on it. >> let me just quickly ask this because there was a big development today with paul manafort leaving the campaign. you have paul leaving, corey was fired. trump touted all along he has the ability to bring in the best and brightest.
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>> the resignation that he speaks out today speaks for itself. he resigned. we're moving forward, that is it. you saw a shift in the campaign all week. a wonderful speech on monday and tuesday, law enforcement issues, talking about terrorism. then you have a great speech last night, really changing his own certapersona. you see the change. >> what do you think, maggie? >> we reported that roger ailes was quietly advising trump. he urged a bunch of changes. you're seeing a lot of that this week. and it is ironic. it is more like a traditional candidate.
1:22 pm
the way he is presented it is different. so kellyan cn conway. these are all of the kinds of things he didn't do for a long time and favored rallies. whether or not he can sustain is is another question. >> and now president obama will be touring louisiana after taking criticism. coming up here on "the lead, ryan lochte breaking his silence about the international incident that started at a gas station in rio. flames in california leveling everything in it's path. we're in san bernardino county california.
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welcome back to "the lead." in our national lead, close to 10,000 firefighters battling fires across california right now. nearly 58 square miles have been overtaken by one fire.
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the rapidly spreading blue cut fire. they say it is only 26% contained, but that is an improvement from 4% yesterday morning. paul is in san bernardino county for us. this wild fire left a stral of devastation in it's wake. do we have any idea how many homes have been destroyed? >> we do, pam, a much more firm number on the structures and homes. 213 structures. from a barn to a shed to this. the iconic summit in at the top of cajon pass. this was a stop along route 66. a nostalgic stop. people liked to come in for an ostrich burger or a piece of pie. the manager of the summit inn lives right over there. there was 96 homes burned in the
1:29 pm
blue cut fire. clearly a lot of devastation. for awhile they could not get the assessment teams in to figure out what was burned because it was too difficult to battle the blaze and do the assessment at the same time, pam. >> and the fire quickly ignited on tuesday. they called the fire unprecedented. how are they handling the terrain there? >> you can tell we're at the top of this pass and it just suppressed so quickly. they had to go to the air. we saw a full fledged air assault yesterday. they dropped so much of the purple retardant. it worked dramatically well. they sealed off the most active
1:30 pm
plank of the fire yesterday right where they dropped all of this retardant. so it was a brilliant aerial assault. and the tankers were dropping water and that worked. and the containment number will no doubt go up again when they have a chance to compare notes and figure out just what they got to and got at today, pam. >> they certainly have their work cut out for them. thank you, paul, we appreciate it. in natural disasters such as the wild fires have left so many people with nothing but stages of requesting federal i
1:31 pm
did disaster aide for their while fires. more than 70,000 people are now applying for help. and it could be weeks before we know the true price tag. authorities are not shy about calling this the worst flooding since super storm sandy that ran up a bill of 8.3 billion. again, that is just in flood dad. the other disaster to top that, hurricane katrina. the government spent $16.3 billion on that one alone which made it the costliest hurricane in history. he is being called the ugly american, and now ryan lochte is apologizing. is it too late now to say sorry? >> this cnn money series is brought to you by peter g.
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we're back our sports lead now, and today ryan lochte is apologizing for his activity in rio de janeiro. his apology comes aday after police accuse the swimmer and teammates of vandalizing a bathroom and urinating on the property. they do both agree there was a gun, and money exchanged hands, but it wasn't a robbery. that part may be lost in translation. let's bring in nick peyton walsh to help clear up all of this confusion. is this over? what is the real story here? >> it is remarkable, isn't it? we all still agree there was vandalism, there was urinating
1:37 pm
in an unspecified place behind the gas station. there was a gun, discussion, and money handed over. but it comes down to individual perception, it seems, at a pretty late time on a saturday night, early sunday morning after heavy celebrating to work out whether or not what happened there constitutes armed robbery. >> ryan lochte took to instagram today saying he apologizes for "my behavior last weekend." for not being more careful and candid in how i described the events of that early morning. and taking the focus away from the many athletes fulfilling their plm dreams. surveillance video supports accounts that they vandalized the gas station.
1:38 pm
money reportingly changed hands. lochte described the encounter as a armed robbery. >> they pulled us over, they pulled out guns. they told the other swimmers to get down on the ground. the guy pulled out his gun, cocked it, put it to my forehead, said get down. >> they reached an agreement with the armed guards to pay for damages while the gold medalist has apologized, he said it is traumatic to be out late with your friends in a foreign country with a language barrier, and have a stranger point a gun at you and demand money to let you leave. >> we have accepted his apology. >> it is clear the brazilian population felt humiliated. >> he was back in the u.s. for days while his teammates bore the brunt and the mayor saying he feels pity and contempt for
1:39 pm
all of them. james feigen was not allowed to leave until he paid $11,000 to a nation nag sports charity. feigen and his lawyer agreed to the donation in a court appearance. the others returned to the u.s. just this morning, being pulled off of their original flight by brazilian authorities on wednesday, given their passports back after giving statements to police. this as the olympic committee tries to clean up the mess left behind. they said the behavior of the athletes is not acceptable and does not represent the values of team usa. their security guards "displayed their weapons, ordered the athletes from the vehicle, and demanded a monetary payment." >> we will never really know what was going through ryan lochte's mind at 6:00 a.m. that
1:40 pm
morning, and why he came up with this stark public account, but his reputation is taking a pounding. some here mad that armed robbery could be used as an alibi, really. it overshadowed the end of these games. >> it is so unfortunate. thank you so much. and i want to bring in cnn sports analyst kristine brennan. i want to talk more about what we heard in nick's report. rewrote this column overnight, and in it you say that lochte made up lie to cover up alleged vandalism at the very lease, and stole the heart and soul out of the second week of the olympic games. do you think he went far enough for you on his instagram post that we just heard about in nick's report? >> that is a great question. it is an interesting apology.
1:41 pm
there is explanations throughout it. he is also, when he apologizes, he says sorry to his sponsors, names them before the host of the games. i think it was written more by a public relations person than by him, and that is no shock. most of these athletes don't necessarily write their own things. we should look back at michael phelps who had several run ins in the law. each time the statement was concise, a total apology, got it out within a day or two, and i think as nick mentioned, the five days lag before this came out devastating for ryan lochte's reputation, p.r. wise and whatever you think about it. >> and despite what he posted for this apology, could he still
1:42 pm
lose endorsements? what could his future hold? >> yes, by the u.s. swimming committee or the olympics or both in concert. i think there is no doubt there is a banishment of some length for him, for the other three as well. and they could be different. lochte is really the only one of those four who has any significant endorsement money coming in, and pam, i think all of us would have to ask as we look at this story why would any sponsor want to be attached to this man and this story at this point? my sense is that he will lose the sponsors or they will want to go quiet for awhile. >> just to be year, did you just confirm he will be suspended? >> yes, i am saying that he will be suspended. we don't have, i think the key point here is, pam, there is no doubt that usa swimming, which
1:43 pm
is no nonsense, they threw the book at michael phelps, if you look at a flu, look at the statement that's came out from near organizations. they're not happy, they're embarrassed, but absolutely there will be some suspensions. we don't know the length because as a source told me, they're going to be talking about this. there is a lot of people involved. not just one athlete doing one thing. we don't expect any news of suspensions to come while we're here in rio. my guess would be that it is sometimes next week. they want to get this behind them as fast as possible. >> ryan lochte made it clear he wants to go to the next olympics, is that going to happen? >> he is 32, that is not exactly young in swimming. he won a relay gold medal, he did not have his best year. i think it is in doubt whether or not he would be able to make the 2020 olympic team. but of course, part of this as you well know, is that it is
1:44 pm
also being an ambassador for the sport. if you're banned or suspended for a year or for the rest of year career. you and we'll see how it plays out. there is no doubt that usa swimming will take this as the ultimate embarrassment and hijacking of the last week of these games. >> kristine brennan with breaking news that ryan lochte will be suspended, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> and switching to another big story. if you're pregnant, don't go there. that is the new zika warning for a section of a very popular vacation spot right here in the u.s. plus, a little boy that grabbed the world's attention. dazed, confused, and bloodied. now we know what happened to
1:45 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." that graphic and stomach dropping video we saw of a 5-year-old boy sitting here, wiping away the blood on his fate after four men sal advantages his life. what happened to that little boy right there? today, he asked or and over to see his parents and he never screamed or cried, but he barely
1:50 pm
spoke except to ask where his mom and dad were. he finally broke down in tears. he was eventually discharged. but the prospect of him being impacted begin by another bomb social security high. the province is now under siege by a regime. and the bombardment is a special concern to the pentagon. barbara, did your sources indicate how close this bombing raid ca raid came to u.s. positions? >> it was close enough that for the first time, special operations forceders had to get out of the way. >> this is set to show fighters
1:51 pm
in a running gun battle with syrian regime forces. syrian fighter jets also bombing the area and alarming the pentagon that ordered the hasty withdrawal of nearby forces. >> they may be u.s. intelligence folks on the ground. so this increases the possibility of direct conflict. >> the building smoldering from the air strikes. u.s. forces are training to fight isis. until now, the regime steered clear of where the americans operate. when the attack came, the u.s. military scrambled trying to contact the syrian aircraft and
1:52 pm
there was no answer. they warned they will take whatever action is necessary to defend u.s. forces. and sending more u.s. aircraft in the area to patrol the skies. there is now a real possibility of the u.s. and syria squaring off in the air. a senior use military official telling cnn if the syrians try this again, they are at great risk of losing an aircraft. dozens of additional u.s. special operation forces are still in other areas of northern syria. to protect them, the tough u.s. lobby will continue. >> if they leave because things get hot, what is meant is they were coerced to pull back by a combination that they expect of syrian, iran, and russian efforts. >> but the russians are stepping up their action.
1:53 pm
these missiles launched at what moscow said were al qaeda targets. and wounded by ayr strikes in aleppo and now recovering. another tiny victim of yet another bombing. tonight, no word from the pentagon of when the u.s. special operation forces might move into their positions. you can count on that information remaining highly classified. >> thank you, barbara starr at the pentagon, thank you so much. a growing zika warning here in the states. now telling pregnant women to stay away from parts of a very popular vacation destination. centers of america, every patient gets their own care manager, to coordinate every aspect of their care. it's a long journey, its very complicated and we try to help them through that. we are available 24/7.
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we're back with our health lead today. state officials announcing today
1:58 pm
that five new cases of the virus popped up just in miami beach alone. and in an unprecedented move, the cdc is warning pregnant women and their partners to not travel to two areas in the miami area. >> as you said this is an unprecedented warning if is loc loc local transmission here in florida. so the people getting zika, they did not travel or go the latin american or the caribbean. got it here in the united states. >> that brings me so my next
1:59 pm
question. people are probably wondering what does this mean for me. the cdc saying pregnant women should reconsider their plans for that, how quickly could this spread outside of that area? >> right, so there is only these two specific areas that the cdc is telling people don't come here. for all of miami county, the cdc is saying consider postponing your traveling here. what it means, it started just in one relatively small area and it spread to a text of miami beach, so viruss spread. will it spread? no one can say for sure. it seems likely. it seems like they it will spread because that is the nature of the decide. >> that is frightening. thank you for that. >> thanks. >> that is it for "the lead." i'm amla brown and i turn you
2:00 pm
over to brianna keiler. thank you for being here with us. happening now, minus manafort. donald trump's campaign manager resigns. was he pushed out. the candidate who never admits mistakes, but it is not clear when he didn't use right words and who he caused pain. we're waiting for a fuller explanation. leaked excuse. from her confidential fbi interview, hillary clinton says colin powell recommended she use a private e-mail account. powell doesn't remember the conversation. what else will we learn from those class fied accounts. a


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