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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  August 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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out front next. breaking news, donald trump making an all-out appeal to african-american voters in michigan. just moments ago as another major campaign shake-up rocks his staff. also, ryan lochte with what some are calling a half-hearted apology. tonight, we're learning the punishment he will face and breaking news, a judge forcing hillary clinton to answer more questions about her e-mails. let's go "out front." ♪ ♪ good evening, everyone. i'm poppy harlow in tonight for erin burnett. "out front" tonight, donald trump courting african-american voters at a rally that ended in michigan. this on a day when we saw another seismic shift at the top of trump's staff. paul manafort out. the new leadership clearly evident tonight in trump's speech making a major push for black voters. >> what do you have to lose? you're living in poverty.
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your schools are no good. you have no jobs. 58% of your youth is unemployed. what the hell do you have to lose? and at the end of four years, i guarantee you, that i will get over 95% of the african-american vote. i promise you. >> also today, trump touring flood-ravaged louisiana visiting victims and making personal donations along with his running mate, mike pence, perhaps forcing hillary clinton's hand. the clinton camp this afternoon issuing a statement saying that she called the governor john bell edwards to express her concern and also tonight the white house announcing the president will tour the flood zone on tuesday. and more breaking news tonight, cnn's electoral map now shows that hillary clinton could lose every remaining battleground state to trump on election day
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and still win with 273 electoral votes. more on that in just a moment. i am joined by our panel of political experts and jessica snyder out front at the site of the trump rally in michigan. this was a push for african-american voters that was very clear. he said it time and time again, but he did it in front of an almost wholly white audience. >> reporter: that's right, poppy. he's spent a large portion of this 45-minute speech making that very pointed pitch to african-american voters. he talked about in his words democratic policies have failed minority community, but the majority of this gym and this big arena in dimondale, michigan it was a vast majority of whites. we're in the town of dimondale, 93 miles from detroit and this is a town of 1200 people and it turns out the black population is only 1% of the total population, but despite that
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donald trump continued to talk about these policies and talk and make that pitch to african-american voters and keep his tone very inclusive. take a listen. >> our future is going to be a great future for everyone. for everyone. in a trump administration, all workers of all colors will get priority for jobs in their own country which is about time. i want higher wages for african-americans, for hispanic-americans and for all americans, we want higher wages. >> reporter: and you saw it a little bit in that speech. what we saw tonight was a very dynamic yet disciplined donald trump. he did stick to teleprompter throughout this speech, but there were a few off-the-cuff and ad-libbed moments and one of them pertained to african-american voters and he said something that wasn't in the transcript that he had that
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he predicted if he were elected president that in four years he would get 95% of the african-american vote. there were a few other times when he did ad lib and for the most part he did stick on script, but yet still show cased that unique donald trump style that his campaign promised he would go back to. poppy? >> yeah. it's an interesting remark. 95% when he's polling at 1% among african-americans in the wall street poll. after another major shake-up and our serfaty. >> campaign chairman paul manafort is out. >> i think my father didn't want to be distracted by whatever things paul was dealing with. >> reporter: sources tell cnn manafort was facing scrutiny to his lobbying ties to the ukraine and russia and told trump he was becoming a distraction and
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wanted to to end. >> the last three or four weeks have not gone well. the campaign has missed opportunities to go after hillary when they shouldn't have and what i want to see by winning is the campaign back on message. >> reporter: faced with slipping poll numbers, the campaign is ushering in an empowering new blood on the campaign, making to to the flood zone in louisiana. >> what's happened here is incredible. nobody understands how bad it is. it's really incredible. i'm just here to help. >> to show a flash of presidential leadership on the ground and set up a clear contrast with president obama who has not yet visited the devastated site. >> i heard he was trying to stay under par while we're under water. >> he'll never be under par. >> he'll visit baton rouge next week. team trump is also finally debuting his first tv ad of the general election campaign, getting back to the core of donald trump's original campaign
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message. >> in hillary clinton's america the system stays rigged against americans. syrian refugees flood in, illegal immigrants convicted of committing crimes get to stay. the trump campaign spent over $4 million for that ad which will run for four battleground states, ohio, pennsylvania, north carolina and florida. virginia was anticipated to be the fifth battleground state, but is not now part of the plan. the clinton campaign today quickly seized on this ad especially as it relates to this perceived new strategy of donald trump and the clinton spokesman, in case you thought for a split second trump was genuine about feeling regret. he's back to demonizing immigrants again in this new ad. >> and on we go. sunlen, thank you so much. maggie haberman, donald trump supporter kayleigh mcmainy and basil smikle, clinton supporter
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and let's start with the speech that trump just wrapped up. it was 93% white and he could have gone to detroit and made this in front of a largely minority audience. he didn't. let's listen to his pitch. >> what do you have to lose in you're living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs. 58% of your youth is unemployed. what the hell do you have to lose? >> i mean, clearly, this isn't a mission, kayleigh that he can't win even if he got all of the working-class voters, but why did he make this pitch there in front of an almost all-white audience? >> he made this pitch on a national audience and it was broadcast on several major networks and i don't think the cosmetic makeup of his audience that was physically in that room -- >> why doesn't it matter? >> what matters is what he said is that democrats have failed the african-american community. don't take it from me, take it from tavist smiley, a liberal
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commentator, where they're failing on almost every single indicator. >> the fact that he's making the case that democrats have failed this community. >> he pointed out that the high, high unemployment rate for african-american youth. >> what's interesting to me is he doesn't talk about why. he doesn't talk about failed republican policies that have led to that over the last several years. he doesn't talk about republican obstructionism in congress, but let me give you other numbers. african-americans have not supported republicans historically for the last 40, 50 years. republicans have not gotten more than 20% of the african-american vote since 1964. there is a reason for that and i want to talk about donald trump's hypocrisy. nobody's talking about his comments during the era of the central park five. when he spent $100,000 on newspaper ads calling for the death penalty for five black teenagers. >> who were exonerated in 2014. >> he did not -- i want to talk about the fact that a black protester was punched out and he
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said he would pay the legal fees of the person who punched him out. there is a hypocrisy there that i think among all of the campaign shake-up that we're talking in the -- >> there's no -- we need to talk about the substance. >> you want to talk about hypocrisy in the 1990s, bill clinton was golfing at an all-white golf club. the crime bill has put so many african-american men and women into our prisons. hillary clinton called the community super predators and bill clinton doubled down on that. >> the danger here -- the danger here, in my opinion, is talking about these issues and not in context because i lived in these community, and i know that there were grandmothers and pastors and parents that were calling for something to be done to get some of these kids off the corner. it's okay that 20, 30 years later we can go back and see what the negative effects are from those policy, but hillary clinton has talked about, that hillary clinton has talked about. >> both of them -- >> so let me get maggie haberman
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in here. he does this in front of a largely white audience and then he says, ad libbing and not part of the written speech. in four years, if i run for reelection i'll get 95% of the african-american vote and what was lacking in the speech i was looking for is specific policy prescriptions on what has led to this inequality and opportunity for african-american youth is just not acceptable in this country. your take on the lack of specifics. >> there's been a theme in donald trump's speeches for many weeks that he's talked about how he wants to approach things and they've often said and they didn't about this speech, but they're said we will get to the details later and we saw it on the terrorism speech this week and we'll give an immigration speech next week and he's given a couple of different versions of the immigration plan and hasn't talked about how he would implement it. >> i think when he says things like he'll guarantee you he'll
4:11 pm
win 95% of the black vote, it's statements like that that i think undermine what he's trying to do because what he is trying to do is -- i hate the word pivot because we've worn it into the ground now like a nub, but that is what they're attempting to do this week, and if you take away the drama of paul manafort and all of the stories you have a version of donald trump that has been three teleprompter speeches and did something that was leaderly and traditional today by going to louisiana and that gets stepped on by other things. >> this all comes on the heels of these poll numbers because these swing states are what it's all about. phil mattingly, let's talk about the context of this, and trump puts out these major ad buys in now way after hillary clinton did, by the way, and now cnn's new electoral map is showing us what? >> hillary clinton as it stands today could lose every battleground state that isn't leaning democrat and safe democrat and still get the electoral vote. you only need 270 to win.
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what this underscores is what the last month has meant. national polling isn't what most people inside campaigns are looking at. they're looking at the battleground states and they're looking at these states that are going to decide an election and donald trump went into this election with a narrower path than hillary clinton did. you need to keep those battleground states in play. the one that is most notable to me is pennsylvania. pennsylvania has been a state that donald trump has repeatedly pointed to fits the model of the voter. >> the white, blue-collar voter. the voters he tapped into the republican party. that's one of the places where they're spending money on their ad campaign, if donald trump can't win pennsylvania and donald trump can't win this election and the caveats. it's early and he's just starting to spin on the ground and his campaign feels like they're putting time and debate into what they'll look like. >> these are numbers. >> phil could not be more
4:13 pm
correct of the state of pennsylvania. >> if he keeps every romney state and wins pennsylvania and ohio he wins the election. the late of the polling we have in pennsylvania was taken 12 days ago. >> he's down 11 points. >> yes, but that was with the post-convention bump that was a really bad week with him. this is not the remove nated campaign polling. >> 80 days to go, guys. next, the shake-up on team trump. a woman who once campaigned against him now leading his team. will she let trump be trump? ryan lochte apologizes and tonight he's sticking to a major part of his original story. a judge orders hillary clinton to answer more questions about his her e-mails and it was a prominent republican who told her to use a private e-mail account.
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breaking news tonight. donald trump making a new pitch to african-american voters and this coming hours after trump's campaign chairman paul manafort resigned. he was originally hired to make trump more presidential. can his new campaign team do just that? chris freightes out frount. >> reporter: a more disciplined donald trump last night. >> sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues you don't choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. i have done that. and believe it or not i reret it? why the change? the tone bears the hallmarks of his new campaign manager kellyanne conway and a longtime washington pollster that helped shape campaigns for former house speaker newt gingrich and jack
4:18 pm
kemp, texas senator ted cruz and now indiana governor and now current vice presidential candidate mike pence. and she challenged the idea of a hillary clinton presidency for more than a decade. >> the high watermark for hillary clinton was in 1998 at 28%. that was the year that her husband used her like a doormat. he cheated on her. he humiliated her which suggests to me -- >> but he never -- >> i admire and i actually feel sorry for her. >> in 2005 even conway might not have backed a trump candidacy. >> it's time for a change. >> saying in the interview that, quote, although americans love to pretend they have this great love affair with change, choice, options and revolution, they order the same thiat mcdonald's every single night. they like consistency and adhere to certainty. >> we're going to make sure donald trump is comfortable about being in his own skin,
4:19 pm
that he doesn't lose that authenticity that you can't buy and a pollster can't give you. >> and winning over women voters. >> we will fight for everybody's vote and we recognize all issues are women's issues and we're going to earn their votes. >> the first woman to serve as a campaign manager for a republican presidential candidate, conway is known as the into steve bannon's yang and has his ear. >> the advice i would give him is be authentic because that's what american appreciate and he's seen with hillary clinton what happens when you're inauthentic when you're trying too hard to be something you're not. >> while conway is trying to help smooth trump's edges and he she talked about his reg reds in last night's speech and that's not her job and americans will see more campaigning with humor and grace and after several staff shake-ups, conway told me, quote thshgs is the team that
4:20 pm
will take him to election day. poppy? >> have a great weekend. my panel is back. kaylee, first to you. we know that she's been successful and that's clearly part of the hire here. look at the pugh poll. trump is down 19 points with women. doesn't it take more than getting the female vote to get things so significantly and to move the needle and something that hasn't happened for republican presidential candidates to get the women's vote since '88. >> donald trump has had a generic message and he's going to keep the same message and he'll put it through a prism that women will hear. speaking in terms of family. how will you afford sending your kids to college and talking about being able to afford child care and that was the small part of the economics speech and i believe we'll hear the speech coming up. i think what i understand is that he's the best person for student loan debt and the best
4:21 pm
obamacare and the cost of health care and the burden that often falls on females and women who are leading their households with this. i mean, she has been successful over, you know, years getting the female vote. who is to say she can't do it this time? >> she's talked about authenticity and donald trump and donald trump said women who get abortions should be punished and it's an inconvenience to employers. >> he's elevated women to the organization and i'm not just talking to ivanka trump to very high levels. >> okay. what does that say going back to maggie's point about policies. i haven't heard policies that suggest to me at all that he'll be better than hillary clinton on gender issues and the same thing again to african-american issues. going to the point african-americans were dying to the street where is he on gun control and -- this is policy -- this is policy. this is where the rubber meets
4:22 pm
the road. >> democrats assume all i care about is contraception and abortion and most women care about the same thing men care about and they want to be spoken to generically and not as a voter. >> what i'm going by is what he said and what he said, whether it's with respect to women and whether respect to african-americans is something i can't buy and i don't see where he backs any of his right now over policy. >> let's listen to kellyanne conway when she was in ted cruz's camp talking about donald trump. >> he says he's for the little guy, but he's done a lot of his business on the backs of little guy. >> and they're talking about vms of trump university and trump new york city. i would like those see transparent. >> does it matter? >> donald trump's getting beaten up over the tax returns. does it matter that she said that stuff? >> i don't think you will see that in an ad. kellyanne conway is exceptionally good on television and a very good communicator and she communicates well for her
4:23 pm
clients and at that point ted cruz was the person she was supporting. she has a long relationship with donald trump and what happens privately is different from what you're seeing there. the problem is that this is going to -- does this matter? it will be used by the clinton campaign and it will be used by priorities usa the super pac backing hillary clinton. what matters most is what the candidate says, right? at the end of the day what will matter is what trump says going forward and not in terms of slogans or in terms of broader brush approaches, but on specifics. that is what voters vote on. voters vote on what impacts their lives and so one of the reasons that donald trump lost a lot of time in the last couple of weeks and there are many reasons and one is the constant battling with the media which kellyanne conway does not favor and some people in his campaign, and paul manafort was not one of them, but some in the campaign voted for it, no question we saw a radically different trump last
4:24 pm
night and i think again tonight in michigan. >> yes, but i would also like to make the point, there's a reason why the word pivot has been worn down. >> i hate that word this week. >> not just the word, but how many times have we seen donald trump -- >> and there are 80 days ahead. >> donald trump says i'm funding my own campaign and kellyanne conway can be very effective with major donors. >> no question about it. if you look across the major donor networks, whether you talk establishment republicans or tea party republicans and almost universally there's respect for kellyanne conway and her ability to work with her clients and her ability to put out a message is effective and also very helpful. kellyanne conway helps secure a relationship that's been building over the last couple of weeks with the mercer families and they're some of the biggest donors in republican politics and they more or less come over to the trump campaign and the daughter has absolutely come over to the trump campaign. that's effective not just big
4:25 pm
money to a campaign. it's affected because a very targeted approach on the super pac side and it's affected on the data side and cambridge analytics which is a major republican data firm. all of these things are very important. you want to talk about a single donor that really matters and even though donald trump is for the most part is funding his own campaign. >> and the koch brothers out of this one for the trump side, at least. >> we appreciate it. >> out front next, american swimmer ryan lochte and this as michael phelps weighs in on the controversy tonight for the first time. also it's politics at the grassroots level. people stealing donald trump lawn signs. it is all caught on tape. i want my blood sugar to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours. i want to trim my a1c.
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breaking news. ryan lochte's future with the u.s. swim team tonight in jeopardy. sources close to the investigation tell cnn contributor christine brennan that lochte will be suspended after he lied about being robbed at gun point in rio and now lochte is apologizing tonight.
4:30 pm
vandalism at a gas station bathroom after a late night of partying. our brynn gingras is out front with more. >> reporter: 12-time olympic medalist ryan lochte apologizing today for his behavior in a bizarre incident that has cast a shadow over rio's olympic games. >> i wanted to apologize for my behavior last weeknd for not being more careful and candid in how i described the events. in his statement posted instagram lochte did not back down from the most dramatic part of his initial story. >> they pulled out a gun and told the other swimmers to get down on the ground. they got down on the ground. i refused and i was, like, we didn't do anything wrong. he took our money. he took my wallet. >> reporter: the 32-year-old sticking to his story that he and his teammates were robbed at gun point writing, it's traumatic to be out late with your friends in a foreign country with a language barrier and have a stranger have a stranger point a gun at you and
4:31 pm
demand money to let you leave. jack conger and gunnar bentz leaving last night. they put most of the blame on lockty and it was lochte who vandalized the gas station including damaging a sign and the bathroom door and that lochte later fabricate the robbery story. surveillance video shows the swimmer first trying to get one tax and i trying to find a cab. the swimmers tried to escape and then security guards who pointed a gun at them ordered them out of the cab. the witness telling the newspaper that the swimmers pleaded with gas station employees not to call the police. jimmy feigen is the last of the four to return home. at a court appearance, feigen appeared to pay nearly $11,000 to a local charity for falsely reporting a crime. and today michael phelps, the most decorated olympian of all time breaking his silence on the incident? >> have you spoken to ryan
4:32 pm
lockty? >> no. >> do you think it will work itself out? >> we have good people taking care of it. >> yeah. >> ryan lochte likely now home here in charlotte, possibly waiting for the results of the investigations. poppy, we are told the u.s. olympic committee and usa swimming both independently conducting their own investigation saying they're not happy with this conduct and it's possible disciplinary will be taken not only against lochte, but against all four members of the swim team. what a week and what a story. >> cnn sports analyst christine brennan is with us and she's with us and been following the story in rio tonight and legal analyst paul kellan is with me. ryan lochte comes out and issues a -- some call it a half-hearted apology, but you have new reporting especially tonight on what the consequences are going to be. what the punishment will be. >> reporter: exactly, poppy. i've been talking to sources for a couple of days now, and it's eventually, usa swimming and the
4:33 pm
u.s. olympic committee will suspend ryan lochte and will suspend the other three swimmers. this is just one from covering the olympics for all these years. this is exactly how this works. usa swimming is no nonsense. they suspended michael phelps for three months for the marijuana photo back in 2009, six months for a second dui in 2014. the usoc is also very tough on these kinds of things and i talked to several sources who are going to be involved in the decision making who said, in fact, one mentioned to me today that ryan lochte, if he didn't apologize they thought he would get a lifetime ban. so he's apologized now. so maybe he saved himself from a lifetime ban, but there is no doubt there will be severe punishment for ryan lochte and the other swimmers probably from both organizations, usa swimming and usoc. >> paul, there is always a chance that lochte and the other swimmers pushed back and say no,
4:34 pm
no, no. this happened and we are pushing back and we don't think we should have the suspension. legal's, what are their chances with that? >> certainly, in the event of a lifetime ban there would be a substantial pushback and there would be court proceedings or an arbitration. lochte and the others would claim that, in fact, they were robbed. their defense would be that although they may have broken some things at the gas station, when security guards displaying a badge showed a gun and demanded more money than they had offered to repair what they had harmed and that was a robbery. so factually the report of a robbery were accurate. the details may have had problems. >> they did. >> yes. >> so the problem is in the detail, but not in the general idea that they were assaulted illegally in brazil. that's what i'm saying and lawyers would assert it. >> your defense -- you've
4:35 pm
defended people who have lied before. >> yes. >> how would you defend them? >> well, this is a very, very difficult case, and it's a defense that will take place under the eyes of the world, and i think, you know, ironically, the very thing that they were seeking to avoid, a sanction from the u.s. olympic committee by making up this story is what they wound up getting in the end by telling this lie, and you can assert a defense and you can claim you were in danger that night and misperceived what was going on and there are ways you can go and put a defense on the table, but frankly, you don't want to go back to brazil. they're not going to be extradited by the u.s. and frankly, brazilian prisons are among the worst in the world and that's the last that they're going to see of brazil. it will take place about suspensions now. >> that's what i've been hearing from legal analysts like you, that look, lochte will not be extradited to brazil. we'll see what does proceed when the suspension does come down. christine brennan, to you. the authorities in rio spent a
4:36 pm
lot of time, a lot of resources and money cleaning up their city and making the most dangerous areas as safe as they possibly could. how has his apology to the people of rio and to the authorities playing out there tonight? >> reporter: well, poppy, as i think you know, he apologized to his sponsors before he apologized to the people who ran the games. that's a stunner for me. he waited five days and that was the apology. michael phelps, his apologies were succinct and took 100% of the blame and moved on. ryan lockty is not doing that and ryan lochte is compounding the problem and the good news is that after the initial news that a gun was put to ryan lochte's head as ryan himself said, we had a games on edge for a few days and i think people were really concerned playing to the stereotypes we talked about for months leading into rio about what could be going wrong and the street crime and now that the story has come out and we may never know the exact thing
4:37 pm
that happened at that gas station, but the pr nightmare remains for the u.s. olympic committee and ryan lochte and the other swimmers, but i think what happened afterwards as people started to realize the story wasn't quite true everybody breathed a sigh of relief and over the last couple of days, the games end on sunday we can get back to watching athletes and giving them the attention they deserve. >> we just talked about the incredible athletes doing wonderful things. thank you very much, christine and paul. we appreciate it. also breaking, a federal uj j makes a major decision on hillary clinton's private e-mails and we have that and also the heart wrenching image of this little boy captured, that little picture from aleppo coming up. we have the latest on his condition. man, my feet are killin' me. same time tomorrow, fellas!? dr. scholl's massaging gel work insoles absorb a hard day on your feet for comfort that keeps you feeling more energized. dude's got skills. dr. scholl's work insoles.
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. breaking news. a federal judge rules that hillary clinton must answer written questions about her e-mails. this stemming from a lawsuit
4:42 pm
filed by conservative watchdog group and today's ruling comes as clinton told the fbi it was former secretary of state colin powell who suggested she use her personal e-mail while secretary of state. suzanne malveaux out front tonight with tonight's big number. ♪ >> reporter: the clinton campaign wasting no time reacting to trump's latest campaign shake-up. his campaign chairman paul manafort now gone. the clinton campaign reacting saying you can get rid of manafort, but that doesn't end the odd bromance trump has with putin. releasing a video comparing the two. >> putin's been a very strong leader for russia. >> he is a brilliant and talented person, without a doubt. >> clinton is launching a reset of her own, trying to counter trump's scathing, crescendoing narrative. >> hillary clinton has proven to be one of the greatest liars of all time. >> reporter: in the wake of polls showing most voters don't believe clinton is trustworthy or transparent. she is making big changes.
4:43 pm
>> if you're president will your husband divest himself of any association with the foundation? >> well, anderson, you know, we'll cross that bridge if and when we come to it. >> thursday the crossing came. the foundation announcing if hillary clinton is elected president it will no longer accept foreign or corporate donations and bill clinton will no longer give paid speeches during her tenure. concessions for critics who accused the clintons of using foundations to enrich themselves. >> there was all of the money funneled into the clinton foundation from foreign governments. it was pay for play. >> we have so much that we are proud of and i will put that up against any of the innuendo and accusation coming from donald trump. >> today clinton's e-mails are back in the headlines. "the new york times" reporting leaks from the fbi's investigation, from those classified notes she shared with
4:44 pm
members of congress on tuesday. the documents reveal that in clinton's three-hour interview with investigator, she said her predecessor colin powell advised her to use a personal e-mail account, a spokeswoman for powell released a statement saying in part, he did write former secretary clinton an e-mail memo describing his use of the personal aol e-mail account for unclassified messages and how it vastly improved communications within the state department. at the time there was no equivalent system within the department. we are told he also used a secure state computer on his desk to manage classified information and unlike clinton, he did not have a private server at his home or use outside contractors to set it up. poppy? >> all right. suzanne malveaux. thank you so much. out front now, mark preston, executive editor for cnn politics. mark, look, this e-mail controversy has dogged this campaign and dogged clinton for so long and now tonight you have this federal judge coming out saying a judicial watch is
4:45 pm
right. in effect, she will have to at least not be deposed but answer answer written questions about her server. >> it's huge and it's interesting but i don't think much will come out of it. the fact that you will have a presidential candidate and a nominee for a party having to answer questions from a political opponent in this case, judicial watch is really amazing, but again, she's going to be, as you said, submitting written answers. she does not have to be deposed and she does not have to sit in a room and basically face an examination from the judicial watch attorneys, but you know, we're pretty close to the election day right now and the fact that this is happening, you know, as you say is certainly dogging her as we head into november. >> it is an important distinction, right? if she were to be deposed and it could be on camera and different than courts. >> it's a lot different. >> right. >> i want to get to the importance of colin powell here, right? the fact that as suzanne
4:46 pm
reported it was he who apparently told hillary clinton suggested just use your e-mail. there is a nuance here. the e-mail was in its infancy and he doesn't have his own server and he doesn't have key differences and does it if it was colin powell, a republican, who told him to do this. is this e-mail controversy going to hurt hillary clinton come november? as a stand alone, singular issue it will not. however, having colin powell come out and he did write a memo to hillary clinton and talked about how he had used his private e-mail account as he was secretary of state. as far as the report that he supposedly counselled her in person and had a conversation with her, he says he doesn't remember that happening, but it does provide cover for hillary clinton to say listen, i'm not the only one who has done this, but it's apples and oranges because at that time when he was secretary of state e-mail was not as relevant, but it does come to the issue of honesty and
4:47 pm
trustworthiness and if donald trump and republicans can make a case it could potentially hurt her. >> and those trustworthy numbers is exactly where she needs help. a new image just released of the 5-year-old syrian boy whose home was bombed this week in aleppo. the image and the latest on his condition tonight. also jeanne moos on the theft of trump lawn sign, the video to prove it next. ifteen hundred mi, you'll see what you're really made of. after five hours of spinning and one unfortunate ride on the gravitron, your grandkids spot a 6 foot banana that you need to win. in that moment, you'll be happy you partnered with a humana care manager and got your health back on track. because that banana isn't coming home with you until that bell sings. great things are ahead of you when your health is ready for them. at humana, we can help you with a personalized plan for your health for years to come. this just got interesting.
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4:49 pm
only those who dare drive the world forward. introducing the first-ever cadillac ct6.
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4:51 pm
it has just been over a day since the world first saw this heartbreaking image of omran daqneesh. just 5 years old his home was destroyed after a strike in aleppo, syria. omran was rescued from the rubble and he is covered from head to toe in dust and blood. if you can believe it, he is one of the luckier children because he live asked survived. more than 4500 children have been killed in the conflict so far and we want to show you omran today. as you can see, his physical wounds are starting to heal, but this 5-year-old is left forever
4:52 pm
with the scar of trauma that he encudure endured. our nima al baggmagger. >> reporter: a little boy in an ambulance. a moment like so many others here in aleppo. 5-year-old omran daqneesh unable to even cry, still unsure if his family survived. the activist who took this video of omran described to us over skype how it took nearly an hour to pull omran out from beneath the chaos. all the while watching for the return of the plane that carried out the strike. >> translator: when we go to a place that has been bombed, raging planes circle around and bomb it again to kill rescue workers that are helping
4:53 pm
civilians. they kill these people who are trying to rescue people. >> this is, of course, daily reality for you in aleppo. >> you live these moments every day in aleppo. right now regime planes are shelling nearby, as i speak. the whole world is silent to the cries in aleppo against women and children. there are thousands of children like omran who are being bombed daily and killed daly and everyone accepts their families are being bombed and that their homes are being destroyed. >> this, though, is not the first time an image of a suffering child gave the world pause. the toddler carried out of the treacherous mediterranean sea. kim's naked agony became emblematic of the ravaging of vietnam. the world paused, shed tears, but ultimately moved on. >> another little boy joins omran in the ambulance as one by
4:54 pm
one the injured and dead are retrieved. they will not be the last children to be pulled out of the wreckage of their homes tonight or on any of the many nights to come here in aleppo. nima elbagir, cnn, london. >> we'll be right back. mr. brady, we've been expecting you.
4:55 pm
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4:58 pm
thieves caught on video stealing donald trump signs, but trump supporters are undeterred. they just go bigger. here's jeanne moos. >> reporter: you are looking at perhaps the most endangered species of yard sign. >> four signs i had on with donald trump were missing. >> reporter: they tend to be drive-byes and someone makes a beeline for the trump sign, grabs it and jumps in a getaway car and check out this dainty thief. the most recent theft involved a runner in hillsdale, new jersey. she jogged past a house, waited for a car to leave and then came back. picked up a sign and took off. when the video went public, she turned herself in, but the sign owner declined to press charges. meanwhile, the neighbor's trump sign was plucked by a masked woman. it could be worse. >> respect my opinion to vote for who i want to. >> this artist created a giant t for a yard in staten island. in the middle of the night
4:59 pm
someone set it on fire. donald himself called to commiserate. what's an artist to do? >> it's going to be huge. >> this artist lost a dozen trump signs and we found very few hillary signs stolen and her supporters aren't posting them. in massachusetts, one of the early signs was painted never over trump. he had nine signs ripped out and tossed in the street. >> we're not going to take them down. the signs are staying up. some bipartisan tips for protecting your yard sign, a pennsylvania man slathers signs, and hard to get off of clothing and car. >> another person brought a giant jar of vick's vaporub and smeared it across the sign. when hillary for prison signs, the owner re-installed them on 12-foot polls with surveillance cameras and electric fencing.
5:00 pm
it may not be easy to steal an election, but an election sign? jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> there's your moment of levity. i'm poppy harlow in for erin burnett. thanks for joining us. "ac 360" starts now. joining us on this friday evening whether it's a new zika virus travel warning in miami beach and swimmer ryan lochte's apology and new e-mail headache for hillary clinton or donald trump's new pitch to african-american voters, there is a lot happening in the next two hours tonight. we begin with another day for change or of change for donald trump. he started by ditching his campaign chairman and he ended the day just a few hours ago with another appeal to african-americans made in a lansing, michigan, suburb that unlike michigan itself is 95% white. more now from jessica schneider. >> what do you have to lose by trying something new? like trump.


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