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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  August 20, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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for black voters. later today, trump will continue his campaigning in fredericksburg, virginia, where we find kristen holmes. and kristen, what can you tell us about today's meeting with the hispanic advisers and trump? >> reporter: martin, this is the campaign's biggest effort to reach those hispanic voters to date. the campaign sitting down with republican national committee as well as a group that they call the national hispanic advisory council for trump. now, in a statement put out by the rnc, this group consists of civic, business, and religious leaders across 12 states and the goal of today's meeting, again, according to the statement, is to insure they have ways for the hispanic community to understand where trump stands on certain issues, including terrorism and the economy. now, of course, this is as you mentioned, one of trump's new efforts to reach out to minorities. he is trailing behind, in the latest fox news latino poll, he
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was trailing hillary clinton with those eligible latino voters by 46 points. they are trying to reach out to these different groups. of course, you'll remember when he announced he was running for president, he said immigrants coming in from mexico were rapists and drug dealers, alienating several people. again, continuing to alienate those groups of hispanics by his immigration policy, which many people feel is racist. one of his biggest policy talking points is building the wall. this is just one step in the direction trump trying to reach out to these minority groups. last night and the night before, he was making an appeal to african-american voters. recent polls have him in the 1% range among that voting demographic. >> and he's out on the campaign trail later, so what do we expects to hear? >> reporter: well, we are in a crucial battleground state of virginia. and let's take a look at the most recent quinnipiac poll. if we have it here, it shows hillary clinton is up 50% to 38%. these numbers, they were
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expecting a little bounce coming out of the democratic convention, but now we're still up on these numbers. we have to remember that mitt romney only lost the state of virginia by four points in 2012. so this 12-point difference is huge. so i think we can expect to hear a lot of what we have been hearing lately, which is donald trump attempting to be more mainstream. attempting to appeal more to the base, not just his base but the republican base in general. martin. >> kristen holmes, thank you very much for that. >> in donald trump's continued effort to reach out to minority voters, he is offering a new campaign promise. he told a crowd of mostly white supporters in michigan that he will win 95% of the african-american vote witness he is re-elected in 2020. he then made his pitch directly to black voters. >> i say it again. what do you have to lose? look, what do you have to lose? you're living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs. 58% of your youth is unemployed.
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what the hell do you have to lose? >> to talk about this strategy and whether it will have any effect on trump's standing among minoritities, i'm joined by former republican presidential candidate and adviser to donald trump, dr. ben carson. thank you, sir, for joining me. >> absolutely. >> so let's talk about this. what do you have to lose may communicate something to people, but i'm not sure it's really the best pitch. i do believe that donald trump has a message he could communicate. what i'm asking of you is when you just say what the hell have you got to lose, is that really respectfully making an approach to an electorate? >> well, again, in all these cases, i think it's important to look beyond the words and ask what is the message that's being communicated? and basically, what he's saying is after the last several decades, where you have had a lot of people promising, you
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know, all kinds of things, which have only led to dependency and really haven't led to the empowerment of people, he's saying listen to some of the things that i have, some of the things like giving people school choice because you have so many people particularly in the innercities who are stuck in these horrible schools, and of course, that means a lot in terms of what happens to you for the rest of your life. he's talking about, you know, looking at the prison system. we have 5% of the world's population, 25% of the prison inmates. obviously, there's a problem there. we need to look at sentencing. but we also need to look at what is leading to such a large number of people from certain demographics ending up in our system and dealing with those issues. and also, when they're in prison, let's look at ways we can give them some education and some skills as well as a real job when they come out so that the recidivism rate isn't so
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high. >> these are all really valid points. why didn't he make them as opposed to saying what the hell have you got to lose? >> he will be making those. but you know, it's being done on a gradual status. remember, the republican party traditionally has really not reached out to the african-american community, to the hispanic community the way that they should have. this is the beginning of that process. it will continue. it will roll out the right way. but the key thing here is we're all in the same boat. and if part of the boat sinks, the rest of it's going down, too. you can go to the most luxurious part of the boat, but you're still going down. we need to help americans realize we are not each other's enemies and the success of one is the success of the next. we have to get away from this politics of division. which is useful to some people
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because it gives them a power base, but it's not helpful to us as americans. >> why not make this argument or this statement in a predominantly african-american community? why not take it directly to the people to whom you're speaking rather than speaking in a predominantly white neighborhood? >> well, it's relevant to everybody, but to answer your question specifically, he will be going to some predominantly black areas. so that is in the process of happening. you will see that roll out. >> but we're talking about 80 days. there's not a whole lot of time. 80 days is certainly not two weeks, but time is growing shorter. this is something that seems like should have been focused on a while back, and by focusing on it now, makes it look like he's in trouble. he's reaching for someone else to help. >> well, i'm sure you know the history of political elections in this country. and if that's the case, you also know that it's the last six weeks when people really start
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paying attention. you have your 30% who are going to vote for hillary clinton no matter what. your 30% who are going to vote for donald trump no matter what. and then you have the group in the middle that we have to start concentrating on. i wish it wasn't like that and i hope in the future it won't be like that, but we have to deal with reality. >> what do you think of the changes that took place this week in donald trump's campaign? >> well, you know, it's sort of like, you know, since we're coming to the end of the olympics, a good example, you know, is a race. a relay race. you have your starter, corey did a great job as the starter. and then you have your middle man, which was manafort, did a tremendous job, particularly with the delegate situation being very precarious. >> gets him through the convention. >> then we bring in the end. >> is this the last change we're going to see before we get to, say, the finish line? or could there be another hand-off?
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>> well, i'll tell you what i used to always tell patients. why guess when soon you'll know? and obviously, this is working. and i think you're going to start seeing some changes in the polls as people start paying attention. but really, it's not about the polls. it's about, you know, two different visions. you have one vision where hillary clinton says, let's take the pie, divide it up, and redistribute it equitably, and you have another vision where you have donald trump who says let's make a whole lot of pies so that everybody can have some. >> what makes you think it's working? the reason i say that is we just mentioned polling in the state of virginia that shows that battleground state now very lopsided for hillary clinton. one poll, grant you, but that's an indicator and not a good one for donald trump. >> well, as you know, there is a lag in the polls. it's never instantaneous. so ask me that question a week from today.
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because i think you will see a difference. >> you think we will see a difference in the message and the way that donald trump speaks? or do you think he will just be a man who speaks as he always has, from the hip? >> well, i think you already see that he's really beginning to address the issues. and that's what this campaign is about. you know, one candidate will take us in a very different direction than the other one will. and it's not really about us. it's about our children and our grandchildren. and you know, americans really need to take a serious time and study the history of this country and why it was formulated. and then look at the trend of what's going on right now, and ask yourself, is that a trend that you want to continue or do we want to make a turn here and sort of get back to some of the values and principles that made this the greatest nation the world has ever known. we need to make that decision. it's critical. >> we definitely need to vote.
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dr. ben carson, thank you very much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> a sobering call from the cdc to pregnant women. it's a warning to stay away from miami beach. why the department has upped its warning on zika as the number of locally transmitted cases picks up to 36. we'll take a look at this next. r with a healthy smile. start yours with philips sonicare, the no.1 choice of dentists. compared to oral-b 7000, philips sonicare flexcare platinum removes significantly more plaque. this is the sound of sonic technology cleaning deep between teeth. hear the difference? get healthier gums in just 2 weeks vs a manual toothbrush and experience an amazing feel of clean. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save now when you buy philips sonicare. philips sonicare.
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growing in florida as the cdc advises pregnant women to stay away from the miami area. this after health officials report new cases of non-travel related zika virus in florida. the total of the locally transmitted virus is said to be at 36, and the areas of concern are spreading as well. this week, new cases of the virus were traced to a popular tourist destination. a mile and a half stretch of miami beach. the city's mayor spoke to cnn last hour, and here's what he told me about these developments. >> there's not a panic going on here by any means. there's people going by, a skateboarder. there's a lot happenning. people love miami beach. we must focus on this, we must e eradicate this. if we work together and get our governor to work with us, we can get this done. >> cnn's senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen joins us from miami beach. i talked with the mayor of miami
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beach last hour. he said that miami beach is as busy as ever. are you seeing that? >> martin, the mayor is right. you can see there's people out and about. they're having a great time on this beautiful saturday afternoon. but i have to tell you, i have not seen a lot actually any pregnant women out here. and that's really who needs to be concerned. the fact that nonpregnant people are out and about, you know, that's the way it should be. it's the pregnant women who are concerned. when i speak to obstetricians, they say, look, my patients are worried. they say most of them are staying calm. they're covering up and using mosquito repellent, but they say thriare some women who have barricaded themselves in the houses for the duration of their pregnancy, and they said there are some women who have even chosen, not many, but a few who have chosen to leave the area all together. >> what does it mean when we hear that cases are, quote, spreading locally? what exactly does that mean? >> right, that's such an
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important distinction. up until recently, all the cases in the u.s. were travelers. they caught zika, came back to the united states, and were diagnosed. but now in miami, in this area, we're seeing something new. that is people who never traveled, they got bit by a mosquito in florida. and got zika. that is a whole different level of transmission. >> all right, elizabeth cohen, thank you very much for putting that in perspective. coming up, 309 buildings and counting have been destroyed in what is called the blue cut fire in california. we'll have an update from the areas hardest hit next.
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you can fool some of the people some of the time categories. let's look at these stories. a fugitive behind bars after attempting to fool cops with this elaborate disguise. 31-year-old sean miller was posing as an old man when they raided a house where they suspected the drug dealer was staying. officers pulled off the mask, placed him under arrest and seized two weapons and $30,000 in cash. >> arizona sheriff joe arpaio
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could soon be facing federal charges. a federal judge has asked the u.s. attorney's office to file charges against him claiming he failed to file rules in a case. they prevented their department from profiling latinos. so far, no comment from arpaio. >> the former navy s.e.a.l. who participated in the raid that killed osama bin laden and then wrote a tell-all book about it has agreed to pay the u.s. government all past and future proceeds from the best-seller. the department of justice said he failed to have a draft reviewed by the government. under that settlement, he reportedly will have to pay the government about $7 million. in southern california, the blue cut fire has now destroyed nearly 100 homes and blackened almost 40,000 acres. also lost to the flames, a route 6 landmark, the legendary summit inn, visited by stars like elvis presley and john wayne.
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>> the wine rack and a lot of other stuff was, an old gum ball machine. >> cecil stevens, longtime owner of the summit inn before he sold it a month ago, cant believe the fire torched his life's work. >> makes me sick to my stomach. it's awful because i know every button that was there, every light switch, every pipe. after 50 years, you had to repair half of that stuff. >> that's right, a half century of owning a favorite hangout on route 66. he bought the summit inn and restaurant friday the 13th in 1966. shut down the motel and focused on food and the history of the fabled route from chicago to the pacific ocean. cecil and his wife of 41 years debbie became the mom and pop of a nostalgia stop for car crazed patrons, route 66 worshiper, even locals obsessed with both. >> many times i would sit at the bar having coffee when it was snowing and said i'm not going to work. >> smoldering tales and this
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ashes have these rolled in, too, including elvis presley. >> he kind of stood back and kicked the jukebox and said maybe next i come in here, you'll have one of my records on. you better believe i got one. >> music serenades generations of people who pulled off the road to eat everything from ostrich burgers to banana splits to the popular hillbilly burger. >> what's a hillbilly burger? >> sour dough bread with a hamburger and lettuce, tomato, onion. it was really good. delicious. >> it was a meal in itself. >> it was huge. >> the kitchen is now a pile of charred heartbreak, but perhaps a good omen, the sign still stands and the new owners tell cnn they plan to rebuild and try to recapture every charming inch of cecil's american treasure. cnn, california. >> thank you very much, paul.
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and thank you for joining me. i'm martin savidge. vital signs with dr. sanjay gupta is up right after this quick break. >> craig sager is probably best known for his vibrant interviews and his colorful outfits during nba games. >> take all this handkerchief, all this, burn it. >> something about getting up and being lively. >> but the upbeat sports caster was dealt a devastating blow at a game in 2014. >> i ran into the doctor for the mavs and he looked at me and said what's wrong? you have to go to the emergency room. >> it was leukemia. he needed a bone marrow transplant. his son was a perfect match, but the cancer came back. his son saved his life again. >> i didn't really even think of it as donating. we were in it together. >> he recovered just in time for the start of the nba season. >> i didn't miss a game.
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i felt great. >> but then in february, another relapse. even through treatment, sager never stopped working. he covered the first nba finals of his career in june. >> just a tremendous night. >> now he's back at the hospital preparing for a rare third transplant from an anonymous donor. last month, sager was awarded the jimmy v. award for perseverance at the espy awards. >> time is something that cannot be bought. time is simply how you live your life. >> dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting wrg. i was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. stage four cancer. and i was shocked. the plan at that point was to start chemo. every three weeks i would get my chemo infusion.
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there is nothing quite like hopping on a plane and jetting off to a new destination. this is vital signs. i'm dr. sanjay gupta. whether it's a family holiday or relaxing on the beach, research suggests vacations can improve a person's happiness. but that boost in mood may not last long after the trip is over. research suggests that soon after your vacation, your happiness levels revert back to where they were before. in fact, it's the time leading up to traveling and the first few days of holiday that leave the longest lasting mark. once you have boarded the plane and you're airporting the exciting days ahead, it's the flight crew's job to make sure your time in the air is not only enjoyable but safe as well. >> airline check-in. security checkpoints. baggage claim. for many


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