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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  August 20, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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amazing. >> reporter: and for mom, the timing couldn't have been better. >> yes, it's been a really tough time. you know, you get backed into a wall. what else do you do? what else do you do? and any autistic mother or special needs student know that feeling. >> reporter: yucon's finest saved the party and the day, while proving police officers cannot only answer the call but occasionally also a prayer. martin savage, cnn, yucon, oklahom oklahoma. >> top of the hour, i'm poppy harlow in new york. so glad are you with us. what stands between donald trump and the white house? minority voters. polling shows us he's got 1% of african-american voters on his side. 1%. but trump is betting between now and november 8th. >> that will change.
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we heard him last night go all in for the african-american vote in michigan. >> reporter: i say it again, what do you have to lose? what do you have to lose? are you living in post. your schools are no good. have you no jobs. 58% of your youth is unemployed. what the [ bleep ] do you have to lose? >> all right. we should note that according to labor department in july, the actual unemployment rate for african-americans between 16 and 24 was just over 20%. that's a third of trump's claim. not only is donald trump right now courting black voters. he is also laser focused on the hispanic vote. trump hosting a round table with hispanic reporters in new york t. backdrop to this meeting. a recent poll that has his approval rating at just 20% among latino voters. it appears all this minority outreach may be an occasional
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cause and effect coming on the heels of a major campaign overhaul, right wing breit interest bart news checktive steve ban nan is in, so will trump's message be on message again today reaching out to minority voters? we will soon find out. he is expected to speak live tonight in virginia at a rally. that's where we find our senior white house producer kristen holmes. look, we heard, really, in many ways i think, kristen, a new, newly-shaped donald trump in his on teleprompter delivery to this group in michigan, largely focusing on african americans in the most need in this country. is is that what we will hear tonight as well? >> reporter: well, poppy, political analysts say if donald trump wants a chance at winning in november, he has got to continue with that minority outreach. >> that includes here at big rallies, like the ones we will
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see tonight in virginia. as you mentioned today was the trump's biggest play for hispanic voters, meeting with the republican national committee. along with a group they call the national hispanic advisory council for trump. now in a statement from the rnc, that goal of that meeting was to discuss strategies, ways for the hispanic community to learn more about donald trump, to understand his proposals on self issue, such as immigration or the economy. but as we know and as the poll numbers show that you just read, there is a huge discheck there. self members of the hispanic community feeling alienated from trump from the day he announced he was becoming president and he said people from mexico are racist and drug dealers. there has been a lot of flap back, a lot of push back from that community going forward, something we will be listening for details on that meeting.
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we are going to see if trump, he's at main stream as you mentioned the shakeup earlier in the week, trump has been giving speeches, using teleprompters, arguably giving one of his best speeches of the campaign two days ago if north carolina, staying on message, staying focused. that's something that's very important here in this battleground state of virginia. remember in 2012, mitt romney lost by just four points. the latest quinnipiac pom has donald trump down by 12. >> right. >> reporter: 38 to 50% hillary clinton, so we do see teleprompters out there on the stage. we will see if he will be able to stay on message, use those prompters and keep with that main stream message moving forward, poppy. >> it's interesting, of the battleground states where he released those ads yesterday and spent about $5 million bucks, he did not release them in virginia. >> that poll number down 12 points, not focusing on his first batch of national ads. kristen, thank you so much. much more from you as we await
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drumpl let's bring in our political pan toll talk with me, amy cramer, co-chair of women vote trump. also joining me is scott bolden, the former chairman of the washington, d.c. democratic party and a hillary clinton supporter and someone who again this weekend is lucky enough to be on beautiful martha's vineyard. thank you for joining us. >> don't hold it against me. >> i will not. i want to be there. i want to be there i will say that. >> i do, too. >> all right, amy, let me start with you, amy, something that donald trump said last night that was not a part of his prepared remarks. he did veer off teleprompter a little bit is this. >> and at the end of four years, i guarantee you that i will get over 95% of the african-american vote. i promise you. >> all right. let's put this into per speb
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spective. the first black president got 93% of the black vote, john mccain 4%. romney 6 is% in 2012 when you look at the exit polling. how is he going to do that, amy? >> he has a big goal he is working for. i think he will do that by appealing to african-american, as a matter of fact, all americans of what he can do for this country and our national security, jobs in the economy, health care, education, issues important for all americans, but specifically with the african-american community, i think what he has been talking about is the policies that have not helped the african-american community. under this president, more african-americans are living in poverty, the number up creased by almost 58% the median income has fallen and the number of african-americans owning homes decreased by 10%. >> thing aen american youth dropped from the high under president obama during the great
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recession by about half. it's still half. >> it's still not good, poppy. it's not good. >> the thing about it is the definition of continuing to do the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. i believe and many people believe under a hillary clinton presidency, it would be four more years of the same. why not tree something different? it's not just african-american communities. let's listen -- >> holden. on. i want to address huh drouonald trump addressed what amy is saying last night. >> the inner cities have been run by the democratic party for more than 50 years. their policy versus produced only poverty, joblessness, failing schools and broken homes. it's time to hold democratic plik politicians accountable for what they have done to these
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community. when do we say enough? >> there is, scott, an opportunity gap between many african-american youth and white youth in need. obviously, there are opportunity gaps along all races, but under republican administration and democratic administrations, there has been this consistent trend of this opportunity gap. >> well, yeah, but let's remember, under the obama administration, this administration took over the worst economy since 1933. and that was done and put if place by the housing crisis and who was in the white house and who was in congress? the republicans. and what's amazing is the republicans want to say, well, nothing has happened, could i finish? is that poppy? i'm sorry. but what the republicans say it's an anemic recovery, but they want us to give it back to them to help african-americans and others when their policies
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put us in this original place in 2008. so it's just not credible. let me make one last other point, too, in regard to donald trump. donald trump can talk at black folks and brown folks and women, but he's got to walk the walk. not just talk the talk. and he's dug himself in a deep hole based on his personal attacks on what he said in connection to african-americans. he has retweeted white supremist statements, he has criticized the citizenship of obama. he's been sued two or three times by the federal government for not renting to black people. that's a big hole. it's hard to listen to donald trump or any messages when he's got these buckets of racist offensive comments that have personally hurt so many of us in this country. he's got a lot of work to do. he's got to dig out of this political hole. >> that remains to be seen. he's 12 points down in virginia. >> that says it all. >> fact check one thing there, donald trump in his real estate heyday was sued by the federal
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government for housing discrimination and they ended up settling. that was one lawsuit. amy, to you, i want you to listen to this. something that donald trump said last night in michigan. >> hillary clinton would rather provide a job to a refugee from overseas than to different that job to unemployed african-american youth in cities like detroit who have become refugees in their own country. >> what do you make of that, amy, is that an effective strategy to compare inner city african-american youth to syrian refugees? >> look. i think the syrian refugee issue is a hume issue that all americans should be concerned about and i think donald trump is pointing out that we allowed the syrian refugees to come into our country. there's no way to properly vet them all. no way whatsoever to properly vet them. and they are being, you know,
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provided housing, health care, their kids are going to our schools. all of this, and if you look at our inner cities, there are people suffering there. >> he's positive, amy. >> he's depositing it as a binary choice as an either or, it's not. >> poppy, i think the number one issue about the syrian refugees is our national security. >> okay, but i'm talking about the context here. he's basically saying she is giving jobs to refugees, not african-american youth. this is the thing under a hillary clinton administration, we, it would be four more years of the same and everybody talks about, you know, what barack obama has done and nobody talks about the fact is the first two years he was in office, he had complete control of the senate and the congress. i mean, he could have pushed through anything he wanted. he could have pushed raise the minimum wage. he could have dealt with immigration then. he could have dealt with all this stuff in.
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everybody wants to patient on the republicans fault because they theld house and the senate the past four years. no, that itself not the case. he has not helped. >> scott, final thoughts. >> that's, yeah, that's not the case. i can tell you, when obama was elected and under his administration, mitch mcoconnell made it clear, his job was to make sure he had a four-year term the republicans would block everything moving forward. they've essentially tried and accomplished that. lots of work to be done. hillary is going to address those issues and down ballot. because donald trump is such a bad candidate. >> but where is she this weekend? she's not, there's a national tragedy going on in louisiana and she's nowhere to be found. again, three days off the campaign trail. where is she? she literally sold it in. >> she's going to louisiana. >> why isn't she there? part of it is showing up. >> a photo op and bring in no
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resources? obama will be there on tuesday. >> i'm going to jump in here, two points of clarity, donald trump and mike pence brought a number of things to give to victims down there. i will say the governor did ask the president, did say that it takes a lot of resource away for the president to make a trip down there him the president is going on tuesday. thank you guys very much. we appreciate it. >> good time in martha's vineyard, scott. >> thank you, poppy. ahead this hour, as rain continues to fall on louisiana the white house says the president will visit the flood zone tuesday. but is his trip too late? live from martha's vineyard next. as you just heard donald trump to make a play for african-american voters and found a virtually all white audience, our brian stelter will break this all live on cnn "newsroom." t-mobile's coverage is unstoppable.
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leaders. they brought supplies with them to hand out. yesterday the whout white house announced the president will visit on tuesday. our white house correspondent michelle kosinski joins me. he will finish out his vacation. he will go to baton rouge. some people look at this and say, all right, trump wednesday with pence, did they force the president's happened? what's the white house say something. >> reporter: right. it's a difficult one, you can kind of, whenever something like this happens, even if the president is not on vacation, can you quickly see the wheels turning in the white house. are they going now? when are they going to go? how do we time this out? the white house we know likes to work incellally. they have been putting in the resources first and decide when the president will go. they don't like their happened to be forced. what's weird about the time. where the optics are not good is that the president happens to be on vacation. yes, people who are going to criticize are going to say,
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look, there he is on the golf course. he was called out in big measurepy this editorial in the newspaper in baton rouge, criticizing those pictures and calming it striking that he was golfing while people are losing their likes and their home. also the fact that some republicans called for him to visit. now he has to follow donald trump, who criticized him not visiting while he was down there. so that works against the white house. what works for them in this instance and what keeps the president from getting the kind of criticism that george w. bush got even after he visited post-hurricane katrina was that president obama has been on the federal response. we know that he has been updated every day. he declared it a disaster. he sensed the me that administrator down there so people are satisfied with the response thus far even in that article the editorial that
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criticized president obama fought visiting yet, they did praise the response. the highest ranking republican in the state, the lt. gov. praised the response. then you have the governor actually asking the president to not to visit just yet, telling him to wait a little while longer, when it's more convenient. you know, there are people who are grand jury to see this on either side and for years now, we have been hearing from white house insiders, when the president is pressed to visit after a disaster or an incident, that they kind of say, well, what is he really going to do down there? what difference is it going to make? they still make the decision down the road, is he going to visit or not? look at the flint water crisis t. president did get criminal for not visiting right away. di after day in the daily briefing, is the president going to visit? when is he going to visit? why has he not visited? eventually, he drank the water out of the glass. so its not as if the white house
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avoids going or avoids what they might even consider to be a photo op. sometimes the president is criticized for doing something like a photo op. but in this case the white house feels their response has been good and now they are visiting on tuesday. >> right. cn will be there along with them. we will see what the president does. again, he has been meeting much of the federal response that has been down there. michelle kosinski live for us from martha's vineyard. donald trump made his big pip to african-american voters last night. you heard it in michigan. he spoke at a rally predominantly filled with white supporters. we're going to talk about the optics of trump's new focus next.
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>> i'd say it again, who do you have to lose? look, you're living in post, your schools are no good. have you no jobs, 58% of your youth is unemployed. what the [ bleep ] do you have to lose? >> all right. donald trump there making an all out play for african-american voters, but nbc/"wall street journal" shows these polls. not food numbers for trump. 1% of african-american voter
1:26 pm
support is what trump has right now. hillary clinton has 91%. trump not the first republican to struggle with that voting block. but his predecessors did better. 2008, john mccain got 4%. romney 6% t. optics where he will make that pitch is quite another. >> brian stelter is with me. so he makes these remarks in diamonddale, michigan. look at the census numbers, it's 93% white. our producers on the ground tell us almost the entire audience was white. he could have gone a few minutes down to lansing more diverse or more diverse gone to detroit. does it matter where he said this? his supporters said you all broadcast it, so it doesn't matter where he gave the speech. >> it does matter what backdrop you have, whether targeting african-american voters or anybody else.
1:27 pm
campaigns spend time who is in the backgrounds behind the candidate. that's why the recent appearances of the orlando attacker's father t. checkpoint campaign and a disgrace from a congressman in the trump campaign. these optics do matter because of what shows up in the backgrounds. in this case this trump rally wasn't different than most trump ramally, generally speaking, mostly a white audience behind him. >> brianna keeler was speaking and she asked her about this, why trump made the pitch to black voters in an all white commute. here's her response. >> i don't know how they are choosing the communitys that they go into or the facilities that i go into, it would be inappropriate for me to speak to that. because i'm not a part of that decision-making team. >> if you were giving a speech about women's issues, would you speak to a room of men? >> i would prefer to spoke to a
1:28 pm
group of women. but there are times i thought i should be speaking to a room full of men and telling them maybe what i thought about decisions that they have made and where i think they could have done some things a little bit differently. >> all right, brianna asked a perfect question, would you address women's issues to a group of men? she made an interesting point, obviously, men need to know about these things, too, now trump has a new campaign manager, kelly anne conway, she's incredibly savvy, why would you think she is letting him do this in front of a white audience? >> she is poll driven, one is inaccurate. he says the unemployment rate among black youth is 58%. >> it is not. 20%. >> the reason why he is saying that, he is using a broader metric for all black youth, including ones in high school and college, look how many black youths are not employed.
1:29 pm
that's up fair if somewhere in college, high school, et cetera. he keeps using that data point, each though it's been debunked for months. it's an example that we have getting a more restrained message on trump, some facts aren't in alignm. that's why this speech is being criticized. he seems to be painting with a very broad brush when talking act the african-american communities. >> he said last night, if i win, four years when i run for re-election i will get 95% of the black vote? just completely objectively speaking the first black president got 93% of the black vote. >> it wouldn't be possible for him to get 95% of the black vote in 2020. despite his claim. on the other hand, i took it as hyperbole, sometimes i wonder if they put these comments out there. watch as the media respond or make too much light of them and then is able to point to the media and say the media is bias. . we should take him at his words
1:30 pm
though, that's why this statistic of unemployment rate is important to fact check. he has a tendency to repeat these things are misstaples. it's interesting in the coming days and weeks, if he responds to the criticism all over twitter and facebook for not speaking to minority audiences, he is going to mississippi next week, he continues to do speeches not in play. he's going to states generally not in play when you look at the maps. >> it's interesting, i got to leave it there, but when he released the names of his economic team, there were 13 white men, but then he released the second iteration of it that included nine women. >> by the end of the week, there was a female adviser on his campaign. he does seem to react and change over time. >> thank you, still to come here, visually, police saying this security video proved u.s. swimmer ryan lochte lied about a robbery at gunpoint in rio. now it can cost him some time in the water. we will speak with a sports act about how he would advise lochte, what is ahead for his career? you are like in the cnn
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>> three other athletes will be investigated by the rio committee as well as the police. they have set up a commission to determine if those swimmers will face punishm. meantime, ryan lochte's swimming may be in jaep married. they tell cnn that lochte will eventually be suspend after police say he lied about being robbed at gunpoint. now the 12-time olympic medal winner is apologizing, he stopped short of admitting to police, admitting what police say insist happened on sunday morning is vandalism at that gas station bathroom after a late night of partying. fellow swimmer phelps weighed in, he said, quote, we have good people taking care of it. so hopefully.
1:35 pm
our thoughts for the future here for lochte and the swimmers, a sports agent is with me, thank you so much for being with me, sir. we had you on the program yesterday morning. you took a contrarian point of view from christine brennan, lochte has come out for this apologized for his behavior. some see it as a bit of a half hearted apology. how do you read it? does it change anything for his future? >> i think we agreed on a couple of points. when you look at ryan's apology, we understand he will have a sit-down interview with matt lauer. when you look at the initial part of his apology, especially in juxtapositions, both come out and issued a former statement. ryan is rather lacking both in terms of substance and style. here's why. gunnar and conger, both number one apologized. number two, said they were never a suspect. only a witness and number three,
1:36 pm
identified they never provided misleading statements. the first two are important in the court of public opinion the latter in law. it will be interesting to see how part two so to speak plays out moving forward. >> i think it's interesting the police if rio said look you need to apologize to the people of rio, the smear this has left on our city in the eyes of the world. and christine brennan, our sports analyst pointed out ryan lochte did a lengthy statement and apology, he first apologized to his sponsors before anyone else. >> right. there's probably a little semantics there. i think there is no question he should have identified responsibility, culpability and most assuredly remorse for a variety of things, nop the least of which is the focus this has put on the people ofryio. i think sally jenkins pointed out a couple interesting facts that put this into context. number one in the month of june in rio. there were 11,000 violent crimes.
1:37 pm
number two, the unemployment rate is around 11% and number three, the median minimum wage per month is around $228. are you talking about a country reeling economically and a spirit for them, this was an absolute pr black eye that just really heightens the negativity and the global impetus -- >> because it didn't happen. >> yes. my point insuring about sally, i think sally is a fantastic journalist. she identified some of the context that really underscored and valided the brazilian fervor around the situation. to pivot and look at lochte's next steps. the team around him the team, first and foremost the u.s. olympic team. scott blackman on down they don't come finer than team usa. number two, usa swimming. he is at colorado usa swimming, they are not only holding their athletes accountable but promoting the good deeds of those that carry the flag and
1:38 pm
embody the olympic spirit. ryan will have consequence to atone for and strategically i think it would be in his best interest not to fight the pun ibment albeit from a lifetime down. >> if you were his agent. are you not. if you were advising him on this interview, what should he say first? >> at this point, poppy, it's brutal honesty. first of all, acknowledge that he made an error, not only in action, but arguably more importantly in the subsequent days how it was handled. as all of our moms to him us the coverup is worse than the crime. i think in so many ways, this is what we were looking at here. it wasn't the initial action. christine agreed yesterday the action was indefensible. but it was how this handled in the days followed that drew the ire and global attention. insofar as strategy moving forward, you got a great sounding board on matt lauer. speak honestly and from the heart. this needs to be as much as it
1:39 pm
can be outside the obvious legal hurdle he will have to navigate in the weeks and days ahead. this needs to be sincere, to match in substance as much as it does in style. lead with an apology, an apology, premise and accountably. right. until you acknowledge accountability and wrong doing, you can't move forward. >> maybe no, i'm sorry, but. >> exactly. there should be no buts or asterisks. there should be no comments, a simplekability. i think it's important to point out. you said i was contrampblt i would say objective more than contrarian. i'd say it's probably important for us to act knowledge sometimes there is a fine line between demanding accountability and contrition and demanding a pound of flempblt at what point would ryan have to have done enough for his misgivings? a simple apology is not enough. it's most assuredly the first step. it will be how he serves as a role model and a mentor for student athletes, that will
1:40 pm
ultimately be the most important step. >> i'm getting the wrap. thank you for being with us. we will talk about it at 7:00 eastern. will you hear from ryan lochte speaking out for the first time since his story hit the headlines. just ahead, normally, you don't hear a lot from previousings and presidential candidates, but -- >> on the one hand, you have a candidate who seems to say what he thinks without a filter. on the other hand, have you someone being careless with classified information. we've never had a situation like this before. >> donald trump got his intelligence briefing this week. hillary clinton gets here soon. we will take a look at what goes on inside those briefings. you are live in its the news roovmt rom /* /- newsroom.
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>> our government intelligence briefing. this is a practice established back under president harry truman, this week, donald trump is the first of the candidates to be briefed this election cycle. so what kind of intel, exactly, shared? our pentagon correspondent barbara starr tells us. >> reporter: it's the trump tower version of a potential white house cabinet meeting. the key object, donald trump in the same position as a president surrounded by national security heavyweights, including former new york mayor rudy guiliani and next to trump, retired leiutenant gem michael flirngs a
1:45 pm
key adviser. one attendees congressman peter king answering the criticism that trump has no foreign policy experience. >> well, he has as much as barack obama had in 2008. >> soon after, another chance to appear presidential. trump headed to the fbi's new york office for his long plan classified intelligence briefing from the obama administration. flynn, a decades long intelligence officer, now adamantly anti-obama was also there. even before hearing the classified information, trump was asked if he trusts u.s. intelligence. >> not so much from the people that have been doing it for our country. look at what's happened over the last ten years. look what's happened over the years. it's been catastrophic. >> the plan to brief presidential candidates isn't new, but this year it is different, says former cia officer and briefer david
1:46 pm
priest. >> on the one hand, you have a candidate who seems to say what he thinks without a filter. on the other hand you have somebody that the fbi director was called out publicly careless with classified information. we never had a situation like this before. >> reporter: the briefings include classified information on threats like isis, but don't include covert action details t. so-called crown jules of intelligence. >> donald trump will present a challenge to a briefer, but a challenge that most briefers that i worked with back in the days would have relished. here's a chance to try to get a message through to somebody who appears to take information differently than many other people. >> all right. that was cnn barbara starr. straight ahead, she's never been one to hold her tongue. when it comes to the 2016 election, you better believe miss dolly parton has something to say. >> i watch it all the time. i think it's the craziest thing
1:47 pm
i've ever seen in my life. i think oh my god, what is happening. >> what else she told our christine romans next live in the cnn newsroom.
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and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids. >> i realize that's not right. >> miss dolly parton first hit the national stamg stage some 50 years ago. by now, she returns to her roots
1:51 pm
with the release of her 43rd, get this, her 43rd album called "purevdorj & simple" our christine romans caught up with the legend from everything from politics to a whole lot more. >> hi, poppy, when life is exciting, songwriters thrive, these days, dolly parton is thriving, writing about all the crazy stuff going on right now as she puts it. tried she'll release her 43rd album. she tells me the politics, bills and equal pay. she is inspired right now. she's no mear country music star. she owns restaurants, theme parks, a record label, film and tv production, dolly parton is a mogul. when you were starting, did you think, look, if i'm going to last, if i'm going to endure, i'm going to make sure the music business doesn't take advantage of me, i have to be in control of my image, my sound, my business, every angle of it? >> well, you say it when you
1:52 pm
said the business. it is called the music business. so as soon as i could, i started my own position company, got my own record label now. so i just try, i think it's important if you can to keep all of your goods, you know, close to home. where you can control it. know what's happening. >> how duping that music is helped to push along the woman's movement? duping that's a factor? >> music in general pushed through, even "9:00 to 5:00" is equal pay for equal work. we have come along since then. >> we're still at 83 cents to the dollar. >> we're working on it. i don't care whether it's your race, green, blue, black, red,al yen grey or male or female or transgender. if you do work, you should be respected and appreciated for what you are. sopping writers actually have a field day when things in life are going on. i know i have all sorts of thing about this crazy stuff going on
1:53 pm
right now. >> because of the crazy stuff going on right now. give me, maybe you keep your politics private. tell me what you think is happening? i just spent two weeks. >> i watch it all the time. i think it's the craziest thing i ever seen in my life. i think, oh my god, what is happening? the only thing that saves us all is the fact that we do know we're great. you know, this is a great kentucky it's not just up to one person, whoever gets in the white house, they won't be able to do it all. that's why we have all the people that work together. you have to think, well, you hope for the best and we pray hard for them, whoever it is. i usually don't talk politics, who i'm voting for, but i pay. right now, i am not decided. >> you have not sided? >> no. >> so have you another three months? >> i'm just watching it grow. >> and that's dolly showing true business savvy, not willing to ail yep eight anyone who could
1:54 pm
potentially buy this new album or go to her tour. she is someone who from day one has been a very business focused person, much more than just a singer, a songwriter, poppy. >> you call that smart politics and smart business in christine roman, thank you. coming up, donald trump takes the stage in battlegrounds virginia, will he continue his pitch to african-american voters? we'll take you there live. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? great grains cereals are made fromreal fruit,clusters, wholesome nuts
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>> it began as a simple question about donald trump's latest pivot in his presidential bid, but soon this turned into a social media sensation. our jeanie moos on how a trump supporter's interview with one of cnn's own dominated the political headlines. >> it was a little like the old abbott and costello routine about a guy with the last night who on 1st base. >> who is on 1st? >> who is on first. >> what are you asking me, i don't know? >> why ask that in slow motion, an exchange between cnn's brianna keeler and michael coen became an instant classic. >> you guys are down. >> says who? >> polls. >> says who? >> polls. most of them, all of them. >> that led to an awkward five seconds of silence. >> says who?
1:59 pm
>> polls. i just told you, i answered your question. >> okay. which polls? >> all of them. >> i watched it five times. it's hypnotic posed one person, her single raised eyebrow at the end decembers an emmy on its own. >> which poms? >> all of them. >> that ended up on mock make america great hats. the big take away -- >> says who? >> hashtag says who became a saying. the after math of the interview "you're fired" says who? who else says who stwh either trump's tone was in denial about the polls. >> we're doing his best impression of an owl. >> the exchange has inspired, we kid you not, knock knock jokes. >> knock knock. >> who's will? >> sam says. >> who. >> the polls, all of them. are you losing this race? >> says who? >> the clock.
2:00 pm
>> which clocks? >> all of them. there was even a poll pitting "says who" against all of them. all of them won by a landslide. in the wake of brianna's interview, trump's attorney told yahoo news, i think i unravelled her. hmm, let's take a poll on that. >> why are you asking me? i don't know. >> jeanie moos, cnn, new york. >> which poms? >> all of them. >> the top of the hour, poppy hollow in morocco a. crowd in virginia waiting to hear from donald trump. which trump will they get? that remains to be seen. in the past few days we seen a makeover from a change in staff at the top to a candidate willing to stick to the teleprompter, for the most part, and make a play for voters some thought he had written off as unwinnable. today trump h


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