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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  August 21, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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hello, everyone. thanks for joining me. i'm martin savidge in for fredricka whitfield. ryan lochte speaking out for the first time about that fateful night in rio and going for the 100 meter mia culpa. now admitting to exaggerating the truth but confusing to confess to accusations he lied about getting robbed. brazilian police say the swimmer and teammates vandalized a gas station bathroom and urinated on the property. lochte and police do both agree on one thing. at least they appear or appear to agree on that. where they differ is the issue of a gun and money exchanging hands. was it a robbery or not? here is what he told nbc's matt lauer. >> how do you feel about the way you've handled yourself since sunday morning, early sunday
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morning when this all went down? >> i mean, since everything that's happened, i kind of have been laying low, just not -- i mean, i had those statements. i've talked to you. but before i wanted to go out on camera, i wanted to really make sure those other guys came back on u.s. soil. which i just found out, that's why i'm doing this today, jimmy just came back, set last person to come back. >> let me play devil's advocate there for a second. because had you come out and set the record straight earlier, gunnar and jack might not have been pulled off that plane and jimmy might not have had his passport impounded. if you had come forward and done an interview like this and told the real story earlier, couldn't you have taken way their problems? >> oh, definitely. this is why i'm taking full responsibility for my actions because if i didn't overexaggerate the story, to what i said when i did it, when
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it first happened with billy bush, and yourself and i told you the full story, none of this would have happened. we wouldn't be here, we wouldn't be sitting here discussing this. >> so when you talked to billy on sunday afternoon, you didn't tell him the whole truth. when you spoke with me on wednesday night by phone, you didn't tell me the whole truth. >> i left details out. which, that's why i'm in this mess. i left certain things out. i overexaggerated some parts of the story. >> one of the things you pair to have embellished with billy, is you said at some point after you refuse to sit down, security guard put the gun to your forehead and cocked it. that didn't happen? >> that didn't happen. that's why i overexaggerated that part. >> why did do you that? >> i don't know why. you know, it was still -- hours after the incident happened.
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i was still intoxicated. i was still under the influence. and i'm not making me being intoxicated like an excuse. i'm not doing that at all. it was my fault. and i shouldn't have said that. i shouldn't have even -- just kept it at like, i'm not saying anything. but i overexaggerated that part and the gun was drawn but not at my forehead. it wasn't cocked at my forehead. it was towards my general direction and as you can see in the surveillance, that's when my hands went up. >> you told me on the phone, ryan, you said we are victims here. we are victims. and we're happy that we're safe. and the police said, not victims, they're vandals. how do you feel about that? >> it is how you want to make it
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look like. whether you call it a robbery, whether you call it extortion or us paying just for the damages. we don't know. all we know is there was a gunpointed in our direction and we were demanded to give money. >> that's really interesting point. i want it take time on this. if i were to ask you the same question again right now and say, were you rob ownedbed on s morning in rio, how would you answer? >> i can't answer that. i don't know if -- i was intoxicated so i don't know. all i know is there was a gun pointed at us and we were demanded to give money. whether to pay for the damages of the poster, whether it was so extortion or whether it was a robbery, like i can't -- i'm not -- i'm not equipped to like -- >> except i want to point out that gunnar in his statement to police said at some point someone who spoke english walked
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over and offered to translate this altercation. and he made it clear that security guard was telling the four of you, you need to pay for that stuff, that damage before you can leave here or i'm going to call the police. you understood that at that time, didn't you? >> yeah. so we today gihad to give the m. >> so at that point, that's not a robbery. you're striking a deal. you're striking a deal to pay for what damage you've cause sewed he doesn't call the police and this doesn't become a bigger incident. isn't that fair? >> we just wanted to get out of there. there was a gunpointed in our direction. we were frightened. we wanted to get out of there as quick as possible. this guy said to give him money. so we gave him money and we wanted to get out. >> that doesn't sound like a robbery. someone targets you, taking your money, belongs and valuable
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possess. this guy was negotiating a deal because of what happened on the walk way and you guys were on the other end of the negotiation. >> that's why people can see it in many different directions. all we know is there was a gun pointed to us and we were demanded to give him money. end of story. >> what i'm getting at is the first first you told, ryan, is much more about the mean streets of rio. >> yes. >> and the version we hear now is much more about a negotiated settlement to cover up some dumb behavior. >> and that's why i'm taking full responsibility for it. and because i overexaggerated that story and if i never had done that we wouldn't be in this mess. those guys would never be in rio or were in rio -- none of this would have happened and it was my immature behavior of, you know, gentlemen just finished.
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we were wanting to celebrate. and we hadn't been drinking or anything for months before that. and i definitely had too much to drink that night and he was very intoxicated. and none of this would have happened if i didn't do that. >> i'm joined now by cnn's don riddell live in rio and i also have mike paul, the man known as reputation doctor. he is standing by in york new york. don, first to you. now that lochte issued this apology, are you hearing anything on disciplinary action? has anything changed? >> i think that is almost certainly still to come but the united states olympic committee martin is still trying to keep their successful and clean and well-behaved athletes still in the spotlight and they have found that hard to do. so allyson felix and simone
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biles and others were there and ceo of the oac scott blackman did discuss this briefly and confirmed further action will be taken when we get back to the united states. i think they have realized that the more fuel that is poured on to this fire, the more of the spotlight is taken from the athletes. they want to get the olympics over and done with, get back to the united states and deal with it then. but there is no question that this has been a really really big problem for the american athletes here. all of them. whenever you get to a press conference, that is a question that journalists want it ask. that's what the news outlets have been covering and it is real shame when you consider the united states topped the medals table once again. they've add phenomenal olympics and for many, many days since the olympics on sunday morning the athletes have not been the story, this has been the story. and that's been a great shame for american olympics. >> what have brazilians been saying about all this?
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>> brazilians that i've spoke to are disappointed. they've had a great olympics too. most successful olympics ever. when you're hosting the game you are in a short window of the world. we all knew about the problems for rio building up to the games. i think the people of rios say a lot of that coverage is probably fair and square. but what urked them and what they took personally was that this was exaggerated and ryan lochte admits he exaggerated the story. that just wasn't fair. that just wasn't right. and i think they are pretty miffed about that. we saw the chief of police speaking about it earlier this week. he was clearly very irritated about this entire circus and it is very regrettable on the behalf of everybody that had anything to do with it. >> yeah. don riddell, thanks for that. now expert on crisis management and a man who spent
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25 years helping celebrities and athletes save their careers and reputations, mike, thank you for joining us. let's start with your reaction to how this all played out and what you thought of ryan lochte's interview. >> thanks for having me. i want to make clear that some people think that ryan lochte is my client. he is not my client. i have worked with other athletes who were sadly in other situations. i give him a c minus over all. i don't think he has been fully truthful. overexaggerated. i'm not even sure if that's a word. as though some exaggeration is okay. it is not okay. if he were my client, i would say, i care about you and i have to give you tough love. this will be direct. there are no ifs and buts in a true apology.
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it is about having a repentant heart. i haven't heard been example to the gas station owner where this incident happened. where he not only urinated in the wrong place, kicked down a door, ripped down an advertising sign. that certainly deserves damages. i haven't heard that at all. i heard more about his fans. family. himself. his teammates. he has to think about all of the stake holders. and the most important stakeholders, he needs to be able to look at all of them and cat dwoerize them with priority. to make sure that he is hitting these marks with a changed heart and not just with words. >> those are excellent points. what about damage done to himself. is he damaged goods?
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is he beyond repair? >> you heard strong statements, even the piece you put together before this interview, with the oc, telegraphing that there is probably sanctions against him. it makes sense. again, if he were my client, do you think the u.s. oc will be able to allow you to get way with this? if other athletes do similar, there would be no penalty whatsoever? there will probably be sanctions. you have sponsors. polo ralph lauren. do you think they are comfortable putting an ad on tv with your face on it like when people called you names like "swim shady" and "lochte monster." what he is trying to keep is trust and that's something he needs to understand and as a 32-year-old man who some people are still calling him a kid, he is not a kid. he has a lot of international travel experience and a lot of
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olympic experience, including someone on his own team, who should have been a clear example to not dot things he's done. >> right. this is not a young kid at his first olympics. in your experience, when looking at the likes of disgraced athletes like mary ann jones and lance armstrong, when you see those kind of issues, doping, do you think the public is more forgiving like those athletes have been through versus why embellishment, lie, however you characterize it, is the public harder on someone like lochte? >> i think they are. they expect more maturity. they expect better of him. they say things like world class athlete knows better. to be at the top of your game. it includes having good behavior. it includes understanding what is important to branding and reputation and not just the law.
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if you're arrest end if you have a major fine you have to pay then you need to be leaning on the advice of an attorney. that's extremely important in those two situations. but this this situation, this is much more about branding. much more about the future. not only about your own brand, but the brand of the united states of america and the brand of an entire country who hosted the games that with your words you labelled as being a part of the problem and they were not a part of problem at all. >> right. we tend to sometimes think this is just a minor offense, what's the big deal. you summerized it very well. mike paul, thanks for joining us. >> thanks. >> coming up, deportation policy served as a corner stone for donald trump's candidacy. but now his new campaign manager is hinting at a potential shift. we'll discuss, next.
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drip donald trump is set to deliver a major speech this week. including his stance on immigrants may be softening. forced deportation was a major part of the corner stone in the trump campaign but now that issue is quote to be determined. chris has this story from washington. this seems like an incredible turn, if it's true, chris. >> yes. donald trump campaigned hard in the primaries on his plan to deport the 11 million immigrants in this country illegally. but today's trump's new campaign manager, kellyanne conway, says his stance might be softening. here is dana bash pressuring conway this morning on state of the union. >> let me play something from
12:19 pm
what mr. trump said earlier. listen to what he said back in november. >> have you a deportation force -- >> are they being ripped out of their home? how are they going? >> if they came from a certain country they will go back to their country. >> does donald trump still support that. removing 11 million or so undocumented immigrants? >> what he supports and to you go back to his convention speech a month ago, dana, what he is you supports is to make sure we support the law and we are respectful of those americans who are looking for well-paying jobs and that we are fair and humane for those who live among us in this country. as the weeks unfold, he will lay out the specifics of that plan that he would implement as president of the united states. >> will that plan include deportation force? the kind you just heard in that soundbite and he talked about during the republican primaries?
12:20 pm
>> to be determined. >> questions about trump's immigration decisions come after a mighting with hispanic leaders on saturday where he told attendees he plans to legalize millions of undocumented immigrants. and this is huge when he came on the heels of deportation force. but not everyone attending that meeting walked way that impression. this impression that trump's open to granting legal status to undocumented immigrants. one meeting attendee told cnn that trump talked about treating people in the country illegally in a fair and humane and legal way but he didn't interpret that to mean trump wanted to grant them legal status. trump plans to focus on immigration all this week so we will likely hear more directly from trump in coming days. >> so maybe a gentler kinder deportation. the communications director for rnc will work more out of the trump campaign headquarters.
12:21 pm
what does that mean about how they are right now? >> just another example of how closely the rnc and trump campaign are working together. because remember the trump campaign is still relatively understaffed compared to other campaigns and is leaning heavily on the rnc to provide the typical campaign infrastructure. i asked about this move and was told this. quote we are committed to winning back the white house and maintaining majority in house and senate. to that end our political digital data and communications teams will continue to integrate and and coordinate with the top of the ticket. coming up, who a horrific bombing in turkey. the age of the bomber somewhere between 12 and 14. the details, next.
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president obama returns from his summer vacation at martha's vineyard today but as cnn's dana bash shows us, like many of his predecessors, the president was reminded that just because you leave washington, doesn't mean that you are off duty. repo
12:26 pm
>> reporter: for a president even being on vacation doesn't necessarily mean getting way. after historic flooding hit louisiana this week, baton rouge newspaper "the advocate" demanding president obama break list vacation to martha's vineyard to visit victims. instead he wasn't golfing. even donald trump seized the moment to make his own trip. >> glad you're not playing golf in martha's vineyard. >> the governor saying obama plans to visit on tuesday. he is hardly the only president to resist appreciate tour interrupt his time from the white house. president bush decided to stay on his texas ranch as hurricane katrina made land fall in 2005. a decision he later told oprah winfrey he regretted. >> i shouldn't have flown over and looked. i made a plis mistake. i should have landed. the problem is that when the
12:27 pm
president lands, resources are taken off the task at hand. i didn't realize a picture of me looking out would make me look like i didn't give a darn. >> of course president is commander-in-chief no matter his location. a point press secretaries have been making since teddy roosevelt made vacation norm by relocating most of the staff to his summer home in oyster bay, new york. the press has been chasing president owns vacation ever since. including jfk on his sailboat. nancy reagan defending her husband's frequent visits to their santa barbara ranch by arguing that presidents don't get vacations, they just get a change of scenery. and nixon said, escaping washington kept him from being isolated from the reality of american life. but as president obama was reminded this week, the realities of politics never go away. even when you're at the beach.
12:28 pm
>> and our thanks to cnn's dana bash for that story. coming up, turkey rocked today by a deadly suicide bombing that left 51 people dead and it is the age of the bomber that is so striking to many on top of the death toll. we will talk about all of this after a break. ♪ share the joy of real cream...
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hello, thank for joining me. i'm martin savidge in for fredricka whitfield. in the most direct warning to russia and syria today, vowing to defend u.s. in syria if artillery continue to attack in areas where american troops are located. >> we've informed the russians who tell us they've informed the syrians where we're at and i just say that we will defend ourselves if we feel threatened. >> this is a good point to bring
12:32 pm
in lieutenant colonel rick francona. former u.s. military attache in syria. thank for joining me. let's get your reaction, first of all, to this public warning. it is coming at the heels of what is a difficult time. so what do we make of this warning? >> this is about as close as we have come to confrontation. directconfrontation. it is only a matter of time before we come into some sort of confrontation because have you aircraft and fighter forces operating in the same area. it was the russians and americans and now you add the syrian air force bombing targets in this area northeastern syria. and there are u.s. special forces operating in an area, hundreds of them, and the commander of u.s. forces has been fairly blunt and he has
12:33 pm
drawn a red line. the problem is with red lines, once you draw them, you have to back them up. so he has actually thrown down the gauntlet and said if you bomb here again we will react. this is setting up confrontation, martin, almost inevitable that at some point u.s. forces and syrian forces will clash. >> and this has always been the worry, when we talk about u.s. forces that are actively involved and at the same time have you other forces actively involved and you may not all be doing the same thing. so say the russians bomb in an area very close to where the americans are working. what do you do? >> that's the big question we've all had. this is why the russians and americans have a center in amman, jordan. we will operate here, you operate there, here is our schedule. but we're not integrating operations. we are merely keeping them apart. keep russian aircraft out of the way of american aircraft.
12:34 pm
what we have now is a change in that situation where you have syrians intervening without coordinating with anyone. now normally they go through russians but they are operating on their own because they figure this is their airspace. we are there illegally. but we have drawn the line and we will defend americans. >> and defending is of course one thing retaliation different or are they not? >> well, hopefully we won't get to the retaliation part. u.s. set up patrols over this area so that if the syrians approach, we are in a position to intercept them. now i know syrians dropped additional bombs in this area so i think we may be partsing this a little bit. there are bombs dropped where special forces aren't. at some point we have to declare some sort after safety zone. i hate to use the term no-fly zone but that may be what it is doing. as long as you have americans on the ground, they are notoriously inaccurate.
12:35 pm
>> the general said he is hopeful the u.s.-led coalition is hopeful to beat isis in the next year. do you share that optimism? >> i think iraq within the next year. depend on how the battle for mosul goes. they are making preparations now. we see iraqis gathering and forces meet on the ground. so much u.s. reconnaissance we probably know everything in mosul and it is mounting the battle for mosul. i think maybe in a year that can happen. it'll be a long battle up there. but syria presents a unique case. because we're not all working on the same sheet there. the russians are more interested in propping up the assad government than actually defeating isis. we're interested in defeating isis and removing the assad government. >> quickly here, we know of this in turkey, and does that undermine the u.s. effort because turkey gets distracted but also the aftermath of the coup. there is some blame that turkey gives towards the united states an does this hurt in the efforts
12:36 pm
to tackle and operate out of turkish airspace? >> one would hope not because our relations with turkey are as low as i've seen in decades. we have to make that, repair that to continue in the air base. this attack and we have seen the isis work there before. it is probably the last station on the isis infiltration route into northern syria. so we expect to see isis operating there but to use 12 to 14-year-old kid, this is a new low even for isis. i don't think this will effect our relations but it may have the turks gain some team in their operations against isis. i hope so. >> lieutenant colonel francona. thank you as well. some say hillary clinton is so competent in recent polling she is getting a jump-start on the white house agenda. we will talk about it all next.
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increasingly confident with recent polling hillary clinton is looking past november 8th and at her white house agenda. i didn't say that. that's according to a new report from the washington post. that says quote while careful not to sound like she is measuring the draperies quite yet, clinton now describes what she calls important adds for passage of an overall of immigration laws the first legislative priority she outlined in detail last last
12:41 pm
year and what would be a bipartisan effort to rebuild the nation's roads, bridge webs airports and rail system and ports. first, you always have to sort of, i think as a candidate, plan for the future, but not look like you're planning too far into the future. so the optics here could be rather bad. thinking that maybe hillary is too confident she is going to win. what do you think? >> yeah, and i want to be clear. i don't think that the campaign is trying to get ahead of themselves. i think they are trying to outline the agenda in detail to provide what a clinton white house would look like. so voters really want that vision. like what is a white house with a clinton in it with a different clinton in it going to look like and how will that differ and what will be her priorities. i think with so much of this election going by and we are so close and we're not hearing a lot about issues she wanted to put the details in there and lay
12:42 pm
out the specifics if you will of that blueprint. >> kristin, this could be an advantage for donald trump because it could get some people so fired up angry that hillary is expecting to win so easily that they will turn out and vote against her. but i have other issues with donald trump. if he doesn't plan beyond winning wouldn't he be criticized for that too? >> here is the bottom line, hillary clinton is taking it for granted that she will win way too early. by assuming she will win she is also assuming that donald trump is going to it not to run a very weak campaign. and to be fair, he has run a relatively weak campaign up until a couple of days ago. on thursday and friday, we saw a much different trump. we saw trump strong, yet humble. a trump that will admit to his mistakes. and if he keeps on that path, hillary should not assume she is going to win. trump could appeal to a lot of voters if he keeps on this path of strength, yet being humble and talking about us, the voters, instead of focussing on himself and personally attacking
12:43 pm
his critics. >> a new trump and we could look for that. taryn, also a staffer is saying if hillary clinton wins, it will be an uphill battle. here is the quote. i don't think any president has come to office under water on their favorable image. or as under water. this would be uncharted waters coming to an office as an unpopular person. you don't have a goodwill to draw on even in the first 100 days. how will that affect her initial productivity, again, if she wins. >> right. one of the first things she would have to do is dwane and work for republican support for congressional republicans in order to make sure she gets that done. that being said, i think there is a lot of room for her to be able to do that. because you've got a letter that came from congressional republicans, over a hundred of them, just the other day i've seen the rnc to pull support from trump. i think there is for his divisiveness and recklessness. i that i there is definitely
12:44 pm
some movement here that if the scenario is that she wins, and if she wins, that there would be some movement towards her and trying to make sure because i think it is winning we all know is clear as the country is clamoring for immigration reform. that's why we have these conversationes. and specifically that would have to be bipartisan. so we would have to reach across. >> okay. i will bring up something else. amidst the changes we have seen in the trump campaign, the clinton foundation announced it is not going to accept foreign donation fess clinton wins. campaign manager talked about this with dana bash a short while ago. listen. >> but if this is the right policy now, why not do it now? why wait until the idea of her being president? why not do it while she is running for president? >> the foundation is doing an enormous amount of work and it takes time when you're in a number of countries around the world to retool, refocus the
12:45 pm
mission, and adapt. as you said, they receive a great deal of funding through these streams and it'll just take some time for them to readjust. >> kristin, is it okay for the foundation to continue to receive foreign money up until november? >> absolutely not. look, the damage has already been done. clinton foundation accepted tens of millions of dollars from foreign entities. if should have been shut down a long time ago. but this just speaks to how weak a candidate hillary clinton is. she is such a beatable candidate. and this is why it is so critical for trump to stay on track, focus on the issues, and he can beat her. and martin we also have to point out here that a lot of americans have not really tuned in closely to this race yet. a lot of this will come down to the first debate. a lot of people will start paying attention after the first debate and during the first debate. if trump can do a good job there hillary has got to be careful.
12:46 pm
she should not take for granted she has this in the bag. >> and that's where this whole conversation began. thank you. up next, 30,000 res residents rescued. at least $30 million in damage. that only the money the red cross says it needs. we are talking billions of lost housing. all of this after historic flooding. we will hear from the state's governor after the break. ♪ ♪ only those who dare drive the world forward. introducing the first-ever cadillac ct6.
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president obama has been taking heat for not cutting his vacation short and touring the l tuesday when he scheduled a visit. donald trump who toured one of the areas friday had some supplies to victims. trump's visit was helpful because it helped shine a light on the dire situation. this morning on cnn's "state of the union" edwards told our dana bash he didn't want the president to tour during the first few days of the disaster. >> i just want to be clear, did you ask the white house not to come down or did they want to come? >> i would never ask the white house not to do what the president wants to do d the white house want to come down earlier? >> the white house asked me, in fact, the president and valerie
12:51 pm
jarrett asked me when would be a good time for a visit. i asked them to let us get out of the response mode where we were still conducting searches of houses, where we were still making rez cuee ining rescues. i didn't want to divert the state police and troopers and other resources and assets to providing security for the president while they were needed in this region to undergo those or undertake those response activities, and i asked that if he could wait until the response was over and we got into the recovery phase, which i predicted we would do over the weekend and certainly next week would be a better time for us to visit. but the president is welcome to come to our state any time that he wants to. >> former new york mayor rudy giuliani released a statement harshly criticizing you this week. the democrat's governor's criticism of mr. trump afs vipt to louisiana is an outrage complete with their credit sim
12:52 pm
of president bush's decision to not go to new orleans immediately after hurricane katrina. >> i was with president bush when he visited five days after katrina hit, and a lot of folks, especially democrats, complained loudly at that time that it wasn't soon enough. is there a double standard here? >> no. and i'll tell you that i believe that mayor jewel igiuliani got completely wrong perhaps for the same reason that you did. i've not been criticical of mr. trump's visit. i tried not to comment because i don't want to get tied up in the politics of whether it's the president, hillary clinton or donald trump. i tried not to comment and the comments that i have made have been very reserved. so i think he was off base there with that comment. as for when the president visits, i think i just went over that. he's welcome to visit when he wants to. but because we were undergoing the response here in the capital region, i asked that they consider coming next week which
12:53 pm
ultimately is what he's going to do. >> that was louisiana governor john edwards talking about the flooding in his state. nine olympic australian theets are being asked to pay $3,000 each in fines before the country will let them leave the country. they're accused of using false documents to get into an olympic basketball arena. the athletes may not get their passport back in time to make their scheduled flight home, which is tomorrow. lou perlman, the disgraced starmaker between the boy bands in sync and back street boys has died in prison. he was serving a 25-year sentence for fraud and swinling investors out of $300 million. the cause of death has not been announced. a wanted murderer on the run tonight. john walsh is asking for your help to track down jorge landr os. >> it's always about the money.
12:54 pm
you know how cops always say follow the money trail? you know, it sounds too simplistic. but he was after that money, and he did get ahold of that money. she actually started an account with his name on it so he could do his inseptembept -- he wasn' good at it -- and take money that i thought must have taken her years to save. >> we did access a gmail account that sue had, and in those e-mails, we could see over the course of time that whatever relationship she had with jorge was rapidly disintegrating. in 2010 and certainly after. she would try to see what was going on with her investment and other aspects of their lives, and he would not respond in a
12:55 pm
timery manner or his responses were short and curt and clearly not satisfactory. >> cnn's "the hunt with john walsh" tonight at 9:00 p.m. only on cnn. plus much more of the newsroom just ahead.
12:56 pm
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hello. thanks for joining me.
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i'm martin savidge in for fredricka whitfield. we'll begin with what is a potential seismic shift for donald trump. just days before the republican presidential candidate delivers a major speech on immigration, his campaign is signaling that he maybe softening his stance on deporting millions of undocumented immigrants. forced deportations were a major cornerstone of the trump campaign but now the issue is, quote, to be determined. we'll talk to chris frates in just a moment to figure out exactly why this shift is a curing at this time. it was just recently that we heard that donald trump was reaching out to minorities. now this is a different shift reaching out to immigrants. the impact is yet to be seen. there's chris frates. chris, we were just talking about this really seismic shift or so it sounds. what are you hearing? >> yeah, well, martin, as you pointed out here, donald trump campaigned hard on this plan to deport the 11 million immigrants who are in this country illegally. but today kellyanne conway
1:00 pm
signaled trump's hardline stance might be softening. here's dana bash pressing conway this morning on "state of the union." >> let me get some clarity because you were at this meeting. does donald trump still support setting up a deportation force and removing the 11 million or estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants from america, yes or no? >> so what donald trump said yesterday in that meeting differed very little from what he said publicly including his convention speech last month in cleveland. we need a fair and, quote, humane way of dealing with what is estimated to be 11 million illegal immigrants in this country. that was part of the discussion, it was a very robust discussion. i've seen him very animated in meetings like this where he's learning, he's taking notes, he's asking questions, he's receiving information, and the rest of the conversation, frankly, was about job creation, economic revitalization, the fact that small business


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