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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  August 22, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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cookies and whip team. leblanc has help from friends, neighbors and coworkers. >> i'm living in my camp. it will be rough the next two months but we are all safe. >> reporter: even with the helping hands, he says, it'll be weeks, perhaps months, before he turns his house into a home again. cnn, louisiana. >> "the lead" starts now. >> thanks, brooke. is donald trump on the fence or in his case, on the wall, about his own immigration policy. "the lead" starts now. tbd, to be determined. that's how the campaign chief described the nominee's commitment to follow through with 11 million undocumented immigrants. is the immigration plan now negotiable? today a judge orders the state department to review nearly 15,000 documents from hillary clinton's time as secretary of
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state, turning over these new previously unturned over e-mails, now the state department has a month to come up with plan to sort through it all and make it public. the next zika no-go zone. cdc says parts of miami should be off limits for pregnant women. now a top health official warns two other states might become the next place for the virus. welcome to "the lead." i'm john burrman in for jake today. donald trump denies he is reversing course on his signature plan it humanely deport 11 million undocumented immigrants from this country. humanely by force if necessary. the republican nominee now claims he is working with members of the hispanic community who support candidacy on a quote very fair but firm answer to the problem. but in an interview with a very own dana bash, trump's new campaign manager seems to request the standard there may
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not stick to his original promise. cnn's jessica snyder joins us from outside trump tower. jessica, trump is expected to deliver a major immigration policy speech this week. do we have any more clarity on exactly what that policy is or if it has changed? >> john, rather than clarity, donald trump's immigration status right now seems to be a bit murky. he doubled down on his plans to deport millions of undocumented immigrants over the past year. but now some are questioning, has he softened his stance? >> donald trump insisting he is not changing course when it comes to immigration policy. >> no, i'm not flip-flopping. we want to come up with fair but firm answer. it has to be very firm. but we want to come up with something fair. >>. >> reporter: but it was a different donald trump during primary season declaring over and over that if elected he would immediately deport estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants. >> they are going back when they
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came. if they came from a certain country they will be brought back from that country. that's the way it is supposed to be. they can come back but they have to come back legally. they will go out, they will come back, some kul back. the best through a process. they have to come back legally. >> this weekend, his campaign manager marking trump's promises with a question mark. >> will that plan a deportation force, what you just heard in that soundbite and he talked about during the republican primaries? >> to be determined. >>. >> reporter: the parent change after trump and members of the rnc met with a hand picked group on saturday. part of his outreach it minority communities that some question for its tone. >> i say again, what do you have to lose? you live in poverty. your schools are no good. have you no jobs. 58% of your youth is unemployed. what the hell do you have to
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lose? >> reporter: trump's surrogate rudy giuliani still pushing untrue rumors that hillary clinton has health problems. going to internet chatter to debunk claims. >> put down hillary clinton illness and look at videos for yourself. >> more of the same but worse. >> reporter: donald trump launching a new set of tv ads over the weekend but is still outspent by hillary clinton. her campaign announcing $80 million in ad buys in eight states through the general election. trump's gain so far spending $4.8 million in ten-day ad blitz. has trump reset his approach? his campaign manager made this promise sunday. >> but first thing monday trump went back on the attack of nbc's morning joe but mike pence defends trump's style. >> donald trump is not an experienced politician who carefully selects his words.
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he speaks from his heart, right from his mouth. >> when it comes to ground game, the trump team is leaning heavily on the rnc using it instead of building up its own ground operation answers infrastructure. field offices are opening around the country. top strategist shawn spicer will now work increasingly with the trump camp, in fact working several days a week or very often here out of trump tower. john? >> he is in new york today. jessica snyder, thanks so much. here to talk now about donald trump's comment on immigration, the clinton foundation and much more south carolina congressman mike sanford said he will vote for trump but feels conflicted about the whole thing. congressman, thanks so much for joining us right now. so yesterday donald trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway, and i know you know her, said that his pledge, donald trump's pledge to form a deportation force to send undocumented immigrants back home was quote to be determined. this morning donald trump
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insisted on not flip-flopping on this issue but if he did decide against a deportation force wouldn't that be a flip-flop? >> yeah, it would. and would you have a lot of people really upset. i think that the energy behind the trump candidacy is not trump himself but people's dissatisfaction with washington and the normal course of things in politics. so you know, saying one thing in a primary process and equivocating when you get to the general election i think would not bode well based on how fired up people are out there and how much they want to see change. >> there are a lot of people though who think it may be a smart move for him to soften. even if it is as you put it a flip-flop. do you that i kind of softening would be smart? >> well be not for his base. the base, again, i spentd a lost time-out in the field talking to voters and people are fed up. they are at the breaking point. you know, if they don't get change now, they hope for hope and change we obama came along.
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they don't feel like they got it. the trump candidacy represent a new version of hope and change. if they don't get this round, i mean, you will see people in the streets. people are really frustrated. they feel like their incomes have stagnated. prospects for the kids are not where they would like to see them. so it might make sense but given the fervor that i see out there, i don't think so. i think it would be a real problem. >> i want to talk to you more about what donald trump is saying. he is calling on the clintons to shut down the clinton foundation all together to address concerns about preferential treatment for foundation donors. it is interesting because i know that you disapprove of donald trump's refusal to release tax returns. you wrote an op ed on the subject. does the fact that he refuses to release his tax returns, does that undermine his credibility when it comes to transparency? >> i don't think so.
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you know, again, it is a tough spot to be. but i think we need to keep in mind the fact that kellyann herself in spring was saying that trump ought to release tax returns. it is not an unream position when you have more than almost 50 years worth of tradition in presidential candidate releasing their tax returns. i think the important part is the trickle down effect. i ran for governor in south carolina twice. i had to release my tax returns. we do that at the state level because it is done at the presidential level. if you discontinue that tradition now, not only will you see it disappear at a federal level, but across the country, gubernatorial candidates or other high ranking candidates won't release tax returns. as voters, that is something we want it determine whether you're voting on the republican or democratic side. >> on the substance of what donald trump is calling for the clinton foundation shut down, do you support that?
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>> it is creepy, there is some pay to play. it bothers people. hillary's speeches to the groups aught to be made public. i think on both the right side and left side, republican and democratic side, there is a bit more to go from the standpoint of transparency. on the clinton side, from the standpoint of foundation and her speeches. on the republican side, trump needs to release tax returns. >> since you are such an active observe earn analyst in this presidential campaign right now, i will try to go one more to the well here. donald trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway said that donald trump doesn't hurl personal insults, at least not any more. i want to show you a tweet from donald trump this morning. writing about morning joe on msnbc. tried watching low-rated morning joe this morning. unwatchable. neurotic and not very bright mess. he has wrote far worse things
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than this. this seems like the personal attacks that kellyanne conway says donald trump doesn't do, doesn't it? >> yeah, that's the world of political double speak that drives everybody crazy. whether in south carolina or california. it is what it is. he has hurled a number of different insults whether he talks about carly's face or the latest with morning joe. >> i don't get it. it is destructive. it is against the kind of demeanor would you with like to see the at presidential level. again, it sends a bad signal it young kids out there that that's cool. so i think that most people have a problem with it. most of the republican voters i have talked to have said they don't like that part but they will put up with it based on the fact they don't want it see hillary elected. >> are you any less conflicted about donald trump, voting for donald trump than you have been,
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congressman? >> no, and a big deal for the tax returns. again, a promise he made. i didn't make the promise. he said he would disclose his tax returns. he could disclose again the portions not under audit, years not under audit right now. and even if he held back year for audit. it is something that again would be disastrous if we discontinue 50-year tradition from the standpoint of presidential candidates disclosing tax returns. it gives insight into what that candidate has or hasn't done. the truth of certain promises that they've made. truth of certain dlams they've made. i think it is very, very important. and would be disastrous to discontinue. >> republican from south carolina, thanks for being with us. appreciate it. >> yes, sir. pleasure. >> all right. political injury by 15,000 more paper cuts. a judge tells the state department to review thousands of additional documents from hillary clinton's personal e-mail server. ones she did not turn over. that's next. ♪
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welcome back to the lead. john berman in. hillary clinton scrutinized for her e-mail. there is a new batch of documents, nearly 15,000 of them. a judge wants the state department to make these public. and only one month to do so. this comes as the clinton campaign and pro clinton super pac roll out new ads attacking donald trump. want to bring in cnn's jeff zeleny in washington. jeff, 15,000 documents. what exactly are they? >> john we don't know exactly what is contained in this new set of documents and that is the root of the question. and frankly, the meystery here. the fbi found them during the investigation of hillary clinton's private e-mail use. now the court is trying to review them. they could be like the other thousands of e-mails we have seen or could be something else all together. that's j the judge said he has a
1:17 pm
plan to release them in the month. one thing is clear, this political drip, drip, drip will keep dripping until election day. hillary clinton wants voters to focus on donald trump's words. >> in times of crisis, america depend on steady leadership. >> knock the crap out of them, would you? >> she is playing some of his greatest or most controversial hit. >> and can you tell them to go and [ bleep ] themselves. >> tonight her message is competing with new developments in old controversies. her private e-mail server at the state department and clinton foundation. the state department has one month to come up with the plan to release 15,000 new documents. discovered by the fbi between clinton and her top aides. reince priebus say they should
1:18 pm
be out before voting day. the judge's ruling comes as former secretary of state colin powell is pushing back on suggestions he gave clinton the idea to use private e-mail in the first place. telling reporters over the weekend, her people are trying to pin it on me. in 2009 he said he talked to clinton regularly. but he used a private e-mail address. not a private server. >> i was having dinner with secretary clinton two nights ago, three nights ago in washington, with all of the other, most of the other secretaries. and i stay in regular touch with secretary clinton and with secretary gates and with the president. >> as clinton steps off the campaign trail to raise money in california tonight, new questions also raised about the clinton foundation. in a letter to donors, former president bill clinton said the foundation will no longer accept foreign contributions. he wrote, while i will continue to support the work of the foundation, i will step down from the board. and no longer raise funds for
1:19 pm
it. but that's not enough for trump who called the foundation corrupt. saying it should be shut down immediately. today in nevada, clinton's running mate tim kaine firing back at trump. >> before you go about attacking a charity, why don't you come clean about your own business dealings and tell the american people who you are in debt to. >> now some of these questions about the clinton foundation are being fueled by another batch of e-mails released by the conservative watch dog group judicial watch. some include conversations between hillary clinton's top aide and doug band. in one of the conversations band is trying to schedule a meeting between a crowned prince bahrain a major foundation donor and secretary clinton. he got his meeting but a spokesperson said hillary clinton never took action of secretary of state because of donations to the clinton foundation. >> all right, jeff zeleny thanks so much.
1:20 pm
more questions about the clinton foundation plus impact of these 15,000 unseen documents. what might they reveal and when? our political panel is here. former new york city council speaker christine quinn. former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski and veteran of two presidential campaigns, margaret hoover. we will get their thoughts and more, next.
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welcome back to the league. we have breaking news here. a campaign source tells cnn that donald trump will push back a speech that was supposed to be on thursday to lay out his immigration policy. the campaign now says it wants
1:25 pm
to fine tune the policy and work on the speech's language. this is a big deal because of course donald trump's position on immigration, there has been cloudiness with whether or not it has been changing. our panel is here to discuss and corey lewandowski, campaign manager i want to start with you. you were the campaign manager sill receiving and still in frequent contact with the campaign and any word on why they moved the data to this speech? >> over the last week donald trump outlined a series of speeches that had been very specific on policy topics and had continued to do that today. i think you will see him out with specific topics in that speech and i don't think any time that there is going to be a specific speech on immigration but the real question is -- >> look, the real question -- >> saying this morning he was giving a big immigration policy speech on thursday. we were all pointed every week there is a new policy and talk about new subject and all starting through thursday and now it's not.
1:26 pm
>> what is hillary clinton talking about on thursday? >> this is a different subject. we talk a lot about hillary coming up. >> bottom line is on this topic his position has not changed what this entire reporting has been about is a buzz feed article that says donald trump is rethinking his policy. >> owe was on fox news. >> double success as campaign manager said that deportation manager, and -- >> she said to be determined. it's not to be determined. >> what did donald trump say today on fox and friend? >> he said he hasn't flip-flopped. he wants a firm and fair policy. but they never asked the follow-up of what is a firm and fair policy. do you know for a fact he still supports the deportation force? ? >> what he said is he is going to empower customs enforcement to do their job and make sure that people who are here illegally first and foremost felons shipped out of the country. that's a given. second and more importantly coming into the country and empowering individuals who are attached to the immigration policy of making sure we know who is coming into the country first and for most.
1:27 pm
>> deportation force? yes or no? >> you heard donald trump say, he never used that term today. >> he never used it today but he did before. >> he will power will immigration service to make sure we know who is here on the country and find the solution what to do with 11 or potentially 30 million illegal immigrants. >> what i think i just heard corey say is that he will pass the buck. and say to the, you know, you figure this out. which seems super odd for a presidential candidate who made building a wall and to basically quote him, rounding up every person who he believes was not here illegally and send them back to their country and to quote them they would be happy about it. so what we are seeing here is donald trump in free-fall, coming, trying to reshape what he has done to be more pal atable to those outside his block and it's not working.
1:28 pm
>> if we're being -- they are looking at numbers. do they want it win o or do they want to hunker down and be surrounded by people who agree with him only and sort of trip over the finish line in november? clearly they are trying to change what the bedrock of his candidacy has been in the hopes that they can soft yeb his image and potentially make some gains on their, what is looking like a catastrophic failure for november right now. that is what is happening. sophisticated polsters, so fistcative campaign officers in there now trying to fine tune his language to actually try to nuance his position on this. look, i'm delighted as a republican that he is going to change his position on this. i don't think building a wall and deporting people first and foremost is a how you speak to his country and be representative of the value of this country received and how the majority of republicans think we should handle the immigration situation. if he wants to have a prayer in november he has it nuance his position. >> but what they are also seeing
1:29 pm
and he i believe is the impossibility of threading the camel through a needle given all that he has said over and over and over. >> we will see. >> what he says will enforce the laws out of here and he will deal with people in a humane way. he said that from the very get-go. >> what we don't know right now because there is some cloudiness of it, is does he plan, does he plan to allow for any kind of legalization possibility for the 11,000 undocumented immigrants in the country right now? up until today the answer was no. up until this weekend, i should say, the answer is no. now, not too sure. let's wait and see what he says when he says it. right now we don't know. we will talk right now about the e-mails and there is 15,000 pages of documents that we're going to see maybe at some point and then there is judicial watch which released e-mail they have. look before you tell me this is a right leading group, i know that already. but the e-mails themselves and i want to read you an e-mail
1:30 pm
exchange that uma be a deen had and uma be a deen worked in the state department. this is what it says. take a look at this. doug band trying to get a meeting with the crowned prince of bahrain and hillary clinton. can we put the graphic up so people can say it? from doug band to huma abedin. huma abedin responds, she essentially says, do we have that, i got this now. no, that's the wrong one. we don't have the response. but she set up the meeting. she set up the meeting -- >> but wait -- >> before you say, but wait, she sets up the meeting between hillary clinton and the crowned prince of bahrain. >> had you been able to put the actual response up you would have seen that it said something to the effect of, i'm paraphrasing, have already received this request through proper channels. and then you see -- so -- >> i'm glad you brought that up.
1:31 pm
through proper channels, hillary clinton didn't want to have the meeting. no, she did. don't schedule it right now. i'm not sure i want to be there for it at the time. when doug band talked to huma abedin then huma abedin made it happen. >> that's not the kchronology o it, a. >> it is. >> she didn't know if she wanted to be in d.c. or new york. let's be clear here. bahrain has been for decades, an important ally to the united states. one of our most important major allies who is not a member of nato. the fifth naval fleet which is the fleet that protects the middle east and as america's presence for the middle east -- wait, wait, you got to go on and on. >> we don't care about the fleet. >> i actually think the people in the middle east and the people in israel and the people in the world care about the fleet. that is based out of bahrain. and to what we see here is an e-mail between two people and
1:32 pm
meeting that should happen between the secretary of state and the crowned prince of bahrain happening and doug band happening -- >> you have the -- >> this is someone in the clinton foundation. doesn't leave the appearance since you are waiting patiently. doesn't mean the appearance is asking for a meeting and the meeting happens. >> that is the appearance and politics's perception and this is something that reasonable people have a very hard time understanding why the plint krons chose, if there is nothing wrong, if there is no pay it play, you take them at their word and why do they cross the line in terms of perception. politics perception and perception is terrible. >> it doesn't literally have to be provable pay it play. have you an appearance problem and appear uns corey is what the clinton team and obama team back in 2008, 200 the during transition said they wanted to avoid. >> once again, special privileges for special people. $16 million went to the clinton foundation and if you or i
1:33 pm
e-mailed huma abedin and asked for a meeting with the secretary of state tomorrow, first they said, what she said was we will see how she feels. if she is going to -- >> but the difference is, if i gave $16 million to the clinton foundation i would have -- >> what does your candidate do in the presidency? >> you don't take money from special interest. >> this is crowned prince. >> it is not random person who requested a meeting through panels with the secretary of state. it is the crowned prince of a country that is an ally where we have a naval base. that's an appropriate -- >> and request a meeting through proper channels. >> and you got it. and got it. >> and got the meeting and there is -- there is nothing wrong with -- >> we don't know how they got the meeting. what we know is that ultimately they did get the meeting after huma abedin was contacted. that's what we know. more -- well there are more e-mails and we will have a chance to look at. margaret, corey, christine. appreciate it. >> health officials warning
1:34 pm
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welcome back. in our health lead a new stern zika warning. mosquito-born virus could go beyond florida and spread to other parts of the u.s. texas and louisiana could be next. heavy rain and flooding from last week left behind pools of standing water in both of those states. the mosquitos can breath under as little as a teaspoon of water. could the standing water make the gulf states an ideal breeding ground for the
1:39 pm
zika-carrying maosquitos. expressing concern that rain and flooding particularly in louisiana could bring in an increased risk of zika, how big is the worry here? >> i know it seems counter intuitive especially when you see the shots of standing water but the experts we talked to he is they are not particularly concerned about this water because the same rains that caused that flooding also wash away the mosquitos and the larvae of the mosquitos that cause zika, that carry zika. so they are actually not concerned. but they are concerned on a larger global level about zika spreading within the southeastern united states. or actually anywhere. they are really concerned there will be more families like the mendozas, when i'm about to introduce you to, their baby was born in miami with zika-related complications. my kay la looks like any other
1:40 pm
seven-week old baby bp but she is not. her mother caught zika while in venezuela and came home to miami. there is scarring on her retina caused by the infection. mris found calcifications in the brain, deposits that shouldn't be there. >> i cried a lot. one always thinks the worst will happen because you don't know what part of the brain was damaged. doctors wouldn't say a lot because they were doing a bunch of tests. it was horrible. it still is. the fear is there. report an infectious disease specialist at nicholas children's hospital in miami is taking care of mikaela. >> she has complications. she has calcifying tissue in the brain. that was infected. >> reporter: what does this mean
1:41 pm
for mikaela's future? >> i don't know. she is only two months old. >> reporter: he said doctors have to be vigilant. you will watch for hearing problems, seeing problems and cognitive. >> yes. >> reporter: how long will you watch? >> five or six years. a long time. >> reporter: everyday, mikaela's mother does physical therapy with letter to make sure she develops good muscle tone. she said the doctors are optimistic that with therapy and constant monitoring that mikaela will be fine. but she and her husband won't know for years. >> translator: the future is uncertain. we keep a very positive mind. a lot of faith in god and the virgin. >> reporter: mendoza said she feels for the women now pregnant in miami and trying to avoid zika. >> translator: i would say to them to not leave their homes. it is a situation impossible to cope with. it is an anguish that will keep
1:42 pm
you awake. >> reporter: doctors say they aren't sure what calcifications will mean for mikaela because zika is so new. she is one of the first babies born in the united states with zika-related complicationes. they say there are other viruss that can cause problems if a woman gets them while pregnant and they can attack tissue. but that is not zika and they may not behave the same. >> thank you so much. health officials worried that zika could spread to the gulf states. president obama will get his first look at one of the states, louisiana, and the flood damage on the ground there. today heart breaking images across the loss. furniture, clothing, family photos, tossed out on street curbs, all ruined by the floodwaters that stood waist-high in some homes. thousandis of louisianians applied for federal assistance. some received portions of the $20 million dispersed to pay for temporary housing and repairs but so many others still
1:43 pm
waiting. live in gonzalez, louisiana, polo, is help coming fast enough for the families? >>. >> reporter: well you talk to people here and they say it can't come fast enough. but every time you apply for federal assistance it does take time. so people are removing furniture that has been damaged and ruined in their home but also the material that makes up the interior of the homes p. they want it make sure that mold is out of the picture. they are taking it upon themselves to go inside, gut their homes, and then of course eventually get some federal assistance that is badly needed, john. there is concern that that $55 million may not be enough for many of the communities. >> and quickly, polo, you have seen incredible acts of kindless on the ground there, correct? >> reporter: yes. this, john, i should tell you, i met a couple from louisiana, john and keri bloom, on this very spot. this morning they woke up and turned to their old family
1:44 pm
recipe to make some jambalaya and hot dogs. they put it in their truck, drove here to new orleans and began to hand out food. the blooms survived katrina so this is the way they are giving back to neighbors that helped them ten years ago. and a smile and some jambalaya goes a long way. >> polo sandoval, thank you so much. raging wildfires scorching the west. warm, windy weather, dry conditions fuelling the flames. 26 large fires burning nearly half a million acres, fresh blazes now in the area of spokane, washington. fast-moving fires destroyed several buildings and houses forcing hundreds to leave their homes behind. fire crews there might have an uphill battle. national weather service warns it would be more gusty wind, high temperatures and low humidity in the coming days. a couple's wedding day
1:45 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." the death toll at aed withing in turkey stand at 54. 22 of them children. in a sickening twist, the attacker, according to turkey's president, is believed to be the ages of 12 and 14. though should say turkey's prime minister is raising doubts about that. barbara starr is at the pentagon. barbara, walk us through exactly how this attack went down. >> reporter: even before we get to that, john, there is new information which is the turkish government appears now to be showing positions of potential isis enclaves across the border into northern syria. not clear if it is tied to this attack but clearly the government in istanbul feels
1:50 pm
isis is responsible for this terrible attack on saturday against a kurdish wedding party in the city quite close to the boreder with syria. the bomber, who was the attacker, that is the big question. originally the turkish government thought the attacker, perhaps 12 to 14 years old, now that is being rethought. no clear word on that yet. 54 people dead but more than 20 of them young children under the age of 14. apparently the bomber striking when women and children were at the portion of the wedding party where they would be most out in the street, most visible. so clearly very much a target there. this is a situation where the turkish government is trying to respond and they believe that isis is it responsible. but and it does have all of the hallmarks of previous eyis attacks but no clear definite claim of responsibility by isis
1:51 pm
just yet. john? >> pictures are just awful. barbara i know you spoke with the new commander of u.s. troops in iraq and syria about the fight against isis. what did he tell you? >> well general towns end taking over during the weekend. he laid out a very ambitious agenda. he will be in command the next year and within that year what wasn't to do is defeat isis in iraq and syria and when a says he means by that is to get them out of their two major cities, raqqa in syria, mosul in iraq. two major strong holds. he wants to get them defeated and out of those population centers. that's going to be some very heavy lifting. iraqi forces and also local syrian fighters will really have to be able to step up and make that happen with u.s. support. but general townsened says he thinks that can be an
1:52 pm
inachievable goal. >> barbara starr, thanks so much. >> sure. >> it's been four months since the death of prince but there are new question bets fatal overdose that killed him. a report that pills labelled hydrocodone actually contained a different far more powerful drug. the lubricants that improved fuel economy. even technology to make engines more efficient. what company does all this? exxonmobil, that's who. we're working on all these things to make cars better and use less fuel. helping you save money and reduce emissions. and you thought we just made the gas. energy lives here. are those made with all-beef, karen? yeah, they're hebrew national. but unlike yours, they're also kosher. only certain cuts of kosher beef meet their strict standards. they're all ruined. help yourself! oh no, we couldn...okay thanks, hebrew national. a hot dog you can trust.
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in the death of prince. according to the minneapolis star tribune, pills found in the singer's paisley park estate apparently were not hydrocodone as they were marked. instead the pills contained fentanyl a much more powerful opioid. the same responsible for prince's death. bringing in sara sidner now. sarah, prince did not have a known prescription for fentanyl. so is the implication here that he got the pills illegally? >> it is a really good question
1:57 pm
and some investigators are continuing to look into. one of two things happened here, berman, basically either there was a manufacturing mistake and they mislabelled the pills or what is much more likely is that these were illegally manufactured pills and therefore they were illegally obtained as well. he may not even have known exactly what he was taking. if you get these off the street and they are all over america being sold coming in often times the dea says from china into mexico and along the drug cartel routes that bring in other drugs, fentanyl is coming in in record numberes. the dose aeages are so off and literally one pill could kill you. i want you to meet a mother who has gone through this with her own son. this happened to several people who died from taking a pill labelled norco, another drug, but actually contained fentanyl.
1:58 pm
>> he called and said his heart hurts. >> so after taking how many pills? >> it was stated, the young man there with him, that he had one and the young man had three. >> so just one. >> just one. just one. just one. >> natasha butler still going through it. missing her son so much. but these were drugs sold opt street and indeed they contained fentanyl. nine other people died in the sacramento area and investigators are still looking at where exactly the pills came from. a lot of people looking at whether or not the pills that may have killed prince, we don't know if he took these pills and that's how fentanyl got in his system but if they did investigators certainly have another lead to work on. >> explain to me that last point. it is interesting. we now know they found fentanyl in the house.
1:59 pm
there is fentanyl in his system and todhad to get there somehow. >> right. the question is, how. they still hasn't said and haven't revealed this to the public whether or not it was the pills he took that got it into his system or whether he took it some other way. often times this is a really strong drug and normally given in a patch or lollipop which makes it harder to overdose. a drug normally given for end of life or for extreme pain when you have cancer. so not a drug you would take for aches and pains, just in everyday life, john. >> interesting. didn't know that. sara sidner, thanks so much. our sports lead now. we saw ryan lochte swim. now we are seeing him sink, at least in terms of his value as an endorser. he lost all of his major sponsorship deals today. four in total. speedo is ending its relationship. lochte told an overexaggerated story in rio.
2:00 pm
speedo donate $50,000 from lochte's feet to a children's program in rio. that's it for us. now brianna keilar in "the situation room." >> thanks, john. happening now breaking news. not flip-flopping. donald trump is long called the forceable removal. undocumented immigrants that his new campaign manager suggests it is undecided. trump insists he is not changing his stance but sources say trum will will delay an immigration speech while they fine tune the policy. air scarees. donald trump first tv ad warns about immigration and border security, attacking hillary clinton for a rigged system. the hillary clinton's new ad