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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  August 22, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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speedo donate $50,000 from lochte's feet to a children's program in rio. that's it for us. now brianna keilar in "the situation room." >> thanks, john. happening now breaking news. not flip-flopping. donald trump is long called the forceable removal. undocumented immigrants that his new campaign manager suggests it is undecided. trump insists he is not changing his stance but sources say trum will will delay an immigration speech while they fine tune the policy. air scarees. donald trump first tv ad warns about immigration and border security, attacking hillary clinton for a rigged system. the hillary clinton's new ad
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talks about donald trump's temperament. donald trump calls for an immediate shut down of the clinton foundation. hillary clinton faces new questions about ethics and stepped up review of more documents from her time as secretary of state. >> and kim jong-un is not backing down in the face of a new military exercise as north korea warns there could be a preemtive strike turning south korea into a heap of ashes. wolf blitzer is off. i'm brianna keilar. you're in "the situation room." >> campaign source is major speech on immigration pushed back so the campaign can fine tune its policy. this comes as donald trump's new campaign manager says it is to be determined whether trump will continue to support the forced deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants.
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trump himself says he is not flip-flopping on immigration. with new advisors in place, trump has been reaching out to minorities. huddling with hispanic advisors and telling african-americans they have nothing to lose by voting for him. trump stays on the take calling the clinton foundation the most corrupt in political history adding it must be shut down immediately. bill clinton says he will step down from the foundation if his wife is elected but the clinton campaign is also calling on trump to die vest himself of all his business conflicts and new problems for hillary clinton from her old e-mail system. a federal judge orders the state department to step up the review of 15,000 document dating back to clinton's time as secretary but clinton is also on the attack. with the new ad challenging trump's fitness for office warning that one wrong move could bring catastrophe. i will speak with republican senator jeff sessions. he is a key adviser to donald
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trump. and our correspondents, analysts and guests have full coverage of today's top stories. let's begin with donald trump and the new soft stance on immigration. sarah murray is covering this. what are you hearing, sarah in. >> reporter: donald trump is supposed to head to the denver, colorado area later to deliver a speech on immigration. now that's postponed. the trip to denver has been scratched. all of this is happening as some wonder whether donald trump might be considering toning down his immigration policy, can h has been very controversial, i have strict, in search of more general election voters. tonight trump's corner stone of his campaign is being called into question. >> we will build a wall, don't worry. >> reporter: trump insisting he is not backing away from his overhaul. including visas with be building
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a wall and deporting millions of undocumented immigrants. >> no, i'm not flip-flopping. we want a fair but firm answer and we want to come up with something clear. >> trum kellyanne conway told cnn's dana bash that the force he said would he create as president may no longer be part of the plan. >> will that plan include a deportation force, the kind you just heard in that soundbite and that he talked about in the republican primaries? >> to be determined. >> reporter: mixed message come as trump made an attempt to soften his tone. meeting with his hispanic advisory council this weekend and vaguely apologizing for previous insults. >> sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words. or you say the wrong thing. i have done that.
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>> donald trump is not an experienced politician. right from his heart and right from his mouth. >> reporter: insisting the candidate is dialed in own focused on the fight against hillary clinton, not on attacking others. >> if he is challenging the democratic party, he is challenging hillary clinton and president obama's legacy. >> reporter: but that lasted less than a day. trump spent the day tearing into two cable tv host tweeting that joe scarborough and micah ka bring ski are two clowns. calling ka bring ski a not very bright mess. he is also far behind in fund-raising and on the air waves. there are television ads across eight states on election day.
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>> trying to tone town language, even though he is trailing in battle ground states, he is within striking distance and some here in ohio where he will be campaigning tonight. the latest monmouth university poll out today showing clinton is ahead by just four points. of course brianna, as you know, big opportunity to turn this all around. and we know that donald trump has already begun prepping. back to you. >> all right. yes, it will certainly matter. sarah marie for us in ohio. thank you. now to cnn politics executive editor mark preston. tell us what you're hearing from your sources. kwet is, is he pivoting away from deportation? is he just emphasizing it less? what is he doing? >> a little bit of everything right there as well as deciding not to have this immigration speech this week as jamie dimon is reporting, someone who travels with trump on a regular
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basis. they are trying to fine tune the speech with some less offensive language. and i'm hearing they didn't want to have the speech this week because they see the opportunity for hillary clinton to have to take the spotlight the next couple of days, on e-mails, foundation, bill clinton's speaking fees and appearances. and whenever there is an opportunity to take a step back and allow hillary clinton to try to take a little bit of the fire from the media, donald trump would always good out there and say something and take it back from him. now the trump campaign can take a step back and see how the clinton campaign handles this e-mail controversy. >> what about twitter? you know you will see days wherefore instance this story today with judicial watch, that there are 15,000 more documents including e-mails not previously released that arguably by standards should have been. and yet he says something about cable news host, calling her
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kn neurotic and not a very bright mess. >> you're right, donald trump goes out on a tier attacking someone over at a rival network. two hosts at a rival network. but when they are trying to keep him on message. when they say less donald trump be donald trump, that's let donald trump be donald trump but dial him back a bit. a major immigration speech would certainly overtake any discussion about this e-mail controversy that hillary clinton is having. in some way webs politically smart to step back. >> we ceil if it works and if he can make that work. thank you so much much. joining me now, a key adviser to donald trump. jeff sessions of alabama. sir, thank you so much for being with us today. we do appreciate it. were you going to add something there? >> no. i was just thanking you. good to be with you. >> oh, because you're polite. thank you. we heard donald trump would give this speech on thursday. now it's pushed back.
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can you give us insight on to why that is? >> there's a lot of things going on, that's for sure. a lot of negativity for hillary clinton and some of these events. and so i guess they just make those decisions as you go and try to be sure you're ready when you make a major speech. he has had great success last week with a number of serious speeches that are really moved him forward. he is leading in the "los angeles times" tracking poll. not behind. and i think that hillary clinton has run a lot of negative ads and some of these swing states and donald trump is just now beginning to respond to those. he is just now begun to start raising money. she has been raising money continuously. i believe she has 21 fund-raisers planned between now and the end of the month. somebody needs to go to louisiana and somebody needs to talk about the issues. hillary clinton is not. >> you said it sounds like fine tuning the speech or adding to
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it and it also seems to indicate about letting negative stories about hillary clinton kind of feed off some of the oxygen. so which is it? >> well i don't know that i have a firm answer on that. i haven't firmly talked to people about it. >> you think he will give this speech soon? >> i think he will be giving a speech soon. i think it is an important speech. the american people want to end the lawlessness. they want an immigration system that serves the national interest, their interest, that doesn't flood the labor market with more workers than we have jobs for, creating lower wages for americans. they want a president who will lead effectively. there is no doubt that donald trump can use the power that he has without additional laws, laws would help additional laws would help. but he can end this lawlessness and that's the most important thing for him to focus on as he promised to do. and wrestle with other issues as we go forward. >> but he is talking about a
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strategy that is fair but firm. what does that specifically mean? >> well, very complicated. everybody knows how complicated this is. and we shouldn't be flip about it. but anyone who entered this country unlawfully or overstayed their visa is subject to be deported. criminals and people who violate our laws in addition to that are absolutely required to be deported. >> is it a deportation force like he talked about then? >> you know, this whole department of homeland security, doing enforcement, border patrol, are just in a funk. they have the lowest morale in the federal government by independent surveyes. it is heart breaking. they have endorsed donald trump. they are pleading for leadership. >> but you said deportation. you said deporting -- you said deporting. is that -- is that which just
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begs the question, we have been trying to figure this out to some difficulty. you said deporting, so does that include a like we have heard donald trump describe? >> well ice officers and border patrol are the deportation for us. they try to do that everyday. although they have been handcuffed by the political leadership. and president obama and hillary clinton want to handcuff them even more. >> why did donald trump insult the president for deporting -- you know president obama has deported quite a few people. donald trump himself has taken aim at donald trump or has dup himself has taken aim at president obama over that. >> i don't know what you're talking about there but they are counting -- president obama is counting deportations of people caught near the border that didn't use -- >> this is what i'm talking about. donald trump june 25, 2016 tells bloomberg news would he have a heart with his policies for tax
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president obama for quote deporting vast numbers of people. how are they hand strong if that's donald trump's endorsement. >> i'm not sure exactly what he was refersing to there. they can do better. we can drive down the illegal numbers. border patrol agent testified before my subcommittee recently that 80% of the 300,000 plus that they apprehend are released before being deported. he said they only catch half of them. we can end that and by doing so the whole flow will drop. the numbers will drop and we will be far better able in the future with a virtual cycle to end the illegality. with the fence and border and wall, that will actually produce a lawful system of immigration. which has gone to be done first and foremost. >> let's listen to what donald trump has said in the past about his plan for this deportation force.
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>> they are ripped out of their homes? how? >> if they came from a certain country they will be brought back to that certain country. that's the way it is supposed to be. they can come back but they have to come back legally. >> you say there is a deportation force in effect. however, you are saying there is a deportation and it is in effect and they indicate there is not one. how is this different from, you know, from what you're talking about? he is talking about something that would be created. >> you could add to it and the additional units perhaps to focus on it. and there are officers out there now and if we drive these
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numbers down we will need fewer officers really or we won't need a whole lot more. to get the job done. >> okay. so when there's this discussion though of it being somewhat fine-tuned, i guess i'm not understanding how that would be. because it doesn't sound like you're talking about him reversing anything. >> it sounds like that is a key tenant of their plan. >> everybody is not going to be deported. there's not fog to be mass round ups that kind of thing. but we will have to wrestle with that. this is -- look, very difficult. i've look at it for years. there is no easy solution to it. he said we want to be fair, humane, treat people decently. it is going to be a tough challenge to vindicate and
2:16 pm
validate the rule of law. so when you go forward in the future, you have credibility when you tell people in the future they can't enter america unlawfully. this is a big deal and more complicated than some people realize. >> so with the political consideration here, i'm struggling to understand how it is changing, though how it is not changing. >> and does this appeal to people, soften his language but not the proposal, is that what we can expect as he fine tuned a major address on immigration? >> most important thing for him to do even to make sure he accomplishes in my opinion, is to say we are going to end the lawlessness. and create a system of
2:17 pm
immigration today and one that will continue to tomorrow and that we will have an immigration policy that serves the interest of the united states and the people of the united states. that is the most important thing for us to accomplish and you've got to be careful about all these ideas that sh people suggest to just sort of ignore the law and make out like it doesn't -- is no import. it is important. if we do that it would be great for america. he has promised to do it. we have had politicians for 30 years promise to do it and failed and not followed through. donald trump will. >> senator sessions, stay with me. he is a top adviser to donald trump. we will talk ahead to one of your former coworkers, hillary clinton. you can fly across welcome town in minutes16,
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breaking news. a source with the trump campaign said trump will deliver a major speech on the deportation. he has seemingly softened his tone but insists he is not flip-flopping on his signature issue. we are back with jeff session of alabama. a key adviser to donald trump. i wanted it talk about something different now, senator sessions. that is something we have heard several trump sur gates suggest recently which is that hillary clinton they are suggesting is ill. have you rudy giuliani. you have katrina pierson, spokeswoman for the campaign suggesting this. they are high level surrogates. do you think hillary clinton is's health is really a problem?
2:23 pm
>> the questions are being raised. i don't know the details of it. and i'm not going to give a chance it give a medical opinion on it but i can say one thing for confident and surety, donald trump is a strong vie rant force. this is a leader who can move the ball. hillary clinton is low energy compared to him. it'll be business as usual. nothing significant will happen under her leadership over the next four years. extending the obama leadership. donald trump can turn this country around. he can break through the log jam in washington. and get things done that should have been done long ago. >> aren't you playing into this thing that really, as far as we can tell, because we have checked this out, there's no basis in fact. there is no indication that --
2:24 pm
these are conspiracy theories swirling around the internet. and you have rudy giuliani saying, google this, google that. and he is not pointing to anything real. >> all i'm saying is i'm not a doctor and i'm not diagnosing it. she is not doing press conferencees. doing such a few events compared to donald trump. she is taking more time off and resting and not working. >> you yourself just said she has all these fund-raisers. that's not sitting in a lawn chair. >> she needs to be opening herself up to the american people. she should have gone to louisiana like donald trump did. i'm just saying between now and november, it is going to become more and more clear that he is a person of stronger decisive action. he wants it get something done. he is committed to making change in washington and she is part of the establishment and it will be
2:25 pm
business as usual. >> is he playing it smart some of the places we have seen him go to. we have seen him go to connecticut. go to a number of states that politically it seems questionable why he is even there. >> we get a lot of people in the media and other places that like to second-guess politicians. i would say he is doing well. after the convention hillary clinton got a boost. now according to los angeles times poll, donald trump is leading nationwide. leading. not behind. leading. other polls have him within the margin of error. we haven't focused clearly on the problems working americans have. decline in income. need to get this country moving again. growth and prosperity. that will become clearer. i think he is heading into the right direction politically.
2:26 pm
>> i know that you must look at the election ahead not only as presidential election, being not only a senator but the chairman of the senate judiciary committee, if republicans lose the senate majority, they lose control of the judiciary committee. they lose control of a lot of very important things. you know the ramifications of that. how are you advising donald trump when it comes to how he could effect these down ballot races? >> well let me just say, chuck grassley is a -- >> oh, my apologies. i promoted you. >> look, the senate is seemingly important. the majority is. i believe that our candidate is beginning to understand the strength of the new movement that donald trump is leading. is bringing in new voters into the party and if we do this thing right, this election could
2:27 pm
be the -- the donald trump leadership will be of benefit to house and senate. >> so you have or tno worries h could be a liability. >> donald trump is bringing in new voters. people who are democrats, people shyi shy way. that should be welcomed by candidates this fall. >> senator jeff session of alabama. we appreciate your time, sir. thank you. >> thank you. coming up, kim jong-un refusing to back down. north korea is washing that any aggression by the u.s. and southwest will result in a strike resulting in what he describes as heap of ashes.
2:28 pm
and donald trump uses his own words against him. >> in times of crisis, america depend on steady leadership. >> knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously. >> i know more about isis than the generals do. believe me. >> and calm judgment. >> and you can tell them to go [ bleep ] themselves.
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go to together, we're building a better california. a major speech on immigration is being pushed back so they can fine tune policy, this as donald trump says he is not flip-flopping on core issuees. let's bring in our experts.
2:33 pm
we have "daily beast" reporter olivia snutsy and director david chalon, mark preston and cnn political commentator jackie ka cinchy. she is the washington bureau chief for the "daily beast." what we have seen from donald trump which is people came out of his hispanic advisory council meeting on zaen seemed to think perhaps he was taking a more compassionate or softer tone. then you heard his campaign manager asked if there would be a deportation force saying it is to be determined. donald trump saying he is not flip-flopping. what is happening here? >> don't forget his son, eric trump, was out saying we would get policy reveal on thursday and that is no longer the case as well. >> not happening. >> what is happening here is there is clearly a conversation under way. i think kellyanne conway is creating space for this conversation to be happening.
2:34 pm
she doesn't want to lock into something that he might move from again. if he is going to make one move, any campaign would only want to make that shuf once with an explanation. he says no flip-flopping. again we have to wait and see what actual policy proposal is to find out, is he flip-flopping or is it donald trump just trying to not have it called flip-flopping. >> how do you do something you've been so clear about when it comes to the wall and cups to deportation p? >> it seems almost impossible. donald trump's campaign has been defined by hostility toward illegal immigrants. it won't help with supporters who like him for that reason. it is certainly not going to make him appeal to different is constituencies he needs to appeal to right now mp. >> so what is the end? if realistically he has a tough
2:35 pm
job, of trying to appeal those being turned off, is he trying to appeal to people who say look you need to have a compassionate tone, then what is it? >> with the whole outreach, he said by the end of four years in the white house he would get 94% of the african-american vote. which is the number that barack obama hit in 2008 will as first black president. clearly that's not going to happen. the fact is -- >> so weird to hear that hi hyperbole, wasn't it? >> he is not trying to get hispanic voters. not trying to get african-american voters. would it be great to shave a little off? absolutely. he needs to look like he is compassionate and appealing to those in the middle who are yet to decide who they will vote for. specifically if states such as iowa or new hampshire. or pennsylvania.
2:36 pm
or ohio. >> remember, the exit poll shows 18 out of 20 states and when this question is asked about mass deportation or legal status of some sort. either plurality or majority, most voted on the legalization side or legal status, not trump supporters but republicans. so it is not even, part of this is just again he has to get his republican support up as well. >> let me add, donald trump does have a habit of saying things behind closed doors compared to what he says in the public. so that might have happened in the meeting where he is telling hispanic leaders what he wanted to hear and when it leaked out that he said these things it is oh, gosh, okay, that's not what happened, here is what he meant. >> that happened on the muslim bani ban issue where he said he would be flexible.
2:37 pm
he won't make anyone confident he is on their side on this issue. >> 11 million people? what are you going to do? line up school buses? >> there aren't enough school buses. >> it is logistically impossible to find 11 million people. i will get shelden social media. it is grown up for donald trump to not do not speech on thursday and get his ducks in a row. by not being a flip-flopper, he is looking more magnanimous to voters. >> even senator jeff sessions said, look, there is a lot of negativity involving hillary clinton right now. one of the things he was saying was, okay so just let mer take some of the flak right now. donald trump doesn't need to be just getting all of the headlines. how much of this is that? and how much can donald trump stick to that so he is not in some twitter war that sucks up
2:38 pm
the oxygen? >> that's his problem. kellyanne conway saying he doesn't make personal attacks then he goes after msnbc hosts within not even 24 hours later. getting him to that level of discipline has been tough for them. maybe this is a point where they are letting hillary clinton have a couple days of bad press. which he hasn't been good at. so campaign the campaign is growing up a little bit. >> yes. >> smart strategy can be executed. we have so much more to talk about, you guys. we'll be back after a quick break. ♪ mapping the oceans. where we explore. protecting biodiversity. everywhere we work. defeating malaria. improving energy efficiency. developing more clean burning natural gas. my job? my job at exxonmobil? turning algae into biofuels. reducing energy poverty in the developing world.
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call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ hillary clinton is facing scrutiny yet again for her use of a private e-mail center. the question centered on nearly 15,000 documents not turned over to the state department during its initial investigation. susan is following the latest investigation. give us the latest. >> reporter: sure. republicans are eager to see what is uncovered weeks from now. they see this as an issue winnable for them, incredibly damaging for clinton and sustainable for weeks leading up to the election. not only did we see the judge's decision today, republican lawmaker issuing subpoenas to
2:44 pm
software companies all this while clinton tried to keep the focus on national he is chiropractority. tonight hillary clinton oont offensive, a new tv ad slamming trump on national security. >> because all it takes is one wrong move. >> i would bomb the [ bleep ] out of them. >> reporter: reminiscent of the daisy ad of 1964. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. >> reporter: but clinton's camp is playing defense as well fighting an onslaught of accusations. >> it is time for hillary clinton to come clean about the clinton foundation. >> reporter: the clinton foundation continues to take fire. >> then there was all the money funneld into the clinton foundation from foreign governments and corporations. it was pay for play. >> reporter: with hillary clinton facing claims she used
2:45 pm
her status at the state debt department to get spshl special access to the clinton foundation. her husband breaking from the foundation should hillary become president saying while i will continue to support the work of the foundation, i will step down from the board. and will no longer raise funds for it. but not before election day. >> it takes time when you're in a number of countries around the world to retool, refocus the mission and adapt. >> number one, they should shut it down. number two, they should give money back to countries they shouldn't be taking money from. countries that influenced her totally and also countries that discriminate against women and gays and everybody else. report. >> thank you so much for
2:46 pm
everything, colin. >> reporter: hillary clinton suggesting that powell said to use her personal e-mail. colin powell saying her people have been trying to pin it on me. the truth is that she was using the private e-mail server for a year before i sent her a memo telling her what i did. there was plan it release almost 15,000 documents before election day. >> it certainly hasn't been all bad news for team clinton. she has been just raking up the big bucks, fund-raising on the campaign trail. a new fec report showing that clinton now has $20 million more cash on hand than trump. her campaign also announcing a staggering $80 million ad campaign in eight key states. she is headed out west to get more fund-raising support from figures like magic johnson and justin timberlake. brieian? >> suzanne malveaux, thank you.
2:47 pm
wildfires torching acres out west. and new threats and rising tensions on the korean peninsula. why is north korean dictator kim jong-un in state over his nuclear capabilities.
2:48 pm
2:49 pm
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2:51 pm
new tonight, rising tensions on the korean peninsula as american and south korean troops conduct high level drills. the north korean says it has the chance to launch a preemptive strike against the united
2:52 pm
states. >> reporter: kim jung-un may now have nearly two dozen nuclear bombs and the means to target the u.s. >> he's clearly on a different track from his father. much more aggressive, much more provocative. >> reporter: for the first time, all three of the u.s. air forces strategic bombers, the b-52, b-1 and b-2 took off from guam all at the same time. a not so subtle show of force signaling the u.s. will protect south yee and the pacific allies according to a u.s. defense official. just as a south korean military drill neared to militarize with north korea heated up. 25,000 u.s. troops on the korean peninsula began an annual joint exercise. the threat of a north korean
2:53 pm
provocation is higher than ever according to south korea. >> translator: the north's nuclear capabilities are direct and real threats. the real should be like an actual fight that prepares for north korea's provocations. >> socialism is not something in the air. >> reporter: after the recent defection of north korea's deputy ambassador in london, they feel they will try to assassinate north korean activists. u.s. and south korean forces involved in that exercise. >> they really do want to demonstrate that they don't have a rudimentary force. >> reporter: north korea is increasing stockpile saying in a report the country's arms effort is widening and especially
2:54 pm
worrisome to the pentagon, the regime is testing submarine launch and mobile ground missiles. difficult for the west to track, it gives the north a track of surviving a preemptive first strike by the u.s. and then l n launching its own attack. u.s. officials are convinced that kim jung-un is aware the u.s. presidential election and watching it and maybe trying to gain attention for his own regime. gain attention with the next president of the united states, a very dangerous chess game. >> it is indeed. barbara starr reporting live from the pentagon. thank you so much. coming up, as mass evacuation orders are lifted in california, you have no blazes erupting north of there in washington state. you're seeing homes destroyed. hundreds forced to flee.
2:55 pm
plus, ad wars. the trump campaign is on the attack. >> in hillary clinton's america, is system stays rigged against americans. syrian refugees flood in. illegal immigrants convicted of committing crimes get to stay collecting social security benefit, skipping the line. our border open, it's more of the same but worse. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone
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2:59 pm
back down. there's new evidence that donald trump is tweaking his immigration policy even as he denies he's ready to make a n
3:00 pm
major reversal. will he make his intentions clear in the coming hours? trump and allies are stoking conspiracy theories about hillary clinton's health. will voters reject the rumors or will they stick? attacks on ethic as clintons scramble to diffuse attacks on their foundation. tonight the democrats are hitting back, arguing it's trump who needs to come clean. rapid fire, the disaster out west is spreading. first california, now washington state. new blazes raging out of control and forcing hundreds of people to flee as flames race toward their home. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. wolf blitzer is off today. i'm brianna keilar. you're in "the situation room."
3:01 pm
we have breaking news this hour as we stand by for a donald trump event in ohio. there's new fuel for speculation that he may be softening his hard line stance on immigration. a campaign source says a major speech planned for thursday can being postponed because his immigration policy is still being fine tuned. trump insists he's not going to flip-flop but his campaign manager said his controversial plan for a detportation force i to be determined. there's new heat on hillary clinton over her e-mails. a federal judge revuling that nearly 15,000 documents were found during the fbi's investigation. the judge is ordering the state department to come up with plan to release the information before election day. we're also following the wildfire disaster on the west coast. multiple blazes are spreading quickly now in washington state. hundreds of people are under orders to evacuate. this hour congressman chris
3:02 pm
collins is here to talk about the race. our correspondents have full coverage of the day's top story. we have more on the trump campaign. she's live for us from trump tower. jessica. >> reporter: campaign sources now saying that donald trump's much anticipated immigration speech will not be happening on thursday as originally planned and there's no date for a rescheduled speech just yet. looks like it will be a few more days if not another week until we get some clarification on donald trump's seeming murky immigration stance. donald trump insisting he's not changing course when it comes to immigration policy. >> i'm not flip-flopping. we want to come up with a fair but firm answer. it has to be very firm. we want to come up with something fair. >> reporter: this after his campaign manager seemed to cast question on his prooefrs hard line deportation assistance over the weekend. >> will the plan include a deportation force, the kind that
3:03 pm
he just, you just heard in that sound bite and he talked about during the republican primaries? >> to be determined. >> reporter: donald trump declared over and over if elected he would immediately deport an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants. >> they're going back where they came. if they came from a certain country, they'll be brought back to that country. that's the way it's supposed to be. they can come back, but they have to come back legally. some will come back. through a process. they have to come back legally. >> reporter: the change comes after trump and members of the rnc met with hand group picked of hispanic supporters saturday at trump tower. it's part of his outreach to minority communities that some have questioned for its tone. trump also reaching out to african-america african-americans. >> what do you have to lose? you're living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs. 58% of your youth is unemployed.
3:04 pm
what the hell do you have to lose? the. >> reporter: meantime trump surrogate handgun pushing untrue rumors that hillary clinton has health problems pointing to internet chatter. >> go online and put down hillary clinton illness. take a look at yourself. >> the border open, it's more of the same but worse. >> reporter: donald trump launched a new set of ads but he's still being out spent by hillary clinton. trump's campaign so far spending 4.8 million in a ten-day ad blitz. has trump reset his approach. his campaign manager made this promise. first thing monday trump went back on the personal twitter attack against the host of msnbc morning joe. running mate mike pence in an interview on cnn is defending trump's style.
3:05 pm
>> donald trump is not a experienced politician who carefully selects his words. he speaks right from his heart, right from his mind. >> reporter: as for the ground game, the trump team is leaning heavily on the rnc rather than building its own ininfrastructure. field offices have begun opening in the battleground states. sean spicer will be working with the trump team spending a lot more time at trump tower. >> very interesting development there. thank you so much. live for us in new york. let's go to akron, ohio where donald trump will hold rally very soon. we have cnn political reporter sarah murray there. you can hear things starting to rev up behind you. what more can you tell us about the trump's campaign plan to push back this immigration speech? >> reporter: we're expecting donald trump here in ohio any minute now but later this week we were supposed to be headed out to the denver, colorado
3:06 pm
area. that's where we were expecting donald trump to deliver a speech on immigration on thursday. we're now hearing that speech has been postponed indefinitely for now. others on our team have been getting a little bit more information on this. they're hearing that donald trump's advisors want to make sure they tweak this language and get this policy right. that's part of the reason for the delay here. of course, as you know when you head out west, you really reach this gold mine of hispanic voters. that's what makes the message so potent out there. there's some within the trump campaign. some of his close allies who believe that colorado is already out of his reach which could have been part of calculation. if you're looking for any sign he will reschedule this. it will be interesting to see how he talks about the issue at all. >> we'll know you'll be monitoring that for us. joining me is new york
3:07 pm
congressman chris collins. thank you so much for being with us. we do appreciate it. >> it's gooded to be with you. >> fabulous to have you here. you just heard sarah reporting that this speech has been postponed indefinitely. we don't know when this is being rescheduled for. what's going on with this push back? >> i can't speak for the delay in that particular speech. what i do know is donald trump's had a great week and a half. i think his message is really resonating and we're looking forward to that speech. in my area, i have a lot of illegal immigrants. they are working the dairy farm jobs that americans don't want. those are 24/7 jobs. raising a family here and they're illegal immigrants but at the end of the day, our dairy farmers depend on this. we need to secure the borders so we don't continue to have the
3:08 pm
influx. i think everyone has said, i know i have said, and i'm not speaking for donald trump, we need a way to make folks legal. we're not talking about citizenship but we're talking about legal work papers to process them out of shadows. we know who they are. we know they are law-abiding and let them work on our farms. i've been lobbying for that for a couple of years. the mess we have is because harry reid, president obama and nancy pelosi in 2009 and '10, did nothing on the immigration issue of the united states. to hear them complaining or talking about the republican lack of action, they controlled all the levers. they did absolutely nothing. it was not on their list to do. they did obama care and dodd frank. i think we need to remind the american public, the lack of action was the democrats who controlled things in 2009 and
3:09 pm
'10. >> you just made a case, an economic argument for why people who are in the country illegally, specifically in your district, should be able to get work papers and stay and be part of the agriculture economy in which you live and yet your surrogate for donald trump who says we have to take people that are here illegally and we have to move them out. how do you square, i know you said you don't speak for donald trump, but how do you square that with donald trump wanting a deportation force? >> again, i have to speak for myself and be very clear. they can come out of shadows. they can go into a building, through a door. they can be folks there that will process them and get their information and whatever references they have to have. they can process those and give them a social security number. give them their work papers and then they can go out another
3:10 pm
door. we know who they are. we know where they are. they have been deported. they come in illegal, processed. they've gone back out as legal immigrants. at which point we can see anyone who has not volunteered and come out of shadows for that type of, i've called it a rhetorical deportation. at that point in time if they're found, they will be sent back. i'm a business guy. almost nightmare. >> i wonder -- then you're looking at, do you doubt -- what do you want to hear then when he does come out with his immigration plan? a reversal on the deportation
3:11 pm
force? >> i think we have to have a workable plan that takes 12 million immigrants, many of which are law abidesing. they came into this country illegally but many cases been here for 10 and 20 years and raising a family. our farmers, our hotels, depend on that particular work force. let's just face it. that's the reality in the united states. we have to come up with a workable plan. i'm open to hear what comes out. i've been lobbying for my dairy farmers and crop farmers to make sure they don't lose their work force. cows have to be milked three times a day, seven days a week, winter, summer. it doesn't matter. we need to find a way to process those law-abiding immigrants and make them legal with work papers and anyone who doesn't come out
3:12 pm
of shadows for that kind of processing after the fact then we absolutely need to deport them. we need some way logistically. >> how do you -- how does donald trump appeals to folks. he's built his campaign on build the wall and deportation force. >> he's built his campaign on securing our borders which is building a wall and making sure we secure the wall so we don't continue to have an influx of illegal immigrants while we deal with the 11 or 12 million. >> he's also talking about this deportation force that's not the rhetorical deportation that you're not talking about. >> all i can say is i guess we
3:13 pm
have to stay tuned. i can't speak for mr. trump on that issue. >> you don't see a way where he can sort of temper what he's saying so he can have some appeal? i think that seems to be what the campaign is struggling with right now? >> again, i'm not in that particular inner circle. i would think what i have talked about, i know i've used the word rhetorical deportation. it is a deportation. it's just not putting them on a bus and taking them across the border. it's processing them so we know who they are. the law biding folks would breathe a big sigh of relief and go shopping on saturday and sunday and continue to raise their family. again, i'm not part of this inner circle. i'm not having these discussions with mr. trump. i'm saying someone who lives in and i've been in congress for three years, i've been advocating for this for the past three years. >> you're going to stay with me. we have much more to discuss. we'll be back in a moment.
3:14 pm
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3:18 pm
i won this 55 inch tv for less than $30 on visit for great deals. and start bidding today! drumonald trump is delaying speech on immigration because his policy is being fine tuned. this comes after speculation he's reversing course on the issue. congressman, we're looking now, it's just around the corner the election. 78 days out. a lot can happen in that time. why is this issue of immigration with donald trump being revisited where he's well into this general election battle? >> i think a lot of issues, mr.
3:19 pm
trump has been giving a lot of speeches in a way, deep diving his tax policy, deep diving national security issues. talking about veterans issues. he said over a month ago he's going to roll out a number of policy speeches at different venues around the country. his emergency speech out in north dakota. this is him living up to his commitment that he had to take things from that 30,000 foot level during the primary campaign and put some meat on the bone which he's doing fantastically more so than hillary clinton who doesn't seem to have an answer for anything and number two, can't even tell america why they should vote for her. she's trying to turn this into a referendum on donald trump and she is disappeared from any kind of public appearances. donald trump's out there every day. he's having rallies. they're standing in lines for two hours in 90-degree weather to try to get in. hillary clinton is not having rallies because no one would come and it would be pretty
3:20 pm
embarrassing. this energy you're seeing and this most current rally is why the polls mean nothing. this is a turn out election and the energies behind donald trump in my district, you're talking about hundreds, if not thousands of trump signs and eight-foot cardboard cut outs on porches in my rural district. there isn't a hillary clinton sign absolutely anywhere in my district. >> sure, but she's down, last i checked, high double digits in your state. i will say that. i hear what you're saying about your district but he's not doing well in your state. >> he will win upstate new york. the four burroughs. fierp and poli fire and police live in staten island. i will kplcommit it's unlikely,t new york is not major play. i do believe he will win upstate
3:21 pm
new york. >> i want to ask you about something a little different because we've been hearing trump surrogates pretty high profile ones. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani suggesting recently that hillary clinton is not well. there's really nothing to back this up. so far it seems to be conspiracy theories that are happening online and going through e-mail. what do you think of this? is this something that you think is really fair or is this just really dirty politics? >> i don't know. politics is politics. it's never fair. all i can tell you is she's unfit to be president of the united states. her physical condition, aside, she's unfit to be the president of the united states. >> do you have questions about her physical condition because this is something is you have a lot of people listening to trump supporters, high level surrogates who are following this and believing this.
3:22 pm
>> i wouldn't go down this road because this is going to play out, as you say, over the next 78 days. i would continue to say she's unfit to be the president of the united states. she won't apologize to the benghazi families for lying to them. she won't apologize to the american public for lying to them and have the audacity to say that director come exonerated her and he did not. hillary clinton cannot be trusted. america knows that. whether she can do a hundred push ups or not, doesn't matter to me. she's unfit to be president of the united states. >> you're talking about something besides physical
3:23 pm
fitness. it has to do with her policies and trustworthiness? >> absolutely. exactly. >> thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> good to be with you. >> great to have you. just ahead, is he fine tuning, is he flip-flopping or is he staying the course? we'll talk about donald trump's campaign reboot. the latest on hillary clinton's e-mails. former secretary of state colin powell accuses her campaign of trying to pin the blame for the controversy on him. sk phone always has to be at your desk? now, with one talk from verizon... hi, pete. i'm glad you called. (announcer vo) all your phones can work together on one number. you can move calls between phones, so conversations can go where you go. take your time. i'm not going anywhere. (announcer vo) and when you're not available, one talk helps find the right person who is. hi, john. (announcer vo) so wherever work takes you, you can put your customers first. introducing one talk-- another way verizon connects your business better. learn how at
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3:28 pm
huge rally in akron, ohio. you're looking at live pictures that we're showing on cnn. we'll keep an eye as he gets started. you say donald trump shaking the hand of former mayor, rudy giuliani. you have a suource saying a trup speech is being postponed indefinitely. i want to bring in cnn political analyst, rebecca burg. gloria borger and washington post assistant editor david swordlic. behave a lot of mixed signals about what his policy is.
3:29 pm
it's been pretty clear before. then you had kelly ann conway saying is the deportation force going to be part of this and she said to be determined. how is that playing into the fact this speech is this moving target. >> sounds like they have to get their policy together and figure out what it is. they understand that they've got a problem with hispanic voters. they also have a problem within the republican party and they're in single digits with hispanic voters. mitt romney got over 20% of hispanic voters. they understand that this is key. you can't have a stream of consciousness about a major issue in your campaign. they saw what happened with the muslim ban, for example. that turned out to be a little problematic for them. they all remember mitt romney having problems during his campaign with that notion of self-deportation which he
3:30 pm
eventually -- he tried to change it in the general election. now they're in this general election fight. they got to figure out what they're going to tell those independent voters that they need. it seems like if a candidate takes out a clear position, it's hard to get away from that. >> with build a wall, something so clear. >> it's a chant at the rallies. >> there's not a lot of room to maneuver. his supporters have memorized this. there's tho bano backing away f that. something that is much less of a stretch policy, severe policy than what donald trump has proposed to date, donald trump after that election said that that was too cruel of a policy. it was not sensitive enough of
3:31 pm
romney to decide that people should self-deport. for him to be taken an even more extreme position than that, it makes it hard for him to walk it back in the future. >> it doesn't seem to stop him from perhaps trying. there there's a tug of war going on inside his campaign. perhaps it's with his new advisors or mr. trump himself. the latest one is immigration here. you don't just sort of put off a policy speech. condition candidates are supposed know their policy, know their believes. he had a concrete position, agree with it or disagree with it. i think it makes him look wishy washy and it makes his vulnerable to both side, particularly the right. the people that brought him to this point. >> if any part of this is giving clinton space to have her own mistakes get out there on the front pages then maybe that's smart. to the extent this is having to
3:32 pm
message 78 days away from the general election, i think it's a real problem. congressman collins told you he was very clear to say he was not speaking for the trump campaign but he's a trump supporter and made the case for amnesty right here on your segment. >> immigration has been the key to donald trump's campaign. when he came down that escalator in trump tower and gave his first speech, it was about building wall. remember, he said some mexicans are rapists or whatever he said. >> and criminals. >> it began the journey. you can't just now take a left turn and say i'm sorry. p they're trying to figure it out. it's iconic. >> a spoke to a republican who said maybe this is donald trump being, trying to message both sides. he's not coming out and changing his policy but allowing the
3:33 pm
conversation among some people who think i can't support someone who wants to deport everyone, he's trying to have it both ways here. might be he'll never come out with a different policy. i think that anything he does on this will be watching, but the clinton campaign, regardless, is going to freeze his position in time or try and do so with the deportation thing. that will be an advertisement. it's one of the reasons he's struggling in colorado, nevada and other places. >> flash back to the republican primary is one of the biggest criticisms is he's unpredictable and his policies are set in stone. that's a legitimate concern among some voters. they don't know what they are getting. >> his supporters said they like the fact he was a straight shooter and you knew where he stood. >> it's confusing some people. sdp >> in a presidential debate, there isn't going to be that much room for nuance when it comes to this question. we know you want to build a
3:34 pm
wall, build a wall. the question is a deportation. >> build a wall and get mexico to pay for it. >> and the deportation question which if there's no answer to it before the first presidential debate, he'll have to answer at the debate. >> you were mentioning this may have something to do with i'm going to sort of tap the breaks right now and let some of these bad headlines fill the air. yet, today, there was a headline about hillary clinton's e-mails. he gets on a twitter tirade, a personal attack against cable news host. that's the ridiculous think that people are talking about. he does this time after time. it will be hillary clinton sitting down for an interview for the fbi and i think that was the weekend it went into the star of david thing. how does anyone around him actually expect that creating space for hillary clinton's bad
3:35 pm
headlines to really take up the oxygen is at all a strategy. >> it's one of the things that frustrated republicans so much. some think is he trying to help the clintons here. i don't believe that but it does make you wonder when he doesn't seize on these moments like this. we may hear him tonight talk about the e-mails and talk about this new information here but we have lost track of the number of times he's allowed an opportunity to go by the wayside here because he wants talk about himself. >> he does. there was a point he could get away or his supporters could get away saying he's inexperienced. he doesn't get how this works. he's been at this for over a year now. you have to say it's an unforced error and he's costing himself days with 78 days to go. >> you'll stick around with me as we're monitoring this event. we'll be back with much more in a few moments.
3:36 pm
3:37 pm
3:38 pm
3:39 pm
3:40 pm
we're back with our
3:41 pm
political team. turning to hillary clinton's campaign. tonight a judge is ordering the state department to review thousands of previously undisclosed documents. we have the new developments here. >> the clinton campaign has been trying to turn the page from this controversy for more than a year. this new ruling from a judge ordering the state department to release some 15,000 documents ensures this political drip, drip, drip will keep dripping until election day. hillary clinton wants voters to focus on donald trump's words. >> in times of crisis, america depends on steady leadership. >> knock the crap out of him. >> reporter: in this new campaign commercial, she's playing some of his greatest or controversial hits. >> and calm judgment. >> you can tell them go to [ bleep ] themselves. >> reporter: tonight her message is competing with new
3:42 pm
developments in old clinton controversies. her private e-mail server and the clinton foundation. the state department has one month to come up with a plan to release 15,000 new documents discovered by the fbi between clinton and top aides. chairman reince priebus said the e-mails in question should be released in full before election day. if they are related to her state department work, we support those documents being released publicly as well. the judge's ruling comes as colin powell is pushing back on suggestions he gave clinton the idea to use the server in the first place. he said her people are trying to pin it on me. in 2009 he said he talked to clinton regularly but he used a private e-mail around, not a private server. >> i was having dinner with her a few nights ago and i stay in regular touch with secretary
3:43 pm
clinton and with secretary gates and with the president. >> reporter: as clinton steps off the campaign trail to raise money in california tonight, new questions also being raised about the clinton foundation. in a letter to donors today, former president bill clinton said the foundation will no longer accept foreign contributions. he wrote while i'll continue to support the work of the foundation, i will step down from the board and no longer raise funds for it. that's not enough for trump who called the foundation corrupt saying it should be shut down immediately. trump's running mate called the clintons hypocrite cal. >> she'll have a conflict of interest with the clinton foundation when she becomes president but i guess she didn't have a conflict of interest taking foreign donations when she was secretary of state. >> reporter: today tim kaine firing back. >> before you go about attacking a charity, why don't you come clean about your own business
3:44 pm
dealings and tell the american people who you are in debt to. >> reporter: those being fueled by a watchdog group, judicial watch. it produced another batch of e-mails between clinton's top aide. in one band is trying to schedule a meeting between thear donation donor and secretary clinton. asking to see her. good friend of ours. this shows that she didn't always respond favorably. she said we have reached out through official channels but it took the unofficial channels to get the meeting set up in first place. that's the whole problem with all of this is that yes, this happens in washington. yes this is how business is conducted but was a of her decision to use that private e-mail server, her decision, that's why we know all of this. >> does that make it officially unofficial. we're back now with our panel.
3:45 pm
it's 15,000 documents. some may be duplicates and some are new. the whole idea was that they said they turned over all the work related e-mails and it now appears that's not true even though they are saying we want these to be reviewed. these weren't all turned over, right? >> right. now their position is release everything. the republican national committee's position is release everything now before the election. the clinton campaign is doing what you would expect it to do which is what they also did with the fbi interview when it was made clear it was going to be presented to congress privately. they said rather than have it leak out, let's just release it.
3:46 pm
rather than have the e-mails leak out, let's just release it. that's a good political position for them to take because they can appear to want to be transparent. >> they had their chance to release it a year ago. >> at least they can make the political point they are all for transparency and they want it out there. what's in there is another question. >> does it even hurt her or has it reached the point she's hurt by this. her honest and trustworthy numbers, it's bad or is there more damage to be done. >> i don't know if we know. the new ones have some other information. my guess is we have seen so many e-mails now. most of them are pretty boring to be honest. not all of them. i don't know if we know. i do think it could impact her expansion. there are voters who are i'm not sure i can vote for donald trump. it's one thing after another.
3:47 pm
>> never have cared. >> the other thing that's interesting and i wonder why the clinton campaign is doing this, you have former secretary of state colin powell who is pushing back on the idea he gave hillary clinton the suggestion to use a private e-mail server. this stems from the fact not something that the campaign is pushing that what we've heard from the notes from fbi that went up to capitol hill and we found out one of the things is i was counselled by colin powell to do this and he's saying not so fast. this is a terrible headline again. >> it's a terrible headline. it's something in the early stages of this clinton e-mail scandal that the clinton team tried to kind of float out there. it didn't work then. i don't think it's going to be effective now when you have colin powell saying don't blame it on me. the most devastating thing is
3:48 pm
maybe the e-mails could be boring, but six weeks ago they were saying fbi, director james comey spoke, and move on. now here it is again. >> if she did say this and it wasn't that long ago, saying that colin powell counselled me to do this. the other thing it brings up is this assertion by hillary clinton that this is what my predecessors did. no, it's not. he had personal e-mail but he didn't host his own private server in his house, which is really the thing that sets hillary clinton's e-mail practices apart from these others. why do they keep going with that assertion? >> it's completely different. it's unclear why they keep going with that assertion and why they have changed their stories a number of times. hillary clinton said at one point this was for convenience. she only wanted one device and we found out she had multiple devices and it wasn't that
3:49 pm
convenient any way. we have seen the statements have ultimately contradicted what we have found to be the true truth of the matter. it's really unclear why they have taken this approach except that traditionally hillary clinton has been very defensive when it's come to the press. she's been a very private person even if her political life. there's been this hesitance to be fully transparent and put everything out there for the press to cover and for the public to decide on. that's been hamstringing her in this campaign. if she had a year or two ago just come forth with all of this information, it wouldn't be an issue today. because as jeff said in his report, it's been a drip, drip, drip of information. revelation afterlati revelation. >> her instinct is not to be apologetic about this. this fbi interview was like within the last month, two, maybe 45 days or so. this wasn't a year ago. why come up with this other excuse. we have seen on multiple
3:50 pm
occasions where she's placed the blame other places. it's pattern of how she answers questions. you've interviewed her. it's not to fall on her own sword. >> they're not shutting down but they're not take iing foreign donations. bill clinton won't give paid speeches anymore. is this enough for republicans? i think i know the answer. >> no, it's not. typical trump hyperbole. he has a leg to stand on here. in my view, the clintons have to do this but i don't think it's going to get rid of this narrative. >> great conversation. thank you guys so much. just ahead, even as massive evacuations are lifted in california, evacuation orders there, fast-moving wildfires in
3:51 pm
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that's why we want to make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all we should fit into your life. not the other way around. tonight, the turkish government says it does not know if the suicide bomber who attacked a wedding over the weekend was a child or adult. the bomber was initially believed to be between 12 and 14 years old. no matter his age, turkish officials suspect isis was behind this attack. let's bring in our correspondent barbara starr. some of the video our viewers are about to see is graphic. meanwhile, what can you tell us
3:56 pm
about this? >> the belief by the turks is that it was isis and tonight the turkish military is shelling positions across the border, isis positions in this region, in syria. this attack happening saturday in the town quite close to the turkish border with syria, terrible attack on a wedding party. more than 50 killed. some 22 wounded and a good many of the wounded were, in fact, children under the age of 14. the turkish government originally did think it was a child suicide bomber. that is now not confirmed anymore. they are still looking. they did pick up bees of what appeared to be a suicide vest. not clear if it was detonated by the bomber or remotely detonated, isis capable of doing that, of remote detonation. so, a lot of anguish in this part of turkey and a lot of concern that isis does, in fact, continue to have cells in
3:57 pm
turkey, a nato ally. that means isis can get into nato and into europe potentially. breanna? >> a bold new warning about u.s. special ops in the region. what is he telling you? >> northern seara late last week, the syrian regime suddenly flew some aircraft in the vicinity and launched attacks in the vicinity of u.s. special operations. they were really aiming for some local syrian -- some local fighters, kurdish fighters in northern syria, but say it came so close to the americans, the americans had to be moved quickly. now the head of the coalition, attorney general steven townsend, he was very blunt. he said the u.s. will defend itself if the syrians come back. breanna? >> barbara starr, thank you. the wildfires out west are
3:58 pm
spreading. blazes in washington state are forcing hundreds of mandatory evacuations. let's go to cnn meteorologist jennifer gray. this is a dangerous situation near spokane, washington. >> we think of washington as being a very rainy state. in fact, they are very, very dry right now. both of these fires combined, spokane complex fire, deep north fire just popped up last night, 600 acres burned. we are seeing tens of thousands of acres burned in this one area. they did have a cold front move through. it didn't bring any rainfall, which would have been helpful. what it did do was lower the humidity down, lower the temperatures down. the other interesting thing is it also changed the wind direction. and that can easily prompt more fires and spread them even faster. southern california, we've been dealing with this as well. blue cut fire almost 90% contained, great news. however some of the other ones not so much. cedar fire 5% contained, burned
3:59 pm
almost 20,000 acres. breanna. >> jennifer, you have been in louisiana, covering what happened there. and the president is visiting flooded areas tomorrow. what's the latest on that disaster? >> look at the big picture. it's better news. we are going to see drier conditions. we are going to see some spotty showers as we move forward in time. those typical afternoon storms. it looks like a lot of these will be well to the south. some areas could pick up an additional inch or two of rain. we know there's backwater flooding in a lot of areas across louisiana. each afternoon, we see these heavy downpours it's still a huge concern because a lot of people are still experiencing rising waters, breanna. >> they're even in the video next to you. there's so much damage. people are going into the process of stripping their homes down to the studs to deal with this. such a heavy lift ahead of them, especially with so many of them not having insurance. jennifer gray, thank you so much for updates on louisiana as well
4:00 pm
as outwest. i'm brianna keilar. thank you so much for watching. "out front with erin burnett" starts now. out front, breaking news, donald trump promising to build that wall. as a source tells cnn he could be delaying his immigration speech that was supposed to be this week. >> plus trump's new outreach to black voters. is it working or is he wasting his time? shocking new details about a toddler killed by an alligator at disney world. were warnings ignored? let's go "out front." good evening, i'm pamela brown in for erin burnett. out front tonight, breaking news, donald trump rallying in akron,


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