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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  August 22, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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tomorrow should be no different, given tonight's breaking news. we'll keep an eye on how these stories play out, including donald trump's immigration policy. cnn's don lemon starts now. donald trump ramping up his attacks on hillary clinton's character, calling for a special prosecutor to investigate her. he is also postponing a major speech on immigration, giving his new team an opportunity to fine tune the policy. but doubling down on his policy ideas. >> we're going to build the wall folks, we're going to build the wall. don't worry. we're going to build the wall. that wall will go up so fast, your head will spin. >> trump touching on a lot of issues at his rally. i want to start with phil
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mattingly and jeff zeleny. what did he have to say to his supporters. >> what you really heard was the influence of his newly-minted campaign team, the outreach to minority voters, expanding on his "what the hell do you have to lose" line, but also an attack on hillary clinton. attack after attack after attack. what you are seeing is a dual-messaged approach, one pushed by kellyanne conway and steve bannon. one they believe that can turn around the campaign that has been lagging in the polls. >> let's listen to a clip. >> another major part of our agenda is immigration security. we need to protect american jobs. we need to protect american safety.
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[cheers and applause] [ crowd chanting "build that wall" ] >> we're going to build the wall, folks. we're going to build the wall, and you know what else i mean? mexico is going to pay for the wall. [cheers and applause] >> so phil, the campaign is answering a lot of questions about his immigration policy after his campaign manager was asked whether trump still planned to deport 11 million illegal immigrants and she said to be determined. what more can you tell us? >> we know the wall will still be part of the policy. what we don't know is the other details. donald trump had a major immigration speech scheduled for thursday. that has now been postponed, and what we're seeing publicly is what's going on behind the scenes privately. there's a lot of talk and debate about what the final approach to immigration would be. donald trump very hard-line on
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issues. but his team cognizant of the fact that they need to soften if not the policy than the message, if they are to achieve outreach to enough voters to win in november. you're seeing a lot of shifting messages back and forth, depending on the advisers that you talk to, but at least the wall, for sure, is in. >> did you guys call each other? you're wearing the same thing. you guys look exactly, your outfits look exactly the same. but jeff, you were covering hillary clinton today he got unwelcome news regarding her e-mails. >> just when you think this e-mail controversy is done, it's not. a federal judge in washington ruled that the state department has to accelerate the release of documents that we have not seen. this is all part of the fbi investigation. they turned these up in their year-long investigation of that private e-mail server that she used as secretary of state. now the fbi has looked at these,
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so there won't be any new examples of criminal wrongdoing, but the public has not looked at them. we have not looked at them. so this will definitely be a question here, a, why didn't they turn them over, and b, what is contained in them. so just when they think they're turning the corner, they are not here. and it's all because of that decision to use a private e-mail server back at the beginning of the obama administration. >> it's also fodder for her opponent, donald trump, here's what he said tonight about it. >> hillary clinton said she turned over all of her work-related e-mails. [ crowd chanting "lock her up" ] she testified to congress, under penalty of perjury. now we learn about another 15,000 e-mails she failed to turn over, and they've just been
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discovered, i guess, today. >> yeah, is that true? because it's documents. they don't know if they are duplicates. is this statement true? >> no, the statement was not true. a, they were not turned over today. the fbi turned them over to the state department in july, actually, after their year-long investigation, and we don't know how many of them are new or duplicates. but the state department is telling us that they believe many, many of them are new. we have not yet seen them, so the challenge here for donald trump, obviously, his crowd is chanting "lock them up, lock them up." it gets the base going and the clinton base going, because they are sick of this e-mail talk. bernie sanders famously said "enough of the damn e-mails." but it may be those voters in the middle turned off by donald trump, or on the cusp of holding their nose and voting for
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hillary clinton who maybe have questions with this. that's why they're not happy with this news. the federal judge ruled today that these 15,000 e-mails must be released starting in a month or so, so this is not going to go away. this is going to be a drip, drip, drip until election day. >> it's not a good week for her starting off, because he continues to accuse her of using her position to do favors for clinton foundation donors. what can you tell us about that? >> that definitely is an accusation, but so far, all of our investigations have not shown any examples of concrete favors. our colleague, drew griffin has been investigating the foundation. there are questions for sure about access that members had. meetings with the secretary, but there is no exact evidence we've been able to find of a quid pro quo, but they are so sensitive to this. they are changing the rules of the foundation, saying if she is
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elected president they will not accept any foreign contributions, and the former president will step down as part of this foundation here, but some critics are like, why should you wait until the election? why shouldn't you do that right now here, so this foundation and the e-mails, they are linked. they are going to continue to be fodder for many questions and much criticism between now and election day. >> it's the old self-inflicted wounds we're talking about. thank you very much for that jeff and phil. appreciate it. i want to bring in betsy mccoy who is supporting donald trump and kayleigh macenany. fir donald trump has said in no uncertain terms that 11 million
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illegal immigrants have to be deported. some question, do you think he's backing off now? >> i'll tell you what he's doing, this is the natural evolution. he's made it clear there will be a wall. no surprise about that. every nation has a right and an obligation to enforce its borders. and sadly, the united states has failed to do that in the past, and that has created an enormous economic burden, particularly for labor in this country. but on the other issues, he needs the cooperation of congress. he understands there are three branches of government in the united states, and when he met with hispanic leaders this weekend it was obvious that he would have to map out a practical way, and he's always used the words "fair and humane", fair and practical and humane way to deal with illegal immigration, but i would say this, more than anything about donald trump's approach to immigration. it is not racial. it is based on two things.
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economics and public safety. >> okay. but my question is, he's not, his initially he said we would have them deported and they would be able to come back in, talking about illegal immigrants, and now it's yet to be determined. i'm going to play this and then we can talk about it. >> as the weeks unfold he will lay out the specifics of that plan that he would implement as president of the united states. >> would that include what you heard in the sound bite and that he talked about during the republican primaries. >> to be determined. >> it was a deportation force at first he said, and now he's saying maybe not. >> that would require action by congress as well, so naturally, as you move forward in a campaign and talk to all the constituents. >> to move forward or as he's learned better? >> no, i think, as you move forward, in the primary process, he mapped out his values. he made it clear that enforcing the border and preferring legal
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immigration was his values. that's what he presented to the american people. and, as i said, he strongly believes that every nation on earth has a right and obligation to enforce its borders and determine who comes in. >> okay. i was going to get to kayleigh, but anne, i know you're raring to get in. what did you want to say? >> frankly, i was just listening to what she was saying. i have a hard time reacting to what donald trump is going to say, because i think none of us know what he is going to say. in fact, i don't think he knows what he is going to say, which is why that immigration speech was postponed. kellyanne conway is a very decent human being. she has been in republican politics for a really long time, and she has polled this immigration issue back and forth. she has been an advocate for immigration reform. she tried to convince republicans to get it passed, because she knew it was the defensible thing to do not only from a human perspective but
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from a political perspective. she's got a very tough cat to skin in the sense that drum hon trump has based a large part of his campaign on building a wall, bashing hispanics. so how does he balance this? how does he balance this immigration issue that on the one hand makes sense to pivot on during a general election, but on the other hand, it's what a lot of of hhis base really like. this one issue that he has laser focus on for the last year or plus. >> that is really the conundrum that the campaign faces as they go through. because the lieutenant governor's saying no, i guess this is a sort of a pivot that he's learning that you have to go through congress and do these things, but initially, as we've been here for a year talking about this, he said they would have to go and then come back, you don't think this is a change in policy? >> i do think it's a change, but in the march debate donald trump
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said something that was very smart. he said great leaders are flexible. you have to be flexible on the margins of your policy. what republican voters care about is not sending illegal immigrants out of this country. they care about having a secure border. they care about not having criminal illegal immigrants on the street. donald trump said we're still going to build the wall, but we're not going to do with this democratic administration has done which is let out 19,700 criminal immigrants on the street, 200 with murder convictions. that is the contrast that donald trump has put forward. he changed on this, and i think it was a good thing he charged on the margin of this policy. >> i want to get one more answer from anna. while we're on the subject of immigration and hispanic voters, he maelt with hispanic advisers do you think he is trying to find a way to pacific olt towiv center. >> i have no idea what he's trying to do. i think he's seeing the polls and that he is in the teens with
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hispanics, and that is bad in some states like in florida, it is frankly too little too late. for 14, 15 months, donald trump has been bashing hispanics. he launched his campaign by calling mexicans rapists, by saying they brought crime, and yes there were some good people. he went after the judge because of his mexican heritage. he kicked joho a recorder out o conference. this is something that takes a life-long commitment. that certainly takes a long structure. now i will tell you, i do think that it's important to recognize that hispanics like african-americans are not one homo genus blob. and i think he's burnt the bridges. >> i don't think he has burnt
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the bridges. there's a large hispanic community in our country who obey the law, they are hardworking people, they want to see economic success in this country, and for those people as for many other americans, they understand that immigration is not a racial issue. it's an economic issue. look at our northern border to canada. >> i just have to -- >> just a moment. look at our northern border of canada which welcomes in more immigrants proportionally. ed but they have a rule. if you can demonstrate that you can make a contribution to the economy, that you are self-sufficient, that you are educated and have skills and can support your family, welcome in, and that should be the rule in the united states. >> if's not racial, that's why donald trump has suggested a wall with canada. >> i know. i just think that the lieutenant governor is completely wrong when she states this hasn't been racial whatsoever. donald trump's pattern in
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immigrati immigration policy off the wet back policy. and when he opened his campaign he talked about mexicans being rapists. >> there is a lot of illegality on that border and unfortunately, illegal immigrants are the victims of it. >> unfortunately, all of those hard-working immigrants that you talked about a moment ago have not been something that donald trump has uttered. when we talked about his speech at the convention, which was supposed to set the tone for the last few months in this candidacy, in this campaign, he didn't mention one positive image of a hispanic person, immigrant, not one. instead, it was desperation, doom and despair. every person of color is one of a criminal background who has an affinity to break the law. >> that's not at all. >> you said that immigration is good, he said he wants them to come the right way. there are american citizens who have lost their lives because
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donald trump was holding a rally tonight in akron, ohio, back with me, former lieutenant governor of new york. i want you to listen to this, trump talking about
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african-americans and hispanics tonight. >> it is a disaster the way african-americans are living in many cases. and in many cases the way hispanics are living, and i say it with such a deep-felt feeling. what do you have to lose? i will straighten it out. i'll bring jobs back. we'll bring spirit back. we'll rid of the crime. you'll be able to walk down the street without getting shot. right now, you walk down the street, you get shot. look at the statistics. we'll straighten it out. >> what's your reaction. his refrain now is "what the hell do you have to lose." >> i have a lot to lose voting for donald trump. we've been hearing this on repeat the last four or five days now, and it gets more and more insulting and conde skending. but it shows that the reason you
11:21 pm
have to have diversity in your workplace, in your businesses and campaigns, because i believe if he had african-americans around him, they hey may be abl get to donald trump and say that's not how you talk to people. one of the things donald trump has done over the past few weeks is paint african-americans and hispanics with a broad brush. i'm not talking about the african-americans who go work hard every day at two or three jobs to work for their families, who are parents of students, who go to parent teacher conferences. >> he says he can give them a better life than the democrat. >> well, actually, that's not what he said. he said y'all have no jobs, you walk down your streets and get shot, and that's just not the america that many african-americans live in. that's not the america that many african-americans know. i actually feel that donald trump is trying not to speak to african-americans or hispanics but show that he's not
11:22 pm
intolerant. >> he heard that one sound bite on loop. but 90% of the speech was devoted to what this community would gain from a donald trump presidency. he talked about african-americans fighting in every war, african-american small business owners, and how he would lift regulatory restrictions put in place by the obama administration. he has talked about them in a positive light. the other 90% of his speech was entirely about that. >> let's point out that the real racie isist candidate is hillar clinton. she has crisscrossed the nation telling african-americans that they are the victims of systemic racism and accused teachers of creating a school to prison pipe heine when they suspend or discipline african-american students. why is that racist? it's obvious that hillary clinton thinks that african-american students can't be expected to behave in school, to perform in school.
11:23 pm
>> governor, just looking at the data here, looking at the data -- >> don, don, don. >> can i answer the question? >> there's a report done, a civil rights collection done in 2014 that does say that african-american students are disciplined harsher than white students for the same things in school, suspension of preschool children in race, disproportionate suspension rates. you can read the data and make it whatever you want. >> i cannot believe that public school teachers, the most liberal profession in america are guilty of systemic racism. >> open your eyes, lieutenant governor. open your eyes. you are sitting here on national tv and act as if systemic racism doesn't exist. >> they have the same high standards of conduct and performance. >> if you're going to sit here and act as if systemic racism doesn't exist i don't know what
11:24 pm
to do. systemic racism is prevalent, not only in the education but in the justice system. look at flint. i don't know how you can formulate your mouth to say that systemic racism doesn't exist. we point out the statistics that african-americans are more likely to use the use of force when they interact with police officers, they're more likely to be suspended, more likely to be punished harsher in the criminal justice system. what else do you want us to point out to you that systemic racism exists? welcome to 2016. >> donald trump asked the question. tonight he's asked it before, p what do african-americans, what do hispanics have to lose by voting for him. i don't speak for all has phispt myself. i think what we have to lose is our dignity, self-worth, our moral compass.
11:25 pm
if we allow ourselves to vote for a man who has been making textbook racist remarks, and in my book, that makes him a racist, for over a year against hispanics, immigrants. you are voting against your own self-interests. we would lose our political leverage, our power, if we allow somebody who has been bashing us for over a year to win, that means the hispanic vote does not matter. what do we have to lose by voting for you, our dignity. >> i don't want to give short shrift to the e-mail. >> he is offering real economic growth for prosperity. hillary clinton is dividing us by race and ethnicity. donald trump is addressing all of us and saying let's create a stronger america. >> okay. donald trump is accusing hillary clinton of pay for play, giving access to state department in exchange for donations.
11:26 pm
judicial watch released 725 e-mails they obtained. it show the cozy relationship, they say, and i'm going to read out the full exchange. this is clinton foundation doug band, and he writes crown prince of bahrain. and then writes i ask, and she said she doesn't want to commit to anything for thursday or friday until she knows how she will feel. also she says that she may, she may want to go to the ny and doesn't or go to ny and doesn't want to be committed to stuff in ny -- which is new york. and then she corrected and said in d.c. then band responds, cool. then bahrain prince 10:00 tomorrow with hrc and adds we
11:27 pm
have reached out through official channels, nice. he's great. abdullah is his guy. and great. so here's the question. what do you make of this? were these ties between the foundation and the state department a conflict of interest? or illegal? >> i mean, no. they're neither. i don't even know, what are we talking about? there's no smoking gun. >> you don't think it looks bad when you read these? >> does it look bad? of course. are the optics bad? we've been saying the optics are bad from the beginning. but they went through the official channels. there's no smoking gun here we want to see some pay for play, quid pro quo, and that's not there. >> do you see any -- >> it is blurred lines between
11:28 pm
philanthropist and business. doug band wasn't just working for the clinton foundation, he was in the leadership position of a consulting company. then you had huma abedin with three or four different jobs at the same time while she was working with the state department. it is overlapping, conflict of interest, ethically disturbing, it is frankly a very bad picture, and i really question the judgment of the clintons who knew hillary clinton was going to run for fti continuing to do this. they should have announced that the clinton foundation was not going to receive more foreign donations. i just don't understand why it is it they haven't met a dollar they haven't liked, whether it was for a paid speech or a philanthropy donation. at some point you have to say no to things that don't make sense. this didn't make sense. it is very disturbing.
11:29 pm
america has two bad choices. that's the damn truth. one choice is bad, the other is horrible, awful, racist. >> quickly, please. >> in 2009, when mrs. clinton came before the senate for confirmation as secretary of state, democratic and republican senators expressed their deep concern that she would use her office as secretary of state to sell america and garnish, garner money for the clinton foundation. they expressed their concern. they asked her to disclose it, to disclose the amounts, the timing or not to do it at all. she refused every single request. she knew what she was going to do. she knew she was going to sell american influence to raise money for that foundation and she did. >> there was no smoking gun, we keep going through these e-mail, and i'm sick and tired of these damn e-mails, to quote somebody.
11:30 pm
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less than three months until election day, and donald trump has still not released his tax return, we want to talk about this with a republican from south carolina. good evening congressman, thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> what do you think of donald trump's approach to immigration before we talk about that. he has added words like humane. now he says humane when he talks about deporting people. thursday's speech is delayed now. do you think he is changing his position when it comes to immigration? >> i two doubt it. i've spent a lot of time, i've talked with folks at the grassroots level, and they are very, i have fired up about what he's said. part of the jet fuel through the primary process was based on his stance on immigration. if he backs away from that, you are going to see an awfully
11:35 pm
upset base that is part and parcel to his support going forward. >> is immigration one of those issues that gives pause when it comes to voting for trump? >> i don't like the lappinguage that he's used as was discussed with the last panel, this notion of classifying every hispanic as a rapist or murderer is the kind of thing that may be great rhetorical red meat, but it's disastrous in terms of creating policy. it creates walls politically that i think become insurmountable. so i think the notion of having a secure border is something i absolutely stand for and believe in. the way in which he's talked about it i don't like. >> earlier this month you wrote an op ed asking donald trump to release his tax returns, and he says an audit is holding up the process. it's two years ago he's talking about. i want to play this for you,
11:36 pm
about the issue that you also quoted in your op ed, look at this. >> if i decide to run for office, i'll produce my tax returns, absolutely. and i would love to do that. >> do you think that donald trump is, is undermining his own argument about clinton and transparency by not releasing those returns? >> absolutely. i mine, if you want to talk about somebody else's glass box, you have to make sure that yours is not equally glass. and, you know, the eye, i think he has so much to go on with regard to the clinton e-mails and a lot of the pay for play questions that exist over there with the clinton foundation and whatnot, but you first have to clean up your own house, and part of that for the trump candidacy is doing what you said you would do with regard to releasing your own tax returns. it's something he was emphatic about, he was equally emphatic about throughout the primary process saying they're coming
11:37 pm
up, they're almost there, they're almost there, and now the door seems to close, and that's why i wrote the op ed that i did. i think for him to do what he's talking about would be not only a mistake in terms of not keeping his word on the subject but more importantly, more important than the trump returns themselves have major implication with regard to other nominees. >> you said setting a precedent in your op ed. >> i'm sorry? >> you said it's precedent-setting in your op ed. >> correct. we've had a 50-year history of nominees releasing their returns. there's a reason that the bannekba banker when you apply for a loan, they say show me your returns. returns show things that oftentimes get embellished, particularly in the world of politics. so i think it's an important tradition to uphold, and it's
11:38 pm
not only important at the presidential level, it's incredibly important for state officeholders. i ran for governor twice. in both instances i had to release my tax returns. i didn't like it. i likened it to a colonoscopy, it's not fun. but you had to live up to it based on the precedent that others had done so. if the presidential nominees stop doing it, be certain that a whole host of gubernatorial nominees will stop releasing theirs, whether it's republican or democrat. >> why do you think that's a problem? >> mitt romney would say it's a smoking gun, maybe he's not worth as much as he says, maybe he pays a lower return, i don't now. but i think his return is of much less consequence than the larger tradition of releasing returns, and i think that, you know, the, the american public,
11:39 pm
i guess, in short form, is a lot smarter than people give them credit. some people say no, he may pay too little in the way of taxes. they get it, he's a real estate developer. it's less about his returns and more about the larger notion of what happens with gubernatorial candidates, senate candidates. >> thank you, i appreciate you joining me this evening. >> my pleasure. coming up, trump reaches out to african-american voters. >> what the hell do you have to lose? give me a chance. i'll straighten it out, i'll straighten it out. [cheers and applause] what do you have to lose? a true traveler's journey doesn't end at the horizon.
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donald trump reaching out to african-american and latino voters tonight. i want to bring in a columnist
11:44 pm
for the "new york times" and bruce lavelle. gentlemen, thank you for joining us. i want you both to take a listen to trump speaking tonight specifically to african-american voters. >> we are also going to reject the bigotry of hillary clinton who sees people of color only as votes and not as human beings worthy of a better future. our government has totally failed our african-american friends. what do you have to lose? i will straighten it out. i'll bring jobs back. we'll bring spirit back. we'll get rid of the crime. you'll be able to walk down the street without getting shot. right now, you walk down the street, you get shot. look at the statistics. we'll straighten it out. if you keep voting for the same
11:45 pm
failed politicians, you will keep getting the same results. they don't care about you. they just like you once every four years. get your vote, and then they say bye-bye. [ laughter ] >> is there any truth to what he's saying that democrats take black votes for granted, black people for granted? >> first, let's back up, you started with the question of whether or not this is outreach. i don't believe that it is. you said that he was speaking to black voters. i don't believe that he was. i believe he was speaking to the people in that room. this is a speech designed specifically for white people and not for black people. it is designed for moderate white people who they want to vote for somebody who they don't believe is a racist. this is designed for people who set in their ways and believe the set of stereotypes that he is pushing out.
11:46 pm
this is not about us. this is not about us. >> i think we should talk about that, but do you think democrats take black votes for granted? >> this is what i will say about parties. i've written so much about how both parties have failed the black community, right? but this is what the history that is missing here. if you walked into any room 100 years ago, every black person would have been a republican, but during the southern strategy, the republican party said we no longer want you, we want the people who hate you. they called them negro-phobes. this is on the record. the more blacks we push to the democratic party, the more we will attract the negro-phobes in the south. to leave out that history of how you pushed out the people who had been loyal to you, this is the party of lincoln, in order to attract the people that hated them. that is, you can't leave that part of that history out. >> and there is a history with,
11:47 pm
with both parties, bruce, as he points out. if you want to look at the reality now, he has just 2% of the black vote, that's according to mcklatchy maris poll. >> he is in fourth place. that is a steep hill decline. bruce? >> yeah, well, first of all, don, the answer to the question you were trying to get from him is yes, the democrats have failed the black community, so i'll answer that for you, charles, since you didn'tan ans y -- since you didn't answer that for him. a lot of the cities he is referring to has been under democratic leadership for 40, 50, 60 years, and it's not working. so the question is, sir, you've had your chance, you've played the fiddle, but now it's time for donald trump to come in and bring in another voice and a new life, and like he says, give us
11:48 pm
a chance. what do you have to lose? because it's not working right now. so the answer is, yes, they have, don, they have failed. >> so what is it about? what is it specifically do you think, bruce, that makes donald trump more apt and a better ally of african-americans than hillary clinton is? >> well, i think, well, i'm a businessman, and once again, i'm a volunteer. i don't work for the campaign, but i will tell you this. the attractiveness to donald trump is the fact that he is a very proven and a very good businessman for many, many years, been out in the public for 40-plus years. what better way to vet someone who has been all over the public for many, many years. you've seen him everywhere, been on all kinds of shows. that act to be successful and go through a lot of different economic down turns and sustain and build a business, that is very appealing and attractive to people. especially in a lot of
11:49 pm
communities that has, we have a potential to put a man in office that has that strong business background. that is very appealing. >> charles, you're right in your op ed. in part, you say trump says this is an area where the republican party can do better. can the gop do better with -- sorry, i don't have the, sorry, i don't have that. but it's on the screen, and i can't read it, because the monitor's small, but donald trump i think is the paragon of racial and ethnic whohostility. i don't have that, i don't have the quote with me, but what do you think of that? why did you say that? >> well, because what this businessman has done over the entire history of his life, and in addition to the 14 or 15 months of this campaign is to use bigotry and hostility as his, as a tool to get ahead, right? and that started from the very first time that most people were introduced to donald trump, he was being sued by the justice
11:50 pm
department for anti-black bias in his rental apartments, and it continued and continued and continued and continued taking out ads, when they were life. if you have -- if this is a person that's supposed it be egalitarian, a businessman who's supposed to be using his business acumen to advance social cohesion, harmony among races, social justice. any of that, you should be able to look over the course of his life. he's 70 years old. you should be able to find somethings many thing in that life where you have stood up. use your profile to advance that. that is not what we see. in fact, he fed hate to his base as long as it worked. and when it stopped working, he started to pretend he had this fake appeal to minorities -- because now he realizes he needs them. >> you don't think -- >> people already know who this
11:51 pm
man is. >> we'll be right back. we'll continue this conversation. woman: it's been a journey to get where i am. and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all, my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today. ♪ ♪
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start earning this week. go to at the end of four years, i guarantee you that i will get over 95% of the african-american
11:55 pm
vote. i promise you. >> he says by 2020, he's going to have 95% of the african-american support. why are you laughing? >> well, that's donald trump. >> so, back with bruce levell and charles blow. i mean, bruce, even his running mate had to laugh at him. i mean, as we said, that's a pretty high bar. >> actually, it's not, don. and i'm going to tell you the reason why. back in june when donald trump announced for president, i was one of those folks, an establishment environment and they literally laughed me out of the room. now here we are today, you know, 16 candidates that were beat off the stage, whatever you want to call it, and we're sitting right here today, 70-plus days from him being the next president of the united states. charles, i noticed you didn't disagree when i said the democrats had failed policies in a lot of these cities. i'm glad you do agree with that.
11:56 pm
>> he said he's written about it before. >> okay. >> let him go, don. he's just trying -- you're just trying to bait me. >> no, it's not, sir. >> i'll get to it. i'll get to it. >> here's my question since we're on the topic of african-american stuff, that's what we're on. name one statement that you've heard donald trump say about african-americans. >> yeah, i've got a short amount of time. go ahead. >> exactly. >> first of all, be quiet. the way i was being quiet when you were talking. right? that's how this works. >> go ahead, charles. we're about to run out of time. >> here's the deal. >> name one. >> bruce, it's his turn. >> you want to talk about race -- >> you talk to him. >> bruce, let him. >> i won't do that. >> if he doesn't want to answer your question -- >> i don't want to do that. >> all right. >> go ahead. >> because he can't. that's why. thank you. >> charles, charles. >> who is this person? and why is he on tv? >> why are you on tv? >> listen. here's the deal, right?
11:57 pm
so donald trump is a bigot. there's no other way to get around it. >> wow. >> anybody who supports, accepts that, supports it. anybody who supports it is promoting it. and that makes you a part of the bigotry, itself. you have to decide whether or not you want to be part of the bigotry that is donald trump. you have to decide whether you want to be part of the sexism and misogyny that is donald trump. you have to decide whether you want to be part of the bullying that would allow him to make fun of one of my disabled colleagues at "the new york times." you have to decide that. there is no other space for you. there is no place for you to say, i'm going to put that to the side because i believe in conservative principles. i can't put that to the side because i believe that i do not want to vote for hillary. you have to make a decision because your party has now decided this is the person, this con man is your front man. and you have to decide whether or not you're going to follow that. >> thanks a lot. bruce, i'm literally running out of time. i'll give you the last word.
11:58 pm
>> charles, you know, i'm sorry you can't answer the question because you know that you can't. >> i don't know you, i don't want to talk to you or answer your question. >> that's fine. >> question somebody else who's interested -- >> bruce, make your point. this, your final point, bruce. go ahead. >> not interested in you. >> well, the point is we knew back last year that the clinton campaign was going to try to bait and create this false facade of donald trump being someone that he's not. >> i'm not part of the clinton campaign. >> well -- >> i'm a black man in america. and i know a bigot when i see a bigot. and you are supporting a bigot and that makes you part of the bigotry that's donald trump. >> i know someone who doesn't tell the truth on national tv when i see it, sir. >> i know this. a bigot is a bigot. you're supporting a bigot. that makes you part of the bigotry. you're part of the problem that black america faces. what black people don't know is -- don't need is not somebody to solve our problems like we're some sort of algebraic equation. what black people need is
11:59 pm
dismantling of white supremacy in all its forms and that is not what donald trump is offering. >> charles, charles. >> that means i don't have to answer your questions. >> charles. >> you're not the moderator. you're not the person -- >> you can't sit on national tv and call someone a racist, sir. >> i called him a bigot and called you a supporter of that bigotry, and therefore part of that bigotry. you are part of -- >> let him get in. >> -- the problem for african-americans. >> let him get in, bruce. >> yes, i said that to you. >> charles, i'm sorry you're so misinformed. snir >> no, i'm correct. >> let him finish. >> you know, it's so sad. here we are with so much going on with terror going on, we don't know who's going to strike us. we're $19.4 trillion in debt. we paid $160 billion out in student loan payments which is killing the retail. we haven't had a decent gdp, 1.2% was what we had since the great depression. you know, our nation is crumbling. only thing we can keep bringing
12:00 am
up is this stuff about race all the time that's totally -- >> that, sir, is called a deflection because you did not want to understand that you are supporting that bigotry. >> no, because i would like to debate -- i would like to debate substance and policies instead of fantasy. >> i've got to run. we're, like, four minutes over. you guys want to take a break or go to the top of the hour? producers tell me now. we're going to take a break. thank you, gentlemen. we'll be right back. don't go anywhere. >> thanks. see that? jill's gobbling up our bird's eye teriyaki broccoli. (mind-blowing sound) and look ben is going for more buffalo cauliflower. (mind-blowing sound) everybody's a veggie lover now. what do you think? (mind-blowing sound) mind blown. bird's eye flavor full. so veggie good.


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