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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  August 23, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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the worldwide web turns 25 today. so she passed her physical on jimmy kimmel, but she can't outrun her e-mails. >> his doctor would have you believe that donald trump is as healthy as super man. we look at his physical fitness after he spent days questioning hillary clintons. plus it almost always means you're going to die, so how was
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a 16-year-old boy become one of the only ones in the last 50 years to survive a brain-eating ameba. >> trump is demanding a special prosecutor to investigate the clinton foundation after e-mails about special donors getting access to the secretary of state. following breaking news this afternoon, cnn says the new york times and other organizations have been hacked. first, donald trump took out a red pen last night to make changes to the cornerstone of his immigration policy. trump said he merely wants to enforce laws already on the books. already on the books, does that mean he now wants to continue the policies of barack obama when it comes to enforcing
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immigration law in this country? jason carroll is in austin, texas where trump is attending a town hall focus. what is. >> rob: we hearing about th-- w we hearing about his policy? >> personally, we're hearing that he is going to address this issue when he takes the stage here tonight, speaking here in texas where as you know, john, the issue of illegal immigration is a key issue here in the state. expect much of what he talks about tonight to continue to go after hillary clinton on the issue of those e-mails and the clinton foundation. >> donald trump transitions from defense to offense against hillary clinton and the clinton foundation. he is accusing the foundation of pay for play access to the state department in exchange for
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donations to the foundation, even calling for a special prosecutor to investigate. >> the amounts involved, the favors done, and the significant number of times it was done, require an expedited investigation by a special prosecutor. >> trump also taking aim at clinton on the e-mail controversy. this after the fbi found nearly 15,000 e-mails and documents from her personal server that clinton had not turned over to the state department. last night clinton seeds to laugh off the latest developments with comedian jimmy kimmel. >> my e-mails are so borning. i'm embarrassed about that. we already released 30,000 plus so what's a few more. >> after a conservative watchdog group requested the documents be made public.
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meanwhile trump facing criticism of his own after he made this appeal to african-american and latino voters. >> we'll get rid of the trim, you'll walk down the street and you won't get shot. right now you walk down the street you get shot. >> trump's critics also questioning his position on illegal immigration. saying he would first just deport the "bad ones" now his campaign is calling the deportation plan "to be determined." he says he would enforce the laws already in place, but trump says with more energy. >> obama got tremendous numbers of people out of the country. bush the same thing. lots of people were brought out of the country with the existing laws. i'm going to do is the thing.
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>> immigration is a tough issue. >> one point is clear. whether it is building a wall, trump promises to do it quickly. in a. >> that wall will go up so fast your head will spin. >> that go up hurting and killing people and they will be out of the country so fast your head will spin. >> and, john, donald trump's campaign chairwoman says that donald trump is not changing his position on illegal immigration. she says what he is doing is taking council. also she says, speaking to people on the best way to move forward with his ideas and proposals. >> okay, jason carroll in texas. joining me now is marsha blackburn from tennessee. thank you for being with us. >> yes, good to be with you, thank you. >> for some time you have been
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calling for greater scrutiny of the clinton foundation. what do you want or what do you think a special prosecutor would do? >> they would laser focus on what transpired with the clinton foundation. and you're correct. may 19th, 2015 is when i was joined by many of my colleagues who sent a letter to the ira inquiring about the tax exempt status. wanting to know how they were able to achieve this status when they have not filed near 990s, when they were accepting foreign contributions. they never reported foreign contributions, and so you have to ask how are they able to do this. we have had subsequent letters to the ftc and recently a letter to the ira, the ftc and the fbi
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asking them to investigate. we do have a referral. here is the thing. if you put a special prosecutor on it, they are not going to be under the thumb, if you will, or the guidance of the department of justice. they will act independently and separately. they can assemble information that congress has found that others have found, and take a deeper dive into that, and hillary clinton -- >> so you know it is highly unlikely that the president will appoint a special prosecutor 77 days before the election day to investigate the clinton foundation. donald trump says that the clinton foundation represents pay to play. what evidence is there of that? the fbi said there is no illegal activity. what evidence do you see of
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that? >> i would say go in and look at what transpired between uranium one. the information that came out in the latest bunch of e-mails. and a individual from the clinton foundation seeking access for individuals that just made large contributions. when you look at it it, john, you have bill clinton, hillary clinton, the clinton foundation, and then you have the individual making the request. and they are in this fortuitous relationship. our nation's foreign policy has never been for sale. the way hillary clinton -- they're saying look, we'll do the right thing, we'll shut the clinton foundation down if she wins. >> i understand the question of
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appearances. the question is can you prove the quid pro quo here, and even judicial watch said they didn't come up with any proof. i do want to move on to donald trump's policy on immigration. last night he used language that i have not heard him say. he says he wants to enforce the laws on the books. so do you understand it to be the fact that donald trump's immigration plan is now to some degree a continuation of the obama plan? >> not at all, the obama administration has not enforced the laws on the books. that has been one of the problems that we have had. do i appreciate the fact that mr. trump is listening to many individuals that, especially there in the house, when we have said "let's do things one at a time. build a wall first, secure the
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border, whatever language you're going to use, secure the southern border. we're fighting so many individuals that say you have to secure the southern border first. and i think there is beginning to be agreement on that. and then you get to the other issues. they wire deportation of criminal illegal aliens. put that into effect. make certain that the laws that are on the books are being followed. that they're following proper protocols. that preferential treatment is not being given to individuals coming legally into our country. make sure you're looking seriously at this issue with the office of refugee resettlement. the process around the syrian
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refugees. when you talk with so many of the groups that have been so engaged in the resettlement programs, they're very concerned knowing that the terrorist organizations -- >> i understand what you're saying, but what i am getting at is what is donald trump's plan right now? he says he will work to deport the immigrants in the country. is that still his plan? >> i think he is saying let's do first things first. rook look at the laws on the books. and then move forward from there. and going back to the clinton foundation and what you said there, what you have to do is take the information that you have and see if that is going to lead you to anything that you would say is criminal activity. it is questionable, the way they worked with uranium one, and the
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>> with 77 days to election day, hillary clinton is facing some fuzzy optics with her family's foundation. there is 15,000 documents related to her e-mail that could go public weeks before election day. plus she is laughing off conspiracy theories about her health. >> john, right now she is in los angeles. a few moments ago, she just left
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justin timberlake's house. one of the four fundraisers she is having today. she is on a westcoast fundraising swing to raise millions. $5 million at one event alone last week. her campaign believes that she needs it to fight back trump. she is trying to hold on to a major lead that she has battleground states. >> from the late night talk show circuit to star studded fundraisers. >> i would prefer to run against someone i thought was qualified to be president and tempermentally fit. >> trump is calling for a prosecutor to investigate the server she used as secretary of state. >> jimmy, my e-mails are so
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boring. i'm embarrassed about that. they're so boring. so we already released i don't know, 30,000, plus, what's a few more. >> she says the content may be boring, the fbi director says she handled them care less. >> i want an investigation by a special prosecutor immediately, immediately, immediately. >> trump went from controversy to conspiracy. the latest an unfounded attack on her health. >> take my pulse while i'm talking to you. make sure i'm alive. >> can you open this jar of pickles. this is not for amateurs. >> the life blood of the campaign is cash. she raised $6.3 million on monday. first at the home of magic johnson. and later with entertainment
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mobile. and today she is going to a fundraiser, one hosted by justin timberlake. >> this is who we are. >> they say it is work around the world like fighting malaria has been overshadowed by the political influence. >> there you go, you have your point, what a great idea. >> tonight the fight to define trump is intensifying with a new ad from the pro clinton super pac pac. >> you have to be prepared for whacky stuff that comes at you. and i'm drawing on my experience in elementary school. >> now that debate, scheduled for september 6th, could offer trump the best chance yet to
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turn the side of the race and give skeptical republicans more reason to hope. they're doing everything they can to hopefully define donald trump before then. >> okay, thank you a lot, jeff. donald trump asking questions about hillary clinton's health, but what about his own? he is a year older and he admits he likes fast food. then, four cases of very rare and deadly infection have killed three people this year alone, but one teenager sir viurvived. he was the fourth person in five decades to survive. at gate c-47. with travelocity, get help through social media 24/7. travelocity® wander wisely™ but the mortgage process hase a proven to be challenging.
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welcome back, for the past several days, trump has raised concerns about hillary clinton's health, what about trump's own health? dr. sanjay gupta joins us right now. what do we know about the medical history of the republican nominee? >> we don't know a lot. we get hints. we know he doesn't sleep much, three to four hours a night. he eats fast food. golf is a primary form of exercise. there was a single letter that came out from his doctor trying to piece it together in a very short summary. here is what we learned. >> this presidential election, many spin doctors are posing as
1:26 pm
real doctors. >> she lacks the mental and physical stamina. >> but when it comes to strength and stamina or anything else, what do we know about donald trump's health? the only document we have is this letter from his personal physician. what struck me as a doctor is the language used. a recent medical example showed only positive results. in medicine, positive results can mean a negative outcome. he signs the letter as a fellow of the american college of ga of gastroentrologists.
1:27 pm
he says if elected, i can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency. that is simply unknowable. >> and that adds more fuel to the spin doctors. a request to sit down and talk to the doctors to try to get more information about the health. >> we want transparency, any medical organizations weighing in on this? >> yes, and this goes back to barry goldwater where people were making armchair diagnosis. they said look, there are too many people, including physicians, making these diagnosis from affair. they say it is not appropriate for anyone other than the doctor what examined the patient. >> dr. sanjay gupta, thank you a lot. some breaking news into cnn.
1:28 pm
governor mike pence issued a blistering statement at hillary clinton saying the justice department should launch a political probe. he is reacting to a brand new press analysis that shows a lot of overlap between the clinton foundation and the state department. more than half of the people outside of government that ended up with a face-to-face meeting or a one-on-one phone call were also donors to the clinton foundation. let's talk about this and bring in our political advisor. sarah huckabehuckabee-sanders. this report, more than half of private individuals that met with hillary clinton were foundation donors. it doesn't include foreign heads of state or government
1:29 pm
officials. more than half of the meetings are donors? >> there are a lot of overlap between people who gave to the foundation, were involved with causes, and could ask for a meeting with the secretary of state. the clinton foundation was set up to match donors with causes. it's not unusual that people, high net worth individuals that were able to give substantial sums of money to help prevent h.i.v and aids treatments. if you're one of the 11,000 people that got stream, or the 50,000 people who survived, you're glad the money is there, but i don't think it was that unusual that there was a overlap between a pool of people who funded the foundation and a pool of people that had a reason to deal with them in their official capacities. >> and the private meetings
1:30 pm
would be with friends and private people she knew. doesn't this get to the issue of appearances. there was so much work and concern, when she came into that job, the obama administration was concerned about this. when you're dealing with bhr than half of the visitations. it is just the appearance that there are fuzzy lines. >> it is an unusual situation, right? a post presidency sets up a foundation doesn't always include a spouse that runs for president. and the clinton campaign and the team found there was an appearance issue here, and so they took steps to remove the issue from the cam pane. we're in the middle of a presidential campaign so it's not unusual for people to grab on to issues like this to try to
1:31 pm
raise them in the context of a heated presidential campaign. >> donald trump calling for transparency. he doesn't want transparency when it comes to his own tax returns, why are the issues different at this point? >> these are hardly comparable. rikt bro hillary clinton broke the law, and lied about it. to say that is the same thing as donald trump not releasing his tax returns, that is laughable and ridiculous. they're not even remotely similar things. >> what evidence do you have that a law was broken for the clinton foundation. what evidence was there that a law was broken. >> i think it's clear there is pay to play activity here. hillary clinton put our government up for sale to the highest bidder. if that is not breaking the law
1:32 pm
then i don't what is in my house, if you break the rules there are consequences. when hillary clinton breaks the rules, she asks for a promotion. that is entirely different and certainly something that should disqualify her from becoming president and gives us cause to ask for a special prosecutor in this state. >> i keep hearing pay to play, and broke the rules, but what evidence do you have that there was a quid pro quo? >> i think that is part of the reason you would ask for a special prosecutor so you can dig in. right now there is so much smoke, there is not just smoke, there is fire here where you have e-mails between one of clintons top aides and donors,
1:33 pm
asking for shesfavors. it is just too much coincidence that that would happen. i think there is certainly not only reason and cause, but the american people defense to have someone that can look into this and investigate it properly. >> the prepublican party thinks they're on to something here. reince prebus said earlier that it will be important for us and donald to continue down this measured path. if he does, i think he will be tied or ahead at or just after labor day. do you think he might be ahead or tied by labor day? >> today may have been the first day he didn't get in his own way. i understand why they're marching out with their talking points and digging in, but on the whole, i think mr. trump got
1:34 pm
in his own way. as a pure political matter, i think -- >> pure political matter, people saying they want to focus on hillary clinton and other things, and you think today he has done that? >> yeah, he is likely to end up closer to where president obama is. it is generating discussion in the republican party right now. i think there is equal issue in terms of conversation about that, but i understand the political tactic. >> does donald trump still want the 11 million undocumented immigrants in this country out? >> what donald trump wants is a secure border. he has been very clear and consistent, and this is first and fore most. he has not backed down from that and that will continue to be the top priority when he becomes president. >> thank you so much, great to have you here with us.
1:35 pm
>> other news, hackers believe to be working with russian intelligence attacking the united states again. why russia may not be alone.
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we're back with breaking news in the world lead. hackers apparently hacked the "new york times" and other u.s. media outlets. according to others briefed on the matter this was not a one-time deal. a serious cyberbreech. evan, we hear this, we know about the recent hacks on the democratic party organizations.
1:40 pm
do your contacts say it is related? >> they think this is part of a broader wave of cyber attacks. the question is why? we are used to seeing state sponsored hacks, but what they think they doing here is targeting any organization with a window into the political system. that including think tanks and now reporters. the fbi is working with other out lets here and the question is have they obtained information about who they're talking to, details of their communications, and stories not yet published. the "new york times" did not comment on any breach, but they do work with outside investigators and law enforcement to try to defend actors. there is some debate about what to do about all of this. some officials want to name and
1:41 pm
shame the russians, others are concerned about the escalation of what is already an undeclared cyber war. that is not just my language, but the language of the head of the national director of intelligence. >> i want to bring in a former computer crimes prosecutor. and i think it is scary to say this, but you're not surprised by this news? >> i'm not surprised at all, and i don't think any of us should be surprised. it is election season. they are more surprised that people didn't notice this happens during a election season when, at a time, if you read the news, the new york times or other outlets, there is a clear demarcation between hillary clinton being seen as
1:42 pm
anti-russian. >> if this is russian hackers, what are they trying to do? are they getting information or influence something? one of the things that happen is whether they are an on the record director, or it could be the chinese or anyone. it may be an enemy nation state saying let's go find out what they're really saying whether it is the republicans or the democrats, when the time comes to sit across a dipmatic table, we will know the thoughts, thinking, and analysis that went into this particular group of individuals that we're sitting across the table from and that can be very useful in other types of negotiations. whether it is supporting an
1:43 pm
ally, creating a treaty, all sorts of things can be garnered. >> the russians want to know things, the reporters know things, so they go after the reporters. is it just the russians? >> no, i expect every actor that is digitally savvy, and i would even put as much as we don't like to say it, the united states government in the same bucket that is they need to know what is coming at them from other parts of the country. we have seen that disclosed in the past with the nsa, the cia, and with the allies, they have been fived as doing it. i would say hey, it is not only the u.s. people like to say there is no more cold war. the reality is this is a high lent dejal cold war until someone says they think they got
1:44 pm
hacked. >> okay,ly go change my password, thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> brain eating amebas live in warm, fresh water and four people have survived the infection since the '60s. was always on my mind. so i asked a dermatologist about aczone dapsone gel 7.5%. i apply it once a day, any time. aczone gel 7.5% is fda approved for the topical treatment of acne for people 12 years and older. aczone gel is a once-a-day acne treatment with clinically proven results. in clinical trials, acne got better for people using aczone gel in just 12 weeks. aczone gel may cause the serious side effect of methemoglobinemia, which decreases oxygen in your blood.
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moments ago, president obama wrapped up his visit to louisiana. he met with residents in baton rouge, but critics say it came a little too late. michelle, the president really fired back at critics saying he should have visited sooner. >> he brought it up. most notably by the local paper's editorial a few days ago. wondering why president obama was playing golf while louisiana was suffering. today they didn't criticize, they welcomed him. president obama wanted to focus on the long-term federal
1:49 pm
response. here is how he addressed that criticism. >> sometimes once the flood waters pass, people's attention spans pass. this is not a one-off. this is not a photo-op issue. i guarantee you no one on this block, none of the first responders, no one gives a hoot if you're a democrat or republican. >> we heard that sentiment from people on the ground as well and also officials. the state's top ranking republican said he welcomed donald trump's visit, he welcomed the president's visit, and hillary clinton's visit. be but years and years of covering many hurricanes. when there is an official visit, a governor or a president, there is a collective eye roll. everything shuts down for several hours while they come and do the same things always done, says the same things, but
1:50 pm
it is still a good thing. they still see it as a positive. it's when you don't show up or show up late, it's all the mor c -- more cunusual. the second american in six afghans were hurt in today's blast. the american killed was in about 500 troops that helped train and assist afghanistan troops. it is almost always deadly, but a florida teenager is one in forpeople to survive a brain
1:51 pm
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welcome back, a miracle recovery. he is the fourth known survivor in the united states ever. the teenager was vacationing with his family in florida, now doctors say they're optimistic about his recovery. >> we decided within hours -- sorry. he is walking. he is speaking. i saw him this morning, and he
1:56 pm
is ready to go home. we can't let him go yet. the ameba lives in warm fresh water lakes and rivers. if you scooped out a handful of water in many places there, you would likely grab up some of it, but actual infections are rare. until now, the other only people to survive in the u.s., a girl who was 12. she swam in contaminated watter in an arkansas theme park. and then the case this year. for more now on how this young man survived, we're joined by dr. corey aber. a professor, thank you for being with us. when you here brain eating
1:57 pm
ameba, how do you know if you have one? >> it does make you feel very scared like if you go swimming in a lake you will get it, but you have a bigger chance of getting hit by a car and dieing than getting this. it is just like a general infection you might feel like if you had the flu. you would get a headache, v vomiting, diarrhea, neck stiffness. also, you would start getting a seizure. coma, all of these types of things that lead you to think that if i was swimming in a lake very recently, i need to be checked out immediately. it is a very fatal illness. >> 97% fatality. the three other people that got it this year have died. why did this boy survive? >> it had to be a perfect or imperfect storm. a lot of people get exposed to
1:58 pm
this. the cdc did a study that shows many people have antibodies to this because they have been exposed to it. but everybody responds a little different. so the thing that probably saved him was the amount of the ameba that got into his nose and brain, it had to be relatively small and his antibodies had to be relatively high to survive. even some of those things can be variety. >> a lot of us have antibodies. you find out it's in the water and you're swimming and you don't even know. >> exactly and that is the reality. and we find this affects mostly teenage boys. why? they're reckless. they're in the high impact water supports, which means when you hit the water, that water is forced up your nose. thing you have that forces water up your nose is included.
1:59 pm
maybe even using a sinus rinse bottle if they're not sterilized. we just need to make sure the water is sterile before you use it. >> so aside from not swimming or using one of those sinus bottles, how do you prevent infection? >> you look odd if you use a nose clip in a lake, but if you're not going to, avoid going under the water at any point with high pressure. this is very rare, but in medicine we talk about thing that's are odd, so if it is a million to one odds, but you're that one person, it's 100% in your house, just try avoid going around the water. it gets into the ole factory and into your brain and it eats your
2:00 pm
brain. i know that is horrible, but that is what it is. >> make sure you follow the show on twitter, you can follow me, too. now we go over to brianna keiler in "the situation room." happening now, breaking news, russian assault, the fbi investigating cyber breachings. targeting reporters at "new york times" and other news outlets. what are the intruders looking for, and how damaging are the break ins? >> the weight of the flood, president obama visits the louisiana disaster zone after the floodwaters recede and after criticism. and spin doctors. after criticizing hillary clinton, donald trump's health is now under question. >> plus isis in virginia, a brutal knife attack and a