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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  August 23, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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that is what it is. >> make sure you follow the show on twitter, you can follow me, too. now we go over to brianna keiler in "the situation room." happening now, breaking news, russian assault, the fbi investigating cyber breachings. targeting reporters at "new york times" and other news outlets. what are the intruders looking for, and how damaging are the break ins? >> the weight of the flood, president obama visits the louisiana disaster zone after the floodwaters recede and after criticism. and spin doctors. after criticizing hillary clinton, donald trump's health is now under question. >> plus isis in virginia, a brutal knife attack and a shout
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of god is great has an investigation of a possible indication of lone wolf terrorism. wolf blitzer is off, you're in "the situation room." this is cnn breaking news. breaking news first, cyber attackers believed to be working for russian intelligence carried out a series of ill fin tragss targeting reporters at the "new york times" and other u.s. news organizations. officials say these attacks are being investigated by the fbi and thought to be part of a broader series of attacks. officials say it yields valuable intelligence on valuable sources. . >> and donald trump stepping up his attacks on hillary clinton calling for a special prosecutor for the clinton foundation. also backing off his harshest
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rhetoric about mass deportations. and clinton is laughing off claims about her health. and a savage knife attack in rural virginia. the suspect shouted "god is great" in arabic. is there an isis connection? i'll talk with sean duffy who is a donald trump supporter, and our analysts and guests have full coverage of the day's stop stories. hackers thought to be working for russian intelligence have targeted reporters at the "new york times" times and other news organizations. evan perez was first with the story. >> they believe this is part of a broader russian intelligence
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operation that infiltrated a number of targets. new york times reporters and reporters from several other outlets, but the fbi and others are working with the times to figure out how the hackers got in. a spokeswoman declined to comment on any possible breech, but they work with law enforcement to guard against hacks. they believe these intrusions are part of a series of hacks believed to be the work of russian intelligence that includes the hacks of the democratic national committee and other organizations as well. >> and sports were thinking there is perhaps a specific motive behind this, that it could be connected to suspects pass security breaches? >> the emerging of this sift is that they're going beyond the normal hacks against u.s.
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government systems. they're targeting think tanks and news organizations looking for contacts in the government and communications and story that's are in the works. all of this is valuable investigation for intelligence agencies. they seem to particular i will be interested in organizations with a window on the u.s. political system. you'll remember after the dnc hack, wikileaks released e-mails days for the democratic convention, but the russian government denied being involved in all of this. the clinton campaign proves that the breech is proof that vladimir putin wants donald trump to be president. >> if you look at the institutions, the hackers that have insight into the u.s. political system, what does that mean? >> the intrusions targeting journalists follows cyber attacks against other organizations. let's go to shimone, what are the top concerns here?
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>> it could go anywhere? officials believe they could be in anything and everything. it is really hard to monitor some of this. it is really hard to stop a lot of this. so u.s. officials work with sort of companies and prying to find out if there has been any suspicious activity. we know the white house was breached, the state house, and it could go anywhere. we talked to several officialed in new york city and other parts of the country. no one really has a good handle on this. they could be in everything. they don't know, it's a day today sort of game. so say it is like a chess game. basically jst trying to monitor as much as they can to stop this and determine how much do the russians know about what is going on in our government and institutions across the country.
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>> how will the u.s. respond to this if they believe that russian intelligence is behind the attack, you would think there might be repercussions. >> you would think, but they did the white house, they did the state department. what is taking so long? and evan and i questioned people about this and they're saying this is sort of talks going on behind the scenes. with what to do with this. how did we stop this? there is a lot of concern in naming russia they could turn around and embarrass us or we could be at a major cyber war. no one wants to escalate this. they're trying to sort of talk about this behind the scenes, maybe negotiate something, but right now, no one thinks this is going to stop. at what point is enough enough and what point will the u.s. government come out and say we know russia is behind all of these attacks. >> thank you so much for that
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report. turning now to the presidential race, donald trump is playing offense and defense at the same time. he is stepping up attacks on hillary clinton while his campaign struggles to redefine his harsh and harshly criticized rhetoric. what is the latest with this? >> trump spent weeks on this, but he can't seem to escape questions about what exactly is going on with his immigration plan. >> donald trump is looking to turn up the heat on hillary clinton. >> after the fbi and department of justice whitewashed her e-mail crimes, they can't be trusted to quickly or impartially investigate her new crimes, which happen all of the
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time. >> calling for a special prosecutor to investigate ties between the clinton foundation and the state department. an unlikely outcome. >> the amounts involved, the favors done, and the significant number of times it was done, require an expedited investigation by a special prosecutor immediately, immediately, immediately. >> reporter: the gop nominee on the attack. trying to clear up confusion on whether or not he has had a shift on immigration. >> obama got tremendous numbers of people out of the country. bush the same thing. lots of people were brought out of the country with the existing laws. i'm going to dot same thing and we want to do it in a very humane matter. >> trump saying he will enforce
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existing laws. >> we have a lot of bad name have to get out of this country. we have to get them out. >> trump's moderate tone in interviews sharing lit until common with his muscular take on the trail. aside from a similar rhetorical flare. >> don't worry, we're going to build the wall. that wall will go up so fast your head will spin. >> trump reevaluating his immigration stance coming as he tries to shore up support from latinos and african-americans, but his pitch that they can't get much worse. >> what do you have to lose? >> is still a little rough around the edges. >> we'll bring jobs back, reduce crime, you can walk down the street without gets shot. right now you walk down the street you get shot. >> the latest polls have donald
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trump trailing in battleground states. in an effort to opportunity that around, his campaign -- tonight he is campaigning in texas. tonight he will be returning to a pivotal battleground state right here in tampa, florida. >> sarah murray for us in florida. thank you. joining me now is sean duffy of wisconsin. she a donald trump supporter. thank you for being with us, we appreciate your time. you heard that report there before sara. investigators believing that the russians are behind the recent cyber attacks. have you been briefed on any of the cyber attacks? is there anything you can tell snus. >> i have not been briefed on the revelationrevelations, but nothing new.
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other nonfriendlies non-friendl. thaw too has been hacked, a lot of members in congress. they have that information as well. what is concerning me is that we know our information is under siege from our enemies, it's so important from the dnc, the rnc, to protect that information that brings the story back to hillary clinton and the fact that she had top secret information on a nonsecure server. i'm sure the "new york times" servers were more security than the one she had in her basement. >> do you know that from a fact? >> from the fbi, it was a nonsecure server, absolutely. there is different levelis of layers that we protect information. if you have top secret, it is
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different from congress's information and opm. if you take that out of the security, and you put it on a nonsecure server, if they can access the dnc, the new york times, they can access a security server. >> do you have information that we don't that there was access to her server, we do not have that. do you know -- you're not saying it was hacked? >> i suspect it was hacked. they'll go after all kinds of information. if they'll go after the "new york times," why not go after the secretary of state who has an open server where you can access all of the secure information. also, she travelled overseas to places like russia with this nonsecure device they could easily lift this information from. do we have that information already that it was hacked?
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not yet. but i feel pretty certain these are professionals and they have that was. >> i just wanted to make sure you were not telling us there was something we didn't know. >> it goes to hillary clinton, certainly there is -- this raises questions about her, but i wonder if it raises questions about donald trump. you have been out there saying donald trump needs to release his tax returns. there have been questions about donald trump, business interests with russia. we do not know. he has not released his tax returns, but we heard parade from vladimir putin, does this further enforce the need for the tax returns so that we know exactly if donald trump has business interests or has had business interests in russia? considering it is russian intell that investigators think is
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behind this. >> i will make the same point, there is no tie between trump's dealings and russia. >> in fairness, her server has been turned over to the f.b.i. folks have looked at it. nobody aside from donald trump or those very close to him, have seen his income tax returns. so i'm asking a question if it is important for us to know for sure? >> i said before on the show, i think transparency for both candidates is important. i do think he should turn over his tax information. i think that is important. as well as i thought it was important that hillary clinton turn over all of her e-mails and she continues to refuse. we have to go through court order requests. we're able to see -- >> 15,000 documents, some e-mails, some duplicates, but your point is taken.
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there are new e-mails in there. there is not 15,000 e-mails or new e-mails -- >> my point to you is that i think voters deserve all of the information when they go to the ballot box in november. >> sure. >> they should see donald trump's tax information, the connections between the clinton foundation and russia, and the favors that she gave during her role in the state department. transparency is good in american politics. >> all questions we want answers to, very important. stick around with me if you will. we have more to talk about, we'll be right back. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night.
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back now with sean duffy, congressman from wisconsin. i want to ask you now about something we're hearing from trump surrogates. they have been trafficking in conspiracy theories about hillary clinton's health. donald trump has not released much about his health. one photograph was released in 2015 from his doctor, a gast gastroentrologist. >> i think that is less of an issue for both candidates. you see mrs. clinton with
2:21 pm
coughing fits, stumbling on stage. mr. trump is not doing that. i think the health arguments are just a distraction. i look at hillary clinton's dishonesty. not leveling with us about the e-mails and benghazi. i think that resonates more with the american people than talking about health. i think last night on jimmy kimle, take my pulse, i'm alive, you can laugh that out, but the other things have more -- >> someone rowrote to me when i said they're con pair timparati and i meant to past candidates. i think maybe people should be concerned.
2:22 pm
you have, for instance, donald trump's doctor saying i can state if elected he will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency. that sounds so not like a doctor to gives -- is that really supposed to give us confidence? >> i think this goes to when you see both candidates on the stump. you don't see any trouble with donald trump. i think that is what these folks are opponepointing to -- >> why are you saying that though? i cover her and i see her, so i see her a lot, and you and other trump surrogates that are not saying google this, or google that, i'm hearing it repeatedly, not just from you.
2:23 pm
saying she is not as boisterous, or she doesn't have a spring in her step, her schedule has been nuts over the course of this. and for the first several months of iowa and onward, she was campaigning more than donald trump. >> but come on, you brought this issue up, i didn't bring this to your attention. you brought that to me and if you want to go there, you can google and watch all kinds of video where she is having coughing attacks. donald trump doesn't have that. video where she stumbles off of the stage and she has to be grabbed and put back up. >> you said -- >> those are issues we have seen on you tube, but i don't think they're relevant to the american people. >> you said there have been a few instances of this? >> have you see the coughing attacks? you haven't seen those? >> i have been there for those.
2:24 pm
>> have you seen those with trump? >> who doesn't occasionally cough? >> well a cough is one thing. a coughing fit is something elsewhere it is a cough on end. nothing on the trump side leads you to leave he is not healthy. >> nothing would lead you to believe he is healthy. his letter from his doctor is borderline ridiculous. >> brianna, we use common sense and we look at both of them on the stump. if donald trump has health issues on the stump, i'm sure it would be played over and over again. that doesn't exist. >> it sounds like you're trafficking in these conspiracy theories as well. you're saying because she is coughing she is not as healthy as donald trump. >> a coughing fit is different from a cough.
2:25 pm
stumbling off of a stage is different from a man that can stand there and deliver an engaged speech. you brought it up. i think it goes to the economy, go to a secure aboborder -- >> i have a question, do you care less -- you're looking at your diagnosis -- >> i'm not pedalidling the theory -- >> i didn't want to talk about this, you did. you're driving the topic. >> you're right, i did bring it up, and you're peddling it. that is right, so let me ask you this, you're looking at certain things where she had a stumble or a coughing fit, i hope if you read her medical note from her doctor, that was far more det l detailed than the one from
2:26 pm
donald trump's doctor, isn't that more important than something like -- >> as you know i love your show, i love coming on this show, but i was asked at one point about david duke's endorsement of donald trump. i've never been asked about the orlando shooters father's endorsement of clinton. we talk about roger ailes. >> we covered to extensively. >> so why are are we not talking about the ties to the muslim brotherhood. that she was an editor for a newspaper -- >> it is not the newspaper -- >> you brought it up. >> you're peddling in dishonesties. i would say it is not true. the information is out there that she has the ties. >> no. i don't know what else to tell
2:27 pm
you, i'm telling you thousand is. when you look at the newsletter, the way it is characterized in the right-wing press, it is not accurate. that's what the fact is, congressman. >> i would agree with you that i think there are more important issues to talk about. if you want to drive it. >> i do think that we should stay on this show and other shows and surrogates should stick on the issues that grow the economy and keep americans safe and we would all be better debating those things that we know about, as opposed to things we don't know about and frankly we will never know about. if hillary clinton is ill or donald trump is ill, they're not going to tell us and they'll pick doctors that won't share that with us. we'll never know and that's why i think we should leave it alone and talk about who has the best vision for america.
2:28 pm
who will raise us up. >> okay, let me ask you this, though, because i'm hearing some of this stuff that we have talked about coming, that you are lending credence to. it is perplexing, that donald trump will be in texas and mississippi, who are red states, why is he there? >> i think he is reaching out to everyone in america. hillary clinton is in a decisively blue state of california. they go raise money? which they can find donors. he has been in wisconsin, ohio,
2:29 pm
pennsylvania, virginia. he is doing a lot of rallies, more than hillary clinton. i think it is important as we engage in this debate that you can take tough questions from the media. donald trump will take your questions, and msnbc's questions, fox's questions. he does it on a frequent basis. hillary clinton for 262 days doesn't take tough questions from the media because she has one lie after another and can't keep them straight, if you think that will change when she is president -- >> i don't think, look. i don't think it will be an improvement with either candidate. we have been waiting to have him on cnn, since june, there is an open invite there for sure, but you say he is talking, but
2:30 pm
wouldn't you rather have him somewhere like iowa, or colorado or virginia. >> where has hillary been? we haven't seen her doing -- >> overall she has been, overall when you look at the last month or so, she has been doing a lot more. >> you have to be fair in the analysis. if donald trump is in texas, hillary clinton is in california, who cares. >> yeah, here is what i think is happening. if he is fundraising in some of these communities, i'm sure he does an event there after the fundraiser and he is talking to the people which is a good thing. instead of just taking the money
2:31 pm
and running. he says i'm going to engage the people of the community. no matter where you are, if you cover his speech no matter where he is at, he hits millions of people in his broadcast. >> let me ask you that because i hurt that from others too. is that really the calculus then? that it doesn't matter if he doesn't go in gladhand and do these events in pennsylvania and ohio. and if he is on television talking that gets him as much mileage as the other kinds of tricks take? because it goes count toer to w a lot of people think about campaigning. >> if hillary clinton is in california, would it hurt her to do a rally in california? i don't think it hurts her. the same as if donald trump is in texas. if he raises money and does a rally there, he is a little down
2:32 pm
in the polls. it is important to continue to talk about the issues that he wants to bring forward as the next president of the united states. if he wants to talk about what is wrong with her honesty, and a plan that looks to more government spending as opposed to the free enterprise system, that is good for donald trump. he should do it every day. i think he should be a ohio, iowa, and pennsylvania. you can't say he has not been to the swing states, he has been there. so just to be steps away and go somewhere else, that should not be a point of attack. we should say do as many rallies as donald trump. do has many interviews, do the press conferences, and be transparent with the american people. be like donald trump in that
2:33 pm
regard. and you will see the facade of clintons will crack. okay, we'll see sean duffy, congressman, thank you so much. we certainly appreciate you being with us. >> good to us you. >> we'll be back in a moment.
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[ clock titime. ] you only have so much. that's why we want to make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all we should fit into your life. not the other way around. trump is ramping up his attacks on hillary clinton even as he is put on the defensive. we have rebecca berg, chief political correspondent dana
2:38 pm
bash and david challion. this is a speech that donald trump was supposed to be giving in two days, now he is not, and there has been confusion about why he is not doing it. it seems like they want more time. we heard this from kellyanne conway. >> i think they do need more time and they are trying to address the more create way to say his new campaign team, probably taking the lead on this, trying to get him to think more about the broader elector rate. saying you know what, we have to go beyond the base that you have. and get others.
2:39 pm
i interviewed her on sunday and i was talking about that deportation suggestion. >> they clearly need some time to figure this out. >> so we just heard that interview with congressman sean duffy. i asked him about the conspiracy theories about hillary clinton's health. he said why did you ask those questions and i wanted to know what he thought. i thought maybe he would say look, this is ridiculous, and he didn't he said we saw her trip and have coughing fits. i'm not a doctor, but i follow hillary clinton. i have seen the coughing fits, but sometimes people have cuffing fits. i have known seen anything to
2:40 pm
back up what we're seeing on the blogs. >> it was -- >> i'm just saying, i've had a coughing fit. >> what are we talking about here? this was confounding. every trump surrogate and -- by the way, they have stuff to talk about. they should say nothing except e-mails and foundation for -- there is enough out of there. he should have batted that away easily and he didn't. so they engage and step on their own ability to say on offense. he has people like roger stone, this is nothing new. i think what is knocking is that the conspiracies being picked up
2:41 pm
by legitimate people. >> what are they, by doing this, there has to be a point, right? or you hope so. the point should be to pick up more voters and appeal more, who are they appealing to by saying these things? >> it's not clear they are winning anyone over. asaid from attacking the clintons on e-mails, the clinton foundation, some of the themes that trump has hit on, they're distracting from that and their hurting his long-term credibility. and they are pressing this issue very hard. when they say maybe there is nothing there, maybe in the future they will not trust trump as much. so the long-term value of this
2:42 pm
is really -- >> show this any different in concept than the birther movement. the healther movement? >> just throwing something to see if it sticks. >> the idea, and even when obama released his birth certificate, and people still didn't believe it, is that kind of the same thing? >> yes, like we talked about a couple weeks, he likes to say "people are saying" who are these people? just pitting things out into the eith ether to see if it sticks. is e she going to make it, all of these things, i have it here that i would think they would be
2:43 pm
pushing about how she met with, i think about half of the people she met with while she was secretary of state from outside of the government had donated to the clinton foundation. >> mike pence is, but people are not paying attention to him as much. thank you all of you. donald trump and his fellow republicans are hammering hillary clinton on all fronts, including calls for a special prosecutor to investigate claims of insider access at the family's charitable action. phil mattingly has been following the campaign. >> trump's attacks on clinton are not new. but he is stepping on those attacks with his own controversial statement. a very concerted effort, a very streamlined effort for mike
2:44 pm
pence and donald trump to focus in on hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton has totally forgotten the first rule of public service. the job of an elected official is to serve the citizens of the united states. >> tonight, hillary clinton facing a series of sustained attacks, and late night on conspiracy theories about her health. >> can you open this jar of pickles? >> and the e-mail controversy that dogged her campaign. >> my e-mails are so boring so we have released 30,000 plus so what's a few more? >> trump is treating her e-mails and allegations of insider access as no laughing matter,
2:45 pm
going so far as to call for a special prosecutor. >> they certainly cannot be trusted to quickly or impartially investigate hillary clinton's new crimes that happen all of the time. >> clinton allies are firing back. saying it is far more important than the political fire they are engulfed in. >> somebody is going to hell over there, because somebody, you understand, here or somewhere is making -- this is saving people's lives. >> clinton, herself, prepared to go back on offense, attacking trump's new campaign team, specifically stephen bannon.
2:46 pm
and says he has a view of american that should disturb all americans. >> clinton reference ever referencing her preparations for debating trump next month. >> i'm drawing on my experience from elementary coschool. >> and her super pac continues to plague the air waves. >> you ought to see this guy. i don't know what i said, i don't remember. >> clinton staying out of the spotlight tuesday for one primary reason. cash, the nominee using the final day to wrap up a fundraising swing through california. one that included a stop at justin timberlake's house. netting millions for the campaign. >> as the trump campaign ramped up their attack, that money
2:47 pm
becomes all the more important. the efforts have paid dividends. over $6 million on monday, the justin timberlake fundraiser, over $3 million. and coming up, we'll talk more about a cyber attack. it appears to have targeted reporters at the "new york times" and other news organizations. we'll bring you the latest on that investigation. plus, a stabbing in virginia is raising fears of lone wolf terrorism. why they're worried about possible connections to isis.
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authorities in virginia are investigating a disturbing 95 attack as a possible incident of terrorism. our report he has been digging into this story. >> reporter: the fbi is working this case along with the local police trying to learn more about this violent suspect with a troubled past. we're told the attacker had been nobody to the fbi before this incident because of concerns that he was radicalized. >> a vicious and apparently stabbing attack at this apartment comment plex has investigators looking tonight into a possible case of lone wolf terrorism. police in roanoke county, virginia, nearly 250 miles south of washington say a man and a
2:53 pm
woman were attacked as they entered the pines apartment complex saturday night. >> the male was eventually able to fight off the attacker who fled. but in the meantime, both the man and the woman had been severely wounded. >> police say while they were at a local hospital with the victims, a man now identified as the suspect came into the e.r. with injuries of his own. he is 20-year-old. tonight an official tells cnn said he shouted god is great as he carried out the attack. police say they don't believe he knew either of the victims. >> there's certainly a real possibility that he could have been inspired by isis. we don't know for sure given that we only have surface level facts. the fact that he shouted that out. that he chose apparently random
2:54 pm
victims. he was known by authorities in advance certainly raise that's question. >> a law enforcement official tells cnn that he was previously known to the fbi because of concerns over his possible radicalization and because of possible mental health issues. while officials would not give further details, experts say isis, even while losing ground on the battlefield, could still capitalize this random attack in rural virginia. >> if it is linked to isis, then one of the things that it shows is that they're able to carry out attacks in the most random of places. it is certainly something they can use to establish their mythos as this militant force that can strike anywhere. >> in roanoke, a local resident who didn't want to be identified said she and others in the neighborhood are terrified. >> we're a tight knit community. i know all of my neighbors. it is scary knowing that something could happen so close
2:55 pm
to home. >> now what's not cheer is whether this suspect w actually communicating with anyone overseas with any operatives from isis or another terror group. if he was not, if he was radicalized or inspired on his own, he would symbolize what has back massive challenge for u.s. law enforcement. fbi director james comey it's had a said the bureau has almost 1,000 investigations into home grown extremists. the majority are isis related. >> coming up, our breaking news. the fbi investigates cyber attacks targeting reporters at the new york times and other outlets. u.s. officials blame russian intelligence. and his harsh comments on immigration have come in for harsh criticism. now donald trump is trying to redefine his policy. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone always has to be at your desk? now, with one talk from verizon... hi, pete. i'm glad you called. (announcer vo) all your phones can work together on one number. you can move calls between phones,
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3:00 pm
. happening now, breaking news. russian infiltration. u.s. officials believe moscow is behind new cyber attacks on american journalists including reporters at the new york times. is vladimir putin roll thing for secrets? and president obama visits the disaster area in louisiana days after donald trump was there. just like obama, trump said he followed the president's deportation policy but with more energy. the gop nominee sending mixed messages about his immigration plan and whether it is changing. and wacky rumors. hillary clinton laughs off debunked gop claims that she is
3:01 pm
ill. as the tables turn and new questions are raised about donald trump's health. we welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. wolf blitzer is off today. you're in "the situation room." >> we have breaking news this hour. u.s. officials believe vladimir putin's operation is behind a series of new cyber attacks on american journalists. we are told the new york times and other news organizations were infiltrated in this effort to steal sensitive political information. the fbi is investigating amid rising concerns about russian hacking here in the united states and questions that whether moscow is trying to influence the election. also tonight, president obama tours flood damage in louisiana, brushing aside criticism from donald trump and others that he should have been there sooner. mr. obama says in tixs disaster, victims don't give a hoot if you're a republican or a
3:02 pm
democrat. in the presidential race, trump and his allies spread debunked rumors about hillary clinton's health, there's new scrutiny of trump's medical history and unusual language in a letter written by his doctor. dr. gupta is digging into that for us. a trump adviser, standing by for us. and our correspondence analysts have full coverage of the day's top stories. first to evan perez with more on these russian cyber attacks. evan? >> some u.s. officials say what's going on here is a type of undeclared cyber war. u.s. officials say suspected russian spies have been targeting reporters at the new york times and at other news organizations. u.s. investigators believe this is part of a broader russian intelligence operation. the fbi and private security investigators are working with the times to try to assess the damage and to figure out how the hackers got in. a spokesman went for the new york times. declined the comment on any
3:03 pm
possible breach but she said the company works with outside investigators and law enforcement to guard against hacks. tuesday intelligence officials believe these intrusions are similar to other recent ones and that includes the hacks of the democratic national committee and other democratic party organizations as well as think tanks here in washington. >> and do you think authorities believe that they have a specific motive behind this attack? do they think they're connected to past suspected russian incidents? >> that's right. we're used the seeing foreign spies targeting government systems. that's what spies do. this is a little different. u.s. intelligence officials say the picture that's emerging from all this reason activity is that russian intelligence is targt organizations, to see who reporters are talking to in the government as well as communications and even sfoirs are in the works. all of this is valuable to intelligence agencies. they seem to be particularly interested in organizations with a window into u.s. political system. you remember after the dnc hack,
3:04 pm
wikileaks release ad trove of e-mails from the dnc just days before the democratic convention. the russian government has denied any involvement in all this but the clinton campaign says this is proof that the russian government wants to help donald trump get elected. >> so what are they going to do? >> that's right. i think there is a big debate inside the administration that is how to respond. we know that they've named and shamed china, iran and even north korea for previous cyber attacks but never russia. they are pushing for the administration to do just that. on the other hand, some officials say that they're risking, there is a risk to escalating these types of attacks simply because the u.s. is doing a lot of the same things against russia. >> all right. thank you so much for that report. to the presidential race. we are standing by to hear from donald trump. he has a rally in texas. the republican nominee is
3:05 pm
attacking hillary clinton's ethics and her health. his message on immigration seems to be getting more confusing. national correspondent jason carroll joins us live from austin, texas. >> and hello to you. some critics say it is confusing. others say it is vague. we can tell you the campaign says specifics are coming in the meantime, expect donald trump to keep hitting hillary clinton hard on the issue of her e-mails and the clinton foundation. after weeks of playing defense over a series of campaign missteps, tonight donald trump is on offense. accusing the clinton foundation of pay for play. alleging hillary clinton granted access to the state department in exchange for donations to the foundation, trump telling his supporters, it is time for a special prosecutor to step in to investigate. >> the amounts involved, the favors done, and the significant number of times it was done,
3:06 pm
require an expedited investigation by a special prosecutor. >> trump also taking aim at clinton on the e-mail controversy. this after the fbi found nearly 15,000 e-mails and document from her personal serve per clinton had not turned over to the state department. >> hillary clinton said she turned over all of her work-related e-mails. now we learned about another 15,000 e-mails she failed to turn over. >> last night, clinton tried to down play the significance of the latest development. >> my e-mails are so boring. i'm embarrassed about that. their so boring. so we've already released, i don't know, 30,000 plus. what's a few more? >> a federal judge ordered the state department to release the e-mails after a conservative watch dog group requested the documents be made public.
3:07 pm
meanwhile, trump facing criticism of his own after he made this appeal to african-american and latino voters. >> we'll get rid of the crime. you'll be able to walk down the street without getting shot. right now, you walk down street, you get shot. >> trump's critics questioning his position on illegal immigration. trump initially said he would deport some 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the united states. then in an interview last night, he said, he would first just deport the, quote, bad ones. >> the first thing we'll do if and when i win, we'll get rid of all the bad ones. >> trump also said he would enforce the laws already in place under president obama, but with more energy. >> obama got tremendous numbers of people out of the country. bush, the same thing. lots of people were brought out of the country with the existing laws. well, i'm going to do the same thing.
3:08 pm
>> trump canceled a policy speech but he said it is coming soon. >> immigration is a very complexion issue. to get the issues right with your specific plan should not be rushed. >> one point is clear. whether it is building a wall on the border or illegal immigrants. >> that wall will go up so fast, your head will spin. >> they go around killing people and hurting people ask they'll be out of this country so fast your head will spin. >> now campaign says there will eventually be an immigration policy speech. that it is coming. what he is doing right now is speaking to a number of beam the best way to move forward with his proposals and his ideas. some might think that might be some sort of a suggestion that perhaps he will challenge his position. the campaign says at least for now, his position remains the
3:09 pm
same. >> all right. jason carroll. thank you for that report. let's turn now to breaking news. we bring in the former congressman peter, he is now a trump national security adviser. so congressman, you heard that earlier report by evan perez where he is explaining how investigators believe the russian intelligence is behind this recent series of cyber attacks, most recently against new york times. other news agencies. since you are a member of the house intelligence committee, you're very informed here. what do you think is the motivation behind these attacks? >> it is what any country, nation state would do. they're trying to get as much information as they can against what they believe might be one of their enemies. the russians have been involved in this for years. so have the chinese, the iranians, the north koreans. they're trying to get number one, military information. they're trying to get information they can use for economic benefit. political insights. you go also bet that we will
3:10 pm
soon be hearing reports. these things happen all the time. they have targeted our infrastructure so they might take down the grid. this is not new news. the only thing new here is that it is getting this much coverage in the media. these have been going on for an extended period of time. >> and i hear you. this desire to get more information. a lot of countries do this. this cyber element to it. is it a changing threat so you feel like it is the same effort? is it changing in the methods? >> well, i think what you're seeing is there is a more intense effort going on by different countries. because they're realizing the potential database. the trove of valuable information that they can get by going into cyber and recognizing that it is much lower risk than human intelligence and other means that they have to get information. so this is where spy is moving.
3:11 pm
they are moving into cyber because it is easier. people haven't put up their defenses. countries haven't put up their defenses against cyber so they're going where the opportunity is and where there is a tremendous am of information they can use. >> remotely less risk, certainly. i want to change the subject a little bit and ask but donald trump who you support and advise. he appears to be retooling his immigration policy. he was supposed to give this speech on thursday. it sounds like he is now trying to, it sounds like the team is trying to reassess exactly what will be in this. we haven't heard many specifics from the campaign. we're 77 days out from the election. shouldn't this be hammered out by now? >> well, not necessaryly, i think what clearly, i met with mr. trump last week to talk about his vision for confronting and defeating isis. he is at 30,000 feet. he is moving down to a strategic and tactical level.
3:12 pm
he is talking to and berth how to execute that to make sure what he wants to achieve at a vision level. what are the specific tactics he needs make it happen? i think the same thing on immigration. he wants to secure our borders. he wants to keep americans safe. he wants to protect american jobs. and he wants to enforce current lawful he is going through the step to say what does that mean? what do i do at the borders to protect against illegal entry? what do i do with 40% of the people who are here illegally? who come in on visas and overstay their visa? how do i make sure those people coming in from syria and other terrorist havens, how do i make sure those people coming in do not pose a threat to the united states? and then how do we deal with the 11 million people who are here illegally and how do we work through that process? visionary, he is very clear
3:13 pm
about what he wants to accomplish. strategically is that tactically he's through the finer points. >> when you describe it that wargs it sounds extremely main stream. but if you ask anyone, what can you say about donald trump's immigration plan? they would say build a wall and deportation forceful which is not what i heard you say. which makes me think that you're advising him that he needs on perhaps soften it a little bit, do you think? >> remember, secure the borders and deportation, that's the law today. if you come into the country illegally, the expectation is that the law will be, the law will be enforced and applied to those who have broken the law. this is why the american people are so frustrated and that they're saying for too many people in our society today, especially with the illegal immigration, that there is a law, there are laws on the books to do all the things --
3:14 pm
>> but he is commended, for instance, president obama for how he has deported people. although he has said in the last day that he would do the same thing but with more energy. he is the point that in terms of deportations, things are kind of on a good trend with president obama but he has talked about a deportation force. >> well, whether it is -- this is where i think he needs to really work through and get the tactics right to identify exactly how that will happen. that's why i'm glad ted kind of meeting he had a saturday. the kinds of meetings he will have with other experts which goes back to what i said earlier. to make sure he gets strategies and the tactics right. to implemt the vision that he has expressed to the american people. >> congressman, we have so much more to talk about. i need to get a break in. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
3:15 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (whispers rocket)
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3:19 pm
we're back with peter hoekstra. he'll stand by. we're going to look at donald trump's health. the republican nominee's medical history is under new scrutiny after he and his allies have been spreading unproven rumors that hillary clinton is ill. our chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta is here to help us figure out what's going on. what do we know about donald trump's health? >> there's not a lot that we know. we're picking up little tid bits from the candidate himself. and then just a little more, it's fair to say, from his doctor. >> she also lacks the mental and physical stamina.
3:20 pm
>> when it comes the strength and stamina or anything else, what do we really know about trump's health? for someone so public, we've only been able to gather hints from the campaign trail. like most candidates he likes to brag about sleep or lack of it. >> i'm not a big sleeper. three hours, four hours, i toss, i turn. i want to find out what's going on. >> his brother fred died of alcoholism and that left a real impression on him. >> never had a glass of alcohol. yet i tone largest winery on the east coast. it's a crazy thing. >> golf is his exercise and he doesn't shy away from fast food. >> i think all those places, burger king, mcdonald's. i can live with them of the other night i had kentucky fried chicken. >> the only thing we have is this letter from his physician. >> the trick about releasing medical information is that the candidates, or in this case, hillary clinton and donald trump, get to have their own physician. if it is your own personal physician and friend, they're
3:21 pm
obviously going to try to write a little more spirited note on your behalf. >> what struck me as a doctor is the language used. a recent medical exam showed only positive results. in medicine, positive results can mean a negative outcome. details such as normal blood pressure and that he takes a daily aspirin ask statin important but don't tell you anything about his overall health. when we spoke to the association, they said he hand been a member there in more than 20 years. despite signing on behalf lennox hill's department, he is not listed on staff and just has admitting przybilla at the hospital. and 15ly the letter ends with, if elected, mr. trump, i can state unequivocally will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency. that is simply unknowable. part of the problem. letters like the add more questions than answers and provide even more fuel for those
3:22 pm
spin doctors. >> they have come out in the past, they've really cautioned doctors the saying unless you've had direct contact with the doctor, the patient, the candidate in this kargs shouldn't be saying anything at all. whether it is their physical health, psychological health or anything at all. >> good advice. all right, thank you so much. let's get back now to donald trump, to the national security adviser, pete hoekstra. you've been hearing this. do you think donald trump should release more medical records? >> well, i think what happens here as your previous guest just said, the problem you have is that you have the doctors, their personal doctors releasing the information. unless you go in another
3:23 pm
direction, i'm not sure we'll get much more insights into donald trump's or hillary clinton's health with more disclosure at this point. my preference is, focus on other issues. you establish the baseline health of the two candidates and you move on. >> and speaking to a little of what they've both been through in the last year. in the way, this is a health test in itself. >> absolutely. i mean, i've run statewide here in michigan. it is an endurance test. anyone who has gone through the last 12 months of a campaign, a presidential campaign, a national campaign, has clearly demonstrated the capability in a certain basic level of health that they have energy, the capacity. and the mental stamina to be president of the united states. >> i'll tell you. covering it i certainly felt it even physically. you just start to break down in terms of your health, in terms of getting colds and that kind
3:24 pm
of thing. your immune system just isn't what it is. i want to ask you about where we're seeing donald trump pop up. he has a rally in austin, texas. he is going to mississippi tomorrow. we're seven days out from the election. why is he campaigning in reliably red states and not focusing more of his time, a bigger proportion of his time in states that are going to be decisive for him? >> well, i think, it is 77 days out. he's been in michigan a couple time in the last two weeks. he spoke in detroit. he was back last week. mike pence has been in michigan. i'm glad they're spending that much time in michigan. and i think they're trying to make sure that they balance out the campaign. you never take anything for granted. yeah, we won't lose mississippi. we won't lose texas. but at the same time you're going into those satellites energize your base. if you energize your base, you have the capacity -- excuse me, the capacity on raise additional
3:25 pm
funds for the campaign. so you medal all of those together and you develop a national schedule as to where you're going to be, who you're going to be talking to. and you'll probably be covering the speech of mr. trump in texas and mississippi. he will get some national coverage and exposure. once we get to labor day, i expect that we'll see him in the states that we're talking. about iowa, michigan, pennsylvania, florida, can't spend all of his time in those states but he will spend a vast majority of his time in those kinds of states. >> more important that he pops up on the front page of those payments in those states than say, the new york times. >> absolutely. there is an invaluable, invaluable to be seen in the detroit newspapers, the detroit media. that goes all across michigan.
3:26 pm
he will be. he is putting in a good effort along with mike pence. >> he has a fight in michigan. it sounds like you're lobbying to get him back there. congressman pete hoekstra. thank you for being with us. just ahead, more on the fight over which presidential nominee is healthier. hillary clinton joking about the proouchb rumors being read that about her by the republicans. >> here. take my pulse while i'm talking to you. make sure i'm alive. >> oh, my god. there's nothing there. rman. we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. so i just started poking around on ancestry. then, i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. it turns out i'm scottish. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. soon, she'll type the best essays in the entire 8th grade. get back to great. sixteen gig lexar flash drives just three ninety-nine.
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3:31 pm
tonight there is increasing confusion about how much or how little donald trump is tweaking his immigration policy. let's bring in our political team to talk about it. we have a national political reporter for real cheer politics. mark preston, "washington post" assistant editor, and cnn senior analyst ron brownstein. senior editor for the atlantic. okay, mark, i want to start with what we heard donald trump say. he said he would continue to use president obama's current haws to deport undocumented immigrants but, a lot more energy. what does that mean? we thought he was trying soften his stance. this does not seem like it is
3:32 pm
softening. >> in some ways where he was, this is softening. a couple things he said last night. in a very friendly environment on the o'reilly factor on fox, he said he would get rid of all the bad ones. if you're a convict and a felon, he will depourt. >> is that what he means by more energy? >> no. he means all the other ones who are here illegally. he would then use the same laws on the books. but he would deport them with a lot more energy. >> once more with feeling. right? what does that mean? that he would do this with more energy? >> the problem is it doesn't really mean anything. he speaks in platitudes. so he can get away with a lot of being vague on policy. eventually he will have to answer the question that you just asked. what does this actually mean? and really, how is it different from what president obama has done? as you know, deportations have gone up under president obama and that has been a real sticky
3:33 pm
point for a lot of progressives. >> it is more waiting to see what the trump campaign comes up with later this week or next week. what it seems like is that they've kind of run up against the idea that everybody else already knew. immigration is a complicated, difficult issue. that's why there was so much tension on the debate stage between rubio and cruz. that's why it was so hard to get through congress. this is a fraught issue. now that he's promised his supporters for a year that he is going to build a wall, build it quick lirgs get it done and get immigrants out of the country, now he has a problem trying to block it back and be humane. >> go ahead. >> there is no version of this that is not an historic retreat. one of the biggest policy shifts or flip-flops or whatever you want to indicate between primary and the general election. there is no version that would fail to qualify. donald trump said for a year
3:34 pm
that he would deport mass deportation, all undocumented immigrants. they have to go. they likened to it operation wetback. and he repeatedly was playing to the voices that felt that president obama was not going far enough or fast enough with deportation. as rebecca noted, he was getting hit from the left that argued he was deporting too many. you have had a drum beat from the right saying they have abdicated enforcement of the law. particularly when he had his plan which was ultimately blocked by the courts. so any version short of mass deportation is an enormous change for donald trump and i think it is a reflection of what they are facing trying to mobilize this. recognizing that coalition is not enough to get him much past the low 40s in the national polling in the general. >> rebecca, he is clearly worried that losing the people
3:35 pm
so for him in the primary election. and i imagine part of that is because some of that is that they are not always reliable voters. they feel very strong by about trump. they feel like he's been very straightforward about his views and they agree with him. >> donald trump has told his supporters that he tells them the truth. that he is representing his values to them and representing their values on the campaign trail. he does have to worry that enthusiasm. we're not really worried here that his supporters are going to go to hillary clinton, necessarily, because of his stance on immigration. but are they going to be motivated? especially in he is down in the polls like he is on election dayful are they going to be motivated to show up for him at the polls? that's what he needs. he needs to keep their energy up through november. if there are doubts among them that he will push hard on immigration, could it hurt him. >> i think it is worth noting two things. one is that donald trump flip flopping on any issue has not
3:36 pm
hurt him in this campaign whatsoever. in fact, flip flopping this issue, ron is right. it is an absolute flip-flop. right? that's the only way that he can win the general election. the hard line stance that he was taking on immigration is politically a nonstarter. logistically and financial will you a nonstart he. no way it could ever happen. the second thing is that they're trying to walk this fine line. they're trying to say we'll back off. we'll use the same laws that barack obama and george w. bush used. at the same time we'll deport all the felons and the bad ones out. still sending a quiet dog whistle to those who supported him. >> but now he sounds like a politician. >> no doubt about it. >> it is more complicated. before he ran for president, that he said romney's self-deportation line was mean-spirited. he brought up amnesty if congress was able to strengthen
3:37 pm
border security. he has been wildly -- >> we have much more to talk about, ron. i'll let you have the next word as soon as we get started. why is donald trump in texas? why is he heading for mississippi? we'll discuss that with our panel. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone
3:38 pm
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we're back with our political team and some breaking
3:42 pm
news. on republican attacks on hillary clinton and the clinton foundation. let's bring this our senior washington correspondent. >> tonight trump campaign is opening up a new line of attack on clinton and her family's foundation. trump is responding to an associated press report that says more than half the people who met with hillary clinton as secretary of state contributed. either personally or through groups to the clinton foundation. moments ago the clinton campaign says this relies on utterly flawed data. it cherry picked meetings. all of this comes as they are pushing back on the humanitarian work the clinton foundation has done. it is happening as clinton is on the campaign trail raising money for the bloody fight ahead. >> the campaign trail goes hollywood. from the late night talk show circuit to star studded fund-raisers. beyond the laughter, hillary clinton is not missing a chance to go after trump.
3:43 pm
>> i prefer to be running against someone i thought was qualified to be president and temperamentally fit. >> but trump is calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the private e-mail servers she used as secretary of state. a controversy she tried brushing aside with jimmy kimmel. >> my e-mails are so boring. i'm embarrassed about that. we've already released 30,000 plus. what's a few more? >> while she says the content may be boring, the fbi director says her handling of them was careless. and trump hopes to use it against her. >> an investigation by a special prosecutor. immediately, immediately, immediately. >> but trump has veered from controversy to conspiracy. the latest is an unfounded attack on her health. >> take my pulse while i'm talking to you. >> can you open this jar of pickles? this has not been tampered with.
3:44 pm
>> the life blood of a campaign is cash. and she raised $6.3 million on monday alone at two stops in beverly hills. >> first at the home of basketball great magic johnson and later, it drew protesters. today she's making the rounds to four more stars including justin timberlake and jessica beale. meanwhile, friends of the clintons are defending the charitable foundation from fierce attacks from trump. they say it is worked around the world like fighting malaria has been overshadowed by allegations of the political influence. >> a million people had to die but i had prove a point. okay. you have your point. what a great idea. >> the fight to defy trump. >> they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime. they're rapists.
3:45 pm
>> it is laying to have the ground work for the biggest battle yet. the debate. >> you have to be wear of interest wacky stuff. i am drawing in my experience in elementary school. the guy who pulled your pony tail. >> trump is running behind if most battle ground states and nationally. the clinton campaign is doing everything kit to define trump before the debate. she is saying they are embracing divisive views. the aide said she will focus on his temperament which she says makes him unfit for the presidency. >> thank you so much. let's talk about this. especially this speech that hillary clinton is going to give rebecca. you have her talking about what we're expecting for her to discuss is she'll caringize donald trump as embracing the
3:46 pm
alt right philosophy. explain to us what that is and what she's trying to do. >> what she is saying by just using that term. it is a code word for white nationalism. white sprupremism. it is astounding that hillary clinton is saying that donald trump is trying to sow racial division. that we're having this discussion among two major nominees, it is very astounding language that she is using. i will be interested to see what the reception is. it goes to her larger point that fundamentally donald trump is unfit for the presidency. >> she is trying to link him to his most extreme supporters and really characterize him in the same, painting when i am the same brush. >> personally. that he would hold these views. that he would try solve racial discord
3:47 pm
3:48 pm
trump has run a divisive us versus them campaign up to this point. now that he's trying to do this
3:49 pm
sort of pivot, i think the clinton campaign wants to remind people he's the divider in chief vote for hillary clinton. the only thing i see as problematic for clinton is just like it's baked into the cake that she has trustworthiness problem, it's already baked into the cake that donald trump is us versus them. so she would do better if she focused on the road ahead as opposed to trying to pin donald trump to the mat here. >> and what they're trying to do is they're trying to create a smoke screen because this has not been a very good week for the clinton campaign, right? >> create this smoke screen. >> e-mails. foundation. let's talk about the outright and that's what she's trying to do. she's trying to put the message back on to donald trump and the glare of the media spotlight. >> here is an example of why this hasn't been a very good week. donald trump has, one, we've been talking to a lot of his folks and i'm surprised there is not the first thing out of their mouths but it's not. an a.p. report that says more than half of the people who met with hillary clinton as
3:50 pm
secretary of state contributed either personally or through groups to the clinton foundation. he's saying, look, you have to shut this thing down. people look at that number, half, and they sigh that's really unseemly. >> and this is the disgust with washington that has been propelling donald trump's campaign from the very beginning. every occasion that he has to remind voters and especially undecided voters because certainly, they do not have a favorable view of washington right now either. barely anyone does if you look at the polling. any occasion he has to remind people of how washington works that hillary clinton was very much a part of washington for most of her career and that dynamic, well, that's a good day for him, but as you said, brianna, he's not making those points as sharply as he needs to be. >> sorry, ron. go ahead. >> you know with these revelations every day we are rowing a little deeper into the uncharted waters of a
3:51 pm
presidential election in which the majority of voters will have an unfavorable opinion, we will get to an election day where the voters will say unfavorable toward trump and unfavorable toward clinton and the majority saying they don't believe trump is qualified. what exactly that plays out as is to be determined and one thing it might mean is despite all of this attention and all of these ratings and viewership that voter turnout may not be as high as we expect, but both of these candidates are exhibiting so many flaws as the campaign goes along. having said that i still believe the north star and these two views about trump that he's not qualified and racially divisive and that above all is what's driving this race. >> david, if it's baked in that donald trump has -- that the hillary clinton campaign is trying to pair him up with the right that are attracted to him, and the racists that are attracted to him and some of that is baked in with donald trump, but is the difference -- i wonder if there is a difference. you tell me what you think, where his poll numbers are right
3:52 pm
now compared to hers, he's struggling to kind of break a very important ceiling of getting consistently towards that mid-40 range, at least nationally. he's not doing it. we see him down in poll after poll in these battleground states. so it may be baked in, but he has to expand in a way that -- he has to expand right now more than she does, right? >> he has to expand more than she does. if you look at the polling averages for the key swing states. she's been up in recent weeks and each though trump is trying again this sort of pivot. he hasn't quite turned the poll numbers around yet, but i do think, the way i'm looking at it is that they both are leaning on each other on each other's flaws, right? yes. right now if you look at the numbers clinton has that advantage, but both of their campaigns are so based on emphasizing each other's flaws, and i do think that with 75 days to go there is some peril for both of them there. >> let's not forget that as
3:53 pm
hillary clinton is making this point about donald trump promoting these outright ideas, what donald trump is trying to do is soften his tone on african-americans and reach out to african-american voters or at least project what he is doing that, same with hispanics and part of the reason he's doing that is not only to help his numbers with those groups and to assuage the concerns that white-collar, college-educated republicans have about him and about the rhetoric that he has used when it comes to those groups. >> i'll have to leave it there. thank you so much, rerebecca, mark, david and ron. i really appreciate it. >> ahead, president obama gets an up-close look at the damage in louisiana and fires back at trump and those who say he should have been there sooner.
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tonight, president obama says his highly anticipated visit to flood damaged louisiana wasn't about politics or photo-opes. he said it was all about helping victims. cnn white house correspondent michelle kosinski has more on this trip and the president's response to his critics. hi, michelle. >> reporter: of course, the white house wants to keep politics well away from this, impossible though, right? what's unfortunate for the president is that this happened while this was on vacation. so then you had the local paper there asking why he was on the golf course while louisiana was suffering. you had donald trump beat him down there and criticized him. so here's how the president responded to some of that today. >> first of all, one of the benefits of being five months short of leaving here is i don't worry too much about politics. the second thing i have seen historically is that you know
3:59 pm
when disasters strike that's probably one of the few times where washington tends not to get political. i guarantee you nobody on this block, none of those first responders, nobody gives a hoot whether you're a democrat or republican. what they care about is making sure they're getting the drywall out and the carpet out and there's not any mold building and they get some contractors in here and they start rebuilding as quick as possible. that's what they care about and that's what i care about. >> what has worked about the administration is the federal response is quick and has been praised by louisiana's top-ranked republican, the lieutenant governor. the president tried to fit everything in and he met with the family of alton sterling who was shot at close range by police and police say he was armed and that's under investigation. he met with families of police officers who were wounded and killed in another shooting also last month. so very starkly, this all shows you how much this one city baton rouge has been dealing with.
4:00 pm
brian brianna? >> certainly does. michelle kosinski, thank you so much for that report. i'm brianna keilar. thank you so much for watching. erin burnett out front starts right now. >> out front next, breaking news, donald trump about to rally supporters in texas doubling down on his charge that hillary clinton traded favors as secretary of state. plus trump backing down on his promise to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. will the shift cost him with his loyal base? and hillary clinton's longtime aide front and center in the e-mail controversy. who is huma abedin? let's go o"out front." good evening. i'm pamela brown in for erin burnett and "out front" tonight, breaking news, donald trump about to rally thousands of suppor i


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