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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  August 24, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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at any point in time. brian, thank you so much. thank you all for being with me here, i'm brook baldwin in new york. "the lead" starts now. thank you, brand new polls out in just a moment, "the lead" starts now. two battleground states with deep routes possibly flipping. 120 killed, dozens buried. one mayor saying his town is no more. we're live at the sight of the devastating earthquake. and why are life saving epipens soaring in price and what happens to the families that can't afford to pay?
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>> welcome to "the lead." i'm jim sciutto in today for jake tapper. we begin with breaking news. the american university campus in kabul is under attack as we salespeople. one university guard is under attack. officials say dozens of people are still hearing gunshots and blasts. assailants open fired, tossed grenades, and detonated bombs on campus. to your knowledge, is the siege on that campus still under way? are the attackers still alive? >> i was just able to speak to a
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special forces commander. they believe two attackers are till out there. he confirmed that 260 have been rescued, and he confirmed they cut out their electricity. the mission was so save and protect lives. armed guards are also holding against the taliban attackers as the special force kmapder comma putting it on the third florida. so many worried parents still outside. and at the emergency hospital, doctors are girling they have 13 wounded in critical condition.
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>> you say that the misare identifying the taliban as being behind this attack? >> the afghan special forces commander and another afghan intelligence official is saying this is the work of the tall par as of now. they are trying to gather more information. wince the leader of the group has taken over for the military commander, we have seen more attacks. we have seen deadly attacks, so no one really is in any doubt that the taliban is still very brutal and militant. specifically in the organization that has been able to penetrate
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and infill strait in kabul. >> once witness that we spoked to said that he has friends and teachers till trapped inside, as you speak to afghan forces, they're acting as if there are still hostages on campus? they want to protect lives. i don't know if anyone thinks they have been taken hostage, or in the wrong please at the wrong time. on the third floor you have afghan guards. on the second floor you have attackers crisscrossing.
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afghan special forces fighting against these attackers are the cream of the crop. it is trained to fight these sort of attacks. these special forces have worked extremely hard, and one of the fears have been what happens if you have a conflict. they basically subject that the taliban would want to carry out attacks in kabul. the attack against the american university is an attack against afghanistan's future. this is a university that educated more than 100 top government officials. young people. they have 75% of their population blow the age of 25.
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so you can only imagine how wig of a low this is. >> many foreigners among them as well. thank you for much. now to more breaking news, a disaster in italy. the death toll rising tool after an earthquake in italy. worries that the death toll will rise. they are filled with historic brick buildings, many of which collapsed in the tremors. on the left, a streen corner seen on google earth before today's quake. then the same corner after the
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quake. we know, and you have been speaking to rescue workers, the next few hours very critical, why is that. >> absolutely, they're saying it is critical because they believe if people are trapped in the rubble of the buildings behind me, they might be able to survive for about 72 hours if they were able to get into a crevasse or gap and survive the initial collapse of the building. it is the middle of the night here. they're working with sniffer dogs, they're trying to cut through rocks to try and reach people who are trapped. every once in awhile, we're asked to be completely quiet. they think they may have heard
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someone who may be trapped underneath. so far, they have not found anyone in the time that we have been here. but some people have been pulled from the rubble in what has been a tragic day. >> clinking, thundering, a rumble. it was like someone had a bulldobul bulldozer to knock it down. >> trapping residents beneath the rubble. >> they found two person alive around the building that collapsed. so that was our first priority. >> telling the news that "the town is no more. >> my sheer luck, i have no idea how i survived.
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just like many others who did not. >> no one is allowed to sleep there tonight. john karlos was in a house on top of a fill that collapsed. >> they gave me shoes, but we can't move around here. we heard people asking for help. in this condition, what could i do? >> the earthquake not far from the 2009 quake that killed 300 peep. >> they have asked residents to open their wifi networks to improve rescue communications. >> it is a time we're in shock, but it is a moment for action. i would like to say to italians
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in different moments that italy knows how to react and what to do. >> great sorrow for the people affected by the earthquake. he sent a team from the vatican to aide in the search and rescue. >> we have been here and wefelt some aftershocks. one was a magnitude 5.5 on the richter scale. but the workers just keep going and going. we are v already seen two people killed pulled out of the rubble. so tragic here. >> no question and we may see more. fred is right near the center of that earthquake. as you have been working your way through there, what can you
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see from your vantage point now. >> it is only about a mile from the epi center. you see one home that is collapsed. behind me was the town plaza. only two have survived. once we arrived there earlier this afternoon, they managed to pull two bodies from the rubble. they're still going now through that rubble there. i spoke to a family, that is camped out there. they said they don't want to leave in the father of the family has been pulled out. they realize the likelihood is slim. turning now to our breaking news. brand new cnn polls out in the key states of arizona and north carolina. we'll have that for you after this break.
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we're back with breaking news, the very first battleground state polls of the general election. and they show that the democratic dream of flipping two states blue still not yet a reality. these numbers come as donald trump and hillary clinton are raising eyebrows across the nation today. first i want to get to the polls. arizona has been a dream. a lot of talk about the democrats flipping this, and north carolina looks like it always has which is a battleground state. >> yes, and it has been reliably red. the hope among democrats is to flip it. they're hoping to energize hispanic voters.
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trump has a five point lead in hillary clinton with gary johnson at 12% and jill stein at 4%. trump's lead appears to be amplified by support among independents. now let's say the swing state, right now, it is still that way, neck and neck. >> there is a story, this race, the education has been key. less education, more support for trump in general. in general, more support for hillary clinton, is that reflected in the polls? >> yes, and even more so. as you mentioned the education gap among white voters is one of the hallmarks of this campaign. it is so pronounced.
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if you just look at that, arizona first. a 30 point gap in arizona, but bigger in north carolina, 65% to 23%. 42% among the white voters with college degrees. clinton tops trump by eight points among whites. in arizona, where trump is ahead, he has a narrow lead over clinton at 2%. >> we heard in recent days, going after, it seems, minority voters, sometimes you say you have nothing to lose with me. do we see any sign they are winning them over? >> not quite, but it is interesting to look at where it breaks down. a huge part of the electorate.
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right now 20% of latinos there say they will vote for trump. and that community, it might be higher than you would think. still the vast majority. a libertarian gets 15%, and jill stein of the green party. so let's go to north carolina where the african-american vote is critical, more than 20% of the electorate is black. donald trump has 3%, gary johnson has 7%. well, that is true in some respects, but i think the way the campaign is looking at it, in places like north carolina why the black vote is such a huge share, if he can move that needle, which is a big if, that can make a big difference.
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>> >> fascinating stuff. meanwhile, donald trump going to rally supporters in jackson, mississippi as he tries to draw together a coalition sara murray is joining me now. he is spending a lot of time doing something unusual for him which is focusing on hillary clinton? >> jim, donald trump tried out some new zingers, but he didn't just go after her about her time at the state department. he also used today to test out his new approach. going after clinton right here in florida where there is a sizable hispanic population. accusing hillary clinton of using the state department and her family foundation at
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political piggybanks. >> hillary clinton ran the state department like a failed leader in a third-world country. she should favors and access in exchange for cash. >> campaigning in the state of florida today. >> florida is my second home. >> trump now tailoring his clinton criticism to help him win over latino voters. >> hillary clinton would rather give a job to an illegal immigrant than an unemployed hispanic citizen, or even to a veteran. >> part of the campaign's pledge to improve outreach to minorities. >> african-americans are tired of being used by those phoney politicians. >> some of trump's most hardened supporters know it's a tough sell.
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>> he knows he will not get the majority of african-american votes. >> his pitch comes as speculation swirls whether or not he will sweek his immigration policy. for now he is tweaking his tone. >> there certainically be a softenning because we're not looking to hurt people. >> today, ben carson calling on both to be more transparent. >> i think that someone who is running for president of the united states, particularly if they're elderly, and that would include both major candidates, should disclose their medical history. >> and rudy giuliani continues to question her health.
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>> but it is based on no fact. >> they were rather bizarre things that happened like that time her head started shaking in the middle of an interview. and the time she got off the stage for some period of time during a debate. do those facts mean she is seriously ill? i don't know. >> despite that flimsy evidence, he says he still believes hillary clinton should release more medical records and if she does it, donald trump will follow her lead. >> i think that stop on stage was just to go to the bathroom. so how is the clinton campaign responding to new attacks on the clinton foundation? that is after this. jamie foxx. did you know verizon has more than three times the 4g lte coverage of sprint? and i'm jamie foxx for sprint. pretty much the same coverage if you squint. you are not jamie foxx! sprint is last nationally in 4g lte coverage. well, who is going to notice? what about the left side of the country, huh? this part of texas, california, new york, et cetera?
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donald trump hammering hillary clinton on questions about her work at her foundation and her work at the state department. "the washington post"here say "the latest clinton e-mails show what an ethics agreement should not look like. so how is her campaign responding. they have no public events today, what are we hearing -- >> campaign aides are pushing back saying the report is flawed. they called it grossly unfair as well. the political oxygen it was
1:29 pm
consuming. so far the democrats don't think they're in command of this race. >> the clinton foundation in donald trump's cross hairs. as she races millions on a star-studded swing, off of the campaign trail for the third day. trump reviewing clinton's calendar during her time at the state department. more than half of her nongovernment visitors gave money to the foundation. clinton says those numbers are not true. >> hillary clinton and her family had a foundation, it is charitable. >> the organizations are doing important work, and the idea they were dragged into a
1:30 pm
political back and forth is absurd and beyond the pale. >> and they're trying to malign and implicate something nefarious going on when there wasn't. >> trump's suggestions of "pay for play" are false noting that trump also gave money to the foundation known for it's humanitarian work around the world. >> donald trump gave $100,000 to the foundation. clinton is leading in national and swing state polls, but fighting headlines over the foundation and her private e-mail server. friends of clinton tell cnn the campaign was taken off guard, believing the controversy was behind them. the campaign reacted slowly, the democrats say, because bill and hillary clinton believed the
1:31 pm
lo good works of the foundation outweight any appearance of conflict. aides say she will highlight a disturbing connection between trump and the conservative movement. >> trump's products have been made in 12 other countries. >> she is also highlighting his outsourcing in a new campaign ad. >> cnn learned clinton will receive her first classified intelligence briefing as a presidential nominee on saturday in new york. donald trump got his last week. of course much of this information contained in the report is likely to be familiar to her given her time as secretary of state which is now back in the news in ways she might prefer to avoid.
1:32 pm
joining me now is congressman jason shafitz. you heard the response to the ap report who called it utterly flawed. they say the vast majority of clinton's meetings with u.s. and foreign government officials, those meetings not included in this ap tally, and that clinton, as secretary of state, would have met with them regardless whether or not they were foundation donors like the noble prize winners and other heads of large worldwide charities. is that a fair response? >> after 263 days without a press conference, maybe hillary clinton herself could do the press conference rather than the spokes people. the problem is the comments that she made under oath, the public comments she made, turned out to be lies. she is not tuling the truth. the fbi director pointed it out.
1:33 pm
it started because the inspector general made a criminal referral to the fbi. all of the other former secretaries of state gladly met with the inspector general. hillary clinton would not meet with the inspector general. these pundents can try to spin it any way they want. but she has to demonstrate why there is a long list of things different than what they found. >> on the question of the foundation, and we challenge the clinton foundation every day why not more press conferences, but on the issue of the foundation, are you saying she is lying when she is saying the majority of the meetings were with u.s. and government officials and the a.p. presentation of this is if half of the people she met with were donating to the foundation.
1:34 pm
are you saying that is inaccurate? >> no, i'm saying the story stands for itself. the ap had to go not through the freedom of information act, which you're supposed to do in order to get this information. they had to go to court and get a judge to compel her to get this information. i deny know it was coming out, and i think it speaks for itself. and she personally, not through a spokesperson, should have to answer that. it appears that our boss, that's what the e-mail said, a connection between what the foundation and the secretary of state's office. she had a key employee employed by both. this smells like pay to play, and i think she should answer those questions. >> let me ask you about donald trump, i know you said you will support the republican nominee,
1:35 pm
does trump's refusal to release his own tax returns, that might raise questions about potential influence on his own campaign of interests, or if he was elected president, does that not raise the same question. shouldn't he be equally transparent on his business relationships? his investments, et cetera? >> if you're going to run and try to become the president of the united states, you're going to have to open up yoand show everything. you just have to, it's too important. both candidates, donald trump and hillary clinton should show their medical records and tax returns, absolutely. >> fair point. in your position as chairman of the house oversight and government reform committee, if either hillary clinton or donald trump are elected president, can we expect a series of public investigations and inquiries on these kinds of topics if either
1:36 pm
of them is elected? >> the oversight government reform committee will be the place to win no matter who wins t the election. i think republicans made a mistake. it seemed like they left off of the gas pedal. no matter who wins, we have a duty, a responsibility under the constitution, to be that check and balance. i hope to continue to be the chairman of that committee, and i can promise you i don't care who is in the white house. my job is not to be a cheerleader for the president, but to hold them accountable and have that oversight. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> is the difference between life and death for millions of people, many of them very young, why have the price of a life saving medical device shot up 400%? that is after this.
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politics and more breaking news. senator john mccain is now 26 percentage points ahead of republican kelli ward. she is pushing to make mccain's fifth term in the u.s. senate his last. mccain also feeling the heat from his democratic challenger, but from other reasons. >>. >> mccain likes to say that. he is in a double digit lead
1:42 pm
ahead of his republican challenger and the democratic challenger. they're running on the idea that a upside here, even against senator mccain is not completely out of the question. >> kelly moore, pitching energy. >> i think it is time for you and me to retire mechanic cane. >> yes, retire mccain hits home. >> she wants to ride the outsider wave. it is a uphill climb while mccain methodically maneuvers, his age, 79.
1:43 pm
he prefers the word experienced and enjoyed nearly 100% name recognition. >> i'm confident that the people of arizona, who have known me very well for many years judge me on my qualifications and will vote. >> he is focused on immigration and national security. >> little engine that could. >> and that ward is registering against one of the most powerful senators in the country means something. >> the mood of the conservative movement has changed and the mood of the republican party has changed. two weeks until the primary, how are you feeling? >> good, good, feeling good. >> taking nothing for granted.
1:44 pm
>> i like people that were not captured. his public slam against mccain's time as a p.o.w. trump's verbal battle with a gold star family. what do you say to the family? >> i understand their anger and frustration. i will make my decisions based -- based on what i think is best for america. >> the fact that he supports trump shows he is not the maverick he used to be. >> it is time. john mccain has been in washington for 33 years and a
1:45 pm
lot of people just feel he is out of touch with what is going on in arizona. >> here is a look at how this is shaping up, the cnn orc poll between kirkpatrick. it has registered voters in arizona, but despite that gap, here is why circkirkpatrick thi she has a change. 30% of voters are latino. >> thank you, as well. without it, millions of adults and children could die. why are people paying 400% more for epipens then they did a few years ago. now she writes mostly in emoji. soon, she'll type the best essays in the entire 8th grade. today, the only spanish words he knows are burrito and enchilada.
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welcome back. our health lead now. for millions of children and adults, a single peanut or bee
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sting can mean a severe outbreak. epipens can be the difference between life and death. a pair used to cost about $100. now they are setting families back as much as $600. this massive price hike prompted several lawmakers to call for an investigation including amy klobuchar. her daughter carries one where ever she goes. i spoke with her a short-time ago and asked her what families can do about it. >> i would say call your member of congress. for years i have been trying to get bills passed that would bring more competition not only to the epipen market but all kinds of markets. we see the prices creep up every year in is the most glaring example and i think it really hits home. so many parents buy these for their children. my own daughter is 21 and she
1:51 pm
carries one everywhere. you have to get several, you lose them, you replace them, and they reach their expiration date in a year. then you have to buy more. the company has taken a product that in 2009 was about $100 and moved it up to this year between $500 and $600. not at all the price in places like canada, no does it reflect any significant changes in this product. >> for folks at home that don't know how critical they are. my sister depends on it, you know as well, your drawer abigail depends on it. tell us how much. >> i will never forget when she had her first allergic reaction. we were in a cabin in northern
1:52 pm
minnesota, we cave here a cashew. and i remember every mile of the 40 mile trip to the hospital. and the doctor said you must have the epipen with you all of the time, the school nurse must know about it, for so many kids with severe allergies, which is about 10% of kids now, that have some kind of allergy. without it there, their throat can close up. she gets hives. it gives them an adrenaline push that counter acts the allergy. and to think that parents are told by doctors they have to have them for their kids, and they find out this company basically went from a 9% profit margin back in 2008, to a 55%
1:53 pm
profit margin in 2015, that is unbelievable to me. >> with changing in the health care insurance landscape, increasing number of families are enrolled in high-deductible health plans, and the dedetectable amounts continue to rise. >> number one, the high deductibles are only showing consumers what this company has been doing. before smp was paying for it. taxpayers, the government, that price is being paid by someone, it is just more obvious to consumers. and pharma pushed back time and
1:54 pm
time again to have competition. we have pushed for a law to allow cheaper drugs to come in from canada. senator grassly and i have a number of bills including one to stop the outrageous practice where generics and big pharma make deals so you can't bring competitive products out to the market. and finally a bill for negotiation under medicare part d. think about the market power of all of america's seniors if they could use that to negotiate cheaper prices. i think this is the time now, maybe this is the draw that breaks pharma's back. maybe the public will say we finally figured it it out and we want better prices. the ceo of the company that makes the epipen is the daughter
1:55 pm
of another senator, her compensation increased over 600% in the last several years. while the prices of the epipens have soared. if they're doing so well, why the increase in price? >> again, i think their number one goal, when they have a virtual market of 180%, is to not make profits off of people's backs. senate or manchin is not there because of his daughter's role. that aside, this company and others like it have literally taken advantage of the fact that they're able to push back against laws that allow more competition. they jack up the price and expect americans to pay it while they're making money. i think it is wrong and that is
1:56 pm
why the laws have to change. >> a personal finish for you, legislative issue as well, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> a major university under siege, dozens of students still trapped inside. that is right after this. upport. i'm running, four times a week. eating better, keeping healthy. so that no matter what happens in the future, my "future self" will thank me. thank you! you're welcome! hey listen. whatever you do, don't marry dan! hey babe, i'm dan. hey babe, can i get 14 dollars for... thank you. 45 years of experience has taught us: no matter what the future holds, you're always better off healthy. nature's bounty words you don't often hear. words we at panera live by. because clean food is food as it should be.
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