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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  August 24, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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good evening. hillary clinton joins us momentarily. her first nationally televised live interview in more than a month. pushing back on the allegations surrounding the clinton foundation. we're very glad she can come on the program tonight. first her opponent wrapping up a rally in mississippi. donald trump had some strong language for secretary clinton tonight. what did he say? >> that's right.
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you'll also a couple weeks ago when donald trump described president obama as the founder of isis. there was another omg moment when trump was in mississippi in which he called hillary clinton a bigot. earlier this week for the last several days, he's been coming close to saying something along those lines. he's not caring about the concerns of minority voters. this was on the edge of going out and basically calling hillary clinton a bigot. here's what towed say. >> hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes, not as human beings worthy of a better future. she is going to do nothing for african-americans. she is going to do nothing for the hispanics. she doesn't care what her policies have done to your
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communities. >> donald trump has been touching on all week. did he touch on what has been a major shift in his plan, no longer talking about that all 11 million undocument immigrants in this country have to leave? >> the campaign told us before this speech that he was going to talk on his immigration plan. all we heard from donald trump on this rally is that when he unveils his immigration policy, it is not going to affect adversely bherns it document their jobs. he did not go as far as did he on another network that is apparently flying tonight in which he says, basically stakes out a huge shift on immigration. he says that people had are law abiding, undocumented immigrants in this country will not to have leave. they will not be rounded up by a
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deportation force as he described it during the primaries. they can pay back taxes and stay. he did not get into those details at this rally. we should point out in that line about referring to hillary clinton as a bigot, that was in his prepared remarks. that was in the teleprompter. that is in the scripted remarks that the campaign put out earlier. this was not an adlib. that's what the campaign wanted him to say and he delivered it. >> thanks very much. questions why donald trump is campaigning, where he is campaigning. why is he spending time in states that he almost cannot lose as well as in others he likely within win? john came back some answers. this is an unusual year. we all know that. is there any reason to think donald trump is in texas, in mississippi where he is tonight? >> in a word, no. he did start the day in tampa, florida. a big area of florida. florida is in a dead heat at the
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moment. one of the most battle ground states. er tonight, jackson, mississippi, 55/44, the race in 2012, with john mccain, it was 56/43. if he is losing mississippi, wave land shied. he is in jackson which happens to be a democratic over as i u you, oasis. a lot of republicans saying yes, you might be there fundraising about why you are you spending time and money on a big rally? the big question they were asking last night. he was there fundraising first. has a big rally in a democratic bastion within the republican state of texas. 64/35 in travis county. let's come back to texas statewide. 56/54 in the mccain/obama race. 57/41. a lot of people scratching their heads saying, we know you need raise money but why are you
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having these big ral snis the new team is blaming paul manafort. they're trying scrub and getber as they move forward. i talked on a loyalist tonight who said that is pure bull, you can fill in the rest of the sentence. he said some other things that i won't repeat. this is trump. trump likes to have big rallies. he tells them to have big rallies. and to lay on it paul manafort is bs. >> we are expecting secretary clinton to call in at any moment for her first live national interview in several weeks. first, clinton supporter, cnn supporter. in the middle of it all. the conservative trump critic. do you see this as a major shift for donald trump? no longer talking about 11 million undocumented immigrants. got to leave and the good ones
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can come back. he is not using any of that language anymore. ? no. i don't see it as a major shift. the border patrol agents have endorsed trump. yesterday we saw the parents of children other lost their lives to illegal immigrants. >> if 11 million people, donald trump said, 11 million undocumented immigrants, they have to leave. the good ones can come back but they have on leave. he is no longer saying that. he is saying they'll pay back taxes. >> he is saying, clearly, violent criminals to have leave. >> he is not saying 11 million have to leave. >> just last year, 19,700 criminal immigrants were released into society. 800 with sexual offenses. >> you agree he is no longer saying 11 million have to leave. >> i think we have to wait to hear his immigration speech. what he is quite clear is there will be a wall. criminal aliens will not be released but he is allegedly in the town hall tonight. he is saying, i'm listening to voters. voters are saying i think this
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is too hard and he is listening to them. hillary clinton is at top dollar fund-raisers. >> why not saying it is a change. you're saying it means those a haven't broken any laws don't to have leave. >> i'm quoting donald trump. he said i'm listening to voters. they are telling me my position is too hard. >> this is the frustrating part about donald trump and his supporters. just acknowledge the obvious. >> did he. >> you're not even doing it. >> this is a complete departure from what he campaigned on. you can go back to his interview on meet the press where he talked about one of the first things he would do was rescind barack obama's executive order to allow the dreamers to stay here. he said that even dream hers to go. yeah. they have to go. you can go watch it. it is on video. we're not all crazy. throughout the entire primary, he went after jeb bush, marco rubio, john kasich who all said what you're proposing is not
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workable. b, inhumane. and donald trump propelled himself -- >> you're ignoring words of the candidate. last night he said -- >> which words? >> this isn't a monologue on this program. >> last night he said, there's room to soften this part of my propose. a tonight he said, i'm listening to voters. they're telling me the one portion of my immigration plan is too harsh. that's a shift. >> i'm quoting his words. >> just stay words. >> it is because -- >> this may be one of the few moments, i say with all due respect, where you and i agree. we don't know what he's saying. we don't know how big a bait ask switch this is until the speech. and then we may not know. clearly a rational person, as you've just gone through, would think what he is saying, is a flip. but none of his supporters and you've tried very hard to get an answer from kellyanne conway, will answer the questions.
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that means they're trying have it both ways. go back to the muslim ban. they said they would zpoit then they took it back and then came back a plan that was worse than the original ban. so just because donald trump says something doesn't mean it is true or even doesn't mean it is what he is going to do. we have no idea. they're trying on create this smoke screen of softness that is just a smoke screen and we don't have any idea. it could be worse. >> if in fact this is his policy, i mean, am i crazy in thinking this is a change? it certainly sounds like a change. i'm not saying he is not, in the eyes of his supporters, you have to border security, tough on building a wall, all that. but he is no longer apparently talking about 11 million undocumented -- >> there's no question. >> no doubt it is a softening. it is what a good woman does for the campaign. >> kellyanne. >> absolutely. he has to be able to govern when
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he gets elected, too. and i think he's seen the reality of, it just can't happen. >> what jim said before was pretty amazing. there's going to be this softening. we wouldn't hear the unhinging of donald trump. he said that word, calling hillary clinton a bigot was in the prepared remarks on the teleprompter. now, you can citizen teak positions. calling her aer sbigt beyond the pale. >> there is no actual -- >> no factual basis. i'm sorry. >> like what? >> give me -- >> give me an example. >> bigotry. tell me. give me an exam many. >> do you know what the definition of bigotry is. >>? donald trump. >> i guess you don't know. it is not race oriented remarks. it means you're sbol rant of someone else's views. i would suggest hillary clinton
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is in fain fact intolerant. he is not a racist. because they're sbol rant of his views. >> he actually take. >> he called them racists and murderers. >> one at a time. >> he called people coming from mexico rapists and murderers. >> it's a fact. >> here's where nuance matters. words matter. when mexico sends people, they send criminals. >> which there's no evidence mexico actually sends -- >> do you recall the, when cuba sent rapists and cuba? words matter. >> yes. words matter. >> he did say that there were some racists coming from mexico. >> my first day at cnn was the day that donald trump announced. and i covered that first speech.
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this is a pivot on immigration. i'm going to have to disagree with you. even to say i'm listening to voters. which voters is he listening to? i don't think he is listening to his base. he is listening to independents. >> it is interesting that he would talk about softening on hannity last night and apparently talk more about this idea of, you know, that they can stay if they haven't committed a crime. he didn't talk about that in jackson, mississippi. that's not red meat for a donald trump crowd. he talk about building a wall last night. >> and i would contend he wants us to think he's softening. we don't have the substance yet to prove that. it is a con. >> a complete con. >> as he conman. >> i'm just saying. donald trump. he was in real estate. he's conman. >> that's not fair. >> let's -- >> i disa vow myself from that.
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>> we give undue scrutiny to donald trump when we need to apply to it hillary clinton. hillary clinton wants to release criminals like the obama administration has done. 19,000 last year. she wants open borders. a u.s. civil rights commissioner got before congress and say this disproportionately harms. hillary clinton has to answer to those in inner cities who are being displaced from their jobs and to the mother of kate steinley. she lost her life because someone was multitimes in jail. she died because of clinton immigration policies. >> since we don't monologues on the show, i'm going to respond to you. we should have a policy the democrats put forward. yes, it's awful. yes, we need talk about border security. all those things are true. unfortunately, donald trump has lost credibility on this issue to people are sane because he does things like what did he
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tonight. calling hillary clinton a bigot. he switches his position. he switched his position seven times on immigration seven times from last year. how do we know what he believes? we don't. he paneled ordered the a crowd that was a pitchfork crowd. he kept saying, they're out of here. get them out of here. get them out of here. very xenophobic rhetoric. now he's tanking in the polls, tanking in swing states and he has to soften the message and change. >> some positive numbers out a little bit in the swing states. we'll pick up on the other side of the break. with hillary clinton, david axelrod at every step. i love my shop, but my back pain was making it hard to sleep and open up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. now i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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we're expecting to hear shortly from hillary clinton. tomorrow she is speaking in reno, nevada where she is expected to talk about the alt right. just what that term means. >> donald trump says he is seeking minority voters -- >> i think we'll do great with african-americans and with hispanics. >> hillary clinton is trying to tie trump to the so-called alt right. often associated with white nationalityism. >> explain to us what alt-right is. >> it depends. >> a dressed up version of the american neo-nazi movement. >> the american media is
6:19 pm
portraying them as unruly sexist white males. >> has proudly theft charge. last month bannon said we are the platform for the alt-right. now he is the trump campaign ceo and clinton is seizing on the connection. calling the alt-right disturbing and extreme. so what is it exactly? >> bits having a home, a place we can be with people like ourselves. >> this video blogger says the movement which started online several years ago is about ethnic nationalism. race, specifically the expense white identity is under assault in america, fuels alt-white. which stands opposed to progressive and main stream conservative thought. supporters say they're not racist or divisive. >> i spent 20 years. conservatives are not racists. we are not mysogynists. this is not what we stand for. now suddenly we have the
6:20 pm
republican nominee who has become associated with some of these darkest parts. >> trump is associated with the mostly young, mostly white men who identify as alt-right. >> nativism and even racial separatism are themes of the wen that embrace trump. but some of the loudest ad heernlt say they are just being provocative. >> he has been banned from twitter. he is cheering on trump. >> he represents the best home we have of smashing political correctness apart. of open, you know, all of the taboos. the stuff you're not supposed to say. allowing real debate to be had again. >> and cnn correspondent joins us now with the rest panel. i want to start with you. how significant, this whole idea of the alt-right.
6:21 pm
is this something the clinton campaign is hitting hard? >> they believe they can tie donald trump pretty directly to this movement. and the most americans have not heard of it. they have an opportunity to tie trump to it. however, they may build it up. they may identify it. give it more oxygen. until how the this has been an online phenomenon. mostly young white men other are frustrated who build this franchise. you can say they're anti-women. you can say they're anti-minority dwrooms. some would say they're trolls. by giving it so much attention, clinton risks elevating this movement. >> are you concerned about that? >> no. i think the speech tomorrow will be a very on point message that shows america what this movement is and how donald trump is inherently part of it. and promoting it over and over and over. remember, there will be more than you can count examples in the speech. and let's not forget, donald trump is a candidate who
6:22 pm
wouldn't disavow david duke and his support. at first questioned about that, he didn't even know who he was, which is stag ordering the me. that any american who reads the papers and -- >>er he knew who he was. he gave an interview about it. he said he disavowed david duke back then so he was quite aware of who he was. >> without a doubt. so i think what will happen tomorrow won't be elevating the movement. it will be in a very important way pulling the curtain apart as it relates. >> does it matter in. >> no. it doesn't matter. the clinton campaign is very worried. donald trump is reaching out to the african-american community which is why she is giving a speech trying on falsely tie him to this alt-right group. he has no affiliation with it. he has continually disavowed racism ander david duke. and donald trump understands his party has benefited.
6:23 pm
i went to law school with people who didn't look like me. that is vision of donald trump, having a company that people of all races a part of. that's what his company looks like. i've seen it. and he knows society benefits from having people of all colors and all races in this country. no affiliation with these groups and she will try falsely tie him to it. >>er is it right that bannon from breitbart is now in the campaign? >> you hire the person to get the job done. you don't hire them for their beliefs. you hire whoever helps you win. the ultimate game is to win the raxs not to worry about what somebody else feels. >> but all the groups feed on racial resebltment. >> and economic anxiety throughout the country. you can't untie the anxiety. >> to be on the receiving end of these disgusting miss kreenlts.
6:24 pm
i'm like, what is this? i did not know what this was. i've been doing this 20 years. and i've never been on the receiving end of the kinds of things, even from progressives on the left. i've gotten some vile things from there too. not at this level. it is a real thing. and absolutely taxed to donald trump. maybe he is not employing them. some would argue that he is with steve bannon but fortune did a story on the fact donald has retweeted 75 times people who are associated with this white nationalist movement including a #white genocide people. he never disavowed them. there is a connection where they feel emboldened. why does this group feel emboldened? >> and donald trump -- >> donald trump doesn't have an affiliation with the trolls on the twitter feed. we all have trolls on our twitter feeds. >> semantics. >> he was the first person in
6:25 pm
west palm beach to open the club to blacks and jews. this is in the 1980s. he brought a lawsuit. and part of that baltimore other country clubs were not opening their doors to these people. we can compare to it bill clinton in an all white club. >> it was a business decision. >> she's spinning that. >> i'm not spinning that. >> you are. >> one at a time. >> yet another talking point please. >> i think the issue cannot deny, although yinlds the trump campaign doesn't want to talk about it. that donald trump throughout the entire campaign has spoken in dog whistles and odd phrasing. and in words that are clearly designed to tap into this far right racist anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-immigrant segment out there that has organized itself on the internet.
6:26 pm
and he has had numerous times to disavow himself. he has said it is a mistake. he has done none of that. in fact he doubles down. to say things that are divisive and then hires mr. bannon who has clearly said he wants his news organization to be the platform. and i understand you hire people who can make you win. you don't. you are as our parents told us, you are who you associate with. >> brian, do you agree with the trump supporters who are saying that this is a response to concern that the clinton campaign has donald trump reaching out to african-americans? >> and we're not nervous about it. >> i think it is fair to say that clinton does not want to talk about clinton. doesn't want to talk about her controversies. she wants to talk about donald trump and breitbart.
6:27 pm
bannon has not given any interviews in the week cynic he was hired. he hand spoken publicly. no one who knows he is except the news conference about him. so it is an opportunity for clinton. breitba breitbart, it is not the most extreme version of it. there are much more fringe websites that promote this vile content. breitbart is breitbarbreitbart. er relatively moderate compared to the white supremacist sites. >> did he say he wants to be the platform for the movement. >> that makes it -- >> you hire people that you don't believe what they believe in. the conservatives, went after barack obama with vigor over his associations with bill ayers, reverend jeremy wright, and we
6:28 pm
went after barack obama hard for the people he associated himself with. we don't apply same standard to donald trump. >> first of all, steven bannon was hired because he is one of the most effective research orders hillary clinton. it really saddens no hear these racist arguments against donald trump. because someone i have deep, deep respect for. he was a chin supporter. has to his credit said i don't think donald trump is a racist. he's gone after him on many other levels. but it is sad to defame someone. who has employed lynn patton, one of the highest levels. >> we're going to take a break. we expect to hear from hillary clinton next.
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i'm told hillary clinton will be calling in in a matter of minutes. a few people have been where she actually is. er david axelrod, it was interesting. for the last several days we've seen much more on prompter,
6:33 pm
donald trump, kellyanne conway has been out front. talking about not using insults and the like. donald trump tonight calling hillary clinton flat out a bigot. are you surprised by that? >> well, jim acosta said it was a planned, it wasn't an adlib on his part. it was part of his speech. he's a habit of his campaign saying, pushing back and calling someone what they are calling him. we've seen this before. each time he comes back. i think this may be something else. there was a line that became popularized in the 2000s about the soft bigotry of low expectations. it was basically a critique of how liberals approach poverty.
6:34 pm
and you know, so perhaps whoever insert that line in the speech was saying that. i think he will have a very hard sell to make that case. you had the piece earlier in your show about the housing discrimination suit against donald trump in 1973. in 1972, hillary clinton went undercover in alabama to expose school discrimination there. she has a long history on these issues. it will be very hard to persuade the african-american community that somehow she's a bigot and he is their friend. >> the idea that he is moving away from a position he held. the primary season, saying 11 million undocumented graegs in this country, they all have to leave. the good ones can come back in. there would be a door in the wall. the good once can come back in but they have to leave first.
6:35 pm
now he seems to be saying, he talked about softening. now he is comments about on the same show, that those who have not broken laws can stay. it doesn't seem like he's talking about a deportation force. and christine is saying, the devil is in the details. we don't know what the policy is. what do you make of what clearly seem to be a change in direction? >> well, i think it is an acknowledgement of what we've been saying for a long time. the base he cultivated is not large enough to win an election for president of the united states. and that has been chelear in polling. you can't wall yourself off and antagonize and frighten college educated white voters. mitt romney carried educated white voters by 14% and losing four years ago. donald trump is trailing fairly significantly among those voters right now.
6:36 pm
part of the reason is they view him as intolerant. so he is trying to address those problems by changing them. now, chris quinn. it was interesting to listen to what she had to say. i think the chin campaign is desperately interested in not letting donald trump out of that box. hillary clinton had a fantastic convention. she profited from it. the fact is that what really propelled her vote over the last six weeks has been donald trump's own behavior. and this image that has cemented in a lot of people's minds, as him as temperamentally ill suited for the presidency. the clinton campaign is making sure he doesn't get out of that box. if he does, some of her own vulnerabilities are shown. >> donald trump has been consistent on the clinton foundation saying it is pay to play. and then there was this ap
6:37 pm
report which the clinton campaign has gone against hard saying that of the civilians, of the nongovernmental, nonforeign dignitaries met in a two-year period. many had given money to the clinton foundation. that certainly seems something that we'll be hearing a hot more about from donald trump in the days ahead. >> i'm sure we will. but in every campaign, there are these kerfluffles. when you're inside the campaign, one of the things you have to determine is where this is a real hit to the main engine or a glancing blow. if there were evidence that the, the state department performed some favor for one of these people, i think it would be a story of a different magnitude. right now it is a minor irritation and it will pass. >> hold that thought. joining us now by phone is the democratic presidential candidate, hillary clinton. thank you very much, secretary chin, for being with us.
6:38 pm
>> okay. >> at a campaign rally, secretary clinton. donald trump called you a bigot. he had been calling your policies bigoted. tonight he called you a bigot. how do you respond to that? >> oh, anderson, it reminds me of that great saying that double play angelou had, when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. and donald trumphas shown us who he is. and we ought to believe him. he is taking a hate movement main stream. he's brought it into his campaign. he is bringing it to our communities and our country. and someone has questioned the citizenship of the first african-american president who has court white supremacists, who has been sued for housing discrimination against communities of color, who has attacked judge for his mexican heritage and promised a mass deportation force, is someone
6:39 pm
who is very much peddling bigotry and prejudice and paranoia. i will have more to say about this tomorrow when i gave speech in reno. >> let me ask but something else donald trump has said that you've been peddling. he said today that you sold favors and access in exchange for cash to people who donate to the clinton foundation. i know you denied the charges that mr. donald trump is making there. but at the very least there is an appearance with a conflict of interest. why not make those changes now? have your husband step away from the foundation now? >> well, first, what trump has said is ridiculous. my work as secretary of state was not influenced by outside forces. i made policy decisions based on what i thought was right the keep americans safe and protect
6:40 pm
u.s. interests abroad. no wild political attacks by donald trump is going to change that. in fact the state department has said itself that there is no evidence of any kind of impropriety at all. now, i think it is important to recognize that the foundation which does do life saving work, and is so well respected here in our country and around the world, has been doing this work for a number of years. in 2009, they took steps that went above and beyond all legal requirements and indeed, all standard requirements followed by every other charitable organization. voluntarily disclosing donors, significantly reducing sources
6:41 pm
of funding, even to the point of those funding being involved in providing medication to treat hiv aids. and that i think the announcements that the foundation has made really reflect its desire to continue as much of its important work as possible. but to do it in a way that provides great disclosure and although none of this is legally required, the steps go further than the policy that's were in place when i was secretary of state. it is important to remember, anderson, the foundation is a charity. neither my husband nor i have ever drawn a salary from it. you know more about the foundation than you know about anything concerning donald trump's wealth, his business, his tax returns. i think it is quite remarkable, his refusal to release his tax concerns is even more
6:42 pm
concerning. in the news, his business are hungs of millions in debt to big banks, including the state owned bank of china and business groups are tied to the kremlin. so yes. we did provide a lot of life saving work. i'm proud of the work that my husband started. and we did, we provided a massive amount of information. and donald trump doesn't release his tax returns and is indoted foreign banks and foreign lenders. >> why was it okay for the clinton foundation to accept foreign donations as secretary of state but not when you're president? >> what we did when i was secretary of state, as i said, went above and beyond anything that was required. anything that any charitable organization has to do. now, obviously, if i am president, there will be some unique circumstances and that is why the foundation has hated out additional --
6:43 pm
>> didn't those unique circumstances exist when you were secretary of state? >> no, no. look. i know there is a lot of smoke and there is no fire. this ap report put in it context. this excludes nearly 2,000 meetings i had with world leaders. other meetings with u.s. government officials when i was secretary of state. a small portion of my time. and it draws a conclusion and makes a suggestion that my meetings with people like the great white ellie, or the nobel prize winner were somehow due to connections with the foundation instead of their status as highly respected global leaders. that is absurd. these are people i would be proud to meet with, as would any secretary of state would have been proud to meet with, to hear about their work and their insights. >> according to the new york
6:44 pm
times report, you told fbi investigators that form he secretary of state colin powell advised to you use a personal e-mail account. his response this weekend was her people are trying to pin it on me. the truth is, talking about the private e-mail server, for a year, before i sent a memo telling her what did i. he's talking about the private e-mail account. did you say that to investigators? and were you using the private e-mail server prior to your discussion with him? >> well, look, i have the utmost respect for secretary powell. and he was incredibly gracious and helpful after i was nominate and before i took job. i appreciated the time he took when i was preparing to become secretary. and i valued his advice. i'm not going to relitigate in public my private conversations with him. i've been asked many, many questions in the past year about e-mails. and what i've learned is that
6:45 pm
when i try explain what happened, it can sound like i'm trying to rescues what i did. and there are no excuses. i want people to know that the decision to have a single e-mail account was mine. i take responsibility for it. i've apologized for it. i would do it differently if could i. but i'm grateful that the justice department concluded there was no basis to pursue this matter further and i believe the public will be and is considering my full record and experience as they consider their choice for president. >> donald trump is now indicating he would allow some illegal immigrants to remain in the country early on during the primary, he talked about 11 million undocumented immigrants all have to get out. the good once can get back in, in his words. he has said it is not amnesty. they wouldn't get a path to
6:46 pm
citizenship. what do you make of this shift if this is his policy going forward? >> well, my understanding is that the comment you just referred to was the third different position he took yesterday on immigration. somebody has told him, i guess, the latest people he's consulting, how damaging his statements have been. how terrible his deportation plan is. how offensive his views on immigrants have been from the very first day of his campaign. he is trying to do a shuffle here. but i think we need to look at the entire context. we need to believe him when he bullies and threatens to throw out every immigrant and changes his position three time in one day. it sends a message that it is a desperate effort to try land somewhere that isn't as
6:47 pm
devastating to his campaign. >> in terms of public appearances, your need strategy that indicates your allies believe that by keeping a low profile, you can run out the clock on trump. keep the focus on trump. how do you respond to that? will you give a press conference? >> well, anderson, i'm talking to you right now. and i've given, i think, way in excess of 300 interviews this year. so i'm going to continue talking with the press and answering questions. >> why not give a press conference with a lot of different reporters? >> well, i've got a lot that i've been sharing with the press, talking with the press as i'm doing with you right now. so stay tuned. there will be a lot of opportunities for me to talk to the press as well as 10:00 to talk to the american public.
6:48 pm
>> we appreciate you talking to us tonight. i know a lot of other reporters would love a chance to talk to you in a press conference. secretary clinton, thank you very much. >> thank you. good to talk to you, anderson. bye-bye. >> i'll go back to david axelrod who has been listening in. that was secretary clinton's first television interview, at least a national level that i know about, in almost a month. what did you make of it? >> well, she made is offense and she made some defense. she came and delivered the message that she wanted to deliver. accusing donald trump of taking a hate movement main stream. and i think she said we'll hear a lot with that tomorrow. that's what she wanted to talk about. she knew she would have to talk about some things she didn't want to talk about including the clinton foundation. she said there's smoke but no fire. i tend on agree with her on
6:49 pm
that. the problem for her is that there is often smoke. and that has followed her around like a cloud and that has created the problems. on the other hand when she was asked, you asked her about the e-mails. i thought she gave maybe the best answer i've heard her give. every time i talk about this and try explain what happened, it sounds like i'm making excuses and there are no excuses. she took responsible. that was the cleanest handling of that question that i've heard her give. she scored some points on offense. she parried gamely. she probably considers it time well spent. >> david axelrod, i appreciate you being with us. it is interesting. as you know in interviews like this, clearly she does not want
6:50 pm
to talk about what colin powell said to her or did not say to her. condoleezza rice, her office was reached out to. a spokesperson said condoleezza rice has no memory of there being a conversation between colin powell and secretary clinton and a dinner at both clinton and trump, i'm struck she chose to call in where donald trump has been all over the news, making news every day. i found this striking. she's acting in some way like she is already president by not acknowledging the importance of a press conference and uniqueness of a press conference. her only answer of stay tuned. not going to be a satisfying answer to the clinton beat reporter who wait every day hoping to talk to her. >> with regard to the clinton
6:51 pm
foundation, she acts like it's a nothing to see here approach. why then did the fbi ask the justice department to look into the association? why were they stone walled by the state department? it took the press to find out 50% of her non-government meetings were people who donated. you're not going to have a government that represents all of us as long as you have a candidate like secretary clinton who has big money interests. >> 228 people in the justice department donated to hillary clinton. it doesn't matter. whatever they come up with, nothing's going to get investigated. >> that's why the special prosecutor argument is a strong one actually because it's -- >> go ahead. >> no, go, go. >> bernie sanders -- >> bernie sanders said enough of the damn e-mails. that was another classic -- i think that's true. people are tired of the e-mails,
6:52 pm
there's nothing there. we should move on. >> there are suddenly 15,000 e-mails which previously hadn't been produced. >> nothing is going to be found in them that's going to be a -- hillary clinton, you know, i thought this whole thing going back to september, the main issue for even progressives was there is too much classification, too much over classification in this country. i did not think what hillary clinton did, sending e from a private server was a big deal. bernie had it absolutely right, there is nothing, we should move on. >> one at a time. >> the fbi director thought it was a big deal saying it was reckless, extremely reckless. >> maybe that's why it was wise for her to say there's no excuse. >> i said it was overclassification. but what david axelrod said --
6:53 pm
>> she was laughing about it two nights ago on late-night television. how can you laugh about it and today say there's no excuse? >> i think she very clearly took responsibility. she has before but right in this interview took responsibility and said it shouldn't have happened. and i said before i think admitting a mistake or admitting you've changed is part of leadership and we don't hear those kind of statements about anything in his career, political or prepolitical from donald trump when we all know he's made mistakes. the one thing he said is i regret generally but made no specifics. secretary clinton is taking responsibility this shouldn't have happened. i want to go back to the a.p.'s reporting which has been criticized by many national news outlets and others as showing a cherry picked 50%. if you looked at who would give
6:54 pm
to the clinton foundatiofoundat international humanitarian. >> the prince of bahrain has to go through the clinton foundation in order to get a meeting -- >> gave $32 million. >> if you're the prince of cash, you can get a meeting. >> huma said the meeting was being set up through regular channels. it was happening. his e-mail was irrelevant. it was happening. why was it getting scheduled? because bahrain is a major non-nato ally, we run the fifth fleet out of bahrain, which protects the middle east. my question would be why wouldn't the secretary of state want to meet with that person? she got it scheduled as was said by her top aide, it was scheduled -- >> when she was notified he was a donor. >> if you look at the chronology of the e-mails had been set up. the secretary has taken
6:55 pm
responsibility and we still see the same kind of right-wing organizations that have attacked her and her husband for 30 years trying to do it again. >> the a.p. is right wing? >> the a.p., many news outlets -- >> it took 20 years to get the information. they had to sue to get it. >> that is not unusual with people's schedules in government, right or wrong. but the a. pncht's reporting, cherry picking half of them has been criticized by people all over the spectrum. >> there's a reason -- >> one at a time. >> there's a reason democratic governor ed rendell said shut the foundation down. there's a reason he came out and said i wouldn't have handled it the way she did. why go on television and laugh about your e-mails. if donald trump went on stephen colbert and laughed about it --
6:56 pm
>> she didn't peg it on colin powell. if we were to close down the clinton foundation immediately without planning, without thought, without transition work, you would see -- you know who would care about that? the millions and tens of millions of people who have gotten free hiv drug, the people who have gotten malaria drug, the people who are being helped -- >> they have failed to point this out. >> it is relevant. it's easy for us to say -- >> you're saying someone else can take this over? >> the clintons don't have to be involved with it. they're just the source of raising the money. let's get down to it. >> but there were apparently, from my understanding, though, they were intricately involved in the foundation was or the global initiative was about negotiating to get these lower drug prices, which other organizations hadn't done. >> you don't think that wouldn't
6:57 pm
continue? the clinton foundation has plenty of partners in it that would continue the work. all of that good work doesn't ta take away from the fact there were shady things going on. a shady businessman from miami who is sitting in jail now for fraud that got a $10 million contract in haiti thanks to his clint connection. or a chicago trader who knew nothing about nuclear proliferation or anything like that was a donor and got put on a nuclear intelligence committee because he was a donor to the clinton foundation. there is a lot of these examples that i'm sorry that's great they did great work but that doesn't mean that the other things didn't happen also. >> what we're doing here is scrutinizing a foundation that everyone, we even heard kellyanne conway say it last night has done not just good work but life saving work. and we're glossing over serious
6:58 pm
facts about the record, the history of donald trump. we saw that in the story about the department of justice lawsuits, the secondary follow up by the department of justice that was covered tonight, him defaulting on small business people all across the country. we've seen that in him attacking a judge who was on the kill list. >> i don't think we've had any reporting on donald trump but we've been talking about it an awful lot tonight. it's totally fair to look at donald trump's record and the record of the clinton foundation. >> we have to appreciate it and not write it off as nothing when they've saved millions of lives. >> she said we need to believe donald trump and he said he's going to make america great again. >> he also said i think the headline she wants tomorrow morning but the most newsworthy quote, he is taking a hate movement mainstream. >> that's true. >> that's the message she's going to be sending tomorrow. for clinton supporters who do not want to hear about this
6:59 pm
foundation stuff anymore, that very dramatic line is going to be -- >> is that what the speech is about? it's not just perhaps reaching out to african-americans for the clinton campaign but also changing the discussion from the clinton foundation? >> first thing she said to you was about birtherism, tying trump to the birther movement, pointing out the first african-american president was delegitimized by trump. >> we spend all this time on e-mails and foundation and we never get to debate the two candidates on $15 hour minimum wage and how people watching the show survive day to day. i feel like this has descended into this obsession about the e-mails and foundation that has nothing to do with the average person -- >> it has a lot of relevance. >> no, it's nonsense. >> it was really offensive to say he's taking a hate movement mainstream. more republican voters turn out for trump than ever in republican history.
7:00 pm
it's about giving people a voice in their government again, which is exactly what the clinton foundation took away. >> that statement is true. >> we are out of time. "cnn tonight" with don lemon starts now. we heard anderson cooper's exclusive interview with hillary clinton and we'll have more coming on this broadcast. breaking news, a major shift from donald trump tonight on immigration and deportation. trump in an interview tonight saying no citizenship, they'll pay back taxes, they have to pay back taxes. there's no amnesty as such, threw's no amnesty but we work with them. and in mississippi he makes this incendiary charge about hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton is a bigot who sees peoplf