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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  August 24, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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good evening. thanks very much for joining us. donald trump is speaking shortly in jackson, mississippi. he told another news outlet what his plans are for immigration and it is a major shift from what we've been hearing from donald trump in his campaign. you know we've been getting hints about it. tonight, we do know the details and we'll tell you what they are and see if he talks about it at tonight's rally. also a 360 exclusive. secretary hillary clinton joins us in her first national television interview in nearly a month. she's facing more heat and sources say the campaign expected or the clinton foundation. her husband fired back late today and perhaps she will, too, tonight. plenty to talk about, in any case and we begin with a new batch of polling and inside politics arningor john king joins us to break it down by the numbers. let's get down to the basic.
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who has the edge in the polls? encouraging poll numbers from donald trump tonight. he still has a long way to go and encouraging numbers and let's start out in the red state of arizona. there's been talk hillary clinton could compete there. we'll get deeper in that in a moment. among arizona voters, and gary hillary clinton at 38, 12% for johnson 4% for jill stein. that's significant, 16% for the third party candidates and in the state, some thought might move clinton's way. so donald trump in good shape here and here in the battleground of battle grounds, north carolina and florida, probably the most most com competitive states. this is, if you look at other recent polling, good news for donald trump. he's been behind in north carolina in our new polling among likely north carolina voters, a dead heat, 45% to 45%. gary johnson getting 9%. jill stein not on the ballot in north carolina. so this is more of a three-way race there, but a dead heat, 45, 45 again and hillary clinton still has an easier path to 270. there have been other favorable battle ground state polling for
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her, but for today, these numbers are reasonably encouraging. >> what about arizona being in play for the democrats? why is clinton struggling there? >> one is this. i mentioned the 16% for the third-party candidates and one thing that is doing is giving voters a different option including latinos. hillary clinton gets 56% of the hispanic vote, much more than donald trump, and gary johnson is getting 15%. secretary clinton underperforming where president obama was and president obama lost four years ago. that's a big deal. the third-party candidates are drawing, yes, away from donald trump, too. don't get me wrong. white votes, perhaps, but that's a big number and hillary clinton underperforming among latinos because you have 20% of latinos looking at the other candidates and that's one reason it's happening, anderson. the other one is this. this is a republican state and most states go back to their dna donald trump leads by 12% on the economy, and he lied on eight points on terrorism and three points on health care and hillary clinton leads only on foreign policy. in a republican state the republican candidate has a big
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edge on the top issues. >> and north carolina not only a battleground state and a giant test of trump's promise to do better with african-american voters and he started this consistent appeal and let's see how it plays out in the ten week ahead, but look at that number. 3% of african-americans of north carolina say they're voting for donald trump and it's 20% of the state's voting electorate. it could be higher than that number come november and he's getting 3% and gary johnson taking some of the vote that might go to the democrat away there and that's something worth watching there and that's a low number for donald trump and we'll see, anderson, if that number goes up and he just started this appeal in a sustained way and he starts from a weak position. one other interesting thing we've seen in north carolina. we've seen this throughout this election and look at this. the education gap. the level of your education says a lot about how you will vote for this election. look at white noncollege graduates in north carolina, a 42-point advantage for donald trump and that is why this race
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is so close. a dead heat. 65 to 23. if you have a college degree you are more likely to go for secretary clinton and she has a 12-point edge there, but that is simply stunning to look at the education and the vast splits among education and the gap among non-college graduates and how lopsided they are for trump. >> i want to bring in our chief political correspondent dana bash and david axelrod former senior adviser to president obama. virginia, north carolina all red states that have turned blue in some races and if you looked at north carolina it turned blue once for obama in '08. it would be a huge win for the clinton campaign if she carried that state. >> it would be. virginia has been trending more democratic. the demographics of the state have changed in favor of democrats and north carolina the same, but it is clearly a pure battleground state now. obama lost by a couple of points last time and won it by a couple
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of points the time before and it's going to be a big battleground state this time. one thing that interests me about john's numbers, anderson, is this issue of african-americans and college-educated whites. what you see and what donald trump is doing now is a recognition that he has to do marginally better among minorities if he can, but he has to persuade college-educated whites that he's not a big on -- bigot and they can feel comfortable with him and this outreach to minority voters is more of a bank shot in many ways than a direct appeal to shows voters. >> and it will be interesting, dana, to see if national polls shift in the next week or two now that we've heard more of a more focused donald trump and hillary clinton has had a bad couple of days in the news cycle. >> absolutely. we're almost getting to the point where the national polls are -- obviously, they're a snapshot and they give us a sense of the temperature of the country and the electorate, but
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these battleground states are more important. >> and the trump campaign is acknowledging and refocusing. >> no question about it. >> i have to say, north carolina in particular, when i saw the numbers earlier today i was pretty surprised at how incredibly tight it is. it is neck and neck. to david's point, north carolina, yes, it went back to romney in 2012, but it has been trending more democratic and i talked to many republicans looking at north carolina who had been worried that it just doesn't seem like trump country and he's completely in the hunt with hillary clinton there. >> the latest, though, on immigration is fascinating. john, in a hannity town hall airing later tonight trump spoke about immigration policy and he said those who stayed in the country would have to pay back taxes and no amnesty. you say ironically, that's jeb bush's position. >> that was jeb bush's 2016, and jeb bush was for a path to citizenship and you could no
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longer sell that and the american people would be ready for it and you'd get rid of the criminals which donald trump also said tonight and you throw the bad ones out and jeb bush's position in the 2016 primaries are you have a path to legal status and people pay back taxes and some kind of a penalty and the good ones, those who are law-abiding, get to say. >> he said jeb bush's position on the field said people come as an act of love and they come to be with the families and it was the tone as much as what trump was mocking and now he's essentially taking the bush position and a bush spokeswoman saying they're not surprised that governor bush predicted months ago, donald trump once he got to a general election if he did would have to flip-flop. >> there is donald trump taking the stage in mississippi. it is incredible because there were republicans on that stage during the primary races who were saying this is not -- you can't -- you can't kick out 11 million people as donald trump was saying. they've all got to go out and
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the good ones come back in. >> and he was really, really specific about it. there were no areas of gray. >>a i door in the wall and the good ones could come back in. >> exactly, the primary point is that he wanted some kind of deportation force, his word, not mine, to go around and get everybody who had criminal backgrounds could come back in and stay legally and that is very, very different from allowing people to stay and not kicking them out. it is as you said at the top of the program the way the campaign has been signaling he is likely to go and it certainly is another step in his appeal to not just minorities, but as david was saying to the rest of the republican party saying, you know what? the people who are reluctant to go with him, you know what? he is more tolerant than i thought. we'll see if it sticks. >> we'll be monitoring the rally tonight to see if he talks about this, because obviously, the rallies, the big high point is
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him building a wall and mexico will pay for it. how much of a risk does this come for donald trump with, that some of the hard core supporters who liked that policy, that you know, all 11 million have got to leave. now that's no longer the case. >> one of the interesting things is how he handles this in front of the crowds versus not in front of the crowds. they have him tied to teleprompters now, but he really leans into the wall line still just to let people know hey, it's still me. don't worry about it, we're still going to be tough, but i think the danger for trump is to -- one, this is such a -- the general election pivots are common in american presidential politics, but they're more a gentle slope than this, more of a gentle slope than this. this is an 180-degree turn, and so it could be that the people
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he's hoping to appeal to with it don't believe him and the people who are with him get angry about it and that everybody that it contributes with everybody to a notion of a guy who is not serious and maybe not entirely stable. so there are some risks associated with this, but at the course and speed that he was on the last six weeks, the biggest risk of all would be to keep on doing what he was doing. >> it's interesting, john. we had kellyanne conway on last night and i went back with here numerous, numerous times and the campaign isn't coming out and saying no more deportation force, yes, the 11 million people and they are no longer going to have to leave and they're trying to basically focus we're going to follow the laws. we're going to go after criminals. they're not kind of saying that this is a major shift which is what it is. >> i want to see the whole hannity interview to see if he says more than they've released tonight. he says pay back taxes. you're not paying back taxes if you're being deported and that
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isn't president obama's position, the president would like to give a path to citizenship. donald trump said you have to pay back taxes as part of the path to citizenship. donald trump saying no. he says this is not amnesty. you ask a republican in jackson, mississippi and jeff sessions, senior trump adviser and steve king, the congressman from iowa, they consider letting them stay amnesty, period. even if you make them pay back taxes and this will stir up the conservatives without a doubt. one other point, the republicans and trump supporters and non-trump supporters are rolling their eyes why did you do this today when there is sustained clinton attention. economy would you -- why would you flip? >> secretary clinton will be on the program and we will obviously talk to her a lot. john king, dana bash, david axelrod, plenty more to come and we'll monitor the trump rally to bring you news on the immigration. and the clinton foundation story
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donald trump speaking right now in mississippi and the campaign telling us he will be laying out a plan and we'll bring you details when he does and we'll hear from hillary clinton who has not given this kind of television interview. tomorrow in reno, nevada, she will make her first campaign appearance for the week after raising money with high-profile individuals and even taking a photo booth selfie or two with justin timberlake and jessica biel at a fund-raiser. she's not confronting donald trump and his allegations. jeff zeleny and he's been pushing back hard. >> tonight, hillary clinton back on defense and the clinton foundation and donald trump's crosshairs. >> hillary clinton is desperate to cover up her crimes. >> as she raises millions on a star-studded california swing, off the campaign trail for a third straight day trump is having a field day with an associated press report reviewing clinton's calendar
9:17 pm
during part of her time at the state department. it found more than half of her nongift visitors gave money to the clinton charitable foundation. clinton aides said those figures are just not true and former president bill clinton weighing in tonight for the first time. >> we're trying to do good things. if there is something wrong with creating ons and saving lives i don't know what it is. >> at a stop in atlanta, he said more safeguards would be put into place if his wife is elected. >> we'll have to do more than when she was secretary of state because if you make a mistake, there is always an appeal to the white house. if you're secretary of state. >> trump's suggestions of pay for play are false, noting that trump also gave money to the foundation, known for its humanitarian work around the globe. >> donald trump gave $100,000 to the foundation. it's a big donation. was he paying for play? >> reporter: it's hardly the quiet august clinton was hoping
9:18 pm
for. she's leading in national and swing state polls, but fighting a new round of critical headlines over the foundation and her private e-mail server at the state department. friends of clinton tell cnn the campaign was taken off guard believing the foundation controversy was behind them and the campaign has reacted slowly because bill and hillary clinton have long believed the good work of the foundation outweigh any appearances of conflict. >> clinton is hoping to turn the page in a speech thursday, blasting trump far beyond questioning his temperament. >> aides say she will highlight a disturbing connection between trump and the alt-right conservative movement often associated with white nationalism. she's highlighting her out sources in a new campaign ad. >> donald trump says he'll make america great again while he's taking the shirts right off our backs. >> jeff zeleny joins us and have we seen any direct evidence that the claim that the clinton
9:19 pm
foundation was a pay to play? >> anderson, there really is no evidence that anyone has pointed to that proves pay for play. there's no smoking gun, if you will, but that doesn't mean foreign governments or anyone wouldn't try to influence secretary clinton or another president clinton. it simply opens the door to conflicts of interest. the obama white house was so concerned about this back in 2009 when this was set up and other democrats also have raised questions about it. politically speaking, it simply validates many concerns and worries that some people have about her candidacy. can they trust her? is she being honest? anderson, all of this comes as we learned that she is set to receive her first classified intelligence briefing on saturday in new york and the same one donald trump received last week. another sign this election is so close, anderson, and these controversies are still hanging over her campaign. >> thanks. hillary clinton will be joining us later in the program. meantime, donald trump on stage right now in jackson, mississippi and jim acosta is
9:20 pm
there and can you flush out this immigration news a bit because it does seem like a major change in policy for donald trump. >> i think that's right, anderson. i think this is the beginning of an etch a sketch moment by donald trump. we are being told by the campaign that during the speech here in mississippi donald trump will be talking about some specifics about his immigration plan. he previewed this pivot or change in course for his campaign on one of the other cable networks tonight saying that he will be requiring under his immigration plan that undocumented immigrants who have been law abiding paid back taxes and he is saying that this is not amnesty and at the same time, anderson, by all appearances by what we're seeing in this interview this there is no mass deportation force and well is no round them up type of call coming from donald trump anymore which is a huge departure from where he was during the campaign.
9:21 pm
during the primary process, and i can tell you right now, anderson, on the stage behind me, this is sort of an interesting moment, a surreal moment and one of the architects of the brexit, nigel just took the stage behind me. donald trump has been talking about this for several weeks and they see a lot of parallels between what happened in britain to exit the european union and what's happening here in the united states. they're hoping that there will be a redeclaration of independence donald trump has been saying on the campaign trail. they're hoping that the polls that brexit would fail in britain would be just as wrong here in the united states that show right now donald trump is trailing hillary clinton in a lot of states right now, and soon. coming up, more coming up on donald trump's outreach to african-americans and is the message resonating and we'll hear from a group of voters who watched the speech in austin, texas, next.
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weand sustainability goals asool one of our top priorities.mental i definitely rely on pg&e to be an energy advisor. anything from rebates, to how can we be more efficient? pg&e has a number of programs, to help schools save on energy. when i see a program that fits them, then i bring it to them. with the help of pg&e we've been able to save a tremendous amount of energy and a tremendous amount of money. we're able to take those savings and invest it right back into the classroom. together, we're building a better california. >> welcome back. donald trump along with britain's nigel faraj speaking in mississippi. we don't know if he'll repeat his outreach to african voters of what the hell do you have to lose? there's been no shortage of
9:26 pm
controversy sense he said many african-americans live in poverty, have no jobs and bad schools and his pitch boiled down to what do you have to lose? >> i say this to the african-american community. give donald trump a chance. we will turn it around. we will make your streets safe. so when you walk down the street you don't get shot which is what's happening now. >> that was donald trump in austin, texas, last night. gary tuchman was with a group of african-americans who watched that speech. the question is is his message hitting home? take a look. >> reporter: 20 african-americans from austin, texas. >> how many democrats do we have here? >> i think there are nine. >> nine democrats. how many republicans? >> five republicans? >> the rest, independent all watching donald trump's austin rally with us. >> every african-american child in this country --
9:27 pm
>> most not happy with what they were hearing. a good education with a great paying job. that's success. >> it's just so easy. >> he's not saying anything. >> reporter: among republicans supporting trump like these two people. we're going to cut taxes and create millions and millions of new jobs. >> a different vibe. more content. none of the trump supporters here say they love the man, but they tell us that he and the gop, more reflect their values. >> i'm just a republican, and i'm going to support the republican candidate whoever that person is. >> other trump supporters look past his controversial comments and look forward to a more hands off government. >> i don't care what he says. i don't care what he or any other white man says or what they do. all i want them to do is stay out of my way. i don't want them to give me nothing. just stay out of my way. don't put anything in my way.
9:28 pm
let me be what i can be. >> those were the nicest things said about trump. >> i say this to the african community, give donald trump a chance. >> richard franklin is an independent leading toward jill stein. will those words persuade you to give hem a chance? give him a chance to do what? he didn't state what he was going to do, it was some ether conversation and he had nothing at this point. no, i wouldn't give him a chance to hurt me. no. >> and then the democrats. >> he hasn't convinced you of anything? >> he hasn't convinced me of one thing at all. he's convinced me he's a liar. >> i thought his rhetoric was rankerou snk and nonsensical. >> he's not just disrespectful to african-americans and he's disrespectful to people throughout his campaign. >> reporter: what about the focus of the speeches to making african-americans lives better. >> he's not speaking to us and
9:29 pm
he's trying to pivot now and come off as not a racist or a bigot, but we know who he is. >> trump support er marilyn jackson told us it's time to get real. >> he said the other day war zones are safer than living in the inner cities run by democrats, referring to places where african-americans live is that disparaging? >> not necessarily. >> latrise cook disagrees. >> to come to texas where we have many problems with racism, and say the things that he says that try to make an appeal to black people is a joke. i wouldn't support him to do anything for me. >> mr. trump is 76 days and counting to try to change her mind. >> gary tuchman, cnn, austin, texas. >> a lot to talk about with the political panel and christine quinn, cnn politics supporter, kaylee scott, tara setmayer who
9:30 pm
does not support trump and former south carolina supporter andre bower. we're hearing from the donald trump campaign after criticism that he is talking to largely white audiences and he will do outreach to the african-american community and ben carson and others, do you think that will make a difference? >> it will certainly have a more significant impact than his speeches last week that were in two places that didn't have significant black voters. if he wants to reach black voters they're saying he has to be where black voters are. a lot were saying they were going to -- >> >> he's talking to a national audience. >> black voters want him to come to the churches, come to the schools and the neighbors. if he does that, like he said he will, he could see more of a response. >> corey lewandowski said the other night, he went to chicago and that didn't work out so well because there were demonstrators there. do you think this will make a difference?
9:31 pm
>> no because, okay, corey lewandowski's argument the other night was asinine and border line offensive because if he went to a black neighborhood and it was so out of control that donald trump wasn't safe there and i hope that's not what he was implying and the hyde park area near the university of chicago is rather affluent in the surrounding areas. so the whole argument was just convoluted and it was almost like he was trying to get to the point where it was like no matter what we do it's never good enough for you people. it was very veiled in the way he made on. >> bottom line, there are some bottom line, do you think it will make a difference for donald trump, there are some churches and pastors who support donald trump. >> yeah, some of those people i would use the word pastor very loosely, but look, donald trump would have an opportunity, if he was serious about this he would go to jackson, mississippi where the black population there is the majority of the people that live there. they have a charter school program in mississippi, the education system in mississippi is abysmal.
9:32 pm
you have 80% to 85% of eighth graders that don't read or are math proficient and donald trump can go there and talk about school choice, education, maybe visit one of those successful charter schools. he's not doing any of that. that's an investment in the community and not just standing there in a city that happens to have black folks. are there black people in the audience? i don't think so. >> alan west, a conservative african-american former congressman said something very profound today and he said donald trump was the first republican candidate to try to make an appeal to the african-american community. mitt romney dismissed 47% of the electorate and basically said they won't be voting for me so i won't even bother to try. donald trump is trying. alan west reiterated the message that donald trump put forward which is you voted to the tune of 95% -- >> didn't mitt romney have higher poll numbers? >> yes, he did and so did george w. bush and so did nixon. >> they went from 1% to 2% and in north carolina he's pulling 3%. and i've seen polls for 8%.
9:33 pm
he's moving forwards and i think he will beat mitt romney's numbers and alan west's question is a profound one, is have you seen a return on your investment. >> they're essentially tied in north carolina. clinton leads trump 88% to 3% and trump has nowhere to go, but up with that number. >> he's at 1% and i think he thinks he can double it to 2%. the reality is what jamar brown said one of the people that gary interviewed, donald trump's hateful language is affecting everybody and to think that african-americans react differently than latinos who are appalled by donald trump's angry, hateful language, i think misses the point, and i think that's why he's polling so low. african-americans see a guy that's anti-latino talking about building a wall and his hateful language about immigration and that affects the way they think also about a man who is promoting hateful language. >> you know, anderson, i don't think this is about actually reaching out to the
9:34 pm
african-american -- >> you think it's about white voters. >> you're right. i think it's another trump con and trying to gain white votes particularly among white college-educated men because he is the first republican to lose that demographic. if you are really going to outreach to any community as jonathan said you would never have said those things. you can't disappear them from the record, but you also wouldn't be starting at 70-whatever days with no real specific plan as the gentleman said. it's not a real thing. >> is that the same thing he's doing with immigration, you know, saying i'm no longer talking about a deportation force and no longer talking about 11 million people have to leave if you pay your back taxes and there is a path forward. >> clearly, he's trying to reach some demographics he's losing which i appreciate him as a republican going to places that republicans historically haven't looked if are votes and we need to do that as a party upon i tried to do it as lieutenant governor -- >> where is that? >> where did i do it? >> no, where has trump gone to get votes?
9:35 pm
>> as an overall theme he is at least engaging in the conversation saying, look, i'm a better person to help you get a job and i'm a better person to help you fix education and he's engaging in a conversation to at least start a dialogue and the crowds are getting more people of color in them now. >> donald trump is talking about black people as opposed to having a conversation and talking to the black community. >> or with. >> that's right. conversationally. he's talking about them in front of audiences that are predominantly white and that is off-putting and the fact that he doesn't have any prominent black advisers to explain to him, there is an empathy aspect of this here. if you really want to have this conversation you have to have an acknowledgement of the experiences that black folks have in this country whether you think they're real or not, you have to acknowledge it and perception is reality. >> to that point, he is painted with a very broad brush life for african-americans, if you walk down the street you're going to
9:36 pm
get shot, your schools are falling apart -- >> stereotypes. >> he is speaking to a specific reality that none of us in this life to and that is life in the inner-city. >> the stats don't support that. >> let me finish, i'm not saying that's all black people. he's articulating statistics that are a very real reality for people and four in ten african-american children live in poverty. by tavist smiley and i would consider ben carson a prominent black adviser. >> the majority of black americans do not live in poverty. >> he needs to specify that if he wants to get their votes. >> there are a number of african-american individuals who poverty is a reality for them. >> of course, white people, brown people, asian-americans. >> there's nothing wrong with that. >> it's how you -- >> the way he speaks to them is
9:37 pm
c condescending, if that is the case that he cares about inner city african-americans and why isn't he speaking about item powering people to start businesses, school choice. >> he has. i'm going to guarantee that you're not going to get shot walking down the street. >> and tara's right -- let me pick up what tara said. what the people on the gary talked to said it's completely empty. he says trust me, i'm going to do this. >> there is a plan. >> donald trump -- donald trump opposes -- donald trump opposes a federal minimum wage. he wants to throw it all to the states. the democratic party is saying we want to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour for everybody. that affects people in the inner city and not just blacks, all working people. donald trump never said a word about that. he never said anything specific. >> kayleigh? >> i challenge folks to watch the raw footage of donald trump. you'll hear him saying that african-americans have fought in every single war. you'll hear him say that they've raised the national conscious of this country.
9:38 pm
he will articulate how immigration negatively affects people in this community. it's raw footage and we focus on the one thing he did wrong in trying to reach out to voters and be incluesive and you can make the argument, but he is trying. >> does donald trump need to speak about racism? does donald trump -- it's one thing to say african-americans fought in every war and there is also segregation in the military through world war ii. does he need to speak about that if he's really going to be speaking about life for african-americans in this country. >> sure. i think he absolutely should and i think he should proffer a criminal justice plan and overall his message is one that's better for the african-american community than -- >> economic empowerment. >> trade and it helps all communities. >> he hasn't done it and to put things in perspective, with all due respect to alan west who i like a lot, but george w. bush won 16% of the vote in pennsylvania. he won 13% of the vote in florida and 16% of the vote in ohio in 2004.
9:39 pm
these are key swing states that donald trump absolutely has to win and he has not done anything in any of these states that could be pointed to as effective black outreach. >> we have a lot more to talk about as donald trump tries to court the african-american vote his past getting scrutiny decades ago as was discussed, he is accused of refusing to rent apartments and was asked to mark applications that came from african-americans and we'll look at how that lawsuit turned out next. ♪ is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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9:43 pm
as donald trump tries to appeal to african-american voters by asking them as he did again just now what the hell do you have to lose? looking to his record as a businessman reveals a major point of contention when it comes to the minority community and it dates back to the 1970s when donald trump was accused to refuse rent apartments to minorities. they were asked to mark the applications with the letter c for colored. >> reporter: 14,000 apartments in 39 different buildings all mostly white tenants and that is until the department of justice took notis in 1973 and slammed donald trump and his father fred trump with a lawsuit.
9:44 pm
trump management was charged with discriminating against african-americans and breaking federal law. donald trump then just 27 was president of the company. >> the department of justice accused the trumps of violating the fair housing act arguing they were turning away renters based on race and color. who tipped them off? local activists, so-called testers pose as potential renters at trump buildings mainly in brooklyn and queens. >> elise goldwebber was a lawyer for the doj's fair housing section at the time and was called on to handle the trump case. >> when the black testers came they were -- they may have been shown apartment, but we were told nothing was available whereas when the white testers came, yes, there were things that were available. that would be the norm. >> reporter: and if the trumps did rent to a black person, goldweber recalls they would do so only at one building in brooklyn, reserving the other buildings for white tenants. >> that the white people would
9:45 pm
live in trump village and the people of color would live in flatbush. >> and according to the justice department, they even had a secret coding system to do it. a racial code. here's how. >> some of the applications were marked with a "c" which we learned that it meant colored so that the prospective tenants who had come in were noted to be colored. >> reporter: yes, you heard her right. the department of justice alleged applications submitted by prospective african-american renters were designated with a secret code, such as "c" for colored to indicate a black person was looking to rent. in true trump fashion donald trump hit back calling the government's accusations absolutely ridiculous, and telling the court i have never nor has anyone in my organization ever to the best of my knowledge, discriminated or shown bias in the renting of our apartments. trump's lawyer said the government's suit failed to give
9:46 pm
names, addresses or specific incidences of discrimination, claiming the lawsuit caused substantial damage to their business and reputation and trump took the most unusual step of suing the justice department for defamation, seeking $100 million in damages, but that counter suit was tossed out by the judge. >> reporter: even so, the trump family maintained they never discriminated based on color, but were instead trying to avoid renting to people on welfare. two years later in 1975 trump and his father settled the case, agreeing not to discriminate against anyone. they also promised to advertise in publications aimed at minorities, familiarize themselves with the details of the fair housing act and notify civil rights groups of apartment vacancies. the department of justice claimed victory, but the trumps never admitted any wrongdoing,
9:47 pm
reportedly noting the settlement was in no way an admission of a violation. >> randy joins me now. was that the end of it, did the trumps comply with the agreement? >> the controversy continued in 1978, three years after the department of justice and the trumps signed that original deal accusing them once again of discriminating against african-americans and refusing to rent to them and trump's lawyer said that they did make the required changes and they were following the fair housing act and of course, he said it was a rehash of complaints planted by a group of malcontents, but the government did request compensation with the victims and they wanted assurances from the trumps that they would allow african-americans and puerto ricans that would be designated for white tenants and it is really unclear as to what happened. there's nothing that's ever been written or resolved. >> thanks very much. just ahead, secretary clinton will be joining us and also we want to take you before that to central italy. the death toll rising after a powerful earthquake left several towns in ruins and rescue crews
9:48 pm
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9:52 pm
earthquake. they are praying for more moments like this one. an 8-year-old girl no, doubt terrified but found alive. the death toll has been rising all day. at least 159 people now dead. that number all but certain to climb. many have lost their homes. the town is no more. that's how a local mayor summed up the devastation. >> tonight, a desperate search for survivors after the magnitude 6.2 earthquake devastated multiple towns in italy. >> an appalling noise. clinking, thundering rumble. it felt like someone put a bulldozer out of the house. >> the rescue workers and
9:53 pm
residents using everything from their bare hands to farm equipment to pull people from the rubble. the strong quake left ammatrice in ruins. the mayor telling us the town is no more. their the important thing is to stay calm. >> these scenes playing out repeatedly before time runs out. >> they found two people alive in a building that chamsed. so this is our 23i6r9 first priority. >> just a short while ago, cnn correspondent bar by was nearing the end of a face book live when a building collapsed behind her. no one is allowed to sleep in the town of amatrice tonight. >> by sheer luck i have no idea how i survived. just like many others. many others did not.
9:54 pm
>> more than 1,000 people have been displaced because of the quake. jean carlo was in a house on top of the hill that collapsed. >> translator: i can't go around without clothes. they gave me these shoes so at least i'm not bare foot but obviously we can't move around here. i heard people asking for help. people calling out asking for help. in this condition, what could i do? >> the regional government is asking for blood donations and the local red cross has asked residents to open their wi-fi networks to improve communications. italy's prime minister vowing to spare no effort in the critical window where lives could still be saved. >> it is a time when we are in shock but it is a moment for action. with my heart in my hands, i would like to say to italians during difficult moments, italy knows how to react and what to do. >> reporter: and pope francis tweeting in italian, great sorrow for the people affected
9:55 pm
by the earthquake. he sent a team of six firemen from the vatican fire department to aid in the search and rescue effort. >> clearly a devastating event for the whole area. are authorities still optimistic that more rescues are still possible? >> reporter: they certainly believe they might still be able to find people under the rubble. we were on hand as they were conducting the searches. what would happen is they would go around in the rubble. all of a sudden they would tell everybody to be quiet. the news crews, everybody else doing anything else at that scene and just be quiet. they thought they heard something under the rubble. then they would bring this dogs to see if maybe they would find something underneath there. in many cases, they don't. then we just saw, in some cases they. do they think in the first 72 hours after an earthquake like the happens, there is still a chance to find people there alive. someone who may have had a house
9:56 pm
collapse on them but might be in some sort of pocket. they believe those people have about 72 hours they could survive. after that, the chances dwindle considerably. that's one of the reasons the italians are moving more it's assets, things like rocks and metal to find them. in most cases, unfortunately, they're only able to pull dead people from the rubble. >> just devastating. much more ahead in this two-hour edition of "360" including a exclusive conversation with hillary clinton. her first interview in more than a month. i'll talk on her shortly. game . and everyone knows me for discounts, like safe driver and paperless billing. but nobody knows the box behind the discounts. oh, it's like my father always told me -- "put that down. that's expensive." of course i save people an average of nearly $600, but who's gonna save me? [ voice breaking ] and that's when i realized... i'm allergic to wasabi. well, i feel better.
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10:00 pm
good evening. hillary clinton joins us momentarily. her first nationally televised live interview in more than a month. both her campaign and her husband now pushing back hard on the allegations surrounding the clinton foundation. we're very glad she can come on the program tonight. first her opponent wrapping up a rally in mississippi. donald trump had some strong language for secretary clinton tonight. what did he say? >> that's right. you'll also a couple weeks ago when donald trump described president obama as the founder of isis. there was another omg moment when trump was in mississippi in which he called hillary clinton a bigot. earlier this week for the last several days, he's been coming