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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  August 25, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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they thanked him for his service and gave him a plaque made from the battleship. he told his grandson, one of the best days of his life. >> look at that smile. the good stuff, important. >> so much, so much. favorite part of the show. >> good to be with you, my friend. i'm going on vacation. you show up at work. i' i'll see you in a week, erica in for carol costello. >> enjoy your well deserved time off. chris, i'll be here tomorrow, too. don't worry. "newsroom" starts now. good morning, everyone. i'm erica hill, in for carol costello. thanks for being with us this hour. hillary clinton and donald trump. the battle for the minority vote, trading barbs over who is a bigot. a in you attack from the stage, telling supporters that clinton takes minority voters for granted, and won't do a thing
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for them. >> hillary clinton is a bigot. who sees people of color only as votes. not as human beings worthy of a better future. she is going to do nothing for african-americans. she is going to do nothing for the hispanics. >> in just a few hours, clinton is going to rebuke those claims, linking trump and his new campaign steve bannon to extremists. she gave a preview to anderson cooper in a cnn exclusive. >> donald trump shown us who he is. we ought to believe him. he is taking a hate movement mainstream. he has brought it into his campaign, bringing it to our communities and our country, and you know, someone who has questioned the citizenship of
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the first african-american president, who has courted white supremacist, sued for housing discrimination against communities of color, who has attacked a judge for his mexican heritage, and promised a mass deportation force, is someone who is, you know, very much pedaling bigotry and prejudice and paranoia. >> a lot of strong words, strong words from trump. the campaign is standing beside them. trump's campaign manager says trump has been called worst. >> first of all, he uses his own words. and have you seen what he has called? have you heard what he has called, including here on cnn. people have become so acceptable -- >> when people call him a bigot, how is that fair? >> i've never heard a
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nonpartisan -- >> they shouldn't call him that, but if you're called a bigot -- does that mean it is okay to call her one. he called her a bigot. >> to show how repressive -- >> make the case. >> that's wlae has behat he hasg for a week. the moment he did it, i don't like the word you used. >> for more on this and trump's continued efforts to reach minority voters, i'm joined by sara murray. good morning, sara. >> reporter: good morning, erica. it does seem like donald trump is poised, getting ready to make the general election pivot. we've seen him for a couple of days watering down his rhetoric when it comes to the immigration issue as he tries to reach out to more minority voters. hillary clinton is watching all of this, thinking she does not want donald trump to be able to complete this pivot to be able to win over these independent voters, and that's why she is
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devoting her day to paint trump as an extremist. >> pay back taxes. they have to pay taxes. no amnesty. there is no amnesty. >> right. >> but we work with them. >> donald trump suggesting a major reversal on the hard line proposal he has taughted since the start of his campaign. >> everybody agrees, we get the bad ones out. when i go through and i meet thousands and thousands of people on this subject and i've had very strong people come up to me. really great people come up to me. and they've said mr. trump, i love you. but to take a person that's been here for 15 or 20 years, and throw them and the family out, it is so tough, mr. trump. i mean, i have it all the time. it is a very, very hard thing. >> reporter: backtracking on his tough tough of using a deportation force, to roundup and deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. >> i would get people out and i would have an expedited way of getting them back into the
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country, so they can be legal. they're illegal immigrants. they got to go out. at some point, we're going to try to get them back, the good ones. >> reporter: now he appears to be deporting those with criminal records, while allowing other undocumented immigrants, who pay back taxes, to stay in the country. remarkably similar to the plans his republican opponents pushed during the primary. >> i don't think they're going to roundup and deport 12 million people. >> you pay taxes, you don't receive federal government assistance. you earn legal status. not citizenship. >> reporter: plans that trump criticized back when he was fighting to win the republican nomination. >> they're weak people. marco rubio is in favor of amnesty. >> reporter: trump's minority outreach, inspiring him to lob one of his sharpest attacks against his opponent. >> hillary clinton is a bigot, who sees people of color only as votes. not as human beings, worthy of a
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better future. >> reporter: as clinton turns the line of attack around on trump. previewing the trump take down, she is set to deliver in reno today. >> he is taking a hate movement mainstream. he has brought it into his campaign. you know, someone who has questioned the citizenship of the first african-american president, who has courted white supremacis supremacists, housing discrimination against communities of color, is someone who is, you know, very much pedaling bigotry and prejudice and paranoia. >> reporter: now clearly we've seen a tone in the campaign trail grow more heated in the last 24 hours and a good bet that will continued to. hillary clinton will be campaigning in nevada, talking about how donald trump is the alt-right candidate in this race. as for trump, he'll be in numew
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hampshire, you can bet he'll have something also. >> thank you, sara. for more on the fiery rhetoric, i'm joined by south regional dir director for the obama campaign and hillary clinton supporter, johnson and commentator, ted cruz, amanda carpenter. good to have you with us. there is a lot of focus this morning on this rhetoric, this fiery rhetoric as we're saying. on the use of the word bigot. we just heard there our own chris cuomo about an hour ago trying to get an answer from kellyanne conway, trump's campaign manager, as to why the name-calling. she basically made the case that hillary clinton said worst things, so it is okay. katrina, would it not be more effective to go after the policies that she set are repress siev repressive, in their eyes are not working on hillary clinton's side as opposed to resorting to
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name-calling? why bigot? >> i think what you see is mr. trump does both. he makes his point when he says things like this, and people understand what he is saying. he does talk about the failed policies in the last few speeches that he has given. he has outlined those failed policies that have hurt communities. particularly when hillary clinton goes out there and panders, she goes on a radio show and talks about having hot sauce in her purse. that's pandering. mr. trump sees this as an opportunity to show americans that he is not your typical republican. a republican that has not gone into the communities, because i want to remind everyone, mr. trump this march, went to chicago, he went to take his message to the community. what we saw was destruction. that is exactly why he is now just speaking to the public at all of his rallies. >> part of the am he is samessa gross generalization of voter blocks he is trying to go after. we heard hillary clinton come back in these comments, saying donald trump is in fact leading a hate movement.
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does she need to be more effective, though, and i ask you the same question that i asked katrina, in her campaign. does it need to be specific about policies, or are comments like hate moving working more for her? >> absolutely. listen, with less than 80 days to go into the election, she has to get back on message talking about college affordability, and how she has a plan to strengthen the middle class. what we saw from donald trump yesterday was really to me, you know, unbelievable. i mean, this is a guy who did not even want, nor try to campaign for the minority vote during his primary, and now at a time when he is losing at pretty much all of the battleground states, he now wants to sort of beg and basically plead for the minority vote. the problem is, it is not so much the message. listen, any time any candidate running for president wants to be inclusive and bring in different conversations and different races is a good thing. the problem is the messenger. the messenger has no credibility
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to talk about now all of a sudden, he wants to basically embrace what president obama and hillary clinton wants to do around immigration, and more importantly, this is a guy who is going to go down in history as one of the most privileged candidates for office, and now he wants to talk about issues that affect african-american community. but listen, i think what hillary clinton is going to do today, and i think what she'll continue to do throughout the campaign is really talk about policies that matter most to the american people. i think that is where the campaign is headed. >> in terms of a message, you said hillary clinton needs to stay on message, there has been a lot of questions about the message that donald trump is sending. we heard this shift on his immigration policy. i know that you said he is duped in your words, his most loyal supporters on the issue they care most about, immigration. rick tyler, your former colleague at the cruz campaign, saying from what i've seen, this is the pro -- this is now, he is now the pro amnesty candidate, going on to say he fooled his
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entire base. it is deceit. it is betrayal. is there a risk in shifting positions at this point, amanda, for donald trump and losing some of that initial base? >> absolutely. because he is somehow managing to alienating everyone. that interview with hannity, he is opening the door to comprehensive immigration reform. yes, he is willing to take citizenship off the table, but when he says that he wants to work with illegal immigrants, what he is saying is some kind of legal status. this is the entire debate over the gang of eight that we went through in the senate that, you know, donald trump said that ted cruz and marco rubio weren't hard enough and now he is adopting the most liberal position on the comprehensive immigration reform bill. although he is not using those words, because sincerely, i don't understand the debate at all. if he is willing to give legal status against illegal immigrants, that goes against everything he said in the primary process. he'll drive away his loyal
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supporters, because they somehow believe he would have the hardest line in immigration because he came out and talked about ridiculous deportation force that would knock on the doors and haul people off and send them back to mexico and other countries. it was never feasible. everyone in the republican party said this is ridiculous talk. cannot do it this way and he said yes, i can. now he is going back on his word. which we all said was going to happen. i just didn't think it would happen this soon. >> katrina, how do you square those two? he said i'll build the wall, and i'm quoting, i just want to follow the law, we'll work with them. >> first, let me correct the record first. donald trump did go to the community in the primary. it was in march and in chicago. so i hope that cnn continues to correct that narrative moving forward by saying that he has never even tried to go to the community, because he has. secondly, he hasn't changed his position, he has changed the word he is saying. what he has said from the beginning, he -- no. he does not want to allow people
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to stay in this country illegally. he does want to build the wall but -- >> it got shorter, though. >> that's exactly what he said from the beginning. >> cat trkatrina, he has said gm out. this is a shift, a flip-flop, whatever words you want to use. >> no, erica, it is the how being discussed now. he said if they're here illegal, this he have to go. >> deportation force, so now he is shifting. katrina, there is a definite different message that we're hearing now. >> there is not a different message. he is using different words to give the message, because everyone on the news is saying that he is a bigot and that he is a racist because of the words he uses. now he is simply saying yes, we're going to follow the law, enforce the law, which ice is immigration and customs, they do remove people from the country here illegally. he wants to start with the criminals. i could spoipoint to several speeches where he has said the exact same thing. >> we have to take a break. the panel will stay with us.
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we'll continue to discuss this when we return. still to come as well, when it comes to her e-mails, hillary clinton saying there are no excuses. what about the heat, though, she is taking for her foundation? we'll have more from her interview with anderson cooper, and our panel, next.
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hillary clinton is preparing one of her sharpest attacks on donald trump yet. linking his campaign to a conservative and politically volatile movement, known as the alt-right in a speech later today. before she goes on the offensive, she was forced to defenlds td defend the clinton foundation, telling anderson cooper that the charges have no merit. >> what trump has said is ridiculous. my work as secretary of state was not influenced by the outside forces. i made policy decisions based on what i thought was right to keep americans safe and protect u.s. interests abroad.
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no wild political attack by donald trump is going to change that. and in fact, the state department has said itself that there is no evidence of any kind of impropriety at all. >> why was it okay for the clinton foundation to accept donations when you were secretary of state but not okay if you were president? >> well, what we did when i was secretary of state, as i said, went above and beyond anything that was required. anything that any charitable organization has to do. now, obviously, if i am president, there will be some unique circumstances, and that's why the foundation has laid out additional -- >> but didn't those unique circumstances exist -- >> if i'm elected -- >> didn't they exist when you were -- >> no, look, i know there is a lot of smoke and no fire. this ap report put it in
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context. it excludes nearly 2,000 meetings i had with world leaders, plus countless other meetings with u.s. government officials when i was secretary of state. it looked at a small portion of my time. >> according to "the new york times" report, you told fbi investigators that former secretary of state, colin powell advised you to use a private e-mail account. his response was her people are trying to pin it on me and that quote, the truth is she was using, talking about the private e-mail server for a year before i sent her a memo telling her what i did. he is talking about the private e-mail account. did you say that to fbi investigators, and was secretary powell right, were you using it prior to your conversation with him? >> well, look, i have the utmost respect for secretary powell, and he was incredibly gracious and helpful after i was nominated. i've been asked many, many questions in the past year about e-mails, and what i've learned is that when i try to explain
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what happened, it can sound like i'm trying to excuse what i did. and there are no excuses. i want people to know that the decision to have a single e-mail account was mine. i take responsibility for it. i've apologized for it. i would certainly do differently if i could. but obviously i'm grateful the justice department concluded there was no basis to pursue the matter further, and i believe the public will be and is considering my full record, and experience as they consider their choice for president. >> i want to bring back the panel now as we continue our discussion. tharon johnson, amanda, and katrina. couple of points, tharon, this was hillary clinton's interview in nearly a month. there has been far more scrutiny of both the foundation, of the e-mail server issue, of her reluctance to speak to the press
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in that time frame, and yet certain questions she still avoid. anderson pushed her and said how were the unique circumstances different versus if you're secretary of state and president. is there an answer? if so, what is it? >> let's start with the e-mails. listen, she said no, no excuses. i mean, it was a bad decision. if she could do it over, she would do it differently. again, more importantly, she apologized. so the only people who really continue to bring up the e-mail situation are the people who are running against her for president and that's the republican party, particularly donald trump. now, in the clinton foundation, what's very unfortunate, is that there was sort of cherry picking going on, but this is a foundation that does a lot of great work all across the world. they're in 70 countries, dealing with 11.5 million people, particularly helping people with this hiv and aids epidemic. when you look at the meeting and how they occurred, that's one thing. as she pointed out, she met with
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over 2,000 world leaders. as we go on through the campaign, hillary clinton will have an open and honest conversation with the american people. she'll continue to talk about the e-mails at a time when really the country has moved on, but also, with the clinton foundation, they are making steps. let's also point out that this is a chartable organization that neither her nor president clinton ever received any money from a salary from at all. so it is tied to her. it is tied to the campaign, but ultimately, i think she'll be fine and be able to answer the questions. >> nobody is making a question that they don't do good work. plenty of people have said they do good work. but the issue is more, you say this isn't an issue. for a lot of americans, it is still an issue. they have questions about things. one of them is how these unique circumstances, which are the words hillary clinton uses, how they'll be different when she is president, versus when she is secretary of state. she said there is smoke, the ap reports, there are a lot of
6:24 am
things missing. you can't ignore the optics, and they leave a lot of americans scratching their heads and wondering how would things be different if she is president versus secretary of state. is there a clear answer on that? >> one of the things she also pointed out in her remarks is that there were extreme measures, definitely changes made to the foundation when she became secretary of state. >> so why would you need anything further than as president? what's different? >> but there have been criticisms she should do it now. this is a charitable organization that is not run by her. she doesn't receive a salary from it. she has come forward last week and said if she becomes president, president clinton and herself, they would totally remove themselves from the foundation. to me, that's a very good step in the right direction of transparency, and doing what's right, if she becomes president of the united states. but i'm not -- >> the wall street journalist pointing out chelsea will stay on. i want to bring you in on this discussion. the e-mail, it is not an issue
6:25 am
for a lot of people. she is getting praise this morning for the way she addressed it directly last night in that interview with anderson. amanda, at this point, is it too little too late? >> it is absolutely part of her record. it is good she is talking about it. i have to say, she founded extremely defensive in the interview. like she is annoyed with the questions, smee doesnhe doesn't she has to answer them. i don't know how she'll answer donald trump when he is asking her during a debate. as for the foundation, she'll have to freeze it, step away from it. it sounds like there is another set of rules for the clintons. when i worked in the senate, i republican tom coburn being investigated by the senate ethics committee because he delivered babies in his spare time. he is a doctor. when he would go home to oklahoma, people said it was a conflict of interest. the clinton foundation is a conflict of interest on its face. all she mass to say if i win the
6:26 am
presidency, i wi-- presidency, needs to shut it down. if she does win, hermann da man not going to win. she has to heal that and show she is taking steps to act in good faith with the american public. >> katrina, one of the other things she said to anderson, donald trump in her words is taking a hate movement mainstream. we know that donald trump is attempting to court more minority voters, meeting with leaders later this morning. are you concerned at all about the messaging, him using the word bigot, a hate movement. there has been a lot of criticism for donald trump in the past. how do you counter that message, especially whether that criticism falls from these board strokes that he has made about, for example, the african-american community and the united states? >> first, let me just say that this e-mail scandal was not a product of the republicans or
6:27 am
donald trump. this came from "the new york times" breaking the initial story, and you have three fbi field offices that want the clinton foundation investigated. so this is not some vast right wing conspiracy. the fact is if donald trump wasn't talking about it, this is another clinton scandal that would have been swept under the rug. with regards to what we're talking about with the minority vote here, make no mistake about it. this speech that hillary clinton is giving today is not about donald trump. she is going out there to try to paint donald trump as some right wing extremist racist because she doesn't want to talk about her own connection to these minority communities. she doesn't want to talk about her open borders policy, her 100 days, her first days in office providing amnesty. she doesn't want to talk about her connection to keeping failed public schools open. all the policies she has supported that contribute to the failures. >> we're going to have to leave it there. appreciate your time this morning. thank you. still to come, after slamming his gop rivals for
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their stance on undocumented immigrants, donald trump appears poised to join them. i'll talk with one of his supporters about that seeming shift in policy, next. pet foodo truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is number one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy. for your pet, we go beyond.
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donald trump doubling down on efforts to attract the votes of minorities this morning. in a half an hour, he'll hold a round table, which works to boost activists and policy experts nationwide. the meeting comes as he is showing a shift in immigration. trump telling fox news that there will be no citizenship or amnesty, but he would, quote, work with the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants already in the united states. that stands in contrast to his vow last fall to launch a deportation force. all of this, as trump and
6:33 am
clinton trade jabs over who would be the better president for minorities in america. >> hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes. >> he is taking a hate movement mainstream. he has brought it into his campaign. you know, someone who has questioned the citizenship of the first african-american president, who has courted white su supremacist, sued for housing discrimination, is someone who is, you know, very much pedaling bigotry and prejudice and paranoia. >> joining me now, pastor mark burns, a trump supporter. just outside trump tower there, getting ready for the meeting. nice to have you with us this morning, pastor. >> nice to be here. thanks for having me. >> we heard donald trump last
6:34 am
night calling hillary clinton a bigot. is the name-calling, the most effective way to go after different voting blocks, by simply saying, look, your other main option, she is a bigot, so you should vote for me? how is that messaging going to work. >> i really think is so exciting, i mean, it is such an exciting time route night now i trump campaign, there is so much electricity going on, watching african-americans across the country are beginning to respond to donald trump, you have some that are not standing with donald trump, but just to see the excitement in this country of more and more african-americans that are standing up and saying i'm supporting donald trump. i understand what the democratic party and hillary clinton has done for african-americans, and how be it we're happy we've elected the first black man to become president of these united
6:35 am
states of america, but we also look back at many of our urban centers in our country. many that are still on welfare. many that are still unemployed. that we have been used for so long by the democratic party, that now we have to have a voice and many, many african-americans across this country are waking up, saying mr. trump, we may not have like how you said certain things, but we believe you're winner, and we do believe you won't use us like hillary clinton, and the democratic party has been using the african-american vote for all these years, and yet we're still not where we deserve to be, as the great people that we are, as black americans. >> so as you point out, many people may not like the way things have been said in the past or the rhetoric, your words, you said there is so much le electricity and excitement. where is that coming from? we're hearing the word bigot, as opposed to going through and
6:36 am
saying here is why this policy doesn't work, here is my plan. here is my policy. so where is that coming from? >> you know, the electricity and excitement is coming from the simple fact that mr. trump is proving to the whole world, breaking the myth that media and others have created this false narrative that donald trump does not care about african-americans, when people like myself, katrina pearson, who is the national spokeswoman for the campaign, the national spokeswoman, she is not some side, no, she is the main girl, the main woman that is speaking and has been speaking on behalf of donald trump. this is the -- >> so what is the plans, though, pastor? >> african-americans -- >> well, part of the -- the other criticism, part of the criticism, a new talk about the myth that's been portrayed in your eyes by democrats, by the media, as you've said, but part
6:37 am
of the criticism for donald trump is that he is painting the entire african-american community with a very broad brush basically saying you all live in poverty, you don't have access to any education, you're not going to go any where. that's clearly not true, when you look at african-americans across this country. just like any group. you can't put everybody in one box. how is he helping to dispel that when he is using that rhetoric? >> well, let me just say this. when donald trump or hillary clinton is speaking to americans about jobs and economy and education, when they're speaking to america, they don't breakdown whether or not that is a white italian-american, or a white uks you know, a white russian-american, or they don't breakdown the ethnicity. they just talk to white people. okay, in other words, they just talk to americans, okay. so democratic party has been pandering after the black
6:38 am
community for years, breaking, dividing and conquer and black people are not really getting anything out of it, like they deserve. when donald trump speaks, first of all, we got to stop pandering after these groups, and start just being americans. the moment we get rid of these adjectives that say i'm a black american, i am african-american, you're latino american, yes, we are proud of our heritage. i'm proud to be a black man. but i'm more so proud to be an american. and it is that moment where we got to begin to change those words and start being proud that what happens in your community happens in mine. even though we might be different color of skin. i care about you, because first of all, you are an american. and we americans stick together. that's one of the creeds of the military. we leave no man, no woman behind. that's the attitude we got to start having. other than that we're talking a lot of stuff and nothing is happening. that's what democratic party and
6:39 am
hillary clinton has been doing. talking a whole bunch of things, going to the black community -- >> that's the point many americans -- >> but nothing happens. >> that's a point many americans have made across all demographic lines as you point out. we do have to ask you specifically and we're tight on time so i apologize. are there specific policies from donald trump that could help some of the african-americans in this country, who perhaps are in under served countries, the "washington post" shows eliminating obama care could lead to more uninsured african-americans. he doesn't support raising the minimum wage to $12 an hour, but that could boost wages for approximately 35% of the african-americans. so where he is bringing in policies that make sense for african-american voters for them to throw their weight behind him? >> i'm so glad you asked that question. because donald trump has been dealing with issues like i just said that are not impacting just one race, but the human race.
6:40 am
poverty, knows no color. poverty don't care whether you're african-american or hispanic american. or appleche or asian. it doesn't care. poverty comes after everyone. donald trump has been dealing with issues that are going to directly impact the african-american community. we're talking about $2.1 trillion that is made overseas that does not impact our communities. and if donald trump does what his economic plan will say, he is saying i'm going to take that $2.1 trillion and i'm going to bring that back here in america. and do you not believe that the urban centers of our country, the urban communities will not be impacted by putting the power back into the hands of the small businesses. 25% of small franchise businesses are african-american. >> pastor purposburns, i have t
6:41 am
you off. sir, we have to leave it there. appreciate your time. we look forward to what comes out of the meeting. aftershocks in italy, a signs of life, emerge from the rubble. before taking his team to state for the first time... gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ♪ [ crowd cheers ] 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. which helped him give his players something extra. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america. more cash back for the things you buy most.
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a race against the clock in italy, after a massive earthquake levels towns. it has been 36 hours since a quake struck, and a critical window to find anybody alive is closing. the death toll, stands at 261. so there are some moments of joy. survivors freed a ten-year-old girl you see, trapped more than 17 hours, she clings with the rescuer, bringing her to safety. frederick plikin is in one of the hardest hit towns. >> reporter: racing against time is a series of aftershocks continue to shake central italy. rescue workers scrambling for a
6:46 am
second day to find survivors after a devastating 6.2 magnitude earthquake. amid the rubble blanketing the town northeast of rome, signs of life. are you able to breathe, the rescue worker asks. the desperate answer, only a bit. a little girl, found alive under piles of broken concrete. rescuers saw a tiny foot and then a leg. the video, a man seems to be talking to the girl, as someone repeatedly says the name, julia. moments later, covered in gray dust, they picked her out. joined by bystanders, the italian red cross ratcheting up rescue efforts, as they face the threat of continued tremors. >> the problem has been access. >> reporter: barbie was broadcasting live from salet.
6:47 am
-- surrounded by mountains and historic brick buildings, causing a deadly combination of landslides and collapsable homes. before and after photos show a town reduced to rubble. >> the house was trembling, shaking, it got more and more intense. it felt like someone put a bulldozer over the house to try to knock it down. >> reporter: erica, one of the things that's making the race against time the authorities are in right now even more difficult is the aftershocks that we continue to feel here, especially right here in the epicent epicenter. we had a massive aftershock in this town, another building in the town collapsed after that. of course, in a lot of these buildings, the rescue workers are at work. they were scrambling to safety, but all of that reduces the chance to find survivors here in
6:48 am
the rubble, what is already this race against time, the window to survive, if a building is collapsed and by some chance you got to some sort of pocket, it is about 72 hours. we're now 36 hours back. so time really is running out. >> fred, thank you. >> for ways you can help quick victims, visit a controversial pesticide in the u.s. is raising new fierce. get between you and life's dobeautiful moments.llergens flonase gives you more complete allergy relief. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. ♪
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6:53 am
a controversial pesticide being used tostop zika in the u.s. is raising concerns. there's concern the chemical known as naled has been linked to behavioral issues in children and could be harmful to unborn babies. they insist the pesticide is safe. >> reporter: spreading in south florida and the stakes are high. when pregnant women being infected with the virus, their babies can be born with devastating birth defects. that's why health authorities have sprayed a pesticide from airplanes to kill the mosquitos that carry zika. there's concern that the chemical being sprayed called naled may also be harmful to unborn babies.
6:54 am
>> it's a neurotoxin that can result in problems. >> reporter: the european union has banned naled insecticide and in puerto rico, people have demonstrated against naled. the mayor of san juan filed a lawsuit against the centers for disease control to prevent spraying saying there's been recent findings showing the presence of behavior problems in babies whose mothers were exposed to this type of chemical during their pregnancy. the cdc and the environmental protection agency says naled is safe and the best option for killing the mosquitos. it's been used extensively for years in the united states. two tablespoons are used over the side of a football field. this small amount does not pose a problem.
6:55 am
so who's right? will it help stop babies from developing birth defects or would it harm them? when pregnant women are exposed, their children are more likely to develop behavior problems. for the most part those studies were done in agriculture areas where families live near spraying for many years. they say the risks are much smaller in florida where the zika sprayings have been done four times. dr. barry ryan at emory university has done some of that research and supports the spraying. >> zika is a real problem. children that suffer from this would not be able to cope from the real world. they will never recover from this. >> reporter: he said it can carry risks but not nearly as big as the risk posed by zika. here in the wynwood section of miami, they finished up four rounds of pesticide spraying last week. there's no plans to do anymore but they may have to if more
6:56 am
people come down with zika. >> thank you. the next hour of cnn newsroom begins after a quick break. out of a tight spot. when you can relax with your foot off the brake and stay put. and when you enjoy 400 horsepower that's both smooth and controlled. that's the more human side of engineering. hurry in for limited time offers during the final days of the lincoln summer invitation sales event. lease a lincoln mkc for $289 a month or get 0% apr for 60 months and $1,000 dollars summer invitation bonus.
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7:00 am
thanks for being with us. you are looking at live pictures. we have them for you. here you go. this the trump tower in manhattan. donald trump rounding out a full week of outreach to minority ve voters. all of this as trump, his new line of attack against hillary clinton from stage in the heart of mississippi. >> hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes not as human beings worthy
7:01 am
of a better future. she's going to do nothing for african-americans. she's going to do nothing for the hispanics. >> in just a few hours, hillary clinton said to review trump's allegations delivering a major speech in reno, nevada linking trump and his campaign ceo to racial extremists. she gave a preview of what we could hear to and erson cooper. >> donald trump is taking a hate movement mainstream. he's bringing it to our communities and country. someone who questioned the citizenship of the first african-american president who has courted white issue premt t ti --
7:02 am
supreme and who has attacked a judge for mexican heritage and promised a mass deportation force is someone who is very much peddling bigotry and prejudice and paranoia. >> we're covering this story from every angle this morning. we begin with jessica schneider. clear this up for us, who is at this meeting? are they all already trump supporters? we're hearing the word minority activists. who's going to be there? >> reporter: the roundtable is starting right now. there are black and hispanic fellows. they are from the republican leadership institute. this is a volunteer outreach and training program for young gop recruits. in fact, just inside the lobby a few minutes ago i talked to some of those people who will be at the roundtable. they weren't saying much. they were young and energetic but not saying publicly what
7:03 am
they expect to hear. i also saw ben carson walk into the lobby. he'll be there as well as a number of activists as well as campaign staffers and other gop leaders. this is coming at the same time donald trump is ramping up his rhetoric against hillary clinton and also he's indicating that he might be backing down from that hard line stance on immigration that he exhibited throughout the primaries. donald trump ramping up the rhetoric last night in tampa, florida going so far to call hillary clinton a bigot. it's brash rhetoric that his campaign manager defended this morning on new day. take a listen. >> first of all, he uses his own words. have you seen what he has called. have you heard what he's called in a given day including here on cnn. it's acceptable somehow to just hurl -- >> when people call him a bigot, i'll say why do you call him
7:04 am
that? what is it that you say that? >> i've never heard a nonpartisan. >> if you're called a bigot, does that mean it's okay to call her one. he calls her a bigot, full stop. >> what it's okay to do is show how repressive her policies and many like her. >> make the policy case, of course. >> that's what he's been doing for a week now. for a long time she was criticized for not speaking to communities of color. the moment he did it, it's like i don't like the words you use. >> reporter: donald trump doing more than just speaking to minorities, he's making major play for their votes. this roundtable happening right now is the second time in the past week that donald trump has had such a meeting right here at trump tower. that's because his numbers are in the single digits among african-americans, hispanic, minorities. he's making a big push for their votes with some controversial language to go along with it.
7:05 am
>> thank you. donald trump meantime sounds like he's considering a shift on a core issue of his campaign, immigration. no longer calling for a deportation force to round up undocumented immigrants. instead saying he would work with them. cnn sarah murray is in tampa where trump told ralliers about that plan. she has more for us this morning. >> reporter: it sounds like a shift on the part of donald trump. he's insisting it's not amnesty. he's insisting he would not grant citizenship to the millions of undocumented immigrants here in the u.s. but he's talking about them in a way that suggests he's considering allowing a large number of these undocumented immigrants to stay in the country. i want you to listen to how he described his view on this last night and how hillary clinton is not interested in letting him pivot away from a corner stone of his campaign. >> everybody agrees we get the bad ones out. when i go through and i meet thousands and thousands of people on the subject and i've
7:06 am
had very strong people come up to me, really great, great people. they've said mr. trump, i love you but to take a person that's been here for 15 or 20 years and to throw them and the family out, it's so tough. i have it all the time. it's a very, very hard thing. >> somebody has told him, i guess the latest people that he's consulting, how damaging his statements have been. how terrible his deportation plan is, how offensive his views on immigrants have been from the very first day of his campaign. he's trying to do kind of a shuffle here. >> reporter: remember when donald trump started running this race he was talking to using a deportation force to send all 11 million undocumented immigrants home. he talked about letting some of the good ones back in. this is a very tough policy. just this morning his campaign manager was saying this is not
7:07 am
going to be change in policy. he might sound different but nothing in his policy is going to change. of course, there's only one way for us to tell and that's for donald trump to come out and explain what his stance is on immigration, what his policy is. we've been told by campaign advisor that's going to happen next week in arizona, wednesday, in phoenix. now we're hearing from jason miller, the campaign spokeswoman said that's not going to happen. we're still waiting to see when donald trump will set the record straight on what he stands for when it comes to immigration. >> thank you. the trump campaign says donald trump stance has not changed, that he still wants to build be wall. critics says he's sounding a lot like some of his challengers in the republican primary. >> if you're a criminal alien, you can't stay. if you haven't been here for a long time, you can't stay. i don't think you'll round up and deport 12 million people. >> you come out from the shadows. you receive a work permit, you
7:08 am
pay taxes. you don't receive federal government assistance. you learn english. you earn legal status not citizenship. >> they'll pay back taxes. they have to pay taxes. now, everybody agrees we get the bad ones out but to take a person that's been here for 15 or 20 years and throw them and the family out, it's so tough. >> reporter: let's talk more about this now with trump campaign senior advisor and cnn political commentator. i want to listen to a bit more of what we heard from kelly ann conway this morning when she was on cnn and talking specifically about this change when it comes to donald trump's stance on immigration. take a listen. >> no amnesty from him. no open border. secure the border, build the wall, have mexico pay for it, get these businesses to register for e-verify. make them more accountable. you can't look at somebody's document and look the other way.
7:09 am
>> that's no different than what cruz, rubio and bush wanted to do. >> it is different. rubio's plan was much more -- this man is not for amnesty. >> neither is rubio. they said you can't deport everybody. donald trump said that last night. >> rubio is a different case. he led the gang of eight with chuck schumer. their plan was amnesty. >> there are a will the of questions about what the plan is this morning versus what it has been. boris, i want to start off with you. one of the main reasons that donald trump got a lot of traction in the beginning and a lot of the reason he has so much support among this base that he's created, a lot of that comes from his stance on immigration and what he has said very emphatically about deporting and getting rid of millions of undocumented immigrant, building that wall. is there a concern that him
7:10 am
going after a more mainstream voter, he's alienating those? >> absolutely not. hillary clinton is a hundred day plan to give amnesty to all illegal immigrants. under her watch 300,000 immigrants were criminals. donald trump will build a wall. donald trump will end sanctuary cities and will put e-verify in place and protect american people and workers. >> why is this shift happening? it is change. he is showing change. >> he said we'll get the illegal criticals out and deal with the rest according to the laws on the books now. that's what he continues to say. >> you're saying there's not much of a change. we'll lay out the policy over the next couple of weeks.
7:11 am
>> do you have anymore intel on that? we're getting conflicting reports. >> it's not about the process. it's about the actual message. >> it's not about the process. it's about the message. the question is do you know when the message will come? >> over the next few weeks and will have specifics. the key points are getting illegal immigrants or criminals out of this country, building wall and protecting all american people and american workers. >> angela, some of what we have been hearing from donald trump is some of what we heard last night approaches closer to some of the things that hillary clinton has said. is there a concern among democrats and on the part of the clinton campaign there may not be as much of a casm when it comes to these immigration policies. >> there's no concern at all. all we have to do is play donald trump's words ourselves. we can can go as recent to his rnc where folks were chanting throughout the convention to build the wall. this is the great big beautiful wall that mexico will pay for. this is the same man who talked
7:12 am
about putting immigrants on plane. jorge ramos did the math. the math was overwhelming and they didn't realize it was going to cost money to put people on planes. they never talked about dealing with people humanely. this is new terminology. we're not talking about extinct animals or pets. we're talking about undocumented people who have paid taxes and contributed to social programs and making our country better and safer and stronger. we're talking about now a donald trump who can write the amicas brief in support of president obama executive orders on immigration at there point. this is becoming the new trump. it doesn't match the rhetoric. we have not forgotten. he sounds like marco rubio and jeb bush. we can change their voice or put a quote on the screen and you won't know which one said it at this point. that's very treacherous. i think the american people are
7:13 am
much smarter. >> you know what is treacherous, it's lying about turning over e-mails. >> the problem is you're not on the point right now. i'm not going to let you finish because we're talking about immigration. you're bringing up e-mails. >> i can't let either one of you finish because we're out of time. bye. >> appreciate you both joining us this morning. we'll continue the conversation. boris, if you get any information on when that speech is, give us call. still to come, no excuses. the decision was mine says hillary clinton speaking bluntly about her use of a private e-mail server. will it soothe voter concerns about her trustworthiness. get back to great. sixteen gig lexar flash drives just three ninety-nine. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. start the interview with a firm handshake. ay,no! don't do that! try head & shoulders instant relief.
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! for hillary clinton, the road to the white house continues to be marked by two big speed bumps. the foundation that bears her family's name and her use of a private e-mail server. now in her first national news interview in a month, the
7:18 am
democratic nominee is vigorously defending the foundation. saying the decision to use a private e-mail server was hers and hers alone. here is more of what show told anderson cooper. >> what trump has said is ridiculous. i work as secretary of state was not influenced by any outside forces. i made policy decisions based on what i thought was right to keep americans safe and protect u.s. interests abroad. no wild political attack by donald trump is going to change that. in fact, the state department has said itself that there is no evidence of any kind of inpropriety at all. >> was it okay to accept donations as secretary of state but it wouldn't be okay as president? >> what we did when i was secretary of state went above and beyond anything that was
7:19 am
required. anything that any charitable organization has to do. if i'm president there will be some unique circumstances and that's why the foundation has laid out additional -- >> didn't those unique circumstances exist? >> no. look, anderson, i know there's a lot of smoke and there's no fire. this ap report put it in context. it excludes nearly 2,000 meetings i had with world leaders plus countless other meetings with u.s. government officials when i was secretary of state. it looked at a small portion of my time. >> you told fbi investigators that colin powell advised you to use a personal e-mail account. his response this past weekend was quote, her people are trying to pin it on me. that quote, the truth is she was using a year before i sent her a
7:20 am
memo telling her what i did. did you say that to fbi investigators and were you using this prior to your conversation with him? >> well, look, i have the utmost respect for secretary powell. he was incredibly gracious and helpful after i was nominated. i've been asked many, many questions in the past year about e-mails. what i've learned second-degree that when i try to explain what happened it can sound like i'm trying to excuse what i did. there are no excuses. i want people to know the decision to have a single e-mail account was mine. i take responsibility for it. i've apologized for it. i would do differently, if i could. obviously, i'm grateful the justice department concluded there was no basis to pursue this matter further and i believe the public is
7:21 am
considering my full record and experience as they consider their choice for president. >> joining me now to discuss cnn presidential historian. always nice to have you with us. we hear hillary clinton tout her tenure as secretary of state often as one of her qualifications to be president. this cross-su this scrutiny isn't going away. how is that impacting not only her message but credibility. >> it isn't hitting her yet in the polls. it's not damaging her. that interview with anderson, she was in such a defensive crouch. this is the season where you want to be full of optimism and feel like you're charging forward with a lot of joy and glee. she's just batting away all
7:22 am
these charges. the clinton foundation has done incredibly noble work around the world. it was very large. when things get that big, sometimes you don't know all that's going on. i'm afraid there may be more documents from the clinton foundation connecting it with the state department. we already know there will be a wikileaks october surprise of some kind. she may win the election but she's going to be doing so in a more defensive posture. that's why she hasn't done a lot of interviews. >> that's also being criticized. her lack of willingness to speak to members of the press. she is getting praise for being so candid last night with anderson. to your point, she's continuely batting away these charges. why can't she trump these issues and move forward.
7:23 am
she's continuely dogged by them. >> if there was somebody else besides donald trump running, she's such a poor candidate in so many way, i think hillary clinton would be in a deep jam right now. she's been unable to get rid of this e-mail controversy. it plagues her 24 hours every single day. i don't have an answer for how she stops it but part of it is the drip, drip, drip. there will be an october surprise with wikileaks and lord knows what they'll find. it makes it an unusual circumstance. it reminds me of nixon when he won but he had watergate hanging over him. >> that's major issue that you
7:24 am
hear in polling. they both have, we say this a lot because it's tough to ignore rgs they have the highest unfavorables. >> one of the things that's surprising is we're a couple of weeks out from first debate. we don't have a moderator. donald trump has weighed in. he has his thoughts on who he would like to see in that role. sort of refresh my memory here, is it normal that this far out, not a long way, from that first debate, we don't know who is moderating? >> not recently normal. keep in mind, these debates are not part of our constitution. the first presidential debate was in 1960. then we didn't do one in '64 or '68 or '72. now it's become something you must do. i think there's just been a will the of confusion on due to nfl schedules and what networks and all about that. they'll happen. i think the debates will
7:25 am
probably serve donald trump better than hillary clinton. >> we'll all be watching. we're getting a live picture of this meeting that trump is have. he's sitting down with fellows from the rnc republican leadership initiative. it's a six-week fellowship program that trains activists in reach out and reaching out to republicans and folks that to non-republicans as well. a lot of people watching to see what comes out of this meeting as donald trump continues his efforts to reach out to more voters, to find a message that can resonate with black, latinos and different ethnic and culture groups in the united states. we'll continue to follow that for you again. this happening live right now kicking off not too long ago as he's meeting with this group from the rnc's republican
7:26 am
leadership group. >> on that outreach that we've seen, there's been a lot of criticism about the broad strokes that donald trump used initially in the last week or so as he was trying to reach out to more african-american voters to bring them over to his side saying what have you got to lose. is that message something that could prove effective for him saying, you know what, just try me. >> i think it's important that he's doing it. now the fact he started reaching out to african-americans with an all white audience was probably a mistake. the point of the matter is, he's got time now to circulate in african-american communities. he's doing that right now with the videos you're showing. i think he needs to go into the cities and schools and be seen in neighborhoods around the country. if he wants to try to peel off an extra 5% of the african-american vote. he already has more african-americans in polls than
7:27 am
mccain and romney had. he might make some little end roads in this matter. >> we saw a shot of steve bannen. there was a lot of criticism with that move because of the history of brightbart and a number of the things that have been published over there on their website. how does this change up in leadership impact that effort to reach out to different minority groups especially when we're seeing someone like steve bannon there at the table? >> i think trump is looking at the polls probably. remember, all he used to do is talk about polls. in the last month he stopped talking about them because he's down in all of them. however, he's got to do something about african-american and latino voters. he's got to reassure suburban moderate republicans to vote for him. he has to soften his message. we're now starting to see that
7:28 am
with the change up people in his staff. they are starting to humanize him a little more instead of just being the bullying, angry man. >> we just saw kelly ann conway there. focusing on his campaign. always appreciate your insight. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> still to come, it's race against time in italy. the desperate search to find earthquake survivors. we have an update, next. engineering...level of it's a performance machine. with this degree of intelligence... it's a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be... and more. lease the e300 for $549 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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7:33 am
rescuers scrambling to find anyone who may be alive. this as aftershocks continue to rattle the rumble. 241 people confirmed dead. there are some moments of joy. survivors freed as you can see right there. a 10-year-old girl had been trapped for more than 17 hours. you see her clinging to her rescuer. >> reporter: it's at the epicenter where a lot of aftershocks are happening. we had one one and a half hours ago that we found out was a 4.1 magnitude earth wake. it felt pretty violent to us. a lot of the rescue workers inside the rumble still searching for people and trying
7:34 am
to free people. even they had to run for cover. they had to run away from the places they were searching. one house did collapse. there's a lot of search and rescue crews on the scene. they continue to pour in. they really have a very diverse strategy. a lot of them have specialized search dogs. that's a key element here. there's also a lot of heavy equipment that's being moved in as well. a will the of high powered jacks to raise high very big rubble in case anyone is trapped underneath that. there have been so people who manage to escape. one of the big issues rescue crews are working with, the old houses really crumble when an earthquake like this hits.
7:35 am
that makes it difficult and impossible for people inside to survive. >> fred, thank you. as fred pointed out, we're hearing a lot stories but there are some stories of good news. this woman was trapped being comforted as she waited for help. that help did come. she's alive in the hospital this morning. a little bit of good news to focus on. there's also ways you can help the quake victims. log onto donald trump says he will work with millions of undocumented immigrants. we'll speak with mayor of el paso, next. only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. ♪
7:36 am
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the most common side effects are nausea, constipation and vomiting. trintellix did not have significant impact on weight. ask your healthcare professional if trintellix could make a difference for you.
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7:40 am
a high profile meeting as he continues to pitch to minority voters. black and latino fellows are meeting with trump this hour. that works to boost the number of conservative activists and policy experts nationwide. they are gathering inside trump tower with the republican nominee. that meeting comes as donald trump says he will, in his word, work with the millions of undocumented immigrants already living here. it's a sharp change from his earlier vow to launch what he referred to as a deportation force. >> you immigrated with your family. you heard a different tone, a different take from donald trump in terms of his immigration policy and plan. what are you hearing?
7:41 am
>> one of the things that we talked about, the el paso economy is so tight, that it really means a lot to have a great relationship with mexico. it's been very important that we continue to have that relationship. >> what you have heard both prior and then now in the change that we've heard in donald trump, just since yesterday evening, are you feeling like that change from him could continue to have a good relationship with mexico that you can continue to have a good working relationship were donald trump to be elected president? >> it's a big concern to our community that we don't lose that relationship. we've been able to build a great relationship where juarez.
7:42 am
we have great economy going together. it's important that we look at who will best fit our community. >> there's a lot of talk about the outreach from both candidates. whether or not candidates pander to certain groups. donald trump is really pushing this effort to reach out to more minority voters. we saw the meeting he's having just right here as you and i are speaking. he's having a meeting down the street with african-americans and with latino leaders. there's a poll from fox news latino taken earlier this month which found that hillary clinton has a 46-point advantage among hispanic voters. that's up 7% since may. is there anything you think donald trump could do or say in terms of his reach out at this point that could change those numbers? >> we're have a very proud community. one of the things that's
7:43 am
important to us is respect. it's hard to understand are a border city if you've never lived on a border city. right now we look at respect and we look at the future and right now we don't see that. >> you don't see the respect? >> no, we don't see that voting for donald trump would really change that for our community. we're very interested in making sure that we continue to respect our neighbors and make sure what's best for our community. >> we are, as you said, a hillary clinton supporter. donald trump has made the case that hillary clinton takes the votes of african-americans for granted and for hispanics. she only sees them as votes, not as people. how do you answer that criticism? >> well, you know, like you said and i'll go back to what i said. we're very proud of our heritage and community. we understand that we're going to look at who will best fit and make and allow us to grow.
7:44 am
like i said, right now our economy is tied so close together. we don't see that. >> mayor oscar leeser, appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you. you have a great day. >> you too. still to come, they're called the resistance. cnn is in iraq with the up close look at the group vtrying to drive isis out of city of mosul. t essays in the entire 8th grade. get back to great. sixteen gig lexar flash drives just three ninety-nine. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line.
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right now iraqi forces are inching toward the key city of mosul. troops face enormous challenges, they are getting help in the inside thanks to a secret fighting force carrying out operations against the terror group. i want to bring in arwa damon. good to see you.
7:49 am
>> reporter: as you can imagine it's pretty difficult to try to determine exactly what is happening inside mosul. there's no internet. there's no cell phone access. we have been able to piece together fair amount of information about this organization deep within the city that's already making a stance against isis. operating deep within the shadows is a network so secretive even its own members do not know each other's identity. the letter m spray painted on mosul's walls. the message to isis, we're here. we are among you. the mosul baaalottalions watch weaknesses, carrying out hit and run operations. this man is one of their
7:50 am
liasons. >> how did the mosul battalions manage to organize themselves? >> translator: it started as two friends and they would target isis at a particular point. >> reporter: by the end of 2014, the mosul battalions had formed. their weapons are basic, what they found and hid in the city or what they snatched from isis. >> translator: the roadside bombs they used, they would steal from isis. those who have previous military experience would place them where they target isis. >> reporter: they operate in two to three men cells, independent of one another. no cell knows specifically of another. no fighter knows the name of more than two others. he is speaking from an orchard
7:51 am
just outside of the city. talking on the phone is punishment by death. we target the houses they live. >> reporter: the distorted voice in this video says they assassinated an isis fighter. the images show what they say is the dead man's id, pistol and suicide belt. he says they are providing intermediaries, intelligence and coordinates to the coalition. here are the aftermath of a strike, they say, was based on their information. they are waiting for what they call zero hour distributing leaflets warning isis its end is coming. they are ready. ready for the day the iraqi army breaches the city and they rally the people to rise. there's also another
7:52 am
organization that's working secretly within mosul. they call themselves the peace battalions. they are going to mobilize when this zero hour approaches as well. their main job will be to protect the population and try to prevent looting and chaos such as what we saw happening in baghdad after the 2003 u.s.-led invasion. what so many people tell us what is important, isn't just driving isis out of the city, it's also trying to mitigate the loss of life and the actual damage done to the city itself. >> arwa damon, thank you. still to come, a controversial pesticide being used to knock out zika is being called into question. why the cdc is pushing back. first, here is a look at your money market update. the dow down, as you can see there. it's going up. stay with us. ♪ it's peyton.
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narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off. class sizes increased. art and music programs cut. we can't ever go back. ryan ruelas: so vote yes on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive.
7:57 am
a controversial pesticiding with sprayed right here at knock out the zika virus is raising new fears. some questioning whether a chemical called naled is cause harm to unborn babies. the cdc insists it's safe and that's the best way to stop zika from spreading. give us a sense just how dangerous is this pesticide we're talking about. >> reporter: scientists have tried to figure out. they have done studies on pregnant women living in agriculture areas. they found when they have their babies, they do grow up to be more likely to have behavioral problems later in life like adhd. i talked to researchers who have done these studies and they support florida spraying here with that pesticide.
7:58 am
they say, look, they're not doing nearly as enough spraying in florida as they have done in these agricultural areas. it's way less. the exposure is way less and the risk is way less. the ramifications is permanent, severe brain damage. these children will never live typical lives. many will have very short life spans. these researchers say there should be spraying against zika. >> it's a neurotoxin and can result in unborn children having problems. the nervous system develops in-utero and there are secondary affects that might be associated with that. >> reporter: that's one of the researchers who have done the studies. he says despite what he told us, there should be spraying against zika.
7:59 am
it's very limited spraying and the ramifications of zika are quite severe. >> elizabeth, thank you. i want to get you a quick check of the top stories. three powerful tornadoes ripped through indiana injuring 15 people. this was the terrifying scene wednesday. it's not too far, about an hour north of indianapolis. in addition to widespread pow outage, the twister tore throw buildings. no one inside was injured. these are new pictures of mike pence. they are in his home state of indiana. getti inting a first land look some of the damage. authorities are investigating the death of a 59-year-old woman after she fell from a zip line in delaware. it happened on wednesday. the victim fell about 40 feet and was pronounced dead at the hospital. thanks for spending some time with us today.
8:00 am
donald trump seems to have a new position on illegal immigration. >> they'll pay back taxes. they have to pay taxes. there's no amnesty as such. there's no amnesty. we work with them. >> they're going back where they came. it's a very, very hard thing. >> there is an appearance of a conflict of interest with the foundation. >> i know there's a lot of smoke, there's no fire. >> she's got bad judgment. she doesn't know what she's doing, folks. hillary clinton is a bigot. >> donald trump has shown us who he is. he is taking a hate movement mainstream. hello i'm john


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