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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  August 25, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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this is an exclusive interview. that is it for "the lead" today, thank you for joining us. brianna keiler is in "the hichgs room" for wolf blitzer. >> happening now, breaking news. prejudice and paranoia. hillary clinton saying donald trump has a long history of racial discrimination. lies and smears, donald trump says clinton is painting his supporters as racists and says african-americans and latinos will have the time of their life. clinton stepping up in a speech here on cnn. >> warning shots, a navy vessel firing warning shots. officials say it was harassing
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americans after a high-speed intercept of a u.s. destroyer bh. what is iran up to. and kim jong-un has what he calls his greatest victory. how great is the threat to america? wolf blitzer is off, i'm brianna keiler, you're in "the situation room." this is cnn breaking news. breaking news, hillary clinton takes the gloves off in a stunning take down of trump saying his campaign is built on prejudice and paranoia. she says he tracts in dark conspiracy theories. that he is taking hate groups mainstream. and he is taking white sprem t
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supremacists. trump spoke shortly before clinton says she paints decent americans as racists. trump stepped up his attacks on the e-mails accusing her of watergate all over again. watch donald trump tonight with anderson cooper here on cnn. we begin in reno who is at rikt's speech. she was going after trump with her own words that she doesn't normally do. >> she was trying to cast trump as out of the norm of american politics. she said this takes it one beyond that. said he has a national megaphone
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of hate. hillary clinton opening a new line of attack tonight against donald trump. >> he says he wants to make america great again, but more and more, his message seems to be make america hate again. >> in reno, clinton going farther than before, saying trump is divisive and radical. >> the last thing we need is someone that kaunt care to know the different between fact and fiction and will buy so easily into racially tinged rumors. >> and they are embracing a alt-right philosophy. >> this is not conservativism as we have known it. >> trump said that she was spreading smears and lies.
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>> i have three words. i want you to remember these three words. shame on you. >> more than a full throated take down of her rival, but shaming republicans for aligning with her rhetoric. >> the party of lincoln has become the party of trump. >> and clinton took aim at stephen bannon. his website prints conspiracy theories and has a tinged view. >> they have effectively taken over the republican party. >> believe it or not, i regret it, clinton is intent on reminding voters on his greatest hits. >> now trump is trying to ri brand himself as well, but don't be fooled.
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>> her first and only campaign event of the week. after scooping up an eye popping $19 million in a three-day fundraising swing, she set her sights on nevada. the reno speech is the first in a series. >> he is temper mentally unfit. to his business accumin. >> and she tries to lure republicans away. >> americans are standing up and saying enough is enough. i'm honored to have their support in this campaign. now republicans were a central part of her audience here. she references bob dole, john mccain, george w bush, and contrasted their views on race
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can she really reach out to some of them who may simply not like what they're hearing from donald trump? that is the challenge here. >> that is the real question, thank you. let's bring in our experts. we have rebecca berg, cnn political commentator, and chief political correspondent dana bash. first to you, david, what was she trying to do today and did she accomplish it? >> i think she was trying to do two things today. trying to disqualify donald trump. she spent much of arguendoing the temperament argument. now that he is so fringe he should not even be in the
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conversation. so continuing that argument. another thing is talk to moderate republicans in the middle saying hey, guys, this does not represent your party. i have some republicans on board, this is why you should think about coming on board as well. >> to david's point there, targeting republicans here, she went after donald trump, but she also defended a number of republicans. he highlighted that she between the a mosque after 9/11. is she trying to tell republicans come to my side, or is she saying don't go it his, maybe just stay home? >> and the question is is there a difference at this point from her perspective. there are other options, but you're exactly right. by bringing up bob dole and john mccain and george w. bush, in instances where they all
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explicitly said there is no room for hate or intolerance in the republican party, it helped her illustrate her speech that donald trump has taken over the republican party and the fringe has taken over the republican party. i was just looking down at my phone because we got a statement from kellyanne conway, saying that hillary clinton has no vision for our future. hillary clinton has not not had the greatest week when it comes to her e-mails and things of that nature. >> saying hillary clinton is trying to change the subject, is there any truth to that? >> she has changed the subject, right? at least for today. it is true this has not been hillary clinton's best week in terms of this campaign. not only because trump tried to
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soften his tone and some of his controversial policies, but also the clinton foundations. so this is beneficial to her to try to direct the conversation back to donald trump is shown as unfit for the presidency. we're not talking a lot about policy at this stage. both sides are trying to make the case that the other candidate is fundamentally unfit to take the office of the presidency. i think that is pretty unprecedented. and the other side wants to label their opponent. that is what today in politics, it is that labelling. >> it is character assassination, right? mutual character assassination.
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>> donald trump has a lot of facts on his side. he goes off into, well i don't really believe you any more when he says the state department was a vast enterprise. hillary clinton has a lot of facts, but she delivered the history of trump nap is very powerful. so i think -- >> she is repeating his words, right? >> yes, and talking about the failure to condemn duke. and that she brought on someone from breitbart, those are facts the trump campaign has to deal with that. i think she did something very interesting today in that she separated the republican party from some of the ideology that enters the party through the trump campaign. she didn't have to do that. the house democrats, senate
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democrats, are all out there trying to tie sis worth things to the down ballot -- >> specifically reaching out to republicans who are not comfortable, necessarily, for someone like donald trump to say that for me, the open question is whether or not it is enough to hear that from hillary clinton. they are looking at their choices saying we don't know which way we're going to go. >> let's look at this video that the clinton campaign released ahead of her speech. >> sending out all of the illega illegals, building a wall, a moratorium on islamic immigration. that is appealing to a lot of people. >> it is really tremendous son.
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>> are. >> leigh: you conde-- will you david duke? >> i don't know anything about white supremacists, so i don't know. >> when you have people in the middle of the political spectrum. moderates, maybe independents, maybe they have ream misdivings about hillary clinton, does telling them if you are considering donald trump, that you're considering a racist maybe backfiring a little bit. and alternative to you instead of a racist. >> i think the predicate for the statement is everything. if she sticks to the facts, sticks to things that trump said, or endorses, or people that are coming to his campaign
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welcome i think that is powerful if the facts are not there. then it is not, and then it is just a smier. i thought it was powerful when she laid out the points from breitbart. >> there could be a potential for that -- >> maybe there isn't, i think it is a smart question, i just think that these two people are uniquely disliked in american politics, as the nominees, and the game has become about making the other most disliked person that i think you would -- whatever you may risk losing from doing so, you may pick up some people. >> thank you so all of you. joining me now, republican congressman of california. do i have to get in a quick break but we have more to talk about today. donald trump talking to voters, we'll be right back to discuss.
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donald trump has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. he is taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over the republican party. his disregard for the values that make our country great is profoundly dangerous. breaking news, hillary clinton delivers a blistering speech tieing donald trump to extremists on the right.
2:19 pm
he accused clinton of trying to smear him and his supporters. we're back now with ted yoho. you heard hillary clinton say that he is rebranded to a radical fringe group. >> she is like an animal, hurt, and trying to gain credibility. you can't condemn somebody, call them a racist, a hater, and put out all the negative stuff about him. it is very hypocritical. at this point in time, brbriann we have a crisis in the middle east. we have that going on. we have the events in indiana with the storms, what happened in louisiana. we have all of these things going on.
2:20 pm
to sit there and have political candidates attack stuff on a high school level, i think our country deserves better than that. we need to focus on the main problems. the american people are tired of that and for her to say donald trump took over the republican party, i get blamed for being a right-wing radical and i ran on limited government, fiscal responsibility -- >> but donald trump last night called her a bigot. this is where we have seen the debate go. you said she is a wounded animal, what do you mean by that? >> her poll numbers are not coming up. i think she feels like she is flippi slipping on support. we will see this for 75 days until we get to the election. the american people are tired about this. what are you doing about the debt? what are you doing about our immigration policy? i was in the florida keys this last week for a couple days and i saw the coast guard interdict
2:21 pm
20 cuban migrants that are coming over because of barack obama's policies. hillary clinton is an extension of that. they're putting the coastguard and military in harms way. we're spending millions and millions of dollars because we're not solving problems in washington. they want to see a leader that doesn't condemn and a leader that doesn't try to tear someone down. >> there are many moderate republicans that have come out and said essentially they are worried about what she is getting at here. they are worried she will be able to either sway moderate republicans, if not in her direction, away from donald trump. that is coming from people in your party. >> sure, sure, i have seen that. i heard that, but i heard it on the democratic side as well. people are not overthrilled with him. we heard from a dec chairman
2:22 pm
today that they will support donald trump. there is turmoil on both sides. >> but you heard the speech, you heard her say all of the negative thipgss, she just quoted him a lot of times. she characterized things he said in the mapast, did she his represent his words? >> she parsed words? >> what part? >> with the e-mail scandals -- >> no, when she described, you said she parsed, how did she parse his words. >> saying, sure, saying he is taking over the republican party and turning it it -- >> you said she parsed his words. which of his words did she parse. >> saying that he is taken over the republican party. >> that's her words, her characterization of something. she repeatedly said you talked about things he said, and you're
2:23 pm
saying he is parsing his words, how is she parsing his words. >> saying he is running on bigotry, hatred, fear mongering. i see that on both sides and unfortunately our country and the people of america deserve better than that. let's focus on the issues. we have navy vessels in the persian golf that is threatening the people in the military because of the president's foreign policies that have shown a weakness and a lack of leadership. that is the problem we have now. the world is on fire, and the american people are ready to move on to the next chapter and let's start solving the problems for this country. >> all right, congressman yoho, thank you for taking the time to talk with us. i will speak with respective gregory meeks who is a hillary clinton supporter. and we're getting breaking news
2:24 pm
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breaking news now, donald trump just sat down with anderson cooper for an exclusive reaction to hillary clinton's speech. >> you called hillary clinton last night a bigot. you directly called her -- >> she is, if you look at what is happening to the inner
2:29 pm
cities, african-americans, hispanics, she talks all of the time, she said the vets are essentially just fine. >> how is she a bigot? >> she is selling them down the tubes, not doing anything for those communities. >> you're saying she has hatred or -- >> her policies are bigoted. >> you're saying she is bigoted. >> yes, because her policies and others that believe like she does also. she came out with policies over the years. over the years, a long time, totally bigoted. >> but does she have hatred towards -- >> i think she has been extremely extremely bad for african-americans, extremely bad for hispanics. you look at what happens with her policies and the policies of president obama and others. look at the poverty, the rise in
2:30 pm
poverty. the rise in violence. >> but hatred is at the core of that? >> maybe she is lazy. >> watch the whole interview on "anderson cooper" tonight on cnn. you don't want to miss it. "ac 360" here on cnn. let's go live now to jason carroll who was with donald trump today on the campaign trail. at a rally, right before trump spoke with anderson cooper. jason, what has his message been on the stral? >> one part of the message getting through to some who came out today, they were shouting in the rally referring to hillary clinton as a bigot. you could hear that during the rally today. trump for his part flat out told the crowd that look, he said i am not running a racist campaign. he said what hillary clinton is doing by attacking me, he said is a "brazen attempt at
2:31 pm
distraction." >> trump fighting back against claims by hillary clinton that he is running a racist campaign. >> democratic policies fail, they're left with only this one tired argument. you're racist, you're racist, you're racist. >> and trump continuing to talk tough on immigration. >> if you want strong border website so that people come into our country, but they come in legally through a legal process, that doesn't make you a racist. it makes you smart. >> trump now signaling he may be reconsidering his pledge to deport all of the estimating 11 million undocumented immigrants currently in the united states. >> no citizenship.
2:32 pm
>> it is an approach that maligns trump with some of his former rivals. >> we're not going to throw them out. >> there ought to be a path to earn legal status. >> back then, they were frequent targets of trump's relentless attacks on their immigration views. >> bush is weak on immigration. >> he criticized on his new attack. >> all of the things he railed against he is morphing into. trump drew a hard line when it came to those coming into the country illegally saying he will deport them. his campaign saying there was no shift in his position. >> i assure you nothing has changed in terms of policies. he is not for amnesty. >> trump's new approach comes as he held a round table today with hispanic and african-american fellows from the republican leadership institute, part of his continued outreach to
2:33 pm
american voters. >> a very important part of the message for me is the voter who is have been let down. >> the meeting comes on the heels of trump's attacks on clinton for her commitment to minority voters. >> she is a big got who sees people of color only as votes, not as human beings. >> so, brianna, what we're hearing on both side social security a lot of na-- sides is name calling. they say no more name calling. what we want to hear is more debate over policy, as you know, trump expected to give his policy speech on on him
2:34 pm
graduation ne immigration next week. you heard that, david, and the question i have is -- what is donald trump's point when he says that hillary clinton is a b bigot. it seems like he was struggling to pinpoint a policy that would have been a very effective way to make his point. >> he says broad based, her policies in general for decades. he said what is interesting to sme that he didn't use the word bigot in his remarks today in new hampshire. that seemed like a deliberate choice to me. and he doubled down on it, stuck with it, and didn't walk away from it at all. his argument is, and this is an argument we heard from newt gingrich and other conservatives over the years, rand paul tried to make this point early in his
2:35 pm
career. many of the policies that they have made for a better life, but i think that without the specifics, i think it just does not help his argument because it is just so broad and vague. >> and what you i did? >> it is a schoolyard taunt. look, this is not a new debate, right? george w. bush had a famous line, the soft bigotry of low expectations. he thought it would help minority communities more than what democrats were offering. those tougher on crime say that will help underserved neighbor that's have higher crime rates, right? you can make a policy case that has racial implications of why conservative ideals are better than others.
2:36 pm
so, again with trump, he would be a lot better candidate if he got specific and talked about detailed policies. >> we're still seeing him struggle to stick to something. if he didn't say bigot before, and then he doubles down, it seems like he is taking himself off message a little bit. >> a little bit. >> he does this frequently. >> many times before. i feel like trying to understand him from a messages perfective, a policy perspective, any political perspective is like playing whack a mole. you hit one on the head, you think you have to down and another one pops up in a different place, and you're constantly on the run and chasing things down. but donald trump, there is no clarity in terms of messaging or policy. maybe in some senses that has been to his advantage. no one can say with any sort of
2:37 pm
definitiveness what he believes. people can make of him whatever they want. on the other side, that is very negative because he is trying to prove to people he is qualified to be president, he has the experience, and his policy prescriptions are best for the country. if people don't know what the policy prescriptions are, that is a problem. >> we're hoping to find out what they are when it comes to immigration because he is expected to unveil in his speech today, and it seems unclear where he is other than it seems like he soften on some things, like he will perhaps describe something that others consider amnesty, but he will try to characterize -- what he he say? it's not amnesty as such. >> right, and this goes to the heart of the debate in the republican party for a decade now. what is amnesty. it is such a dirty word, even
2:38 pm
though ronald reagan did it. he let people stay, but with regard to this debate, last night, no question, that donald trump left a very strong impression that he was changing the part of his primary immigration policy which it was to take everybody and deport them, but let the good ones in in his words, and to say now maybe he would not force the good ones, the people that had not committed any crimes, to leave. the question is what are the details of that. is it "touchback" which is something that had been debated as bipartisan members of congress were trying to get this through capitol hill. telling someone undocumented to go touch the border and come back. she in a box here. he understands that.
2:39 pm
his campaign understands that, and they're trying to figure out the best way to walk the line policy wise. >> short of delivering on what he promised, which is impossible, documenting 11 million immigrants, it is a logistical impossibility, how -- >> watching him back into this amnesty position in the last few days as he talked about it, talked outloud in public, he second-degree reading what everyone is realizing. you only have two options, you have trump's original plan. everyone leaves, and everyone that looked at that and says it's impossible, and you have a mix of the good ones stay, but
2:40 pm
once you're saying anyone that got here illegally stays, you're in the world of amnesty. because by definition, if you came here illegally, you committed a crime. >> thank you all so much. and don't forget that donald trump joining anderson cooper tonight on cnn. don't miss this interview. donald trump on "ac 360" at 8:00 p.m. eastern. coming up, kim jong-un is claiming his greatest victory. we'll take a look at the dictator as he watched the operation. the u.s. navy says they fired warning shots at a vessel that was harassing american ships, we'll have the details.
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see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. sfwlmpl tonight a behind the scenes look of dictator kim jong-un. what can you tell us about this launch? >> they believe it is their most effective tool yet for a twhaep can deliver a nuclear warhead to the united states. and these images show how confident, perhaps cocky, he is. >> tonight, kim jong-un's face says it all. mission accomplished.
2:46 pm
pictures of him as he rarely allows the world to see. smiling, clapping, and hugging his officers. a weapon that kim says put the u.s. and it's allies within striking range of a nuclear attack. kim called days before the launch, his greatest success and victory. in the new images, he appears full of bluster. confident that he perfected missile tonig missile technology that he says puts north korea at the front rank of military powers. the news boasted what they claimed was a perfectly technical launch. analysts believe the missile travelled more than 300 miles, further than any previous attempt. meaning it can strike anywhere in south korea, home to 50 million people, and some 25,000
2:47 pm
american troops. the latest launch as the u.s. and south korean forces engage in annual military exercises, similar to these in the spring. pyongyang used the drills as a direct provocation. >> looking at north korea's capabilities, their development programs for weapons of mass destruction, and their delivery systems. the rhetoric that comes out of pyongyang, their objectives are clear. >> north korean weapon's develop continues at a breakneck pace. >> they will allocate resources from other areas and devote it to missile and nuclear programs. >> after a serious of failures, including a botched launch last month, north korean officers are seen sobbing, falling to their knees, tears of joy or perhaps relief after finally giving their supreme leader the missile
2:48 pm
he wants to threaten the country he sees as his number one enemy, the united states. >> when i was in north korea back in may, they said they would rather go hungry than slow the development of their weapons and missile development. and it gives a sense of urgency to the u.s. mission to deployed missile defense system to protect the people and the military assets here in south korea. >> thank you so much. coming up, trading bashes on the campaign trail, hillary clinton says donald trump is taking hate groups main stream. trump says clinton is taking minority voters for granted. we'll bring you the latest at a confrontation between american and iranian naval vessels. reaching a dangerous breaking point. you tell your insurance company they made a mistake.
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fired three warning shots in an iranian patrol boat after it harassed american warships in the persian gulf. this is filled with close calls in the region including this video described as a high speed maneuver. let's get an update from our pentagon correspondent, barbara starr. what are you learning? >> that video on tuesday and then just yesterday, three separate risky encounters with the iranian navy at the north end of the persian gulf. the iranians harassed two small navy patrol craft, circling
2:54 pm
around them. at one point coming within 200 yards at the northern end of the gulf. the navy ships tried to call the iranians. they sounded alarms. they had a brief bridge to bridge call. no backing off by the iranians and one of the ships fired three warning shots to get the iranians attention and make them back off. >> we're seeing this happening at the same time you have close encounters between the u.s. and iran near the strait of hormuz. what could the escalated tensions lead to. that's the concern. go back to that original video from tuesday. these kinds of high speed encounters where you literally see the iranians look like they on a collision course with the u.s. navy. this is the big concern. this is very narrow waters and when you're operating that close and at that speed, the concern is that on one side or the other, there will be a miscalculation and some incident
2:55 pm
will occur. this is what the u.s. by sounding alarms, putting flares into the water, putting out warning shots is trying to avoid. they don't want to see a miscalculation. >> there's very little room for error. thank you so much for that report. coming up, we have breaking news. hillary clinton ties donald trump to white supremacists and is taking hate groups mainstream. she says the campaign is built on prejudice and paranoia. trump says clinton is painting his supporters as racist and he tells cnn that clinton is a bigot. get back to great. sixteen gig lexar flash drives just three ninety-nine. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. marcopolo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! sì? polo!
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breaking news, bluster and bigotry. hillary clinton accuses donald trump of embracing the racist and extremist fringe, urging voters to reject his prejudice. can clinton change the conversation after days of being on the defensive. trump claims clinton is trying to smear his supporters high pressure he's defending his claim that clinton is a bigot in a brand new cnn interview. immigration his way. trump is going farther and signaling a major shift on his stance even as his campaign manger denies any change. is trump starting to sound like his former republican rivals. the u.s. responds to another high risk encounter at sea that's raising military tensions right now. we want to welcome our viewers
3:01 pm
in the united states and around the world. wolf blitzer is off today. i'm brianna keilar. you're in "the situation room." breaking news in the presidential race. hillary clinton warning voters that donald trump is giving racist and paranoid fringe groups a national megaphone. clinton accusing trump of stoking hate and resentiment. his details him to nationalists and extremist groups. saving some of the national attacks for steve bannon. trump is offering his first reaction. he's refusing to back down from his charge that clinton is a quote, bigot, arguing she knows her policy will not help minority voters. trump denied he or his supporters are racist and accused clinton of trying to
3:02 pm
smear them. trump blasted what he calls clinton's lies and deception. calling her e-mail controversial watergate all over again. also breaking, u.s. officials say iran is escalatie iniing mi tensions. we're learning about three new close encounters at sea. the most dangerous incident prompting the u.s. navy to fire warning shots. i'll talk about the 2016 campaign and allegations of racism with democratic congressman gregory meeks. our correspondents, analysts and guests are standing by. first to pamela brown. she is covering hillary clinton's speech today. >> on the heels of a rocky week, hillary clinton warned voters that donald trump is not a conservative or republican. she says that he is practicing a different kind of politics that's driving a wedge between americans. >> thank you. >> hillary clinton taking direct aim at donald trump.
3:03 pm
>> from the start, donald trump has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. he is taken hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over the republican party. >> slamming him for embracing what she says are extremists and divisive use steeped in white nationalism and anti-semitism. >> the names may have changed. racist call themselves racialists. white supremists now call themselves white nationalists. the paranoid fringe calls itself alt-right. the hate burns just as bright. now trump is trying to brand himself. don't be fooled. >> clinton portrayed herself as someone who wants everyone to have a role in the future. >> every day more americans are standing up and saying enough is
3:04 pm
enough, including a lot of republicans. i'm honored to have their support in this campaign. >> questioning the line trump has been using as part of his outreach to african-american and hispanic voters. what do you have to lose? >> it really does take a lot of nerve to ask people he's ignored and mistreated for decades, what do you have to lose? was a the answer is everything. >> in new hampshire today, donald trump offered a response to clinton's take down. >> she lies and she smears and she paints decent americans, you, as racists. she bullies voters who only want a better future and tries to intimidate them out of voting for a change. i'm for change. >> he also accused clinton of pay to play practices during her
3:05 pm
time as secretary of state. >> what is being uncovered now is one of the most shocking scandals in american political history. it's watergate all over again. >> clinton defended the work of the foundation during an interview with cnn wednesday night. >> what trump has said is ridiculous. my work as secretary of state was not influenced by any outside forces. i made policy decisions based on what i thought was right to keep americans safe and protect u.s. interests abroad. i know there's a lot of smoke and there's no fire. >> she admitted she ered in using a private e-mail server saying she was not trying to make excuses for her decision. >> when i try to explain what happened, it can sound like i'm trying to excuse what i did. there are no excuses. i want people to know that the decision to have a single e-mail account was mine. i came responsibility for it. i've apologized for it.
3:06 pm
i would do differently if i could. >> during her speech, clinton also mentioned prominent republicans such as bob doyle and george w. bush saying they are politicians who practice inclusiveness to draw a stark contrast to donald trump and reach across the aisle to those republicans still on the fence. >> thank you so much. let's talk more about clinton's new line of attack against trump. jeff was at the rally today. >> this was a different speech than wefr heard her give before. she's give an litany of speeches questioning his fitness for office, temperament and policy views. this went something farther deeper than she's gone talking about what he truly believes in and forces voters, urging them to think about what they believe of race in america. let's listen. >> there's always been a paranoid fringe in our politics.
3:07 pm
a lot of it arising from racial resentiment, but it's never had the nominee of a major party stoking it, encouraging it and giving it a national megaphone until now. >> she said that republicanism has never been like this and conservative has never been like this. she's trying to reach out to those voters in the middle who don't like what donald trump is saying, some of those republican voters. the challenge for hillary clinton is she's not a credible messenger with some of those voters. she has issues of her own on honesty, trustworthiness and other things. we'll have to see how this speech settles in to voters at large. democrats loved what they heard. still, those voters in the middle, quite frankly, are dissatisfied with both of their choices. >> are their ears even open to it? we shall see. thank you. earlier we got reaction to hillary clinton speech from
3:08 pm
republican congressman. now let's hear from a democrat. i want to ask you first, we heard donald trump just a short time ago sitting down with anderson cooper. we got a little bit of a preview of this interview. i want to play this for you and we'll discuss it. >> okay. >> you call last night hillary clinton a bigot. you directly called her a bigot. >> she is. you look at what's happening to the inner cities and to african-americans and hispanics in this country where she talks all the time. look at the vets where she said the vets are being treated just fine. that it's overexaggerated what's happening to the vets. >> how is she bigots? >> she's selling them down the tubes. she's not doing anything for the communities. she talks a good game.
3:09 pm
>> she has hatred? >> her policies are bigoted because she knows they're not work. >> you're saying she's personally bigoted? >> she is. it's her policy. others that believe like she does also. she came out with policies over the years. this is over the years. >> it doesn't apply -- she has hatred, i guess toward african-americans. >> she's been extremely bad for african-americans. i think she's been extremely bad for hispanics. you look at what's happened with her policies and the policies of president obama and others, look at the poverty. look at the rise in poverty. look at the rise in violence. >> hatred is at the core of that? >> i don't know. maybe she's lazy. >> what is your reaction to that? >> pathetic. he's a cheap con man. he conned the republican party into the nomination. he's not going to con
3:10 pm
african-americans into thinking he's for african-americans. his record, his own voice speaks for itself. when you talk about who bigoted, he started out even running his campaign by denying the first african-american president. trying to say he was not an african-american. i can guarantee you, not in america, i can guarantee you if he was not african-american, he would have never had the birther situation. guarantee it. it's because of barack obama happened to be african-american. he talked about taking our country back. back from who? you have the first african-american president so he's saying take it back, claiming that african-american now because we have this president, we need to take the country back. it's his word. it's the code words. he initially tried to say he did not know who david duke was. he talked about mexicans that they are criminals and rapists. he talked about an american citizen who happened to be a
3:11 pm
jurist that he couldn't do his job because he's mexican. this is not what i'm saying. as a result, this is his words. there are many republicans who don't want anything to do with him. that's why at the republican convention you didn't see many republicans who are in elected office or positions of responsibility even go to the republican convention because they did not want to be associated with those bigoted remarks that came out of the mouth of donald trump. if it looks like a duck, quacked like a duck, it is a duck and that's donald trump. >> he's been attempting to reach out to african-american voters recently, speaking directly to them. maybe not before them but to them on camera. one of the things he's saying is look at certain cities. baltimore, for instance. he says democrats have been in charge of governing these cities and yet they are still facing
3:12 pm
tremendous challenges. there needs to be change. what do you say to that? there are some cities where democrats are governing and there's still just tremendous issues. >> donald trump is a con man. donald trump has no policies -- >> what do you say to that point? >> i'm going to get to it. he's not the messenger because he's not talking to blacks. that's why he's not before any communities of color when he talks. there are poor appalachian communities that are governed by republicans and they are still poor. we have to figure out how to resolve this together. that's what hillary clinton talking about. we're better together. we have poverty and crime in all
3:13 pm
parts of america. we can look at the areas where there's been poverty so we can fix it. this is something that hillary clinton has embraced. government moves slow. you're talking about equity disparity and equity as far as income disparity. well, look, in the '90s, under the clinton administration, income disparity was becoming closer and closer. it's the 2000s, not when democrats were in control. when republicans were in control that we had the 2008 crisis that caused the greatest disparity that we had in the african-american community. >> we did see some of the things happen in the clinton administration did lead to that. >> not income disparities. you can talk about the -- >> the financial crash is what i'm talking about. i hear what you're saying about the earnings gap. >> even the financial crash.
3:14 pm
it was those who put in place by republican administration to oversee it. >> i will say it was bill clinton who signed into law the deregulation of those securities that led to the crash. i want to ask you about something we have been hearing people say. they say this is cynical that she did this today. she's been struggling with real questions about the clinton foundation. very reasonable concerns that people have about it. this was her trying to change the subject. >> listen, to me, when you look at the clinton foundation, number one, it's a five-star foundation. if you talk to any impartial individual that talk about the clinton foundation and what it does to save the lives of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people, it is by far the standard that they would like a number of other foundations to follow. the clinton foundation is not
3:15 pm
about the clintons putting any money in their pockets. donald trump has only been about putting money in his pocket and his family's pocket. >> it's not the disputing of the good works. even with acknowledging that the clinton foundation has done many good thing, the issue is the conflict of interest. that's really the issue here. there are real questions about that. >> there's not been any -- >> or an appearance of a conflict of interest, which is you know is very important. >> you can make up smoke or make up anything that you want to make up. i've heard donald trump say that the worst network on television is cnn. it's garbage. we know you do good work. he's talked about sometimes the ban the cnn camera. it's garbage what he puts out there. put it out there about this network and other networks and newscasters and putting it out there about hillary clinton. it's the same garbage the same way. >> i do have to get in a quick
3:16 pm
break. i'll have you stand by for me. thank you so much. we have much more to discuss, ahead. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
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and crunchy flakes. good things come together to make one great thing. great grains. why be good when you can be great? we're back with breaking news, donald trump defending his charge that hillary clinton is a bigot. he's been working all day to counter her allegations that he's making hate groups mainstream. let's get more on trump's message. >> donald trump knew exactly what hillary clinton was going to be talking about today and he just so happened to have a speech right before her speech. he used that speech to try and
3:21 pm
pre-but what she was going to say and turn everything onto clinton. tonight donald trump attempting to get out in front of hillary clinton on race. just moments before clinton attacked trump's campaign on the issue, trump attempting to turn the tables. >> she lies. she lies and she smears, and she paints decent americans, you, as racists. she bully voters who only want a better future and tries to intimidate them out of voting for a change. i'm for change. she doesn't want change. >> reporter: the gop nominee also stepping up his outreach to minority voters hosting a roundtable with black and latino voters. this coming after trump deployed this harsh critique of his
3:22 pm
opponent overnight. >> hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color oomp are o only as votes, not as human beingings. >> reporter: the comments even appearing to shock this woman sitting behind him. even as trump tries to rebrand hillary clinton, he's facing questions about a defining piece of his own brand, immigration. today, trump pledged a strong immigration policy. >> first of all, we have no choice. >> reporter: overnight he appeared to be softened his hard line stance. one that fueled his rise. >> they'll have to pay taxes. there's no amnesty as such. there's no amnesty. we work with them. okay. when i look at the rooms and i
3:23 pm
have this all over, everybody agrees we get the bad ones out. >> reporter: words that sound a lot like the competitor's he vanquished and ridiculed. >> bush is weak on immigration. >> reporter: rubio. >> weak on illegal immigration. like weak like a baby. >> reporter: in the gop primary. like marco rubio. >> we're not going to have amnesty. sanctuary city should lose their funding. >> reporter: or jeb bush. >> if they pay a fine, if they work, if they don't receive government assistance, if they learn english, over a period of time they can get legal status. >> reporter: it appears a long way from this earlier position on deportation. >> people that have come in illegally, they have to go. >> reporter: trump advisors insist there's no change at all. >> trying to find a way to explain -- for donald trump to articulate a complex issue and
3:24 pm
how he feels about it. i assure you nothing has changed in terms of the policies. >> reporter: trump's shift getting called out today by jeb bush. >> all the things he railed against, he seems to be morphing into. >> reporter: as well as from hillary clinton. >> somebody has told him, i guess the latest people that he's consulting, how damaging his statements have been, how terrible his deportation plan is. >> reporter: it now appears we have another twist in the donald trump immigration policy story. take a listen to what he told anderson cooper a little bit ago in his exclusive interview. >> if they haven't committed a crime, is there going to be a path to legalization. i'm talking about citizenship. >> there's no path to legalization unless people leave the country. when they come back in, they can start paying taxes.
3:25 pm
>> they still have to leave. >> there's no path to legalization unless they levave the country and come back. >> reporter: a statement that looks an awful lot different than what he told sean hannity last night. >> well put. thank you so much. let's bring in our political experts to talk about this. wow. donald trump will say that your head is going to spin. truly, this is a time where it is in a way. this is completely different from what he said yesterday. >> it is. we should make clear, he hasn't rolled out the immigration policy that he's going to run on in the fall election. this is bait like trying to pin jell-o to the wall. we don't know where he's going to land. what we're seeing is somebody going through a very public searching of trying to alter his policy to get to a place where he thinks he'll be able to win over a broader swath of voters. it was quite clear to me, i don't know how you felt but listening to him this week, especially last night with sean
3:26 pm
hannity, he was very open to the possibility of some quote, unquote, good ones. people that have been here for 20 years and have family ties to stay in the country. bay back taxes which he says would eradicate the need to call it amnesty but -- >> although many conservatives would disagree. >> this is what he was saying last night, to my ear, is he was opening to that. today, saying you have to go back to your country first. that's back to where he was in the nomination season. >> this is what you would expect the candidate to do six months ago, eight months ago before they get into the race, hammer this stuff out. the problem is she has now eight months of public statements and the clinton campaign is dealing with candidate who has nothing on paper. they can make his immigration policy whatever they want it to be. they will continue to make it about deportations for as long as they possible can. by the looking of it, this isn't being hammered out any time
3:27 pm
soon. could be quite some time. >> we think we'll hear about this next week, right? >> i think they want to stall this out and see hold up it plays out. >> these are all trial balloons. >> got to be. earlier this week he walked up as close as he could to the line of saying amnesty without using the word but in last couple of days, he's kind of losing ann coulter. now i think someone is in his ear saying he's got to reel it back. people may be able to get legalization but they'll have to leave the country first. >> what it looked like earlier is he was learning about immigration realtime, publicly. he seemed astonished by the fact. her book came out and said the only thing that would drive trump supporters. when that didn't work out,ic he
3:28 pm
had sort of a heart attack publicly. >> it would be changing his mind on the thing he built his campaign on. >> he used the word himself, his own word was softening. i can't point to what is the softening he thought he was referring to if his position is back to deporting everybody first. >> it's going to be difficult to stop trump from wanting to do the thing that got him here. >> exactly. wanting to do what trump wants to do. let trump be trump. standby. we have much more to discuss and much more from donald trump tonight right here on cnn. you'll be able to see in its entirety his new interview with anderson cooper. check that out 8:00 p.m. eastern on ac 360. did hillary clinton camp's go too far with a new video tieing trump to the klan? the trump campaign calling it repulsive. more with our political team after the break.
3:29 pm
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we're back now with our political team and the breaking news. hillary clinton trying to tie donald trump to white supremacists and extremist groups in her new speech. she says trump's real message is make america hate again. we'll talk about that in just a moment. we're also going to talk about immigration because we're learning that donald trump appears to maybe be signaling
3:34 pm
that he's actually not softening on his immigration stance from something he just told anderson cooper. we'll hear the full interview at 8:00 p.m. this is something he said. no pathway. in this case, he's going kind of back and forth. there doesn't seem toll be thi cohesive idea of what he's going to do. does he run the risk of confusing people and losing them in the process where he doesn't seem he's decisive? >> i think he's a touch confused. in the clip you played before the break he told anderson no path to legalization. that's not the same as path to citizenship even though the two phrases get interchanged a lot. there are some conservatives who have been following this issue where the demarcation line between legalization, letting people stay here, have amnesty and a path to citizenship is a very important distinction. >> meaning you can get out of the country if you're hear undocumented and there could be a path to citizenship coming
3:35 pm
back. is that what you mean? >> legalization is able to work and live here. citizenship -- >> without leaving. >> or with leaving. citizenship going through the naturalization process. we think of people getting to the point where they can be naturalized. he hasn't made that distinction. >> in this interview with anderson cooper is that everybody has to leave. the only way, if i understand him correctly, the only way he sees an opportunity for somebody who is here in an undocumented manner now is leave the country and then come back. we don't have what the process would be to come back and obtain legal status. >> then what is the outstanding question then. if you leave, do you get to go to the front of the line? do you go to the back of the line? >> not only that, how are you leaving?
3:36 pm
>> that's a lot of people. >> is he going to ask them, force them? are they going to leave on their own? he didn't really answer them in the clip that you played earlier. also, i think he left a lot of open space for interpretation. i thought the biggest thing that donald trump did in that clip was actually soften his demeanor on this issue. when i talk to republican pollster earlier this week, that's one of the things they talk about. voters are on edge about his crassness and the way he's gone at issues in a very aggressive manner. the way he talked about immigration, as we just saw, was sort of leaning toward what might be a policy. they're going to leave in some way. they're going to come back. they're going to have some sort of legal status. we don't know what the details are. that's the difference between him saying that and saying operation wetback was great thing and we should do that. >> how do you soften and that's almost burned into the minds of
3:37 pm
so many people between build the wall and they got to go. >> it's an impossible position for him now because so many people love him because he's based his entire candidacy on being so harsh on this issue. i think the problem is that we're putting more thought into trump's policy right now than he seems to have. it's getting very late. he doesn't have too much time left. i don't think he can be out there waffling like this for much longer. >> what does this mean for -- we're not too far away from the debate. what does this mean he's trying to solidify his policies? how is that going to look when he has to stand there and be aauthoritative about them and make it seem like this is something he knows forward and back ward. >> i think he will try to soften his demeanor and say we're going to do this humanely and make a distinction between people who have committed crimes and people
3:38 pm
who are hard working immigrants. either there are two ways to bring people out of the shadows. either you offer them way to become legalized or you round them up. that's the reality. >> what that would require, he hasn't gotten to the logistics of that. it would be all hands on deck. we wouldn't be able to do anything in this country. >> can he lose people? there are people so committed to him, but if he does appear to be adjusting, do they see that as -- are they open to him making the case about why he would be retooling a central pillar of his campaign or do they suddenly say this isn't the guy that i thought he was? >> this is real concern for him. so much of his base is with him because they feel like he's defying the system. if he starts to look like he's caving to it, becoming a little more like his former republican opponents, i think there's real
3:39 pm
concern that will be a problem. furthermore, the shifts that he can make at this late stage in this game will only do so much to help him and will only do so much to help him with republicans. there are many republicans who are not comfortable with his position on immigration and they might give him a second look but they might not because this inconsistency is seen as something they cannot rely on. it's very unclear how this will work out for them. come the debate, hillary clinton's job number one will be to remind people over and over again that trump has said up until this point. >> his supporters, his loyalists are as committed as i've ever seen in politics. there is a cult of personality around him and they buy into wholeheartedly this notion of being defiant of the system that he probably has greater flexibility among his supporters to move a little bit around
3:40 pm
without some massive backlash that can peel them away in big numbers. >> i think on every other issue but this one. i think it's an important distinction. i don't want to overstate how important ann coulter but she has an entire book about supporting trump. she says this is the one issue his supporters would not be okay with him changing his mind on. the fact he's doing it is showing such an arrogance of how loyal his supporters are. >> are they loyal to donald trump or ann coulter? we have much more to kus because this race devolved into some name calling today. we'll discuss that again or ahead. donald trump calling hillary clinton a bigot. doubling down on that. hillary clinton trying to tie donald trump to some of his most extreme supporters. we'll be back with the panel after this.
3:41 pm
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we're back with our political team and more on donald trump's shifting stance on immigration and hillary clinton's speech today where you heard her detailing in donald trump's words links that he has to the alt-right. she's trying to paint donald trump with the same brush as his most extreme supporters and it
3:46 pm
seems it's not uplifting but this whole cycle today kind of gets boiled down to name calling. >> he was calling her a criminal and crooked and she was calling him racist. there was no sort of like america, set your eyes to the horizon and look where i will lead you. that is sort of missing from this campaign overall. i do think hillary clinton's argument, obviously, was aimed completely now after trying to disqualify him and will continue to do so but after laying the predicate to disqualify him as having the wrong temperament for the job and not the right person to have the finger on the button, she's adding this slice that he's completely outside the mainstream of american politics. even folks in the middle who may not be my supporters, listen up, this is something who is outside the mainstream in politics and is embracing language, associating language that should not be part of somebody seeking the highest office in the land.
tv-commercial tv-commercial
3:47 pm
>> when i talk to some republican voters just normal people going to the ballot box, a lot of what they say is they're worried my friends will think i'm racist because of trump. that's real thing among people who vote republican, voted more romney, mccain. they're concerned about the perception. that's what she was speaking to. she wanted to lay out the ground work, let them understand they can walk away from that. she didn't necessarily ask them to walk toward her. that was notably missing. >> maybe she realized that might be a bit much to ask. >> republicans don't need to. i think it works both to her benefit if republicans stay at home and if they vote for her. >> look at this ad. she's also out with an ad. i'm going to let it speak for itself. >> the reason a lot of klan
3:48 pm
members like donald trump is because a lot of what he believes in, we believe in. donald trump will be best for the job. >> for president? >> yeah. >> i'm farmer and white nationalist. support donald trump. >> sending out all the illegal, building a wall and moratorium on islamic immigration. that's appealing to a lot of ordinary white people. >> running against donald trump is treason to your heritage. >> will you condemn david duke and say you don't want his vote or that of other white supremists in. >> i don't know anything about white supremacists. >> chuck bannon is his new campaign ceo. he's known for breitbart news. it has become a field day for the alt-right that's racist and all the other ists. >> dressed up in suits version of the neo nazi and white
3:49 pm
supre supreme assists movement. >> a lot of what he believe, we believe in. >> to be clear, that's not an ad. it's a web video playing online. is this effective? what do people who see this think. does this change who they're going to vote for? >> i think the video is okay. i'm in the that's the most effective message. the most effective message against donald trump is his own statements, not the other people who he is affiliated with. the average person isn't thinking about the alt-right or steve bannon. i thought he speech was not a game changer but effective. he got persuadable voters on her side a little bit more saying, look, there's a difference between me and donald trump and here it is. >> seemed like she was building on some other speeches we have seen her give. normally you watch a candidate
3:50 pm
and they twist the words. you have to fact check and you find out it's half the truth. one of the issues i noticed is she just used his words or paraphrased in a pretty accurate way characterizing some of the things he said. i asked a who said she was parsing his words. where is she parsing his words to point something out that was not true. he couldn't do it. that's a big problem for donald trump. >> what is a problem for donald trump and usually i would say it's unfair to blame a candidate for his supporters and he's constantly engaging with these people. she mentioned it today. she's tweeting white nationalists and i thought her tone was very different today. she was quieter. her voice was lower. she sounded genuinely frightened by what she was talking about, and i think if you're at home
3:51 pm
watching that speech, this is not something you care about day to day, and you don't know who steve bannon is, i still think that message would get across to you. >> the speech she gave today or in san diego different from her other ones and i think sometimes she's speaking sometimes in platitudes. i think she believes what she's saying, but it's just not quite as anchored to something that she believes, like, in her core. do you know what i mean? you get a sense that someone is connecting to what they're saying and in a speech like today or in san diego, you get the sense that she feels wholeheartedly every word and it's not just a platitude. and there was a sobriety to her speech. i just thought it was -- she was as serious as a heart attack, and i think she was really trying to raise the stakes for people. listen, you're getting to that labor day moment and we're getting to nah focus moments and most americans do not watch donald trump or hillary clinton speeches in their entirety like they do. they see the coverage of it and
3:52 pm
a snippet of it, and no matter what clip you're going to see from her, you're going to see someone who is trying to raise the stakes for americans in this election. >> thank you guys so much. you've been so generous with your time and an expert know pael of political reporters. we do appreciate it so much. anderson cooper will press donald trump on many of these key issues and you've seen little bits of it and the interview in its entirety with the presidential nominee is coming up at 8:00 eastern tonight check that out on "ac 360" and just ahead, a u.s. navy vessel fired warning shots at an iranian patrol boat and u.s. officials says it was harassing the americans and it was a high-speed interseintersent of american destroyer. what's iran up to?
3:53 pm
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we're following breaking news. dangerous maneuvers by iran threatening navy vessels for the second day this week and this time warning shots were fired. our pentagon correspondent barbara starr is here with details. this is pretty alarming, barbara. what are you learning? >> geepg, brianna. it is. the u.s. forced to fire warning shots at the iranians amid the rising tensions just one day after an initial high-risken counter at sea. >> appears to be unsafe. >> reporter: all boats you see here are iranian revolutionary guard corps vessels approaching at a high speed and apparently on a collision course in the strait of hormuz. this is shot from the uss nhtsa. it warned the iranians with horns and flares to back off. >> weapons uncovered.
3:58 pm
>> but at least two of the iranian boats kept approaching, coming within 300 yards, forcing the nhtsa to alter course tuesday. the iranian boats finally turning away. by wednesday, a significant rise in tensions. revolutionary guard corps boats harassing and endangering u.s. navy vessels three times in 24 hours. the most dangerous resulting in the u.s. navy firing warning shots at the iranians. >> they did feel compelled ultimately to fire three warning shots and the reason for that is they had used steps that -- they'd taken stepsal ready to try to de-escalate the situation. >> it happened at the northern end of the persian gulf. an iranian fast boat like this approached two u.s. navy patrol craft. the uss tempest and uss squall. u.s. officials say the squall using its 50-caliber machine guns fired three warning shots into the water at the iranians.
3:59 pm
this after the iranian boat had circled around the u.s. vessels, at one point coming within 200 yards. the u.s. navy crews had fired warning flares. eventually the two sides had a short bridge to bridge conversation, but the warning shots fired when the iranians still did not back away. the two u.s. navy boat his been harassed earlier, then the uss stout also confronted iranian boats. the third tense incident on the high seas. >> the danger of miscalculation is very high. you do this enough and run the simulation enough times sooner or later someone will make a mistake. >> that is the worry, brianna. one side or the other will make a mistake and there will be a miscalculation and someone that no one wants to have. >> barbara starr at the pentagon. thank you so much for this report. stay with us for anderson
4:00 pm
cooper's new interview with donald trump on "ac 360." i'm brianna keilar, thank you for watching. "out front" with jim sciutto starts right now. out front next, breaking news, donald trump's immigration flip-flop tonight, is he flip-flopping again? plus hillary clinton unleashes a scathing attack tying trump to racists and tonight trump punches back right here on cnn. and more breaking news, two nuns found dead tonight. their killer still on the run. what's the motive? let's go "out front." >> good evening. i'm jim sciutto and out front tonight, breaking news. another stunning reversal from donald trump on immigration. just moments ago, trump appeared to flip-flop on his ira


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