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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  August 25, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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good evening. tonight our "360" exclusive interview with donald trump, his second major shift in the last 48 hours on the founding issue of his campaign, immigration policy. i asked him whether he stands behind the label that he had for hillary clinton, bigot. we begin, though, with her point by point attack on him today and the kind of bigotry that she says he stands for. jeff zeleny has that. >> reporter: hillary clinton
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opening a new blistering line of attack tonight against donald trump. >> he says he wants to make america great again, but more and more it seems as though his real message seems to be make america hate again. >> reporter: in reno, clinton going farther than she's gone before, painting trump as divisive, dangerous and radical. >> the last thing we need in the situation room is a loose cannon who can't tell the difference or doesn't care to between fact and fiction. and who buys so easily into racially tinged rumors. >> reporter: she said trump and his new advisers are peddling hate by embracing an alt-right philosophy linked to the white nationalist movement. >> this is not conservatism as we have known it. this is not republicanism as we have known it. >> reporter: campaigning in new hampshire today, trump said
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clinton was spreading smears and lies. >> i want you to remember these three words. shame on you. >> reporter: more than a full-throated take-down of her rival, clinton all but shamed republicans for aligning themselves with trump's rhetoric. >> this is a moment of reckoning for every republican dismayed at the party of lincoln has become the party of trump. >> reporter: she also take aim at steve bannon, the trump campaign's new ceo whose website breitbart news routinely publishes conspiracy theories and offers a racially tinged world view. >> a fringe element that has effectively taken over the republican party. >> reporter: as trump seems to be trying to moderate and soften his tone -- >> believe it or not i regret it. >> reporter: clinton is intent on reminding voters of his most controversial hits. >> now trump is trying to rebrand himself as well but don't be fooled. we know who trump is. >> reporter: the speech the
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latest in a series of efforts to undermine trump's perceived flaws. >> he's written a lot of books about business. they all seem to end at chapter 11. >> reporter: tonight she is extending a hand to skeptical republicans as she tries to lure them away from trump. >> every day more americans are standing up and saying enough is enough, including a lot of republicans, and i am honored to have their support in this campaign. >> you alluded to this. who was hillary clinton's target audience in this? >> reporter: she said it was a moment of reckoning for republicans so this was a rare speech where she was actually reaching out to republicans. democrats of course largely agree with her on this. this was not a speech designed to bring over people from the left, anyone who has questions about her. it was a speech aimed at people who are not comfortable necessarily with some of what donald trump has been saying.
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she of course talked about bob dole fondly, talked about george w. bush, talked about john mccain, gave instances how each of them had sort of embraced president obama in one respect, had dismissed hate in another respect, and she said donald trump simply isn't doing that. but she was also trying to change the subject from a rocky week that she has had on the campaign trail. the question is are republicans open to supporting her. some may be but the vast majority i believe certainly would not be. >> good point about her trying to change the subject certainly. jeff zeleny. back now with the panel. joined also by conservative talk show host dana laesch. good to have you on. what are you hearing from your listeners about donald trump on immigration? are they confused? seems like the panel here is confused. are they confused? >> they are. thanks for having me. i took calls all day on radio about this. people were a little confused. some were trying to come to grips with well, is this just him kind of pivoting and running a general election campaign as opposed to running a primary in
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a general. is this just him simply caving and copying jeb bush's immigration plan, marco rubio's immigration plan, all the immigration plans of everyone else. people are really confused. i think what they are waiting for, i think they are waiting to see what he actually says in terms of concrete steps besides general platitudes, besides saying we will send the bad ones back. okay, how are we going to do this. enforcing the laws we have. okay, name them. walk people down the path without taking them through the weeds. make it concise. i'm sure we can explain it to where people can understand. that's what they are waiting for. people are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt but are feeling incredibly uneasy right now. >> if he is backing away, if he is softening from the idea of all 11 million or however many undocumented immigrants are in the country, they all got to get out, deportation force, it will be done humanely and the good ones can get back in which is
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what he was saying during the primary. if he is backing away from that, do you think is that a danger? it's obviously a danger of losing some of his base. what are you hearing? >> i think the biggest danger right now to him is the longer that he takes to have a policy speech on this, the more he's allowing hillary clinton's reaction and the media reaction to write this for him. he's going to be reacting instead of introducing and setting policy with this. he did have deportation for 11 million people here illegally. he had deportation on the table. he talked, he's been on a cnn debate talking about deportation. if he's saying look, we are only going to take the bad ones out, then you had asked him too as well, are we talking about a pathway to legalization because there's a difference between legalization and whether or not someone is going to have the status of a citizen. and he didn't really get into the difference of that. he was talking about legalization, okay, does that mean voting in your local elections, does that mean you
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will give people the general vote because that's one of the things that in the gang of eight ted cruz was trying to amend and take away the voting process for that. it's really confusing. he's got to come out and this is what -- people are willing, people are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. i don't know how long that's going to last. but i will say this. i think the individuals that he was hoping to maybe loop in here, the people who were always about let's enforce the existing laws that we have, we are not going to be able to have a deportation force large enough to deport 11 million people, so let's talk about no voting rights and legalization status. i don't know if he acted quickly enough from what i heard from people today to loop those people in. >> got it. paul, you were tweeting about secretary clinton's speech today. >> manically. >> you were saying it was cutting but calm, certainly different than most of the stump speeches we have seen from her, frankly. >> right. >> the juxtaposition was also telling. donald trump was shouting at the teleprompter. then a few minutes later, hillary often shouts at the
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teleprompter, too, to tell you the truth. it's offputting. she was calm. this is hillary the lawyer. she laid out an indictment. she cited 13 specific times that she believes donald trump has acted in a racially biased way. she didn't just say oh, he's a bigot like trump. >> how much of this was just to get the topic off the clinton foundation, get the topic off the 15,000 e-mails? >> you always want to change the subject when you have bad news but she chose as her slogan stronger together. unity is one of her core values. it has always been. it was her first job out of school was working for the children's defense fund. she has always cared desperately about these issues. now she's up against a guy she thinks is terrible about this. quinnipiac poll came out today. the amateurs say head-to-head she's up ten. that's not important. the professionals are looking at a cross tab of college educated whites. no democrat has ever won college educated whites in the history of polling, ever. she's winning them by one. by one.
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just by one. but she's winning them. if donald trump can't win college educated whites, that's who she was talking to today, that's why she praised george w. bush and praised john mccain and praised bob dole and quoted paul ryan. she is reaching into the other side and pulling them over and it's very very effective. it is working in this poll. >> scottie? >> it's interesting you say the word unify. that's not what i heard from hillary. granted, she fed the meat you wanted but she insulted a huge group. in fact, what we consider to be the silent majority for the last two years have awoken. you look at that room, you look at angry people. i didn't see smiles and cheers as opposed to a trump rally. >> and frequent violence. >> no. there's no violence. there's more violence outside. >> somebody got punched out. >> more trump people have been assaulted than hillary clinton folks.
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let me point that out. by hillary clinton people. >> that's a bunch of hooey. >> no we saw last week in minnesota at a fund-raiser these people were assaulted. the problem is you look, hillary looked angry but she insulted. if you want to talk about unifying, she didn't unify. you look at the group that does read breitbart or the blaze, all these people, she insulted all of us right here today. by saying just because she does not like who she's running against, she called us all racist. she called us all bigot. that is what the he -- >> let him respond. >> do you agree that birth control makes women unattractive and crazy? that's a breitbart headline hillary cited today. do you agree with this? breitbart headline. hillary quoted today. would you rather your child have feminism or cancer? do you believe gabby giffords is the gun control movement's human shield? these are breitbart headlines she quoted. let me finish. let me finish. excuse me for talking while
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you're interrupting. so it's a legitimate question to say why would someone who publishes this kind of thing be selected to be the ceo of trump's campaign? he has a perfect right to publish it. i'm glad we have a free press. i really am. but why pick a guy like that? >> did you think it was smart for hillary clinton to bring up this alt-right thing? especially at this time because again, to points others have made, it has changed the topic from when you talk about clinton, away from the clinton foundation which has been a couple bad days for her? >> yes and no. i think it was, if i were running against someone, i would want to take off my -- i would want to get my opponent at the knees no matter how. so she brought that up as a way, i do think she in a way kind of, she didn't really emphasize the difference between conservatives and the alt-right. i didn't like how she was positioning herself as the savior of the republican party because if memory calls, she actually identified republicans as enemies in her interview with you not too long ago. but when she's trying to paint trump with the alt-right, i think it was a bad choice to have bannon on. i like kellyanne conway. steve bannon comes with a lot of baggage and this is some of the baggage he comes with.
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and it isn't representative of all conservatives or all republicans, though. here's where i think it's a bad idea for her to do so. she just opened the door wide open to herself. everyone's already -- i already heard it discussed just on your program this evening someone bringing up the fact she had once called robert burg her friend and mentor. let's not forget when bill clinton frequented an all white golf course in arkansas and didn't stop going until he was busted. there's a ton of stuff there i don't think she wants to rehash. she kind of opened the door on herself going down this road. we will see how that pans out. >> got to take a break. lot more to talk about including a question for clinton supporters. any of the controversy surrounding her giving them second thoughts. later, our exclusive 360 interview with donald trump. this is shaving. blades here, blades mo. whoa! that's not a blade. this is gillette shielding. with lubrication before and after the blades.
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them, a moving backdrop to everywhere they go. awhile back, gary tuchman asked if the view of the issues affected their view of him. today he talked to hillary clinton supporters about hers. >> reporter: for anybody coming to see hillary clinton in reno, nevada, there was no escaping the issues that have complicated her candidacy. a small but loud group of trump supporters made sure of that. but it only strengthened the resolve of many of the clinton supporters. >> she's withstood all of the punishment put upon her for the last 30 years and i support her strongly. i believe in strong, smart women. >> reporter: the continuing clinton campaign controversies, the e-mails, the clinton foundation. among these strong supporters the overwhelming consensus, she did nothing wrong. >> it's very annoying the way they go on and on and none of it's true. >> i think they're looking for something. i don't really think there's anything there. i'm not worried about it.
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>> reporter: even if there is no fire, whose fault is the smoke? these supporters are more flexible about that question. >> we are all humans. we make mistakes. she's made some mistakes. she's not the perfect person but we're not all perfect. >> reporter: some even acknowledge their trust was a bit shaken. >> those of us that educate ourselves with regard to hillary clinton and all of her efforts over the years can overcome that distrust because we know who she truly is. >> thank you. >> reporter: one thing hillary clinton is right now is someone who avoids news conferences. for almost nine months. these supporters tend not to fault her for that. >> the lack of the press conferences doesn't speak to me as fear. it speaks to me as smarts. >> reporter: in what way? >> because she wants to keep her environment controlled. that's a smart politician, in my
10:18 pm
view. >> reporter: would that be considered maybe a paranoid politician? >> depends on your view. perhaps. >> reporter: that's not yours? >> no, of course not. >> reporter: we had one final question for these clinton supporters. >> he says he wants to make america great again but more and more it seems as though his real message seems to be make america hate again. >> reporter: a final question on the day hillary clinton skewered trump for quote, a steady stream of bigotry. donald trump just called hillary clinton a quote, bigot. when you hear that, what do you think? >> i think he's talking about donald trump, not about hillary clinton. if i ever saw a bigot, it's donald trump. >> gary tuchman joins us. did you talk to anyone who expressed concern to you that hillary clinton could lose the election because some of these controversies? >> reporter: i talked to a lot of hillary clinton supporters today and if any of them thought
10:19 pm
she could lose solely based on the controversies, they weren't admitting it. there was a lot of optimism among hillary clinton supporters because of the polling since the democratic convention. however, there were a number of people i talked to today who feel the election could be much closer than they think it should be because of the controversies. >> gary tuchman, thanks very much. back with the panel. when it comes to attacks on the clinton foundation, i talked to secretary clinton, she called in last night, she said there's smoke, no fire. but isn't the appearance of conflict something that kind of feeds into the untrustworthy narrative concerns some voters have? >> i don't think there's an appearance. look, she's had mistakes, she's had problems, the e-mail thing was a mistake and i said it the very first day it broke. i said everyone in the government should use government e-mail. this foundation does such good work. in the whole wide world of 17 million people, who get drugs to keep them alive with aids. 11.5 of them get them because of
10:20 pm
clinton foundation. this is a terrific charity. by the way, mr. trump himself gave over $100,000 and he was asked -- >> but certainly when they hear some rich person who gets to have a meeting with secretary clinton -- >> the a.p. found i think 85 people who got meetings including elie weisel. >> people with visa issues. >> good. people should get their visas taken care of. there were 7,000 donors. 85 got meetings. that's a lot of paying without any playing. >> i don't know how many get
10:21 pm
their visas fixed by secretary clinton. >> i don't think she fixed visas herself. i think what they do, the press loves to do this. well, she took money from the saudis. she didn't. she was busy working but the foundation did. of course they take money from the rich and they use it to help the poor. this offends republicans who think the world should work the other way around. donald trump, for example, takes from the poor and gives to himself. >> they want to know they don't have to donate, whether they donate 10% to the church, 10% to the clinton foundation, they want to know they can see their president. they see foreign governments that have no interest in most of these issues giving money to the clinton foundation. they see a bunch of clintons that say we left the white house, we were destitute. they brought in $250 million personally. magical in 13 years, their net worth's over $110 million now? there's a quid pro quo here. make no mistake about it. if the democrats weren't scared about it, she wouldn't have had that press conference today. >> are you more troubled by trump university or the clinton foundation? >> more troubled by the clinton foundation. >> are you really? >> see was secretary of state and she was seeing people that directly gave to her -- >> i got a bridge to sell you, brother. >> there was no national security at risk. >> this case is pending for fraud against trump university. >> including in the state of new york with the attorney general. i have full disclosure traveled with the clinton foundation. i can attest the work they are doing.
10:22 pm
>> nobody debates the work. >> actually -- >> hold on. hold on. there is real work that this foundation is doing. >> nobody's questioning that. >> there are a lot of people questioning that because there are trump supporters saying this foundation is a fraud. >> does it weaken donald trump and his ability to go after it, the fact that he gave more than $100,000 to the clinton foundation? so if it was pay to play, was he paying to play? >> i think it would have weakened it if he met with her and said i demand a meeting with it. >> he did. he had her come to the wedding. >> not for $100,000. he still invited her. >> he said he paid money to her and she came to his wedding. >> that shows what a puppet master he can be. let's look at haiti, at the $30 million raised in haiti. you have protesters still today outside the clinton global initiative. i think you will hear more of this. they were promised buildings and businesses and ports and none of that came through.
10:23 pm
there's a lot of problems with the clinton foundation with that money that actually went through that people donated that never got to the ground. >> my question on the donation from trump is, if this was a shady system, what does it say about him that he's donating and i guess knowledgeably taking part -- >> because there was some work that was good to it. obviously they were friends. i'm sure he wrote that check out of good faith for his friendship with hillary clinton. >> sure he did. he said he was a businessman and he gave money for access. >> would you want the person signing the front of the check or the back of the check? because right now you have donald trump signing the check, giving the money. she's the one accepting it. >> just being intellectually honest about it, that's all, with the donald trump stuff. yes, there are problems with the clinton foundation -- >> did you just accuse me of lying? >> i said be intellectually honest about what happened with trump and hillary clinton. and his support of her. not only her, chuck schumer and lots of other liberals and progressives he supported which are completely anathema to what we as conservatives believe in. he financed those people.
10:24 pm
let's be intellectually honest about it. >> whatever that -- >> guys, guys, no one's listening. when you talk over each other, i don't mean no one's listening but when you talk over each other no one can hear you. that's my point. sorry. that was my inside voice. but you know, when the rnc says to the clinton foundation and secretary clinton, why are you going to stop taking foreign donations once you're president but why was it okay to take foreign donations, for the foundation to take foreign donations when you were secretary of state? >> they are trying to respond to pressure. i think it's a shame. they set up rules when she became secretary of state. president obama put in a whole bunch of rules. >> even that, they fudged on some of the foreign donations. >> again, they take from the rich and help the poor. i'm scared to death about some of the cut-backs. >> they traveled on it.
10:25 pm
[ speaking simultaneously ] >> they did not make a profit from the foundation. >> they don't travel on their dime except to do foundation work. southwest airlines doesn't go to central africa. i'm sorry. >> they go to long island to the hamptons, though. the clintons have no problem taking their private plane to the hamptons. >> this is a horrible story. when i was working for bill clinton against president bush senior he set up the points of light foundation. every day inside the white house he promoted that he had a point of light every single day. we never looked into it. nor did the press. the next campaign we ran against bob dole. he runs the u.s. senate, his wife runs the american red cross. lots of people donate there. we never looked into it. neither did the press. the press has this thing where they get with the republicans -- i'm serious. it's a double standard the clintons have to face. >> i will point out today, i have both been accused by donald trump of backing hillary clinton and also -- >> i'm saying nobody did stories about the bushes and doles. >> as long as i'm attacked by all sides i'm happy. >> we will take a break, talk to each other during the break and
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welcome back. donald trump is sticking by his allegation that hillary clinton is a bigot, something he unveiled last night. i asked him about it today. you will hear that in a moment. we also spoke about where he exactly stands on illegal immigrants, particularly the 11 million or so undocumented immigrants who are in this country and many of whom have not broken the law, what would he do. would he actually deport them as he said during the primary? two days ago he said quote, there could certainly be a softening of his immigration policy. now he's using another word, the exact opposite. >> one of the big things you talked about during the primaries, we had interviews about this, you talked about it during debates, 11 million undocumented immigrants in this country, they got to go. the good ones can come back in, you said, they can put a door in the wall. the good ones can come back in, it will be done humanely, you said, there will be a deportation force. that's no longer it seems, there have been some contradictory
10:31 pm
statements lately but that seems it's no longer your policy. you said on hannity, you used the word softening, even last night on hannity you talked about -- >> i don't think it's a softening. >> but 11 million people are no longer going to be deported. >> i have had people say it's a heartening. >> there will be a path to legalization, is that right? >> you know it's a process. you can't take 11 million at one time and say boom, you're gone. we have to find where these people are. nobody even knows if it's 11. it could be 30 and it could be five. nobody knows what the number is. i will tell you what we know. >> will they be deported? >> we know the bad ones. we know where they are, who they are, we know the drug cartel people, we know the gangs and the heads of the gangs and the gang members. those people are gone. that's a huge number. >> that's jeb bush's policy. >> i don't know anything about jeb bush. he wasn't building a wall. jeb bush wasn't building a wall. jeb bush wasn't making strong borders. i'm not knocking jeb bush but i was with him for a long time. >> he was mocked for saying that look, you can't deport 11 million people. now it seems like, i know you
10:32 pm
are not really -- >> first i want to see what's going to happen. we are going to deport many people, many, many people. >> the vast majority of those 11 million are not criminals. >> we will find out who they are. we have crime all over -- >> if they haven't committed a crime is there going to be a path to citizenship, legalization? >> no. there is no path to legalization. >> you talked about back taxes with hannity. >> well, when they come back in, if they come back in, then they can start paying taxes. >> they still have -- >> there's no path to legalization unless they leave the country and come back. >> so that means of the 11 million who are here, even if they haven't committed a crime -- >> again, you keep saying 11 million. you don't know what the number is. you know -- >> however many. that's the estimate. >> using the existing laws of our country, using the existing laws, millions of people are deported every year. you know that, right? people don't talk about that. it's obama. they don't talk about that. but you have a lot of people
10:33 pm
being deported. we are going to do that vigorously. we are going to go with the laws that are existing. but we are going to have a very strong border. we're not going to have people pouring back in. when these people, the drug lords and all of these guys that are thrown out, they're not coming back into the country. >> if you haven't committed a crime and have been here for 15 years and have a family here, have a job here, will you be deported? >> we are going to see what happens once we strengthen up our border. but there's no legalization, there's no amnesty. and if somebody wants to go legalization route, what they'll do is they'll go, leave the country, hopefully come back in and then we can talk. >> you called last night hillary clinton a bigot. previously you called her policies bigoted. >> she is a bigot. you look at what's happened to the inner cities, you look at what's happening to african-americans and hispanics in this country where she talks all the time, she's talking, look at the vets where she said the vets are being treated essentially just fine, that it's overexaggerated what's happening to the vets not so long ago. >> bigoted is having hatred toward a particular group.
10:34 pm
>> she's selling them down the tubes because she's not doing anything for those communities. she talks a good game. >> you're saying she has hatred or -- >> her policies are bigoted because she knows they're not going to work. >> you are saying she's personally bigoted. >> she is. of course she is. they're her policies. she comes out with policies and others that believe like she does also but she came out with policies over the years. this is over the years. long time. she's totally bigoted. >> have you always thought she was bigoted? >> honestly, i never thought of it. as a business person i never thought of it. i got along with all politicians. >> she had a history of working with african-americans. >> working but not doing the job. i'm now bringing it out for the first time. >> joining us is cnn chief political correspondent dana bash, cnn sirius xm host michael smerconish and ryan lizza. it's interesting, i'm still not clear on what donald trump has in store or wants to do and i'm not sure he or his campaign know what they want to do with the
10:35 pm
non-criminal millions of people who have lived here for years, whether they have to leave or what. >> i think you are exactly right. it was pretty clear that donald trump isn't, it's not fully formed and he's kind of, you know, it's beyond a trial balloon. he's almost having like public therapy sessions with reporters like you who are talking to him about it, trying to figure out exactly how to get there. in his defense, this is really hard. >> sure. >> there's a reason why this issue has split open the republican party for more than a decade since george w. bush tried to tackle it again. and got smacked down by the conservatives in his own party. now, but again, this is something that he put on the table during the campaign. he said so many times that the only reason immigration was an issue is because he brought it up and took such a hard line on it. so he set the bar and now he's trying to figure out where he wants to be based on his own
10:36 pm
bar. >> michael, to dana's point, it is a really tough issue but donald trump was clear and explicit on it early on in the primary season and a lot of other folks on that stage, kasich and others, jeb bush, who said look, you can't deport 11 million people. you are going to get there, you are going to get to that point where you realize this is just not going to happen. >> it is a complicated issue but it's not like you asked him to name the leader of a third world nation and all of a sudden, you caught him cold. this is the primary tenet of his campaign and it was frankly incoherent to listen to that entire interview and to understand by the end of it what then is the policy. it sounds to me like he has given up on mass deportation and while you made reference to jeb bush, because i think there are some shades of jeb bush in what he's now saying, i was thinking of barack obama.
10:37 pm
did you notice his reference to president obama and he actually gave backhanded credit to president obama -- >> it's the second time -- >> for deportations that do take place. >> it's the second time he's done that. the first time i noticed was a couple nights ago on bill o'reilly's program over on fox. >> right. so the point is the more i hear what he's saying, the more he sounds like what president obama was seeking to do in the executive orders when he was saying look, we can't uproot people who have kept their noses clean and are part of families where someone in the family unit is an american citizen. he will never acknowledge that he's come to that conclusion but that's where i think he is. >> ryan, where do you think he is and how do you think republican voters who responded very strongly obviously during the primary to his tough talk of 11 million, they got to go, we will do it humanely, deportation force, good ones can come back? >> it's a little ridiculous for me to sort of speculate about where his policy is. we should as michael points out, we should just have a clear policy at this point 14 months
10:38 pm
into the campaign on his signature issue. what it sounds like he's sort of roped -- groping his way towards is where in 2007 during the immigration debate was called touch-back. touch-back amnesty. rather than trump having the famous deportation force that he called for in the primary, it sounds like in the interview with you, he was saying yes, we will continue the obama policy of deporting criminals and people, undocumented immigrants who everyone agrees should not be in this country for one reason or another, but if they go back to their home country, they might, this is where i'm speculating a bit, this is where the touch-back amnesty policy that's more thought out by some republicans in the senate comes into play, they might qualify for a special visa to cam back on an expedited basis. obviously he did not say that but that's sort of the closest policy that's out there that he has sort of -- he's at now.
10:39 pm
>> but when you look at the policy, that he started with, back in the interviews you and i did a year ago, that was his policy. it was effectively touch-back. he did say everybody's got to go, then we can let the good ones back in. so it did seem like he circled back around to what you said tonight but just with a softer gentler tone. >> michael, what does this say about the idea of donald trump still being trump, his new campaign managers clearly stated she does not want him name calling but now he's going after hillary clinton, calling her a bigot, perhaps in reaction to the speech that was announced she was going to be giving today and she did give today. but you know, going after folks on other morning shows. >> well, i think there are shades of the donald trump we have seen throughout the course of this campaign and every once in awhile you get a sign of a donald trump that is making some effort toward pivoting for a general election. i will simply say that bigot to me, that's incendiary.
10:40 pm
that's the bomb. you better drop that word and be able to back it up. you pressed him and by the end of your exchange he was using as a synonym lazy for bigot. well, lazy and bigot don't mean the same thing. >> michael, dana, ryan, thanks very much. breaking news in central italy. four regions under state of emergency tonight as the search for earthquake survivors grows even more desperate. see that? jill's gobbling up our bird's eye teriyaki broccoli. (mind-blowing sound) and look ben is going for more buffalo cauliflower. (mind-blowing sound) everybody's a veggie lover now. what do you think? (mind-blowing sound) mind blown. bird's eye flavor full. so veggie good. ♪ [ tires screech ] flo: [ ghost voice ] oooo! [ laughs ] jaaaaamie, the name your price tool
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10:44 pm
more breaking news tonight. italy's government has declared a state of emergency in four regions struck by that powerful earthquake yesterday. tonight, the search for survivors is growing more desperate by the minute. the death toll has risen to at least 250. more than 360 people are injured. thousands of rescue workers are searching the rubble as time is running out and major aftershocks rock the area. atika shubert has more on the devastation. >> reporter: the village has been reduced to rubble. its cobblestone streets and piazza covered in debris. when we arrived, soldiers
10:45 pm
salvaged the church bell, but no one is here any more. aftershocks keep most from returning and most of the 300 residents have survived, but a mother and child were killed, crushed in their bed. it's incredibly eerie walking through the rubble of this tiny village of st. angelo. i want to point this out. this bed sheet here, you can see it knotted to the top, tied together. i think residents inside may have used this to try and come down because as you can see, the doors are stuck because the walls collapsed around them and there was no way for people to come out this way so survivors may have tried to come out here. you get a real sense of just how horrific this was by the scenes here. whole walls sheared off. you can see inside the kitchens and the living rooms just as they were at the moment the earthquake struck. as you walk through the rubble here, we step over doors, these
10:46 pm
twisted pipes, windows that have been sheared off. but this really shocked us. what we're standing on top of now, it's actually a car that has been crumpled by the rubble of the home that's fallen on top of it. at the village green, a tent camp is being built to house hundreds from st. angelo and neighboring villages. survivors rest in the shade, still in shock. this grandmother tells us there is no hope. too many people dead. amatrice doesn't exist anymore. amatrice has disappeared. there are so many dead, so many children. the village of st. angelo is one of the places where tent camps are based and this tent camp can house several hundred people. i actually spoke to several teenagers that were right here in this playground when the
10:47 pm
earthquake struck at 3:00 a.m. that was lucky because they were able to help many of the elderly residents who were trapped inside their homes and they set up the first aid camp here. in that time, the camp has grown and i want to show you a little bit here. many of the people from the neighboring towns and villages are coming here now. it's lunchtime, they are getting food, water, whatever medical help they need but also importantly, electricity. they are able to plug their phones in to keep in touch with their families and tell them that they're safe. here, they are safe but stunned by the destruction and loss all around them. >> incredible to see. i understand there were more aftershocks today. how are they affecting the ongoing rescue efforts? >> reporter: yeah. in fact, we felt one in st. angelo. we were just next to one of those houses where the wall had fallen out. it's this deep rumbling from the earth and while we were there, we could literally hear the other houses that were still standing sort of falling further apart. so it's really dangerous for a lot of those search teams that
10:48 pm
are in the rubble at that moment. not only does it undo their work but of course, the remaining house may collapse on them and this is why so many residents are keeping away at this point, until the aftershocks subside a little bit. but it is probably the number one concern for search teams here and they have to be really careful when they're going through that rubble. >> just horrible. thank you so much. just ahead as iraqi forces prepare for major battle to retake mosul from isis, they are getting help from resistance fighters inside the city in hiding. they do their work in secret at great risk to themselves. we will take you there. my eyelove is finding a ♪"all yodifferent angle.plays my eyelove is season 1, episode 1. my eyelove is making a story come alive. eyelove is all the things we love to do with our eyes. but it's also having a chat with your eye doctor about dry eyes that interrupt the things you love. because if your eyes feel dry, itchy, gritty, or you have occasional blurry vision,
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is on the world's number-one job site. indeed. how the world works. >> the iraqi military gaped control of a key turn to in northern iraq, one more step in the advance towardsmosul. isis controlled mosul for more than two years now, and day-by-day, iraqi forces are closer, while inside a covert battle is already underway. >> reporter: operating deep within the shadows of isis territory in mosul is a network so secretive even its own members do not know each others identities. the letter m spray painted on
10:53 pm
mosul's walls, for ricyesistanc the message to isis, we are here among you. carrying out hit-and-run operations, or waiting for a moment to strike isolated targets like this checkpoint on the outskirts of the city. this is one of their liaisons. >> reporter: how did the mosul b battalions legalize themselves. >> translator: it started as two friends who trusted each other and they would, a range to target isis. >> reporter: the same happened elsewhere and by 2014, the mosul battalions formed. their weapons are basic, what they found and hid in the city, or what they snatched from isis. >> translator: the roadside bombs they used, they would steal from isis. isis puts bombs in certain areas, and those who have
10:54 pm
previous military experience would go and steal those bombs and place them where they target isis. >> reporter: they operate in two to three man cells, independent of one another. no cell no specifically of another, no fighter knows the name of more than two others. he calls the man who says is with the battalions in mosul. he's speaking from an orchard outside the city. talking on the phone is punishable by death. >> translator: we carry out assassinations against senior isis members and target the houses they live in. >> reporter: the distorded video show the dead man's id, pistol, and suicide belt, and he says they are providing their intermediaries, intelligents and
10:55 pm
co co cordnates to the coalition. the aftermaths were based on the information and they are waiting for what they call 0 four, distributing leaflets warning isis, its end is coming. . they are ready, ready for the day the iraqi army breaches the city and they rally the people to rise. >> reporter: anderson, they're not the only resistance organization that currently exists within mosul, and they're also not the only group that is waiting for this so-called 0 hour, that moment when the iraqi security forces and other armed groups do manage to enter the city of mosul itself in that street-to-street fighting does begin. there's another group that calls its the peace battalions. now, their main goal is to mobilize during 0 power to prevent the population and widespread looting and chaos
10:56 pm
that we saw in baghdad in 2003 following the u.s.-led invasion. there is this recognition among mosul residents and people involved that we've been talking to, that they need to mitigate the conventions of the battle for the city because it's not just about driving out isis. it's about mitigating civilian casualties. it's about mitigating actual destruction to the city itself, anderson. >> thank you very much, we'll be right back. you can go ahead and stick with that complicated credit card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or... you can get the quicksilver card from capital one. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on ev-e-ry purchase, ev-e-ry-where. i shouldn't have to ask. what's in your wallet? sorry, just getting a quote on motorcycle insurance from progressive.
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and that does it for us tonight. "cnn tonight with don lemon" starts now. breaking news, donald trump doubles down on his most in sindyear charge against hillary clinton. this is cnn tonight, i'm don lemon. in an flusiexclusive interview cnn trump tells us this. >> she's personally bigoted. >> sure, she is. she comes out with the policies and others that believe like she does also. >> clinton firing back at a campaign rally in reno. >> donald trump has built his campaign on prejudice and panoticia, taking hate groups main street and helping a radical fringe take over the republican party.