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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  August 25, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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and that does it for us tonight. "cnn tonight with don lemon" starts now. breaking news, donald trump doubles down on his most in sindyear charge against hillary clinton. this is cnn tonight, i'm don lemon. in an flusiexclusive interview cnn trump tells us this. >> she's personally bigoted. >> sure, she is. she comes out with the policies and others that believe like she does also. >> clinton firing back at a campaign rally in reno. >> donald trump has built his campaign on prejudice and panoticia, taking hate groups main street and helping a radical fringe take over the republican party.
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>> here to discuss all of this, cnn's dana bash, and ryan lizza, the washington correspondent, and bob kusak, editor and chief of the hill. let's get started with trump speaking to cnn's anderson cooper, saying hillary clinton is a bigot. >> you called hillary clinton a bigot and called hillary clinton's policies a bigot. >> she is a bigot. >> in what way? >> you look at inner cities and african-americans and she talks all the time. look at the vets where the vets are being treated essentially just fine, that it's over exaggerated -- >> how is she bigoted? >> because she's not doing anything for those communities. she talks a good game -- >> so you think she has hatr hatred -- >> her policies are bigoted because she knows they're not going to work. >> but you're saying she's personally bigoted.
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>> she is. of course she is. they're her policies. she comes out with the policies and others that believe like she did also, but she came out with policies over the years. this is over the years, long time. she totally bigoted -- >> she has hatred towards -- in this case, african-americans but i don't know if that's the word here or not. >> she has been extremely, extreme lebly bad for african-americans and hispanics. look at her policies and the policies of president obama and others. look at the poverty. look at the rise in poverty. look at the rise in violence. >> hate raired is at the court that? >> what's your reaction. >> donald trump likes to be in sindyear and uses a world like bigot. it just is. >> there's little question in mind he's using this world because she, hillary clinton,
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has effectively called him racist, or saying that she has -- you know, there are racist things that he and his people have said, and it made him angry and he's using this word. now he's trying to obviously make it about her policies and not her personally, and anderson did a great job pushing him for specifics which he didn't give, but the fact he wound up with lazy and started with bigot, which are very, very different words gives you a sense of how he's trying to explain and define what he means. >> bob, i want to know what you think about this. this is the definition of a bigot dan and i were both looking up here when the show started, a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, et cetera. a bigoted person, especially a person who hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group such as a racial or religious group. does his definition fit hillary clinton or her policies?
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>> well, i don't think -- i think trump overstepped his bounds here. we're not talking -- you can make the argument these policies aren't working for a certain group of people, whether it's regional, whether it's by ethnicity, but we're talking about that word that loaded word, and when anderson cooper pressed trump on personally bigoted, he did double down and that's what we're talking about and this is just after killielle conway, is doing a good job for donald trump, saying no more name-calling. >> let me bush back push back o. according to the correspondent, said that word was in the teleprompter, wouldn't his new campaign manage versignr have sf on that? >> you said think. if it wasteleprompter, that's a mistake because basically hillary clinton has had hard week, especially with
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the clinton foundation, and donald trump is stepping on her rough week and making his end of the week very difficult. >> ryan s this kind of name-calling going to help trump gain new minority voters? >> calling hillary clinton a bigot? i doubt it. other republicans who have made arguments thatliberal, or democratic policies are not good for a certain minority communities, back it up with some -- with some policy, right? remember the famous line george w. bush used, the soft legacy of low expectations, that was the soft democratic education policy and he said how his view of government involved in education would be better for non-white groups, and was superior. that's what i thought was so strange about the interview with anderson is he pushed him, and pushed him, and pushed him, and there was no detail, here's the policy that hillary clinton has that isn't helping minority
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communities. and look, there's whole, you know, bookshelf of policies he can grab from conservatives and the republican party if he wanted to have that debate. he didn't. i want to pause and one of my favorite lines from that interview is when he was talking about the v.a. and he said that hillary clinton overexaggerated, which i think is a great trump-ism. it's over-exaggeration that can get you in trouble. >> and on new day, bob, kellyanne conway said trump uses his own words so i would imagine that he wanted to say that. >> he's the boss. there's no doubt about it. she can advise something, but trump is making final decisions. that's been clear since he launched in june of last year. >> clinton giving this speech, tying donald trump to racist and kpee extremists, let's listen.
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>> from the start, donald trump has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia and is taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over the republican party. his disregard for the values that make our country great is profoundly dangerous. a man with a long history of racial discrimination, who traffics in dark, conspiracy theories drawn from the pages of supermarket tabloids and the far dark reaches of the internet, should never run our government or command our military. [ cheers and applause ] ask yourself, if he doesn't respect all americans, how can
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he serve all americans? >> so, jeff, the goal here, what was it and did she accomplish it? >> in many respects, the goal was to stop any pivot that may be going on this week, stop any confusion that may be out there in voters in terms of where donald trump stands to try and freeze this race in place in august. we're not going to know if she accomplished that for a while. we're not going to know if she -- you know, if this speech was effective until it really settles into the ethos and people absorb it. what she did do, is, a, change the subject, which she needed to, and, b, really shined a light as only a candidate can. she's had vis add visors, steve bannon, and the alt-right movement, but another nominee, making this case in a very serious and wady speech, she elevated this conversation and
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really was reaching out to republicans and sort of grabbing them and saying look what's happening to your party. i was in the room in the speech today and was struck by how he excused specific references to bob dole, in 1996 in the convention, any racist should exit the building. george w. bush, embraced muslims after 9/11, john mccain, he shot down any criticism of people questioning barack obama's faith. she said, look, republicans, this is not your nominee. this is a fringe existence of the party. so i was actually struck by the fact that she was speaking to republicans, a gold water gal, former gold water gal, speaking to republicans. she injected this into the bloodstream in a very serious way. >> listen, i thought this could have been our lead this evening. there was so much to go on, dana bash, because donald trump was
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asked about support from white supremacists in an interview with wmu,r, cnn affiliate. everyone listen. >> she's trying to say you're bringing a hate movement mainstream. do you want white supremists to vote for you? >> no, i don't at all. this is not about hate. this is about love. we want our country to come back and be strong again. >> where was that six months ago, eight months ago, a year ago, when the not-denouncing immediately of david duke and on and on, the people at his rallies and -- where was that? many people have been waiting on that, many people who jeff mentioned earlier. >> yeah, it was sitting and waiting for the general election, the republican primary had to end, which has happened. perhaps it needed to have a new team with the likes of kenny lle conway, which is he's in this mode of this is his strategy at this point.
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trying to reach out, trying to say that he can do better by minority voters than the democrats who are their more natural constituency, or their party can. so when somebody asks him, do you want the vote of a white supremacist, if he would have said yes, game over. so game over for this particular strategy and his campaign. >> but he said nothing then, but now he's saying no. >> no. >> that i don't want that. ryan, we discussed this. we've been discussing this the entire time when those issues have been coming up. >> yeah. >> it's what many people have wanted to hear. is this too little too late or is this effective now? that's actually a big change and an important change right there. >> i agree. >> look, i think his outreach to minority groups is -- it's a very steep climb. if you look at the polling with hispanic voters, he's getting in the teens or 20%, where his mitt romney won 27% of hispanics.
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with the after conditirican-ame community, he's getting 1% to 5%, and as hillary clinton laid out in great detail, there's reasons why those communities are not fond of his candidacy. i don't think he'll turn this all around by telling one reporter that he rejects the votes from white supremacists, especially when, let's be honest, the new ceo of his campaign ran a web site, breit that is the sort of link between a -- you know, more -- i don't want to say mainstream conservative, but breitbart, main street conservatives at least read and it was a real fringed view, that alt-right this philosophy, and bannon's career at breitbart was making it more acceptable in the conservati conservative movement, and i'm a white guy, but if i were -- if i
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were a minority, i would be looking at that, and scratching my head and not really thinking that just because donald trump says he doesn't want the votes of white supremacists that's enough. i think he's got a lot of work to do. >> you're a white guy? me gosh, i didn't know that. >> that should have been the lead. >> that should have been the lead story tonight. moving on. we'll continue to talk about race and we haven't gotten to immigration yet. what's his plan? do you understand it? we'll discuss that coming up. calling all go-getters. all providers. drive with uber and make more than $300 a week by driving a few hours a day. calling all nine-to-fivers and night owls. with uber - a little drive goes a long way. start earning this week. go to
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2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. which helped him give his players something extra. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america. more cash back for the things you buy most. tonight in a senate exclusive, donald trump going back to his original position saying there won't be any path to legalization for undocumented immigrants. dana bash, winryan lizza, and b kusak. and last talk about donald trump softening his quote immigration policy, but he told anderson cooper, his position is actually hardening, listen.
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>> we're going to end sanctuary cities. we're going to run a country like it's supposed to be run. we're going to have borders, very strong borders, and after that, we're going to see what happens, but we are going to find people and we're getting immediately -- and i mean first hour of my -- the first document i will sign will say, get the bad ones out of this country, bring them back where they came from. >> but you know i gotta followup. you said you hannah, you said the the last "softening." >> i don't think it's softening. >> but 11 million people are no longer going to be departed. >> i think it's a hardening. >> but 11 million people, there's going to be a path to legalization, is that right? >> you know it's a process. you can't take 11 at one time and say book you're gone. >> if they haven't committed a crime is their a path to legalization?
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>> there is no path to legalization. >> you talking about paying taxes on manity. >> when they come back in they can start paying taxes. >> so they still have to leave the country. >> unless they leave the country and come back. >> so if you haven't committed a crime and you've been here for 15 years and you have a family and job here, will you be deported? >> we're going to see what happens when we strengthen up our border. we're going to have a strong border as strong as anywhere in the world. we're going to have a real wall, tremendous protection, both technologic technological, and everything else, and we're going to see what happens. but there's very good chance the answer could be yes. >> so it seemed like he was, as they say, softening -- say just changing his position because that's their word. they were changing his position, now saying to anderson that he's going back to amnesty, do you understand in. >> it just seems like yesterday he was -- people should be -- there should be a way to stay
11:19 pm
here illegally, but it was a year ago when he started his campaign, he had a very hard-line rhetoric, but beneath that, that i on earth, you and others who interviewed him, was pretty much what he said to anderson tonight, which is, everybody's gotta go, people who have criminal records, people who don't. people who are up standing patss of society. >> and they can come back. >> which is where he started out. it's really unclear where he's going or what he's doing with this, which is understandable if you look at the complexity of the policy, but maybe not so much, since this is his core, core issue, and the one that he says over, and over again, really propelled his campaign from day one. >> there's been a lot of sort of pret pret pre pretzel -- i don't know if i would call it logic, but it's a change.
11:20 pm
but the question is, his core, this has been one of his core issues, and the core group that is supporting him, are they going to tolerate this type of change, because this is what he's been running on since the beginning? >> i think so but depends on how he does it. in politics it's about how you do it. trump did say something, by a number of hispanics who like him but had problems with the deportation policy. he's got to be talking about this. instead of denying there's change -- he's got to iron out some of these ded details. but for his supporters, are people going to be upset? yes. are people going to vote for hillary clinton? no. >> he's beginning to sound a lot more like -- like most of his primary opponents. is that intentional to broaden his support? >> i don't know. he's basically -- since i've been trying to follow this pretty closely, he's basically had three positions over the
11:21 pm
last year, right? the original position back to tonight socialessentially is yo to leave but you can come back. you can leave on your own and we'll deport the criminals but everyone else has to go and maybe they can come back and it's sort of maybe a mid-ground. then the much more hard line policy he took in the peak of the primaries, which was, i'm modeling this on eisenhower's little known operation -- excuse the term, but that's what it was called where he's going to have a so-called deportation force and round up 11 million people and forcibly kick them out of the country, right? and earlier this week, we had a complete switch, which was maybe there will be some process by which people don't even have to go back home. they will not be forcibly taken from their homes. >> we'll work with them, they've got to pay taxes? >> we'll work with them.
11:22 pm
and now he's back to the sort of touch-back amnesty position. he's got to lay it out, give that speech, and put it in paper and tell us in detail what his policy is. otherwise it's like reading goden trails or something. >> here's jeb bush today, take a listen. >> well, i can only say that whatever his views are this morning they may change this afternoon, and they were different than they were last night and they'll be different tomorrow, so i can't comment on his views because his views are -- seem to be ever changing, depending on what crowd he's in front of. sounds like a typical politician, by the way, where you get in front of one crowd and stay one thing, and say something else to another crowd that may want to hear another view. all the things donald trump railed against, he seems to be morphing into. it's kind of disturbing. i don't know what to think about a guy who doesn't believe in things. he doesn't -- this is all a game. he doesn't -- his views will change based on the -- the
11:23 pm
feedback he gets from a crowd, or you know what he thinks he has to do. >> typical politician. i'm wondering, dana, if you know people are going to look at it and say that's just sour grapes from the primary, but he does have a point, sort of saying what jeb bush has said. >> yes. >> but he's also changed his position a number of times, that is just the truth. >> it is the truth, and i cannot even imagine. jeb bush is probably pounding his head against the wall at this point. never mind jeb bush but other people like lindsey graham and most of the wide range of 17 -- 16 other candidates who ran against donald trump. on the policy, but more importantly, even someone like ted cruz, you can argue his immigration policy was more contelephoco conservative and hard line than donald trump, and making for months and months is warning conservatives he's not really one of you.
11:24 pm
he just became a conservative a minute ago and you can't really trust to what he's saying despite how great it sounds that. is frustration with these former candidates and the people who were for them, wondering wait a minute, did the party get -- you know, get conned. >> yeah, get high jacked. and i want to ask you -- you said "conned." that's an important word. you spoke with the campaign manager and the deportation force was to be determined. >> correct. >> does this show a force between him and his new team? >> no, i think -- my sense and my reporting is that it's because he is working through this because of the new people, and that -- and that it's not as kind of his immigration policy isn't where it was, you know, a year ago or at least he's thinking about moving it because of his new people, many of whom worked on immigration policy in the past, worked on more -- not
11:25 pm
comprehensive immigration reform, but the idea of trying to reach out to non-white voters and how critical it is to reach out to non-white voters if you want to be president of the united states. he can't win with just white guys. he just -- he can't. >> yeah, i wonder how many of this is -- i wonder if people are wondering how many of this is real and how many of it is polling, you know, because the polls show a certain way i've got to do this, or how many of it am i committed to this or this is what i want? what do you think? >> i think it's a combination. >> this is what i think in, i should say. >> yeah, no, i think it's a combination of both. he didn't have a pollster. he looked at public polling, that's it. now he has a pollster who happens to be his campaign manager, who is talking to him about what he needs to do is and is databased, which is something that he cares a lot about.
11:26 pm
i think they're not mutely exclusive. >> the rest of you will be back. much more coming up. up next, trump versus donald trump. he admits he stays bet or message but admits he wants on to do things his way. we'll talk about his former campaign manager. big steak & cb bash... you get half a pound of sweet, snow crab legs... ...paired with our new, tender,center-cut sirloin... hurry in... the outback steak & crab bash starts at just $ 14.99... bloomin' great!
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donald trump backtracking tonight ruling out any pathway to legalization for undocumented immigrants. i want to talk about this now with the former trump campaign manager, cory lu wewendowski, aa super park supporting clintc su. here's what trump told anderson cooper. >> if they haven't committed a crime is there going to be a path to legalization? i'm talking about citizenship? >> no, there's not a path -- there is no path to legalization -- >> you talked about paying back taxes on manity. >> well, when they come back in, then they can start paying taxes. >> so they still have to leave the country. >> there's no path on legalization unless they leave the country and come back.
11:31 pm
>> okay cory so first donald trump swore he would deport undocumented immigrants and decided he was going to let some say earlier this week if not yesterday t. sounds different than tonight what he's telling anderson, so help us understand the situation. where is he on this? >> i think he's where he's always been. what he said first and foremost, we're going to build a wall and stop the people from coming into the country, that's the first thing. the second thing is, he's going to do it humanely and put americans first and what that means is if you're here illegally, he's going to work with ccbp, and there is no path to legalization, if you're here illegal illegally. he says if you're here illegally, you gotta go. there's no ambiguity. >> do you think this is the same thing -- it's not the same thing he's always said. what you just said is not what
11:32 pm
donald trump said. he said everyone has to go and they can come back in legally. >> that's right. that's what he said. >> but he's not saying that now. then he said -- >> that's what he said to anderson. >> then he said we're going to work with them. >> that's right. >> and pay taxes and today to anderson he said no they're not going to come back, so which -- >> no, no he's saying they can come back but they have to come back legally, that's what he said. he's been very clear about this. >> i'm even confused about what he said because he said it just a number of different things. trump's hard line immigration, it is what propelled him past those candidates with him in the debates in the primary campaign that you ran. why is there so much confusion around his position on immigration now? you seem to understand it but most of america does not understand it. >> because i've listened to what donald trump has had to say and he was very clear today in new hampshire, in manchester, withand awith
11:33 pm
anderson, and he said if you're here illegally, first and foremost, we'll find out, is it 11 million? is it 15 million? then there is no amnesty. you will have to leave the country and you'll come back legally. what he went on to say is there are many people who are trying to come in legally, they'll have the preference because they're trying to do it the proper way. it's been very clear. >> he said specifically there was a deportation force. that's not a change, corey? >> what he's sayings if you are here illegally, they'll have to identify who they are and they'll have to leave and come back legally. he said he's going to build a wall hundreds of times with a big, beautiful door so you can come back into the country legally. the position has never changed. >> okay. so, guy, go ahead. do you think this is a change in position? c corey is saying it's not, he understood all along what donald trump is saying, it has not
11:34 pm
changed. >> the only thing has change side some of the rhetoric when he's able to read off kellyanne conway's prompter, he says one thing and interviewed by anderson cooper, he says another. the facts are still the same, donald trump is trying to suede people a sovereign country will connect the u.s. and mexico and deport 11 million people. that's been his position. that's been his position in the primaries anies and it's his po now. he's been trying in a ham-handed way to cover over his latent racist comments over the last year and a half by using acni acronyms because he thinks it upsets moderate republicans, which it does. so i think the position is exactly the same. i just think they're trying to sugar coat it with nice-sounding language so it doesn't care a majority americans, which clearly, every single poll indicates it does. >> let me ask you more specifically, about what he said
11:35 pm
about no deportation force and getting pressure from people saying you just can't take these people and take them away from the country, they remove them from the country if they've been here, ten, 20 years. do you think he's feeling pressure now to revert back to that hard-line stance, guy? >> of course. and i think it actually reveals what his real opinion is, and clearly, there are people inside the trump campaign who are trying to moderate him and they're doing so unsuccessfully because he's forced to answer question comes from people like you and from people like anderson. look, a quinnipiac poll came out that said 60% of the country believes trump traffics in bigotbigot on theory, a majority of independent voters admits he refers to bigotry. they use different language. they talk about i.c.e., and different acronyms and talk about people having to leave the country before they wait in the long line to reenter the
11:36 pm
country. but really what that is is creating a deportation force that'll breakup families, send people back to mexico, 11 million of them. this is the same policy. they're just trying to use better-sounding language in order to fool people to thinking trump isn't trafficking in blatant bigoted comments. >> if you listen to the interview that he did, it sounds like it might be a negotiation. i would like to get your take on this guy, because for 14, 15 months he's stuck to the idea that all 11 million undocumented immigrants would have to go back and if you listen to the interview, it sounds like this is up for negotiation now. do you think it is up for negotiation? >> who knows. the reality is, as was stated ear earlier, donald trump has a different way of describing something every time he's asked in an interview. he went through an entire year of running on this platform so even if he was open to a change,
11:37 pm
what that means is when he thought he was beneficial to him in a republican primary to demean and denigrate and insult hispanics he was fine doing so and now he seeing a poll that shows 60% of americans think he's bigoted, he's deciding, well, maybe i should use softer language. ultimate, donald tru ultimately, donald trump believes in the deportation phase, and demeans families with his actions and words. i don't think there's going to be a policy change. i just think we're going to hear better-sounding language to describe it. >> corey, you disagree, go ahead. >> of course. donald trump believes in putting the americans first and what he believes is building a wall so we don't have people coming across the boarder and killing u.s. citizens. i know it's a crazy idea and something hillary clinton doesn't support, which is allowing illegals to come across our board. kite ste kate stylen and her family, who is apologizing to them? let's stop giving convicted
11:38 pm
felons to walk out of prisons, let's deport the people committing the major crimes. let's stop the gangs. this is very simple. donald trump's philosophy has been and continues to be, put americans first. i know this is a crazy idea to some people, particularly those on the left, but this is still america. >> sounds like you're still his campaign manager, which is -- you've been there, so you know how to say it. >> i can just tell you i know what he thinks and i think putting americans first is what his position is. >> i understand that, corey, with all due respect that is what you're say aing and that i your role, but that is not what donald trump is saying, and that's part of the goal is you have to sit here and explain what he has to say as do liberals, as well on their side. so, thank you gentlemen. corey, you're going to be back. we'll continue our conversation.
11:39 pm
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[ clock titime. ] you only have so much. that's why we want to make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all we should fit into your life. not the other way around. donald trump telling our very own anderson cooper he's not softening on immigration. back with me now, corey lewandowski, and bob beckel, and van jones, andy dean, former
11:43 pm
president of trump productions. van, i want to go with you first and correct me if i'm wrong, i'm going to paraphrase what you said, krocorey. he said he believes hillary clinton is in favor of having illegals come in as part of her immigration policy. >> i said if you don't build a wall and prevent people from coming inn illegally, and bringing in drugs coming in, that's not hyperbole, that's a pact. >> that's not what you said, corey. >> build a wall. >> that's not how it came out, actually. >> and what you said was donald trump is in favor of building a wall so no more americans die from illegals coming across the border, absolutely. >> the good thing about that corey is you said it so many times we can say it along with you and i appreciate your passion but i don't think it's fair to continue to act as if
11:44 pm
only conservatives care about public safety and only conservativ. they've come up with ideas that sound frankly a little bit like what trump is saying that you have to have a coherant policy. hour problem with trump is he said something completely different yesterday, and the week before, and he'll say something completely different tomorrow because i don't think trump actually has a you have on immigration. i think what trump is a master marketer. he is tapped into some concern out there, but he's not thought this stuff through and he sounds more like jeb bush who we attack -- part of today, he sounded more like jeb bush, then he sounded like donald trump. this is not a plathing issue. we are dealing with 11 million people in the country who vast of them work hard, if you took them out of the country, the
11:45 pm
agriculture sector would cla collapse and we'd lose million s of jobs. > . >> a lot of people who worked for marco rubio is accusing donald trump of stealing their policies. what is different about trump's new plthan what we've heard fro his rivals? >> everything to begin with. first, marco rubio is an amnesty guy, jeb bush, not to mention he's a low-energy guy, said illegal immigrants come in as some sort of active love. donald trump has always been consistent and his policy is very clear, we'll get the bad dudes out first. we're going to build a wall, and then there's going to be extreme vetting of radical muslims who hillary clinton and -- i want to be very clear about this -- hillary clinton wants to up the number of syrian immigrants into this country by triple digits. that's unacceptable. that's the plan.
11:46 pm
>> is bob laughing? what's going on, bob some. >> i'm laughing because this is so ridiculous. this guy has changed his position 15 different times. he doesn't have a position. he got a poster on board, now he's going along with what it says. marco rubio is not an amnesty guy, and that's a cheap shot. corey, since you left that campaign one time -- i'm a political analyst, i get on here and i attack hillary clinton. have you said one thing negative about donald trump? >> if you have seen me, i absolutely have, and bob, i think you also know that hillary clinton's voting record, when she was a u.s. senate was in favor of spending money for a fence -- what we call a wall along the southern border of mexico. >> that's not true. >> go ahead, van. >> her vote to enhance some of the security stuff -- he's talking about building the great wall of china like you've never seen. nobody has ever voted to that
11:47 pm
because nobody was stupid enough to propose that to congress in the history of the republican so please don't say hillary clinton is like your guy. he now has somebody else writing stuff for him on a teleprompter. >> hillary clinton haes been a senator for 40 years. i commend hillary clinton to vote to enhonest tance the wall. they call it a fence, i call it a wall. it's basically the same thing. we're going to be back right after this and we're going to talk about this hour and the next hour, our gary tucker is reporting it's not even possible to build a wall along the southern border but we'll discuss. one year ago,
11:48 pm
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back now with my panel. we're discussing immigration. we're talking about how difficult, if not impossible, to build a wall completely across the southern border. you said it's not true, andy dean. go ahead. >> it's just not true. first off, the areas that are well fenced right now are the ones in southern california near the san diego/tijuana border and near el paso and juares. the parts that aren't fenced
11:52 pm
well are in parts of arizona and new mexico. it's a lot harder to get permits to build a 90 story sky scraper in new york city than it a 30-foot wall in a rural mountainous area. the actual construction is not complex. who better to do it than someone who has been building things all his life, donald trump. >> i'm only going on the research that has been shown from structural engineers and architects but go on, bob. >> i lived in texas. i've been along the rio grande valley from one end to the other. i own land in arizona and i've done campaigns in new mexico. and you're just full -- you have no idea what you're talking about. the idea -- have you ever been through -- >> you can't build a wall? why not? >> have you ever been through big bend national park? can you imagine trying to put a wall through there? big bend national park that runs along the border between mexico and texas and then when you add arizona, do you know who's going to not want to see a wall? >> i thought you meant big ben in london.
11:53 pm
>> big bend. that shows you something. you don't even know what you're talking about. >> it's not -- >> let him finish. >> here's one of the great things about trump, you take after trump very well, you just talk over everybody, don't you? >> thank you. >> my point is that trump is not going to build the wall, nobody believes it's feasible to build a wall through that entire area. trump has said it because it got him soz votes through the primaries, he has no what he's talking about and now he's trying to cozy up to people that thinks he ought to move to the senate. if he thinks he's going to get one hispanic vote out of this, he's crazy. they're going beat him like a drum. >> they built a wall in china thousands of years ago. >> do you understand what that -- what that wall in china was built by slaves and how many years it took to do that? go ahead. >> well, we'll go pay good wages and the mexicans are going to pay for this. >> yeah, sure. >> the united states is the greatest country in the world.
11:54 pm
the united states is the greatest country in the world. we have done things that other countries only dream about and you're telling me we can't build a wall over 2,000 miles which trump has said on many occasions you probably only need a thousand miles of the wall because of the topography over there. >> this is so ludicrous. >> we put a man on the moon and all of a sudden you're saying we can't build a wall? this is amazing to me. you guys are quitters. what happened to you? >> cory, i don't know if they're that or the people who are discussing -- if the people who are discussing this and telling -- and saying that it is physically if not impossible are structural engineers and people who know the topography there. >> who? what structural engineers? >> even recently, the campaign has said the wall will probably mott be built, it may have to have some electrical or different part that is not actually physical. but go ahead, van. >> this entire conversation is completely ludicrous and here's why. >> thank you, van. >> the whole thing is ludicrous
11:55 pm
because first of all -- >> van's in favor of the wall. >> hold on a second. if you're concerned about keeping terrorists out with a wall, you might have to build one across the canadian border because we've had people come from canada and do bad things. the whole thing is ludicrous because fundamentally, what this is, it's a metaphor. they are trying to instill in american people that everything that's wrong with america is because people are coming here from our southern border. latinos are coming here, killing you, raping you, stealing your job. they don't even mean the wall literally. what they are trying to do is appeal to a kind of racial nationalism. that's why they bought in this guy from breitbart who specializes this that. >> we mean a wall. >> no, you do not. >> they're trying to appeal a kind of racial nationalism and they've brought in one of the most despicable people in the united states, this guy bannon who runs one of the most racially inflammatory websites in the entire world, breitbart, because they're trying to get people to turn on each other in america rather than turn to each
11:56 pm
other in america and the entire conversation about the wall is a false issue. this is about spoking racial fears against latinos and it's wrong. >> and you know, van, that was very well said. >> just very quickly. what? >> i want to say -- >> the last nbc poll has donald trump at 22% with hispanics, 8% with african-americans, which mean that double the -- double the african-american vote that john mccain got and 50% more than mitt romney got four years ago. so all of a sudden he went from 1% to 8%. >> if he gets 10% of the african-american vote, i'll wipe your shoes. >> he'll win the election. >> you're in la la land. >> thank you. we'll be right back. jamie foxx here for verizon. did you know verizon has more than three times the 4g lte coverage of sprint? and i'm jamie foxx for sprint. pretty much the same coverage if you squint. you are not jamie foxx! sprint is last nationally in 4g lte coverage. well, who is going to notice? what about the left side of the country, huh? this part of texas,
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it is one of the worst things one candidate can say about another, and tonight donald trump is repeating his claim that hillary clinton is a bigot. this is cnn tonight. i'm don lemon. trump insisting that clinton's policies are bigoted, clinton firing back charging trump's campaign is built on prejudice and paranoia. meanwhile trump walks back a suggestion he might soften his immigration policies. listen to what he tells anderson cooper in an exclusive interview. >> there is no path to legalization unless people leave the country -- well, when they come back in, if they come


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