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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  August 27, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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spending the week trading fiery insults with hillary clinton and tim kaine at a rally in tallahassee, florida. tim kaine linked trump to racist ideals telling a crowd of mostly black supporters that trump embraces the values of the ku klux klan. >> he has supporters like david duke connected with the ku klux klan who are going around saying that donald trump is their candidate because donald trump is pushing their values. ku klux klan values, david duke values, donald trump values are not american values, they're not our values and we've got to do all we can to fight and push back and win. >> rnc chair reince priebus firing back saying quote tim kaine sunk to new lows with dirty and deplorable attacks which have no place in this campaign. hillary clinton wrapped up her first security briefing in new york. and we're learning new details
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around that clean bill of health from donald trump's doctor, harold bornstein. told nbc that he spent five minutes writing the letter in which he called trump -- he called him he would be quote the healthiest individual ever elected for the presidency, end quote. all while trump's limo waited outside for the doctor to finish the letter. well trump of course has not been elected president. all right. trump speaks later today at an event honoring veterans in des moines, iowa, this after a week when he campaign came under attack for a shift in his immigration policy leaving questions on where trump stands on the issues. we're live in des moines, iowa with more on this. >> reporter: donald trump is preparing to give a big speech on immigration next week to try to clarify exactly what his position on immigration really is. and clarity is what is sorely
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needed here. this week he has been all over the map on hi positions with almost daily recalibrations to where he stands. donald trump's rapidly evolving position on immigration seems to have come full circle. >> there is no path to legalization unless they leigh the country and come back. >> reporter: trump is now ruling out a palthway to legal status for the nation's undocumented immigrants, a sharp departure from comments made two days ago. >> there certainly can be a softening. we're not looking to hurt people. >> reporter: on tuesday trump seemed open to provide legal status for undocumented immigrants who had not been convicted of crimes but is walking that back dow. >> i don't think it's a softening. >> but 11 million people are no longer going to be deported. >> reporter: the nominee not clarifying how he would deal with those in the country illegally and whether he intends
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to follow there on his pledge in the primary. >> there's a good chance the answer could be yes. we're going the see what happens. before i if do anything i want to get rid of the bad ones -- >> reporter: while he tries to define an immigration stance -- >> from the start donald trump built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. >> reporter: both trump and clinton are taking their bare knuckled fight over racial politic to new levels. >> hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes. >> reporter: trump is standing by his labelling of clinton as a bigot without specifying which policies of hearse he believes have failed minorities. >> she comes out with the policies and others that believe like she does also. but she came out with policies over the years. this is over the years. long time. she's totally bigoted.
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>> reporter: and digging in even more, resurfacing comments of the clintons from the '90s. the democratic nominee since said she regretted. >> they are often the kinds of kids called super predators. no conscience or empathy. >> all this as the trump campaign is facing scrutiny over its newly minted ceo, steve bannon. the newly surfaced revelations first reported by politico that bannon was charged with domestic violence in 1996 in a case involving his then wife, bannon pleaded not guilty and the charges were dropped. the trump campaign is adding to its team today bringing on former chris christie aid bill step onas national field director. he was fired in the wake of the emphasis bridge gate scandal. >> reporter: trump will be speaking here in just a few hours. and notably this is an event
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hosted by johnny ernest who was rumored to be on his short list for vice presidential pick. she has pretty pointed words for both candidates speaking about this rhetoric they're enganging in. she told the washington post they both need to tone it down saying they need to take this into civil discourse. i say to both of them, back down. >> we'll see. thank you so much. i want to now bring in conservative columnist kristen tate, a trump supporter and activist crystal ball. good to see both of you. so kristen, you first. is there likely to be more clarity on donald trump's direction if there's going to be more of what we're seeing this week between he and hillary clinton calling each other bigots or if there will be more specificity on the immigration plan which is, you know, the
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cornerstone of his candidacy. >> right. i think at this point 2016 is trump's election to lose. he's got to focus on the issues. if he doesn't direct his, you know, populous style on the bold energy, if he complains about the media. he's not going to win. if he focuses on the issues, clarifies his immigration issues, shows the voter what is donald trump can do for them, he will win. she's a very beatable candidate. this could be his election to win pu he could ruin it if he sticks to divisive rhetoric and personal attacks. >> crystal, how much of that do you agree with or dispute? >> the idea that at this point that is trump's election to lose is a bit farfetched. just looking at the numbers in and of themselves, donald trump really is the person who made this whole campaign about
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himself. when you step on the stage at your own convention and say i alone can fix the problems facing this country, then you make this election a referendum on you, your personality and temperament and your long history not only in this campaign but from the very beginning of your business career on racially discriminatory rhetoric and practices. i think from a strategic standpoint if you're the hillary clinton campaign, every day that this is a debate about trump and his temperament and which candidate is going to be better for minority communities is a day that you're winning. >> kristen? >> well, look, i agree with the comments about temperament. hillary has to focus on trying to paint trump out as a racist with a poor temperament because she has no policies to run on, right? but you want to talk about trump's past? trump has created many opportunities for the minority community. he employs many black people. in his own company he's elevated women.
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he's got to focus on that. again, stop with the personal attacks. we've got to focus on the issues here and i think both candidates have to stop personally attacking each other. >> that is the best advice, both candidates have to stop attacking each other. there is this great waiting game, you know, taking place as it pertains to donald trump and his immigration policy. really any specificity on any policy for that matter. if not now, perhaps next week as we's to unveil more of the immigration policy there will be more specificity on issues so that he can no longer be a party to playing the name game with hillary clinton. >> well i think in the past week we've seen a donald trump that has focused on the issues. i loved his speeches last week where he did reach out to the black community, told them that liberal policies have failed you. here's how i'm going to provide a brighter future. >> what did he propose he was going to do in that respect?
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>> well, if he makes things better for businesses, if he allows businesses to grow and create jobs, that will lift the minority communities out of poverty and allow opportunity for all kinds of folks. and he's also the -- he's proven to be the candidate of law and order. he wants to crack down on crime. that would be great for the minority communities as well. he's got to focus on the positive things he can bring to all sorts of americans. and if he can focus on that he can win. and i also want to point out with the polls, he's down in the polls right now. but we've got to keep in mind, a lot of average americans are not really tuned in too closely to the race. i think the turning point will be the first debate. if he can do a really good job in the debate sticking to the issues and hillary clinton's weaknesses he can turn this around. >> 11 weeks to go until election day. is it your feeling, whether it be starting this weekend or maybe next week, you know, hillary clinton will get back to laying out her plans as opposed
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to what right now she's embroiled in this tit for tat with donald trump, you know, trying to play his game. and we've seen from what the other 16 republicans who were in the field with him during the primaries that nobody can play that game better than donald trump. is the challenge for hillary clinton to now get back into her game of trying to spell out policy or issues as opposed to, you know, getting into the name game with donald trump. 11 week to go. >> first of all, hillary clinton has had plans on immigration and economics and policies that work for families from the very beginning. she obviously collaborated with bernie sanders to improv our college tuition plans. she knows where she stands on the issues and has laid out in detail for voters where she stands and what she would do if elected. >> but do voters know it well enough that they don't need to hear it again or in some cases
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hear it for the first time? >> no. i'm not saying that at all. of course she wants to lay out a positive message for the country. but i also think, you know, i don't think we should discount the fact that we also need to lay out the case for why donald trump, regardless of whether you're a democrat or a republican, is a frightening figure for this country in an unprecedented way. going back to the comments everybody says when they're going to defend him on race, he's created jobs, been a great businessman. but there's a brand-new "the new york times" investigation that just came out about his initial start in the real estate business where of course we know he was sued by the federal government for his company marking c for colored on applications. he's also reportedly pulled black dealers off the casino floor. he wants jewish accountants rather than black accountants. we're talking about a long history of actions, of real
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world actions that have negatively impacted minority communities. and i think it's entirely appropriate for hillary clinton and tim kaine to be laying that case out for the american people so that they know who this shar tan really is. >> do you want to talk about racism? maybe we can talk about black lives matter. how come hillary clinton never talks about black lives matter, many who members have called and acted on violence against white cops. they do this with impunity. it's never called out by the media or democrats -- >> we've had that discussion and i don't think that's really been proven in terms of whether it's been a charge or that was the mission of black lives matter. but that's what this discussion is about. this is about messaging from these candidates and whether track records, i guess which is what, you know, krystal you're trying to talk about whether track record is part of the dialogue for these candidates and what their positions are, at this point moving forward, right, kristen? >> i think it's a little -- it's
9:13 am
stooping low for hillary clinton to be calling trump, saying he's like the kkk while completely ignoring violence on the other side with the black lives matter. it's almost as if she expects violence from the black community. it's almost insulting. she's not holding them to a higher standard while calling trump -- >> i don't know if i'm with you on that one. i don't know if anybody can substantiate what you just said because that comes out of nowhere. >> all kristen and other trump supporters can really do here is try to change the subject because when trump calls hillary clinton a bigot, he backs it up with nothing, his campaign manager kelly anne conway can't back it up. but when hillary clinton lays out the case, there are facts in this campaign and long before that are not in is put. you can say the comments are over the line, but no one can argue with the reality of the fact that he attacked an american judge with a mexican heritage just because of his
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mexican heritage. you can't deny the fact that he launched this campaign by generalizing mexicans as racists. he's stereotyped muslim parents, a gold star family based on their religion. it's fine to try to change the subject and tar hillary clinton with something else, but on the facts there's no denying the merit here. >> we're going to leave it there. i know we're going to resume the conversation perhaps in a more concrete direction. but for now let's end it right there. thanks so much. join cnn's jack tapper on "state of the union tomorrow. his guest is mike pence tomorrow right here on cnn 9:00 a.m. wholesome nuts and crunchy flakes. good things come together to make one great thing. great grains. why be good when you can be great? of a trip to athens, greece.
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some of it out because some of the language is still inappropriate. >> there's a pretty good chance that governor, state legislators, they probably trade voice mails ever once in a while. but what happens when you're a state legislator in maine and you upset the rather volatile republican governor of maine? well, this. >> i would like to talk to you about your comments about my being a racists you [ bleep ]. >> that's maine governor paula package. his target, a state lawmaker la page had thought called him racist. the governor did not hold back. >> i want you to prove that i'm a racist. i've spent my life helping black people and you little son of a [ bleep ]. you [ bleep ].
9:19 am
i need you -- i want you to record this and make it public because i'm after you. thank you. >> and in a page right out of the 19th century, the governor later challenges him to a duel that's how angry i am. and i bet -- i would put my gun in the air, guarantee you. i would not be hamilton. i'd point it right between his eyes. >> la page is no strange tore controversy. >> i was donald trump before donald trump became popular. >> something she he acknowledged in his endorsement of donald trump earlier this year. an outsider riling up the establishment, a fighter willing to go to the mat. he page's daughter works for trump's campaign. and yes, he's a politician with a history of not so politically correct comments from strong words to president obama -- and
9:20 am
as your governor, you're going to see a lot of me on the front page saying governor lepage tells obama to go to hell. >> to punk waiting a dispute to the naac. with this. >> tell them to kiss my butt. >> and recently on a father of an american soldier killed in iraq. >> then there's the all mighty beautiful ones like mr. chan which is an artist and he uses that to go after trump which i found very distasteful. >> but its comments relating to the heroin crisis that have followed lepage for months. >> demoney, smooth think, shifty, these type of guys come from connecticut and new york. they come up here, sell their heroin and then they go back home.
9:21 am
incidentally half the time they impregnate a young white girl before they leave. which is the real sad thing because now we have another issue that we got to deal with down the road. >> it really does all go back to the comments from governor lepage in january, comments that he doubled down on wednesday during a town hall. these are comments that lepage himself has repeatedly stated, they were not racist but they are comments that drew a lot of criticism from civil rights groups, from maine democratic legislature. lepage put out a lengthy statement apologizing to the people of maine for his comments for the language he used in the voice mail but he did not apologize for saying he would like to have a duel with the democratic lawmaker and he also pledged that he would do everything in his power to stop the state representative from doing anything politically going forward. so a little bit of a walk back. not much of one.
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welcome back. i'm fredicka whitfield. a national day of mourning in central italy just days after a
9:26 am
deadly earthquake. funerals takes place for dozens of victims. it lit's prime minister and president attending a service for 35 victims today. the death toll now at 290. many more still unaccounted for. the depth of the deaf station across the region now sinking in as the critical window to find more survivors alive passes. hundreds of aftershocks are hampering recovery efforts and 2100 people are living in makeshift tents. cnn's atika shubert joins us live from italy. more than 6,000 rescuers are in the region. what's the latest on the search for the possible survivors? >> reporter: well that search continues. but the longer it goes on, obviously hopes continue to dim. in fact, in the last hour or so, another body has been recovered. so that death toll has gone up to 291. the good news for many of the
9:27 am
resident and survivors here is that the aftershocks seem to be waning a little bit but they're still continuing. we felt another one last night. that's why you have tent camps like this, not just for those displaces but the builds behind me have huge cracks in the walls, many damaged buildings. every coming running out and they feel safer staying the night in tent like this. it is the process, the search that will go on still for some time. in the meantime today it's a national day of mourning, state funeral with the 35 people buried. a way for the community and for the nation to come together, try to heal and to rebuild. >> all right. atika shubert thank you so much for the update. so for way to help, viz next an offensive remark made by the ceo of donald trump's campaign. his name, steve bannon. his ex-wife said he didn't want
9:28 am
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ask your doctor about victoza®. all right. hello again. thank you for joining me. donald trump's new campaign ceo steven bannon ranted to his ex-wife about their children having to go to school with jewish kids. there was cited in court comets filed during a custody battle over their kids. cnn national correspondent diane gallagher joining me now from washington. can you take us through exactly what bannon allegedly said and ultimately what he said? what's the issue here? >> it's important to know note, those charges of antisemitism were from his now e wife during a child custody case that happened in 2007. went through those documents and in them his ex-wife said that bannon didn't want his daughters to attend a certain girls school they were considering due to the number of jewish students there.
9:32 am
those documents show her stating, quote, he said he doesn't like jews and he doesn't like that they raise their kids to be whiney brats and he didn't want the girls going to school with jews. it is important to point out these are his now ex-wife's words from a court declaration that was involving a dispute over child support back in 2007. cnn reached out to bannon and the trump campaign spokesperson but we have not heard back. a bannon spokeswoman told the new york news that bannon never said anything like that and proudly sent to girls to archer for their middle school and high school education. that comes as the campaign chair is facing scrutiny about his background. we learned that several years ago he faced several charges of domestic violence stemming from an i accident with his wife. those charges with were
9:33 am
eventualeventual ly dropped. what does it show about the allegations then speaking on bannon's behalf today? >> the charges were dropped because the ex-wife did not appear in court. now we have reached out to the trump campaign. the trump campaign said that that incident is not going to affect his future or anything like that with the campaign. at this point kellyanne conway stating at one point that she wasn't sure if donald trump was aware of any of those allegations or those charges from decades ago. but the campaign seems to say that nothing is going to change in regards to that domestic violence charge that was dropped. again we're waiting on a response as far as the charges of antisemitism from the ex-wife. >> thank you so much. next, it's an american medical crisis. the opioid addiction problem is killing people every day and now the surgeon general is launching a program to save those lives. hear from him next.
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>> we want to be the first destination that a parent goes to when they're thinking about what to do with their child. all right. officials in multimillion states are grappling with a sudden frightening spike in hereby wynn overdoses and they think it's being caused by a dealer or dealers lacing the drug with an elephant tranquilizer. in ohio there have been nearly 90 overdoses in just the last week and there have been at least 12 in indiana. and last week in west virginia, 28 people overdosed within a four-hour period. one official there saying the amount of 911 calls pouring in was like a mass casualty event. taking a listen to one of the indiana -- one of the calls out of indiana right now. >> probable opiate overdose. >> okay. stay on the line for an ambulance. >> probable opiate overdose. >> is she awake? >> barely. can hardly get him -- he's
9:40 am
barely awake. >> having trouble breathing? >> can you just send somebody? >> the drug crisis has prompted u.s. surgeon general to send a letter urging all doctors to use caution when prescribing pain medication that could become addictive. rachel, what are you been learning about this epidemic? >> reporter: well, fred, we spoke to one law enforcement official this morning who said that over the past week there have been more than 100 overdoses. and yesterday just in cincinnati alone there were 36 overdoses. now in order to better understand the impact of the opioid epidemic on people's lives, we spoke to a family about their struggle with addiction and they were very can dade with us. >> terrified. it terrifies me. >> reporter: a recent spike in heroin overdoses. nearly 100 in the last week
9:41 am
alone. have lori arian feeling for her daughter's life. >> i would love to get high. i would. i'm a drug addict it's what i do best. >> she's been using heroin for the past six years. in those years she says she's lost about a dozen friends. >> i just had one of my friends die i think yesterday morning and she left four kids behind. >> reporter: officials suspect a batch of heroin laced with elephant tranquilizers is to blame for the latest string of overdoses. but april says that's not enough to scare away regular users. >> when you're addicted to heroin, when you're using, you don't care about dying. you're just chasing the next high. and for a lot of people, hearing that there is a souped up strain of dope on the streets, that's actually appealing. >> yeah, definitely. absolutely. because you, you stop getting high. that's why they call it chasing
9:42 am
high. because you stop getting high. you're staying well, you're staying not sick. so when you hear that somebody has yoverdosed or you hear abou the crazy new drugs, you're thinking all right. it's about time. i'm trying to get high. >> with the new strain of heroin that's cut with an elephant tranquilizer -- >> i'm sure that there are heroin addicts who are actively looking for it and thinking that the people who are dying are doing it wrong. they're doing too much. they're not -- you know what i mean? they're just thinking that they're going to find a way to get really high and not die. or if they die they don't really care. but they're definitely looking for it. i would be. >> my son is on drugs and i think he's overdosing. i think he's overdosed. >> is he awake? >> he's awake but barely. >> he's not breathing. >> what is he od'g on?
9:43 am
>> heroin. i guess it's fentanyl. >> this fire house in cincinnati responded to two dozen overdoses in a single day last week, more than ten times their daily average. and they don't know when the calls will stop coming in. but april's mom is worried about a different type of call. >> you know, we hear on ambulance and we always wonder if it's someone that we know or for our child. and that's something that we live with every day. you know, we go to bed at night wondering if they're going to get that phone call. >>. april and her mom know better than anyone how difficult the struggle with opioid adrix is. >> i'll do any drug you put in front of me. it's definitely a struggle. it's really hard. >> it's difficult because we can't like love them out of it, you know. so we love them so much and it doesn't -- there's nothing that we can really do for them. >> april says getting sober is a
9:44 am
daily struggle. but in her eyes, not using heroin is progress, even if other drugs are taking its place. >> definitely not. i wouldn't say i'm using. but i've used twice since i've been out, and i've been out for a month. >> how has heroin changed your life? >> well, i'm 22. i just did 11 months incarcerated. i'm back on probation with more time on the shelf. when in reality, i mean, i probably should have been applying for med school this summer. you know, that was what i wanted to do. that's where i should have been. >> reporter: while april is not applying to med school, she is in recovery. she told us that he's going to treatment about three to four times a week and she's focusing on staying clean and just living life one day at a time. >> terribly sad. rachel crane, thank you so much.
9:45 am
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9:49 am
city and say they expect to retake it from isis by the end of the year. two american medics who showed up in iraq to support the anti-isis forces are now in a constant struggle to save lives. here's cnn's arwa damon. >> reporter: it's early morning and the. >> we're looking for a place to set up or medical triage area. five dead, three wounded. >> reporter: these are two americans on the medical front li line. >> we have two casualties. let's treat them appropriately. get him on. black box. >> reporter: it's a chaotic frantic effort on this day, compounded by a language barrier, different culture and significant lack of resources.
9:50 am
>> i need four plastic [ bleep ] jor john a trained emergency medical technician from syracuse, new york is volunteering. pete of new jersey is a former marine turned medic who works with a nonprofit providing medical training and assistance. there is no advanced warning when the casualty is coming in, no time to prep before the next one arrives. >> the toughest thing about being out here as a combat medic is when your patients don't live. >> come on, man. stay with us. come back to us,man. come on. >> sometimes we, we can't fix everything that's the hard part for me personally. you want to save everybody but you can't. >> there's a breakdown in communication between us, coalition forces, peshmerga. it's difficult when you're trying your best to work on someone but just, the rest of the system isn't there. or it's not working properly.
9:51 am
>> reporter: they both say they had comfortable happy lives at home. is it guilt? >> guilt or sense of purpose. sometimes those overlap. somewhere in the middle. >> i can help people at home for sure and i do and i feel good for what i do there. but here that feeling is much greater. the peshmerga need significant help. they need training. they need an actual combat medical unit. people are throwing ammunition and guns at this place all day long. that's not saving lives. >> when i think of isis, i think of, you know, the nazis. there are very few times in history there's such a black and white good versus evil situation. they've been carrying this war in this region on their backs with not nearly enough support. and people back home are upset
9:52 am
about shootings and things like that and isis is involved there. but they don't have a clue what it's like a day here. or a day in baghdad or in syria. it's pretty horrible. >> reporter: arwa damon, cnn, iraq. let's talk more about the overall fight against isis. let's bring in michael wise, cnn contributor and the coauthor of a book on the inner workings of isis and colonel rick franco that, a cnn military analyst in syria. good to see both of you. okay. wow. it's really powerful stuff to launch in that conversation. those ro incredibly imagery and the sacrifices made are indelible. colonel franco that when you talk about the overall fight ofcy sis and reclaiming the
9:53 am
battle for mosul, what is different here? it sure seems like we've been talking about the battle or reclaiming of mosul for a very long time. >> and we're going to continue to talk about it for a long time. this is going to be a long drawn-out operation. the iraqis have got to get the battlefield in shape bf they can launch a real assault. they means moving from the east from the south up toward the north. and they're going to have to marshal a lot of force to be able to take that city. and at some point they're going to have to continue the isolation, go out to the west and cut that city off. as long as there's a resupply hout route that they can mo men and material, isis will continue to do that. >> can that do that by year's end? >> i don't see it beginning until the end of the year, fred. >> michael, this is big. how do you see it and how do you
9:54 am
see a potential time line? >> i agree with the colonel. i think the iraqis are too optimistic. arwa did a great interview. this guy was one of the most stalwart pro-american guys in the operation and single handedly for rallying that town against al qaeda and iraq. i intervund him a few years ago myself and he told me the problem we face in iraq is you've got forces looking to take control. and the appointment of al baddy was a good thing. but the general was careful in to interview to say let's be careful, not get ahead of ourselves of the retaking of mosul. involved in this battle you have kurdish peshmerga who will go into eastern mosul but i doubt they want to go to western
9:55 am
mosul, the hornet's nest or the lion's den if you like. coming up from the south you have iraqi security forces including the golden division, the counterterrorism strike forces of the iraqi security forces. but now unfortunately, these popular mobilization units, are chomping at the bit to get into mosul. now the problem with this is what we've seen play out in fallujah. military age males get abducted, tortured and kill. the u.s. government likes to cover this up. the primary objective is delivering results in the battle against isis. geograp geography, land, dead isis fighters that's it. the dynamics at play and the day after scenario which could lead to a civil war in iraq, all of that is being kicked down the street. >> lieutenant colonel, hearing that, it's a matter of retaking
9:56 am
but then it's a matter of hold it as well. and so there in lie the question about resources and the ability to do that, even if it were to be achieved by the end of the year or into the following year, it's the what's next that becomes a big worry as well? >> and that's the problem. and michael laid it out perfectly. you've got forces -- the iraqis have the resources to take the city, they just don't have them in place yet. they'll commit whatever resources are necessary. i don't think the battle is in question. the iraqis will take mosul back then we set up the next war. from the kurds going to retreat whab are the shia going to do, big questions that i don't think we've addressed yet. >> okay. thank you so much. appreciate it. all right. the next hour of the cnn newsroom begins right after a short break.
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