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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  August 27, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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7:00 in the evening here in washington. it is 4:00 out west. you are in the cnn newsroom and i'm jim sciutto in today for poppy harlow. donald trump is facing a social media backlash over his controversial tweet about the fatal shooting of the cousin of nba star dwayne wade. nykea aldridge was pushing her baby stroller down a chicago street when several men started shooting at each other. aldridge was caught in the crossfire. to be clear, police say she was not the intended target. early this morning, trump tweeted, quote, dwayne wade's
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cousin was just shot and killed walking her baby in chicago. just what i've been saying, african-americans will vote trump, exclamation point. he deleted it, and retweeted it, correcting her misspelled name. later he tweeted, my condolences to dwayne wade and his family. >> reporter: jim, we saw donald trump today here try to course correct a little bit from his earlier tweet earlier this morning. he received a lot of criticism over the tone of that tweet, a lot of people saying he was inserting himself into this tragedy. today donald trump in reaching out to african-american voters in a section of his speech
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today, i tried to appeal to african-american voters, although i should note this crowd was predominantly a white crowd, he did specifically mention this tragedy, the killing of dwayne wade's cousin. here's what he had to say. >> more than 6,000 african-americans are the victims of murder, of murder, every single year. just yesterday, the cousin of nba star dwayne wade, a great guy, dwayne wade, was the victim of a tragic shooting in chicago. she was the mother of four and was killed while pushing her infant child in a stroller just walking down the street. shot. it breaks all of our hearts to see it. it's horrible. it's horrible. and it's only getting worse. this shouldn't happen in our country. this shouldn't happen in
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america. >> reporter: and add to go the voices of criticism today was hillary clinton's running mate tim kaine. as he was out campaigning, he was asked about donald trump's tweet and picking up on this tragedy. tim kaine said it is just not appropriate. he said the only thing that is appropriate right now is to express sympathy to their family, jim. >> sunlen serfaty, thanks very much. the tragic news out of chicago today and donald trump's reaction are getting a lot of attention from the gun reform movement and the black lives matter movement. our next guest knows the pain of losing a loved one to gun violent. she is the mother of a woman who was shot in killed in 2013 in a park in chicago, right after she had finished her final exams. cleopatra is one of the mothers of the movement and spoke against gun violence at this year's democratic national convention. you see a picture of her there
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on the stage. she joins me now on the telephone. cleopatra, i'm a father myself and i just want to say i'm so sorry for the loss of your daughter and thank you for taking the time today to talk about this difficult issue. >> thank you. thank you for having me. >> so dwayne wade, as it happens, was at a town hall on gun violence in chicago just last week, before losing his cousin here. your husband was also there. to hear his tragedy today, what message does that send? does that sort of show that no family is immune to gun violence? >> first let me say, i offer my deepest, deepest condolences to the wade and aldridge families. i was deeply wounded when i heard his family had been touched by tragedy yet again. i'm also familiar because just yesterday i buried my 28-year-old cousin, he was
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murdered on the 17th of august. it's just the reality that gun violence in the city of chicago alone is very serious. and many, many activists around the city of chicago often verbalize that something need to be do do. we have father slater, we have jesse jackson, purpose over pain. many organizations in the city of chicago that stand up and scream about the seriousness of the issue and the value of our youth. it's not just a political stunt that needs to be done. something that can be touched needs to occur so that things change in our city. >> i want to ask you what you believe needs to be done. first, quickly, i want to ask you your reaction to donald trump's tweet today, in the hours after dwayne wade's cousin was shot.
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he made this pitch to african-american voters and said african-american voters will vote trump. >> my reaction is that we know that is so very insensitive. right now the family doesn't need that, they don't need anything politicized about what happened. at the end of the day, they have lost a loved one, a mother. these children are now without their mother. i think on my personal opinion, it was just very insensitive. >> let's get to the bigger issue. there are a lot of charges being exchanged in this presidential election, as you've heard, about who is to blame for this violence. donald trump was there in iowa today saying he will fix it. maybe not who do you blame, but what do you became and what changes would you like to see to protect people going forward from this kind of violence? >> i believe that each of us has
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a responsibility to make sure our children are safe here in america. there are people who have taken jobs who vowed to make sure that policies, legislation would be implemented to make sure we're safe. i believe those people need to take those jobs more seriously. >> how so? what would show you that they're taking their jobs more seriously? >> in my opinion, it's not about republican or democrat. it's about the issue. and it's about seriously looking at the issue and saying that, you know, something needs to change, and it doesn't matter about, you know, getting funding from the nra per se in order to pursue roles. it's about really caring for the american people and doing what needs to be done for our safety and our future. our children are dying hand over fist, because everyone's, you know, thinking about what needs to be done and saying what needs to be done.
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but those who are in power aren't executing. >> do you trust one party over the other to do a better job of addressing gun violence? >> no, that's not what i said at all. i said we need to drop party lines and look at the issue as a whole and see that it is not just affecting the poor. oh, that's a problem of the poor or that's a problem of the african-american community. as we know, men communities have been affected by gun violence. it's not limited to black or brown. it's out here, it's prevalent. guns are abundant. we need to do something about it, be it opening our mouths and talking when we know something as a community person, holding young people accountable for making decisions that are poor. funding organizations that are making attempts to bring about a moral awareness to young people so that they make changes. perhaps adding more money to the educational system so they offer programs to young people to make them aware.
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just think about problem solving and, you know, using options other than guns to resolve issues. >> no question. and it is -- gun violence knows no color, right, in terms of its victims. >> it does not. it does not. >> cleo patra, i do appreciate you taking the time to give us your thoughts. few people know better. >> thank you very much. ahead, new reaction from the clinton campaign about donald trump's controversial tweet regarding gun violence. and is his appeal to african-american voters working? we'll discuss. in the aftermath of a deadly earthquake, we're seeing remarkable stories of survival. we'll take you to a hospital in central italy. then later, san francisco 49ers qb colin co-per nick for refusing to stand during the national anthem. you're live in the cnn newsroom.
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tim kaine assumed the role of hillary clinton's attack dog today when he slammed donald trump's controversial tweet on the shooting death of dwayne wade's cousin. he tweeted, just what i have been saying, african-americans will vote
4:13 pm
trump, exclamation point. he later deleted it, reposted it with a correct spelling of dwayne's first name. the presidential candidate suggests trump's tweet is inappropriate. >> we just ought to be extending sympathy to the family. that's the only reaction that's appropriate right now. and maybe a sadness about this gun violence issue, which we know it's complicated. but that is -- you see something like this and we should redouble our efforts to really adopt and promote smart strategies on that. but the sympathy issue is the one, that ought to be our strong first reaction. >> let's bring in our panel. scotty nell hughes, political editor for right hillary cardono, a 2016 democratic super delegate.
4:14 pm
having just heard from vice presidential candidate tim kaine, what you say your reaction? do you defend that first reaction to the death of dwayne wade's cousin? >> everybody has extreme sympathy for what's going on and happened to the wade family, it's horrible, it's tragic. as we know, mr. trump sees a problem. he had just said it a few days before and he wanted to offer a solution and he's frustrated, like so many americans are right now, that innocent mothers are being shot in the street while walking their babies down the street, and being shot by guns that are illegal in a city like chicago which has some of the strongest gun control laws. there's not a solution being put forth yet by the democrats, by hillary clinton or tim kaine, how to stop these very innocent people from being shot in their own neighborhoods. >> maria, you're shaking your head. >> donald trump's tweet was nothing except reprehensible. but it's donald trump, so i
4:15 pm
think most americans expected nothing less. frankly, he didn't care about the family. he cared about taking advantage of a tragedy for his own political benefit. he almost sounded gleeful that it had happened. it is disgusting and i think it's going to continue to have his numbers drop, if that's possible among african-americans, and other minorities. it also focuses on the fact that he has zero solutions on this. look, scotty's right. we need to talk about solutions. but the way that you talk about solutions is not with a tweet, and it's not with taking advantage of a personal tragedy. it is by bringing people together. it is by actually offering proposals and solutions. and scotty also mentioned illegal guns. that's correct too. chicago police have gathered and taken off the streets more illegal guns in chicago than los angeles and new york combined.
4:16 pm
so what does that mean? that sure, illinois's gun safety laws might be strong, but the neighboring states, frankly most of them run by republicans, are weak. people are bringing guns from other states, which means we need to talk about the real gun safety laws that need to be implemented across the country. and that is when we will get to real solutions. >> i want to give you a chance to reply on policy, but on the issue of the tweet, if donald trump or his campaign didn't have a sense that that first tweet was a mistake, why then this condolences tweet five hours later? >> well, i think they obviously felt that way. i think mr. trump was feeling frustrated. once again, he's taking the side of the innocent victim. why did she have to die? why can she not be safe in her own neighborhood? the democrats have for eight years had a chance to solve this problem. in a city that's mainly run by
4:17 pm
democrats, i'm sorry, i'm not going to let you blame this on republicans, you've seen the murder rate go up 70%. the ones that are involved in gangs, no matter what, they're going to find ways to create crimes, create evil, and do their evil. these folks could care less about the laws that you pass. if they're sitting there randomly shooting women randomly walking down the street with a baby carriage, they're going to find a way to do their evil. and the democrats have allowed this to escalate. all mr. trump wants to do is restore law and order to the streets so we can be safe again, americans, within our own neighborhoods. >> let me try something here for both of you. i'll challenge both of you, you, maria, for the democrats, you, scotty, for the republicans. name one thing that your party has done that's had a significant effect on reducing gun violence. maria, i'll give you the first go. >> frankly, you have seen in places where there are strict
4:18 pm
gun safety laws, where the surrounding states have real gun safety laws, then yes, gun violence does go down. and i actually want to talk about a statistic, because donald trump and his supporters love to talk about the spike in gun violence in some of the top inner cities or some of the big inner cities in the country. while that's true, there has also been a decrease in other huge inner cities in this country. for example, new york has gone down by 25%. so do democrats get credit for that? overall, gun violence is at a record low from the highs of the 1990s. so we -- >> violent crime rates, definitely, i'm a new yorker and it's a fraction of where it was in the '80s. >> that's exactly right. but we need to focus on solutions. and blaming is not going to get us to solutions. we need to work together on this. >> you offered one, strict gun laws, when multiple states have
4:19 pm
it. scotty, give me an example of an initiative that's represented reduce gun violence from the republican party. >> once again, it's really easy for democrats and maria to say strict gun laws. like what? what specifically? you can't give specifics, they give the specific emotional answer. >> i'll give a specific. >> that's what his question was. you didn't answer. >> i talked about stricter gun lawyer laws. >> like what? >> let me tell you. if we are able to focus on and pass background checks, frankly, so that all of those illegal guns are harder to get from those criminals that you say will ignore the laws, then we can make sure that people who should not get guns, do not get guns. right now you can go on the internet, scotty, and anybody can get a gun. that is not to me a situation where we are putting people's safety first. republicans should work with us. but instead, they're in the pocket of the nra who wants to
4:20 pm
do absolutely nothing except put more guns in people's hands. >> scotty, give me your alternative, an alternative approach. >> absolutely. first of all, maria, i can almost guarantee that a background check would not have saved, unfortunately, the life today. >> we don't know that, now, coudo we? >> those criminals could care less about background checks. before they committed this crime did they think, i need to get a background check to get these guns? what republicans and the nra does is say let's actually make sure that we take people like down in texas where they allow gun carry zones, and you actually sit there and strengthen the good people, those folks that are law abiding citizens that go and respect the power of a gun and protecting themselves. >> so more guns. >> by the way, it's a second amendment right. >> i appreciate it, i know we
4:21 pm
took a small issue and went big there for a moment. thanks for both of you for taking part. >> thank you, jim. >> still to come today, a national day of morning in italy. amid remarkable stories, at least some of them of survival. we'll take you to a hospital where survivors are fighting for their lives. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." gary, gary, gary... i am proud of you, my man. making simple, smart cash back choices... with quicksilver from capital one. you're earning unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. like on that new laptop. quicksilver keeps things simple, gary. and smart, like you! and i like that. i guess i am pretty smart. don't let that go to your head, gary. what's in your wallet? ♪
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it's been a national day of mourning in italy, just days after a deadly earthquake hit a popular vacation area in the central part of the country. a mass funeral was held today for dozens of victims. the death toll is now up to 290, with many more still unaccounted for. meanwhile, some 6,000 rescuers still at work. look at those scenes of devastation there, searching for any signs of life in what is left of the town of ama tretric.
4:25 pm
cnn's atika shubert reports. >> reporter: a little girl plucked from the rubble alive. rescued 17 hours after the earthquake. many of the victims here were children, enjoying their summer holidays with their families. four-year-old georgia rental did i survived because her older sister julia shielded her from the rubble, sacrificing her own life for her baby sister. this is the hospital where that little girl pulled out of the rubble was brought to for treatment. 99 of those injured in the earthquake were brought here. this is where family members wait for word of their loved ones, still living the trauma of their ordeal. here georgia's father is coming to terms with the loss of one daughter and the survival of the other. he told doctors he was not yet ready to speak to media. but others talked to try and make sense of the destruction.
4:26 pm
this man was lying in bed with his wife when the earthquake struck. now he is waiting for her to come out of a lengthy surgery. for us, it's the end, he told us. it's a house with so many memories, so much life, but it's finished. we're scared, we won't be coming back. we saw death. we felt it. my wife -- and then he breaks down in tears. he says, we prayed. the no dmadonna wanted to save . this 19-year-old was sleeping on the top floor of the house, his mother in the room next door, when the house collapsed. >> my first thought was my mother, my mother is here, but i can't help her. >> reporter: he was buried in rubble. it took an hour for his uncle to find him and dig him out with his bare hands. >> when i came out, i kissed
4:27 pm
him, and i said to him that he was my life. but my thoughts are still on my mother, because she passed away, she's gone now. >> reporter: he survived. with hairline fractures to several vertebrae. his greatest pain is the loss of his mother. >> i'm like this because my mother teach me to be a person like this. >> reporter: to be strong? >> to be strong, yes. >> reporter: given new life, survivors of italy's devastating earthquake are healing, slowly. atika shubert, cnn, italy. >> let's hope for more survivors. still to come today, an nfl
4:28 pm
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so far the most notable moment of the nfl preseason may be something that happened off the field. it came right before last night's game between green bay and san francisco. quarterback collin kaepernick refused to stand during the national anthem. he said, quote, i'm not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. for me this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. there are bodies in the street and people getting away with murder. let's talk about it with ben ferguson and mark lamont hill.
4:32 pm
i want to ask both of you, mark, i'll start with you, was this in your view a justified protest? >> it's absolutely a justified protest. remember, we have freedom in speech in this country. if somebody wants to do it for political grounds, religious grounds, or they just don't want to stand up, it's justified. from a moral standpoint, it's absolutely justified. i go to basketball games, i never stand for the pledge of allegiance. >> you don't stand? >> no. >> why not? >> it's an act of political resistance. >> for the same reason that kaepernick cited? >> absolutely. even more broadly, it's not just about violence, people being shot in the street. it's resistance to american empire, imperial wars overseas. i'm a citizen in this country
4:33 pm
and i'm able to express respectful dissent. until we're in the country of the land of the free and the home of the brave, that's his resistance and i salute him for him. >> ben, first on colin kaepernick and more broadly, the idea of not standing during the national anthem as a form of pro theft. >> i think it's an incredibly shallow and pathetic move from a quarterback who hasn't ever protested brutality in the nfl by many of the players against their wives and girlfriends and people who beat people. he didn't protest the nfl not disciplining ray rice, for example, hypocrisy for a player who has had multiple opportunities to stand up against his peers. he didn't do it. it would have been too hard for him to do that at the nfl level and keep his incredible 100 plus million dollar contract. the second thing is this.
4:34 pm
if this country sucks so bad, look at his own story. this is someone who was adopted by two white parents, he's biracial, he's now making hundreds of millions of dollars in the nfl in a country where he is free to say and do stupid things like he did. that is a story of an incredible nation. other countries around the world would not allow him to do this. from the beginning, his story was a success story. instead he's being an incredibly arrogant and entitled individual. here is what i would say to him. right now you're riding the bench. maybe it's time for you to play in the canadian football league if you hate this country so much that you won't stand for the national anthem. >> mark, there are two points there. the first is the nfl has its own problems, he's got no problem taking a very big check from the nfl. >> a huge check. >> he's leaving peacefully in this country that arguably gives him many protections and helped lay the path for him going to the nfl. how do you respond to that?
4:35 pm
>> well, first of all, he's not taking a check. he's earning a check. you're not taking a check from cnn. >> he's taking a check right now, the fans of san francisco would agree with me. >> we can make jokes about it, but he works hard every day, i trains he evevery day. let's not say he's taking a check. you say he's never stood up for anything before. are you saying that then you can't stand up for anything the rest of your life? >> his point is does he stand up to -- the different problems you're showing here. >> well, i disagree with that. i don't know if you know colin capp kaepernick. he's talked about these things publicly and privately. when a black person gets shot in the street, people say why aren't you protesting black on black violence? let me finish, i let you finish.
4:36 pm
the way to resist the state is different than how you resist your own people. they both need critique, but you critique them similarly. if he sits on the bench, that doesn't critique ray rice in the same way he can critique american imperialism or violence in the streets. to suggest he should not resist america or leave, that's the most un-american thing i can think of. >> i don't care about that right now, i care about colin kaepernick. i don't care about talking about the tea party or politics, that's not involved here. >> give him a second. our viewers can't hear if you're both speaking at the same time. >> i just wanted to respond to each of his three points. >> let's do it one at a time. we don't have much time, sadly. i want to give ben a chance to respond to your main point
4:37 pm
before we go to break. >> this is about colin kaepernick. this is the reason why you see people that look at this individual and say, what world are you living in? you have the opportunity to make an insane amount of money, to be in the top one of the top 1%, while saying you're somehow being oppressed so therefore you don't honor the country that allows these things. no one is saying america is perfect. but the idea to sit there on the bench and not have respect for those men and women who many of them are african-american that died for the freedom for him to be able to safe while playing a football game, being paid 100 plus million dollars, tells me -- and to never have come out before against brutality of his own teammates and his own people in the league that have beaten women and been reinstated, who have not even lost their paychecks over this, tells me that you don't really care the issue as much as you think, so instead you sit on the bench, which you're doing a lot anyway,
4:38 pm
and you're sitting there to make a point which you've never made before, that is hypocrisy. that's why i say, go and play in the cfl, i'm sure they would love to have you. >> we'll have to leave it there, mark, one quick thought before we go to break. >> only black people are taught, when you critique america, you have to leave. when the moral majority says we're going in the wrong direction, when the religious right says we're going in the wrong direction, no one says leave. do i get the last word or not? >> you do. i'm sorry, we're out of time. it's a great conversation. i want to thank you both for going at it respectfully. this is the engine of a southwest airlines plain bound for orlando. what forced this aircraft to make an emergency landing in pensacola, florida, the details coming up next on "cnn newsroom."
4:39 pm
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this just into cnn. an orlando-bound plane was diverted to pensacola after one of its engines suffered a serious mechanical issue. these passenger photos show how serious the issue was, significant damage to one of the engines. the engine failures caused depressurization in the cabin. that's why those masks came down. the flight did manage to land safely. no injuries were reported, despite that damage you're seeing there. 99 passengers on board. cnn aviation analyst les abin joins us on the phone. if i'm a passenger on that plane, how difficult is it to land a plane with that much damage? >> jim, i mean, these are all preliminary stuff. i'm looking at the same photos that you are. you know, what we call this in the business is a catastrophic
4:43 pm
engine failure. there's pieces of this airplane that obviously came apart according to these photos. why is speculations at this point. the front part of the engine came apart. we're trained for this scenario. these airplanes, 737s that southwest has been flying since day one of their existence, is a very, very safe airplane. it's designed to fly on this one engine. obviously it landed safely, despite the damage that you're seeing via these photos. >> now, when you look at that, and i know i'm not showing you much here, you've got a couple of pictures there, what are the possibilities for what could have caused this kind of engine damage? >> it's hard to say. it seems like something either internally blew apart and sent its way right through the whole engine. what disturbs me is why there was a depressurization issue.
4:44 pm
was it internal to the engine or were there parts that were thrown against the side of the fuselage which is in one picture, which breached part of the fuselage, potentially. it doesn't look like a make leak. when you have a depressurization, it could have been a slow leak and a precaution for the crew to deploy the masks, or they were deployed automatically, it's hard to say at this point in time. >> then you worry about the danger to passengers as well if pieces of the plane were flying around like shrapnel there. les, thanks very much. you've flown these planes before so it's always great to have your expertise. basketball legend kareem abdul jabar has a new book that looks at race relations in her society, as donald trump has begun making appeals to african-americans, jabar offers his some advice, ahead in "the
4:45 pm
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in this week's "american opportunity," kareem abdul jabar is a basketball legend, and now author. with a number of books under his belt, he's now out with a new book reflective of the times we live in today, and this presidential race. it's called "writings on the wall." with racial politics now a hot topic, poppy harlow sat down with him in new york to talk about the election and race relations in america. >> in recent weeks we have seen donald trump speak about african-americans. >> you're living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs.
4:49 pm
58% of your youth is unemployed. what the hell do you have to lose? >> what was your reaction to that? >> my reaction to that was, if he wanted to address african-americans, he should come and speak to them. a number of different african-american groups that are politically connected have invited him to speak to them. >> the naacp. >> the naacp and other groups. and he hasn't done that. >> his supporters push back and they say his speeches, even though they've been in front of largely white audiences, are nonnational television so he is speaking to african-americans. what do you make of that? >> i think he should come and speak to african-americans specifically and give them some specific ideas as to how he plans to change things because he only speaks in generalities. he's very vague. he says he's going to make it better but he never says how. >> is there anything he can do
4:50 pm
or say that i don't know, but he hasn't tried to do anything. he's just talked about it and, you know, talk is cheap. the only republican politician that i have seen that said something along those lines and i believed it was rand paul. he went to talk in the black community about conservative solutions for chronic unemployment and the failure of the educational system, but i think mr. trump's posturing has been very insincere. >> to be clear, you're a big supporter of hillary clinton in this election. >> yes, i am. >> a recent "new york times" poll on race relations, show that americans think that race relations in this country now are as bad as they were in 1992 after the rodney king beating and the ensuing l.a. riots.
4:51 pm
you write in your book that america patted itself on the back for electing the first black president, but then, quote, the systemic racism in the country proceeded to get worse. >> i think it became more obvious. it's always been there, but now it became a lot more obvious. and i think that's really -- >> why did it become more obvious, because we have a black president? >> that's a good question. i don't have the answer for that, but i think just people started to realize, geez, something's not right here. >> you have said being a black role model is a double edged sword for inspiration and frustration. was there a particular experience that taught you that? what made you feel that?
4:52 pm
>> people would say that, well, look, certain black americans are now among the wealthiest americans. that means if they make it, all the other black americans should be able to achieve that. people without the educational background to advance their lives don't make it, and it doesn't matter what color they are, so we have to deal with the facts here. it's not about color. it's more about class than anything else. >> the tools for upward mobility. >> the tools for upward mobility have to be available and take advantage of them. >> you write about that. you write about gender equality or inequality, and you write that gender equality may be the most important issue facing our society because it cuts across all races, religions, and
4:53 pm
economic strata. i guess i didn't expect to hear that. >> well, it's true i think. women have traditionally been seen as people who are supposed to know their place and stay at home and mind baby. >> now we just do it all. >> take a secondary position. that's not going to work. men are going to have to realize that they made a very cushy situation for themselves and that can't continue like that. and it's going to be uncomfortable for them to give up some of that power and comfort. >> do you believe that america, this country, can achieve a future in the near term that is truly color blind? and is that what we want? >> i don't know if we can be truly color blind, but we can deal with people's natural tendency toward bias. and we can make sure that that
4:54 pm
doesn't trip everybody up and become a stumbling block for too many people to overcome. >> so what's the best way we can do that? what's the number one thing the average person sitting at home watching can do? >> speak to the truth. just address things in a truthful, honest way. that's the only way that we make it through these things, by speaking honestly and listening. you have to be able to listen. that's what the founding fathers did. they brought a lot of their own biases to the continental congress. they had their opinions and a lot of them at first didn't want to listen to the other guys, but they got to a point where they had to listen. they did and we ended up with this great document called the constitution. we need to use it. >> would you ever run for office? >> no. i think i'm too long in the tooth to run for office. >> if two people could read your
4:55 pm
book, sit down, and then have a conversation about it, who would those two people be in your mind? >> those two people would be a republican congressman and a democratic congressman. i hope that they could read my book and say, geez, kareem has brought up some good ideas here. let's talk. >> do you got some names? >> no. i'm not going to indulge in wishful thinking, but we have enough congressmen out here. hopefully one or two of them will read the book. >> we'll be right back after this. you can go ahead and stick with that complicated credit card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or... you can get the quicksilver card from capital one. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on ev-e-ry purchase, ev-e-ry-where. i shouldn't have to ask.
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finally tonight's number 1 billion. that's how much mylan made in drug sales last year. a big part of that came from the epipen which drastically treats
4:59 pm
allergic reactions. mylan has raised the price from less than $100 in 2009 to $600 today. it led to major criticism this week. mylan is offering a discount card for the epipen that will help some users. the controversy, however, seems to be far from over. coming up tonight on cnn, it is a night to return to the eighties. raised on television returns at 9:00. next, cnn takes you inside the kkk on "united shades of america." tomorrow, don't miss mike pence. my colleague jake tapper will be interviewing him. i'm jim sciutto in washington. it's been great to have you with us this saturday. i'll be back again tomorrow. have a great night.
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when we first pitched this show, you should know the whole idea behind this show is it's a show where a black guy goes places either he shouldn't go or you wouldn't expect him to go. and we're like oh, where should we go? i was like, i don't know, maybe i should go talk to the ku klux klan. that was their reaction. [ laughter ] that was exactly -- hmm. then it got quiet for a long time. but i could tell it was that kind of quiet where they were like that might be good for ratings. but kamau might die. but that might be really good for ratings. [ laughter ] when i pitched the ku klux klan idea, i didn't think they'd actually let me do it. you know what i mean? i was just trying to be edgy and get the job. and i thought we'd negotiate down to like the rodeo. [ laughter


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